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Insave-Download for Instagram

Supplied By RILEY CILLIAN    On Sept. 20, 2016    Comments(164)

FREE Insave-Download for Instagram version2.1.3 Download

Save for instagram will save ANY photo or video from Instagram.

Just login and you'll be able to download from your news feed, popular page, or any Instagram user (as long as you're following them or their profile is public)

Save for instagram will save the pictures or videos in full HD quality to your camera roll.

Browse and download one at a time, or use the bulk downloader.

RILEY CILLIAN part of our Photography and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Sept. 20, 2016. Google play rating is 85.5448. Current verison is 2.1.3. Actual size 6.5 MB.

What's new

    Fixed login issues.
Download insave-download-for-instagram.apk 6.5 MB


Works Great I was going crazy trying to find the links I had saved from Photos I liked on Instagram. This App put an end to that! I really love it when something works the way it says it will, don't you?

Awesome application.. Please dont let this app die, after xposed module left development i was in search of a new downloader n after 2-3months i found this n i couldn't be more excited..

Works nicely I like, I just wish it wouldn't start my time line over. It would be 5 stars if it would return me to the same spot

Love it This app is amazing. No log in just click paste and click that easy.

It doesn't ask you about your account you don't need to give your mail or your password, and that's great!

? Would be 5 stars if there's a way that i can copy photos/videos at one time thenpaste it all together well that would be awesome! ???

This app is really good it's not like the other where it has the advertisement at the bottom it's just straight & clean ??

Great job I really thanks to insave :-) keep it up, u were work greatly :-)

Why just 4 stars I rated the app just 4 stars, because I used it just for 3 times and I LOVE IT :)

good this app no have pasword or username it's just save picture and video i like it

I am so happy 150 percent This is the first time I am reviewing a product. After downloading over five different apps.. Insave saved me from the headache. it's Simply the best... I so much love it... kissseeeesssssssssss guys and we'll done

Great! I was scared it wouldn't work but it works great! Only thing is is the size once it's downloaded.

Goodjob My phone old samsung. So far work it. Help me to save all my fave video. Brilliant!

Love it!! Enable download in background plz.. Will give u 5 strz ...

So far so good I've been using it to save a few photos and repost some stuff and they work great without having to log in inside the app.

Awesome I found that whenever i see a god video i automaticly open this app...??

How? How do you copy the URL while in app??? I cry everytim ???

Finally works again! Thanks for fixing the problem. Now to get rid of the ads!!

It was ok at first... At first it was great. Worked perfectly. Then, one day, it stopped working. "Unfortunately Insave stopped working." Is what it said.

Suits my needs Just needed a simple downloading tool for instagram and this app serves the purpose...

IT DOESNT WORK Is not the as good as it was 1 month ago. It says that the link couldn't been loaded. I should try later. And it still doesnt work. Please fix it

Insave Apps Perfect..and I never have any issues or videos playing out of sequence with the voice like other apps. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

LUV IT !!! it works fine for me....THE APP I WAS LOOKING FOR

Easy to use awesome app ! So easy to use, and no login require, love it.

Good job No login required, this is what I wanted.

Help I need help with how to work this app! Before anything they should've showed u how to use the app so therefore this is why im rating this 1 star anyone know how to work it?

Absolutely perfect I really love this app. Thanks for make easy to save any public pictures and videos. If the pictures as a private i can save by the screenshot :D

Problem solved. Now it's working perfect. Thank you so much for fixing it.

Love it so far better than having to do it the old skool way and take screenshots of the pics I like and want to repost and having to go through the whole process of cropping them and everything. INSAVE just seems to save time and time is precious.

Its a good app The only problem is that you can only save photos and videos one after the other...thought you will be able to mark and save at once

Not bad Some time write force close and goes out from app

I actually want to repost but it doesn't work the sound is annoying its not the real sound please fix

Good! I can download pictures and videos from IG

Simple use no BS !! Awesome app so simple to use, and no data required, 5 stars !!

Awesome app Best app for saving & posting instagram videos by far!

Best Instagram Saving App Saves high quality pictures and really long-lasting.

Works great now Thank you for fixing the problem!

Insave very useful I love it thanks for having an app like this no hassle at all for my note 3

Its okay but not a 5-star app Sometimes unstable and crashes. Maybe a future update will fix the bugs. An annoyance is the constant pop-up when launched requesting 5 stars.

How wonder! It drove me crazy when couldn't find the way to download. Test the app and really like it. Great job!

Good app I had troubles locating the url but it thought me how to. I love it

LOVE THIS SO MUCH! I love this app!!! Now I don't need to screenshot the pics on IG and I can get the original size! Thank u!! Plus I can also download the videos without credit links to owner! Haha! I love it!

Doesn't work... Instagram does not function like this anymore. ....I can't copy URL's just not working....

It's ok It runs smoothly and all but when I post, it makes it sound like a higher pitch and it buffers for other users. Please fix this problem.

Love it!! Enable download in background plz.. Will give u 5 strz ...n sometimes video unable to download. fix!

Good job Not all pic cant copy the url. Maybe its private

Samsung galaxy tab 3... Seriously brilliant application! #realtalk

Good But in Repost, can't show the user. Please Fix this.. i'll give 5 star :) Thanks

Do not download. This app like random photos in your name This app automatically like photos without your concern. It's a rogue app that uses your account to like photos that you're not seeing. Stay away.

Useful little app Although it crashed on the first time, everything works stable and does what it promises. Nice and easy to use interface as well!

BRILL BUT BEWARE! The app itself is brilliant... so far the best one yet because you can batch download and what not and you dont need a insta link... BUT im getting loads of random pictures being liked what i aint liked so it is abit of a P!$$ take because theres no need for it... and its definately the app because ive read another guys comment with the exact same issue...

Good ? Its a great app for saving Instagram photos but not all the photos I liked that I would want to download can be seen, I hope you do something about that. Nevertheless keep up the good work!

Within 5 minutes of opening after dl It just sits at the login w your info entered like okay lets steal your identity & waste your time for five entire minutes and still not open in the background while you type up this review cause you not about to use this free app.

awsome it's really good , but there's a problem it adds 2 photos or more I didn't like it in my likes

SO SLOW! I've always searched for a fast downloader but I still haven't find one?

Love it! I really love this app. It would be 5 stars if it kept unlimited likes until I was able to view the page & save the pics I want. Overall, it's an excellent app & is one of my faves by far.

Ads are annoying Whats up with this new version? Old one was kinda better because it didn't take me days to log in ( this one kept making errors) now these irritating ads keep popping up.. Either way it's the easiest app to use compared to other instasavers

Beware #hate this uninstalled this app likes pics from your account and you can't repost pics normally fails bad experience!

I love it It can't be better than this nice one guys, good job

Randomly likes images on your behalf I was quite pleased with this app UNTIL I discovered that it was liking random images without my knowledge or consent. This is completely unacceptable and scary, especially since I was using this app for both my personal and business Instagram accounts. Will be uninstalling now. Beware!!!

Makes You Like Random Pics This app always makes me like random pictures of accounts I don't know. also puts borders around any non square picture.

GREAT Batch download is a great option! --- Why suddenly appeared photos as liked that I didn't like?

hacked my account? I found a lot of photos that i didn't clicked "like" on my "Posted You've Liked".

Not working I have been using insave for awhile and has been working great but then I went to use it one day and it won't load my news feed or recent likes I've even tried logging out and uninstalling and still won't work

Great but Beware As some of the other reviews said the app is great easy to use, I like that you can batch down load and also share to other apps like Pinterest etc... However I have a big problem with this app like g photos I have never liked 1 and 2 following instragrammers that I never selected to follow... That's some scary stuff that you all need to fix asap

The best! Only app that actually let me save all my videos without any problems. Everything else wouldn't let me or I had to do a bunch of stuff. Thank you to this app everybody use this one!

Nice It's not difficult to work with. Just like a photo, go to the app, and download it. I use this too much.

Rouge app This apps likes a bunch of pictures that I dint like using my account not install

This is it! The app we've all been waiting for! It even supports multiple downloads at a time! Great job guys!

Good servise I lost most of the pictures on my phone and I used this app to get some of them back

Download Tagged Pictures It would be really cool if you could see someone's tagged pictures

View other profiles in app Add an ability to view following people pages and download some images/videos.

Works Works. Would like to have list view in addition to gallery view and clicking @s in image captions to go to profiles but otherwise golden. No need to copy links over like other insta savers.

ITS AMAZING I download so many pictures and its so easy to do so, I realllllyyyy recommend this app if you would like to download/save pictures you like. Its organized and errgghh

Likes Random Posts Every time I open the app and check post that I've liked, random Posts would show up. Uninstalled.

Can't log in It won't let me log in. I can write my username and password but won't let me login. Even my friend tried her username and password, it still doesn't work.

Insave It's a great app and it helps me to get more pictures for my fan accounts

At first, I thought it was great. Download went fine. Log in was painless. But then I noticed that the app had liked some pictures. The app itself works great for what it says it does. 5 stars for that. But I deleted it because I don't want random things being liked. It's up to you

AMAZING!! BY FAR... This is so good!! Also the pictures arent blurry or anything!! But after a while they make you rate it... ? Its still a really good app.. Especailly if you have a fandom account on Instagram!

Amazing Does exactly what its meant to do, if you know what i mean... :)

Spam, ROUGE APP WARNING! ? When you log into this app with your Instagram info it automatically starts liking random people's photos. Up to 30 photos a day, and the content isn't what I would want other people that I know seeing me like. I didn't even personally like it either, but I did spend about an hour unliking other people's pictures that I didn't know. Only made it back about a week, and I noticed a trend that a lot of those photos have the same number of likes. Weird. Shut it down, kill it with fire, this app is TERRIBLE.

Keeps on liking random posts that I never care to even press like on. Uninstalling. ?

Easy to use Select multiple pic at same time which u like and download with single click

It's okay Does what it's suppose to do but! The app likes random pictures on your behalf!!

Pop up Ads and random photo likes There are ads that now pop ... This didn't always happen and the app roams IG and likes all kinds of crazy pics that you are not aware of... Awful... It used to be simpler.

What the hell is this I love this apo..but never thought this app made me liked random pic I've nver liked..wth.. uninstall..I've change my password more than 10

Privacy violation It does what it does. But it has a privacy violation too. If you keep it logged in and leave it, uknowingly it likes random pictures of random accounts. Which is clearly a privacy violation. Be careful guys.

Good Very good but the picture quality is so bad..but its very easy to use it...i love it..

Used to love it. Not really liking the new insave. The old insave was great. The new insave is good, but I still prefer the old insave. Can you please bring back the setting menu, where we can set whether the pictures will be downloaded as a png or jpeg?? Because I usually chose png. And also, for the likes tab, it doesnt show too many pictures, I mean, can you make it just like how we can see the post that we've liked for a week(s) ago on ig?? Hope you'll consider my feedback, and bring it on the next update. Thank you :)

Scary It was brilliant but then it started liking random pics. After about a month of using it, i was hacked!

Hijacks your account This app uses your account to automatically like photos without you even knowing about it. They do not state this anywhere in the description of the app, or within the app at all. Completely unknown to you. Other than that the app works great. But seriously, seriously shady.

Force rating This app forces u to rate it 5 stars and it will just like many of the content that u didn't liked urself......crap the developers.....fix it and u shall get 5 stars

Does the job. Would be nice to have a "select all" button but other than that does exactly what it says on the tin.

BEST APP EVER Thx guys u made best app for ever the cool part is Batch save That u can Save Multiple videos And Pictures Once ???

Amazing I can easily download my pictures easily great app!

Cool app Altho it likes other pictures on your behalf it does however allow you to download unlimited pictures from IG, so the end does justify the means

Always crashes I don't know whats going on but whenever open the app it crashes in my zenfone 2 ze551ml... Please resolve... And I'll give 5 stars

If it ain't broke don't break it. Originally loved the app. But ever since this new update I can't even open it for 3 seconds without it force closing on me. The older version worked just fine I'm really not sure what brought on this drastic new look, deletion of features (from what I read in other reviews), and overall faulty design because the app can't even run. Hopefully this gets resolved soon, because I really did love this app and would have no problem reinstating my original 5 stars if these issues were fixed.

Doesn't work AT ALL I downloaded it three times and restarted my phone, but I haven't even been able to use it because it force closes every time I open it. Big oops moment needs to be fixed ASAP

Don't work...and waste of Internet data ? Firstly I was happy to read the reviews of this application, but when I get installed it,it don't work. 10000000000 times I have opened it,but I don't open and says "Unfortunately, Insave stopped working". ??? Suggest you all to download, "INSTAGRAB".. it's a very good application.

Doesn't work It stoped ten times when I tried to download one photo. Uninstalled immediately.

Not working. Every time I try to open it, it loads, the screen goes black, and it says that insave has stopped working. I uninstalled, then installed it, and it still will not work. I'll put all stars if it gets fixed.

Horrible after the update I own a Android and on my phone I cannot copy the video links... so I have no use for this app. This app was better before the update.

Too time consuming to be of use No batch save anymore. Each photo has to be painstakingly saved using tedious copy/paste method. Has annoying ads too.

Acting up Omfg I was working soooo good then idk what happened it just ended up saying"insave has stopped"like wtf please fix

NEVER EVEN TURNED ON I just downloaded this thing.. and it literally never turned on and I never even got to try it.

Love it butttt It keeps saying insta save is not working right now please fix, or I'll report a complaint

HORRIBLE This used to be the best app then It turned to one of those stupid copy and paste apps! Absolutely stupid!

Not working I update this app bc i thought it will fix log in issues but then whenver i open this app it stop working. Please fix this

Absolutely greedy and annoying use of ads. Getting full screen ads every 30secs almost. Not acceptable. GTFO my mobile, ad cancer

Do not download - unable to save multiple photos! Previously loved it. It was quick and efficient, now awful.

Update is not working ..... Logged me out itself and now i am unable to sign in no matter how many times i try to sign in and now it's force closing .

Fix this please When i open it says insave unfortunately stopped, whats the matter? Fix it for 5stars pls am waiting for ur reply

Update is Horrible Old version was great. New version totally reeks!

Force Closes. InstaSave Much Better Ok app before update. After update, never used because it won't open. Uninstalling

What happened? At first I couldn't log in anymore. Then I updated and now it says it stopped working?

Insave stopped working It is showing the msg that unfortunately the app has stopped working, I can't open this app pls solve the issue...

Horrible I like this app but to to too many problems won't let me run the app , every time try to open the app it shuts down and ask to report the problem and when I do try to report it does not give an option to send ??????

Crashes all tye time (zenfone 2) This app crashes everytime.... I used another alternative....

Easy to save pics, but crashes abit App works as expected, but crashes frequently

New version has a problem?....when I open it says insave has stopped....please solve the problem...thanks.☺

Video saver? Nope. I tried to open it several times on my ZTE Xmax phone by Andriod and it crashed everytime. Even tried restarting my phone. Didn't work.

Force Close This app is automatically force close everytime I opened. Please fix it!

Doesn't work I try to get in and it kicks me out

Horrible The app won't even open it just stops.

Amazing Its perfect for downloading green screens and music and stuff. You can also save the videos straight to ur device, Or You can repost with no silly watermark

Worst app ever made Its pathetic .....

Unusable? It would be the best but it crashes every time i try and use it...

Stop Updated to v.2.1.1 but still can't open it. Click to open but it always stopping. Please fix it soon.

Stopped I can't open the app... Says insave has stopped

Not working I love it. But after update, insave has stopped

Bring back the old insave This new update doesnt save anything please bring back the old one

Hate This It acts slow asf.

Missold The new version no longer has the built in browser and batch save functionality. It has been reduced to the usual share post and download app. The plus side is that the images are still saved using original Instagram _n.jpg filenames and maximum quality.

Needs work & no batch save feature Needs work in the file saving dept. I would like to name my own image I save thank you. Most of the others have this option. Important to know what it is that you're saving.

Crash crash crash Don't work everyttime paste url and it crash

Too much adds Other apps are way better.this is total waste of time

Too many ads

Great tool.

Easy to use! Good interface!

I love this application.

Download problem The older version was fine.Now downloading gets more tougher and it does not working.After following the instruction and copying the url it forcely stops when trying to download.The previous version has a login problem also.I can't use this app for 3 or 4 months.Before that it was my favourate app.Please fix this problem.

Bad update It is totaly changed.. Old version you can download multiple pic & vid, but now you have to copy share url for each one.. Get old one... And try to remove ads.. If you want money just make it paid app

Sucks. This app used to be my fav android app. Words cannot describe how much I hate this new update. I was me patient through the "crash problem" This is disappointing.

Meh Its not amazing, but not horrible. After about the second time I used it, it would keep crashing. Blargh. I don't recommend this one.

? I give u one more star bc the quality of the photos/videos but there's too many advertise it's really made me sick, really annoying, do something about it please ?

There was a feature in the older version where you could share the video directly from the app to apps such as whatsapp, now you can only repost it to ig , if there is a way to do that please clarify for 5 stars, thanks

Super Useful I LOVE THIS APP!!! Its Super Useful And This Was The Only App I Found That Worked For Insta

Every time I try to repost or even download, the app completely shuts down; I can't do anything other than copy the share URL

Help Batch save is not working for me i need it to save my liked posts

Not Impressed Prefer the previous edition where you batch save and more.

I love it! It actually works! And it's super easy to use! I love this app so much!!

Bad update why change app?it is so bad

Freezes and closes I keep trying to save the video and it constantly freezes and closes up- I'm going to delete this app

I downloaded photos from Instagram and then the next day there weren't in my gallery anymore. U should fix that...

Crashing Used to work fine but when you paste a link it immediately crashes

New update entirely a mess...shutsdown once i try to download

Cool! There are times where app runs slow but overall it's good.

BC ..who maked this app It doesn't work.....fully wastage of data as well as time....BC maker of this app.

Easy to use Does all its expected to do.

Sucks Old version much more easier

does not work.. No URL to copy as discribed. and even with URL present. it crashes

Bruhh It use to be better before now its ass

Batch save removed