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My Passwords

Supplied By Erkan Molla    On Oct. 10, 2016    Comments(199)

FREE My Passwords versionVaries with device Download

Tired of remembering multiple passwords? Looking for a secure way of saving all your passwords?

This application will help you to store all your passwords easily and safely using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256) encryption.

The only thing you have to do is to remember a master password which is used as encryption key. Each time you want to lookup a stored password, you will use your master password or your fingerprint to enter the application.

•  Quick and easy access via master password
•  AES-256 data encryption
•  Backup and restore your data
•  Internet or any other unnecessary permissions are NOT required
•  Create strong passwords using the built in password generator
•  Auto exit when the screen turns off
•  Multi window support
•  [PRO] Auto backup
•  [PRO] Export and import csv files
•  [PRO] Self destruction
•  [PRO] Clipboard auto clear
•  [PRO] Enter using fingerprint
•  [PRO] Theme selection
•  [PRO] Wearable app

Backup & Restore:
If you have multiple devices, you can share your passwords to all your devices without having to retype them using Dropbox or similar application. Simply create a backup on a device and move it to another device where it can be restored using the same master password.
- To backup your database please go to: More - Database - Backup database
- To restore your database please go to: More - Database - Restore database

Use of permissions:
- Photos/Media/Files: Allows the app to access the SD card for creating or reading backup and csv files
- Use fingerprint hardware: Allows the app to use the fingerprint sensor for authentication
- In-app purchases: To be able to purchase the PRO version and unlock the additional features
- Close other apps: Allows the app to auto exit by closing itself when the screen turns off

- It is strongly recommended that you backup your encrypted database at regular intervals
- If the master password is lost the stored data cannot be recovered because of the missing sync option
- You can group and sort your entries by color

Erkan Molla part of our Productivity and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update Oct. 10, 2016. Google play rating is 87.5844. Current verison is Varies with device. Actual size 574.0 KB.

What's new

    - Added Italian and Turkish translations
    - Added support for Chrome OS
    - Added share option for each entry individually
    - Added option to opt out for screen on when viewing or editing
    - Updated libraries
Download my-passwords-1.apk 574.0 KB


Feature request Please add option to display the password directly on the item(s) list, instead of having to tap on item to see the password. Hope I say it clear enough thanks.

When it updated, it will not accept my master password. It was good until the update.

Won't sync to ap on another device? Please may I have some help on this matter? I've tried creating a back up file from one device but the ap is empty on my second device? Thank you. Thank you for your advice but I don't know how to manually copy the data base? I tried to send it via blue tooth but that wasn't an option.

Just what we needed We had some problems getting the passwords to a second tablet. The creator of the app was extremely patient and helpful. If all customer service was as good.

Thank you for the remembering lots of names n numbers its a lot things that hard for lots of people like me thanks again ?thank you

Easy to use only thing I would like to see is an alphabet down the side like the one in the contacts app so it is easier to scroll to the desired entry and a note field in each entry

Its simplicity make it user friendly and works really well. Simple, easy and straight to the point. Love it.

Good so far Seams to me so far this just might be the one you want , try ed a couple of others that had different kinds of problems that would really tick me off if I kept using them , Bottega line is give this one a try , I think you will like it .

5 stars! Really good, simple to use and light. However a few thing can be added to be perfect, like syncing with dropbox/google drive , optional additional layer of protection and would be great if you guys add theming option for users with darker style . Otherwise it's perfect!

Lifesaver This app has made my life so much easier. My life is full of usernames and passwords and now I only have to remember one!

Really like it Is there any way to use pictures/icons instead of the colored circle? Like an option to add a picture from the gallery or icon packs? Otherwise it's fantastic!

A great vault for all my usernames & passwords! After using the same passwords for each of my online accounts since 1999 I decided it was time to get smart and create unique passwords and change them every 4 months. Remembering all of my usernames and constantly changing passwords was something I had major trouble doing. After having to reset passwords about 100 times because I kept forgetting them got old fast. This application was the first I downloaded and it has met my needs perfectly. I can enter usernames, passwords, web addresses to remind me what I signed up for and there are even more options that make it a great tool. The application performs as advertised and does not disappoint. The only improvement I would like to see is the ability to choose more colours to label specified items. Thanks for developing this great app!

Great handy app! With passwords requirements getting more complex, it is increasing getting difficult to remember it all. This app is simple to use and secure. The UX team did a great job on this little app. If you require a password manager app, then this is the one for you.

Awesome app, love the simplicity. However, I wish there was a sync option because I'm just scared to save all my passwords only in one device. For example, I might lose or break my phone one day and all my passwords might be gone. So for that reason I still can't rely only on this one app, and I still have to write my passwords down somewhere else.

I like it like a lot man I think u should get this app because its really helpful u know so yes just what I needed u should get it

Samsung Note 4 It works. Note sure if you change handset it will store what's been saved. So you'll still have to do what you didn't in the begin which is write them down.

Simply Works It's the first password manager I've tried that doesn't try to charge for more entries or lock you out and wipe your passwords randomly

Really good app. Really like app. Would be nice to be able to change some colors of the app. The white is to bright most of time and blue gets old. The app works perfect. Just wish it was more flexible on the default colors.

My Passwords This is a good idea. The app really helped me to keep track of all the different passwords.

Backup does not work It is great for storing passwords but you cannot log into to another android device and get your passwords. Please help

Great Great app use it a ton. wish it had the ability to load it onto other devices if something dies or the like. but great five stars.

Update Hi developers, could you please put some sync option, we badly need to access our passwords from other devices.

Good Nice simple and good looking app. The only thing its really missing is an automatic backup. Would be a perfect app if auto backed up to Drive.

Easy and simple I recommend this app it's simple and easy to have all your important passwords instead of writing them down. And if you forget one of your passwords it's easy to get it from this app.

Perfect Didn't know an app existed that filed all your passwords away.. +1 to the app creator, see a lot of them out there but this one is top class, it's A MUST!

Almost what i thought I needed an application like this and decided to write it but before i begin, i had to check store and i ended up this application. It was all good, but i was thinking to have all data as secret and whenever you wish to see one you need to type password instead of typing it at launching the application.

Failed to open back up file Phone broke (won't make/receive calls? sent backup file to new phone via e-mail before reset of phone. File won't open on new device. Reinstalled app on original phone, back up won't open. ALL PASSWORDS LOST. Out of interest, made a new backup. Failed to open.

No odd permissions :) Great useful app. Clean interface, material design influence. Major point for me is there are no odd permissions it's asking for. Only thing I'd like to see added is more text fields just to store some basic notes that don't fit the other fields.

Awesome app Very easy to use not complicated clever and creative

So far so good Only stored a few passwords so far, no problems yet.

Simple and effective It was exactly what I was looking for, nothing crazy and it doesn't try to do more than it should.

Its legit So far it has done its job. I like the interface too. Simple and easy

Very Fast & Great app I like the speed of this app while accessing this app it is giving very good speed.... Mainly while taking backup/restore it done within a fraction. I was using another app before in than we have to wait for more while restoring passwords.... I want to 10 star to it but because of limitations.......

My Passwords Great but don't forget your password to open the app or else your screwed. I forgot my password and there's no link to reset it. Fix it and I'll give it a 5 because it's so easy to use granted you don't forget the password.

So easy to use Does exactly what it says , saves your passwords in case you forget

Good and simple It is an easy to use app, but it would be great if there is more space for typing in additional information, i.e. second pwd or security questions etc.

Very simple, and effective It does what its supposed to do, hold passwords.

Good one Does what it is supposed to. Looks much like BlackBerry password manager

Pass Word Can't open menu for different categories!? Could really use if it would only work!!

Great app n vv useful for me Very handy n vv helpful for me... No internet permission is best security ryt now :-D

Прекрасное хранилище. Very poor translation into Russian. Dear developers correct it.

good app very convenient app. but russian translation is weird.

Good App like it, but the translation into Russian is not correct. Not enough folders.

Xperia Z3 Very good

Used to work fine Since latest update it no longer accepts my master password. Despite my entering it correctly. I entrusted all my passwords to this app and now I can't retrieve them !!!!!!

Want in next update I'll give five star if i can change the color of actionbar & background.

Forgotten master password I forgot what my master password. Is there anyway to get this restored.

5 Stars This application solved my classic problem. Thanks.

Great! This is a great app! It's really useful. The only problem is I'd like it to have a type of recovery system.

Easy-to-use Have only been using this app a short time but so far so good. It sure was easy to set up in use

Nice User friendly app....

Password app Great way to keep all my usernames and passwords in one spot. Easy to use.

I love it Now I can remember my password more easily .♥

Love it!!! I'm so forgetful so this is just perfect!!!

Works well. Would give 5 if it saved to SD card. Won't save to SD card. I have very little hardware space and need apps that save from my device to my SD card. Android is meant to be open. Yet programmers that choose to put restrictions on how users use apps must be punished. Otherwise, we will end up as a Apple locked system. It is not good enough to say that there is less security on the SD card. That is a decision for the user. Programmers who want to play god or are control freaks should go work for Apple.

Simple I just need an app where i can look up all my passwords. Don't want fancy bells and whistles, however they are available if you want to use them.

Deleted everything! So I had literally 50 passwords on this app. I updated it, then tried to open it and guess what? All my passwords are gone!!!!! Thanks for nothing. If you really want to make this app work, how about giving me an option to back up my passwords to a website or something so that when this crap happens I don't lose all my passwords. Now I have a lot of passwords to go reset.

love it very useful and a great app

Just great!

Great password app Very easy to use

Easy to use

Cool I actually like this app, but a few days ago I forgot password to descript my phone and couldn't think of a way of retrieving it off this app which has my passwords safely locked away, One question, if you loose your phone with all your passwords locked in this app, how do you retrieve these passwords? I don't understand the backup, also I cannot find these answered anywhere, there isn't any place to submit questions. If I could get these answered I'll upgrade to 5 stars

Leaves password information in clipboard. Would have been a nice little app but if you cut and paste a password or any other information it remains in your clipboard. not very secure

I will love this but... My sister constantly forget passwords real easy like FB and Yahoo. I hope this app will set her straight.

Great app!! Great app!! I only wish it would have a recovery process in case the master password gets forgotten.

My brain I love this app and only having to remember 1 password. It's always at my hand so I'll never forget the bazillion passwords to a bazillion different things.

The Best! Never have to memorize my passwords again.

Good app Works perfectly fine. I love it

Very simple to use. I have it on all my devices if I need my login information. Thank you!

Not really good I forget the password for my password. And I don't think I can do anything to get it back somebody help me. If one can recover the master password then the app is useless, that mean all the information save there will be lost.

Perfect for pws I use this for all my password storage. No complaints.

No issues So far so good. I'm always fearful of losing everything in the app somehow cause I know that technology does not always work perfectly so I keep a backup passwords excel sheet on my computer which is a pain updating 2 things but luckily this phone app hasn't failed me.

Very useful With every other site having different rules regarding the strength of passwords, its great that this app is confidential, ad-free and has got my back.

Wonderful! So handy...just worry what will happen if i forget my master pass or loose my phone!

Perfect Just exactly what I needed and it works a treat

No problems. Works great. Does what I need it to do

Don't update app I updated my app and all the passwords are deleted :((((

Incredible Beautiful and simple. At such a small size too.

Always running Why is this app always running in the back ground? I cant even turn it off or even swipe the thing out of my notifications? I store 1 password i dont need this app always running in the background for absolutly no point. What is the reason it keeps running and why cant you disable it

LICENSE NEEDS TO BE STORED INSIDE DATA FOLDER, NOT CACHE Every application i have ever used, stores their license for the application inside the Data Section in android for Security Purposes... This application only stores temporary licenses inside the cache, Rebooting or wiping cache for speed (Most speed boosters/Task managers use Cache cleaning for speeding up the device and freeing RAM... This could potentially be a risk, due to the different levels of protection inside data compared to cache !

Groups The best offline password keeper. Is it possible to add a folder structure so we could separate the the information by key groups?

Gary Mc Owner I like the app that's a good way to keep track of my passwords and keep them in order

Great App! I wish it would transfer with all of my passwords to a new phone when I switch though.

No odd permissions :) Great useful app. Clean interface, material design influence. Major point for me is there are no odd permissions it's asking for. Only thing I'd like to see added is more text fields just to store some basic notes that don't fit the other fields.

Good storage for passwords seems secure Great app easy to use

Simple, safe secure Just what I was looking for

Easy to use and export to a new phone!???

Better than others This app is by far the best saving password app. I like simplicity.

Perfect No online database to be compromised. No extra permissions needed. Works.

Good on the go Easy to capture new passwords while on the move

Works perfectly.

Excellent Perfect for what I need. No ads, does not require internet to access it, does not try to access the internet so no leaking of personal info, allows you to save all passwords in a file so you can install in another phone, disappears from 'Recent Apps' when you exit properly. Clean and simple ui. Will go pro when I get Android 6 for the auto backup, colour themes and fingerprint access.

No ads! Love this ad, wouldn't be without it. If like me you use a different password for every site, this app is a must!

Just awesome It meets my requirements which is totally separated from Web. But there's no option for saving my credit card details. Please improve.

Great App!!! A very small app that packs a punch in terms of what it's capable of, which is total does what it says and more, thanks for a truly amazing app!!

Easy This is so convenient and easy to use. Would definitely recommend. Also the new update is the bomb!

No more frustration I am now forehead wrinkle free with this app. Thank you..

Samsung Galaxy s5 Dope app. Doesn't require Internet. Awesome

This application follows google design guidelines fairly well. It also doesn't ask for any sketchy internet permissions, so you can be sure that your information is safe.

A MUST HAVE!! The best password keeper I've tried. No worries about internet connections for backups or recovery.

Very truthful app It doesn't lie it says what it does and it does what it says if you like what you see download the app

I have to say a few things. 1. I love it! 2. I love it because it keeps my passwords when I need them 3. Its just amazing!!

its awesome. how to get pro version? showing error.

Works great ,does what I need it to do

Absolutely superb Really love this app very secure

Its ok No back up after resetting

Life is Easy My life is easier with this app.

Perfect! Exactly what I was looking for. Basic safe for passwords. No Internet required, no ads, no bs no need to upload my information to a server somewhere.

Excellent Very straight forward and simple to use.

I won't get lost by useing this

I love the app. Notice on last update the password does not show until you tap on eye icon. Can this be change to always show password? Thanks.

Perfect Nice simple and good looking app. Does what it supposed to and now it automatically backs up to Google drive! I don't even remember what I avoid for the pro version but it was worth it.

On new update, I can't do backup. Nothing's happened and always back to list of my password screen, instead of pick the folder destination.

Love it I love it bc it has a fingerprint

Simple and useful I reset my phone and downloaded this app again but every time I try to restore my backup from Google drive A message appears "An error occurred while reading the file" I'm unable to restore my database, Please help me . Thanks

Set up fine all simple.. Now gone to add a new password and can't access..used various ones that it could be ..seems like am locked prompt option ..grww

A great password manager app I hope the developer will add Lollipop fingerprint support in the future update. My phone has the fingerprint scanner & it's running Lollipop. Also, since most people use alphanumeric characters for passwords, it'd be better to make the alphanumeric keyboard the default option.

Very basic. (Concerned about permissions) Very basic with limited settings to play around with that would encourage you to upgrade.

Mine was working great. Now it won't let me add any new ones.

Very Misleading Not sure why anyone would purchase an application that doesn't sync "creates a backup file on your phone" and the point being? If you lose your phone or have to reset it- stupidest application ever. Don't waste your time!!!!

Liked but lost all my passwords when I got a new device

Need to sync database from old phone to new one. How do I accomplish this? Need help please?

Nice app but need to sync with another device. Please advise.

Nice Please allow user to add field such as adress or anything we need.

My Passwords Does what it says on the tin. Great for storing all the myriad of passwords that modern day living encompasses.

Do not update... Had the app for over a year and it worked flawlessly... last time it updated it reset and lost all my info... not good at all as I had a lot of important information that I did not have memorized. Hate to give it one star when it served me so well... but that's unacceptable... going to take alot of time to recover all my stuff

About backup This version does not support old backup file. How can I get old version ??? Or what can I do for this?

Very useful I know what to do is very using apps to safe my documents important..

Unnecessary permission? Why does it need to use "Close other apps" to shut itself down? Other password apps don't use it. There must be a way for an app to kill itself without needing permission to kill *all* apps? E.g. use System.exit(0)? In any case it should be enough to clear memory - and should do that anyway. Does it?

My passwords It has really help

Please Unlock some Pro Features ! Please unlock some pro features ! Or, just clipboard auto clear !

Simple user interface does just enough,

Perfect No annoying pop ups So Far. Easy to enter info.

My passwords Keeps passwords very well

My password Having issues restoring data due to letters being missing and only showing numbers because my old master password contained letters and numbers.

Finally, a simple interface I just wanted a super easy to open, and fast to find, "user & password" app. This is perfect.

Okay and safe very simple

Recomended Simply and easy. Please add by folder

Very easy to use

Superb Pleasure to use

I'm kid did it No help so easy

Great i like this app I love it to use everyday

Not Bad... Could be MUCH better! I previously complained about how tapping the screen copies contents into the phone's clipboard, essentially makes it available to anyone having access to the phone. In reply, the developer stated that the only information copied to clipboard is the particular line/entry that I tap. OK, fine. It comes in handy for long passwords, but the point is ANY tap (an unintentional tap) can copy critical info into clipboard & make it available for anyone with access to phone. Should change it to tap&hold to copy!

Good but can't able to backup datas Initially when i installed this app it was good in all. But for the past 6months i can't able to backup datas in my drive. In drive it shows still it is uploading for the past 6 months. If i loose this hand set or if any thing goes wrong in my phone then how can i get the datas. Need help.

Great app use the pro version all the time Use the pro version and like it a lot. I would have given top marks but for the blip I'm currently having with the database backup. I've reported the problem to the tech guys so I'm sure it'll be sorted soon.

Simple password username storage This is a no-nonsense username/password storage and recall tool. It's very simple to use, it just does what it does very well. If we want to try to keep multiple complex passwords and change them as often as experts tell us to, then we need something accessible and simple to keep it straight. Just need to remember one good password to open it. Can copy a password to the clipboard for quick pasting and include other necessary info you might need in other fields. Awesome!

Nice and simple to use. Very handy little app indeed. I would recommend the pro version. Puts an end to the frustration of trying to remember all those PWs.

Password Great app, will never forget any of your passwords, as long as you remember the one that UNLOCKS them all !

Clean easy to use Thanks for new update. Option to always view password and not have to tap eye. Great app.

My entrance into this field I am a 74 yr. old, Old Coot I am not up on any of this feces sorry I tried and do my best but fail more times than win.

Better than others This app is by far the best saving password app. I like simplicity.

It's useful I got a new phone and I can't find my old one that I need passwords off of so it'd be great if you could make it to where we could log in instead of just locking the app

I had a blackberry which included a password keeper......this app is the closest I could find to resemble my old app!!!! Very pleased! !!


Rate... So far so good. I like easy when it comes to useful aps. I don't like to have to figure out someone else's mind game. This is easy peasy...!

Steve Thatcher A very convenient, secure, and safe app to store your pass words. I highly recommend it after using it for over 6 months.

If you damage your phone u cannot recover your passwords....

Easy to use Great app. Easy to set up. Not sure about bsvk up yet but will address that once my info has been loaded. Good job on this one.

Very useful! Memory isn't good enuf to remember all passwords.

Password Really a good app. Like it.

Awesome App This is the best productive app ever, talking about safety of your passwords keeping in a vault. Keep it up!

Really love this product!! Help me alot to remember everything

One Thing I Need !!! This App Should float now for easy access

Updated & lost everything I updated this app & all passwords are gone? Had to start over

Alan Paid for the pro version to get a back up and it didn't backup my passwords very disappointed

Question Can I download this on my tablet and if so will it sync?

What to do when I forget the password of My Password app?. How to restore it?

Awesome Does exactly what I need and easy to use. Can't ask for any more!!

Good The app is good so far, I'm enjoying it! Great!

Just John Best app for keeping track of all Passwords. I love it.

Not bad So far so good. Able to sync to Dropbox

Easy peasy This app is user friendly and easy to access.

Passwords Does what it should

I love but because I always forget my passwords

Easy to use Very good app to store passwords

Great ez app Ez to add and to organize.

Really good ap. Exactly what I looking for.

Great Works good, easy to use

Love it! I have been thru 5 different apps to store my passwords but this app is the best! So easy, simple and to the point and I love that I don't have to deal with a bunch of ads popping up all over the place when I trying to get a password. I also love how you can color code each account. You have made my hectic life easier!!!

Had backed up, phone crashed. On restore tried to get backup it says password is different. Yes of course because ur earlier versions you allowed alpha numeric pswd but new version only numeric allowed. This has been resolved by the developer kudos *********

Nice I really like how you can back all your password's up to your email then as soon as you download this app onto another phone you get all the password's back. Never worry about losing them or forgetting them ever again.

May be app is good If you looking for free which store password and backup. It's not the one you need to upgrade for backup option.

Passwords kept I am happy with this app. Enough fields for me to customize. Easy to navigate.

It's just amazing Lovely app which makes ease of my accounts... Great product on market

Perfect Free and I can back up my passwords to Dropbox, box, Google Drive, Microsd.

Great App, needs a web version though

Happy Customers Transfers from phone to phone with no problem.

Usefull app Everyday usage. Easy to use.

Password Show my password/gmail address

i can´t restore my backup file with the new app version.

Love This is the best passport keeper. Highly recommended.

Great App. Easy to use. No mistakes.

Easy to use

Loved, but forgot password I adore this app. It is simple and incredibly helpful. However I changed my password, forgot it, and can't find a way to get any help, other than emailing the creator. This is Not negative as I haven't heard back yet, hoping for some help. 5 starts no matter what, as I'm the one in the wrong here.

Very simple I would give 5 stars but if you lose your phone or unistall they don't save your info so you have to start over trying to remember everything to restore.

Pretty clean and very responsive... And I can use my fingerprint. Wish there was way to group alphabetically since passwords are already set up in alphabetical order, would be nice and allow me to find my password faster. Thanks

Really great app. I do have an issue with the fingerprint feature. It only seems to work about 25% of the time. I use the future with various applications including my bank and none of them have an issue. I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. I'm running the Pro version 6.0.0

I like it I wish I could just access it with a password if I have to switch phones without having to reenter everything