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Knowledge Base for WoT

Supplied By Evgenii Bryl'    On Oct. 16, 2016    Comments(155)

FREE Knowledge Base for WoT version9.8 Download

Knowledge base for "World of Tanks" game.

This application is NOT a development of Application is made in accordance with Wargaming Developer Partner Program rules:

Detailed information on the tanks of all nations. Detailed parameters of chassis, radios, engines, turrets and guns, compatible equipment and consumables. Includes data of premium and gift tanks.

Maps, battle achievements and skills information.

Data is based on WoT version

Application doesn't require internet access, works offline.
Required security permissions are necessary for the functioning of advertising.

Legal notice. The images contained within are copyrighted by Wargaming.Net LLP and tank stats are intellectual property of Wargaming.Net : Copyright © ®, All rights reserved. World of Tanks, WoT are trademarks or registered trademarks of

Evgenii Bryl' part of our Books & Reference and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Oct. 16, 2016. Google play rating is 95.6434. Current verison is 9.8. Actual size 548.0 MB.

What's new

    - data updated to game version 0.9.16
    - bugfixes
Download knowledge-base-for-wot.apk 548.0 MB


A WOT player must have! A great app with all the info a WOT player would need!

Unfortunately Knowledge base for wot has stopped The app is good, it has something like Armor inspector from dream farm games and it updates frequently but it closes unexpectedly....

Awesome A MUST HAVE for WOT players!

Awesome Very helpful! Keep it up!

Excellent info Great app for learning and researching WOT tanks. Some info is duplicated but it's all there

Great app Crashes at times. Reason for the lack of 5 stars

Tanker Very helpful for every WOT player

Very useful Cole's notes for WoT

Nice app I like the app. Very useful. U can compare guns and armor easily.

Its nice love this app.

Must app for WoT players!

Needs to cover 360 version

Missions included! Yey!

really great app

Absolutely phenominal

Useful Nice one

Hit zone 3d view not working Ever since last update, when opening the hit-zonesection for any tank, I get the 3d model with no skin what-so-ever - the 3d model simply look very, with no skin applied to it. (It can be turned around as usual)

Graphical errors found. I love this app but...the new French tanks and the other HD models are just grey for me...can ya maybe fix that?...anyways love the app...but please fix it.

Little review Fantastic app, very useful for WoT players ; regulary updated and easy to use. Great job, guys !

which is true? Previous version say that crew who have BiA CAN make engine horsepower LARGER.This current verion say that CANT.Primary skill should effect parameters ,isnt it?

Add option to select shader mode pls

Nice work, I am a very big lover for anything from Russia and this application contains very good info about the excellent tanks of Russia,thanks to the developers for this nice application. Recent update made all the hit zones display grey shadow of tank, where is the actual previous hit zones????!!!!!!!.

The best Wot app ever This is a really good app, it even has something similar to tank inspector. Ll of the information is current and up to date.

Great help Helps out when researching tanks and information on those tanks

Wow Im amazed at the amount of content this app has. It has everything... you name it... it has it ... and more!!!

Great app but problem found I love this app it is very useful but the Cromwell B has a winter camo in the summer camo category

Hit Zone graphics error I run this on two devices, both have gray models for hit zones. Fine before this last update.

Great app for world of tanks players

The BEST! Obvious dedication from the developer,the detail is superb,updates always follow the actual game update! Wot more can u ask 4? Brilliant!

Unreal Very informative

Please add xbox 360 packages I might be asking for alot but could you put xbox 360 stuff as an option?And bring back the huge amount of history it used to have?that was always really entertaining.Ohh and for some reason the historical description is written twice.

Great help I love WWII tanks and things and this is really up my ally, and i do play world of tanks. This app helped me with things i wouldn't even have known about, such as how much the skills actually do to help. This app is great, i just wish it had xbox 360 information as well, not just the computer version.

Amazing! Now, I don't play WOT, but I know that this a very helpful app. I'm kind of a nerd when it comes to WWI/WWII era tanks , so this is really good with that!

An awesome app Great for comparing different tanks and finding weak spots in enemy tanks. If only it could somehow sync with your account and give you immediate feedback on your battle and such, but overall, a great app and very useful!

IMO, one of the best tools available for WoT players This app has a very cool feature that I haven't seen anywhere else, and I don't know why the developer doesn't make a bigger deal of it. It's called Armor Piercer view and it's the easiest way to figure out whether tank A can penetrate and damage tank B from a given angle. It gives you a 3D model of the tank overlayed with a color map that shows the probability of penetration given a shooting tank/gun/ammo combination. The colors get updated dynamically based on the angle as you rotate the model. I've used screenshots of this view several times to show members of my clan where to shoot when they complain they just can't pen that pesky tank.

Liked it This is a great app it gives me problem downloading on wifi, but mobile data works. This app is more then helpful for quick in game lookups. This app is a must have!!!

Very good,but can you add make a World of Tank Blitz version?I would highly appreciate it.

Galaxy Note 3 I enjoy reading the history and the layout of your app it gives me lots of information on the tanks. I have world of tanks on Xbox 360 it's great game to play. Thank you

Very useful Very handy. The 3d armor views are slick. Comparison view is a little unnecessarily wide, which means more scrolling than should be required. Minor issue though

Graphical errors fixed finally. Thank you for finally fixing the errors!...p.s. Best knowledge base on the app market.

Best wot app This app helped me a lot when playing wot and with its info that helped me know more about tanks and maps ATC.

Yess Wow am amazed how much this app has helped me play world of tanks it is so useful

Can u make for wot blitz, this app would be more fantastic

Great work I would like to see a knowledge base for world of warplanes and world of warships when you have time

Very useful Has all the information needed and helps your game alot.

Amazing! All I need from an app for wot and more! Every tank with a description is mind blowing! Just a few more pros and cons for the tanks that don't Pls!

Very useful database This app is a good database to find information on WoT. I use it to check some tank values and information. I like it and recommend it.

The most useful WoT app ever!

I like the part that you can compare the tank statistics and the information on the tanks weak point.

WOT knowledge center I mostiy use the tank assistant.

Amazing app! Being the only android owning player in my group of friends I find even my friends that are veterans of tanks asking me whether they can pen a tank or where its weak points are etc. This app has helped me use so many of my tanks so much more effectively and kept me calm and calculating when the poop hits the fan. Recommend to all players pc and xbox

Love it so much better than I thought it could be. I'm on it many times a day. Really helps picking next line or tank to grind. Sweetness

Useful Very helpful. Easy to follow

Amazing It's a great app for giving information on all tanks

Great app for Players Great app for doing research on tanks and game play.

Awesome Perfect world of tanks app. Better than WOT assistant

Very useful app

Perfect app Best wot app you could ask for

Great! The best app for WoT

Loved it It is very useful.

Awesome This is a must have for WOT players who want to better themselves.

Very informative and useful. I love this app. It has all the information I need for WoT and it's easy to use. There are no bugs that I've noticed. The only real issue is that some of the textures for the "Appearance" section of a tank are not very good, but it shows the structure of the tank accurately. Love this app :D

Really Great App It has all the information that you need as a World of Tanks player.

Its a great WoT app! Its pretty awesome but I wish you can have an option for the Xbox 360/One editions and see the tanks from the app.

It's a good app, I play the Xbox 360 version of the game, but everything still applies (for the most part) it gives you the fundamentals of each tank and a little history. And what you're going to working towards in a tech tree. The brief map descriptions are good as well.

Great ! If your a buff of online tanking , specifically World Of Tanks this app is a must have and a no brainer . Apart from the fact that it teaches about the history of the tanks up to about Korea it gives you info on the weakspots on all the tanks , armor , how the amor changes with tank position to bounce shots and so on . If you don't have this app believe me when I say your behind all those who do have it .

Just amazing This app is just amazing. It's not just that you can see weakspots etc. It also gives you a preview of what tank you are going to get and how you are going to play it. Good job you really deserve 5 stars. ;-)

Mostly good For the most part the app is great. However many of the tanks need better renders and many are missing the hit zones option.

Very informative Armor detail does not show overall effectiveness of sloped armor. Just armor thickness but that's OK.

One off the best apps ever Best app ever to go with one off the best games ever .... Keep the good work up 10 out off 10

Handy app Very useful and helpful for aspiring tankers and vets alike.

hmm In the paid version, of course, u can not apply camo to some of the tanks (e.g. Bulldog). no error, it just doesn't apply the camo. The solution is to switch to any other app and then switch back.

Its good and useful Could i suggest which will boost my rating 2 things? On maps should have if clicked on best routes and spots for each tank type some infomation on how to play on spicific maps depending on tank type and the second is maybe haveing a list of suggested and/or best equipment/skill for each tank alot of new comers would love this info hope u reply thank you

100% best app for WOT lovers This is the best app ive seen so far for wot, it tells you all the info about your tank that u would ever want to know so ya if i love wot download this and support them to unlock some small but usefull features

Very Useful For a beginner in wot it is a knowledge to know all kinds of Tanks for comparison to other tank.

Very good app for world of tank gamer. Pls do the same app for world of Warship

Armor pen wrong Apps as that your armor is red,won't pen but guess what it always seems to

Great app So useful, even for a console wot player. Nice job!

paid once for all devices? i'd like to pay for the app,but is it still available on another device with the same google account?

Best app for wot

Great If it wasn't paid for it would be absolutely perfect but I understand why. Good job guys! :D

Was really looking for a console related app but this is still very useful and informative though a little outdated. Overall a great app.

Awesome app Very detailed in many aspects. Downfall is that it only pertains to PC. I would very much like to see an update(or standalone version) which covers the Xbox 360/one versions. Also outdated; newer premium tanks from all tech trees and awards/ribbons and skills/perks are not included. Once these are done easily the most comprehensive WoT reference guide and easily 5 stars.

Amazing app This is a wonderfully useful app, I remember back when all the features were free (no premium subscription) but I found myself at no trouble in donating to support such useful app. I did rate 4/5 due that most tanks still not have full descriptions (pros/cons, also a performance section like in the wiki would be great). Please fill in those things for all the tanks and I would be happy to give 5 stars and even donate more! Keep it up!

Awesome but... Why do I need to pay for certain, arbitrary bonuses like what a tank looks like with camouflage. The touch screen controls need balancing (when viewing a 3D model) as they seem too sensitive. It also needs more flow when viewing the armour profile.

Great Help! Very awesome app that's easy to use, Has all the information you could need. Also has many different armour models and tank vs tank penetrator models that are very helpful! When I'm in the middle of a game and can't find where to penetrate something, I look it up real quick, its fast and easy to do it. Love this app!!

Very useful I use this mostly for studying weak spots on tanks in Blitz. The hitzone feature has helped me increase dmg caused by knowing where to hit for most effect, just wish it was available for all tanks. The piercer feature is great for studying higher tier tanks comparing them to what's in my garage. Overall, great app. Second wish, would really like a WoTBlitz version since that is what I play the most.

Great Great thanks. I was using wot inspector the new upgrade was smashed. It ruined my life. Nah not really but it is sadness

Top notch WoT app...must have Love what you have done for us. Any way you can convert this over to console? Some details are wrong due to their constant buffing

Used to be good When I first downloaded this app it was good. Nite there just making all the features I liked using "pro-functions" that you have to pay for. This app is terrible now

Great app! So easy to pull up any wot info I need. I love the armor models. Would highly recommend for any tanker. Wish you could enlarge maps, but other than that it's perfect!

Pro version Would be 5 stars but I purchased pro and didn't unlock the pro options. It just asks me to pay again!

Needs improvement The armor piercer for most vehicles shows incorrect or inaccurate information. The app is too income hungry. Pick either ads or subscribtion to make money from!

Awsome When ever your playing the PC or even Xbox and you need to see anything about the tanks this IS the app to have. :)

Nice Tool Helps a lot. BTW O-I ammo rack is on the side of the tank near the front hull under the mini turrent

Great companion app Helps with the research on tanks, especially premiums, to find out if that is really what you want before you buy it.

Awesome Helps so much when u just need to find that week spot on a T26E4 Super Pershing :)

Very good I don't use all the features, but i use the armor penetrator all the time. It's a good jump start for new users. One thing that would be useful, is if there could be more description on how the premium tanks are earned, I've had to search the Web several times to find this information. Overall, very good app.

Cant Fault it Amazing detail on every tank, even on parameters you cant find in the in-game garage.

Great app. Lots of free features! Only con is it doesn't grind tanks for me.

Great App Well done, really useful and full of great detail.

Beat app for world of tank lovers Great app shows all you need to know for each tank

Great till it cost money Great little app and very informative until the useful features became "premium only".

Pay wall It use to be a great app, now it is just filled with "pay walls" just so you can zoom in on a map. Nothing but a lame *** cash grab if you ask me

Great all around app What more could you ask for? Tells you all you need to know

Great app - has most tanks This app works well, is full featured, and is easy to use. It's still missing the data from several tanks I own and play against, but most are there. It would be nice to have a 'console tanks' option that filters the tanks based upon the platform on which you play.

Looked super useful. Got it. Well turns out you have to pay. Awesome. not.

Great What to say, every wot player should use this app

Just paid for the small token n gain much info on wot game. But still need to put more details in the tank description and some more links to u tube video

Excellent app Like this app alot kinda wish there was an xbox version but hey that's a nit pick getting jealous of what I see the pc has! for sheer detail and scope it's fab looks great easy to use brilliant

Armor pen wrong Apps says that your armor is red,won't pen but guess what it always seems to and I have played many battles with his tank

hmm U messed in 3D display something. It's slow and glitchy now a lot! The paid version, of course, u can not apply camo to some of the tanks (e.g. Bulldog). no error, it just doesn't apply the camo. The solution is to switch to any other app and then switch back.

Great When ever I'm having a hard time penetrating a tank, I drive away and look at this up for a general idea of where to shoot. But usually I am able to pen 95% of what I shoot

A great knowledge base

Use it for blitz But it still has accurate stats, better than others.

Would love a console version

Great App Has pretty much all the info you would want. Amazing learning tool when your bored outside the game. I've learn most of the weak points on tanks from just casually browsing.

Really great I like the fact that I can see the armor and what it is at every angle and stuff. You have to pay for some stuff but its not too big of a deal. What i wish was that the crew and tank components were a bit easier to see. They are small and on some tanks, you cant see the fuel. It would also be helpful if you could see the chance of hitting and destroying engines and crew members and all that. And add the camo factor for the tanks. I know the obj 416 has a high camo factor but i want to compare it to others

Really good Can you make a knowledge base for wows too please?

Very helpful I play WoT Blitz and this beta still helps a lot

The Most Comprehensive and Up-to-date Resource The author has gone to great lengths to ensure you have everything you could want to know at your fingertips.

Very good All the important infor.ations about wot easily accessible

Best world of tanks app out there

Good idea Loved this app helped me when I wasn't near my PC

By far the best

siomay very good

Database for world of tanks Essential for anyone that plays wot, no matter which platform you play , pc, xbox one, playstation, this has everything that you need to know in order to be more than cannon fodder in the game. Learn your enemies weak spots, plot ambush points on the maps, tech tree, all tanks descriptions, weak points, strong points, its all there.

Still worth it. Some say it is not worth it now with paying for some features. It is still the best app for WoT.

Better than armor viewer This has everything armor viewer has,and more,plus unlike armor viewer,You get to see what the actuall tank looks like,it's gun selection,description of the vehicle,and it's pros and cons,as well as in game maps.

Best Im just started playing wot and this is a relly big help

Good, but... Lots of good information. A good portion of the paid stuff is unnecessary for most users. Much information can be used in Blitz as well. I wish there was a version for that as well. Maybe?

Its constantly stopping App isn't running right it stops .

WATCH OUT Just what I been looking for. You better get a wet ammo rack, or safe stowage cause now I know exactly where you hide your ammo. All you endangered species wannabe tankers. I'm looking forward to seeing your turret flying high in the sky. I have your one way ticket back to the garage. So don't worry about this app, I've already claimed it. See you on the Battlefield. blasterman101

Great App *bug* Has pretty much all the info you would want. Amazing learning tool when your bored outside the game. I've learn most of the weak points on tanks from just casually browsing. (Think there is a bug with the armor piecer, it doesn't properly take into account the angle when shooting thru tracks)

Great for its purpose, and FREE! Great app, helps me study my opposite tanks that I usually have difficulties killing during battle. I study it while at work wasting my employers money so it's even better. I mainly got it to kill those damn Russian tanks with basically no weak spots...

U messed in 3D display something. It's slow and glitchy now a lot! The paid version, of course, u can not apply camo to some of the tanks (e.g. Bulldog). no error, it just doesn't apply the camo. The solution is to switch to any other app and then switch back.

Very useful and accurate I downloaded it because I wanted to know the ammo rack locations on a few tanks. After I figured them out I was going to uninstall but decided to keep it in case I needed to look something up. No regrets. This app is very useful and I use it almost every day.

I have paid for it and it worked but has now stopped and says I have problem with connection

Shows your achieved personal missions and what you have to do for the next! Yey!

How to war I dont anderstend how to play

Rubbish Won't allow me to open on phone

Where is the hit zone option ?

My thoughts Very useful and helped alot

best tankopedia with 3d model it's great knowledge.

Much Knowledge 10/10 would Ammorack again.

loved it Very useful for WOT players...

Useful But if I buy something it dont work

Great Really helpful. Has very useful info on many tanks. Unfortunately about a quarter of the tank descriptions leave a lot out. But otherwise great data on a lot of the game and features.

Fantastic It's very helpful and is responsible for my 3 m.o.e.!

I love it This app has a ton of information and it really helps alot to learn all the tank weak spots and all of that...

Very useful Could you add in crew information? Like how many crew members that take to run the vehicle without having to go into hanger? And show how many Crew members it takes when you use the compare feature in it that would be something I really would like to have saves time. Other then that this is a very halpful app oh and also some of the tanks "hit zones" are missing could you get on that? The T 44 100 in particular I keep getting critically hit all the time in it and I have no idea why....

Love the app but not the payment methed. I wouldn't have minded paying for camos 3d maps and stuff but not all the stuff in the hanger ,it is a good app just a very poor choice to add a paywall of which I had to go through in order to really use the app and everything use to be free like it is when you browse everywhere else on the internet just saying it doesn't make any sense. :-\

Best app for world of tanks info