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Sensor Kinetics

Supplied By INNOVENTIONS, Inc.    On June 3, 2015    Comments(88)

FREE Sensor Kinetics version2.1.2 Download

Playing Pokémon Go, does your phone have a gyroscope? How does your phone compare with your friend’s phone? Does it have a more advanced accelerometer or gyroscope? What other mysterious high-tech sensors does your tablet have hidden on board, and what do they do? Find out with Sensor Kinetics.

Sensor Kinetics is an advanced viewer and monitor for all of the standard sensors available in your Android device. The new built-in Multi-Sensor Recorder allows you to record up to six kinetic sensors simultaneously.

Written by one of the pioneers of the use of accelerometers and gyroscopes within the modern smartphone, it provides a comprehensive look at the total dynamics of the combined operations of all the sensors.

The app demonstrates the use of the accelerometer, gyroscope and the rotation sensor to control a tilt based view navigation like the RotoView technology by INNOVENTIONS. It also demonstrates the operation of the magnetic sensor, the linear acceleration sensor and the gravity sensor within special graphical displays.

Use Sensor Kinetics to monitor and understand the behavior of the sensors while you change the delay setting or activate/deactivate specific sensors. Each sensor is attached to a sophisticated chart viewer. The Multi-Sensor Recorder records multiple sensors simultaneously at a controlled data rate. If you need to save or share sensor charts, please purchase the companion Sensor Kinetics Pro.

For educational users, the app includes comprehensive help files which provide physics students with hands-on knowledge of how these sensors interact with smartphones and suggest numerous experiments you can perform on your phone or tablet.

Who Should Use Sensor Kinetics?

Developers, students, hobbyists, technicians, engineers... anyone who's curious about what lies "under the hood" of their mobile device!

Test your Android phone or tablet: Sensor Kinetics allows you to test all of the sensors on your device. For example, you can quickly determine if your Android device has a gyroscope sensor and how fast it's operating. The numerous chart viewers allow you to measure any sensor over time and gauge their accuracy and behavior.

Educational: Sensor Kinetics demonstrates the physics of gravity, acceleration, rotation, magnetism and more as these forces are measured by your phone or tablet. The app includes comprehensive help files with easy to understand information and experiments you can perform with the sensors.

App Developers: View in detail the behavior of the sensors used in your apps. Compare the performance of advanced sensors like gyroscope, linear acceleration sensor and the rotation sensor.

This app relates to gyroscope and accelerometer data logging, magnetometer, smart scroll, science, physics, tilt measure, pressure sensor, relative humidity sensor, light sensor, linear acceleration, temperature sensor, proximity sensor, gravity sensor, MEMS, kinetics

INNOVENTIONS, Inc. part of our Tools and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update June 3, 2015. Google play rating is 82.5332. Current verison is 2.1.2. Actual size 2.4 MB.

What's new

    The new Multi-Sensor Recorder feature provides simultaneous recording of any combination of the kinetic sensors. Tap the new Multi-Sensor Recorder button and select the sensors you want to record simultaneously. You can set the maximum data rate to control the size of the recording. After the recording, tap the charting button at the right of each sensor to view the recorded data.
Download sensor-kinetics.apk 2.4 MB


Confused Too bad i have no gravity sensor but i use gravity sensor related apps and it worked, no idea.. Zenfone 5 , i dont have gyro, humid, gravity, rotation, and etcs im sad :'( hahah jking xD thanks to this app.. i tried Sensor box for android too but i think ds s more accurate.

Very cool! Very generous to have this be free! On my phone, the data collection for certain sensors was jerky. Great app, though! :)

Very,very nice aplication Although the gyroscope option is not supported on my device (Xperia m2 aqua) and I have no idea why, this application is great. Studying vehicle dynamics and not having money to buy expensive sensors to test some things that I need, this application did the job great. I am putting 4 stars on this review only because of the gyroscope thing, everything else is just perfect. (edited to 5 star-no gyroscope on the M2 aqua)

Use for troubleshooting My new phone's screen rotation function was intermittent. This app showed it was the accelerometer causing the failure. Useful tool!

Awesome! Show data and graphs. Supports all my sensors (note 3)

All-in-one app with full access to the raw sensor data.

Some functions no longer work On my 2012 nexus 7 with android 4.4.4: namely, the graphing functions for ALL the sensor readouts. I know it was working when downloaded, but that was a year or so ago.

Notaprob Running smoothly on Sony z2 thanks 2 devs

Almost everything Should add sound sensing and optional summary display with less background detail.

Misleading false bs App was made by a chimp and it killed my bat

Great app Works as intended. Best part is that the app explains what are normal values for your sensors. Helped me diagnose a bunk accelerometer in my device.

Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 - hopeless. Not all sensors found. Landscape mode not possible on the important screens. Uninstalled.

Does exactly what it's supposed to do. Very Hendy sensor monitor that works great on my SGS4. Nice one Dev'

Charg You should have it the device charge using kinectic energy plz

Great app! It's really nice that it also has the 'about' section where it explains the functions of the sensors in brief. Perfect for amateurs!

Lenovo A680 . Have a gyrosecope sensor? Help me how to activate

Great !!! Few developer can code like this

Graphs are awesome Great diagnostic tool to explore the capabilities of a new device.

Amazing APP!! Very interesting Technology. Thanks!! Keep up the good work.

Awesome App This is an amazing app! I love it, and on top of it all, it's free! It uses battery faster than any other app I have, but the simplicity, speed, and good design all make up for it.

Very educational

It could be best if have sensor trigger alarms activated by various measurements level There are many other apps showing all about sensors but focusing smaller size no ads free app so why replace them for more? Consequently Still wait the authors to include sensors related alarms in order to buy it!!!

I love this app, because not only shows the sensors phone, it gives you information about each sensor.

Very good near excellent Used just about all sensors on Samsung galaxy s4 & no ads!

Sped up my screen rotation My Note 3 lagged between orientations to the point I was shaking it. Now it is quick to change orientation. Just what I was looking for. Thank you!!

Good app for technical people This app is totally useful for making games require built-in sensor.

It's BRILLIANT how this device can detect my magnetic sensor! This app detects more then I would hope to have! Other apps do not support my device at all and tell me it's a cheap piece of sh** This one honestly tells me what I have Thanks guys! ^^

Thanks Great developer app. How did you create the demo view? OpenGL?

Nice Work! This is the first sensor readout app that I have seen to be fully functional and look nice. Great job!

Good App for Physics Samsung Galaxy S5: This app was downloaded for a physics class to be able to measure acceleration in three directions. It works extremely well and I've enjoyed using it. I used this app for measuring my acceleration while running and walking. The app is very intuitive and easy to use, and it doesn't need anything else. Overall, a great app and one I would easily recommend for anyone with similar needs.

HellRaizer It did help me to realize about my device. I found out what is in my device. Also i can enjoy my game.

Awesome app. Works exactly how I expected.

Way cool This thing is too much!

Pls help Loved the app , for many of our phones out there like mine have jerky gyroscopes, (moto g2) , it would be awesome if you make an app to alter the sensitivity of the gyroscope, I would pay big time for that kind of app.

Too Scientific The app is great but there are major setbacks. One, it takes too many key presses to get to a desired reading. Two, it is not really designed for instant reads, such as, current pressure or humidity. Three, the interface is not user friendly if you are not keeping continuous data records. It's all graphs and charts, no dials or other 'conventional', instantaneous readout options.

Really REALLY cool! You dont have to be a genius to use this and on initial startup i got to see which sensors i have and don't have. I also love the demos next to each one. Now i have a better understanding of what the sensors can and cant do on my tablet. Now...time to install on my phone. Thank you for a great informative. app ?

Needs better UI to control sampling rate, but otherwise VERY VERY GOOD.

Awesome Very cool and simple to use. The magnetometer representation shouldn't be primarily a compass as that's not where the data come from in the very short range. There are magnetic fields everywhere and a compass is useless because im not in an isolated environment. Would like it to look similar to metal shavings on a paper.

Very Cool The app allows the user to look at the data from the various kinetic sensors on the phone. Very cool and useful for examining how different motions and orientations "look" from the hardwares perspective. Useful for debugging games or apps that use the motion or orientation sensors on a device.

Great app Love the data over time graphs. Does what it says on the box. And informs you of sensors you might not know you had. Perfect for data junkies.

apart from poor design, the program doesn't give accurate plots. Specially in case of kinetic rates i.e. roll, pitch, and yaw.

Thanks Just wanted to check if my phone has gyroscope or not.. Fortunately it has..great app..

Great app Awesome app, ive got 17 sensors in my phone and it allows me to look at each one. Very accurate measurements on my phone, then again it will only operate based on the quality and make of sensor. This is one of the better apps that I've seen so far.

LG-E400 | Android 2.3.6 Interesting(!!!) for those who like to understand what the device is measuring and what needs to be calculated, in order to make it react to movement as it does in certain applications. Soo...

Nifty. That's to say your phone still needs to have the relevant sensors but of course.

I've got a lot ! The TITLE of my review is my FIRST FEELING after installing this App. The fifth star is due unless I experience it properly.

Excellent app A very smart well put together app. Easy to use. Intuitive. Accurate and no bugs. Good job!

Could you also include WiFi signal strength plus details of sensor?

Fair, liked being able to change graphs, and sensors, this app would freeze a lot, stop, and not work, maybe my device, but everything else I have works, but I still liked it.

Awesome I now know why Compass apps are retarded lol.. I LOVE THIS APP - THANK YOU!

Great App! Lets you see the sensors on your phone and if they are working properly.

Good Design is not very nice, but the app shows everything there is on my Note 4

Good App Nice app. it works as expected. used it to test the screen protector if it was blocking any sensor

Decided to rate Needs update for Galaxy S6. Can we expect an update?

No clue. But it looks real ok.

Every bit as accurate as police Lidar.

Way Cool!!! I only use it as a toy so far, but the amount of accurate data I get is way cool! For free, it's a must have.

this thing is a gas! particularly fun when taking off/landing on a plane :)

this thing plots sensor data (time) from all sensor nodes (3d sensors)

Best one really.

Great app. See if your sensors are working good.

A truly excellent app. Easy to use, multifunctional, and beautifully presented.

Good Nicely developed and highly good

Amazing app Well done! Is quite useful for receiving info from the mobile!


ENLIGHTENING !! very good and systematic ...

Superb Very useful

Great! Love the real time charts! Made it easuer for me to understand what each sensor does and what happens on each axis.

all in one everything is there!

All Function, No Frills Lets you know what sensors are on your app. Makes their telemetry available. That was all I needed. It may do more, it may not, I wouldn't know. But this is enough to earn it five stars from me.

Thanks Thanks I needed to know if my phone (lg g stylo) had a gyro. Sadly, it doesn't........

Works. Informative. Samsung Amp Prime. Pokemon Go ARG doesn't work. This app informed me that my phone has no gyroscope. This explains the ARG cam issue.

This is great - a nice presentation of the sensor output. I'm recommending it to my users (of Sky Map) when they run into issues as it's a very useful diagnostic tool.

perfect what would i say , thanks for your efforts^^

It really works This app does exactly what it said it does, not only giving you raw data on your Android phone sensors but then giving you a graphic view if your phone is acting wonky this app is a good troubleshooter

Gryoscope The only reason i download this is because Pokemon go ar not working. Too bad my phone doesn't have gyroscope....

Who else is doing this for Pokémon Go because the AR mode won't work?

It works as described I use my phone as a goto sensor for a large telescope. The sensors have to be calibrated well to work.This app is the right tool for the job.

great app but i need to uninstall coz i installed for pokemon go but my phone doesnt have gyroscope.. I'll install it if i have a new phone thou

Pokemon Go Hey does this work for Pokemon Go? I really need it...cuz my phone doesnt have gyroscope...

Its alright Cant really find a setting to switch from celsius to fahrenheit. Im an american i do not use metric.

Works great The app just let me figure out my phone has only 2 out of all of thoss

Several items it says are not on my device are on my device and are detected by other apps.

Pratik Nice app. But how can I take data of sensor in Microsoft excel.

Useful and fun! In a few minutes I used the accelerometer to figure out which lab benches were being affected by a vibrating motor, and how far my new equipment had to be from each other to avoid their magnetic fields.

Awesome for developers As a small developer, this is a godsend. It's great to see raw output from my device, and it's also easy to get beta testers to install it when something goes wrong on a device I don't have.

Does what it says I wanted to confirm if my phone has gyro because on the web it's not stated but it performs well on games that needs gyroscope, it does have after all.

Can i ask a question. This app is available to vr or not?.. please help me :(