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Slushy Maker!

Supplied By Crazy Cats    On Dec. 17, 2015    Comments(124)

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On a nice hot summer day, there’s nothing better than an ice cold drink! Why not make a fruity slushy for you and your friends? From blueberry to green apple, there are tons of flavors to try, but taste isn’t the only thing you can customize! Dress up your cup and make them look cool, too! Your friends will think you’re the slushy master, and you’ll stay cool all summer long!

In Slushy Maker, create tasty slushies in flavors that you love! Whether you like berry flavors like blueberry, raspberry, or strawberry or want something more sour like green apple, there are tons to try to find your favorite. Try them all and create something wacky and crazy! Before you drink these yummy creations, design a cool, silly cup including out of this world straws. You can even play the fun mini game to earn coins and buy more decorations! The more you play, the cooler the stuff gets, so get started and become the crazy slushy master!

Product Features:
- Ice cold slushy themed game.
- Easy to use controls to select flavors and decorations.
- Fabulous flavor mixes to try!
- Fun cup designs created by YOU!
- Awesome straws to use!
- Wacky decorations perfect for crazy slushy designs.
- Play a mini game to unlock more decorations!

How to Play:
- Use interactive controls to play the game.
- Choose a fabulous flavor to try.
- Design your slushy cups and choose cool straws to create wacky and fun designs!
- Earn more decorations by play games and getting coins!

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Crazy Cats part of our Casual and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Dec. 17, 2015. Google play rating is 70.6358. Current verison is Actual size 55.0 MB.

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Aw... too bad. I thought it looked fun and interesting... but playing it was very disappointing. There's no goal, no rewards or any extra earned items to further customize. Items way too limited and ad's were relentless.

Bad Won't let me get on! It shows a bunch of aps, then it says slushy maker has stopped!! Plus is so boring. All you do is make a slushy. And you can't even drink the slushy!! Only eat the toppings!!

Sophia Hello I'm Sophia. I rate this game 5 stars. I like this game because its for kids I'm only eight and it's fun we my sister and me had lots of fun. The only problem is that it has too many ads . I still gave y'all 5 stars. I am a little disappointed about all the ads but still this is a really fun game but how do you get the coins it's kind of weird having some problems like other people. So what should we do about th So please just delete those ads and those things that we have just tell us how to get those

Concept is good, execution is good The only bad thing is that it keeps crashing on my phone, would be very fun to play with if I could actually play it but other than that its pretty good!

Cool I depend on ur rates to download and it really helps me u guys help me pick good games and this is more than good this is awesome only if other people also use other peoples rates they would get some of the best games but they can't find them because they pass all the good games and get the lame ones thank u for helping me out

OK! But the problem is that it has too many ads. I personally hate games with too many ads. One or two ads is fine but too many is just so frustrating uh ???. Please please please fix it. If not fixed I'm going to tell everybody not to download it and I WILL uninstall this app. ? if it gets fixed I will download it again and tell everyone to download this ok? Nicole out.

Lots of colors and potential, but no plot. Fill up a slushie cup with different flavors and save a picture of it. The end. The mini game of whack a mole is worthless garbage.

So cool Love it very fun and entertaining for me!! I can now make a slush!!

This game is boring cuz I thought that when we fix the machein we will earn coins and buy some stuffs but it has no goal and it also have sooooo many ads

Fine It was fine except for all the ads on it so if whoever made this please take the ads off but besides that it was cool.

Ads ads ads Too many ads. Scumbags design a kids game with tons of ads. They should be stopped.

it's kind of good It logged me off one and all you do is play a game and put it put a slushie in a cup???????

Its cool I rated It 5 stars because you make your own slushie and even decorate the cup its so awesome I love it. :) :) :) :)

I love this game but the only thing that let me uninstall it is that how do u get coin to buy thing it's OK but please fix it and then I will give 5 star

Good bad I love this game but to many adds just like they said it is hard to enjoy the game when i cant cocertrat on the game at all

To many ads Its a great game but tgeees to many ads please fix it then It will be a deffenent 5 stars

Ads make it unplayable. I dont mind ads in games. They don't usually bother me. I don't mind in-app purchases. These ads interrupt the game play to the point that you lose continuity. It's too bad because because the graphics are quite good. Find another game until they fix it.

I like it because I love slushy's and sweets I wish that there was a game that had sweets in're right there's to many addddddddddddddddddddds

God you don't know yet? D'ahh,old trick,stop your internet=no ads,suck this slushie game

Slushy maker Poor. When I turn it on, so many add's. U can pick the cup and lid. Good. You can fill it. Then it turns off. Sad.

I agree too many adds but other why's it is awesome I will still give it 5 stars.

I love the game but to many ads it keeps showing the same ads over and over again!

My brothers and I really love this game. its so fun!?;-)

LISTEN TO ME READ THIS ONE! BAD GAME! READ MY RATE! I got the game by rates. 3 people told me what it was like I decided that there were too many ads! Get rid of all the ads! The game it's self was boring with a capital B, and you can't make any money! How in the world do they make money in the game, but don't have a way to spend/make money? Bad game!

Loved it! Hi I think this app is so fun!!! Except I think about eating every time I play it! Anyway great job! I recommend this app! 5 stars! ?

To muvh ads Havent played it but it looks good hope it dosent do what all your revews say

Slushy maker Love it bc it's fun

Love this game. I love this game bczz its a nice and colorful game full with joy including other activities.

Cool games This game is so boring

I n us love I like all the slushy games. This is the best of all . we all liked it

Isabella Hi my name is Isabella. I rate this game 5 stars . Because It says that the slushy machine is broken and you can choose the flavor.

its OK ? to menny apps tho ? and there should be more decorations i think ? its OK but not the "best" try it out... ?

Kids game yet adult dating ads pop up.

? dissatisfaction Why do you have to use coins for EVERYTING?

Annika It is not fun when you have to bang the things it said that I only l got 8 and I got 15 . I counted

How do you get coins Iwish I could get coins other than that 5 stars

Good It is a really cool game!!☺ but there is way too many ads ?

Best game ever I'm 8 I'm allison I give this game 5 stars

So boring So boring I hated it because it's too many locked that I can't use Fix It!! And where can I get coins FIX IT PLS

Very good! It's very funny!

I hate this game stupid

WORST GAME EVER OMG!!!!!!!this is such a bad game I mean I thought it would be fun but it is so boring plus the graphics are beyond worse this game is executed so badly this is a big downfall for crazy cats gaming company this game is a total waste of time I haven't seen a game worst then this in my approximately five years of gaming and believe me I am not exaggerating oh god please do not download this game it is a complete waste of your time and gb?!!!!!!:-[

Hate it I thought that it will be fun but it was stupid. It will some times shut down when I started playing . :-[

Pointless It keeps saying I've broke the machine when I've not even touched it,then it says sorry slushy maker has stopped and constant ads coming up. STUPID!!! You need to fix this then I might re-download it but unless you want to east space on your phone\tabelet do not download. I hate it!!!

Here is the thing. . . Everything is fine, but it is kindove weird. So, probably cut out those games and stuff like that. Only because it has nothing to do with it.

Liked it It turns out at the end you can actually drink the slushy whole and eat the things inside like for example kiwi but it's only getting 4 stars because somethings does caust more real money

I hate this game OMG every time I go to fix the smoothie macker it goes to a furntly stopped working I hate the stupid game

Ok Hi, i am Alaina and i think this game is ok, but what I don't like is that every game has ads and it takes up time on your limit if you have one. Plus it always takes time to load on my tablet. This game also stinks because the ads! Thank you for listening to the complaints everybody has and all the suggestions! I hope you too, like this game if you download it.

Boring Same thing everytime it looked interesting though it is'nt very boring

Outstanding I thought this is a really good game but there is to many ads but i still give it 5stars because it's a really fun and good game!.

Lies Many people are lying about 'So many ad's' when there really isn't that many. I love how there are a lot of cup, lids, and stickers to put on the cup. The only reason I rated 4 stars and not 5, is because every time I make a slushy and put the juice in, a machine breaks and I have to play a game to fix it I don't like that game at all.

Hungry It makes me really want to have a slushy even though I'm the one making it this game will really wil make uhungry so dont play on it that much!

Rubish Won't even let u play it with all the ads its stupid how games do that how are u ment to play the game if a load of ads come instead

Aw-some!!!! This is a girl actually- anyway I LOVE It! The only thing is if you can go back and change it if you made a mistake. :-)

Could add more I like the game it's just if you could add more but anyways great job crazy cats!

I LOVE it It was so GOOD when I ate it it's ok if they didint let you drink all of it I love the toppings keep GET ING more YAY

Hated it Rubbish it would not even let me pull the trigger down to make the slushy awful don't download!!!!!!!!

I got as far as choosing a cup then it just goes to my home page! I can't even finish making a slushy!

Good It's fine very good and it keeps me from being bored

Icey I think it is nice but ads all ways come so I did a 4 star. Thanks for making this game Crazy cat.

Awsome! It's really good but the ads r annoying. But AWSOME ? p.s monkey ? ? ?

Not Fun Too many adds don't know what to do it drives me crazy

Intertaining Every day my daughter takes my phone just to play that game she even does chores.

Quite good It 8s good but not brilliant I like that you get to choose a slush but I wish you could have some costermers

I love it There is just some advises! ?

Coo but sucks The games is cool and fun but then it sucks Cuz there way to much ads

Pick favorites color I like it because u can ur color

To many ads It's ok but to many ads and it leaves and stop playing

Really funn game is if I like it you will too ?

I can't even play it!! I can't play it because of to many stupid ads!!

Slushy Maker I love the great game

Kim sent to me It's good

Sluchey maker It is so easy to hanble

I Like these game Very much

This game is so boring plus it crashed a lot causing to mix up my device

Slushy maker! I liked it so much

I love it It's so good I wish it was real

Eron Best game I ever played dno what else to put all I know is its the best ?

Cool ansome 5 star

Problem Everyone I go to make my slushy it wont let me put the flavour in! It just doesn't work. Also too many adds. Please fix!!

Disliked it because IN APP PURCHASES REALLY??!! Kids really like this game! + TOO MANY ADS!!

fine It was ok it was a little boring even my little sister didn't like it:(

Rubbish I don't know what to do to many ads

Dustin It is a cool game I say

Awsome To many qds butt fun food for kids to learn

No problem at all possible time

It's not working My sister tried it and it won't work. Please fix this game.If you fix it i'll give it 5 stars

PLZ READ THIS IT RLLY HELPS The thng that evry1 says about the ads isn't true. There r hardly any If u hav loads then its probs ur phone. That's y I gave it 2 stars instead of 1. The actual game itself is rubbish. I did 1 slushie and I wos bored so deleted it. It looks fun but believe u me. It RLLY ISNT FUN! Do NOT install this... It just wastes ur time wen u could b playing BETTER games. In other words... ANYTHNG APART FROM THIS! Do NOT get. Save time by not even bothering to get it at all. Actually I am not even gonna giv it 2 stars

Thursty Makes me want to have one in real life. Only thing i didnt like is that you dont get many coins and i dont like the hammer game

My daily routine I love this game sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much I play this game at breakfast time lunch time and dinner time I play this game more than all the other games that I have

I love it This games awesome it makes me really thirsty and hungry and its attracting and eye catching

I LOVE It! The only thing is if you can go back and change it if you made a mistake. :-)

Not bad but It keeps saying that it isn't responding ? but the rest of its good ? except the silly hammer game?

Fun buuuut It's ok buuuut not that nice because you have to play a not so fun game to fixs the machine like buuuut it's fun to make the drink. Buuuut it will be fun of you could drink it.

I just love. my. grandma? i have not played it yet?

Wonderful This game looks realistic and it makes me feel thirsty

Wrong All these things that you guys said are not true.U can drink it

Slushy maker! I liked it so much

Crap When I put it on it would not even work if froze my phone it took me 10 mins to get it of also the add would stay on not even seen the game and that's when it froze so don't download waist of time depending on what phone you have got

It's ok. It isnt very fun or very fast

Not much to do There is not much to do in this game. I mean,FORGET IT

Great My sister has it too so good wish it was real craving slushy

Very nice & cool It's cool but need some improvements

Slushy maker Slushy maker is like the best ever. Me and my three sisters love it so much that they will like always play it for like ever and ever and ever. It is like the best game ever in your whole life.

Not fun You need to fix this game it is not fun at all I thought it would be fun but it is not. Do not download this game. You could be playing another game. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!! I deleted this game right after I made 1 slushy

Loved the game cause of slushies. Nice mini game to fix the vending machine very cool im " 100 % satisfied with the game ?????

Ok Quite good but actually yeah thats right i do want a slushie agter this game

At first I thought it would be a good game but when I try to fill the cup with any flavor it wouldn't let me so I suggest that someone fix it.

Very nice It's really good and l love this.

Adds, adds, adds! Why is there so many adds?

Bit of slush Seriously why do they have to have the same old game when the stupid machinebreaks down!WHY??also when the machinebreaks down can't we at least fix it instead of just playing a hammer game when you smash the penguins or what ever it is! Though apart from that there would be a few things that like...for instance when you get to chose what slush you want great and here are a few tips I could defiantly ask you to ad. One is way different music maybe cool and funky. Any way apart from those fabulous

You should love it! This game is for people to be inspired. Pretend that you are interested in getting a slushy! From the mixing and matching tops with the bottoms, to the picking of different types of flavored slushy, to fixing a broken slushy machine, to pick fun stuff and a straw and to the drinking the last sips of a delicious slushy! The girls and boys of all ages should get this app. Peace out!

It is just bad I mean really I don't mean to be rude but what a shame it is so boring all you do is design a cup straw then you choose a flavor how fun is that and it's dumb it just freezes I MEAN THIS IF YOU DON'T WANT A DUMB BORING GAME THE DON'T GET THIS!!!!!!!

READ THIS COMMENT! I would've gave 0 stars for this but I can't. Soooooooooooooooo many adds it's like if you press 1 button an add comes up how are they making money out of this stupid good for nothing game

Ugh its freaking stupid Im about to play it and won't let me get on ugh

To Glitchy I got an add and I went to go click my home button and It was super glitchy it wasn't even bad it was just terrible

Doesn't work I tried to pull the lever on the slushy machine handle but it wouldn't work even though i had enough coins and the game is rubbish and I have to keep downloding it again cause it glitches always .it is terrible DO NOT DOWNLOAD

Best ever This is the best game slushy game ever!!! On my tablet it has no ads and everything is free and unlocked!!!! I love you crazy cat/mini me

So boring It's so boring because the machine always brokes if you are finished puting the slushy !

Just like Milly duck It makes me so hungry I just want to lick my tablet just so tasty.if I look in pages that have food it makes me hungry and when people talk about food

Boring Is so boring u can only eat the topping and ads talk about ads??

Awsome! It's really good but the ads r annoying. But AWSOME ? p.s monkey ? ? ?

Warning If u r looking for a game that freezes your phone because it has to many adds be my guess to download this game : do not download this game

Terrible It froze my tablet the second is pressed the app no joke