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Tiny Scanner - PDF Scanner App

Supplied By Appxy    On Aug. 3, 2016    Comments(160)

FREE Tiny Scanner - PDF Scanner App version1.2.0 Download

Tiny Scanner is a little scanner app that turns android device into a portable document scanner and scan everything as images or PDFs.

With this pdf document scanner app you can scan documents, photos, receipts, reports, or just about anything. This pdf document scanner app is lightning fast and gorgeously designed for both phone and tablet.


Tiny Scanner is a pdf document scanner app that turns your mobile into a portable scanner. Scans are saved to your device as images or PDFs. Name and organize your scans into folders, or share them by:

- Email
- Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, OneDrive or Box
- Wifi directly to your computer
- Send fax from phone via Tiny Fax app

This document scanner app has all the BIG features you need:

* Scan in color, grayscale, or black & white
* Can be used in office, school, home and anywhere else you want
* Page edges are detected automatically
* 5 levels of contrast for crisp monochrome texts
* Set page sizes for PDF (Letter, Legal, A4, and more)
* Thumbnail or list view, sort scans by date or title
* Tiny Scanner is optimized to run very fast.
* Quick search by document title
* Protect your documents with a passcode
* Universal – a single app that works on phone and tablet too!

If you have any problem about this scanner app please email us at tinyscan.a@appxy.com, and we’ll help you figure it out.

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Appxy part of our Business and have average installs from 5000000 to 10000000. Last Update Aug. 3, 2016. Google play rating is 94.0503. Current verison is 1.2.0. Actual size 39.0 MB.

What's new

    - Stability improves
    - Minor bug fixes
    - Other improvements
Download tiny-scanner-pdf-scanner-app.apk 39.0 MB


Simple to use and effective I use this app when I'm out of my office and do not have a scanner available and it works perfectly. Increases my mobility and productivity.

Works Well... This app works very well on a Samsung Galaxy Note 5. It struggles a little bit with smaller fonts but overall it's a good little app.

Easy to use and Awesome I have never come across this awesome app for instant scan and convert to pdf and the email, simple and straight, keep up good work guys..,

Awesome Figured it out in less than 2 minutes and had a nice 3 page pdf imported from my gallery. This app is the bomb. Outstanding work. Where do I donate?

Works very well Email recipients prefer PDFs generated by this app over others I have used. The quality is very good while keeping the size under control. Also, the app/camera interface is very easy to use with a good workflow. It's also easy to locate previous PDFs and add/modify them. Who needs a scanner? I am subtracting one star after noticing all of the BS glowing reviews written by people who probably never even used it. However, this IS positively the absolute best app I have ever used on ANY platform...EVER!

Exactly what I was looking for In our busy lives, apps like these are essential. This app makes life easier and more efficient on the go or just as a simple, effective replacement for a bulky scanner. Great job on this app, thank you!

Good but could be better easily. Quality and speed is good. If in paper size had an option to control sizes for receipts and tickets would be perfect.

Love this app Being that my cheap printer/all-in-one is worthless at scanning, this app makes scanning on the go very easy.

Great scanner Helped me out in a jam. My father had passed away in a other country and had to email his death certificate. Tinyscanner to the rescue! Works great.

Best phone scanner I've used so far I love the auto crop feature and that you can title and organize each document and put them in black and white or color plus you can scan with or without your flash. Thus far the best app I've used. I've been waiting for an app like this. You can even e-mail it right away for storage with or without a password. Try it, I'm 98% sure you'll love it. I'm using the Galaxy Note 5!!!

Great for Teachers I teach at a university which means that during the first week of classes, students often do not have their books yet. I was able to use this app to create a PDF of the first week's reading assignment, save it, and then upload it to Blackboard for easyHe won't tell me the guy's last name yet. student access. *Note: Copyright law allows me to copy and provide at least 10% (it might be 20%) of the required textbook to provide it to students for instructional purposes.

Super useful I don't have very much access to scanners so this app makes it super easy to scan and create pdf documents.

Works great! I use this app all the time it makes scanning anything so much easier. Our scanner at work is setup terribly and this makes it nice and easy.

Awesome! This is a fantastic app. Easily the most useful app I have ever downloaded. I have to scan a lot of paper for my job and this app is a dream come true! Thanks a lot for this app!

Medical Forms Am home recovering from total knee replacement surgery. This app is a life saver -- getting forms to ins company in format needed when I am unable to get around right now. Very clear and easy to read documents. So glad to have this app.

Wow! Excellent app! No more early morning trips to FedEx before I meet with a student for tutoring! Now I can just email them a PDF of the page we will be working on that day! :)

Exactly what I needed Makes pdfs from my camera, allows for adjustment from the picture (so pictures don't have to be perfect), allows for black and white conversion, let's you add multiple pages to one pdf. Exactly what I needed as a teacher.

Easy to use Great for quickly capturing those invoices after purchasing, especially since they start fading after a while. Also, no keeping physical slips of paper. Great!

Just what I needed This app takes pictures and converts it to a scanned file. It's perfect for what I need it to do.

Great app! My wife was bragging how she had a scanning app on her Iphone. I knew there had to be a good one for Android based phones so I read the reviews and picked this app. It did not disappoint! It is easy use and works great. I highly recommend it!

Works exactly as supposed to It only asks for permission to use what it needs, 3 things: camera, email, and storage, if I recall correctly. No in-app purchases. Easy to use and fast. Much better than others. And free, really free. They did a good job. Thank you.

Super useful app I use it when I don't have an office copier or scanner available and am on the go. I love how it crops and straightens document shots automatically. It's super easy to use. Just scanned doctor excuse forms for my daughter. I don't have to worry if she loses it. One of the top "practical apps" in my opinion.

Truely one of the best!!!! Easy to use and you can share the scanned document with any number of other apps! I use mine for tracking receipts. Love it, cuts down on the amount of work at the end of each month.

Easy and Functional I am very satisfied with this app. Clean install, easy to use, simple settings, good basic features and seamless interaction to mail, cloud drives, etc. And great quality scans which is obviously very important.

Cool ap Perfect for paper work and almost every thing else

options for camera This app will be very better if dynamic focuse and anti-shaking considered as two very useful options for app camera.

Love, love it. Easy to use n reliable, good result

AMAZING Wow I love this thing thank you very much, may God bless you oh yeeeeeee

Great in every way Super app that's simple to use and yields excellent results. Highly recommended!

Awesome Works really well, great layout and very easy to use. I love it!

Priceless As an auditor this application is saving me from making physical copies and keep hard copies on my cloud. Having access to the scans is vital when my work is reviewed months afterwards.

You guys deserve a medal for inventing this. Great time saver when I'm out on the road and don't have time to head back to the office or home to scan and email.

Fast and easy It's fast and easy. Only complaint is that the pdfs aren't perfectly clear. The "scans" are still as good as a cheap scanner, though.

Incredible This scanner has everything I was looking for and then some. I needed some way to turn my old college notes into digital format to conserve space but my regular scanner wasn't cutting it. This app takes clear photos that can be color or black and white-in the same file, let's me lump pages together in one file, and allows me to easily upload to a number of places, including Google docs or one drive. It's so easy to use and is a great quality app with all the things they've thought of. Big thumbs up!

Simple interface This app has saved me so much time making copies and creating PDF files. So much simpler than trying to use my printer to scan. Saves files straight to my Google drive.

Absolutely a great app just used it to scan a bunch of receipts in for taxes. Quick easy and each pic was perfectly clear. Nothing fancy about it but it is the best I have tried to date. Especially like how it finds the edge of the documents no matter how big how small or how crunched up some of my receipts were. Thanks tiny scanner your a giant in help.

Excellent Cool and nice app with gorgeous options.

I like it A great scanner you could have in your phone. Good focus, fast, and user friendly.

Best Best app of its kind that I've used. Works exactly as it should. Can easily add extra pages to a doc and scans are very readable.

This is a life saver I love this app. It allows me to send documents anytime anywhere with having to be in the office or near a computer.

A+++ Awesome app. Everyone should have this. U can file all of your most important documents by taking a photo. The scanner quality is top of the line. This is truly an amazing concept and an amazing app.

Awesome apo When my scanner broke I had to find some way to scan documents. Tiny Scanner is easier than my clunky old scanner, is portable and takes up way less space! Works great wherever I am. Great app!

Tiny Scanner My scanner broke and I went online to see where I could purchase one. I came across this app. I love it!!! I was able to "scan" 35 pages with no problems. This app saved me money and time! Highly recommend it!!!

The attention paid to the user experience for this app is appreciated. It was a seamless experience from download to scanning. Thank you for caring enough to provide a functional quality product.

Love this thing... I use the crap out of it. Outstanding... works jus like a scanner and much easier than taking pic and trying to manipulate and format it. this does all the work for you... easy to use and thanks for being free! probably the most useful app on my phone... no more rushing to office to use scanner/copier.

Good overall Simple and quick. Would love an option to auto adjust the levels though, as any greyscale document always ends up with poor dynamic range (whites = murky grey). You can work around this by adjusting your scans in an external editor then importing them afterwards, but it's painstaking and stops being quick and easy, which was why I liked the app in the first place.

EXCELLENT This has definitely got to be one of my favorite apps. Easy, convenient and efficient and very useful. LOVE IT

Great app. Works easier and better than cams can. Simple and effective!

Just what I needed This has saved me countless times when I need to send paper documents electronically. Easy to use and always works.

Awesome App Easy to use and great quality pdfs, in fact, this is better than my old flatbed scanner!

Comparing to Microsoft Office Lens Office Lens was my favorite app for scanning by far. It had great recognition of the shape of the document. But it sucked at saving, and there was no fine tuning. Tiny scanner has no auto recognition, but excellent fine tuning and great saving (straight to pdf, doesn't screw around with MS's cloud nonsense).

Not free It forces me to upgrade after using it thrice. Should have mentioned that it's a trial version and not free as there is no skip option for the purchase

Works well Easy to use and works well. Colour can be a problem but still good enough for most circumstances.

Life made Easy I love it, very convenient and an app that actually works beautifully.

Amazing! This is the most accurate scanner I've ever used, including the $80 one I bought that USB plugs into my computer. I can take pictures of literally any text and it comes out crystal clear. And it's quick! If not more surprising, it takes pictures of computer screens on any brightness setting perfectly. You can't even tell it was from a computer screen. Overall I am a very satisfied customer. I would offer to pay for it if I could!

Works awesome I use it for applying to Police Departments and Sheriff's Office's everything scans beautifully and when I figured out how to do the color scan for my driver's license that just topped it off this is an amazing and money saving app

Tiny Scanner is a GIGANTIC lifesaver!!! I'm too freaking cheap to buy a multifunctional printer yet ALWAYS find myself needing to scan, fax, email, etc. some document on a weekly basis. This badass app has saved me more than I should publicly admit. It is so easy to snap a pic of a single or multi-paged document, name/save it, then email it. You have many other options to share your scans. You can easily adjust size, clarity, and other attributes of your scans, but I don't bother as the scans are perfect the first pic I take. Always!!!

A lifesaver For those people and companies you work with that require scanned documents, there's nothing better than this app. I shot a document on a moving bus to be faxed with no problems at all.

It works I was surprised that it works despite all the comments I had seen. There is one slight problem though, the colour of the scans is not that great

Very useful I love this app, it's extremely intuitive and simple and let's you scan any documents the way you want even better than a scanner ! I recommend it

Must Have App... Have came in handy every time I needed an electronic version of any paper document.... Just take the snap of documents and send it directly to mail ID.. And it's done...

Too many... Good review's I don't trust this app, haha obviously paid a company to do mass review's haha

Not Just For Business Saved me a ton of money and aggravation at FedEx! Used this a few times to send documents for my professional license, and also for personal applications. It's awesome and easy to use.

Great App This app saved my life! I needed something scanned like IMMEDIATELY, it downloaded quickly and wrks great with NO issues.. CLEAR copies!

Easy to use Great images and easy to use .. best scanner app I've found

Best mobile scanner So much customization. However wish it would offer OCR

Does what it says Take pic. Modify as needed. Check the box. Share and/or Save. Done. Can't ask for more. Great for pdfs

Lil scanner I love this app. I don't have to find a fax machine or be at a desktop. Scans easy and fast and emails great. No delay. Works great!

Very useful Comes handy so many times. One of the most useful and easy to use apps I've ever had on my phone. Thanks!

Works like a charm I scan and share through google drive, so convenient!

First time use = awesome I moved my camera when taking the picture and thought i was going to have to take another shot and it even worked :P

Genius!!! It was a very intelligent life saver that created this app. My secretary put me up on this app and saved the office entirely. Our printer/scanner was down and now, we use it as if we don't have the scanner in the office at all. It's so ABC 123, easy to use and fast. I can't tell you how much I love this app.

I totally love this app.. just take a pic of the doc and convert it into pdf . Awesome...seriously the best app . So damm helpful...

Fantastic! This app is awesome! I can't say enough good things. Great job!

Fantastic App! Very useful productivity app for people who need to scan documents on the go. I scanned travel receipts for use in expense reports. Simple and lightweight!

Absolutely a keeper This thing save me a whole lot of trouble, it's so easy to use and very professional!

Good App! But shouldn't have made color step. It should be an option.

So awesome Now I don't have to leave my house to use someone's scanner

It's just ok There are better once available, such as cam scanner

Lacks sharing to owncloud App is amazing, should it have owncloud sharing I would have rated it a 5*

Only 3 free scan available After 3 scans it asks you to upgrade or uninatall. Also black and white scan image is not at all clear.

Save me from having to buy a scanner 50 plus dollars saved very legible to lawyers you saved me money and frustration of hooking a scanner up to my computer save me time of being able to do it all from my phone thank you thank you thank you mucho love

Tried and liked it I am not a heavy user of scanner in a mobile, but when needed it helps to make a fast copy to be send immediately. I hate sending document pictures, so pdf convertion is perfect. App is user friendly, but not made for picture conversion to pdf. It is purely for document scan.

Awesome App! I've used this app many many times for legal documents and the scans always come out clear and in focus. Tip: Try to take doc pics in the sunlight or a bright room...low light pics come out too dark & unreadable.

Very nice app to have on your phone I've used other apps. But this is free and it does it's job. If you want a simple scanner this is probably the best one you can get. Highly recommended.

After scanning I couldn't send it thru whatsapp Pl check n tag WhatsApp n other social networks too. Also I opened scanned doc on PDF. after that I couldn't trace where the file got stored. It became a tedious process for me to download all pages to gallery n then sent thru WhatsApp. My requirements were not fulfilled. Need improvement on app.

Great! I was having trouble getting my scanner at home to download applications and while the hubby was trying to figure it out, I got the job done in seconds with this app! Thanks!

Makes my life easy ... You are the master you are in control...lol... yes .. it works ...just make sure when your sending emails that you make sure you click on the bottom and make it small because the file may be to big .. I had that problem but read a little bit and found out what I did wrong .. thank you tiny scanner ...

Easy to use This app is good and easy to use especially if you're on the go and couldn't get to mainstream scanner, the document also comes out good.

Not good Black and white is ok but colored is none like what shown in desc

Best Scanner App Awesome App!!! I've never done a review before ...like never in my life ..and I'm a lazy person when it comes one to these things I normally ignore them but I was impressed so trust me when I say its worth it. The interface is super friendly. Very easy to use and it allows you to adjust the density of the scanned files. Pretty simple. Love it !

Easy and fast This is the first time I have reviewed any app, so that shows how good I think it is. You can take a picture of one item or several, and combine them into one PDF file. You also can fix lines to be clear if they are crooked, and when done send the file via email, drop box, and many other ways. This app is almost too easy to use.

Better than the real thing. Works great and is very easy to use. The best use for me thus far is for the carbon copy receipts that are hard to read and fade quickly~ The pictures are better than the real thing.

Best Scanner out! I've tried 15-20 scan apps and this is the best yet. Actually I'm satisfied enough that I need not try any others to see if there is another better. Simple, Clear, Convenient, Meets all my needs while on the go or at the office. Simply a GREAT scanner app!! Highly recommend this to anyone who's on the go and has a need for portability......

Great App Wonderful application. Scanning has never been easier

Pictures always out of focus I have a decent camera on my phone, but the app never gets the focus correct when it takes the picture. I will be deleting this app. It was a waste of time.

Worka as expected! -> GREAT Really one of the best, if not the best, application for document scanning. The only thing missing is material design ?

Great app, but suggestion... Love the app. However, I cannot set any document or exposure settings. Some documents are not bold enough, like pen signatures. Brightness, shadow, sharpness and contrast settings are highly recommended for this app. This is the only thing awaiting a 5 star review.

Impressive Better than our office printer/scanner and super useful when out of office

Wonderful;highly recommend to academic colleagues This app is amazing for the instructor who is constantly in motion. I can scan and upload high quality pdfs to my students in under a minute. The photo quality color scans are just so good. If you need to get something in a digital doc format quickly and in high quality this is your app.

Limited scans The app will limit your scans and bully you into upgrading to a pro version, also the camera recognition of the document is way off the mark, it couldn't get my documents even on a white background

Does the job and does it well Great free app to scan docs on phone and send them in PDF. Will do muliple pages if required. Everyone in my firm now using it daily.

Some problems with Meizu pro 5 Opened after few tries, maybe needed to check app work with flyme

Makes me Angry I use this app a lot because of work. Twice now it has asked me to upgrade. Each time costing me more than the last.

It used to be free Was 5 stars when it was free. Devs got greedy.

Great app!! Very useful and easy to operate app. Love it.

Scanner Excellent for school and work. Boss very have to receive instantly after signatures are recorded. Documents look like the original by 93%. Just need to know how to use it.

Brilliant... Lovely little app I came upon by accident. Better than some other scanning apps. No adds and nice clean look. Good camera touch focusing. Only one thing that could be improved is the drag handles on the resizing box of the scanned image. A pair of central handles to resize one side at a time wouldn't go amiss. I'd then rate this 5*.

Too aggressive to make you buy it It was good until I tried to scan more than three documents. Then, they try to force you to buy the program. Three documents are not enough for me to trust the program enough to buy the product. Based on that alone, regardless of the quality, i will be deleting the app. Bye Felicia!

More like takes a picture.. But it does a good job.

A life saver This is super handy for conventions and artwork that is far too light for a normal scanner to pick up. I've been extremely pleased with this app.

Tiny scanner - so easy to use! Tried another scanner app for androids. It never seemed to work!

Truly Terrific App This app has improved my productivity about 300%. Being able to snap docs and take them with me electronically means I 'do' more when I find myself with a weird window of time.

Very good Time saving quick and best app

Super Convenient Gets the job done right every time! I am constantly sending field logs and having the option to email as a pdf immediately after editing is super conenient.

Works great for occasional use Make sure you save documents and remove them, you only get space to store a few in the app.

Page seen darker when print out Looks awesome clear while I sent out through email but printed out were dark n blur can't read at all , why ???

Waste. It won't work like iPhone Scanner app. I don't want to crop the photo after capturing it.

Quick and to the mark This is fantastically amazing!! Just adjusting the corners is a bit tricky specially for bottom right one!!

Emergency cases I had to send a document, but the scanner in my office was broken. This app was a great choice.

Awesome! So easy to use! I scanned several documents needed for work using this amazing app, saved them in Google Drive and printed them out, all in a couple of minutes. I couldn't recommend this app enough! Five enthusiastic stars ? And yes, it does cost $4.99 which is fine with me. Not every app can be free! Get over it.

Great Tiny Scanner Took Seconds! I have a flatbed scanner at home, and because of work needs, I had to scan approximately 20 documents. It was so tedious it took hours! However, I couldn't scan my degree, because it was so large. That's when someone suggested that I download Tiny scanner. I did, and scanning my degree took seconds! It went to a PDF, allowed me to view the finished product, and email directly from my phone! This was all for free! What a great little app!

Almost Perfect but dead Makes pdf ' s from photos and auto edits size shape and contrast/brightness. It even makes multi paged pdf's. But after installing on my new phone it wants me to spend $5 for pro then the same thing i have been doing

They removed massive functionality This app used to do a lot of things which they've now moved behind their little paywall. The older version was great, to upload directly or dropbox easily. but they took all of that away . find another scanning program.

Easy 2 use! Can only use 4x's for free! This got me out of a bind when needing to send school transcripts! 3?up ? But the only thing is you can only use it 4 times then u have to install the Pro version? or delete something.

A wonderful scanner ! BUT, needs fine tune settings please. This is a great utility I just used to send important docs. So easy to use. I know it may be much to ask, while being created and offered to us for free, but the focus is hit and miss, I had to take numerous shots and go with the best. Please add fine tuning, not just brightness/shade, rotate. But 5 stars for utility ! Wonderful, professional, simple !

I like it so far I just switched over to this from CamScanner. The failure of this app to be able to scan in color and produce a usable document earns it a 2 star rating. . Make it scan in color with the same results as CamScanner gets and I would give it a much higher rating. It has some very desirable features however when you are limited to black and white scanning and black and white scanning doesn't work you're out of business

Best image to PDF app Really easy and fast to use, that's all it is needed when your busy everyday. Only one thing I would like to add, so when I share the file in the e-mail, it does put subject "TinnyScanner" not the file name. Other than that, great app.

An amazing little tech marvel This thing is so useful for the average student I think it will become a must soon. You can scan any file INSTANTLY with amazing clarity and share it with everyone. COMPLETELY ANNIHILATING THE NEED FOR OLD, SLOW SCANNERS.

Brilliant little tool I represent people in grievance and disciplinary hearings in the workplace. Being able to get accurate and usable copies of documents provided for use in hearings without having to take them away from the employee make everyone's task easier and my bag much lighter!

Best scanner app in the store. Well worth it for the pro price if you use it alot It is very good at filtering the documents to make them very clear and readable. I might add a clean up edges option to remove some of the black around the edges where paper is not perfectly flat or square. Overall excellent quality app .

Amazingly easy and free!!!!! This app is a life saver and a money saver. Last minute my scanner went on the fritz and was told that I would have to pay $40.00 at office depot to have my documents scanned. Thank fully I found this app and for free was able to scan and send my documents without any trouble. Only wish I had found this app a long time ago.

I always loved this super tiny app. However, it's not really helping me out this time! The scanner in 'import from gallery' option is not working now. I updated the app and restarted my phone but it's still not working! Please help.... ?

Great for about 4 - 6 uses Great program but after 4-6 uses it will not let you scan any more unless you buy it. I can't find this anywhere on the Google Play download page nor does the app tell you. Went to scan something on the run when it stopped working and left me in a lurch. It an app is trialware the store page or program should warn you. Deleting the app and on to the next.

Pretty good Had a small expectation of how this app would work and it did exactly what I wanted it to. It takes a picture of what ever doc, allows you to cut out any excess, and then either allows you to darken or lighten the print. Exactly what I was looking for

So easy! I didn't believe the reviews. I didn't believe anything could be this easy. The edge detection is amazing! It's so great to easily capture a multiple page document into 1 instead of keeping track of a bunch of pics in my photos folder.

Reluctant to rate this so soon after downloading, but I'm very frustrated. I scanned several docs and then upgraded to pro...seemed like a good, easy to use program at a reasonable cost. Have numerous docs to scan for a refi. Soon after upgrading, I couldn't scan three in a row without it going to a blank blue screen and a message appeared, "program acting unusual, be about to close". What in the world? If I shut down and reopen in about five minutes, it lets me do a few more. I emailed support, hopefully it gets taken care of and I don't have get a refund. Really like the UI and ease of operation, fingers crossed, i'll update review after support responds.

Not free Was only able to use this app a handful of times before it asked me to pay. Now I can't even access the files I have on there. I'm pissed. This app is a sham and a scam and should be discontinued

Disappointed This was just free and now when I open it wants to charge me. I don't use it often enough to pay for it. It did not always take the best scans, didn't notify when was done scanning and had a few issues. Unfortunately, as I stated I don't use it enough to purchase. I will have to find a new free scanner.

Why does it not work any longer? Used to be great. Then it quit working, so I uninstalled and reinstalled. Now it won't scan unless I pay $4.99 for the upgraded version. Very frustrating!

Amazing This is one of the coolest apps I've ever used. It saves so much time and effort. No longer do I have to squint at crappy, blurry pictures taken by a phone camera. Highly recommend this app if you are a college instructor or student.

Mortgages I share this app with all of my mortgage clients. Most don't use a fax and few know how to set up the scan function on their printer (if they even have one). This saves hours in efficiency.

Simple and efficient Easy interface that requires no instructions and produces a great, straight scanned in document with greyscale options to lighten or darken the image or an option to put it in color. I couldn't have asked for a better app!

Brilliant, one of the best I have used this app so much, it's quality is so good I don't even bother walking downstairs to use the proper scanner. Don't bother looking at any other scanning apps this will do all that you need.

Pretty neat Scans are high quality. You barely notice it was made from a picture and it actually looks like it was scanned. Save multiple pics or just one to either a PDF viewer or your gallery.Too bad that you need to buy the pro version for some sharing options though.

It was fine, but then... It only allowed you to use it a couple of times before it stopped working and kept asking you to buy the pro version to scan anymore. This was after I had already purchased a needed secondary app to fax a document via this app. Highly disappointed, will seek other apps, recommend you do as well.

I grabbed the free version of app today because it was highly rated and I needed to be able to scan some official documents. Very easy to use, intuitive, and surprisingly clear for a phone camera image (I have an S7). The app natively connects to just about any major secure and semi secure cloud repository you might want to use. Whether or not I use this again in the near future, the quality and ease of use for today's needs warranted the price of Pro. I'll be buying it shortly. Thank you so very much Appxy!

NOT FREE! I was able to scan three documents, and it worked quite well, but after the third PDF document it forces a purchase to continue. I don't mind having to email in the free version, I just thought I was getting a free app for which I was happy to put up with that mild inconvenience. If it's not free, don't say it's free; just charge from the get-go.

This isBest scanner, camscanner is useless Black and white featurea makes any colour background white.. No other scanner can do this. I will give 5 stars.. If u remove this feature i will give u zero star.

The app seems to be no longer free. Whenever I click the camera to scan a doc a window pops up asking me how I would like to upgrade to Pro! Seems I'm gonna need to uninstall it and look for another free app.

No recovery options. Very disappointed. Had to reset my phone. Lost all info. Was able to recover my cards from One Drive but no options what's so ever to import them back into Tiny Scanner. Had to do manually 1 by 1. Extremely long process. For that reason alone would not recommend.

Can't save to pdf Worked well when first installed a few month ago. Now can't save to pdf and no menu options for that. Saves automatically as jpg. It's a useless piece if crap.

An awesome app It is an awesome app which is very useful to preserve the important documents in pdf and to keep them available at finger tips. One problem which facing is in sharing. Presently whatsapp app is very common but this app do not support to share through whatsapp. It needs to be provided.

The best thing on my phone This program has saved me so many times I can't count them all. Works in a pinch and does an excellent job. This is a must have app!

cant beat free As a scanner this is entirely dependent on your camera on your phone/tablet/whatever you use. Although it is extremely convenient if you dont have proper lighting or a decent camera this app can get a bit frustrating. Havent had any issues with crashes or tech issues.

94 doc folder BUG I have 94 documents in one of my folders, and when I try and enter the folder it crashes the app! I no longer have access to any of those documents until this bug/glitch is fixed. Other than that, great app!

Scanner What an app... take the picture.. puts it into size.. focus and the will let you take a number of pics. Size them save all in one file and send via email no coming out of app.. just send there and then to whoever you chose.... 5 star

Worked good. The couple times it let me actually use it. With no warning anywhere that tells you that after a few uses you need to pay 5 bucks for it. Now my pay is delayed because I have to mail copies in. Will delay my pay even longer. Will be Uninstaller soon. Also will be looking for one that is actually free

A+ Helped for uni work, really highlights the black ink off white background for reading. Option for different shades helped as well in faint ink lines.

Great tool This is a wonderful tool for sending documents from your phone. I am a truck driver and I use it to send bills and paperwork back to the office rather than having to mail them. Only complaint is PDF quality is sometimes poor.