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Parking Mania

Supplied By Chillingo    On Nov. 20, 2014    Comments(95)

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Parking Mania is the App Store’s most addictive driving and parking game that puts your spatial awareness and dexterity to the ultimate test!

This app offers in-app purchases. You may restrict in-app purchasing using your device settings.

Whether you’re behind the wheel of a flash sports car or a cumbersome big-rig, Parking Mania captures that great, ‘easy to learn, hard to master’ gameplay.

Take your pick of three unique play styles – tilt your device, swipe a slider, or use a virtual steering wheel – and test your precision, style, and skill in 175 levels, spanning parking lots, city streets, and highways, as well as day and night cycles.

With hidden areas and pick-ups, Facebook leaderboards and much more, Parking Mania will give you hours upon hours of entertainment. So hold onto your real-life No-Claims Bonus, and channel those insane driving skills into Parking Mania today!

Game Features:
• Addictive ‘easy to learn, hard to master’ gameplay
• 175 levels of parking fun to be had with even more to unlock
• Three control schemes: tilt, swipe, and steering wheel
• 80 vehicles including taxis, sports cars, trucks and more
• Connect to Facebook to post achievements, sync progress across devices and post your best scores to the leaderboard
• Play your own music tracks as well as Parking Mania’s tunes
• Localized in 14 languages: English, French, Portuguese, Chinese, German, Italian, Polish, Brazilian, Russian, Spanish, Korean, Colombian, and Japanese

Important Consumer Information. This app: Requires acceptance of EA's Privacy & Cookie Policy, TOS and EULA. Collects data through third party ad serving and analytics technology (see Privacy & Cookie Policy for details). Contains direct links to social networking sites intended for an audience over 13. Allows players to communicate via Facebook notifications and gifting. To disable see the settings in-game. Contains direct links to the internet.

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Chillingo part of our Racing and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Nov. 20, 2014. Google play rating is 84.6693. Current verison is 2.3.0. Actual size 50.0 MB.

What's new

    Think you’ve got parking skills? Why not try it in a snow storm or during heavy rainfall with these all-new weather effects.
Download parking-mania-1.apk 50.0 MB


I ready like it but... Well first I think it should have unlimited car crashes cause all the sharp turns always get me when I'm turning and when you have multiple cars to park they all share the same car crashes I think u should at least every car u have to park reset it so it can have its own car crashes.

Its good but.... All the levels are really fun to play ,but level 56 ia stupid. When you get ready to pick up the wheat, you can be on the green space perfectly but it still wont let you move on to the next stage. You can download it, though I wouldnt. ???????

Closing the App? After I finish a level, the app come up with a black screen, white letters rambling on about a java thing? Something like that. Its after every level i finish,and I have to go back to the app open it back up and click on the next,level to go to. It did this before and i uninstalled the app and reinstalled it and it was fine but now its doing it again,and,I just bought stuff through the game, I would not like this to be lost or all my progress... Please fix!!

O MY GOODNESS every once in a while the app will reset itself. I didn't mind at first but this time I had 100+ levels completed and it reset it. I signed into Google+ to sync my progress but nothing, still 0/x levels completed. also, the game is very slow! I put my phone in airplane mode so I will not waste battery and to block ads and usually games run faster that way, but not this one. it reads my steering wheel too late or if I go right, the vehicle goes left. please fix all of this.

Fun! Super fun. I love how you can skip an unlimited amount of levels if you can't pass one, so its hard to get frustrated. There is a variety of cars and routes and all the levels have different ways to challenge you. I especially love the level of the day! Its the perfect pass time!

No sync using Google+ Can log in on multiple devices but progress is not synced. Also, when driving a large vehicle such as the school bus, cars coming up from behind and hit me, causes ME to lose a life.

Good but.... I love this game, don't get me wrong, but I can't read it once and a while. BUT IT TELLS ME I GET HIT WHEN IM NOT

Is there any way I can get the game to lag a little less? I'm tired of crashing into stuff because the frame rate is up and down. Besides that love the game!

Cool and wow and good for the soul I love this game! I mean it includes a lot of consintration ! Its a lot of fun

Anoying I love this game so much but every once Le on a while it says it's updating so I wait a few days and it still does it ugh just let me play.....

Fun Times! This game is fun & addictive, so easy to get lost in time.

Love this game but.... All of a sudden 2 days ago I get an error message every time I finish a level & I tap either menu or next & it kicks me out of the app. I'm getting very annoyed with only being able to play one level at a time & then having to restart the app to continue playing. Fix this & I'll give 5☆...

Parking Mania Great game. Semi trucks are really fun to maneuver. Problem with game not continuing to next level when I press "next". I have to restart game. No progress lost, though. But very aggravating. Needs fixing!

Good but... I LOVE the game, it's amazing but sometimes it just shuts down. At first I was ok with it but now it gets a little annoying. Otherwise it's a GREAT game and I will definitely give 5 stars if this was fixed!

THIS GAME IS FUN BUT...... This game is fun but there are so many ads it gets me really mad and upset. Please change it so there are not so many ads. I would have gave it 5 but the ads are horrible!!!!!!! CHANGE IT PLEASE!!!!!!!!!:-(

I LOVE ❤ THIS GAME This game is amazing! I love ❤ this game there are real stop lights and alot of cool levels

This game is awesome! It's like you are really driving.Because your device is you're stearing wheel. And it might skip and do all kinds of crazy stuff , but it is still fantastic, and fun!!!!awesome too.this game is awesome.

Ad So I used to love this game on my iPod so I got it on my phone. I'm pleased but displeased because every time you beat or exit or start a level, there is an ad. It is very annoying, and you can only skip some. EVERY TIME. The ads are SO annoying!!!!

Like it♡ I like it but I just have one problem! When we are gont to turn can we like have simulators because when im gonna turn they beeping at us so please let us have it

Love the game, small bugs. I absolutely love the idea of this game. It has a variety of levels, so it isn't the same stuff over and over. One problem though. After a while of playing it the steering wheel and accelerometer get glitched up and they start to not work. If I click the multitasking button, and go back in, it starts to work again, then gets glitched up after a while. If this can be fixed, the game would be flawless.

Samsung Galaxy S4 mini Can you guys please fix the crashes it wont stop after every level the game crashes and can you guys fix the car crashes its really glitchy plz fix thxs

Like it love it hate it I love this game because it is driving not anything else I hate it because it freezes on me and I like it because it it just likable

Needs alot of fixing I PAID $1 TO GET 50 MORE OF UR STUPID LEVELS AND IT WON'T LET ME PLAY THEM...this game also has ads that take off the game FIX IT

Why does it do this I purchased gold so when I crash I don't die and when I beat a level a black thing comes up and says exit at the bottom and it closes me game

Great!.... But Fun and Addicting, but locked up when I got to level 42 and would not let me play any new levels, only the ones I had already completed, which kinda sucks cuz I was doing really, really, amazing!

WAY TOO MANY ADDS. There are way too many adds. Every time I pass a level and hit next there will be a freaking add. Why can't I just play the game without any adds? It's still a really fun and addicting game though!

It's too awesome Loved it !!!!! It is awesome you get to park more than 100 cars! I love so much it is so addictive ,awesome,and addictive!!!!

Good game but... I paid to get 50 More levels and now I can't even play the game anymore, it keeps showing me an error when I click on a level, other than that, I love this game

♡♡♡ It's great ♡♡♡ I love the graphics even though the ads really annoy me and once in a while it glitches I think they should fix it asap

Awesome game I love it but wen I defeat It I will delete it but I still like it

Best parking game 10/10 cars. If you have ultimate truckin' & car skillz this is the game for you. The physics are whack and the game is challenging(which I record on YouTube since its whack). If you like a lot of levels, whack physics, and a hard game to play I would get it.

Challenging, mystery, perfection seeking Challenges you in many ways, offers a bit of mystery in finding all the prizes available, with the added desire of seeking to make each game a perfect score.

Love update of graphics. Don't like ads It used to be a great game still is but after update to many ads. One after each level like cmon that's not good for slower devices 1 every three levels is good enough guys love new graphics and effects tho. Been playing since it was first released. Replaying for the graphics :)

I really liked the game but like after two weeks of having this game it wouldn't let me play the levels. ? please fix that! I am trying to uninstall and then reinstall it worked!

The game itself is great. I've been a fan of it since it came out in the Apple App Store in probably '08 or '09. The only issue I have is the stupid ads coming up every time a level is completed. I understand ads are what keep the game going and free but why not every 5 or 10 levels? Other than that, the game is great, has great color resolutions on my Galaxy Tab 4, and doesn't lag like other people complain about.

Love it!! It's the best parking game I've ever had. I always compare all my other driving or parking games to this game... they can't compare.

Okay But you should be able to have all of f you life for each car that you dirve becuse if you dont fux this I will report your bame

Mary I loved it it is not hard or easy my sister likes it to she even gave it 5 stars and that is why I like it so much by Mary esparza I'm #1

Cool game no help This is a good very good idea for a game yet the meaning is kind of idiotic I mean no one would be able to drive just off of playing this game because that is something you should do in real life not off of some stupid video game otherwise great r game

Best game/app I love this game before i do any thing when i turn my phone on i click that exact icon and i just start playing the game.

I'd give this 5 stars but... Whenever I complete a level, a black pop up comes up saying something about Java, then it kicks me out of the app and I have to relaunch it. Very annoying. Fix this.

I love it but some blank screen keeps coming up about Adobe flash or JavaScript making me close the game out It's very annoying uninstalled and reinstalled the game still not working. Please fix this and I will rate this game 5 stars

Its really fun ? The level of the day is the best bcs it helps get extra coins with unlimited car crashes. But there r some levels that r really hard but oyhwise thus game is great ?

Love it I love this game so much. It is so fun. I love all the levels. They ate so hard and so fun.

Love it but it freezes alot I love parking mania played it whenever I can, but every time I played it freezes up, I had to restart my phone constantly to keep it from freezing up, and the Ads are getting on my last nerves every time after I finished playing one level an ad pops up I can skip it but to me it just doesn't make the game as fun as I use to have while playing it too many ads..but all in all I love parking mania...

This is the best Driving/Parking game that has ever been on Google play, I really like this one, but I find level 56 is really hard/tricky because it doesn't make sense, but overall I really like it?

IT KEEPS CLOSING!!! I like the game and all but after I finish a couple levels there's a pop up that forces me to exit and if I dont exit it'll turn my screen all black and just freezes! SOOOO ANNOYING!!!!!

Really! I like the game and all but its just that it's slow and we need harder levels! Come on say it with me WE NEED HARDER LEVELS WE NEED HARDER LEVELS! And then if they give us harder levels I'll give it 5 stars

Awesome It's an awesome game , but way too many adds.Also it goes really slow and this is a new tablet so I think is the game.But it is an addicting game and a fun game , so it is alright. I guess.

I like but I don't like it because every time I try to play a level it always pops up with this black screen with white words talking about something called Java and its very annoying PLEASE FIX IT AND I WILL GIVE THIS APP A 5 STAR RATING

Alright need harder one It's ok but after you finish all the levels it gets boring... need a harder version of this game

Awesome game I love the game I look at all the commets befor I played and they said they had problems but, when I installed it and tried it it was ok.if I have any promblem about anything I will chang 5 stars and give it 1 star but I have no promblems

LOVE IT Parking Mania was exactly what I was looking for in a car game it is so great. I never get bored of it. I'm so happy I found this car game!

The coolest game ever Well from all the comments I read before I had downloaded this game it seemed like they were saying it was good but then when I was reading all of the others they were saying other things about the game on one of them it had to much ads and how when u got in the green on level 56 or 57 it wouldn't go to the next level to me I think the game is pretty good but then when I start having probs. then I will change my stars and give them a one when the fix my prob when I have a problem.

Its so cool Its fun too but there are some levels are challenging but its mostly fun I'm addicted to it cause if you start playing its additive.

Weird Glitch I've been playing this game ever since I had an ipod touch and have always loved it. I'm not joking when I say it helped me learn how to park in reverse. However, there's a black screen that pops up now saying something about an error with Java. After every level! I have to close the app and open it back up again. Though I really enjoy this game, I do not recommend anyone to download it until this gets fixed

Some suggestions... I love this game and haven't had any like crashing, or reseting problems with it so far. But I would like to suggest that it should have blinkers and maybe a cop car that actually cares about what you do! Like if you are going to fast/driving on the wrong side of the road it should give you a ticket! Just some suggestions to make the game more realistic, but over all I would love some new levels!!

Awsome It was so fun is challenging but it is a good way to test your limits and if you try hard to win there will be a big chance you will win

Love it I love this game I just got it ...but already love this game ...????? I play it on the schools computer at school of course.. A different version same name different version...!! My name is Riley not Nicole that is my m mom's name in just on her tablet while she is at dental school!!..???just graduated Thursday last week!!! Have a great day!!!

I liked it but... When I stop to turn the car behind me crashes right into me . Please put blinker lights to fix it and then I'll give you a 5 star rating.PLEASE FIX IT!!!!!!!

Awsome I mean I love this game because it's a great game and it has all kinds of things you can learn and is just great because of the way you can do stuff from the way you can put your enthusiasm into it with the basics of the way you can learn soon and it's like your team's pretty sure usually because I can help you learn the basics into driving successfully

Love it I love this game. Sometimes it kicks me off the game but i would definitely recommend this game.?

No I guess its better than before. That was on my tablet. But its great (for now). I like it. But not love really. It will be better soon I guess.

LOVE IT I love parking mania its very addictive I am also very happy with the new up-dates. I would recommend this game to everybody that I know.

Too many adds I would give this 5 stars and a good review but there is too many ads whenever you click one button an ad pops in your face it's so annoying, and really ridiculous ?

Love it I love this game so much and because this so much fun this makes me feel happy ☺?????:)

Greater than Great App! It's a really fresh app, They have thousands of cool levels and it looks as though you are drivng them in real life ?. You Should Definetly hit Download. ?

Great for learning!! Finally i was able to understand the steering wheel and tire relationship when i turn. Now it makes sense when u aerially see what is happening in ur turns. Wish they had an option for drivers seat view of smthg so that it helps with the understanding. otherwise great game!!!

Amazing ??? This is the best parking game ever with easy controls you have different control options but I think the big trucks and buses are harder to drive than in real life. There should be more realistic rules to the road like four way stops and turning lanes

Love it, love it, love it! So addictive and fun!! ?

It's good but... Once you complete a level the screen goes black and has white script about something linked to java and then closes. You then have to reopen it to play one level every time and it's annoying as hell, and I would give this game a 5 star rating if it wasn't for the constant crashing that I mentioned. Once you fix it, I'll give a better review.

Fun! Super fun. I love how you can skip an unlimited amount of levels if you can't pass one, so its hard to get frustrated. There is a variety of cars and routes and all the levels have different ways to challenge you. I especially love the level of the day! Its the perfect pass time! But after I finish a level and hit next, menu, or restart a black screen comes up with white lettering talking about java or something like that. I can't move on so I HAVE TO exit the app and go back in inorder to play another level. PLEASE FIX!!!!?

The best game ever played... Just like my rating you will love this wonderful game!! I played it 4 like 5 minutes and got addicted to it. Im not even old enough to drive yet but it makes me want to drive and motivates me to drive... But at the same time i've always experienced drive before I even played this game.... JUST TRY IT YOU WILL LOVE IT

Best parking game ever But I'm having issues sometimes where it forces me to exit the game and it says a bunch of random words like the games coding or whatever. I have the note 4 and the game works fine after I reload it. It happens every 2 or 3 levels I do and then I must reload the game. Other than this issue the game is flawless.

Don't download I gave this game one star because the controls are very difficult to use. When you tilt your device to turn, it barely responds to which direction you want to go in. I always end up crashing and it takes a long time to beat the level. Also when you get past a level it takes almost 3 minutes to load the next one. I don't like this app and i don't think its a good download.

Great but.... I've loved this game for a while. And I've seen it come a far way....but now that I've bought a 99 cent pack, its been failing or a black screen with a bunch of words comes up and closes the game. I've checked my phone and know that it doesn't have a virus or anything...but still, not 100% satisfied.

Horrible do not install it I paid money for the golden car .... and the stupid car game won't let proceed to the next level .Now I have to delete it is hate it so bad. I wish u wouldn't have to press a star to make a description ???wasting my money ..... I will sue this game for my $1.09 back

This Is Dumb When I downloaded the game on my other phone I had no problems now its starting to skip and glitch and do dumb junk. This was my favorite game until it start skiping.?

Adds This app is amazing! Best driving/parking game i've ever come across in a while! But... there are wayyyyy to many adds. Once you finsh a level, theres an add. When you wanna skip a level... theres an add. There is just way to many adds!

I love ,but..... I love the game, it is amazing. But today I made the in app purchase of the $7.99 for 1,000,000 dollars but when I left the game and came back all the money was gone. If anyone knows how to fix this or report it to get my money back that would be awesome. Well other than that the game is awesome.

Used to be fun I used to love this game, but now with that java script pop up, it forces me to restart after every level. I even uninstalled it, but ended losing 200+ levels of progress. No fun anymore! Please fix this!!!

Parking Mania It's a great game you should download it, it doesn't have a lot of adds. The only thing wrong with it is that it takes up too much batterie.

Awesome I've tried lots of driving and parking games but this is the best one. One of the best games on my phone. However, it was recently updated and now there are more ads. I don't mind them, but they can get annoying at times.

Could be better When ever I lose something always pops up. They only give me one option and that is to exit the whole game. So I press it and it takes me to my home screen. That lead me to having to start thr the game all over again?

Very good but... Happens to be that i like this game very much but one problem that i see a lot of ppl mention it that there are WAY tooooo much ads and crashes and after every level u need to restart it

Crashing I love this game. I would give it 5 stars if it wasn't for the fact it keeps crashing. After every level I beat, I get a black screen with white script saying that something is invalid with Java or something. So I can only play 1 level before I have to close it out and click back on the game.

Fix it please I love this app.... but everytime i finish a level a black screen witha bunch of white letters comes up ..... and it gets really annoying.... PLEASE FIX IT..... so can love it again

Ugh! I used to play this game all the time and just now decided to redownload it on my phone and it wont let me download it! Its making me super mad and i have tried to download it multiple times. *update* just gotnit downloaded and love the game!!

Plz fix I was playing the game but once I got to level 7 the screen turned black and a thing popped up saying something about update exception... I used to play but uninstalled it now I have it again but can't play... Plz fix and I will give ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I love the game but KEEP CRASHING I love the game, but ever since i purchase another level the game started to shut off when I'm playing. Something about Java, a long message, everytime. Even after i complete a level, it dont let me continue i have to restart the app. Its very annoying and cant even complete some levels. They need to fix this issue.

So cool and amazing I love this app is so cool I cannot believe all the things that on here is amazing there is so much to do there is almost 1 million levels I love it and I hope you do too because if you don't maybe you haven't played this correctly but no matter what I bet you would like it great job if you love it enjoy it while you can and if you don't like it you have problems I cannot believe all the people who hate this thing has messed up as guest but you would love this game it was so amazing I love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it so so so so much can't believe all the things you can do so if you don't like it you're messed up Pokemon who hates this app literally it has cars you can move them around different gears so many levels if you guys don't like it when you like cars or like playing the game but no matter what you're right playing cars do you like playing cards and you hate playing that hate playing cars guess what that's messed up because the people who like playing cars they have fun doing it and if you don't like it don't ruin their life to be with you so if you don't like cars don't love me anymore like I don't have any so goodbye nevaeh

Its good but.... All the levels are really fun to play ,but level 56 ia stupid. When you get ready to pick up the wheat, you can be on the green space perfectly but it still wont let you move on to the next stage. You can download it, though I wouldnt. ???????

??? This game just keeps starting me over out of nowhere and it's also been saying something about Java and it not working. I really like the game but I'm not finna keep redoing all them levels over and over again. This is like the third this time. Y'all need to fix the and don't let people install it until y'all know it's right. Because right now I'm on the edge of DELETING IT and we all know y'all don't want me to do that. So I advise you to FIX IT

Awesome??? Ok this game is like really awesome. It's fun and really intrsting. It's the best parking he I ever had on this phone and other phones I also had. If you are looking for a parking game I suggest this one. Best parking one ever. But I can't wait till parking mania 2 come out hopefully it is better than this one but if it is not going to be coming out I will be fine having this one because I really like this game and is one of my favorite games for car games and parking one also. I SUGGEST THIS ONE?????

Fun but....TOO MANY ADS!! It's ridiculous that this game makes you watch a video ad after EACH level and even when you restart. It's fun but it's too excessive when you JUST want to play the game and not have to go through a video each time!