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Real Car Simulator Game

Supplied By GameTechPro    On April 22, 2016    Comments(105)

FREE Real Car Simulator Game version1.5 Download

the car simulation game!

In addition to the spectacular HD quality realistic car physics and wide highways , bridges , tunnels , where you'll love this game ! The simulator game can have fun with .

General Features of the game
-Real car
-Fabulous Tunnel on quality , highways, mountains
- 4 different music system
-Maka Era police car lights and sirens
-Car Signals
-Car Selector system
Full control with hand brake wheel brake gas
-contact System
Different camera angles driving
Quality places from -Animals .
8 forward gears !
Download it today for dozens of feature -and genius .

GameTechPro part of our Simulation and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update April 22, 2016. Google play rating is 77.0564. Current verison is 1.5. Actual size 76.0 MB.

What's new

    bmw m4 modeli eklendi
    zorunlu park sistemi kaldırıldı
    -Yeni X6 Modeli
    -Yeni Harita Otoyol eklendi
    -ABS, ESP, TC sistemleri eklendi
    -20 Bölümden oluşan kariyer sürüş eğitim parkuru eklendi
    -HD grafik çalışması yapıldı.
    -Sağ sol sinyallar eklendi
    -Dörtlü uyarı lambaları eklendi
    -Ledlambalar eklendi.
    Hepsi ve daha fazlası için destek veriniz.
Download real-car-simulator-game.apk 76.0 MB


I can't even..!! This game is not the "most realistic driving simulator" at all. It's laggy has stupid adds and when ever I center the vehicle once I start going it goes diagonal??? Your lucky this was a free app or I would be SO much angrier

Hate it The worst our game ever sure they're all the button that a real car has, but it glitches and it's only highways, you never get off the highways, there are no other cars. This game is absolutely horrible. I recommend you don't get it. And that's coming from a girl who loves car games

The worst! I have the fastest internet I can get and it won't load. Completely unrealistic I never thought I'd ever find such a horrible car games Unity cannot make games that are what's up a realistic or operational I hate these apps and they never work here again fastest internet and still nothing I never want to download an app them ever again if they do not learn how to make 1 it's the worst it's almost Criminal up I can't stand this next time when a tiny car game doesn't work I will have the worst of complaint given to start it's horrible I wanted to start I want to give it a star I mean I didn't want to give it a single star butt if I wanted to read it as I hated it then I might as well but I don't know how anyone could say oh I loved it it's annoying how could anyone even say they just like it it's a how?!?!?!!!!?!!????????????!!!!!!!!

Good game but STOP the ads forever the ads are useless and annoying and distracting. I don't care about your money google!!

Too much glitches! I can't even do anything because of so much glitches! This game is the worst game in the world!

Does not feel like a real car This game is so annoying and has to many glitches and useless ads

Yo bro ! Best game This is very easy for children under 6 years and above 2 my net is faster 4 g

real car stimulatet This is a cool game bro if you play it will feel like you are driving a real car

Liked it.... but the game is filled with useless adds, I would rate it 5 if this stopped

Wait Its good game i guess i like the cars they look real like.. ya normally its not a crap tho it works for me XD

REYT GOOD It's reyt good if recommend for anyone old or young best game ever

If anyone would get this game, nobody would. Its awful!!!!! I got it thinking it would be awesome and opposites are true now...

It's is very good I pass my time love it when you get the best I love the game

Boring It is the worst GAME because all you do is drive in a strait line mean really add some curves at least! That's not all the grphics are like not even close to real. But yeah it does real like a real car but there are no other cars and you only get a choice of 2 really boring cars that are not at all real! So do not waste time, money, or space for this app please!

Don't download this app It is very bad game I t us just a parking game not racing game

Hate it Graphics suck not what it looks like In the pictures I could go on and on but I'm not

Hate it The steering wheel is to hard to drive.I even can't...

Great My dad has a bmw. Too laggy I'll rate all stars if fixed

Hated it It won't let me be a boy and it will not let me have a golden car

Super hit but Just change the display , make the interior pretty realistitic and make some better sounds

Good but.. Where is the fuel part?

Awesome!!!!! Never been better! Best car game in the world! Look up more axes n motion games NOW!!!!! Best Game Ever

Love it This game I downloaded on my phone it was rubbish got a tablat it is great I play this app on my tablat u can

IT'S RUBBISH Its lagy who ever made this take it down

Really To much adds can't get thought the game

imposble i,m on the third lvl but imposble fix it please

Pants Played for 60 seconds before uninstalling not even half a star.

Game crashed I loaded it and all I saw was the front screen froze and pressed on blue car froze then it crashed

Ads are annoying I like the game however it is sometimes difficult to control the car and it is annoying when the ads pop up as it sometimes it causes me to lose control and crash the car.

What the he'll???? If I go to the parking at level 7 my phone xperia c hangs

I luv this game but there are very less missions

Hate it Samsung j1 not working.all become pink in colour

Horabel never gwt this is slows down your phone !

Love it please add fuel and refueling please

LOL why would I play? There is no point cus I can not Do anything except from fireworks

Worst simulation ever. You should really make controls sensitive

It's not working It's not working in iPhone6s

It is the best game in the would

Lags Lags a lot and not very good levels.

Soo bad Gui sucks, graphics are poor and the name, DAT name..... For the love of God, don't download this game.

There are real cars And I love them

It was ok but a little boring I deleted this game nobody download this game?

awful it didn't even work toooooo many ads

Very bad I cant full time hang i advise u dont dwnld this bad game

This the the most horrible game I hve ever played

I hate this bad graphics and boring

This game is not working

It was excellent game

Best game ever So easy and I'm 11

Great Awesome game love the free roam

Real Car Simulator Game Good the game. Best a game

This game is boring make it better!!!!!

Need a bit improvement

Brilliant Absolute loving it

Nothing like driving

Would not let me even open it. Worst game I have seen

Very annoying

Wow Wow is all I can say what if you had three mins to live and you wanted to play this game you would be a bit disapointed

My name is jefff Do not play this game because it has very bad graphics and it is very slow and in personal opinion this game is the worst car driving game I have ever played before in my life. It will also effect your device just for 1 minute because that's what happened to me... so please friends do not ever download or play this game...

WHAT IS THIS CRAP HO RIFLE GAME LAG FOR DAYS BAD GRAPHIC S update this junk an maybe I w Will rate this 2 stars

Justin Hey please dont downloads this game. This game is sucks. Have a fake photos in their promotion. Bad graphics ever i play simulator. You better play driving simulator Ovidu pop

Boring game just bad I cant give it -5 star ....very bad and not working properly...hangs mobile..display problem..and fake game...dont download it anyone

Rubbish. Don't download guys I would rather eat poo than play this game so Laggy the creators go f yourself.

Hated it Don't even think about downloading this so game it want even get to the driving part it freezes up on you

Breaking,should of been better The controls are broken.Have no clue what the things do.What an I supposed to do!!?!

This game is like infected with virus or something..It stops then run then freez n all sorts of thing..

Hatred 2.0 So slow I waited 43 minutes for my phone to even come on after playing it.

This is the barest game I have ever played it freezes your phone and pictures are ly when u dowload it

Bad game The game wouldn't even work I spent 5 mins waiting for it to load and then it doesn't even work

Guys der it's just when you drive a car no one cares about the graphics and there's no challenges of course

Love it But could u plz add cars in it and it like GTA but aged 7 so there is no swearing

car sim It is a very nice game of you want a car game you must download this game it's a really good car game it's like a real car you can drive ever

It keeps crashing It dosnt work

This game sucks This thing is boring and the controls do not work at all

I love too play it if I have no WiFi but more features need too be added

EPICNESS In one game What is wrong with everyone it's epic

This game is really fun! Whenever i brake or gas the legs of the driver moves! Thanks to the developers! Well played!

It's ok because the car is kinda also And it really doesn't look real i though it was real just because of the percher but it's ok

Freinds please don't download this game no graphics veeeeeeeèeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeryyyyyyyyyy bad...................

Bad game Controls are stupid. Worst experience with a simulator.

Love it This is so good I don't know what to say about it. It is just so good.

Real car simulation It is crap every time I crash it starts all over again!!!!!!!!!!!

It is amazing You should make more of these games.

Kool game This game really iz kool thanks guys

I LOVE THIS GAMe But i have complain is that this game is hang again and again

Sebastian bower This game is crap!!!!!!! DO NOT DOWNLOAD

Love it. I ts ok

Shitty game ever Just waste of time

Its ok Like it and dont like it

What? I do not like this game due to the car when driving lags as well the buttons to drive the car are pixelated which makes it look unattractive. Could need further improvements within the app! Uninstall immediately!!

Worst game This game sucks and is the world's worst game i have ever played. My advice to all is not download this game or u will waste ur time

WORST GAME EVER!! OMG dude don't even install this f*cking game ugh! Keeps x-ing the game out when I try to play it.

CAN I ATLEAST PICK A COLOR FOR MY CAR This game sucks! Why is this even installed you can't even pick a car color you can only be pink! Update it and my rating could get better

Why u lying for its not the most realistic car simulator game, you can go to court for that as you are doing false advertising leading to a 10 month sentence and a fine of £10,000 you better fix it or I'll take you to court

DO NOT DOWNLOAD Because the game lag and ugly and laugage are don't know and The second control are hardest

Hated it Boring they need to put more things in is like the baddest game i have played . B O R I N G

Could have been better Honestly not what I was looking for. Has horrible quality and glitches all the time.

Gabarge Why u all say it's good ones I play this games I like it to throw it in dusbin

Not so good Just waste of net. Just hanged up my phone. No clear graphics. Waste of memory.

what IS this?! I'd Rather play The most boring Game in the entire world than play this crap

Garbage This game is garbage graphs does not look right and the picture don't match

Stupid game This game doest even work

Good My brother thinks this game is really good he especially thinks it cool because you can drive In tunnels and drive in the dark

Broken Game is broken for me. After I crushed I fell to void.

It is a very bad game I dont like it stupid game dont ever install the game