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Virginia Tech Tree ID

Supplied By Bob Potts    On July 25, 2016    Comments(88)

FREE Virginia Tech Tree ID version5.10 Download

Virginia Tech Tree Identification brings the award winning Virginia Tech digital dendrology material to your Android smart phone. It contains fact sheets for 969 woody plants from all over North America with an in depth description, range map and thousands of color images of leaves, flowers, fruit, twigs, bark and form.
Users can narrow the species list for any location in North America using the phone's GPS, network signal or any entered address or zip code. Basically the application can become “Woody Plants of Where You Are Standing”. For example, it can become the “Woody Plants of Southwestern Oregon” , the “Woody Plants of Central Park” or the or “The Woody Plants of 37.108 lat., -80.452 long., elevation 2118”.
Users can further narrow the species list by answering a series of very simple tree attribute questions such as where the plant is growing, leaf shape, leaf arrangement, flower color or fruit type.
The species list can also be narrowed by typing a keyword such as oak, Abies, red or palm. For example if oak is typed only oaks found in the defined area will be listed.
A feature also allows you to send any tree related question to “Dr. Dendro”, a tree expert in the Department of Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation at Virginia Tech. You can send a tree description or pictures of your plant and experts will help with identification.
• 969 woody plants from all over North America
• Over 6,400 color photographs of leaves, flowers, fruit, twig, bark, form, and range map for each species
• In depth description of all plant parts
• Narrows species list based on your location and elevation using the phones GPS, network signal or user entered location
• Search for species by a key word, e.g. maple
• Identify species by answering a series of simple questions. A picture is displayed showing what is being asked.
• Navigate between species with a push of a button.
• Send a tree question to “Dr. Dendro” a tree expert at Virginia Tech
Visit our web sites at:
Woody Plants in North America, 2012, Kendall/Hunt Publishing is a multimedia tutorial on DVD covering 920 woody plants with over 23,000 color photographs of leaves (summer and fall), flowers, fruits, twigs,
bark and form for each plant. The software displays multiple images of all plant parts so user can develop a “feel” for normal field variation. A customizable, self-quizzing section allows users to evaluate their progress in plant identification. For more features on this software visit:

The 650 MB database of tree photographs and text is downloaded from our server. We recommend you install Virginia Tech Tree Identification using a fast WIFI connection. A cellular connection will generally be too slow.

Text and photography by John R. Seiler, John A. Peterson Department of Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation, Virginia Tech and Ed Jensen, Forest Ecosystems and Society, Oregon State University
Programming by Robert Potts
Technical support by Andrew Meeks

Bob Potts part of our Education and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update July 25, 2016. Google play rating is 75.2212. Current verison is 5.10. Actual size 14.0 MB.

What's new

    Bug fixes.
Download virginia-tech-tree-id.apk 14.0 MB


Great reference Good information. Why couldn't we have had this way back when I was in college taking dendrology? I probably would have done better. But it's a great reference today. Thanks! I appreciate the quick fix for Android 5.x!

Nice id app Would be 5 stars if could be moved to SD card.

Works well until phone is rotated Identifies trees easily. Problem is when the phone rotates to landscape, the questions reset. Using Droid DNA, android 4.4.2

Very informative I don't rate apps often, but this app is great. Plenty of photos to aid identification and easy to use. Love this app.

Good App I was on the internet for over 2 hours trying to identify the trees in my front yard. I downloaded this app and it took about 15 minutes to discover I have Chinese Tallow Trees. Thanks An option to compare similar species of what I thought to be the right tree would be helpful to confirm.

Great app I work with trees all the time and this is great. It is useful for novices and experts alike. Using a key but letting you skip questions if you are unfamiliar with terms is crucial to a good tree key. I wish it had vines and shrubs as well.

Crap app. Couldn't get anything to download.

Nice app Works great, very descriptive and nice photos

Fantastic a lot of work went into this app. Excellent easy to use. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Pretty good app, has helped me many times while out doing my job, my biggest complaint is lack of other commonly used names, like what I call an Andromeda, is listed as a japanese pieris and a search for andromeda brings up bog rosemary instead. Or burning bush is only listed as a winged euonymus. Its awesome though when I go to new places and can easily ID trees I have never seen before. Would love to see you guys make an ornamental app

Love this app I have id most of the trees and wild shrubs in my area with this app. I have used it for the last 2yrs

Keeps stopping Press to see tress and get a message the app has stopped.

Easy and actually fun to use I enjoy being able to figure out what trees I'm looking at.

Disappointing. I don't know why but whenever I try to download either of the tree libraries it say I have 0 storage available. I don't know where it is trying to store the library; it doesn't give me the option to choose the location. I have tons of space on my phone. Consequently it didn't work and I was disappointed. Running Android 4.0.4

Disappointment!!!! Takes a lifetime to download and then???!!!!. Questions, questions... After downloading such a huge database what you expect is: Take a photo of the tree and the software should match it with the possible specimen!! Otherwise this whole thing is just crap!!!!!!!!

Thorough and accurate I use this app regularly and encourage my dendrology students to as well.

The best... Love this app.

Not intuitive for non-native trees I wanted to ID some trees planted in my yard that are not native to the area. The "identify trees" option gave no results after going thru all the attribute pages. It should still show something even if it's not from my area.

Awesome app I am a woodsman and this app helps make not only my passion of the outdoors a little more interesting but also very educational as to which berries are edible.... would love to see an update which includes native mushrooms and such also

Very good, but.... Lacks many Arizona species. Example: We've got many varieties of Mesquite, but only two listed. I'm sticking with it because it is very good, but hope more will be added will to the already large data base. Also wish the altitude had an "All" value - in one hour I can drive from 1800' to over 5500'.

Great Database of pictures and good key, just a few "bugs" works great except on my android 2.3.4 when the phone sensor changes from upright to sideways, the program jumps back to the start page? And then if you don't have a gps fix, the program keeps asking me for the coordinates on every search instead of remembering the last gps coordinate.

Overall Great App♥ Narrowed down a park/nature trail in my community and all of the trees /bushes down to a T. Although I wish i could take a photo and have it analyzed that way, my search was not as difficult as i expected. Best leaf/tree identifier out here. Good work VT!!

Great ID Guide This is an excellent guide for native species. The "Interview" function for narrowing the search is very thorough and effective, but maybe a bit too much for impatient novices. (I often skip a few questions.) I think some basic knowledge of botany is helpful to make the most of this app. The interface is not as slick as Audubon Trees, but the content and search functions are far better. Sure there's some room for improvement, but for a free app, it's outstanding!

Don't waste your time This app is yet to even provide me with one identification. In fact it won't even give me a list of possible choices.

Best Tree app for use in northeastern north america. but a couple cons The best and most comprehensive tree app for my location but still could be better.... PROs - The most comprehensive, useful, and helpful tree app I've come across for my location. CONS - The main issue that I hope gets attended to is the amount of storage this app takes up. It is one of my biggest space consumers on my phone. Another minor con is that it's interface isn't very clean and nice. It would be much better with taxonomic, alphabetic, leaflet # search ability. It's time for a tree app laid out as well as some of these bird apps.

Excellent resource This is an awesome app but may not be best for a complete novice. I use this app frequently when I find a tree I do not know but it requires a basic knowledge of trees to get accurate results. I love it and recommend it frequently. I must say I am still surprised it is a free app!

Good It helps to know something about trees but you prob wouldn't be downloading this if you didn't.

Missing Pics for Some Another nice feature would be ID using only leaf, twig etc. Otherwise I use 3 references to cross check...this is one of them.

Great for its purpose While this may not have identified every tree I've tried it on, I attribute that to user error more than design

Has potential This app would be great, but the location settings are inaccurate for many trees in Canada. For example boxelder, or Manitoba maple, does not appear in Canada at all. Please make all the location maps cover the entire possible area a tree may exist!

Best Tree App Avail!! Absolutely amazing database, superior development for ease of use!!

Premier! The best, by far, of all tree is apps. I'm a forester and I teach tree ID; this is much appreciated and will be shared with many.

Great for wild scapes useless for city scapes This is an excellent app for identifying trees you encounter while on a hike outside of town but if you would like to identify the trees in your urban or suburban yard or at the park down the street this app is useless.

Awesome App! Tells you everything you would like to know about the trees and vegetation around you, or anywhere else you may choose to learn about. Makes identifying trees a breeze.

Very good app, hard to believe it's free.

excellent app I use it often for tree id...cls

Well Done! Works right in front of me.

Remarkable It is a little slow and cumbersome, but this is a very impressive app that has helped me I D a few trees. Free of charge also!

Works fine Had no problem with the database as a gave the option to load as I need or load just for my region or load the entire database. It narrowed down, based on my answers to any questions, what tree or shrub I was looking at. I like this program very much, and I have found uber useful.

Won't load the database. It says I need 1GB and have 0 available, even though my SD card is practically empty. I had high hopes for this one. Uninstalling.

Dependable and Accurate I'm glad to see my alma mater continues to "invent the future." I have used this app almost every day since taking over the family lands at the beginning of this year. The first of many tasks was making an inventory of all foliage & fauna. As an avid outdoors guy, I know the woods. Or at least I thought I did. From the use of this app, I've learned of almost 20 new species I'd never seen before, anywhere, much less Appalachia, Virginia. This app made the accurate cataloging possible. Go Hokies!

Dendrology made easy! Working in the Southern Application Mountains and trying to identify trees, has been made much easier since this app came out. I've been using this app for years and couldn't do without it. Thank you for all the hard work that you put into this.

Compact detail, straightforward Geolocation is a great feature. Wish it had a My Species "Star" or "Remember" capability to tag and quickly retrieve items once found.

Was really hoping to use this app but... I was really excited about getting to use this app but it says I need one gigabyte to use it. I formatted my 4gb sd card but it still would come up saying I had zero available. Probably would be an awesome app if I was able to use it.

Really I have 15 gb on my sd card and 12 on my S4 and it says I have 0?

Pretty good If you know a little about the tree it narrows it down pretty quick.

It used like 500 mb's in a couple of uses. Informations good it just cost 5$ to use with my current data plan.

The app works great and seems to be a pretty complete list for my area. My only suggestion would be to add a feature that would allow you to delete all the trees not within your area. The photos in this app takes up a huge chunk of your phones memory; if you could add a "delete trees not within my location" button, I would appreciate it. Thanks again for a great app.

Missing something I must be doing something wrong. I follow directions which is pretty straight forward and I get 0 species all the time. Help.

Says no trees in my area Says no trees regularly found in my area. I live in a forest -_-

I like it Its a learning experience and i can identify what i am looking at. I dont have any issues with this app i predownloaded everything though.

Nice app. But... Great app for the outdoors lover like myself. Issue is it keeps crashing.

Eats up data like crazy Used it once during science class, ate up too much data. Restricted data and don't use it a lot. Also its too slow on certain parts of the application, In my opinon Its not the best application

Best Tree App Out There Great app. Works better and doesn't need the net to find a tree. Id love it if i could add trees i like to a favorite and have my own list.

Amazing and saving me Thank you for creating this. It's a field guide on hand, and I think it will greatly help my studying in dendrology.

Doesn't work for me Crashed when I attempt to download data sheets. Displays 0 trees when I search by location. I like the idea for this, but just not working for me.

Perfect app Wish I thought to look for this sooner!

Best thing out there Amazingly detailed. Nothing else comes close.

It is a very useful app providing information of about 969 tree species, Good for those teachers and students who want to revise their knowledge about taxonomy of tree species. Prof. M. Ayub

Very informative I don't rate apps often, but this app is great. Plenty of photos to aid identification and easy to use. Love this app. I also love how you can d/load the database on wifi & no data is needed after that. After all the forests aren't well known for their reception. This helped me id trees even in winter with no leaves.

Amazing Huge variety of trees, detailed descriptions and multiple photos per tree and a map of where it's found.

Will not allow me to select a download option.

Terrific app, database is fast and complete. I would only ask that each species description include its specific Growth Rate Factor, so that, after measuring a particular tree in the field, an estimate of its age could be determined. I really love the outdoors, hiking the woods, enjoying the plant and animal life -- this app should be very useful as well as fun.

Filled my phone with useless junk worst app ever

SM-N910A 5.1.1 Works as needed

Love! Love this app very helpful in identifying trees in my part of Ontario!

App crashes when attempting to download fact sheets.

Great app for tree people

very informative app!

It's free! Free app with up to date and accurate info.

Awesome! Exactly what I was looking for! Great app!

Works great Really cool app.

Ok. Can't search by common name. Please fix would be very useful then

At first I got the same message as others - that I needed 1 GB and had 0 available. But then the database did install, partially, but NOT on the external card, even though the app said it would install on the SD card. And it would not allow me to move it to the card. Based on previous experience with VT tree ID software, I suppose this is a pretty useful app. But unless I can move it to the SD card, I can't use it.

Same problem as others Says it needs 1gb.....I have 12gb avaialble. Says I have 0gb available. Probably a great app....if it worked. Samsung Tab s 10 inch

Kinda App opens and you can narrow down your tree species through a series of questions until you arrive at....the main screen. Kicks you out of app without identifying species.

This would be an awesome app So if I could load the databases I believe this would be one of the best tree id apps out there

Cannot find my location Great idea, poorly assembled. I have tried on 3 occasions to find myself via GPS, bit the app can't do it. It just reads "waiting for GPS coordinates" until the app crashes.

It's ok Better than some websites, but doing pretty poor at finding things. One kind of palm (plus there bushes), no orange trees. Perhaps they're not native. But would still love to see more plants :-)

Excellent The identify feature doesnt always work, however the localized info is wonderful, and sufficient enough to figure it out yourself.

great app could be better tho.... living in california ive noticed the app just has the most common trees an srubs.. theres quite a bit of trees the app is missing like the silk oak an scrub oak for example....

Won't Work with data on SD card (Android 6.0) Application works fine if data saved to device but shows 0 trees in all circumstances if saved to SD card even though download process proceeds fine. Problem is that this is a lot of data for device memory. I suspect that app doesn't know how to deal with new Android memory protocols.

This is a great app Here's some tips for people having problems: finding plants by keying them out can be difficult because you may not have all the parts of the tree on hand. If you know what your tree may be I suggest displaying all trees and typing the type of tree into the search box.(i.e. if you know you are looking at an oak, filter the trees to oak and look within those results.) to display all trees you have to set the app to ignore location and display all trees. This will show you all of the 969 trees in the app.

Good app, wish they would make the search pics bigger

Great, but a few suggestions Great app, it would be even better if the fact sheets were completely indexed for searching. Also the ability to filter out trees based on bark and less on the buds, you can't always get to new growth on a large tree.

Dendrology made easy! Working in the Southern Application Mountains and trying to identify trees, has been made so much easier since this app came out. I've been using this app for years and couldn't do without it. Thank you for all the hard work that you put into this. Still using this app with a new phone Motorola DROID Turbo. Everything works great.

Pretty good Useful to narrow possibilities based on zip code and match leaf shape. For free it is worth it.

I sooo love irony. A "Tree" app with "Bug" fixes! Gotta love it! Maybe it should be called Tree Pesticide Database. Hee hee!