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Pinball Fantasy HD

Supplied By Creative Mobile Publishing    On Jan. 5, 2015    Comments(102)

FREE Pinball Fantasy HD version1.0.9 Download

Pinball Fantasy HD is one of the best arcade 3D games for mobile and one of the most addicting games out there!
Who doesn’t like pinball? Pinball rocks!

Do you like retro pinball games with classic themes? Or do you prefer modern tables – Halloween or X-mas themed, for instance? Or maybe Tanks or even Pirates? Arcade or more challenging?

Pinball Fantasy HD 3D features a large set of variously themed tables which will be interesting for everyone - for both casual gamers and pro gamers, for kids and adults. Everyone will find a table to their liking. And everyone will find favorite heroes and favorite locations!

★ 9 pinball tables with unique graphics, instructions, missions system, locations and characters! Wild West, The Deep, Tanks, Pirates, Jungle Style, Da Vinci, Snow, Halloween, Arcade – each one is a masterpiece.

★ The game can be played in either landscape mode or portrait mode.

★ An awesome 3D engine and realistic physics. Lifelike flipper movements.

★ Local and global high scores. Become a star, get the first place in the world high score table!

Summarizing, Pinball Fantasy HD 3D is superior to other pinball games online, and because it has 9 different tables, it’s like having 9 games in one, kind of.

You will not find any better or cool games than Pinball HD 3D! What are you waiting for? Get in your Tanks, dive into the Deep, sail with the Pirates or go into Jungle! Download game now!

Creative Mobile Publishing part of our Arcade and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Jan. 5, 2015. Google play rating is 78.6255. Current verison is 1.0.9. Actual size 135.0 MB.

What's new

    Version 1.0.9
    -Various bug fixes and improvements.
    Version 1.0.6
    -Halloween Special! 50% off the Halloween Table.
    Version 1.0.4
    - Localization for German, Italian, French, Spanish and Portuguese languages
    - Added achievements for tables
    - General improvements and bug fixes
    Version 1.0.3
    - Improvements to the 'Pirates' table
    - Small fixes
    Version 1.0.2
    - Application size was greatly reduced
    - Various improvements
Download pinball-fantasy-hd.apk 135.0 MB


Pinballsed up. Flippers that stick up like a pole dancer's last kick of the night? Try another pinball app if you want the full feel of pinball. This one does not bring it to the table.

The Best Pinball Game in Android! I have tried many other Pinball games on Android before, but eventually, I've found the best one, at least so far! Graphics are great, sound is awesome, physics, responsiveness, everything is almost perfect! I've bought the whole set of Tables, and now I'm anxious, that a new set could be available soon!!!

Slooow All gutter balls can be saved with a nudge... wtf? Combine that with the overly slow gameplay and your game lasts forever. Paddles feel really off for being so slow, all of the tables are way too wide and design is sloppy. Would like to give 2 stars but hardly anything good about it; even permissions aren't clean enough...

Realistic game I tried several other pinball games. This one was the best. Wild West was free, and the other tables allowed me to preview them. I liked them all, though I like Halloween the best. I purchased the set and am glad I did. Graphics and the controls are great. I expected to get ads on the free version, and thought they would go away once I purchased the game. Still get ads on Wild West, but that is only a minor annoyance. I play this on my tablet and I like this game a lot.

excellent pinball fun this is the best I use lenova tablet and this is the best pinball I have played great graphics and sound smooth game play 5 star game on my tablet I purchased all tables worth every penny don't know why people moan about this you can't get better, they must have rubbish devices

Great game and much improved! I used to play this game a lot on my iPod! I looked for this app sometime ago and it wasn't available for Android. Checked yesterday and there it is! I really like the game play and the tables are fantastic! The graphics are really great. I love all the hidden stuff. There were only 2 tables for my iPod... On the bad side, I do not like the ads. I would pay $2 or $3 for the app if there weren't those annoying ads. I knocked a star off on my review for this fact. Otherwise, it's definitely 5 stars.

Pinball Fantasy HD Bought the whole game. Definitely the most realistic pinball ive played on Android. There is another good one that has a lot of licensed tables to play (zen) but I found the control really sluggish or wrong on that one so I tried this. Like I say the physics are bang on but the Wild west table still has adds after purchase which is why I gave it 4 not 5.. This is the only pinball game that has great sub features that works like a real table without the controls sticking or just being late or just wrong. The first purchase on Google play ive made in the 14 months ive used the OS.

Why ads? Good game, but when I pay € 9,99, I really don't want to see frequent advertisements. Get rid of these please!

Very creative interface, but the free tables are just plain boring. MS Windows pinball play is more fun than these....

Great g@me Fun to play... Worth it to buy the full unlock....great graphics and physics are realistic!

Great Fun The action and camera is great on a Samsung S4 tablet. Definitely worth the small fee to pick up extra tables. Nice app!

Finally! Awesome This is what I've been looking for how many years in smartphone version android. Then now its here and free. Hey guys keep improving this app. Pls can you add more customization. Like disable auto orientation either landscape or portrait so that we can play while lying. Thanks

This game is very bad. The flippers get stuck. Big waste of my life. Fix and I'll be nicer sorry but games need to be tested beforehand. .

Pinball Fantasy HD Great pinball just like the games you play in an arcade parlor or at the state fair. Great Graphics and very enjoyable Gameplay. Well worth the 11 bucks. Thumbs Up ! 5.0 I wish I could give this more points because it is worth it with all the different games ( about 8 ) and 4 of the tables are so incredibly colorful that it blows your mind.

Pinball Fantasy HD You only get two free ones, they want to sell the others.

Pause 3 times and you love this app for good Title is giving a hint and this is the best pinball game out there

Useless Thirst thing it does is throw open a popup ad when you open a table. Then freezes when you close it.

Great animations and everything else except the flippers stay up for way to long, running the pinball experience.

This app needs reporting to the Advertising Standards Authority .. lol I was playing it for 10 mins .. well i say playing .. i mean watching the adverts .. ah well .. another deletion ..

Please??? Make this playable for Mad Catz MOJO. Thank You! :)

Very nice HD pinball .. .. only get Wild Wild West gratis, all other boards are $$$; but still worth the 135mb download :)

I absolutely love it so much so I bought two tables.

Pinball must have Great game for the price right up there with Arcade and Zen2.

Fun Bought the full version, and I like it a it.

Very Good Pinball Game I'm not crazy about the Wild West table, but it's OK for free. I bought Arcade and Halloween tables and I like those a lot.

Addictive Maybe some nerds can b***h about physics, but this game is fun, the tables are beautiful and the mini games make it even better

Dont download the update it totally screws the game up!

The white dog in Snow is real and Abused. Look closel

Its OK I like the Christmas one and Halloween one

Not bad Some free features, many bugs need fixing and even if you pay to unlock the ads do not go away. Rip off!

My favorite. I like these tables a bit better than Zen Pinball's for some reason I cannot pinpoint. I think it's the graphics or the straightforward nature of the table designs.

Well designed & beautiful, but... The ads are a killer. Give me a banner and I'll deal if the game is worth it, but full screen ads are the lowest of the low.

Very entertaining Cool graphic n brilliant

Waste The one table you get for free sucks. And the ads will freeze your phone. Don't waste your time like I did. Uninstalling...

Great bumper and flipper action. A battery burner so plan accordingly. A slew of tables that provide plenty of surprises that keep you wanting more.

After trying dozens of similar games. You will be very pleased with this one. Hands above the rest in creativity game play and imagination. Extremely well done!!

Adds Adds and more adds Try it an find out. Game pauses to give you a big add. Would be fine if you could purchase to have these removed. I'll find another game without them thanks

Great/1 problem Paid for pirate table but didn't get it???

Ok Great graphics but file is to big to only get to play one table all the other you have to buy. And still has ads.

Fantasy pinball All games work if you stop and start them. Awesome

A lot of fun easy to play. Great graphics and a suprise around every mission you play.

Adverts Bought all the tables and get adverts mid game. Disgusting. Refund please.

I paiid for the full versions and still adds I paid for the full version but im still getting popup adds in the middle of my game whichn stops me from playing unless I hit the x on the add or click tfhe add itself

Oh Yeah Love this game. Tables are bright and colourful ball speed is just right. Bought Deep and Snow tables,love em. Best pinball I played.

Pinball Fantasy HD Pls can't u 2 pass on this message 2 the Developer who was created this Pinball Fantasy game 4 me? "Hi Guys, I'm avin alots of a problems wiv ur pinball games is very laggin, sticks don't flick as a normal, like a Arcade mini games Tetris, Car, Snake,Space just went totally blank & unable 2 play. Especially the Snow Pinball is a very slow wiv lags. Pls can't u 2 check this out the other pinball games if I were u. Pls can't u 2 sort this out A.S.A.P? Cheers & Thanxs." It is 4 my Alcatel Pop 7 Tablet.

brad AI like wild west and the pirates highly recommend it

Money talks Please just sell a PRO version without adds. Let me know when it's available. I'll delete current version until then.

Hardknocks Once you get use to it its pertty fun

The white dog in Snow is real and Abused. Look closel

Game play Why does the game keep pausing and then turning off while playing the Arcade table? Paid the $$ to get all the tables to play. Not have them keep turning off. Please respond to this issue or offer me a full refund!

Awesome pinball game! No ads, tables are very colorful and fun to play, physics are spot on, i even got a ball stuck on the snow table, the ball even has spots like a real one would, kudos to the developer! Worth the purchase

No idea what's going on Screen orientation setting is not there, just one tap on screen pauses the game, the camera keeps flying here and there even in static mode. I could go on and on but end of the day I couldn't play the game at all. No idea what's happening. Uninstalling.

DOPE BOY'S & GIRL'S been playing game my hope life yes wish didnt make u pay 4 more tables but this game locked in as far as PINBALL games for games on a phone great job who ever made this app GREAT GAME!!!!!!

Should be a demo Great game that I would keep installed if ADS DIDN'T POP UP DURING GAME PLAY CAUSING YOU TO LOSE A BALL!

Shame about the adds Good-looking tables to play on downside is When playing free table pauses mid game for adds it's really annoying, uninstalled.? plenty of other pinball games to try

crashes & commercials paid for a table i liked.. it plays nice but crashes almost every 3d game, commercials pops up every 5 minutes in the middle of the game making me lose or crashed the game.. otherwise good graphics nice sounds.. poor management i guess.. please fix it, its a 5 star game dont ruin the experience. htc m8

To be fixed Great game but very annoying to be constantly interrupted by ads... despite having paid to unlock tables precisely to get rid of ads! Fix it please and I'll give you 5 stars.

Fun but... I paid for all the tables and still get ads and they come at the most in opportune times... Also there are some glitches in the game that when you ball is being returned it shoots it straight down the side and ball is lost... Please fix or I wasted 10 dollars

The graphics are amazing, the game is awesome... but there's just one thing. Too many ADS. Ads that appear in the middle of the game. I would love it if you fix that.

Great graphics and physics, google ads ruin it Really nice pinball game, lovely graphics and physics feels right, also better touch area for flippers than zen pinball. But google ads keep appearing and I paid for all tables, have to turn off wifi to stop it. This is a serious issue that will lead to lots of refund demands - fix it!

Good and bad Some really good pinball games to keep you entertained. However while you are playing you are bombarded with pop-up ads that interfere with your game. When the pop-up appear it covers your screen and the game continues on, if your unable to successfully X out the window in time or your pinball happens to be close to a gutter you end up losing a ball or the game. It's truly freaking annoying

Ads on a fully paid for game. Ads on a fully paid for game. Ads on a fully paid for game. Ads on a fully paid for game. Ads on a fully paid for game. Ads on a fully paid for game. Ads on a fully paid for game. Ads on a fully paid for game. Ads on a fully paid for game. Ads on a fully paid for game. Ads on a fully paid for game. Ads on a fully paid for game. Ads on a fully paid for game. Ads on a fully paid for game. Ads on a fully paid for game. Ads on a fully paid for game.

Good-looking, lots of fun, and plays smoothly. So far I've tried the Wild West table and am highly impressed with the game's overall quality. While the flippers do have an odd range of motion, it does not negatively affect play for me. The table design has just the right amount of complexity and challenge, and I can follow the action without losing sight of the ball. Very nice!

Ads during game play Ads are one thing, in fact I welcome them over IAP's to make a game trully free which is not the case here because there are both. However that said when a dev stoops so low as to have them pop-up in the middle of gameplay just to make a penny... You ruin your own game. No matter how good the graphics or physics. No matter how good the concept. You released a piece of unenjoyable junk.. Pop-ups are the ultimate annoyance. You sure as hell dont like them when browsing web or using apps so why keep it going??

Fullscreen ads mid pinball game?! This is a bad pinball game sheerly because it's boring, simple, the physics aren't nearly up to par with zen pinball or the pinball arcade, and on top of that, I get SEVERAL full screen ads on the same ball, pausing the game for 5 seconds or longer?! Take away the ad and it's just a third rate pinball app, but add the ads MIDGAME and this is awful.

Smart tv and gamepads? usually i love zen pinbals but this appears to have no gamepad support. cant play on smart box. Good response from the zen guyz(edit: I'm so sorry I thought that this app was zen studio because of the awsome quality of the graphics and playability:/). Hope to see gamepad support soon so smart box users can play, for cool hid gamepad support and is smart tv friendly (provided you have gamepad) check out 'zen pinbal':) free download, comes with a free table and many many more tables available for a minor fee.

Obstructive Ads ruin play I really enjoy pinball. So much that i bought these boards. However this game has become unplayable because ads pop up during game play to the point that they appear as a ball hits the flipper and cause me to miss a shot and lose balls. I dont like google ads in games I've paid for at the best of times, but actually during game play is very very unsatisfactory.

Ads Decent games, decent ports from iOS, some unresponsive flippers and the #1 thing is WHY do people still get inundated with ads after purchasing the boards? Get rid of this please.

Pinball Fantasy HD This really is the most realistic pinball game I have found. And I like it. But, the in game ads are REALLY annoying. It would be nice if you can pay to have them removed. I lost count of how many games I've lost because of "pop-up" ads right in the middle of gameplay.

Unhappy Why are there still ads after buying a table? I thought they would be removed after purchase. Do I have to buy all of the tables for ads to be removed? Either remove the ads from my purchase or refund my money

Good game I've played it for a couple of weeks. Only has 2 free games, others cost $1.60 each. Only real draw back is you can only try the other games for 90 sec. Would be better if they gave you one free game to try out a table. But other than that its worth a try if you like pinball

Game play great! After purchase ads still pop up and kill the play The arcade table crashes on the s5 phone. After purchasing tables the pop up ad's still come up during play causing lost balls. No setting to turn ads off. Can see this for free game, after purchase this should be an option to turn off. Very frustrating.

Super Fun Pinball I've been a Pinball fan since before I could see over the glass top and barely reach the flippers and quarter slot lol

Great app!!! I love pinball!! This app is one of the best pinball app that I have gotten on the free play. Great job guys!! Thank you :)

Love it but have to quit can't afford to get all gameswish they were free i would stay and tell others to play

Crazy limited 1 free table and 10 that you have to pay for? Don't bother, it's a money grab and there are similar games out there with way more functionality...

Love the tables hate the pop up adds in the middle of the screen while I'm playing it interrupts the game

Ads after purchase? Really? I love the gameplay, the graphics, and the physics. The game itself is awesome! I can also understand ads for a free game...but in the middle of the game? That's ridiculous! After spending real money on tables, and still getting ads? F U

Used to be great I remember this game from a few phone generations ago. I've been trying to find it ever since, forgot about it, but one day stumbled on to it. As soon as I saw The Deep and the western one, I recognized it immediately. Still crisp graphics, nothing too crazy or too basic. But this is the first game I've seen where an ad pops up DURING play. Not after you lose a life. Not after game over. The ball would just be flying down and boom, pop up. Loud, video ads of crap games... like this one. Uninstalled.

(Unplayable )Cant ever stop adds I will never buy another thing from this company. After buying all the different machines I still get full screen popup adds while playing. I have had versions of this game since my amiga days due to great playability but this is ridiculous. Also the mulit ball and extra ball is disabled on the machines unless you pay extra each time. Its like charging you for hitting the multiball.

Pinball Fantasy It's good, but not the one your thinking. It lagged for most of the time. The reason why I rated it a 3 was because it needed more updates and stuff like that. The only reason why that I actually gave it a rating was because pinball was one of my favorite games, and I never played it in a long time. I have to say, the creator of this app sure worked hard on this. I really like how realistic this game is. It included reflections off of the ball, and I really enjoyed the levels that were made. Updates please!

Really love this game, but... Update: changed to 5 stars because company refunded my money. Good customer service. Thank you. I paid $13 to unlock all the tables. I think it was worth the money considering the quality of this game. Superb mechanics and graphics. BUT THERE ARE STILL ADS THAT POP UP AND PAUSE THE GAME! I will change to 5 stars if you get rid of the ADS for paying customers. Please!!!!

Too many ads I paid $13 and still have these horrible pop up ads. They pop up during play and don't pause the game when it happens, and I lose a ball almost every time. they even pop up when the app is running I'm the background. Get rid of ads or give us our money back!

So excited to see this on Android finally!!! This was my favorite game on my iPod Touch, amazing tables and endless fun!! Thank you devs!!!! EDIT: I am getting a lot of crashing on the Arcade table. Not enough to dock a star, but it could be if nothing is done about it.

Disappointed I bought two tables, then bought the whole package. Still getting advertisements interrupting my game play. It kills the fun of what may/could be one of the best pinball games out there. I may never know. Also, are any more tables coming out?

Ads on a fully paid for game. Pretty pathetic if you pay for all tables and still get full screen advertising. IN THE MIDDLE OF A GAME THAT CAUSES YOU TO LOSE. Do not purchase tables from these inbred hicks, if you do...don't bother complaining as you can see they never answer.

Achievement board not working Why are my achievements registering I should have quite a few by now nothing I do will fix this. Can you do anything to fix this it's driving me crazy and its not fair I have purchased a few tables but no more if my achievements aren't fixed. please reply .thank you

Get rid of pop up adds for paying customers This would be fun game except pop up adds. It's annoying and makes the game unplayable. Not fun to get adds while playing. I loose a ball every time an add pops up. I paid and shouldn't have to see the adds! I want my money back!

Ads This is an awesome game. But the ads that interupt gameplay are completely ridiculous. Put ads after the game, or let me buy it to go as free , if it weren't for the ads I would have bought tables, and recommended this. Until this is fixed I'll be using something else. Fix it. Now.

What's with the ads! This is a great game with the exception of the ads, I would expect when you purchase a game, the ads would go away. UTTERLY ANNOYING! Won't be playing this game any longer. Waste of money!

Ads annoying Pop up adds randomly appear and stop play. Some you even have to wait for the timer to expire before exiting them. Game play and graphics are good though

I would rate this with 1 star the ads come up all the time n make u lose ur ball and for that reason alone it sucks. Even after buying the different pinball games they r still coming up.

Great but!! Whats with the adds ? Still after i payed and right in the middle of the F,ing game is a real bad time for them. Get rid of the adds or money back thanks !

Poor quality. Paid money to open all tables and still get constant pop up adds that cause you to lose ball so you keep buying extras. Very poor customer orientation

Galaxy S5 When I try and restart it will freeze so I have to exit and come back in. Also, the bulbs by "Indian Village" don't work therefore they never reset the outside pockets. Bug fixes will gain this game a 5 star.

Great game! I bought all of the tables, the only problem I have is it crashes sometimes. Please fix this and add more tables (^_-)

Meh It's an okay pinball game that has annoying ads that pop up at random moments even during actual gameplay; I have been on so many score streaks with a single ball that were utterly ruined because the game decided that opening an ad right as the ball falls onto a flipper that I could've saved but made it impossible to do so. I would give the game 1 star but it was mildly enjoyable for the first 20 minutes.

RUBBISH! I PAID for this, and I am getting ads. They are my tables. I bought the tables. The advertisers do not own the tables. I am supposed to own the tables. They have no right to advertise on my tables. I expect my money back and will pursue a refund. My gameplay which I paid for is being interrupted by advertising. I should have read the reviews first. DO NOT purchase this application. The developers deserve NO money whatsoever for selling something which is perpetually interrupted by advertisements.

Ads after paid, inexcusable First I will say that I really like the game, flipper and ball physics are a little bit different then in standard pinball games but I like it. The Deep table is really great. What I hated is that although I paid for the tables it keeps showing me full screen ads while I play. It didn't use to do that (and I have been playing it for years). This was added in some new update and it really ruins the game. Dear developers, you can't have both the ads and in game purchase revenue, please choose one...

Samsung Galaxy Prime I bought several of the tables, and I'd love the game except for too many bugs. Flippers stick, game freezes after pop up ADS EVERY 60 SECONDS (which shouldn't show after purchasing the darn game!) plus some of the games reset or crash when you get a decent score. It's a shame.

Realistic The game itself is great. Possibly the best pinball emulation I've played on Android. The issue I have is with the ads. I would rather pay more for the tables than have to contend with random ads interfering with my game play.. Another option is to ad a purchase option for ad removal.. I would pay $10.

I want my money back It is a very bad design that have ads while playing game. The ads pops up just right when I am about to hit the ball and because of the ads, I cannot hit it and lose a life. I understand that having ads is normal, but the ads should not pop up while game is going; furthermore, the ads should never pop up with purchased app. So bad. Give me my money back.