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Office Lens

Supplied By Microsoft Corporation    On Aug. 29, 2016    Comments(193)

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Named one of the “Best Apps of 2015” in the U.S. and Puerto Rico by Google Play!
Office Lens trims, enhances, and makes pictures of whiteboards and docs readable. You can use Office Lens to convert images to PDF, Word and PowerPoint files, and you can even save images to OneNote or OneDrive.

Office Lens is like having a scanner in your pocket. Like magic, it will digitize notes on whiteboards or blackboards. Always find important documents or business cards. Sketch your ideas and snap a picture for later. Don't lose receipts or stray sticky notes again!
By installing the app, you agree to these terms and conditions:

- Capture and crop a picture of a whiteboard or blackboard and share your meeting notes with co-workers.
- Make digital copies of your printed documents, business cards, or posters and trim them precisely.
- Printed and handwritten text will be automatically recognized (using OCR), so you can search for words in images and then copy and edit them.

Key Features:
- With Whiteboard mode, Office Lens trims and cleans up glare and shadows.
- With Document mode, Office Lens trims and colors images perfectly.
- The scanned picture can be saved to your choice of OneNote, OneDrive, or locally on the device.
- Business Card mode can extract contact information and save it into your address book and OneNote. This feature works best with the following business cards: English, German, Spanish and Simplified Chinese. Support for more languages is coming soon.
- Choose to convert images to Word (.docx), PowerPoint (.pptx), or PDF (.pdf) files that are automatically saved to OneDrive.

Microsoft Corporation part of our Productivity and have average installs from 5000000 to 10000000. Last Update Aug. 29, 2016. Google play rating is 92.2273. Current verison is Varies with device. Actual size 32.0 MB.

What's new

    • Use your work or school account with OneNote and OneDrive for Business
    • Accessibility Improvement: We fixed some accessibility issues we have. Now it gets more accessible!
    • Bug fix
Download office-lens.apk 32.0 MB


Worked only once on one plus one The app opened as soon as I installed, I clicked one image, it processed it and that's it... It's hung since then. I force stopped and restarted... Even uninstalled and re-installed, but no difference. The app simply doesn't want to work. My one plus one is on lollipop, if that matters in anyway.

One Lens is Missing Scan Business Card Featur on my Android phone I cannot find the Business Card mode feature on One Lens installed on my android LG Optimus G Pro phone. on KitKat 4.4.2. Please advise.

No watermark on the scans = Great! Indeed a Camscanner killer. Pretty easy to use. (OnePlus One)

Dialog Goes Up And Down Scan went, O-k. After I managed to get the section of the document that I wanted I tried to save it but the save dialog menu disappears faster than it shows up. Its like that with all the menu pop ups; settings , options , EVERYWHERE!!!! plz Fix ASAP

Great App !! Going to the bank, needed survey and a few other docs that were too big to scan. Just taking pics of them made them look awfull. This app cleaned them right up and made them look like real scanner docs! A godsend for ppl like me that take pics different things with my phone rather than scan it.

Great Algorithms While it's not perfect, this app does a great job of getting a reasonable replacement for a scan with a lot less effort!

This app is great idea, but on Nexus 4 it fails to work at all - just shows mainly grey screen with occasional flashes of the app screens for half a second or so. Will keep it installed in case an upcoming update fixes this problem. Disappointed.

Almost Fantastic app, but taking pictures one at a time slows down cataloging things.

This is a game changer. I have a lot of recipes that I'd like to centralize. With Lens, I'm able to snap a photo of a recipe, save as a word document.. and BOOM... it gets translated to text from the image. So far the accuracy has been 100%, which is AMAZING. When I've tried using scanners previously, there were so many errors when translating the pdf to text that it was faster to just type it all up myself. THANK YOU, Microsoft. This is AWESOME.

needs one thing.... Now, if this could scan business cards, and then import those contact details to outlook or to the device'd got a killer app for business

If tried a few and this has worked the best with my Nexus 6 Until I tried this Microsoft application I could not get a document to come out clearly with my nexus 6. It may be user error, but I worked at for like ever, 15 min at least. I tried 4 different apps, each with results that were too blurry and far inferior than with the iPhone 5. I installed this one and out of the box, the scanned quality beat the others handily. The ease of use is good also. Microsoft kicking ace in with a yap, who knew?

I Can't Save Photos... ! Big BUG: "Save Button" not work & push me back... !!! I can't save my scaned photo to gallery... please update & solve it it

Looks great on paper but I am having the same problems as others with flashing menus etc. Finally managed to stop it flashing long enough to try a document pic/scan, but then still flashing so not able to save it! Immensely frustrating. Seems I will have to wait for an update or two before I can really gauge how useful this will be. Am a big OneNote user so had high hopes for this one ... Maybe soon?

Way too slow Just installed the app and started it. It felt like i had it installed on a first generation smartphone with a very slow processor. It took ages for one of the buttons to act once pressed and the camera view was working at less than 1fps. Sorry but it is getting removed.

Awesome!!! Well done, devs! Thanks to you, guys, I did not need to buy Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in order to be able to "scan" just about any text. Pictures look just great in my Note 3!!! Amazing piece of software! If you provide the app with the ability to save 2 or more pics as a multi page doc, it will be just about perfect!

Genius Brilliant idea. Would give five stars if the app didn't read my contacts and text messages. Also 32mb for such a simple app seems bloated.

Great app, but some disappoints It is definitely winner compared with others like the famous one CamScanner. But at one point it lost battle to CamScanner: it cannot import png file which is one of very popular image format. Another important feature I installed this app is OCR. The results are not close to 90% accuracy. However, there is no one so far I can find does the better job anyway.

Problem Not working on my 1st gen moto g. The screen kept flashing when I opened the app, can't see anything and no response when I press the back button. Please fix it. I really want to use it.

Beautiful app works gr8 I can use this instead of scanning documents? . Makes syncing between oneNote , oneDrive, gallery and other Microsoft app very easy. Need a little bit improvement. Doesn't distinguish a orange colored material from Zig Zag type of green colored material. But overall very good must have app.

Just wow! The app dies exactly what you need. Nothing fancy or complicated, it simply crops out and straightens an image based on the angle you used to take the shot. HOWEVER, it does it gracefully, and after a few quick tests, my documents were easy to read even when I shot them from retarded angles. Great job!!

Time saver As a busy person, i truly appreciate when app does work for me by doing right white balance and cutting out non-essential pieces.

Saving to office documents is a bless 4 stars just because I really miss the possibility to choose where to upload the files.

Best OCR One of the best OCR apps out there in play store. Pretty good at enhancing and recognize poorly shot images. No option for locally saving as PDF is a bummer though

Cool and useful Really great app. Good user interface, smooth and useful. However some additional features would be cool such as sharing / export etc

I think this is really handy. I haven't used this app a lot yet, but so far I like it very much.

Dawne Flanagan said "This is a game changer. I have a lot of recipes that I'd like to centralize. With Lens, I'm able to snap a photo of a recipe, save as a word document.. and BOOM... it gets translated to text from the image." Erm.. No! This isn't a game changer at all!! There isn't a single point when anything MS have done has been a game changer. They have always pinched other peoples ideas right from the start. Google keep has been able to take the text from images for years already.

Good effort - could be a lot better I quite like the idea and think it could be useful, but the app tries to hard to keep you in the office ecosystem. It's far too difficult to simply email a doc you've just scanned. The way it syncs to onedrive Is good but it's not always convenient, especially considering it's an android app. If you really want to break into android, don't work against it work with it

Won't work on my LG G3 Sounds like a really promising app but when I open it the screen flashes on and off and I can't use it. Reinstalled it and the same thing happened again. What a shame.

Microsoft. Get your $hit together. Seriously, your good for Halo and Cortana... But this? What is this? Can i get a shot at developing an app for you? I'm sure i could do a better job than the folks you're over paying at the HQ. I installed it on my g3, and opened it and immediately after the screen starts blinking for 30 seconds. Then once it finally does load, I take a picture and save it then try to share it or go into options and the options screen flashes on and off too quickly to select anything. I love you MS... With tough love!

The Best app Ive also used camscanner but this Microsoft office Lens just nailed it. The best scanner app till date I would say. Very user friendly and right on mark with scanned copies. No doubt but Five star app. I recommend it over any other app.

Potential Could see myself using this but would be great if the picture could identify the receipts Store name and purchase date and input that into the subject name when saving the document.

Needs an option to save on device as PDF. This app is great but lacks options to save PDFs on device or other cloud services. I don't want to open another cloud service account!

Seems to automatically crop and adjust angles for images scanned. That's a plus. A big minus is that I could not figure out how to scan a multiple page document into one file.

It's pretty good. Actually, it's awesome! Add a student I can't recommend it enough :D However it feels like it needs a faster save method. When you save the first time it is OK for it to ask for a location but asking everytime is a bit annoying. Also, after the save it would be more convenient if it went back to the camera.

Unintuitive The default setting of this app imply that it is online only, and it doesn't tell user how to configure it for offline use.

Need improvement's The PDF files should be offline too, need image enhancements for low light images. The app is responsive and good for basic operations.

Multi page support needed Sure, it works, but it would work even better if you can scan more than one pages per document.

Nice app It just adjust the image but sometimes you have to cut some parts you do not want to

Great app from a great company.. Microsoft last couple of years became the tech company with the best products and technologies innovations, leaving Google and Apple behind... Office Lens is one of its achievements ... You can digitalize and keep your documents with few steps... Great application to any smartphone...

Best app EVER Office Lens is such a powerful tool to have ! I can't even put it into words how much work, time and money Office Lens has saved me! Not one time has it froze up or anything like that. I use this Office Lens on a daily basis and it hasn't failed me yet! To the developers of this app keep up the great work and thank you for such a great tool!

For work? Don't waste your time If you're using this as an addition to your workflow with office 365 at work, it won't recognize your credentials like all the other office apps. Only works with Microsoft accounts.

Great for capturing data quickly! Use it for importing contacts from business cards. A couple of bugs like rotation orientation is sometimes off or rotating while entering the title causes the app to crash. Can't wait to try the whiteboard mode!

Prefect If you ever dreamt of taking pictures of documents and have them automatically aligned like a scanned document, then your dream is now reality.

Mandatory signing in sucks! App seems to work pretty well, but I don't want to be forced to sign into a Microsoft account just to save an image to my own device.

Keep blinking the screen It doesnt let me do anything i m using lgg4 android 6.0 fix it... I really love this app but since i last update its sucks...

Office Lens Great app to scan items to your Microsoft account. I use it to scan notes from class so if I forgot a notebook at home I can easily get what I need on my phone or computer. It doesn't get what you are trying to scan perfect all the time so you might need to try and scan a document a few times before it scans it just the way you want. But for the convenience of being able to scan and upload documents to your Microsoft account, I would say it's worth a download.

So far, best scanning app I've used Ok, to be fair I haven't used many scanning apps. After using office lens however, I doubt I'll use another. It works very well, captures the information accurately, and tricky shots only take a few more seconds for it to capture correctly. On top of that, it's for free. No complaints whatsoever so far.

Please add material design! Used this for a day or two now and my only issue is the fact that the UI isn't very appealing at all. Please update it!

I have enjoyed using the app for some time now. The business card feature was long in the waiting. The only pet peeve is : it isn't complete. Feature request: Ability to scan front & back of the business card into one file/image. A separate view for accessing them would be even better.

It can't scan long receipts/traffic tickets and crash converting into PDFs. That and also it FC on anything I scan! Please fix.

Cant save data locally Cant save processed data locally without eating bandwidth. Since it eats up phone bandwidth to UPLOAD the data simply in order to download it back to the original device. This is simple to fix. Therefore one star since MS isn't remotely interested in fixing it. We should be able to save straight to device. Can't so therefore worthless to many (check the office lens forum and suggestions log).

Swiss loves to take notes randomly This helps me keep sticky notes and notebook paper from flying around my desk. I also use it to stash creative prototype ideas and not worry about lamenting on where I stored that information.

Best scanning app I just don't understand how they made it work so well. Just fantastic! And being able to make text searchable and automatically save into one mile or as PDF. Wow.

Nice, when it works Crash happy on my Nexus 6p. Also wish I could create one more sections in it as well as save multiple captures at once to have them on a single page

Not a OCR program This is handy if you want to grab any image without having to worry about alignment but is useless if you want to grab text from an image

Most productive Since I discovered Lens last November '14, I have used this app for so many documents. Just most recently I digitized a handwritten contract between myself and my neighbor about the fence I'm building. This tool has been a huge productivity boon for my note taking during meetings and even capturing slides by speakers during seminars so that I can annotate them in my preferred notes app. I use a note 4 and mini tablet from THAT company. My only gripe is not having 3rd party export options (read: Dropbox).

It's good but still missing features I liked the OneDrive integration. Would like to see support for adding pages and custom folder upload

Great at its core task, failing everywhere else It is much more convenient than most solutions I have experience with, but it still misses a lot of opportunities with its poor usability when it comes to doing anything with your photos, other then having them sit in "Recent History" for eternity.

Works surprisingly well. I had searched around for scanning apps before. Seeing as it either needs me to pay to get a usable version or that I should compromise the quality with the free ones, I stopped. I just went with taking pictures instead. That changed when Office Lens came around. It's really useful when taking a picture of notes on the board or on paper. The pictures you take would be enhanced and it really looks like it was scanned.

Great App I so far so good, this app is the beez knees and plan to get all of my job site Foreman to use it as well! Business card function can't be beat... I just wish I could put the cards in software folders! Only flaw!

Happy to raise this to 5 stars as soon as it works with 365 Work/School accounts, until then USELESS

Requires upload to OneDrive for most features Unless you want to upload everything to Microsoft cloud services, this is just a fancy photo cropper.

Crashes During first time launch, crashed few times while takeing a Document snapshot. After relaunching several times, could able to see the snapshots. Uploading the snapshots as PDF files to OneDrive is OK but when the recent history is viewed and if the view touches the end of the list while scrolling down, the application crashes.

One of the best scanner app available This app works great. It recognizes documents quite well. I would love to see added. I would love to see added support for multi-page documents, then I would be 5 star without question.

ISSUE: Office lens does not focus on the document / White Board. Even after selecting focus point on camera, the focusing does not work. Phone : LG G3. Android 5.0.1

The best thing Too lazy to line up a photo or whiteboard? This thing solves that problem!

Doesn't work, can't log sign into my account I can't connect to my work Office account that I use every single day. That makes this app useless. Microsoft delivering crap products as typical

Neat interface, PDF saved to one drive only Among the other apps out there, this one feels stable and cleaner. Lot of options too for exporting the processed image. It earns 5 stars for this. That is until, before writing this, I decided to scan receipts for my recent trip. These were in PDF format, which gets stored to onedrive by default. After about 23 odd scans, the app decided to crash. At which point it will not show me my uploaded history. Are we looking at an app which is stable for few here and there uploads...? Not sure.

Awesome This is an awesome scanner. I have used others and on 1st use this one was the best and simplest to use. I did a few test scans and documents were readable and didn't have to use a flash. Very nice!

Works Great I love this App, it was such a hassle having to Copy and then scan my documents on my printer just to have it turn out like crap once I saved it on my computer, but this app really saves me a ton of time and looks much better!

Great Working Companion For the times where I am on the road or out of the office and need to record a document, this is my go to app, and it integrates nicely with Microsoft Office and being able to share with the client immediately. While not aways perfect, it's one of my most useful apps, if you need perfection, that's what scanners are for.

Doesn't work Expecting much from this app, delivers little. Key requirement is to take images of my expenses and to upload them to my OneDrive for Business. Simpy doesn't work. Have been told that it works on Apple devices, but not for Android (only via a personal OneDrive account). Come on Microsoft, get it sorted before you release it!

Love it Best for scanning bills, photos and other in other apps, there is no need to take multiple shots just to get the perfect shot. In this i click a pic n if not good can modify the border of the same shot. Best. Taking one star off coz for pdf version u need to add ur email account, otherwise its best.

Single page files? This works great, but is useless when I want to scan 30 pages. I don't want 30 separate pdfs.... Expected more from Microsoft.

So impressed I am amazed at how accurately and perfectly office lens captures photos of my notes and other fine prints that normally would require major focusing issues then heavy editing. Love it!!

The ability to easily recognise the edges of papers, boards etc makes saving documents so easy. The multiple formats that the outputs can ve saved in make sharing easy. Exceptionally easy to use too. Just dropped a couple of stars because I can't sign in with an Office 365 account. But iOS can. Why does Android always suffer like this?

Does a beautiful job, but... Where does it save thing to? I have no idea. If i hit the recent documents, it force closes

Unexplained close I love the app, it's easy to use but I am experiencing unexplained closes. Uninstall and reinstall doesn't seem to help. Galaxy Note 5

Love the App, need some additional features to be more useful Love the app, life saver when i have to quickly scan some doc and scanner is not accessible. Would like to see capability to scan multiple doc and save as a pdf at once!

Easy to use I love it's ease of use. Very quick and simple.

Great at its core task, failing everywhere else It is much more convenient than most solutions I have experience with, but it still misses a lot of opportunities with its poor usability when it comes to doing anything with your snapshots. Unfortunately using it through a proxy sometimes has gotten my account locked (alas more than once), having to reset the password to regain access.

unforgettable Item for me I have got big problems for saving IDcards and many documents but, now I'm possible many pictures on my cell easily and saving time than before. because of Office Lens v

Sub contractor Has made my life easier don't need a scanner i can take a photo of quote and email straight to clients in moment excellent app

No Office 365 support How do you release an app that scans business cards and not support your business accounts? I haven't even bothered to open it and went straight back to Neat since I realized the login error I was receiving was because the Android version of this app can only log in to Microsoft accounts, not Office 365 accounts. I'm sure this app would get 4 or 5 stars if it was actually usable for my needs!

Unusable on galaxy S6 Fantastic and accurate scanning app. I previously gave it 5 stars, but it's been unstable on my galaxy s6 for months now. It always crashes when I try to save or view a scan. I emailed about 6 months ago for a fix and still nothing... Works fine on my tablet though (galaxy tab s2)

Unable to log in from within the app! (Workaround found) The app was (and still is) a perfect scanner. But I can not log into my MS account from within the app. I have an MS account listed in system settings, OneNote and OneDrive picked it up right after installation. Clicking (in app) on Settings-Account does absolutely nothing. The way to overcome this issue was to make a scan and select Save-OneNote. This sent me to the login page and everything worked ok. //Galaxy S7 edge / Android 6.0.1 / official firmware.

Crashes all the time I used to rate this app five stars but now it crashes every time I tap Recent History. So far, no assistance from Microsoft. I'm disappointed because when it's working it's definitely worth 5 stars.

This is a pretty handy application, but how do I scan multiple pages? There doesn't seem to be an option for that. This app is pretty much useless to me unless I can scan multiple pages to a word document. I'll happily give five stars if Microsoft fixes this or makes it easier to figure out. Tiny Scanner is still my go to application. Tiny Scanner only does PDF's though. I want to be able to scan a multiple page document to a Word document.

GREATEAT APP EVER! I love this app so much. I took pictures of my art works and it worked perfectly and smoothly. Thanks for inventing this wonderful app. BEST APP EVER! :)

Almost a really great and useful app Unfortunately saving images is less than intuitive and there is no OneDrive for Business support which really is a major negative for a tool that can be very useful for business.

An excellent productivity app Easy to use. Excellent pictures. No noticeable distortion in pictures. No need to have camera right on top of the document and thus no visible shadow of photographer and camera on the picture anymore.

Great app... handy for quickly "scanning" something where high-quality isn't a top priority. Shame about the dodgy default filenames it assigns but otherwise happy.

Great at capture This app is great at capturing images and optimising them whether from whiteboard or business cards. However as other reviewers have mentioned, accessing, sharing, and making use of those images / contacts created, is clunky and not that easy.

Love it! The best mobile app for a Business Analyst. Creates perfect cropped slides of whiteboards or presentation screens even from an angle and from distance. Sharing and saving functionality is wide. Works perfectly on Galaxy Note 3.

Doesn't work with Office 365 for Education/Business, so... doesn't do me any good.

Got to love Microsoft Great app that is just so useful. Captures almost anything and makes a readable digital version. Great for brainstorms, presentations and handwritten notes. If you want a robust, useful and we'll integrated app you really need to go to the pro's. Well done Microsoft

Works for me! I used this app on my Windows 8 phone ages ago and it was the app i missed the most switching back to android (which i realize isnt saying much) but im SO GLAD it's here on android now! It works very well.

Just awesome 1 minor thing, you name the scan but the image generated keeps the auto-generated name...

No more need for a scanner! This app is great! It takes "scans" of anything from paper documents to books to IDs. No matter how you take a photo, it'll always have a perfect cropping for you. It's also integrated right with OneNote and OneDrive! I recommend this app especially if you're using the Microsoft Office Suite already.

Great with some unnecessary limitations I love the idea and pretty much also implementation. It basically transforms your phone's camera into a document scanner with cloud support. So far, so great. However, I do not like that you can save only to your gallery (as a JPEG) and to Microsoft apps (basically OneDrive in several file format variations and OneNote). I understand this is a MS product and that they want to push their apps and services and I also actually use and like both, but sometimes I'd simply rather save to Evernote for example.

Can't access settings or save pics Given my deep unswerving love for apps that suck and generally waste my time, I had to go with 5 stars because hitting the save button kicks me back to photo mode which won't allow me to save my pic. Awesome!!!

Outstanding Microsoft is really getting those act together and this product is truly amazing... only knock on this is lack of Google drive support.

Surprisingly Useful! I have used this app way more than I thought I would. This is probably better and faster than scanning documents with a printer. I'm blown away by how simple yet effective this app is.

Game Changer This app changes the way I handle documents. I'll never lose business card information again!

Exactly what I want: no more, no less App scans documents of every kind like a breeze. It even resizes and changes perspective when I'm sloppy with my camera work.

No OneNote for business support? Fantastic tool for business... But wait, it seems there is no option to connect to OneNote or OneDrive for business. Why develop such a useful business tool and not make it work with the business suite? The whole purpose of an app like this is geared toward business. Also cant save to Google Drive. Way to go Microsoft. 5 stars when it actually works as an Office product.

Works almost everytime! It doesnt use much data either, would definitely recommend It used about 3 mb after coverting 3 files using my note 5, background data may vary depending on camera quality and resolution. Converts to many Microsoft applications, word is what i mostly use.

Amazing I absolutely love this app. It's definitely one of the most useful. Converts picture text to editable word file text with amazing accuracy.

Pretty good Device camera can do the same thing for the most part. This app's scan perimeters are frequently off and/or is slow.

Microsoft has hit this one out of the park I do this manually on my phone screen all the time... NO LONGER! Microsoft didn't exactly advertise this one. WHERE HAS THIS BEEN MY ENTIRE LIFE?!, etc.

Business card scanning works really well I'd like it to automatically save to my contacts as opposed to having to click on view contact and then save.

Does not have MS business account integration! Can't save to one drive for business or one note for business. Surprised MS hasn't got this sorted! This is a must for most of my work uses. However great for personal use, just wish it had MS business support

Good for one-pagers The Windows Phone version has support for multiple page. Android version still doesn't. In my books this lost 2 stars for the inconvenience.

Rather good program when it works, but unfortunately sometimes when taking the picture the whole device locks. Then you have to remove battery to start the device again.

LOVE IT! Use it in conjunction with one note. Scan receipts or documents straight to one note then modify the documents from there. Can't live without this app!

Addicted Can't function daily in OneNote without this very useful app.

Expected more..but its not bad Plenty of better options on store..I hope Microsoft catches up soon..Only advantage Microsoft can provide over others is its data synchronisation with Windows..Came here hoping a lot..But it'll take some more time I guess. User experience is good, not too many options, heavy app to download but smooth to use. Not bad. But could be much better.

Perfect I just love this app, easy to use, easy to save and export. But there seems to be a bug with the title feature when a picture is to be saved. It accept my change from the standard text but the file is still saved with the default "naming pattern"

Great App !! Going to the bank, needed survey and a few other docs that were too big to scan. Just taking pics of them made them look awfull. This app cleaned them right up and made them look like real scanner docs! A godsend for ppl like me that take pics different things with my phone rather than scan it. Needs easier option to save,I have no use for One.

File merge Woould be great if easy merging of two pdf is supported. Also, there should be an option to store the files localy in the phone and not only in the cloud. Most apps for post processing does not allow access to docs stored in cloud thus combining of two snapshots stored as e.g. pdf is not possible.

Great App Now I don't need photography and photoshop skill, before this app it's really painful process to take snapshot of documents. Thanks to Microsoft Lens Developers. I started recommending this App to all my friends and colleagues. Once again thanks for developing such useful app.

Good but I've tried to scan a page with handwriting but the ocr couldn't work I can't edit it in MS Word bcoz it's just like a picture inserted into the page. One more thing, why isn't there Arabic and Thai OCR? What's the use of this app if it doesn't recognize other languages?

Useless Great app, especially after it has got PDF supported. UPDATE No multiple pages in one document scan? Sorry, what is the point then? FAIL UPDATE 2 Today is exactly 1 year since my original review, and still no multipage documents. Lame... Became 1*

So many better options Need to make pdf files but pictures are so freakin blurry you can't tell what it is. Better off sending a picture from your phone. Also it is hard to navigate the app

was supposed to now work with office365 entreprise, but an error message pop up whenever we try to connect to O365. say's authentication error. other apps (one note, word )do connect ok to o365 we are connected with ADFS to our office365 tenent. IOS users are ok, not android

Can't save to one drive Had used this app before but previously I couldn't save to my business one drive account. I was pleased to see this release introduced that option but it does not work on my phone! Nexus 6P. Can this be fixed?

Great! Unfortunately I previously mistakenly created a live account with the same name as my 365 account, now I have to sign out and sign back in every time I restart the app else it tries to upload but never succeeds. MS say it'll take a month to delete the spurious account but it's been aaages already :\

Would be cool if they continued to develop it. It has problems with post-it notes on a whiteboard so it's hard to use for scrum boards. Can't directly send a shot to email, you need to save to gallery first which is annoying. Proper OCR would be nice.

Great app for quickly scanning documents. Unfortunately cannot access my business onenote account. Just updated the app as it claimed it now supports Onenote work access, however the app now crashes when trying to connect to onenote. Using a Note7.

Waiting for transfer... Spent a good hour sorting some of the documents and scanning them. All of the uploads have been lingering and waiting for transfer via WiFi... Nexus 6P. I just switched to 4G and it was done in a second. Is there a known issue for sync via WiFi?

Awesome!! This is better than faxing! The copies are nice and clear. I like that you can save it to your phone's picture gallery to use for later. Good for storing legal docs. I use almost daily.

Almost fantastic Needs multipage support.. it would seem rare that most people only scan one page at a time. Most other scanner APPs are already there. Just saying.

Good but no multi page doc scanning After some stability issues in older versions, the app has matured into a very nice scanning tool. Whiteboard scanning is brilliant. Lacks scanning multiple boards just like the doc scanner. One page scanning just to use another tool to merge is a hustle

#!#!?#!#Don't install!#!#?!# No multiple pages scan support!?#!#!#### I understand that Microsoft wish people to love this app then take money for multiple scan option, but why wasting our time trying to understand where is the multiple option? (there isn't??). "This is one of the evilest things I can imagine" ?

Great App This aap is really good. As I have used it for pdf and found that it does all skew and angles itself. It doesn't wartrmark anything like camscan. Good App so far.

Stopped working Was working perfectly till recently it would begin to struggle upon opening the app and if it made it past that it couldn't save anything. It would flash on and off and I would have to shut it down. Same scenario after uninstall reinstall 3 times.

Worked great on vacation too. Used it to fix awkward angles when capturing pictures in museums and other crowded places. Better than using the phone camera alone.

It is not worthwhile. It claims to do such a job and it rally doesn't work. There are many other modest applications that do its job well.

Great app but missing multi-page document scan This app is great and the way it works with onenote is awesome. However, having to create a different page for multi-page documents is annoying.

Amazing time saver eow why did i not get this years ago. It is msking my life do much easier. It wors on light business card great. I sm able to save and email the contact information to my pc and save in my outlook.

Awesome app but missing features This is definitely a useful app but it's missing some of the functions that makes it great on iOS. The biggest missing feature is the ability to take multiple shots of a document (front and back). Make it at least equivalent to the iOS app and you have 5 stars.

Image firmat is not good When I take pictures useing this app images seem good, but when I save in format like pdf, image is good enough, but when I save it in image format images are blurry and not clear. I don't like this. Needs work on this issue.

Great when it comes to automatic cropping. However, there is no option for multiple-page pdfs. This is a no-go for me. When using the crop tool it would be nice to have an enlarged view of the corners. Sorry folks, I will uninstall this app but I will definitely give it another try as soon as you include those features.

Keeps crashing After taking the images it crashes or says I don't have a connection. I have office 360 enterprise. At this point it is pretty much useless even though it's a good idea

Crashes Upon Trying to connect to OneNote This app would be great if only it didn't keep crashing on me when I try to save to OneNote

its crashes.. when i import an image and when i take a picture. it cant save the saving portion is crashes

Start At Boot :( They just added "start at boot" which means I'm uninstalling it. There's certainly no good reason this app needs it. Too bad because, although I didn't use it often, whenever I did I liked it.

Fails to login to onedrive Looks interesting but completely fails to login and upload to onedrive. Cannot judge more as I stopped using it for this reason.

Keeps crashing when I save Application seems good if it works. Everything I try and save a scan it crashes.

Great, but... Awesome tool, however the biggest drawback is that it won't upload to files unless being on wifi. :( Remove that restriction and this would be the most perfect app.

Can't even log in It prompts me for my Office login, goes black, then crashes. Awesome.

Awesome Great app. Now supports both work/school accounts and personal OneNote accounts. A must have for anyone using white boards.

Great App! I use this app to capture business cards which are translated to contacts in One Note, capture notes and transfer them to one more and other things. Great App!

It's so stupid that we can't save multiple pages in one file. Hope this missing feature will be added in future updates.

Great document scanner, if I had single page document. I know his app is for a smartphone or pocket decive but the setup with my Galaxy S5 only allows one page per document. Work assigments, business proposals, etc are not songle page and it looks like you don't have your stuff together when the documwnt comes through in i dicidual pages.

Best photo app ever It does what it says it does. I've been using this app for almost 2yrs and absolutely love it. Any shot, any angle, any lighting (depending on your phone), and your photo will come out awesome. Perfect for professionals, students, or at home... try it, you'll love it.

Really useful app The only con is when I am scanning multiple docs it takes to many steps to come back to the camera scanning screen.

Worst update!! Previous one was good in quality this new is not supported by my phone

Easy to take whiteboard photos Love it! I don't need to be bothered by unclear whiteboard doodles and photo cropping anymore...

Love the Office Lens App I have been able to scan several very important documents that I needed access to immediately during court hearings! They printed beautifully right from my phone, no issues! Thank you for such an awesome app that is free, i have only ever had the app "force close" on me once or twice for that reason I wouldn't think a lower rating is deserved! Lastly, I don't think I have ever truly had any issues. Thank you..

Super useful for school Great! I love how you can get a chart off of a page and it automatically crops the pic to the chart borders. Very clever. I'm using onenote this quarter and I can import things to my notes with office lens. It's nice for handouts, or the thermodynamic tables from the back of my book. I can put them right into my notes. Or make pdfs. I used this to send my lawyer a signed release. Who needs a fax machine, scanner? Not me sucka.

Easy, Free Scanner Office Lens has been my go-to app for over a year now. I used it first with Windows Phone then with my Android Nexus 5X. While it doesn't save to Google Drive or Dropbox BT default, you can easily create a PDF then save that. The scans are crystal clear and professional. Love it!

Wow, it works exceptionally well! I've used other OCR scanners and have been generally unimpressed with the results. This actually makes a document close to the same quality you'd get from a full blown scanner. And the fact that it's free is amazing. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a scanner on the go.

PDF Scan from Camera! What!? One of the best MS apps within The app store and in the Microsoft Office gambit by far!!! This is needed as much as your stapler on your devsk! I use it daily. Time sheets, weird random docs and receipts that would have been lost in your shopping bag. Last easy to use with built in file explorer app. Good Job this time developers @ Microsoft! Pat the back you deserve it!!

Love it I an scan just about anything to my phone and save to one drive add to word etc.. .. Or email directly! It's a lifesaver even if the picture is on an angle it adjusts as needed, great app.. I can say I've had the random crash or 2.. But never lost my data.. And you can't beat freeeeee!!!!

Can't save to OneDrive I have a Business Premium Office 365 Subscription. I have OneDrive app installed on my phone, connected and working. I cannot use Office Lens to save documents to my OneDrive. After capturing an image and selecting to save it to OneDrive, the app gets as far as a sign in page where once I've entered my credentials I get taken to a black screen. My phone eventually tells me Office Lens is not responding.

Missing so many features No support for Multi page documents, ends up with a file for each page. PDF format available but can't save to one drive automatically. Cannot specify a different folder on OneDrive to save files to. No option to specify default naming standard to avoid having to rename each file afterwards.

Love it but need sharing options in One Drive This is the easiest app to take quick scan photos of white board, business card, document, bills, etc. It automatically shares my scans on One Drive. The only thing I'm missing is that i CAN'T CHOOSE the specific folder of my choice in One Drive. When that feature is added, I'll give this app a 5*.

Mostly great Occasionally has difficulty detecting foreground when background is a similar colour. Otherwise very good. I haven't delved too deep into the settings so it could already be possible, but automatic sync with Google Drive would be excellent. Thx

Good App This aap is really good for single page scan. As I have used it for pdf and found that it does all skew and angles itself. It doesn't wartrmark anything like camscan. But loosing in adding pages to single document. Hope they add it soon. I would love to have it and can uninstall camscanner.

Scanning if finally easy Have you ever had to scan a bunch of pictures or documents and get so frustrated after only a few? Speed through them with this app, you will be amazed how easy it is to use. Not the best on older devices though, great on my s7

So handy for meetings Making notes of your whiteboard scrawlings is a thing of the past. Very easy to share and great results from most angles. Always impresses people who haven't seen it before. Probably one of the most useful and well-executed things Microsoft has made.

Allow batch scanning I am unable to find a way to scan multiple pages in one file. Like a binder of pages in pdf. But the app is awesome. Auto detection and legibility of scans is really praise worthy. App size is lil too big for limited memory phones like Note 5.

Great app for a student. Very useful in making all documents I need digital and importing them into OneNote. My only complaints are: 1. I cannot choose which notebook or page the scans are placed in and 2. I can't open it from OneNote from the insert menu, which would have been very useful. Keep up the good work Microsoft.

Office 365 support is broken So I get an email from Uservoice advising me that Office 365 accounts are now supported. Great! I try Lens again... Black screens and then crashes after entering my email address. I sent an error report, not that I expect anything to happen for another year with this. I can't be bothered to troubleshoot this app, it needs to either Just Work or get off my phone. For now it appears to be the latter.

Now it doesn't work Okay, so I hung on to the app because I figured they would eventually add 365 Office school and work connectivity. Now, when I sign onto my account to try and upload my scan it goes to a black screen and my phone hangs. My rating went from a two to a one. Sorry Microsoft, large and trustworthy companies like you shouldn't be making these kinds of programming errors. Either produce apps that work or take your name off the app.

Simple and effective It doesn't read like a great app but it certainly solves a big problem for me very well. Photographing whiteboards. The squaring up and 'whitening' is superb. Haven't used document ocr so much but will try it.

GREAT JOB Worked really well. Two suggestion I would like to add are : adding more points during cropping because sometimes it aint four sided, and if the app can crop curved surfaces it would be awesome!

One of the reason that we own smartphone! Excellent app! It is one of the app that must have on good cam smartphone. It can basically replace scanner in common usage (of course not quality scanning?), Equivalents to portable scanner on mobile. Simply love it.

It says it supports multiple docs I would give 5 stars.. But are you kidding me? How does a developer forget that people usually scan MORE THAN ONE PAGE AT A TIME?! It's like helloooo. Oyeah and I know you've announced multiple docs but even after updating.. There appears to be no such way! And if there is a way and I can't find it.. How hidden do you want this feature?

Poor performance after latest download though i have been using this app for more than a year now but now after the latest download though scanning does happens but the clarity of written material on paper is not as visible and clear for what it used to be. especially the sides of papers is not as clear as what is written in center of paper.

Can't do any ocr work So I can record and it'll force me to save it in timestamp format which is of no use to me the card needs to be shared with the name of the person concerned and it doesn't do any kind of work that has to translate the contents of the card

Needs multi-page capability like WP version The Windows Phone version of this app lets you do multi-page scans. Crippling Office Lens for Android so it can only do single page scans is not going to make everyone run out and buy a Windows phone, MS devs. That ship has sailed. And it sank. Please add multi-page capability to the Android app.

Great but with limited functionality App is great for OCR with handwritten documents. However I wish that I could share an image directly to the app from another app. It's annoying that the only way to get images into the app is either through the import feature or taking a picture. Please consider this feature.

Crisp & clean but for... Is it preposterous to think there would be some folder integration or some "make multiple scans" option? It is extremely difficult when one wants to scan a document of several pages (& quite unintuitive mind you) that I should must painstakingly do 1 @ a time

Enhances the document I had a real bad user manual for a Chinese GPS. Impossible to read the printed material because of its low quality. This sw from MS came in to the rescue

Gets out of focus on xiaomi redmi 3s prime I am big fan of office lens. I have used it with my huawei device earlier. Recently I installed office lens in my xiaomi redmi 3s prime. Whenever I took a photo or document or other formats the image gets out of focussed. Its completely unreadable. There is no shaking or disturbance while the capturing of photo. Please rectify this, office lens team.

Needs work Should be able to scan multiple pages to one .pdf file, rather than saving straight after a scan ask 'Scan another page or Save file?' Saved images into .pdf of Whiteboard images are often flipped. Saving .jpg files moves the photo folder in OneDrive if the photo folder has been purposely moved by the user prior.

Need multiple merged pdfs I thought its like cam scaner but better... But everything this app can do cam scaner does better... And van save localy.. Also can do multiple merging and also can save as a file type we want... Spaceto improve.

No ability to allow 2 step authentication I could not log in because this app does not allow you to switch between the authentication app and the Microsoft login. The moment you switch back to the app to enter the code the app starts the logging in process from the beginning. Causing the code to expire. Really frustrating.

Very good app Only 1 issue, when in camera mode, it auto detects the boundary of the page. If it selects more than the required boundary, I can crop the image. But very often it shows less than the required page size. This spoils the fun of using what's otherwise a fantastic app.

Great but could do more It takes clear photos, crops perfectly everytime, but it cant make a pdf file with multiple scans. Also for some reason, the only thing you can store offline is a jpg, pdfs have to saved to onedrive, which just feels unnecessary.

Love it! Recommended! Most of my subjects need to write down notes from the slides and capture the notes using ordinary camera from the device itself giving worst quality when I need to capture this far from the slide. Using this app really helped me. 5 stars!