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GPS Status

Supplied By Pizza Entertainment    On April 23, 2016    Comments(94)

FREE GPS Status version3.0.4 Download

GPS Status is Essential, efficient and lightweight. It will not take more than 800k of memory. It's designed and developed with performance and efficiency in mind.

GPS Status also works without internet connection. (location share functionality might be limited)

GPS Status shows:
✔ unused/used satellites;
✔ speed (km/h or mph);
✔ altitude (meters or feet);
✔ accuracy (meteres or feet);
✔ latitude, longitude both in decimal and degrees format.

It also features a magnetic compass and the ability to share your current location with your friends or social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

You may also decide to share your current location via SMS, Hangouts or any other instant messaging app such as Whatsapp or Telegram.

The very new feature of the newly released version is a bookmark section that lets you quickly review all your pinned location. Every bookmark will also come with a small arrow pointing toward that point.

Possible usages are:
✔ save your parking spot and find it later;
✔ save a good photo place;
✔ measure aerial space between two or more points

Known problems and solutions
The compass may move too fast or inconsistently. While this may be a bug of GPS Status, it has been proven many times to be a calibration issue. In order to properly calibrate your compass you should hold your phone one-handed and then move and twist your hand to virtually draw an 8 (eight).

Pizza Entertainment part of our Tools and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update April 23, 2016. Google play rating is 81.302. Current verison is 3.0.4. Actual size 1.7 MB. Download gps-simple-1.apk 1.7 MB


Finally a simple app Does exactly what I want it to on the Tab 2 and Tab 4. All I wanted was to get Lat. and Long. without WiFi but by GPS only. The LG G2 doesn't have GPS capability so, so much for that. I had a roadside thing this weekend, and gave Lat. and Long. from my Garmin to find me, and fortunately the tow driver understood and used it to find me.

Never gets loc. On my Samsung Droid Charge, all I get with this application is a compass. Never gets a location, speed, etc. No idea what the problem is.

Fixed GPS problem on my Samsung Galaxy Ace With this software I got GPS signal in 15-20 sec instead of 15 min! Thanks to the developer.

This app gives accurate readings. I put it next to my Garman to compare and they were within a few feet of each other.

Gps-Simple This app is a must for your own peace of mind. Last week I needed urgent medical assistance on a remote and unfamiliar road. My android phone did not give me the longitude and latitude coordinates that the ambulance crew asked me for. It delayed them getting to me and put me at greater risk because it took ages for me to explain and for them to understand where I was. Ask me for my coordinates today and you have them in the blinking of an eye! Brilliant!

Works on my Nexus 7; does NOT work on my Samsung Galaxy SIII phone It works fine on my Google Nexus 7 - shows the direction, coordinates, and so on. On my Samsung Galaxy SIII, all it seems to be able to do is show compass direction - the coordinates never change from 0.0000, 0.0000. If the creator can get it working for the phone, it would be a good app. The compass display is quite intuitive, and the level of accuracy on the Nexus 7 (within 9 meters), is acceptable for my needs. But I'm a lot more likely to have my phone on me than my Nexus, so the poor performance on the phone is a big negative.

Have been looking for app JUST like this since i got the phone. Fantastic job on this :-D

Good app, I do wish there was a setting to automatically turn on GPS when app started instead of it asking every time

Compass couldn't make It's mind up. Only accurate to 8m! Don't bother.

Pretty accurate for a cell phone gps solution. I would give 5 stars if it had a log feature built in to save where I have been with custom labels. EVO

Samsung GT-S5830i Great app allows me to email/Facebook my GPS coords. Thank you

Well Done The app does exactly as described. Not even so much as a twitch.

It was a great tool for me to use to be able to test my phones GPS offline. Why pay for a data plan to use your GPS when you get for free anyways!

Doesn't work - won't show coordinates I have several GPS utilities running on my Captivate, they all show where I am. I loaded this application, set it to run and the lat/long display stayed stuck at all 00000.

Works great on Samsung Galaxy. The Share button makes it easy for friends to check out cool and new hangouts I visit.

Very good app! A brilliant alternative to gpsTest. The compass point display lets you see quickly and easily if you are in range of gps satellites.

Just wanted a simple fast app to check gps status. This does exactly that. Works well, no FC. Thanks.

Simple and effective Good simple app that gives you just what you need. Location and status of the satellites is also helpful

GPS fest I don't know if the app is supposed to fix the GP S but it fixed mine, which had been dead for weeks.

Simplicity is a virtue I go back to this when I need to confirm basic facts; status, position etc.

Tested HTC INC #1 v2.3.4 Works like a charm on v2.3.4 (required a reinstall). I would only suggest to NOT ALLOW to automate GPS. Click NO and peep the SETTINGS window.

Just wanted to know my EXACT latitude and longitude. Sure 'nuf gave me what I was looking for.

Motorola Atrix So far so good. Working better then the GPS Booster I had downloaded. The true test is when I go to work and walk into the building...fingers crossed!

It is fast I just got this application. I haven't got to use it, but I have played with it.

? Seems to be accurate but what are the little boxes with numbers in them? No explanation found.

Excellent Just what i was looking for, a simple app to give me gps coordinates with the option to email them to myself or friend.

Awesome app guys, was wanting a basic app to pinpoint lat and long :-D

Very cool, works without sky access. Not as accurate as real gps, but close for tagging photos

Once I loaded it, found it wasn't that great. Coordinates slow to load. Now I can't delete it. Why?

works as advertised I use this app for work and it seems to work just fine. Great tool.

Simply Perfect Thank you, Andrea. I have been searching for a simple GPS application. I don't know why application developers think they have to make everything complicated these days. Just because an application CAN do something else does not mean that it NEEDS to. I didn't want pictures, videos, chat sessions, or advertisements. I simply wanted a GPS reader. I'm thankful that there are still developers like you who can stop developing when they have met their objectives. A simple GPS device - nothing more. Perfect! Thank you!

The compass points 180 degrees from the proper direction on landscape mode in xperia x10. Works fine on portrait mode. Pls fix. Prev versions ok

simple but great it does exactly what I need looks great works great, no complicated options. love it

Simple & quick Perfect for what I need it for to just get a quick GPS fix and then store that location without needing an internet connection.

Does what I need, find lat and long. Sharing feature is a nice plus.

Cool But its like a block off. Not very accurate on Motorola atrix :(

Shows lat and lon clearly with a compass that is easy to see. Great app

Rescue Me This could be a great tool if your are really lost.

Excellent tool Simple and clean - no clutter or fluff. Very informative for curious people like me, and could be invaluable if I ever need raw coordinates.

this application does not work on my imx515 ..

Does not show attitude, the rest is just fine

Good I reserve one star because sometimes the apps is just annoying. When you really want to use it the coordinate won't come up. Please try n work on that n you get my 5 star. U re guys re simply the best

Rubbish on a Samsung tab pro 90 deg off at the compass, says I am 6 m. below sea level and I am on 53 metrs

Used it exploring new hunting areas. This marks the spot!!

The icons for bookmarks and others are barely visible. I never new about the bookmark feature until i read about it. Please make icons bold or more visible

Anything that won't shut off without reading Pos won't shut off without rating ok hated it don't have time

Annoying Cannot be shut without rating the app. Disturbing! Won't recommend to anyone.

It's a Gud app but need to be updated. Kip it up

Cool app Very useful.

Seems to work Upgraded phone and loaded this instead of what was on other phone. Seems to work well.

Wonderful Its easy to use thanks

Won't match my garmin coordinates, may be because this has a broader location area

Jeff lied easy to use

Engr. It's ok

really cool app!

Easy to use Very simple app.

Simple and easy-to-use

It works very well

Works but have to rate it

Pilot Working as advertised.

Why do you want call ID? Linking GPS info with phone number collected from this app is a bad, bad thing.

Ye Really nice

Good as far

Easy to use! Great app

Very good. Easy to use.

Compass off by ~45• Tried many times to calibrate using figure 8 motion but it makes no difference. North points almost due West. Update: Now that I've rated it, it is closer to spot on. Speed 0 ✔, altitude ✔, lat/long ✔. Will see if maintains to add stars.

Mudassar khan So nice app i would like this app

Awesome It s Gud app..

Do not spam using notifications I got a Facebook page notification of android from this app, this is never acceptable

Spamming ad notifications is not cool Initially, the app worked fine and kept quiet. Now, it has started putting up ads in notifications. That is never ok.

Spam Uninstalled due to its Android notification it sent. I don't tolerate spam.

GPS app Very good

Averege Easy to use

Plz improve it's not working properly.

The compass design gives a outdated feel to the app, you should add a quick fix calibration feature also.. I hope you can bring out an update in material design or similar.. I decided to stay with GPS Fix by Andev for now.

Worst This is the worst application ever. Every 30 sec to 1 min there comes a pop up to rate the app. If we don't rate it, the app closes

Great. Love to clock my spouse's speed while she's driving. Have also use the compass both work great.

In-app ads or pay to remove ads are ok, but ads in notification area is not acceptable!

Great app Very fast and easy. Now if it could measure distance from point A to point B. Then we would have to give it 6 stars!

Slow to locate and update longitude, latitudes

Not showing my location properly?,help me out very quickly please?

Didn't work at all

Nice gps Does what it says in the description, which is all you can ask for.

It can't read

Great GPS application Handy all purpose GPS app.

Useful check on the gps on my phone thanks!

Good APP The app is fast

Annoying "rate us" dialogue

Diana June heard274@Gmailcom She have this on my tab

Good APP The app is fast

Nice Good job. However please update.

Believe It Better than others