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zilch free (dice game)

Supplied By simboly.    On Sept. 23, 2011    Comments(64)

FREE zilch free (dice game) version2.0.3 Download

Based on Dice 10000:

- Shake sensor
- 3 levels of difficulty
- Global highscore
- 2-4 player at one phone
- english, german, chinese, italian, french, japanese, spanish

simboly. part of our Casual and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update Sept. 23, 2011. Google play rating is 86.513. Current verison is 2.0.3. Actual size 1.3 MB. Download zilch-free-dice-game.apk 1.3 MB


Cant play anymore Loved playing on my evo, but can't play on galaxy note 2, I get a screen resolution error. Hope they can fix it.

Great game, but no longer works Great game, but no longer works. Won't open...says "screen resolution not supported". Haven't played in awhile so not sure when that changed...VZW Galaxy Nexus

Zilch on Samsung Galaxy 3 Was a 4+ on my Htc Desire Totally brilliant game. Truly addictive, once started difficult to put back down. But not supported on Galaxy 3 so hence 1star. Buzzzrock

Nice Cool game, love the fact you can go from easy to hard, to bad you can not change the dice colour.

Screen res not supported Upgraded to Galaxy Nexus. Says screen resolution is not supported when I try to open app. Sad :(

Screen Res Still Not Supported When I try to open it on my EVO 3D, it says "screen resolution not supported, please contact support." Five stars again when fixed.

Not supported on S3 Was my favorite until I upgraded to a S3. Now resolution not supported very sad please fix

Great game Please fix the resolutions on this game so that can it be played on my tablet, note2 and on Samsung 3. The only thing it plays on is the lg viper.

CPU wins about 7 out of 10 Does anyone else have the issue where the cpu will roll whatever it needs to beat you? Ex. I roll 2500, then the cpu rolls 2550 immediately to catch up and just pass me. This happens all the time. Once I rolled 4700 in a turn and it then rolled 5000. It just doesn't seem very random sometimes.

Love it Too bad it wont work on my phone. GalaxyS3 or S5. It says "screen resolution not supported" wtf man? I love this game and cant play it anymore. Fix please for 5 stars.

Good- but CPU cheats Good on easy and medium levels. CPU cheats on hard level- carries over a 'used' die to the next round (ie roll 2x5 or 2x1 saves only 1 die as opposed to two), but strangely doesn't with you. Developers claim there no cheating but you can see it yourself- which is disappointing cos otherwise great game.

Totally addicting! Very fun I love the option to steal. I'm hooked after 1 game. 5 stars if could move it to my SD card. Had to uninstall for lack of space.

Wish I could play it! I have my new phone & its saying the screen wont support it... What! Really update this game already! These new phones have great screen res. Now all we need is this game updated so we all can play. I miss it. I played it all the time with my mom that has past away, it is nice to play again.

Ok game Love the game but I swear the computer cheats. And would be nice to be able to play online.

Blue eyes Screen resolution not supported on my new motorola droid razor. How can this be? I upgrade my phone and now i cant play anymore? Bummer

Zilch, good game This is a very simple, very playable game. I really like the shake feature. Would be good we some customization features, like alternate scoring, but it doesn't take up much space so that's a good thing.

What's going on someone explain I ran this through android 2.3on the inspire loved it know I have 4.02 kernel wich is way better. Why won't it play my resolution??? Please fix 5 stars to no stars because I can't play can somebody explain this madness I'll pay for a version that is compatible. This game is perfect for trains planes any spare time. Well it was Computer yahtzee addictive!

Stacie Love this game I played it all the time with mother & my kids.but would like to be able to beat com.it seems like when u get a great roll like 2700 the com gets 2900. & should. have an automatic option so u dont have to touch dice sometimes it rolls when I dont want too. also maybe colored dice would be great .so please fix these problems.then this game would be 5 plus

Screen Resolution not supported... Seriously Come on update this for my note 3 please. Excellent game and the second time I've tried to open it in 8 months and still nothing!

*SCREEN RESOLUTION NOT SUPPORTED* That's what it says when I just downloaded it to my Droid 3. That sucks! Is anyone else having the same problem? Frustrating! Looks like I'm uninstalling now. Please fix it so I can reinstall Zilch. Great game, great fun, BUT NOT on my Droid 3 now!

Fun only 3 stars though Fun game but, definitely cheats. Only 3 stars. Dev needs to make the cheating less obvious or just don't cheat at all. Still a decent time waster. Update, game still very much cheats. Gives the big point rolls to itself. I still play but get mad every time.

Love this game I enjoy playing it.. and shaking the phone makes it feel real

Screen resolution My screen resolution is not supported? I have a brand new android phone. Fix so I can play and you'll get five stars. This is my favorite game!

Screen resolution isn't supported major error plz fix, Please fix asap!!! "Screen resolution not supported." I used to love this game, had many of my friends &family members download it too.worked perfect w/my touch 4g. Now upgraded my phone to Samsung galaxy s3 and get this horrible screen resolutions notsupported.please fix miss badly

Can't play it. I have a Samsung galaxy s5 and it just get the error message it can't load, what crap is this??

ZILCH Always loved this game in the traditional style with real dice. Zilch does a wonderful job of recreating the experience on my android. I have a severely out dated phone (Samsung galaxy s2 skyrocket) and it performs perfectly. My only suggestion would be to make it harder!! Everything else aside, F**king love it!!

Screen resolution not supported Droid4 - Please fix! I really liked this game on my old Droid ..

Unfortunate I enjoyed this game but after a recent update it no longer works, it states it won't open due to a resolution problem. My rating has since decreased.

cpu cheats Now screen resolution nit supported on my Galaxy Tab 7.Plus... cmon keep up guys !!!! good game but cpu cheats big time... rolls too many high rolls again and again and takes the fun out of the game. should also be an option to cancel the 'continue roll' !

Screen resolution not supported Galaxy Mega .. screen resolution not supported contact support ... please fix this problem. I like this game and want to play it.

What happened?! My fiance had this game in his old phone and it was fun and almost thrilling, but now it just beats the heck out of you. You literally have no chance at all. Uninstalling right now. Very disappointed.

Fix Please Still won't work on Motorola xoom I've wrote y'all before please fix will not work on Motorola xoom very dissapointed I give zilch till it works on xoom

I hate that I cannot play this game anymore it is so addictive and I love it please fix this game how can I get ahold of customer service to get this game fix someone out there please help me

A treat for the eyes! I wanted an app I could use for training and improving my strategies. Alas I have reason to believe the dice throws are not by all coincidental -- why else would it include multiple difficulty settings? Development also stopped in 2011 and mail address is not valid.

Not working I had this game on my Droid X and it worked perfectly but just got a new Android (Droid Razor Maxx) and unable to play. The message reads that my screen resolution does not support the game. Please fix this as I love the game.

Fun! This game is fun and addictive, a good time waster, but the CPU sometimes makes miracle comeback rolls scoring massive points to win the game that can't possibly be completely random. Still worth the download. Works great on my HTC Evo Shift!

Doesn't work anymore Since I've gotten my new phone this game refuses to work. I played this game constantly before it stopped working. Please make it work again!

Can't open Used to love playing zilch on my droid. Wont open on my galaxy s 3. Great game when it works.

Still not working on s3 Updated review. People please flag this app at the bottom of its Page e-mail Google about this app not working and the fact they don't answer any emails at all which is always suspicious and why so many permissions required for such a simple app are they some sort of scam or spy app Loved this until I upgraded to the s3 months ago now can't open just says screen resolution not supported please fix then back to 3 stars not 5 due to the no developer support they don't evan answer the simplest emails.

Fun This game is cool for killing time or when your bored.

Sad face! It does not support Samsung s3 but it will a g2 I love to play this game but don't like that I found out I can't play it on s3 can u fix that problem it won't even work on my note 4 like 4 to 5 yrs later can u plz fix if u guys do it would be a five star I now play farkel live an I love it

Screen Res Not SUpported - Please Fix! GREAT Game I love this version of 10,000 or Farkle or what ever you call it. I now have a Droid Razr Maxx and it's giving me the "Screen Resolution not supported" message. Please fix! I've tried a half-dozen of the other versions of the game, and this one is the closest to what we used to play. Thanks! -- Tim

Ok I like this game and decided to try out the app. It's not bad, but but the game definitely favors the computer. It constantly gets good rolls, while I find I often zilch on the second or third roll. Every time I reach 10,000 first, the computer somehow manages to get thousands of points on the final roll and wins. Uninstalling soon if this doesn't get fixed.

Fun game, but No high-res support The computer doesnt cheat. You can continue the computer's roll (if there is anything to get out of it), and get whopping points. Pay attention to what the computer does. You are able to do the same things. High-res update will get 5 stars.

Screen resolution Game play is a 5*, but unexplained updates are ridiculous = 3*; more updates with no channel log...why..2 stars; 1 star; upgraded to GSIII & resolution not supported. Uninstall. Have loved this game

Suggestion Everything works great, however its geared for the CPU to win. The way I've always been taught to play is if you utilize all six dice, you must roll again at least once, you cannot stand on that score. Would appreciate it if this would be updated to the options menu.

High resolution needed Fun! I love stuff you shake. Multiplayer option is great, used it to entertain waiting at restaurant. Sprint Hero / This was a favorite of mine. So sad that the resolution isn't supported on my Galaxy Nexus 4.0.4

Screen Resolution Error Get that screen resolution error away, we now it's bullshit, screen can be scaled the way the programmer want. And I'm on Nexus 4, it should be supported any way or another.

Not happy now "Screen resolution not supported" on Droid Razr. My review two years ago: I love this game!! It is solid, never crashes like most free apps. Might reconsider 5 stars again if this is resolved.

Good timekiller EDIT!!.............. SCREEN RESOLUTION NOT SUPPORTED. It's a shame......................... Nice game play, tough to see dice "at a glance" but the counters help. More options like needing a 1000 or 500 to start and change winning score

Not supported Used to play this game on my Droid 2, was my favorite game on there. Now I got a galaxy S3 and it doesn't support my phone resolution. Pleeaassee fix! 3 stars cause it's a fun game but if this gets fixed its 5 stars easy

Zilch resolution Until u fix resolution problem u receive a fat "0". Due to the fact unable to play the game. Unfortunatley it forces me to place 1 star for u to receive rating. Until then consider this game deleted

Terrible cpu. You turn it on hard and it constantly rolls 2k+ rolls over and over. Meanwhile your own rolls stacking 3+ sets won't even go over 2k 99% of the time. Making the cpu smarter should simply make better decisions...not give it better rolls. Instantly rolling 2k-4k rolls is just fuckin stupid.

Great Time Killer Its actually really fun.. I don't quite understand the scoring rules of the game yet but I've only played 1 round and this is my 1st Zilch experience.

Could be better The game is fun,however if you roll 3 or 4 of any number then roll again an get 2 more of that same number it dose not count why? Most games of dice when you roll the same numbers they also count. Is there any up grades to this game? 4 stars for a waste of time!

Cheater This game is fun to play until it decides to cheat. I can see how playing with friends would be fun, but playing solo the cumputer has unbelieveable luck. You can be ahead by 3000 points and the computer gets back to back rolls of over 1000 point. It wouldnt be a problem if it was random once and awhile but its not. I love the game but it gets to be to much after awhile.

This is my favorite game!! I can sit and play for hours. Too bad we dont get to earn achievements! The game would be even more amazing. K.K. Texas

Used to love Went to reinstall in my droid RAZR m and it says screen resolution error. Disappointed. I lived this game. So addictive and fun. I hope it gets fixed - although I see several pleas just like this for other devices.....off to find a new game

PLEASE FIX MY FAVORITE GAME This is the ONLY version of 10,000/Farkle that I actually enjoy. Now I'm getting the screen resolution not supported error. This was a game I played throughout the day every day. I miss it! PLEASE fix it.

Screen resolution Not compatible with Sony xperia S? Use to be a great game, now just sucks. No updates. Or care from developer. Shame.

Fix the screen resolution problem On my old phone it worked and I enjoyed it a lot even with my friends. Now on my new Huawei P9 it doesn't work.. Please fix this problem, thanks.

Like dumb dice, with a twist. Just like my grandmother and I used to play in okc those hot summers as a kid.

HTC screen res error Guess I'll have to use my hand to do something other than you know what

Five stars, in theory. One star, in practice. LOVED this addictive game on my galaxy s2 but says "screen resolution not supported" on my s3, so it won't play. S3 has been out a long time and STILL NOT fixed. What a senseless and tragic loss. Please fix....before I upgrade to the s5!