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Supplied By SNK PLAYMORE    On July 4, 2016    Comments(117)

FREE THE KING OF FIGHTERS '97 version1.3 Download

Become the new challenger in the all-time classic THE KING OF FIGHTERS '97 on Android!

Revisit this fighting gem, by playing one of its legendary (and sometimes hidden) teams, and behold the numerous endings the game has to offer!
Put an end to the evil Orochi's resurrection scheme, and finally settle the score between Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami!


■35 playable characters!
Play as SNK's iconic fighters such as Kyo Kusanagi and Terry Bogard, and try to master the infamous "New Face Team" or the "KOF '97 Special Team"!
The NEO GEO version's hidden characters are now available directly on the character select screen so you can easily crush your opponent using Orochi Iori or Orochi Leona!
Experience for the first time in the series the "Affinity System", and to select the members of your team according to their affinity, and enjoy their pre-match interactions!

■2 modes to improve the game's depth!
KOF '97 uses 2 differents gameplay modes: EXTRA and ADVANCED! Master the system that fits you the best and burn your rivals down!

Various jumps for different ways to bring the pain to your enemy! A must if you think offense is the best defense!
You can stock your Power gauges to enter in MAX mode or to unleash deadly Desperation Moves!
Depending on your characters' affinity, get extra Power gauges even after losing a round!

Use the Evade move wisely as you are being rushed and send your opponent flying!
Fill your Power gauge to automatically enter Power Max mode for a set amount of time!
As you are close to exhaustion, your health bar will turn red and blink, then you will be able to unleash your Desperation Moves to your heart's content, as long as you are the last one standing!

■A NEOGEO Perfect Port with added features!
You have the possibility to play the game as it was intended back in the days with 4 buttons, or you can enjoy the new control scheme using the 6 buttons settings and the simplified special move with the help of the SP button!

■Fight against your friends through Bluetooth Multiplayer mode!
Decide who's the real KING OF FIGHTERS by challenging your friends via Bluetooth Multiplayer!


SNK PLAYMORE part of our Arcade and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update July 4, 2016. Google play rating is 88.1936. Current verison is 1.3. Actual size 60.0 MB.

What's new

    Several bugs have been fixed.
Download the-king-of-fighters-97.apk 60.0 MB


Great game! On screen touch controls not working properly on Tmobile Samsung Galaxy Note 4 at this time.

Just awesome like me Awesome love kof. And always accepting challenges anyone think they can beat me? But I highly doubt you could

Great Port The game appears to be much like the arcade version. I am using a Moga controller to play with. Not quite sure how the touch screen would work with a game this technical. Nonetheless I am enjoying this quite a bit. For $1.99.....you cant beat that! Good money spent.

As much fun as it could be, an interface like a smartphone needs a practice mode. The controls are a pain to adjust to. Good but this is going to take patience to learn again.

Great port It brings back memories of the good old days. It is hard though, a bit too hard with the touch controls. Movements are just too clumsy with the stick imo need them arrow buttons to help those playing with touch controls move and combo with more precision. In the mean time, gonna try to get the stick to do my bidding and slug it out.

THE KING OF FIGHTERS!! Classic Game. Oversensitive, inaccurate controls. Needs control stick sensitivity setting. Some more video filters like HQ2X, or SuperSai would be good. Manual /Analog aspect, likewise. Runs good on Nexus 5 with KitKat v4.4.2.

Nice Nice game after all but still there's some bad point of this game. The graphic please try to make a bit more clear and put a pratice mode.

Great port First what i thought might be a watered down version of game it would be on Android is wrong, its the full game with great controls that read very well and can also be switched around. Also let's you use Android controllers for what ever device you have. There are a few moments of slow down but that's just because of my phone isn't that high-end, but for the most part it runs very fluent. I recommend anyone that loved this game before to buy this. Second, would be cool if the multiplayer was over wifi.

Love it the gameplay but... Its desperately needing a training mode. Even on "difficulty-1" I find the game challenging. I'm no expert on fighting games but I know I'd do much better and have a lot more fun if there was a way to slow down and actually learn the combos.

One of the greatest fighting games In my opinion one of the greatest fighting game ever made, they certainly do not make fighting games like this anymore. Definitely worth every penny and the controls are not bad at all. I have removed one star ? purely because there is no practice mode

Good game! A must have for KOF veterans such as myself! Please at least add a training mode though, or put KOF 98 and 2002 on the app store. Though 98 seems much more likely.

The best game ever . This is what I ve waiting for long time ago, i love this game since they came out, and now available on my mobile its amazing, but could be better if the game allows you to play via internet, world wide yea.

Outstanding! Buy this now! Wow. This isn't just a port, this is a remastered edition. SNK Playmore did the KOF series justice. Something yet to be seen on home consoles. Make sure you set the display to full screen under options. Also move the buttons around so you can actually see what the hell is going on. It will play like the classic right off the bat. Of course touchscreen controls still diminish the feel and gameplay but it definitely plays smoother than KOF Android. Now imagine how much better it is with an actual controller?

oh yes. U guys made my month discovering this game was available for Android. thanks a ton, please bring the best KOF of all times to mobile. the KOF 98. THANKS.

Awesome game could you put TKOF 99 And 2000 for android ? I want buy all games of tkof.

It was great until my new phone won't play it won't go pass the main menu screen it always says force closed

Loved it I can't help but compare this to the latest installment of kof. Well, by far the 97 is the best for its characters' sense of style. Just put vice & mature, then it's a complete street brawl/ fashion runways

Arcade Perfect Great game, just like the arcade from back in the day. Advice, get a Moga or some sort of controller cause touch controls suck.

On MOGA play on B mode! Greatly reduced input lag. Strange.. since it officially supports MOGA in A mode.

Classic arcade hit from the 90's If you liked it in the arcade it's not quite the same experience and takes a bit more to get used to. Once you nail the controls the special moves fly thick and fast and you get that arcade rush once again.

works flawlessly the game works flawlessly on my Nvidia Shield and love this game so much brings back so many good memories and if anyone has a Nvidia Shield and has doubts on buying this game for sure you wont have any problems

Runs perfect Plays great looks great. Awesome job devs.

Great Mobile Verision Lots of fun. Friends love it too. If you are a fan of old school fighting games you will really llike it. Plays great on my galaxy s4.

Just like playing the original but on a small scale. The con is now I feel dumb for all the quarters I spent on NEO-GEO

KOF I like all the KOFs games,and all the games b4 all the games bcome 2gether like fatal fury,art of fight 1 n 2,etc.

Xperia Z3, DS4 Supported! Works great on the xperia Z3. Glad that this game is being updated and supported by the developers. Thanks!

Nice The ports are good as of yet. This one is no exception. The touch control could be so much more, but when it comes to fighters I don't think that there's going to be any game that perfects that. if you have a moga, or similar Bluetooth controller, you'll be able to enjoy this and the other SNK ports a lot better.

KOF 97 Bring back the old memories I can't complain this is same experience with the old arcade that I played...thank you snk....

Needs a Practice Mode What fighting game doesn't have a practice mode? This game is not for beginners. Even diff 1 setting is very hard and if you new to SNK as a whole, you just get pummelled.

How do you get on screen buttons, when I select it doesn't work on s4

Good game. Delay with moga I'm using moga pro and there's a delay and I'm struggling with dashing. Any recommended controllers I can use?

Wow! I've been always into fighting games but never tried kof I've been stuck in tekken, street fighter, and guilty gear, but this game beats them all. I'm blown away of how good of a fighting game this is and with the Moga controller is makes this game a must have!

Please fix note edge touch controls Please fix the touch controls for samsung galaxy note edge. Cant configue touch controls. Will give 5 stars after fix.

Very good I like the reaction time on it very classic back in the old days

Fire Just like playing the neo geo! Goes well with the Samsung controller but if u don't have it it still mad fun.

Samsung galaxy note 3 local This game is same like street fight but why is not HD like screen like psvita game can update new version

Can't perform most of the specials but still love it. But how do I get iriochi god?!

lexus need to make the supers easier other then that I'll give it a 5star

Awesome three person beat down! It takes awhile to get used to the action buttons, but other than that it's KOOL?

Great port Plays great on HTC One M8. SNK Playmore needs to add network multiplayer to its games like the It's versions of the game. I tend to play these games on my Ipad and will not upgrade to the next android device just for this ver you reason.

Great game very fun and brings back lots of good memories! Its worth $3 bucks for sure game is a blast I love it.

What is up with the controls on screen, can't set them up, they are too big on my samsung galaxy s6, fix it!!

Great Mobile Verision Lots of fun. Friends love it too. If you are a fan of old school fighting games you will really llike it. UPDATE: For some reason the touchscreen controls are oversized, and when you try to adjust them they become off centered. They will let you move them on the right side, but the controller itself and the buttons that shift to the left will not move. This is on my lg g3 phone. They work great on my lg gpad 8.3 though. Moga has finally updated the pivot app and my hero controller is working again in both A and B mode.

Great Mobile Verision Lots of fun. Friends love it too. If you are a fan of old school fighting games you will really llike it. Moga has finally updated the pivot app and my hero controller is working again in both A and B mode. This is definitely one of the best fighting games out there for android.

Lg tribute 5!!! Omg!!! My favorite fighting game of all time even better then mortal combat x lol...great pixelated graphics, runs perfectly smooth and i just love it!!! 5 stars all the way great port, great job dev

Awesome This game has bright my childhood memories alive. I used to go to the gaming stores and insert coins to play it. Thank you snk for making it available on mobile. Difficult to adjust with the controls, Loving the game though.

great Just like the arcades. I love it. I played this game when I was 7 years until I was 16 and lost contact with the arcades. It brings back so many memories

I want the kof97 plus If you guys can help me to get it. I like to play with ultimate power and boss of the game. If you guys can update it.

I love it But where is orochi ? You suppose to have 35 characters but I see only 34

Well... I love this game, but for some reason every time me and my brother DatPikachu46 play multiplayer on our same type of devices, it does not work. When I play on my Samsung Galaxy tab 3 and My brother DatPikachu46 plays on A HTC phone, It works. Please fix so that it works on same type of devices we have. I will rate 5 stars if it's fixed.

Loved it Great pocket version, doesn't freeze runs smooth excellent choice. If you've played before won't regret it. Kinda hard with the keys but that's because it's on a cellphone.

Kof97 I gave 4 stars beacouse i can't play with Orochi add him and ill give 5 ★

Moga controller I can't make my moga pocket work with the game. Can someone help me?

I love it snk playmore But can you put king of fighters 96 in phone

What is up with the controls on screen, can't set them up, they are too big on my samsung galaxy s6, fix it!!

The game is fun , but the buttons are quite small haha , i miss pressing some buttons at times

Unresponsive controls. Character just stood there while I gave commands, which takes the fun out of the experience considering the insane ai.

Pretty hard but it is a great game !! 5 stars Im a new fan and I love king of fighters now more then street fighters , great music and gameplay , wish it was free like the king of fighters 2012 app to but it is worth the money .? PLEASE ADD OROCHI

Not very responsive on my s4. Kof 2012 was a better quality port. Hopefully can continue with 2013 but good job anyway since i love kof

Ming Han This game very good, I like it very much.

Awesome. I had already played this game on my PS2...

Amazing Awesome Game But The Control Is Kinda Difficult

Absolute miss for snk The buttons were to small. My character would stand still while im trying to give commands Im a huge fan of your games but not this one waste of my hard earned cash

Old School I miss these games not bad for playing on my G4.

Nostalgia.. Nice game. Slightly difficult to control but that's fine by me..

hi awesome game but please add oruchi in dis game till dat its worthless

Where's the "ab" & "cd" buttons? I'm using a Samsung S5 and I don't see it located on the screen, what's up with that? Anyone know? UPDATE: Nevermind..it was the settings

Great Game! This game is great just like I remember it in the arcade room. Must have!

Great app Practically perfect port. Controls are a little hard to use, but the multiplayer practically makes this game.

Good game Please start updating it regularly, would like to see more characters

Loved every but except for the Arcade stick being nonsensitive

Nice app... I wish the controls were a bit easier to operate.

I love this game but i feel there should be an online mode

Awesome Back to 90's baddass game arcade ever

Its sick Bro i love this game but add more.fighters!for real its getting boring add mature why isnt she in this game!!!!?

SNK!!!!!!!! Can't believe I have this game in my pocket!!!! Love KOF 97'

My favorite king of fighters game since I was 7 years young. ?

Great fighting game Snk and other fighting devs should make more fighting ios games. This is a good example of that. 10/10

Fav Clark iteration This is the Clark I'ld love to main in next gen. Fun with a DS3 powered HORI Hayabusa and Kuro.

I paid money for this game honestly speaking not happy with the effects graphics n all could more better than now plz and one more special thing is update

Great but... My only real complaint is that you cant resize the touch controls joystick

What is up with the controls on screen, can't set them up, they are too big on my samsung galaxy s6, fix it!!

Impossible to Win, Directional keypad not good Atleast gave players a chance to win. Did you put this in super hard mode? Because eventhough you change the difficulty level it is still the same. It does nothing. It's really hard to win. I don't call it a challenge but rather cheating.

Old skool but cool Control stick sometimes not responsive, graphics outdated other than that it reminds me of school days, well the days I skipped school haha, would be hard to play on anything with a small screen.

The AI are so OP Just as i say the bots are super ridiculously stronger than any pro players out there(well maybe i exaggerated a bit)and also the controls are difficult I don't even know what I'm doing anymore...thats all.

Awsome But i think they should add the boss to use like in 98 regal but this game is fun

What did u guys do on the update slowed down the combos

Although is kind of hard to use the controls brings back good old memories and for that I love it

I buy this game now I want refund 1 day ago I buy this game give my money back

A little complicate It is a little hard to play it on touch by a like it.

Str8 Joystick on touchscreen aint on point

No moga support :'( I bought this version strictly for the moga support because I love button mashing, but I don't like tapping glass especially without wearing safety goggles, so from a health and safety standpoint can you please bring back moga support so I can game in relative peace and harmony (safely) without eye protection or are you gonna wait until you're looking at a Cyclops with a lawsuit, choose wisely ;-)

Samsung Galaxy tab s2 Yo this game bring back memories this is the best fighting game in the play store. IT work good with my ps4 controller so i give it 5 stars

AB & BC buttons are not displayed.... plz give some solution

Nice one Reminds me of my childhood where by I used to go to town and play with all my money and end up having no money to take a taxi

GREAT game I need more pay version of the king of fighters95 and 96 that will be highly appreciated thank u very much.

Excellent This game takes me way back. It brings back a really good memories as well. Please make KOF96

5 stars!! One of my favorite games in the nineties, I can do all the moves on my phone with no problem.

Upset I am very upset that this game does not let me select orochi at the beginning. And even more after i defeated all characters even orochi. And i still wasnt able to select him. The app said it came with 35 characters but i only got 34. Other then not beimg able to select orochi the game is nice and brings back memories. I would be more than proud to give it a 5*s once orochi is available

Nice Street Fighter replacement. I have never thought SNK games were better than Street Fighter, but this game is great. I feel this helps to ease the lack of Street Fighter on Android. This helps me to see how solid these SNK games are after all of these years. King of the Fighters is some good stuff. So until Capcom gets it together, I won't sweat it. I will potentially play this well beyond a theoretical Android Street Fighter release. Well done SNK.

DIFFICULT AS HELL The controls are fine for me......but the Ai is too damn skilled.This app is not worth $2.99

Good game Good game just that the controls are a little difficult to make the max power, please improve that and I'll be real amazing

Love this game, used to play it on the arcades back in the days when I was a kid

Fun The game isn't that hard, and it's really fun to play.

Good. !RECOMMEND USB CONTROLLER! Just as hard and challenging as I remember it. Muh thumbs are dead though.

The king of fighters 97 This is awesome

I love this game its amazing

OROCHI please put OROCHI and i will give 5 stars

Kungfoo game The king of fighters

I love this game since I was 9 years old and still having so much fun with it love it I love this game since I was 9 years old and still having so much fun with it love it

Best game The game is good but the multiplayer is not working

The kof 97 I loved this ol' school legend

Loved it Brings good old memories

Awesome Awesome!

Difficulty I can deal with everything else, but when I try to beat arcade on level 1 and get deafeted on the 3rd stage, it's bull. I've been playing kof ever since I was 6 I'm 20 now and sometimes I just want to play super easy for the story content of the teams, but I can't cuz everything is overpowering

Pretty hard but it is a great game !! 5 stars Im a new fan and I love king of fighters now more then street fighters , great music and gameplay , wish it was free like the king of fighters 2012 app to but it is worth the money .? PLEASE ADD OROCHI