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Samsung Mobile Print

Supplied By Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.    On Sept. 5, 2016    Comments(172)

FREE Samsung Mobile Print version4.04.010 Download

Print, Scan or send Fax wirelessly from your Android phone, tablet, or any other supported Android device to almost any* Samsung Laser Printer.
Samsung Mobile Print empowers to print or send fax, most of the digital contents like Office documents, PDF, images, emails, web pages or even the contents on your social network sites.
Let your content be on your phone or on Google drive it’s just easy.
It also supports scanning from your network multi-functional device and saving in various formats like pdf, jpg or png. Sharing your scanned documents is just a click away.

Key Features
> Intuitive action bar style user interface.
> Automatic discovery of supported network devices.
> Select multiple images, tap to crop or rotate.
> Supports multiple image sizes and multiple images on a page.
> Print or send fax documents/emails/email attachments/web pages/images.
> Supports contents at Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, OneDrive, Box and Facebook.
> Scan from flatbed or ADF and save as PDF, PNG, JPG.
> Print or Scan pages as big as A3*.
> Share to open any of the supported content from any other App.
> For corporate environment, supports security features like Job Accounting, Confidential Print and Secure Release.
> Integration support for Auto Toner Ordering Service (US only)
> Integration support for following printer's Wi-Fi setup (M2020/2070/283x/288x/262x/282x/267x/287x/301x/306x Series, CLP-360 Series, CLX-330x Series, C410/460/430/480 Series)

**Supports Only Samsung Printers**
* Scanning and sending fax is supported only on supported N/W printers.
* Printing can be done on printers connected via Print server or Shared.
* Maximum print and scan size would depend on the media size supported by the device.
* If you use the CJX-1050W/CJX-2000FW printer, please install " Samsung Mobile Print Photo" instead this app.

Supported Model List
* M2020/2070/283x/288x/262x/282x/267x/287x/4370/5370/4580 Series
* C410/460/1810/1860/2620/2670/140x/145x/4820 Series
* CLP-300/31x/32x/350/360/610/620/660/670/680/770/775 Series
* CLX-216x/316x/317x/318x/838x/854x/9252/9352/92x1/93x1 Series
* ML-1865W/2150/2160/2165/2250/2525/257x/2580/285x/2950/305x/3300/347x/331x/371x/405x/455x/551x/651x Series
* SCX-1490/2000/320x/340x/4623/4x21/4x24/4x26/4x28/470x/472x/4x33/5x35/5x37/6545/6555/8030/8040/8123/8128 Series
* SF-650, SF-760 Series

Permission Details:
Below are the details about the permissions Samsung Mobile Print app is using.

READ_CONTACTS: For selecting Fax number from Address book.
READ_HISTORY_BOOKMARK: For showing Bookmarks in Web Printing.
GET_ACCOUNTS: For showing registered accounts in email printing and printing contents from Google drive.
USE_CREDENTIALS: For printing from Google Drive.
CAMERA : To use Camera.
INTERNET: For any network communication.
NFC : For direct connection between mobile device and Printer
VIBRATION : To notify when NFC tag was read properly

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. part of our Productivity and have average installs from 5000000 to 10000000. Last Update Sept. 5, 2016. Google play rating is 81.0734. Current verison is 4.04.010. Actual size 29.0 MB.

What's new

    [Samsung Mobile Print]
    1. Version : V4.04.010
    2. Changes
    - Integration support for Auto Toner Ordering Service (US only)
    * New supported models: C1810W/C1860FW/C3010DW/C3060FW/M2020W/M2070FW/M3820DW/M3870FW
    - Fix minor bugs
Download samsung-mobile-print.apk 29.0 MB


App was great till it stop seeing my usb printer. Was working for about a month but stopped. Use it with a samsung Galaxy Note 8 and my usb CLP 300 color laser. Any advise would be helpful

Works great! (Lenovo IdeaTab S6000-F) This app/driver works flawlessly for me! It setup easier on my tablet, than the printer driver for my Windows PC. Thank you for updating the app and adding "landscape-mode" for [ALL] 7" tablets! To the idiot user who can't get it to work with her "NON Samsung" printer: It ONLY works with Samsung printers!!! Find the app that works with YOUR printer.

Mangles some PDFs Has an unfortunate tendency to mangle PDSs published by Paizo publishing. "5-21: The Merchant's Wake", for example, displays fine on my Galaxy S5, but when trying to print the same PDF, it misprints pages 3-15, then just gives up on all further pages. Hoping for a fix.

It's okay, nothing special. You can do the same with the print feature on your Samsung phone. It works most of the time but often I have noticed if my Samsung Color a Laser All in One is in sleep mode, printing from the app will not wake it up. Also HP has one up on their mobile print. It assigns your printer an email address and you can be anywhere in the world and email what you want printed to the device's email and it will be waiting in the tray when you get home. I would think Samsung of all companies would enable a feature alike

It works but it interferes with the native format. It works reliably with nfc and everything which is great, however, my biggest complaint is that unless I save every document I can in pdf form the app will find a way to change the the formatting of the paper. I just want a larger range of formats supported without disturbing the inner contents. Converting my files to pdfs every time is a pain.

Tablet Ok, phone don't *** Fixed *** The app installed and worked fine in my Tablet Asus Transformer (Ice Cream Sandwich android). However, I got the "Problem Parsing the Package" error in my old Motorola XT611 (Gingerbread android). The printer model is ML-2165W. ************* I reinstalled the app and it worked Ok. Regards.

Worked fantastic, until last update My Samsung C410w printer is no longer recognised on either my galaxy s4 or tab 3 via wifi. Was working fantastic, until the last update. Very frustrated.

Issue with printing using ML 2010 Hi, I tried to connect my Samsung printer ML2010 using USB cable, but this app is not discovering my printer (other 3rd party apps able to discovers & print for the same printer). Pls fix this issue.

Very simple to use And clever too! I was printing two small PNG images and it automatically squeezed them on to one page!

Thanks for eating my data Installed to print over wifi in my home office from my S3. When I connected the phone via wifi (because nfc would not detect) it switch my phone to mobile ata and transmitted 2.21gb over my mobile data...... and I hadn't even printed anything yet. Great app Samsung........

mobile printer driver for Samsung cell phones (Galaxy S5, Galaxy Mega 2) I have a laser color printer (CLP-320 series). I downloaded the driver installer and tried to install in my PC but it never successfully installed the driver. I'm not sure what went wrong. I just gave up. I thought it would be a nice feature but it didn't work. I'm so disappointed. Anyway, at least I tried countless times!

Print over USB doesn't work for me. Using clx-3185 and OPO with USB OTG cable. Acts like print works, shows printer info, but print job never actually prints.

Samsung SCX 3201 I'm not able to connect my Samsung Printer SCX-3201 using this App. My printer is connected to my DSL-2750U router via USB cable and the url is 631/printers/samsung. I'm already using this printer with same url and configuration with my Samsung Windows 8 Laptop.

Unable change print quality When I use the app to print from my Samsung tablet on the my Samsung Ml-2166W printer I cannot adjust the print quality. The default quality is very poor & faint. I took this up with Samsung who in a email have promised to upgrade the app in June 2015 whereby the print quality could be controlled from the app. Hope they keep their word sooner. This will enable me give higher star rating for both the app and the printer

SG Note 4 using S M2020W Laser printer Works like a charm. Perfect since I don't own a laptop anymore. Wish it would let me configure the printer M2020W through NFC. Next revision maybe?

I find it a nice appp. The only problem is that you have to configure it always.

Latest update fixed my issue! Edit: Thanks for listening and maintaining the app!__________________________________ PDF files come out small in size that even the app itself can't open them. So I have to use temp JPG files instead. Please, fix it !

Ok It was ok till latest update, now it is the worst app that I have installed!

Works with my laser printer Good but the App need too permissions

Works great We use this with our Samsung ml1865 laser printer. I use it with my tablet, laptop & phone. So nice to sit in the living room and not have to get up to hook up in order to print something.

Works Ok with WPS / Wi-Fi Works great with ( Samsung ML-2165W/XAC Printer ) Using ( Ellipsis7 Tablet ) via ( WPS / Wi-Fi ) I had to try , several times until it works , but it's ok . Good APK , Nice job . Thanks!!

Rubbish No USB support application. It can't work well with Bt.

Print Quality Settings Please include option to change print quality like print drafts and other setting like those on a desktop.

It has just stopped working with wi fi direct. Highly disappointed

It won't work for me unless printer is on I have to physically turn on printer before this app will work, I thought it would connect and turn on the printer and print.

Phone system upgrade App was perfect until latest phone update. It will locate my printer via direct wifi. After I select it, it kicks off my wifi. I can no longer print.

not working for me seems to need to create a direct wifi link which disables wifi internet access. cant seem to find a way to just network across my existing wifi network. at best, this app is confusing.

USB printing removed Newer version killed USB support. Stay away from newer samsung products as they are 'eliminating features'

Good job Easy to use and quick print

Even my was same problem but when I download this app its ok thank u Samsung

Nice app. Nice app but ' work is very slow

Fantastic So easy to use its great.

Need hp driver's Please open app to work with hp officejet 150 thanks

Sucks When ever I print something I KEEP LOSING MY WIFI!!??

Can you please help me to add printer to this mobile print Please help me to add printer ML 2161 to this application thanks

Great unti last update Worked awesome until last update. Now I cannot scan because the scan button on the phone app is nonresponsive

Great app No need for computer prints straight from my mobile, first class

Lpr Hmm... I do not find Lpr protocol, could be you add it?

Google extension still very sloooow When printing in App it takes so looong to browse the list of files stored in your Google Drive. TIP: use Google Drive app > open the file u wish to print > Send to.. > then select Samsung printer. It prints fine and way faster (from LG G3).

S5 Cool app - prints everything I ask and connected to my network seamlessly

Doesn't support my ML-1675 with SMB connection

Doesn't work with my phone. The app is incredibly slow and laggy, and doesn't actually print for me. Items just get stuck loading...

One of the most inconsistent apps out there. Worked great for a week, now, more issues than I could explaine. The biggest pain is stting a file I want to print is of a not supported format, Its a .PDF!!!. Also, taking forever to download a file from my google drive to print, 99% of the time I'll check my phone an hour latter and it states "Downloading" Millions of bugs!

What is use of Wifi in samsung? Samsung app can't print.I have tried to print from Samsung app but I am not able to print only few file with less than 110 kb print but above that it will not able to print.It shows error due to insufficient memory.I am highly unsatisfied after buying samsung wifi 3406 wifi printer.please help samsung.

USB OTG print is an essential feature!!! I'm a software developer, and I can't understand why you've been _entirely_ removed the USB OTG support (also for supported devices) - what's more, fixing compatibility for months is ridiculous!!! (I've wrote e-mail in April, they told me end of June...) I'm disappointed in Samsung now, I've been liked this company before...

Used to work before last update No longer prints pdf files using NFC or wifi. Preview sometimes comes up and sometimes just has the working spin forever.

Used To Work Used to print PDFs. Now barcodes look screwy and formatting in PDFs in general look strange now. Go back to previous version please.

Downloaded the App and installed on my Android KHPHN05ANDA. Phone sees the printer M2070 but will not connect as it needs a password to authenticate! Printer works fine when tethered to my Laptop. I was expecting this software to provide a direct and immediate access to the printer. Any suggestions!

Quick easy. 1st Time but with bugs. Does not load emails that have been forwarded.

This is an amazing app ?? It made printing more easier and helped me to printe everything without connecting the printer to the computer ??

Not working now It used to work fine with my Nexus 5. Now with the last update can't see my wireless printer CLX 3305FW. I am running android 5.1.1. Reinstalled it but nothing changed. Finally I uninstalled it.

Why is not working I like to print my some office document ad it's saying error why !!!

Awesome! Used to work perfectly, but since the last update - won't connect to my M2020 at all. Simply says App not working! Fed up now!

So many errors but it comes in handy. Its changes my font, wont print certain pdfs, and stops working if the pdf file is to big lots of hings need to be fixed

Unreliable printer, problem before even stock toner finish Samsung printer C430W is Unreliable, can't connect suddenly. Electronic problem. Toner is new, same wifi network, NFC is good, WiFi Direct is good But printer is not detected! There must be policy to money back for this unreliable production

Use to work. Now crap. On both my phone (running Lollipop) and tablet (Lollipop on a Nexus - can't get much more generic than that), this no longer works. In the Select Device screen, it detects my printer (ML-3050) but when I select it and click on Done - nothing happens.

Ok But now the quality printing from this app is pixelated anf not sharp. The same document printed from PrintHand app looks perfect and clear. I have a wireless samsung m2022w, new toner cartridge. Update : works but only in app, not as plugin

Does not work Samsung print app does not allow Samsung phone to print on Samsung printer. Seriously, how is that level of incompetence possible? Printer app crashes when it opens documents. Wow. Get your act together., Samsung.

Since the laterst update (V4.01.005) the app doesnt print all pdf files correctly. Some completely blank and others might have some pages missing. Other file types print correctly.

Awesome app. :) Totally blown away. This thing does what it says and more. I'm so glad I got a Samsung printer that I will never get anything else. Samsung is awesome! Thank you :)

Fix this dam program !!!! I bought a samsung lazer printer to work with my samsung phone !!! Worked great then BOOM it doesn't connect with the printer ....

Okay Can't connect to my Samsung Xpress M2020 printer since the lastest update, please fix it. Thanks

Used to work flawlessly, however, after the latest update the app does not recognise/discover my Samsung CLX-3305FW printer. When entering the IP manually the apps gives an error message “this does not appear to be a Samsung device”. Please fix the issues with Samsung CLX-3300 Series.

Does not work with 2020 Does anyone know an app that works with this printer? Poor service from Samsung!

Doesn't work. Connected, hit button on printer everything says it is working, click on document, hit preview, app either closes or jumps back two pages to the main page. Tried on three different phones! Awful, awful app. Used to work. Went to FedEx to print tickets. Thanks Samsung

Prints well, but can never close app It prints beautifully. But the moment you're done with it the notification stays forever, even after closing the app. I ended up having to force stop the app because I hate having extra notifications. You can't even swipe the notification away. Please fix it.

Good Use to like since last upgrade app keeps closing.

This app used to work 100%. After the latest update, it fails to print certain pdf documents. Some of them prints, but others just prints blank pages.

Blank pages Pdf files constantly print blank pages (less than half of the file will print). Failure to connect via WiFi is a constant!

Shittoo Update just shitted all over my connection to my printer thanks now wont connect and cant print

Stopped working! I can't print anything from my phone or tablet, the app crashes all the time! Really frustrated cause I have a lot of paperwork to print! Please help me!

Rubbish keeps crashing Doesn't connect to my wifi direct & crashing everytime I try to load app

Doesn't work Does not work with m2830 printer

Completely working very good I loved it??

Not working properly Doesn not display my samsung printer. Done a reset. Chat with samsung. They are useless. i need some help!!!

Fantastic This app has never let me down on tablets or phones. Very easy to use. Locates the laser printer very quickly (even from my workshop that is not attached to the house) well done Samsung

Suxs after last update The app use to be pristine before update now it takes forever convert multiple pages the loading time for each page is ridiculous sometimes it takes me 20 minutes to print 9 pages

So good This is the best printing app ever.It has all the best stuff you need to use to make printing fun

Samsung Why can't they get this app to work. It's dreadfull

Ok ok but app needs improvement is the page allingment is not fixed

:-( Now I updated app can't use . . .

it wouldnt connect to my printer at all literatlly i tried 20 times and i doesnt connect to my printer at all

!!! Doesn't connect to my Samsung printer anymore! Fix it!

Can't connect with Samsung phone! Got the Xpress M2026W but it cannot conect to my Samsung galaxy phone!

Double? Sometimes prints the pages 2 times. Plese fix it.

Works Works well for me. The only problem is the access to Google drive files. Sometimes the list is empty.

The one thing that needs to e print wont print Cant print .doc files. Word documents. It wont preview it

Does not work

Great I rely on this, it detects my wireless printer while Windows OS gets hiccups trying to find it sometimes. Despite having it on static IP address. I just wish that Samsung's Windows driver is more reliable.

Working again :) Used to work well, Than only printed page one of a pdf (1st page) Latest version V4.02.007 seems to have repaired this problem, thank you Samsung.

Used to work great Now only let's me print 1 page on my galaxy s4 I need this app to work!! Please fix! Samsung upgraded application on May 14th. Problem printing is solved but a little buggy with 4.3 but it says that in the description. I'm happy now.

It's working again If you reinstall it. There are some useful printer extensions tucked away in the Samsung apps

WHY APP CAN'T PRINT MY PDF & MS OFFICE DOCUMENT I bought a Samsung SL-2020W/XSS printer & downloaded this app on my Galaxy S3. Unfortunately,when I selected print & clicked on Document using this app,it crashed on my phone! What seems to be the problem, why this app crashed when I clicked on DOCUMENT? Your app shows that it is COMPATIBLE with SAMSUNG PRINTER MODEL NO: M2020!!

Testing May 14 2016 update after not installing Feb 2016 Version Looks like it takes Samsung about 3 months to fix previous version's issues. Testing now, fingers crossed.

Back button bug's Thank you for solving" printing only first page " , but now I have a lot of issues after printing any thing => I press back button to exit ==> many bugs come up on my screen " unfortunately , mobile print has stopped " .. this message pups up 3-4 time . please help me . at all thanks for the great app .

It used to be great. Not now. What's going on? It used to be great. Not now. You broke it! Can't access Dropbox anymore! Will only print the first page! What's going on? So I Updated this app today and the icon for the option of Dropbox now appears but when you click on it, it takes you to a dead URL. Come on guys sort this out please. This is pretty ridiculous.

Finally works The page layout is still wrong by default on Windows, so I recommend to use this app. All prior problems of the app are solved by deleting the Cache and Data of the app. Great!

Updated version horrible I can no longer change page orientation which means the app is useless to and now I will have to use my laptop rather than my mobile device!

Very useful but… We use this app to obtain hard copy on our LAN connected SCX series hardware from our Android devices. I deducted one star because many web pages print in a massively oversized font and fail to be limited by paper size & borders. I deducted a second star because my favorite eMail app (MailDroid) does not interface with this app. I might be unfair with regard to the second star but the issue impacts my usage of both apps.

Good application. But not able to print images on my ML 1610 printer. Pdf files print fine but images don't print at all.

saturated colors The printed photos colors are way over saturated, it's not the printer or image, since i have tested it on the computer

Excellent. To the developers thanks for your quick response and sending me a working version whilst fixing up the fault reported to you. Working great again. Many thanks.

Great App, works perfect on my computers and mobile devices.

Crashes since last update Try clearing out cache and all to clean slate. Retarded printer. Same issue.

Error aplication stop. Please fix it

All pages do not show up For the past 2 weeks only the 1st page of my documents show up when I try to print them. I have uninstalled the app and it still does not work. HELP PLEASE!!!

Did work well on galaxy s3 Now only able to print page 1 only, what's the point of that. Before was and opition that allows you to select the pages you wanted to print.

For a while it only shows one page to print even though I have 10. It only prints the first page. If they fix it it's 5 star.

FIX PROBLEM. PLEASE. i have a upcoming project due in a few days. and i cant use the printer because it only let me print out one paper at the time. I HAVE LIKE 10 PAGES. but it wont let me print all the 10 pages out. only the first page. ONLY. i like the printer app. if you can fix the problem then it can be a 5 star.

It's OK but ... Just lately I try to print off a 6 page PDF file or a .doc file and it only shows and prints 1 page. I've GOT TO find an alternative that works properly or I can't use printer.

Terrible. It doesn't work. I have a Samsung 2020W printer, the app "chose" which file it want to print. It doesn't print a lot of pdf, when it works print only the first page. I really don't know what to do. I bought a printer a month ago, and until now I just printed about 10 pages...

Terrible, constant crashes It can't seem to load PDF files without crashing. Samsung this is a wretched app. We deserve a lot better from such a top electronics company. Please sort out the (too many to count) bugs.

Unable change print quality When I use the app to print from my Samsung tablet on the my Samsung Ml-2166W printer I cannot adjust the print quality. The default quality is very poor & faint. I took this up with Samsung who in a email have promised to upgrade the app in June 2015 whereby the print quality could be controlled from the app. Hope they keep their word sooner. This will enable me give higher star rating for both the app and the printer I has now become worse because it prints only the first page. I am disgusted and truly rue the day I bought a Samsung wireless printer instead of a HP. Any one interested in buying off this rotten printer

Pdf problems Trying to print out a pdf file with multiple pages, printer only thinks there is one

Not working since update Use to work awesome. Now it will only let me print the first page of a document. Tried almost everything. Please fix

Occasionally works. Difficult Prints web pages if you're lucky, usually the Google page, not the one you pasted from the clipboard. Won't find/print HTML from the phone. Formatting usually crap. NOT RECOMMENDED Seems that print service plugin works better.

Can't to connect M2020W Everything was good, but now my galaxy s7 can't to connect with M2020W after update. Please fix it!

Last update fixed it!! :) I love this app again. The last update fixed my issues with it crashing. Thanks for whatever you guys did!!

Only samsung printers? C'mon.

Works like a champ What I said before

Better then before Works decently.

Still problems Still won't connect to printer most of the time. Once in a while it decides to work. There's no reason it shouldn't connect when you want it to. At least now when it does connect it actually prints what you want but still, once the connect issues are fixed, I'll give a better review. Until then, it only deserves two stars.

Why oh why won't it work!! Had this app for ages and loved it - now all I get is "mobile print has stopped working" error message. Have uninstalled and installed again but same thing. Another useless icon on my home page?

Can't find my files Won't load recent downloads. Pretty useless app. Can't print directly from document. Have to go into app and print from there. Can't navigate through files. It just loads a random assortment of files in a section called "documents"

Application is ok After printing a document or any pics the app crashes while connected via wifi direct....I have an LGV10 running Android 6.0

Crashes instead of printing The app only crashes while trying to print just anything. So in the end nothing can be printed at all. Useless Samsung stuff again..

Printer Print with mobility by cell,lap,desk topped window monitors. Ha c entry fully equipped my knowledge but eye caught the briefing. ICU will test the reflections then print for view.

Poor It didnt last too long , took to much time to connect to printer . Or wifi . I tried so hard to adapt it with printer and mpbile , but one time of 5 times it can print

First page only printing error fixed. Does stop working in between prints but seems just a prompt issue

NO GO ... hopeless app Restarted my router ... restarted my printer ... hopeless .... will not pick up my printer

Works well until i tried faxing. It rejects the printer even when i tried connecting the device manually. Gives a message that its not a samsung device :-/

Crashes since last update Try clearing out cache and all to clean slate. Retarded printer. Same issue. Why does this need access to my contacts. WTF

so so app ! Tricky at first to figure out. It does work but when it doesn't I can't seem to figure it out.

Perfect for printing from an Android device This is a great app by Samsung to print from any Android device and it is better than many paid apps for the same purpose. I request the developers to add an option to print on paper size 'envelop #10' or custom paper size. I will rate this app 5 after the addition of this feature.

Bad I have problem bn when i print the archives that i need print also other documets that i dont order

Won't connect to my Samsung tablet Can't get a connection to any mobile device worked fine for the past 12 months

Stellar I use this app several times daily for work and at home.

Doesn't find my Samsung wireless printer Useless. Doesn't work, even after you add the printer manually.

I tried a few apps and they didn't work. This one worked! Right 1st time! Very user friendly!

Not working... Too slow to take prints...the app stops working in middle...really frustated now

Why there is no USB driver for ml-1210, while for ml-1250 driver available? Its own Samsung Printing Language printer not universal PCL (wich can print with numerous 3rd party apps). Why there is no USB driver for ml-1210, while for ml-1250 driver available? Both models have even the same cartrige. And why app cant work via localhost on Samsung tablet - and samsung print plugin is root on the system... able to do anything...but... and after that even 1250 driver was taken out of the package - nice work guys - 0 stars.

When I try to print off my tablet it keeps saying printer is not available but the printer says it is connected. I think it only started doing this since the update. Both my printer and tablet are samsung. Also ever since the update it prints a blank page after the printed page. I can only print with my computer right now.

Dudes you need a HCI designer Common now, this is not how NFC should work. Your interface is terrible. I should be able to open a document or picture, then tap the NFC tag on the printer, then it should print. Your "interface" to select the document or picture to print is unneeded and sucks. No albums, etc. makes it hard to find. Just use the native interfaces. They tap, document/picture transmits to the printer and prints. Easy-peasy. Plus it will make your app simpler, less, code fewer bugs.

Issue Since Update Has Been Resolved The previous issue has been resolved. Was working perfectly until recently. Now I can only print one page. Even if there are multiple pages in a PDF file it only recognizes the first page. Now the app is basically useless. Please fix!!!

Update fixed one-page printing A few months back my printer app stopped working. The new update fixed my printer app... thanks! Works again!

How come my S5 can't connect to my Samsung Printer? But I can connect to my HP printer? And the developer responds that the app only works with Samsung printers, Do they even read these things?

Does not support printer Installed this to print directly to my Samsung clp-415 printer only to be told it is not supported? Good idea just needs to be carried through.

Note 4 OEM Android 5.1.1 Was working great but recent update broke printing PDF files with more than one page, only views it as having one page to print.. Even if all office/pdf/adobe apps show file has more than one page. Does not convert Color PDF or JPG to black and white printed (shows B/W on screen, but prints color)

Bought a new Samsung LaserJet to save money on shipping labels thru Ebay and to print invoices from PayPal. App works just as expected, just wish there was better NFC support...

Doesn't work Can't fax. Said enter printer to fax to. If I knew that wouldn't have to fax.

Useless for me. Didn't print, couldn't locate my HP printer, when other apps could

Love this app easy to use print things right from my tablet and phone

All in onr I love this! I just don't have to print but I can scan and fax from this app! Love it!

Piss poor Have installed uninstalled reinstalled and still fight with it every time I go to use it. Even spent an hour on the phone with help desk. FIX THE DAMN APP this has to be the worst app out there samsung you have lost a costumer next phone I buy will NOT be samsung and printer will be getting replaced also I will start going back old school and using my laptop to print.

This is Crap! Does not work whatsoever

Useless Won't work with my router print server

Take long time to print pdf files

Useless. Doesnt work at all.

The description says "print, scan and FAX", but it can NOT fax.

It works, Thanks Samsung.

Aggregatlly so gud one

Mohammed pc Family only

Time Saver One touch & you have your copy

It is so good

Some things could be improved. When scanning, after preview it is possible to manually select scan area. But when I move right edge then left edge is moving as well. Makes it complicated to select area I want. Only the edge that is dragged should move. Next problem is that scanned document is not automatically saved to the device storage. I have to share it to ES file explorer and save it using ES file explorer.

Connection failed Samsung mobile print app connected printer Direct-pwm2020 series with the phone but cannot connect to wifi. Password entered correctly but failed to connect.

It not bad It's a little bit complicated to how to print it out where I mean by using an application

Doesn't work This app will not pick up my printer, I have tried everything!

Useless options The document always streches, cant print on a 100% scale

Doesn't show printers 1. If a mail is printed through this app, the printout doesn't even show the sender/recipient/date/time informations making the printout not authentic and legal. How come it is forgotten by the developer.

Works good My Samsung C460 printer, No More liquid ink... yeah! Well worth the money.

Samsung Cloud Print Runs once then crashes on my phone.