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Real Car Crash

Supplied By MiamiCrimeGames    On July 13, 2016    Comments(71)

FREE Real Car Crash version1.0 Download

Ever wanted to see what happens when your car crashes? Then Real Car Crash is the game for you.

If you are looking for ultra realistic crashes then this game is closest to them you can find on the play store.

-> Big Environment with car destructive props
-> Realistic Drift of the car using the hand brake
-> Realistic Car physics with destructible cars
-> Car body parts like passenger compartment, the trunk, the bumpers, the fenders, the radiator grill, the
hood, interior trim, glass, four doors, hardtop and more than 200 body parts are destructible.
-> You can use it as Real Accident Simulator
-> On main engine damage the car crash and burns.
-> You can crash drive the auto even if major component of the cars are damaged.

This game is still in beta, we are planning to add vehicles like trucks, tractor, Jeep and more cars. Please report any bugs or crashes to help us make the game better.

MiamiCrimeGames part of our Racing and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update July 13, 2016. Google play rating is 77.519. Current verison is 1.0. Actual size 31.0 MB.

What's new

    * New Camera Angles
    * Performance Improvement
    * Bug Fixes
Download real-car-crash.apk 31.0 MB


Needs some work Fix the physics so the car doesn't correct itself in air, and fix camera being way to close to back of car please. Great game

Hey pal I love your games I watched a video of them but I have a problem almost all your games just goes to my home screen I'll download this game its awsome I watched a video of it if it doesn't work I'll let you know but if it does work its the best car game for andriod if it does not work please fix it or update please do that if it does not work hey bro it works thanks but can you fix the back camera it is way to close to the car

Please fix the camera angle it's way to close to the car can't see anything Hope to see more cars and maps soon.

Fix the hole Damm thing plz it kinda suck it would be better if u can upgrade ur cars and have different maps

Fun time killer Pretty fun game, just a few things... the car doesn't need a gyro, it's unrealistic. The feature that let's you roll the car back on its wheels is a good thing to have. The new default camera angle sucks it makes it fairly difficult to drive effectively. And last thing if the spinning flails of doom could spin at different speeds instead of every one spinning at the same time I think that would add a little more destruction to the game and everyone knows destruction equals fun.

Uuummmmm This game will be much better if it had more cars and levels I just got bored with it don't get me wrong I like the game but still. I hop I'm heard I'll rate it higher till then.

OUTSTANDING! EPIC! This game is the best crash simulator on Android! It is really realistic. When you do a overlap crash, your driver flys out of the car. Your car gets a reasonable amount of damage! Just add more cars like SUVs and sedans. Also work on the suspension. I really like this game. It's like beamng drive! Please add more maps too! The best crash simulator I've ever played!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great Game It is an amazing game, but some things should be added. I would enjoy it even more if you made it so you could choose where you respawn, I also would enjoy if you added a controlable camera. (Move it with your finger) I don't know if this is possible, but it would be epic if there was online multiplayer, like demolition derby or something. A bug I have encountered quite frequently, is the car falling through the ground. Other than that, it is a great game!

Great beta, I recommend this game to anyone who want a mobile version of BeamNG or Wreckfest, still needs work, but here's some things to add, game freezes when i crash the car sometimes, if i had to rate this game from 1-10, it's so good I will rate it 1,000,000/10, amazing job, don't let us down add the NFS Carbon BMW M3 GTR, a stunt map, monster trucks with a stadium that has crushable cars, a trophy truck, a less laggy main menu, the General Lee, customization as in wide bodies, rims, blowers, spoilers, interior, decals, etc., remove the gyro from the cars, to optimize the realistic physics, add Shelbys into the game, make damage less glitchy, make a way to change cars in the map, add a option to remove parts from the car like BeamNG, add a new car & map in the next update plz EDIT:new update plz

The update as a not on upgrade it is an degrade Fix the camera angel from the back if you do that I will give 5 star rating and also ad more cars like an Bugatti veyron Subaru forester and more......................

Best game ever I love this game it's very entertaining I give all 5 stars

Fantastic Ots great to see a game like this not use the same old engine and reproduce the damage of every other game. Well done cant wait to play the final product. One suggestion would be to move the chase camera away from the car its too close. Also allow the car to roll over. Most times it tires to correct itself and no damage is done

Good Needs physics updates.... I was playing and the cars body glitched and flew and stretched out across the map... plz fix that crash bug.. great game

Good but I like the new camera views but can you make a medium far back cam and really far back cam like it used to be don't get rid of the front cam

Best game ever!!! This game is really awesome needs new vehicles like trucks race cars mountain maps and Lamborghini's and a lot of other cars this game gets boring with one map and one car. But for this game still being in beta its really fun. Good job at making this game.

Wtf people! Who throws up an ad in the middle of me playing the game??? I mean really, come on people throw me a freaking bone! Rediculous that I have GAMEPLAY ITSELF interrupted by a 30 second ad that I have to sit thru. Then I exit the game out of frustration only to have to sit thru another 30 second ad. Done with this game!

Exactly like death car everything the same the only thing that is different is the car color.

Game dosnt work anymore it exits on start if its fixxed i will 5 star and go back to playing for 2 hours

Chashes are real I like it even it has one car and map just one thing. This car dosent need a gyro WTF ITS UNREALISTIC. Add more cars like aston martin vantage gt3

Great Game Great physics and graphics! The only changes that need to be made are the laggy menu and the back camera needs to be moved back a little.

Fix ASAP All the games like this never work it never let's me play so please FIX ASAP!!!!+

Good Please add some more vehicle's like Lamborghini,Ferrari etc ,and some truck,please

Better visual damage than GTA V. Btw, you should fix the in-air physics. The car is flipping itself. Anyway, amazing game. It makes me want GTA IV on Android. Hmmm... It would be nice if you could port that map. Just the first island. And the swingset. Lol.

The camera angle Please fix the angle from the rear of the car its to close but before it was perfect

no to bad guys. bring the camera back behind the car more and polish it up a bit and I'd pay for it.

Omg good job Please update and make it where you can walk around

Love it If you crash your car you are amazing

More stuff And would be a great game good job on the physics!!

Galaxy S4 Just force closes after hitting start.

Best physics ever! As a gamer you should add more cars & maps do more deaths and tricks then I'll rate 5 ✴ (stars) And! Reduce the lag

Love it You can hit the wall so hard that the guy falls out of the car!

Nice game But please add more cars???☺

FULL-SCREEN ADS interrupt game play. The only reason this game exists is to deliver ads to your phone.

Good Pretty good just get rid of those adds and It will be better

Either too far or too close The camera is horrible but except from that it's an OK game

Awsomw So cool but needs more maps and cars and stuff

Best crash game ever Awesome and cool

CHANGE controls I will give you 5 stars

Pretty good The crash physics are ok but sometimes don't work correctly. The graphics are pretty standard with high quality vehicles but a lower quality map. The controls are a little to close together but other than that work fine. The only real problem with the game is the camera it is rather obnoxiously close or way too fare away. But if you are tired of the really bad crash physics on other unity games on would definitely recommend this game.

Too many ads. HA! Fooled ya! I like the game! Wanna make the ads go away? TURN OFF YOUR WI-FI! Stupid complaints don't get their attention, you gotta think before just slapping a 1 star JUST for seeing ads.

Great game The deformation of the carvis rather nice but on my other phone it was fine and on this samsung galaxy s 3 its all black idk id others have that but im reinstalling for a 3rd time. Overall i loved this to bits. All though its certainly not beamng drive

Way too many ads. I know that you guys make money off the ads, but damn it, three ads before I get into the actual game play is far too many. Then three more between levels or resetting. Uninstalled.

Very good update I think next update will be fire if the crash was fast anoth

Great Can you add more cars and then ill give it 5 stars.

Hate it The camera is bad and too many ads

This game blows Its so lame and there's nothing to accomplish or really do at all

Great game YYYYYEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLOOOWWW CCCCCCAAAAAAAARRRRRRR!!! Insert GTA 4 meme here/ besides the fact that theres one caar yeah great physics very very realistic

Try it Can you at lease add new things like new paint job or more stuff to crash ok ? If you do 5 stars

Turn off the WiFi and then no more ads and they still get paid

Way way to many ads!! For such a crappy game!

I like this game Yusuf M. I love this game because it's like next car game

Good but The camera is way to close to the car I can barely see anything please fix

What update! It's exactly the same!

5 $tarrrrrr Loved it??

Need more U need more to choose from but its a fun game

favorite game. Please add more cars

Cool You guys should play this?????

Will I do have a problem with the game It's not big its just that black lines out line the car I love the game oh ya make it where that you can take photos of you car crashing/crash and you could send it to Facebook and to where we could send it to you if theres a problem with the game please!! Thanks. ^ these problem's have been fixed 7 out of 5 stars!!

Pretty good app! I was expecting another fake app that doesn't do what it says, but it does! The developers should look into a game called Beam They could take some ideas from it. Very great app.

Well executed This game is great,one of the best I ever played.Smooth graphics nice controls.But some things I don't like about is that there is only one car and that you have to play on the same map again and again.Also you should add mutiplayer.Once again great game,would suggest if you haven't played/Download it yet.

Ads The adds pop up even in the middle of my gameplay and freezes my phone. And I'd love a free camera where I can rotate it to my own wishes. Other then that awesome. I'll be buying any pro edition if it's available

Pathetic Just another ad spam app, two video ads before you even get to drive!

Good I guess It's a good game but it's not that realistic I love realistic car crash games I watch road cams so not that good but you can crash yay

Advert bombing app, Games not to bad, but adverts are a real pain, 5 star if the adverts were removed from game play.

Ads The ads are ridiculous. In the middle of a game ads appear no where.

Too much adds really hate it

Sweet This is cooler than any other. Would be cooler if you could choose cars and map creator

What a huge!!! That so cool when the car crash!! But sometimes

To many adds

I love it It the best carhong game ever