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Taxi Sim 2016

Supplied By Ovidiu Pop    On Sept. 2, 2016    Comments(80)

FREE Taxi Sim 2016 version1.4.0 Download

Do you like to transport people? Try the new simulation game: Taxi Sim 2016! Get behind the wheel of the most famous taxis and take people where they need to go. Drive the yellow New York Taxi, experience the right hand side driving with London Cab, take the german cars for a ride! Many cities are also waiting to be explored: New York, Frankfurt, Moscow, London, etc...
Play with your friends in a free ride multiplayer mode!
Become a real Taxi Driver, Play Taxi Sim 2016, the best cab driving simulator on mobile!

• Detailed maps
• Smooth and realistic car handling
• Lots of taxis from around the world
• Free Ride mode
• Multiplayer mode
• Detailed vehicle interiors
• Realistic damage system
• Improved manual transmission, with 6 Gears + Reverse
• Tilt steering, buttons and touch steering wheel
• Slider Pedals, for a better control
• Online Leaderboards and Achievements
• Real engine sounds
• Realistic weather conditions
• Request new maps and vehicles on our social media pages!

Ovidiu Pop part of our Simulation and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Sept. 2, 2016. Google play rating is 85.5807. Current verison is 1.4.0. Actual size 83.0 MB.

What's new

    -Added a new map
Download taxi-sim-2016.apk 83.0 MB


Nice game! This taxi simulator 2016 is amazing its just that the london map is so laggy.. but its great game.. next I wish you make real driving 2016 and the mao is like coach bus simulator like its complete straight and juat take a motorway to get to the other places. And I guess if you make that game make the cities bigger. But this game is great again. Keep up the good work!!

This game is GREAT... however there are some improvements that can be done to enchance the game. Please make the traffic lights colour to be brighter so that we can diffrentiate whether the traffic is green or red in colour. And also, if possible can the game developer please make a guide to guide us to the petrol station. I constantly run out of fuel & could not find the petrol station..

Lovin it! But can I have a Favor? This game is awesome! I'm lovin it and the graphics are good! But I hope you add these functions: How hard the accerlator have been pressed. And I hope you have a setting to change the shift rpm on the normal mode. And I will have to say when the rpm is under 2400, the vehicle vibrates and I don't think that is realistic at all. I drive a car and the car vibrates if you go under 1000rpm. And I hope that issue is fixed. Thank you and best wishes :-)

A very nice game it's so amazing. But there is only one problem the when i'm driving it used to shake I can't hold the driving option very well can you please make it real..?? I will share it to all my friends and the application i'm using just make the driving to be more real!

Little bit laggy It is fun to drive with this new simulator. But, I observed that has a laggy moment even though my ram is 3gb. When I turn on the wiper, It cause lag and slowing the move of the car and i dont know why. please fix it. Also put a music on it so we can enjoy driving. at least 10 music that will be great. The graphics is cool and good. I will give 5 star if you fix that to the next update. ??

Beautiful The traffic light is not all that visible , you will hardly know when the green light is on or off, improve on it please. And also Improve on the passengers appearance. Make it look more real. Sometimes they pass through the obstacles as if they are ghost. Accident should be made in such a way that there should be an ambulance to take the victim to the hospital and not living the victim lying helpless on the ground. There should be police to arrest the drive.

Hate this game! Everytime I try to play this game when they ask you to select where you want to drive it doesn't show me any pictures of what the places look like and when I do press them even though they don't show there are no trees in the game like usual and there are these black spots in the game! Like the rest of the game features are not included!????

You people still haven't fixed the really big problem with the London map. It's really slow and laggy. Why is it so hard to see that? I think you either need more people working for you or you need to pay more attention to bugs instead of just adding more stuff to your games.

Actualy Super ! But... A verry great simulation for driving a cab. But sometimes it goes a bit strange when we got a request and accpt it but when we're arrive, the passenger dont want to entry the taxi. Dont know why ..

Disappointed The graphics are extremely poor as are the sound effects. However the maps have improved along with the variety of vehicles. I had high hopes for this app, and was unfortunately let down. Please improve the setbacks and faults I have listed to help the game develop.

The button for remove ads dosent work, you can push it, nothing happens.Needs work,also there are a ton of these taxi games on google play,how about something different. Game lags alot and I would like to hear the passengers get more pissed off when you do something wrong.I hate taxi games.i hope you try making a classic side by side drag racing game next,using cars like nova,camaro,gtos,and the list goes on.your good at making games,so I hope to see more games soon.delete

Needs to be more better I am playing your bus simulation2015... but this one is not that good at all.... One sudden break then taxi doesn't move... sometimes passenger doesn't ride the car even after standing in front of passangers... Signals are not proper...

THE BEST TAXI GAME ON MARKET!!! IT'S TRUE! The only problem is game glitches and requested by call service often suddenly disrupts itself!!! :’-( Wow! I am just speechless! This game is so incredible! It is real taxi with random generated missions, so game can't be repetitive and boring! Not like 20-40 mission crap like other developers make and one city only! This game is so addictive and nice! Thank you Ovilex!!!

Problem of taxi driveing 2016 In morning time I confused to see traffic light. I can't identify that the traffic light is green or red.Give the traffic light more brighter so i and we identify the traffic light in green or red. Plz fix it. And it was a nice taxi game I ever seen.(THANK YOU)

Taxi sim 2016 Nice one I wish to give10 stars and l'm addicted to all your games please continue to make more GAMES love it and it consume my mobile battery please fix the issue add a music feature to play my own songs in the game Add new maps add feature like police patrol taking fine etc.....

Traffic signals and private ride Overall the game is fun however, the traffic signals should be improved. It's extremely hard to distinguish which signal is active. Also if I accept a private ride, the passenger simply does not board the cab.

Good but no people I like the game but the last star is missing for 2 reason 1 because whenever I do the request call thing I show up at the place the person doesn't get inside all they do is just watch the car move around 2 the people who get inside the car there meter drains way too fast fix this I'll give 5 stars but for now no also tell me what date the police simulator is coming out also the new update is horrible you can't even see the traffic lights when it looks green it's really red

Disappointed I had very high expectations for this game, however upon downloading it, I was very disappointed. The controls are very poor. The brake pedal and the throttle are too close together. This would result in acceleration when meaning to brake at a red light. This could he solved by custom control configuration. If implemented, a way to alter the size of the pedals should be added. What is more, selecting London would result in huge amounts of frame drop. Whereas in New York, the game runs fine. Please fix...

Kinda LAGGY Sometimes when im driving and stop at a red light when its green and i try to start driving again it wont let me go its like the car has something in front of it the is stopping it from driving when there's nothing IN FRONT OF IT please fix this problem and i might give 5 stars

I love it but sometimes when doing private drive they don't get in and all I do is tap request a call and restart the map and gas is too high I have to pay 900 dollars for gas or 2000 dollars if I am not at the gas station and run out of gas but it is still good but needs a little more work

stuck on the loadng screan it says taxi sim 2016 and the screen freezes and i am able to click buttons but can see anything on my galaxy note edge ..please fix this i always buy stuff in your games

Ok. But missed one star Game is OK but laggy in night view and the buttons in manual mode is small and takes time to be correctly pressed

All games need to be fixed The games that this company made was okay but need improve because they have the same cars in each game they made please make more cars then I'll rate 5 stars and leave a good comment and I'll tell other people to download and leave a good review...also make to where you can go to the whole world that would be nice you would get tons of downloads if you do that

This is fun I hate haters Everyone who is a hater will you CHANGE YOUR F**KING MIND HA. Every lover's who has very good phones download this best game don't be shame.don't be bad.and don't be a baby ?

I loved the game but 5 stars is cut short because I am looking for a game with a 2015 dodge charger in a simulation game and you guys are the only good simulation game makers and I REALLY want you to include this car in the update

Fun It is fun but it is also very stressful an d sort of confusing. You will have to pay attention if you want to do it right. Over all its pretty fun. Ps for the people who know how to drive this should be a piece of cake!

Great game A vey good game for simulation lovers! But the only problem is that the steering gets stucked often and doesn't come to normal situation. Will give 5 start if that bug is fixed

Loved it Rolls Royce taxi uve gotta be kidding me? Needs more British cars aswell (s) only got 1. Love the game + highly recommend for u. MUST PLAY. Best of the games yet! ESPECIALLY FOR THOSE CAR ENTHUSIAST,S OUT THERE! Hope you make more games

Addictive The game is addictive but I can tell ya only a few things that you can change 1: right turns on red (or left for London). 2: make it to where we can pump as much gas as we want into the tank. And 3: make the world open plz(that would be awesome)

The game is ok but Is too laggy and the traffic light is too dimmed can make it brighter. After the problem is solved i will give full 5 stars

Good but the gas problem I keep running out of gas. And win i try to get gas at a station it freezes also the cost needs to be lower of gas.

Smart tab 3G This game is amaizing i love to play it , just the problem is that it doesn't play even a minute on my Smart tab 3G even other Ovidu game like Coach bus simulator and Euro truck simulator....please help so ill enjoy this games....

Great but problem to be sorted The app is great but can you sort the problem of London map lagging

Love it but The London map is very laggy which makes the map very difficult to play. Please fix and i will give it 5 stars

best.I love it..the bestest in play store this is what have been waiting for. bus sim/ driving school / and now guys are dope..GODBLESS your works...I need more city maps...thanks

Game problem Can you add back train sim 15 PLEASE I loved that game and add a taxi motorcycle and peadle bike

Unrealistic speeds I am pretty sure that a NYC taxi cab is able to do 200 km/h

Too many 3D My phone got lag so much, even i already make the graphic Low, and even i play this game on octa core processor and 3GB RAM, but still Lag, please optimize it!!!

So HARD To Control! The game isb good but the steering wheel is hard to control and hard to turn correctly

Requesting Can I request the uphill road for the real mode clutch...and the steering wheel in the real mode...thx...and also fog light

Very Good Game! It's realistic and not loggy, but please update some features, the traffic light is not good cant figure out if the green light is on to way go, i suggest there should be more cars along the way, and more locations to drive in and please put a mirror on the top to see the back . Please! Please! But its really a good game! Me and my brother are so addicted to this but update please..

I loved it This is the best game play has ever i played in my life some time naviganation do,nt work please do somthing about there is a another problem with this game if i do something wrong the game will warning like crashed or crossed red light but they would n,t marks any if did something like crossing the green light do something about this there is a another problem with this game the problem is that if i wait for the customers but the customers would come inside my taxi they just wait there so i will try take

Good, but.... Very good work by the developer. Nice game, good graphics. But there is still room for development... Traffic lights not very legible. Car control (steering) is very sensitive. Also size of the steering is very small, makes difficult to control the car, often camera view gets changed while trying to drive. Hope this helps the developer.

Rubbish This is a game. Why am I being encouraged to drive safely? The customer gets dissatisfied if you drive too fast? (Whats the point of giving the cars speed?) You have to stop at barely visible and over sensitive traffic lights, and you actually lose money for crashing. So so dull.

Cars don't have stability I'm quite disappointed of the taxi sim 2016 game. Even though it has good graphics. But the cars seem to be unstable in roads very difficult to control. Moreover after filling gas in the gas station (and coming out of it), it sometime ask to turn of the engine and the message stands there for long time which is quite annoying. Kindly fix the above bugs and update. I like the game, but the above mentioned makes me to quit the game.

Good game Taxi Sim 2016 is a great game to play. Great graphics throughout the different maps. But the car goes at a very high speed which makes it difficult to turn corners without bumping into something. The steering is very sensitive as well. Please fix this issue because it's a very good game except for this one problem ???

Some improvements 1st gear should just be around 10 kph I think or a little bit lower than 60 kph. Traffic lights are obscure. E-brakes are weak. They don't stop the car. Penalties for wrong signal lights, crossing the solid line, beating the red light, and killing people. Have a foggy windshield when raining. Snow weather. More maps. Also, some passengers are beyond the dead-ends.

Almost worth 5 stars Would have rated the game higher as it is rather enjoyable, but it is seriously annoying that after dealing with two passengers the next one doesn't enter the taxi. Please fix this bug as it ruins the flow of the game! Other than that the game itself is worth 5 stars in my opinion.

GOOD JUST NEEDS A FEW TWEAKS The game overall is good, only the traffic lights day/night extremely difficult to see, also pedestrians just get in your way, I had a glitch earlier today where most of my taxi disappeared only the roof was visible. Keep updating, keep up the good work. Would recommend this game to everyone

Update. Okay. Update. Today one plus 3 released their update after which the game is super smooth even on ultra settings. I'm so happy. Before : Lags even in low graphics settings on my one plus 3. Does anyone know any settings to speed up the game. Snapdragon 820 with adreno 530 is the fastest hardware i know. So i dont know the reason for dropped frames

Good but You need to fix 5he bugs on all the games that you have because in multiplayer the car glitches on the other players phone and then stops the persons car stops and doesn't continue the driving can you please fix it also make the traffic lights more clear

Great great game. The only thing is missing is customization.. Besides that I love it.. And u would be crazy not install this game if u don't like cars and manual shifting with a clutch too.. Man just go down load it now.

So good yet nearly unplayable! The graphics are very good for a sim game. Controls are great & very customisable. Game play is easy & quick for when you only have a spare few minutes. However all this is irrelevant because of one stupid thing that renders the game almost completely unplayable...the traffic lights! During day light you cannot see which light is on & which is off so most of the time it's a red light & you loose cash & decrease player mood. At night the ads cover the lights!

Is there any better word then awesome?? There are great cars, great controls, great graphics, and a little bit of road rage included in this package!! I love this game, it's very addicting, fun, and sometimes frustrating (in a good way of course). But it's like your a real taxi driver. Options of receiving a call for you to pick a person up, the money you receive (depending on how far you drive), but there's also a clock so don't be late!!!! However there is much more!! This game is totally recommended but just find out for yourself ??

Best simulation game. This game is very good. Little lag and overall graphics and controls are great! Advice. Add side missions and maybe police chase. Controls would be nice to size and fit to screen. I have a moto g game runs good Maybe needs a little tweak or two

Handling problems I like the game, the only problems I have are: that when I tilt my phone to drive I lose control easily.. please fix and I will definitely give it a five, and the headlight's light on the streets is not so good either .. that's it.. please fix, it would also be cool if you could customize the taxi inside and especially outside, and lastly, please light up the interior a little, it's too dark, and make a different GPS

Good but with faults Really not a bad effort at all! Physics could be better like that in your Driving School one, traffic lights are so dim and not clear and they my get obscured by your ads! Also I just feel the prices are tad too high. All in all though it's a good experience but please do update!!

Good game I like it. Fun to play. Like others comments, traffic lights are very hard to see. Need more contrast to e when the light is red. I don't mind the ads, but they cover to the over head traffic lights so again you can't see them.

Good game indeed Please improve the robots light they are dim, some roads are not good, cant control the car that much when its in sport mode, some people takes you to only one direction, no normal clear view when driving inside the car and also the take off of the car is too slow , the traffic doesn't stop at stop signs & etc.

Addictive The game is addictive but I can tell ya only a few things that you can change 1:make right turns on red legal (or left for London). 2: make it to where we can pump as much gas as we want into the tank. And 3: make the world open plz(that would be awesome) like euro truck sim or coach bus sim

Frozen to main screen I tried installing it thrice but still same. I open d game and it just shows d fame logo n dats it. Tried touching everywhere on d screen. Some options just pop up like connect facebook n stuff but cant see any options on screen.

Only some games on my samsaug are laggy This game is super laggy! and on driving simualator 2016 its laggy too please make it less only the games on my samsung is laggy but on rca its not laggy please make less laggy for samsung i have a samsung gaxlay tab 4 7.0 black and its really laggy please fix it ill rate it 5 stars if you fix it please i love this but please rix the lag in the next update

Taxi SIM game OK, let me get these words out before I explode. THIS GAME IS WILD YET AMAZINGLY FUN. The person who is reading this should totally download this! It is the best taxi game EVER! ?

Nice game but u can do more Can you please add a mechanic shop in all maps where a driver can repair his cab and also a more realistic traffic jam apart from the traffic light..and also add more time in the day and night add all this in the next update and will give it 5 stars..add more passengers n make it more realistic.. a virtual world...and also put add a side mirror where we can see vehicles behind us please...I so much love this game

The lights! Everywhere I go 90% of the time the lights are red, but one thing you could do is go around the lights. And one advise I would give is that don't go on the otherside of the road

Fair game The traffic light is not clear , you will hardly know when the green light is on or off, improve on it please. And also Improve on the passengers appearance. Make it look more real. Sometimes they pass through the obstacles as if they are ghost. Accident should be made in such a way that there should be an ambulance to take the victim to the hospital and not living the victim lying helpless on the ground. There should be police to arrest the drive.

Really fun game! Besides the little glitches, this game is really fun! But unfortunately,like I said before, it has some glitches. The traffic lights are a bit dim but you can make out what it says. You can also look at the AI cars to see when they go and then you would know that it's a green light. Another one is sometimes the car wont move. Just try turning the engine on and off. So far that's's a great game over all though! Keep up the good work!

Ok This game is ok but on my ipad it crashes every time I try and finish the run . we are able to make sure that your bum is not taken. Thank u for your time and effort to reading this it has been nice working with you

Ok,purchased no ads on 08/10/2016,but still have ads,refund or fix. The game is ok,but it gets boring after still lags,get in accident,call cops,should be better selections of passengers,maybe some drunks,more argueing between passenger and driver over bill,just needs to be more realistic,and take it from a person that drives one everyday.delete

So realistic Every feature in the game is just amazing. The only thing I don't lile is that I can't legally make a right turn on red. I also want to know if the online feature actually works. I can't seem to get it working on my phone.

Love it I love every game by ovidu u jus neec improvement on how de oda motorists turn nd an increase in de numbr of motorists. Also if u can include police. De traffic lights are confusin

Good but.... Traffic lights are not clear, steering too sensitive, more realistic stuff, fuel costs too much and crashing into stuff and it says you crossed a red light while you are still. I hope you red this. ☺

Works but not to full extent The game works fine. But, whenever I take a private ride, after I reach the destination, the passenger does not enter the taxi. Also, after a few passengers, there are no passengers to make a pickup. Request Call function does not work.

Great game It's a great game best taxi sim I found however you guys should add more traffic let the daylight last longer for nyc level being that I live in NYC I know driving a taxi is hard cause all the traffic spice it up have road work on certain streets make us find a detour have a traffic pile up spice the game up more but I still love it so 5 stars for me

Lagging so much It's has alot bugs plx fix it graphics 4?car 3? speed have limited so 1?passengers must have a logo or something that we know where is it, overall is still 1? is unplayable & btw i pay like 10sgd for good cars & no app but still have apps??

Needs fixing. After every person I drop off, there doesn't call for an ad to pop and present itself. Even when I quit the game to go to the home screen. I'd love it more if you can fix that as well as when I'm driving. I can't steer properly while driving.

Disappointed again I have tried euro truck simulator but developer i unistalled euro truck reson being killing my battery and heating my phone . I have samsung A8 .games are good i must say excellent but killing battery is main reson behind unistall your games

I used to love this game so much. But ever since I'd updated, it started crashing at the middle of the game. Now I can't play it for a long time. And because of that, it's so hard to level up.

Taxi sim 2016 Nice one I wish to give10 stars and l'm addicted to all your games please continue to make more GAMES love it and it consume my mobile battery please fix the issue add a music feature to play my own songs in the game Add new maps add feature like police patrol taking fine can take more than one passenger ... make the horn sound loud or change it MAKE NEW GAME PLEASE

Best taxi game on play store but still promising...Best graphics and gameplay! Very addictive. Beautiful game,looks real with real features;real cities,roads,traffic,cars,pedestrians and all things in real life is present despite its small size.?Amazing Game!Steering for 1st taxi is poor,go a few trips and buy a better taxi and enjoy the game? Developers;Please improve Steering and accelerator sensitivity and give the horn a function,also need more pedestrians and passengers then the game is BOOM!.Update quickly...