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Sandbox: Strategy & Tactics

Supplied By HeroCraft Ltd    On Oct. 31, 2016    Comments(189)

FREE Sandbox: Strategy & Tactics version1.0.30 Download

Sandbox is the unlimited sequel to our Strategy & Tactics: World War II. We've abandoned historical restrictions and turn limits making your task deceptively simple - take command of any European army and lead it to victory in World War 2.

You can recreate the actual politics of the era - or not. For instance, as Great Britain you could side with the USSR to crush Germany - or you could disable the historical alliances and lead America to conquer Europe...
Random events like guerrilla movements, landing operations, and voluntary recalls will ensure endless replayability and the uniqueness of each game session. You’ll be making your own history!

WW2: Sandbox. Strategy & Tactics – war is coming!

• Accurate maps of Europe and Asia with over 950 regions

• 4 types of ship: Battleship, Cruiser, Submarine, Destroyer

• 39 playable countries

• Will you use infantry, aircraft, artillery, and armored vehicles? You choose how to bring the enemy to their knees!

• You decide how to spend the resources from the conquered territories: will you grow your army or boost R&D?


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HeroCraft Ltd part of our Strategy and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Oct. 31, 2016. Google play rating is 79.2842. Current verison is 1.0.30. Actual size 48.0 MB.

What's new

    - Minor bug fixes
Download ww2-sandbox-strategy-tactics.apk 48.0 MB


Bining I bined warzone invasion beta to my fb now when I try it to unlock diamond mine it says already bined but won't unlock then comes up with an error message please help

Misleading deal Was playing this game happily for weeks until an ad came up for what I believe to be the full version of this game for .99¢ but when I downloaded the new version it was an entirely different game from this with basically the exact same name. I am extremely upset and will let the people I told to download this game today to uninstall. You really should specify it isn't the "sandbox" version, I know I won't be spending any money on this game now.

Game is actually rather good. Too many ads that drain battery and slow app. Every screen pops up a new ad, have to wait to make sure to avoid unintentional click through. I really do enjoy the game though!

Really like it! I love this game, except that it sometimes crashes and the "skip turn" takes a long time, which is understandable. The only problem is is that so many features must be purchased.

Very impressive Im usually not a strategy fan but this game is definitely worth playing. I have only two problems. First the skip turn takes a while which i definitely understand why. The other is the huge toll it has on my battery. Other than that it is fantastic.

Great This game is awesome but to buy the full version is a little let down, but maybe you can make it free for a day for the people who love it but can't buy it.

Great game! This is a very fun game. Even when I complete the objective, sometimes I finish the war. Cool. FourS for two reasons. A) Interimmitenly freezes (I can understand why though, it has to process a lot). B) WAY too much to play as GB or Germany. I might buy for .99. Even if you could somehow fix the freezing I would give five. Great job anyways though, awesome.

USED TO BE AWESOME BUT... Every since I got the stupid update the adds are absolutely out of control. They used to be only when I pressed pause or when I was at the menu (annoying but not hampering play, and necessary for free version support but ) Now they're fricken minute!!!! When its pause, when its not paused, when I'm ordering reinforcements, when I attack, when I speed up turns, and even WHEN ITS LOADING (FYI it hampers loading GREATLY AND even lags out and I'm not talking about when the year is 1953 and theirs a lot of units on the map!!!) Its no longer a joy to play and I will refuse to play till those adds are put under control!! Please fix and I'll will continue play and getting my friends to play as well. Sincerely yours, Yuri

Definitely 5 stars! The game is not perfect, but pretty close. First the bad points. It is hard on the battery. Enemy turns take a while, even when skipped. Those bad things are not going to take away from a 5 star rating though. I have been playing war simulations for 40 years, and this is the first that is both easy to play, and yet so in-depth. Your first game takes a few minutes to learn. But the entire system is so incredibly detailed. It is nice to play a game for hours and be so wrapped up in it that you don't want to put it down. AWESOME!

Some crashes There are some problems like it keeps crashing. It worked before but now when i activate it it just asks do you want sound and then it crashes. Please get rid of that glitch

Best Grand Strategy for Mobile This game is fantastic, I've been looking for a long time for a game similar to the hearts of iron series on the computer and this is as close to perfect as it gets. It's very in depth and fun. I haven't seen any ads like some users have said. But, I have noticed it is slow when ending turns BUT that's normal and expected if anything. Personally with my experience on the HTC 816 it runs great and does not use too much battery. I highly recommend this to everyone.

Too slow I mean i get why when you end your turn it takes for ever, i mean it has a huge amount of calculation to do, but I can't help but be bothered by it. It too big a game for a mobile phone, it would be an excelent game if it were moved onto the pc. The maps are way to bug and thats why there are way too many calculations.

Great game but I'm still trying to learn this game oh btw. When i skip and pressed again it's getting slow

Great game Game is good, the ads that randomly appear mid screen are beyond annoying. End up clicking it on accident everytime. Without these, 4 stars.

Good job like the game but It just kicks me out after I have it for a week so I just uninstall it then reinstall it good job makers you could also make it so belarus and Ukraine are countrys I am ukrainian so hopfully you do that

Very nice game but how about other wars and eras? The best strategy game for mobile so far. But some challenges are extremely difficult even imposible. It'll be great if you make new modern era mod for the game or even earlier eras,medival to modern as long you keep the game play and won't change it like other great games that got ruined. Waiting for the next game.

Next update Make upgrading easier, it's difficult to get your head around. Other than that the game is amazing

This game is awesome... But it would be tons more fun if you could negotiate and sign treaties with other countries.

Noooo Can't play game. When I play it forces me out ..please fix I rate 5 stars

Detailed but not overly so Just the right amount of selectable features. Not sure when some of the upgrades would come into play with in app purchases (purchases not needed to play and enjoy though). First game took a little over an hour to play and I can see a lot of repeatability.

Good wargame Great start with mechanics. Would be great with diplomacy. Research needs to be expanded. Terrain factor is important - areas with forests, hills, mountains, rivers, marshes for defense. Moves should be simultaneous. Manpower limits and maintenance costs for forces. This has the potential to compete with hearts of iron.

Laaag Takes long time for my DROID Maxx to play game w/o stutters/framedrops

Top Title this is 1 of the top titles from IOS and should be given more cedit then what it has right now, i also would like if you guys made it a free full game so other people can enjoy all the countries immediately. This game definetly has the ability to compete with major pc games if you make it world wide or something like that. Along with Diplomacy. If you do make it with world wide then make it so the worlds cut into sections like europe, the americas, and asia. Make it a button to go from one area to the next

Good Game The theory of the game is great. The pay to play is a huge drag. Also the tutorial teaches you to fight, but not how to use the technology tree. The diplomacy of the game is also not very good, you can't go through your allies land and when they take it back from the common foe it isn't liberated which I think should happen. Also I think your personal objective should be labeled with somthing other than the cross (which should indicate what you need to defend) The game is shaping up well from my last review keep it up!

Only wish it was a little faster between turns. Otherwise a fun game.

Sandbox: Strategy and Tactics You guys are the best people ever.

Really? makes game about world war two, forgets half the war leaves australia and new Zealand out...

Neat game, but... ...it gets crashy if you wanna play on after having completed the goals...thus only 3 stars. Because it IS a show stopper. I am sure you guys will be able to fix this bug. ;)

It's like axis and allies very well put together I wish they would make a pacific version.

Super fun!! I play as Italy all the time.

Cool game But... The turns take so long :|, and secondly, there's so many adds, the paid version don't have ads, but I'm still rating this 5 Stars :D - Connor

Good game bu too many ads There was less ads before and it doesn't bothered me much , but now way to many ads, even in the shortest mission countless ads and often you cannot avoid the ads and you get out the game and redirected.... , so annoying it's forcing you to buy remove ads, please do less ads, I know you guys need money but, it kills the joy of playing this wonderful game

Great game While the ai needs great improvement it is great and will only get better.

Message to herocraft ltd. Please allow multiplayer.Also the skipping is pretty long.Add more maps and also make a special mode for creating your map, countries and alliances.Thank you for the good job!!!

Great!! But Improve The Sound Effects and like a way to tell where are my other troops

Computer Turns Are Too Long I can't even take my turn because when I skip the computer turn it takes as long as it would without the skip. Please fix this. I would like to play this game. Until it's fixed, I'm uninstalling this game.

Nice How about adding the ANZAC in because they were part of WW2.

So far so good. Really enjoying this strategy game. It has a lot of depth and numerous possibilities which means you can spend hours on this easily. I would like to see minor improvements in the tutorial it doesn't tell us much about research/tech upgrades. Also the journal which catalogues the moves each turn needs some work. It should tell us which country did what rather than which province was just attacked. Finally when tapping on the reports from the journal, the province should be highlighted on the map.

Awesome I love this game its so good ?

Great game Would give 5 stars because this is a great game, but today I received a notification on launch stating that HD graphics was available for my device and asked if I wanted to download, I said yes, now when I launch I get to the screen asking for sound or not, and it doesn't matter which I select, but the app crashes. Please fix guys, you have a great game that I love playing HTC6500LVW

Excellent game play but some complaints I love this game. The gameplay is smooth and every round is fresh with a new and interesting twist. However, I am annoyed by the ads. Every time I go to buy reinforcements or pause the game, an ad pops up. I am a rapid player and I rapidly make selections, so every time the ad pops up, I inadvertently click on it. As a buyer of both the World War 2 version and the USA vs USSR, I would like to receive free advertising removal without having to spend more than the ten dollars or so I already have paid.

Awesome but.. I'm in love with this game it's amazing. the only thing I think could be fixed is that I noticed that when I was playing I noted that France sided with the axis powers. I was wondering if let's say I'm England and I want to join the axis powers if I can and how. if not then I think it would be a good idea to add that in.

Game has incredible slow down I'm not sure if it's just my phone, but I enjoy this game immensely on my tablet, but on my phone the game runs so slow. I hope it gets fixed, I'd love to enjoy the game more.

Wish you don't need to unlock all countries to get to Asia bit and all country's should be free to make it a better game would of gave it 5 stars

Great game but it does have issues I love the game but it has constantly been erroring out and now the app opens up and then shuts down right away. This happened before but normally the next update fixes it. I synced it with my Google play and deleted the app and reinstalled but all of my progress is lost now but the app works now. Wtf

I love it It is just so fun I love WWII type games but this takes the cake

Good A suggestion for this app is that you can make peace treaties with countries.

Worst game ever it crashes every time I upgrade or switch turn or move units....the ads are right in the middle of critical information....hated the experience

Doesn't work Uninstalling, tried loading several times. ...not worth the time

Awsome game!!

I loved it Its a really, really, really great game !!!

Lose all your in app purchases Addictive fun game BUT, if you over write a save game where you've spent 7quid in research, its gone for good with no warning!!! Please fix or refund this rip off!!!! Research did not transfer to the next save!!

A suggestion I think it would be cool to add an editor feature; you can add nations of your own and customise their objectives, armies and land owned to make for some gameplay that you decide on from the very start. I know a lot of people would misuse this feature to add 12 tanks on every capital but as an experience d player I would appreciate the extra challenges I could create myself on my terms.

Its Frustrating when near maxed out infantry gets beat by infantry with no upgrades just because the enemy has 1 more infantry same goes with all the other units besides a good game. And turn wifi off for no ads

Awesome! As a big fan of Axis & Allies this is great for me. Thank you for the sandbox. One thing that is strange is that after I lost a battle for the first time (having won several previously) the layout of the reinforcements window and attack window changed.

Love the game but it is WAY toon laggy. I try opening my satchel or skipping an enemies turn and the games crashes.

Crashes incessantly Crashes all the time including more than half of load game attempts. Dont waste your money until they fix it.

Annoying but fun There are so many adverts! Both full page and banners that hide crucial info. Also skip turn takes ages to do And so much pay to win.

Like Risk on steroids... This game is great. The issues others have mentioned (freezing and skips taking too long) are all understandable as there is a huge amount of data being processed. The ads are annoying but the game needs to make money somehow. The gameplay is challenging but easy to learn. Keep up the good work!

DO NOT INSTALL!! Thanks idiots for making a game that crashed my phone and nearly messed it up. NEVER insall this game!! Other games yoi guys make are good but this one is the worst. I loved it at first but aftet my phone unable to do certain things i wouldn't recommend it to anyone

Intense Very deep and requires a lot of planning and management, lots of fun and you could potentially make a game last hours. It seems slow paced but if you make a single mistake it can seriously cost you a few turns down the road, and rising up as a small country to dominate is rewarding. Overall a fantastic game, my only issues seem to be lags and glitches, it tends to freeze until your next turn every now and then.

Bugs or hustle The premise of the game is great. A little laggy at times, but, for free, no sweat, same goes for the advertising overload. That said. It does crash and freeze your phone at times. My biggest complaint is the game mechanics make no sense. I have better trained more refreshed soldiers rendered useless or getting beat by inferior troops, my airforce as well. My upgraded planes are useless against the enemy but the enemy blows me literally off the map. No sense, no fun. Me thinks it's a hustle for more $. ?

Pretty good Pretty fun, not the best but not the worst strategy like this I have played. To me it's pretty addictive, but it's a drain on the battery. I have the LG G3 and works pretty good, but if the screen times out and I don't revive it quickly the game will crash and I lose a little progress. The ads are very annoying and will pop up very quickly without warning leading to misclicks and diverted links. Other than that not too bad.

Love the app I really enjoyed the game but the thing that annoys me the most is when I accidently skip my turn. Considering that a single turn can set you back quite a while, imagine the few to numerous turns over the course of the game. It would be great if you added a small pop up to confirm a turn skip.

Great game Add Diplomatic like over alliance to the countries and declare war

Crap crap crap Cant save the game when exiting and when you do all game progress is lost Plus can't ask for alliance with other forces as no option but the other countries have alliances. Its a very stupid version this Sandbox compared to the original version which is at least 4 out 5 times better than this 1/2 point game version. Sad.

Death by Ads Game seemed fun but I literally could not make sense of the tutorial due to all the pop up ads. Too bad. It looked cool.

Good game It's a great game! Could you guys maybe fix the issue were the longer u play as 1 country the more it crashes, if so then this would be a spectacular game! Also is there a way to join an alliance in game cause I've seen the AI do it and was wondering if I could?

Updated Review Still love this game, ads are not a problem. 2 things, you can make a small purchase, I suggest the Asia map and the save slots, less than 5 bucks, no more adds then, and it feels like a complete game after that. I do get issues occasionally when I try to upload save data, but its just a minor hiccup. Wonderful game, multiplayer even just offline would be the best! If you can make it happen devs ;)

Really fun but wow ads This game really is awesome, it does have a few setbacks though first is the ads, now I know it's free and so I would expect some ads, but banner ads as well as pop up ads AND popup video ads sometimes the ads get blocked by other ads thats crazy too many ads. Outside of that it does crash occasionally, though I understand that dev team is aware, it also feels really laggy at times.

Amazing game so addictive as well I went on it at half7 and got of it at 1 in the morning and didn't know where the time went best game I've downloaded

Adds kill game I understand advertising but 70+ easy each game you play kills the game experience. Was5* now don't bother to download

Bad game. Requires too many in game purchases to enjoy the whole app for ridiculous amounts of cash and there are too many ads. The game play is buggy and not that fun as well.

This is a great game but it's unplayable Great game, really great, but freezes so often that it's completely unplayable. If fixed I will give 5 stars. Also I should note that the freezing occurs randomly on the players turn and I have cleared my RAM and nothing else is running on my phone other than the system basics.

Ads are really annoying So I really enjoy this game. I'm have a lot of fun with it. But the ads get frustrating. If they weren't constant it wouldn't be a problem. Tone it done on the ads & it is more enjoyable

Crashes I played it for a while when it was the older versions, but the newer versions keep crashing before I can start a new game, or play a saved game.

Have mutiplayer and diplomacy Have severs as well. picture the amount of roleplayers, consider it!

Great game but.. The ads can be game breaking. I don't mind adds, but they pop up inconsistently, without warning, and more often then not I click the add having meant to click a unit and it opens up the app store and crashes the game. The game is also relatively easy for the strategy game veteran, just lengthy. My first play through I managed to conquer the entire map. Granted it took me all weekend, but still. The mission system is tedious, requiring dozens of play throughs with each country, leading to extremely repetitive game play, I should be able to complete more than one objective on one game. I could nearly close my eyes for the first three or four turns of the game and be winning, because I know without a doubt what I need to do and how the AI will respond. The alliance system is broken and non existent, there is no reason that the UK should be bombing Russia as they push in on Germany, and Yugoslavia isn't exactly a very useful ally. You can't move troops through an allied countries territory, making it so that an allied country can be more in the way and harmful than useful. Other than that, it's a fun addicting strategy game with plenty of redeeming qualities.

Interesting, but Crippled From the limited play I was able to have, this game seems very good. The graphics are nice, the AI feels competent, and the overall concept is well developed. However, the ads cripple the free version. I understand the point of ads, and the banner ads are fine. But the non-bypassable video ads come very frequently (seems like one every minute) and are too much. If you want this game, you need to buy it.

Very good, However..... I enjoyed this game greatly. However I have some suggestions: 1. Let players join or make alliances, (this should be extreme hard, but achievable) 2. Have a reason to go to war (Love the whole, conquer whatever, but it seems neutral countries always get wiped out, simply unreasonable in the historical context) 3. Maybe a World Wide Map? (You guys have Europe, East Asia, North Africa, Parts of the Middle East, and most of USA and Mexico, do the rest of the world! Have 1 big world wide map! With each nation!)

Was unplayable without removing ads, but it's worth the $2. The game is fun overall, keep the updates coming. Maybe add a dig in mode where the units will defend better but won't be able to move until after 1 turn out of dig in mode.

Addicted. Can't pull myself away from the game. Even the constant ads don't discourage me from playing this amazing game. It is rather disappointing when the game eventually slows down and break down when you reach 1945 in-game. Despite this, constant objective unlocks will keep you busy. Suggestions: A True Sandbox mode where you can choose your own alliance, and maybe set the alliance of other countries, for custom scenarios. Aircraft carriers, carry fighters to get them close to the battle, if you are far away.

Cracking game but multiple bad bits I love this game but what's stopping me from buying it? The ads can be avoided if there is no Internet connection, so that isn't bad. Interface is slow to react to touch, your allies don't allow you to cross their path like France and UK (normandy!!!!) or Norway and Denmark (this is the biggest issue by far). Causes a nightmare. Also at what point does Russia and the allied forces NOT ATTACK EACH OTHER!! The game crashes very often.

So far so good. It's a good project for my opinion , not much lag, no ads. A good time consuming game, but isn't perfect. Well done!

My favorite game app by far (on tab S) Works fine on my Galaxy Tab S but out of 60 apps on my Galaxy Tab S2 it's the only one that doesn't open (immediately crashes). The devs wanted me to send detailed logs to them and maybe fix it. Guess what, on my neighbors tab s2 it doesn't work either! Really wish you guys could fix this in an update, it's almost a year now :-(

Basically Unplayable. This game is awful. The UI is terrible, it's overly complex with little explanation. It's hard to understand what's going on. Adding one of has some awful mechanics making it generally unplayable and a great waste of space.

Sold out to ads This is a ad scam! Free game my as* every 30 second it freezes 30 more seconds then minutes of ads covering the screen finally let's u play again for 30 more seconds then ads all over again! You guys are sell outs, this should be named the ads app bc that's all it is. Pure sorry in it's prime. I'm reporting this app as a ad scam this app maker needs to be shot for doing this, go to he*l and take this app with u..... u know ads within reasonable timing would be ok,but this is insane

I would pay for this game if you .. Make a to purchase version please! Turn base is awesome! But these ads interrupting ever other turn is absolutely annoying! So unfortunately i have to uninstall

Almost unplayable due to ads FFS! If you do virtually anything but look at your screen it takes you to an ad, sometimes two. The game is good and naturally takes a long time to play but the never ending ads means it takes three times as long as it should. It also periodically shuts down just to interrupt the game flow even more. I understand its a free game and as such we expect ads but this many??? I'd love to give a better score and review but i can't.

Sandboxww2 I like it,interesting game .Bit easy but still a game that will keep you coming back for more .Shame you need to pay to open up asia map,not campaign through to it.However , if i finish all the other battles ,i wiil probably fork out the $10 ...

Can't stop playing I love the game but I found one small problem: after paying to unlock Germany all other payable unlocks disappeared so now I can't upgrade the game any further...

WTF !!! ADS EVERY 10 SECONDS This is the worst game ever !!! U can't do anything as there are groulling full-screen advertisements and videos every 8/10 seconds

Too many ads.. Want to click on pause? Immediatly a 30 sec ad starts, click resume? Another one starts.. otherwise it would have been a 5 star game for me.. rip.

I really want to see a game that is like this, but you can play any country in the world. That would be so cool.

I Love The Game I Love The Game From Actions Inside Like Uprisings And small army's joining you. 1 problem too many frequent adds I will be enjoying it and then it will stop for an add

Advertisements! I love this game but there's something that prevents me from playing it's the amount of ads I can't play the game with more than 1 minute without any ads!

Great Strategy Game, With a Few Errors I'm absolutely in love with this game and how fun it is to play. This is the only strategy game on the Play Store I actually like. There are some errors, though. First, there is no battle report for naval combat, and second, I can't unlock Germany from Pack 2 of the European nations. Is this deliberately set so I have to buy Pack 2 and the others, or can I unlock Germany by playing enough objectives? I don't wish to pay the full price for the pack only to get a single nation.

App removed, ads are overkill yes its a free game, some ads are okay. this game however has far too many ads which are very demanding on your devices hardware. The Developers should consider adjusting the amount of advertisments. These are not ads, they are spam! I wont pay $2 if I cannot give the game a decent try, do to advertiving overload. you like ads with brief game play? than this is your game, download today!

Commercial after commercial Seemed like it might be a fun game. But didn't get that far. Every thirty seconds they make u watch a 30/seconds add

Fun but too many crashes This game is addictive but too often it will just shut down and I'd have to redo alot of my moves. After awhile it gets too reptitive to relaunch

Super fun game...but crashes frequently and has more advertising and pop ups then any other game I've ever played....which kills game play

Great game Great game, I know they have to have ads, but do they need to be so long? And is there a way to get descriptions of the units we purchase?

Love the game! However... This is one of my favourite games right now but I kinda getting annoyed by the number of ads and the random app closing. However it's still a great game and I can't wait for more updates :)

Love this game but... Extremely fun and a great way to pass time. However it wouldnt open for me anymore, you told me to reinstall the game so I did, but I lost ALL my previous progress, even though I linked the game to my google account!!! I had made so much progress and had almost unlocked Asia without needing to spend any money on the game!!! Is there anything you can do to help me get all my progress back again??

Love it long games and you can win with out buying stuff but it HELPS OUT a lot great game

This game is awesome but sadly my game crashes when I reach year 1947 it doesn't even open any more. Can this be fixed?

No select country .you says that pay to unlock Asia but it's not all Asia only East Asia jaban ,Korea, Taiwan etc, only so kindly get back my moany or update all Asia country it's clear now ?

My new addiction So figure yourself a tactical genius? This will test your theory. Advertising aside this is a fantastic strategy game. Graphics are decent enough for purpose.

Death by ads There's nothing wrong with the gameplay, it's great. It feels like a more complex Risk game. However, between constant banner ads making the game run slower you get constant video ads. Maybe the Dev should look into better ways of making money off the game than driving their players away. The experience was thoroughly discouraging, so I'll be looking at other apps and uninstalling this one.

Getting better Thank you for responding to my review companies don't and it is getting better and not kicking me out as much so I will chang my rating from 2 to 4. And I love the game too.

There is a lot of bugs in this game! First everytime I pause the game and try to access the game objective ads pops up, second after I watched the ads, I got black screen and can not go back to my game. Fix this I wll conside rate this game 4 star.

Good game....BUT Your amount of ads is excessive. Everytime I asked for reinforcements it would play an add and even shut my background music off...SO annoying. Otherwise it is a good game. It's fun, it keeps me busy, game play overall is good. I'll rate 5 star if you at least cut the amount of ads or change them to less intrusive ads.

Black mail to spend money Game is actually rather good. Too many ads that drain battery and slow app. Every screen pops up a new ad, have to wait to make sure to avoid unintentional click through. The ads are placed to cover buttons also they have now put ads that over ride your volume control. Not worth the hassle. Black mail to make you buy the game.

Too many ads, good gameplay. The excessive advertisements make the game almost unplayable. So, I spent the $2 to get rid of them. The gameplay is good. Having ships is cool. But, Allies get in the way too much, whether in the ocean or on land. Troops can get trapped in a useless spot. I really like the large scale Europe map, and being able to do what ever you want.

Looks like hearts of iron but one problem I love hoi and was happy to find a game like it, but it's not playable it's so hard to click or select things. My index finger actually hurts I wanted it to work so bad. Lame.

Very promising Very enjoyable immersive game. Could be better optimized since my phone struggles at times. Ended up buying the 3$ remove-adds extension since i planned on unlocking great britain. Gave up since you have to complete about 100 play throughs to complete all tasks, each lasting up to an hour. And the purchase cost for the pack containing great britain was 10$?! Why do you make it so hard to play as the main good guys in ww2.

Losing game data If the phone shuts off because the battery dies while playing the game, the app will start but will crash as soon as I click anything and I'll have to uninstall then reinstall the game to get it to work and I lose all my data

Too many ads I'm not complaining that there's ads. I'm complaining that there are TOO MANY ADS. This Game is obsessed with ads. I change a single screen and there's another ad. The ads also block out important parts of the game like when a country us attacking and then an ad pops up. Fix this.

Addicted. Can't pull myself away from the game. Even the constant ads don't discourage me from playing this amazing game. It is rather disappointing when the game eventually slows down and break down when you reach 1945 in-game. Despite this, constant objective unlocks will keep you busy. Suggestions: A True Sandbox mode where you can choose your own alliance, and maybe set the alliance of other countries, for custom scenarios. Aircraft carriers, carry fighters to get them close to the battle, if you are far away.

mistakes so the game is good u know chose a country and fight BUT in the trailer it says MAKE YOUR OWN HISTORY so i expect to actualy make my own history by playing as ALL OF THE COUNTRIES u know germany france russia .... and so on if this is added in the game i will give it 5 stars hmmmm. ok I KNOW I HAVE TO UNLOCK COUNTRYs BUT IT SAYS MAKE YOUR OWN HISTORY ! so maybe make a new mode in wich YOU can play AS ALL COUNTRYs if you know what i mean o and 1 more thing ITS F***ing impossible to unlock Spain AND Finland.

Ugh. Ads. I didn't mind the ads at first but every 4 moves (in 1 turn) there are 30 second adds makes a 3-4hr game into 6hrs please fix it love this game!! Edit: unistalling the app due to the bombardment of ads **** down to *

Would be5 stars if it wasn't regularly crashing lately. Great game, but in the last few weeks the game has been crashing more and more, such that it has become completely unplayable. Please fix and this will be a 5 stars review

Awesome This game is very fun and addictive but there is one problem it kicks me out way too much every time I try to get more troops it kicks me out please fix this problem.

Stupid Adverts and stops suddenly :-( Been playing this for about a week now and think the game is great but there are two main issues with it. No 1. The adverts are seriously annoying (I understand you use ads for revenue but every move i make pops up an advert). No 2. The game stops suddenly for no reason :-( for these reasons i have uninstalled the game which is sad as i think it could be awesome with these 2 fixes.

Loved it First grand strategy that I played where it really felt like a war was going. Also had some more frustrating moment at the choke points on the map, where it was more a matter of what side had the most resources available.

I'M SO HAPPY! My favorite game is now working on both my devices! Don't know what wasn't allowing the app to open on my galaxy tab s2 all this time but it's functioning 100% now. × RAUS 20th place all time ×

Impossible to play Love the gameplay but after every ad I have to reload the game, one time after turning my WiFi off to get ride of ads the game would crash time and time again lost a lot of progress so I had to replay hour+ games to try to get progress back and when I completed the main and bonus objective the game just went to home screen, again all progress lost if you could fix the crashes and the bombardment of ads I can easily give this a five star. I hope you all the best ?

It's a fun game but I think it's stupid how u have to buy other objectives and countries to play as? What happens when u win all the objectives delete the game and do the same thing over?

It is a very fun game, I have only two problems. Firstly is the reinforcements. I dont know if I'm just dumb or they aren't showing up, but I can't seem to find them when i call them in. Secondly there are the ads. Just about every second button I click brings up a video, its quite irritating. Other than that I think it's great fun :)

I have even more problems!!! :( Whenever I download the HD graphics the game crashes when I try to start or open a game, and I bought the nation packs and a lot of nation disappeared. It's hard to enjoy a game I payed for when downloading a update that makes it better and easier to play breaks it and parts don't even show up. Please fix!!!

Its good but has many problems.. Too much ads , lag , and it causes your phone to freeze up... I can't play the game with this many problems , I just can't

Game Crashed the first second opened Not a great first impression my phone is reasonably new and I can't play it. Well no big loss just a waist of time..

Nice job, greedy dbags This wouldve been a good game but a 30 second add every turn? Good job ruining your own game you greedy bloodsuckers.

Needs a multiplayer!! Dying to play against mates This version's so much better than the other. If they put multiplayer on this version it would be the best game on the app store in my opinion.

Fun game Need description of troop stats, the constant ads become annoying or I would continue to play.

good game to play when bord this game is very fun even though the AI gets more troops faster there usaly 1 stacks but the game does have glitches such as I bought germany but then couldn't buy the others it removed the option but other than that can't complain

Brilliant game Great game please add smaller battles like d-day or mabye you could be a resistance movement in Warsaw or something like that also people with ad issues just turn on flight mode or turn off wifi it works fine without it

Alliances I love the game, but if you choose a country in an alliance is there any possible way to be able to quit? I mean it says "Make your own history" so if not that should definitely be put in the game

Ads Guys.. ads please stop, can they just be pictures or something I mean one ad ever 2 to 3 minutes is not making this game fun for me. I love the game great strategy game but the ads are starting to make it not that fun and they always kill my sound please fix it

Makers please answer this. You promote a sandbox strategy game and yet when I load it up I see no sandbox elements to be able to make a huge army for my self and the enemy, so either this is false advertising, or I simple haven't found the tool to play sandbox, please help.

Need a bit of work Likes to go slow and cuts out a lot

Borders look real These borders look awsome!,keep up the good work, and I like the borders with polen and germany cus they look real

Freezes and cashes During that game it sometimes randomly forces you out of the game usually during or right after a turn.

I wash your will add more maps like a ww1 and cold war one.

Diplomacy Hey herocraft, why doesn't the app have an diplomacy tab.Why can't I make peace or make an faction with an other country.I really get sick of having to completely destroy the other country.Also, it quickly gets confusing on who you are at war with.To add on,why can I trade with an other country to increase income,but it makes the other country stronger.Well herocraft,keep up the good work.

Hero craft please read ad take a note of Please add nukes I know you will say absolutely not but I Have a catch you'd need to research everything and only 1 nuke for the entire battle ever it would cost 1,000 crates oh yeah and uhm.... please add the ability to either buy or just walk through friendly territory it's annoying when I'm Hungary and I have lots of land and the nazi just enclave me for like 11 turns and then russia comes and frees me but realy also can we play on Asia without beating europe first please read this thanks ;)

Crashes alot on my note 4 but been play it for 2 days straight

Slow game THE game is slow and the coldown is really stupid and please fix it

Great game but It's very buggy. I've had to Uninstall and reinstall a lot. thankfully has google cloud saving

Great game Very nice how I have the chance to destroy Germany as the French.

Love this game play as often as possible i am a ww2 history nut this game is a must play its AWESOME Fun game great waste of time

Could have been made better I liked this game very much. But few technical improvement should be done.

Soo Good Just the freedom you have to wage world war 2

Crash I cant launch the game

To many advertisement in the game....if there has to be so many make them shorter

Great Taken your advice works much better now have went on to buy asia map

Really interesting game. Are you planning on expanding upon it?

GREAT! Epic i have played this game for 3 years and its epic!

adds that make it impossible to play I'm not one to usually complain about ads, and it sucks because this game was great. the add the first time I played were so minimal I couldn't even tell they were there. but my second time playing is just ad upon ad. wouldn't be bad but it's just videos that play one after another with out being able to do a single thing in between. so my videos the game won't even load them anymore. just a black screen. bottom line=uninstalled

Won't work I had this game before, and it was really fun and enjoyable, but for what ever reason as soon as I try to start any game it automatically crashes. I have an android Acer tablet, so please fix this, and I will rate five stars.

Fun game, but would love if they went all the way This is an all around great tactics game. It is fun and difficult to unlock new objectives. Their is a few things to make this game better. It would be an outstanding game of you could change where your home country started. And, just forkicks, add in an Australian or African map to make this app unique.

The problems are STILL there!!! The game STILL crashes when I try to play any nation and the second pack showed up, with Spain and Poland, but I already PAID for those months ago!!! I had a correspondence with you already months ago and you said you would fix this, yet you have yet to fix ANYTHING!!!

The game constantly crashes I think I would love it if that didn't happen Game crashed when you tried to move unit then when you loaded the game

Love this game This game is great, only problem is that the description says I can make alliances, and I haven't seen how to do that at all. Wow thanks for the speedy response, and thanks I was really confused there about alliances

Bug Really Good game but, after the update, it crashes, when I click enable, or don't enable sound, at the start. I reinstalled it but 2 days later it started crashing again.

Lovin it The ads may be annoying but the game is addicting.keep up the good work

Needs to be fixed Every time i play the game breakdown for me when I play with the app .

WW2 game that doesn't have Germany as a playable option good job failing I will rate 5 stars when this is fixed

Great gameplay, good graphics Lots of ads, but quality risk type game with good strategy.

The game will not work! Help pls! You may recognize me as I have response before, but help me please, I love this game its great. But everytime I launch the app it always crashes, I don't even get a chance to play it. I've tried everything, I've uninstalled and reinstalled many times, I even wiped all memory from my device and it still won't work, if you need more info on my device I'd be happy to help. Please get back to me ASAP.

Video ads and slow There's a tremendous amount of ads typically 30-45 seconds. They pop up after a certain number of clicks and sometimes when you're just thinking of what to do. It's also really slow when it's not your turn. You can click to skip enemy moves but it doesn't speed up the loading just skips actually watching the moves.

It's ok I love it over all it is a amazing game I give it this many stars because they have a abnormal amount of ads. Here is my thing ok you can put ads in a game to make it free so it makes since everyone you respond to gits the same thing "it makes the game free" BUT you don't need that many ads by the time I played a day of this they sucked so much battery from my phone and he got so much money from the ad. I'm not saying screw ads I'm saying you have to many and you know you do.

Great Game .....but I have purchased this game (b4 it became free) was told purchasers of this game would get additional resources but I haven't seen ANYTHING Plus would give 5* but way too many Ads JUST DOWNGRADED IT TO 3* Ads r making game unplayable!!!!

Too many adds... pop up ever 60s and last for 15s no skips. They wait until you are nearly finished with the campaign and then they start to throw 15 second video adds ever 60 seconds. Greedy app that the game creators should be fined for wasting people's data... left the game on while sleeping... woke up with alot of data used bull crap

I used to love this game Until you started doing things like putting 2 video ads back to back. Some ads are reasonable but doing things like this every other turn is ridiculous. I used to spend hours playing this game and now I cringe when I hover my finger over the button. You've ruined a great game.

Video Ads killing the fun I can understand the need for ad income to support the free game BUT I am getting tired of being forced to watch anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute and a half of video ads per round. I will be uninstalling soon enough if the video ads don't stop just to save data. What makes it worse is most if the plethora of ads are for the same game. 2 rounds of play ends up with a minute and half to 3 minutes of mobile strike video ads

Too much advertisements Only if there weren't any advertisements, then the game itself will be more fun and less irritating. I wish they could fix this for all of the players who enjoy playing this game.

Can't skip ads I watched a stupid block puzzle ad that had to be a minute long... Happens mids turn when buying units... And random points in the turn each turn will give you 2-5 ads... If they were 5 second... Might be doable but at this point I gotta uninstall cause it's just unplayable... Even banner ads would be acceptable

Love it but My new phone died while playing and wouldn't turn on for days. After version fixed it, went to play and it goes to sound option then crashes with no crash report... Locked out. Don't want to lose my unlocks by re-installing

Ads I don't know if I'm the only one having this problem or not, and i dont have a problem with having to see ads while I play (hey it's free), but could you see if there's anything you could do to address the sheer quantity of them? I'm getting spammed with pop-ups to the point my phone is freezing, and it just started this morning. I appreciate anything you can do to help

General Eddie Best strategy game available. Even when I had glitches , it all got sorted by the extremely helpful team. Easy to understand and play, It is definitely worth paying for no ads. Please add the ability to have aircraft on aircraft carriers at sea as this would add strategic options to the two maps

The most ad heavy game I've ever played. Nothing ruins immersion more than having "Ellen's Dancing Slot Machine" ads pop up in the middle of a WWII game. This one will throw 2-5 of them at you, PER TURN! Full sized video advertisements, not just banner ads. Every 7 clicks or so. I've given it 3-stars, because there's actually a good turn-based-strategy game under all that, but this amount of advertising is excessive and ruins the game. A pity, because it probably is a very good game, deserving 4/5-stars, but it actually impedes play with the ads.

Love the game I love the game and how long a game can last, but I hate how many ads are in the game. After you buy one unit you get an ad, and that has nearly made me Uninstall the game three times because of me getting distracted and misplacing units. I just turn off my WiFi so I don't have to deal with it.

Get rid of the ads!!! The game is alot of fun; however i cant play because your stupid ads pop up every 30 sec forcing me to watch 1 min videos of stuff i dont want.... way to ruin a decent game!

Ads Now pop ups are alright. But there are video ads in the game. Once they are done advertising, the game restarts. Sure it auto saves, but I had over a dozen orders, which was carefully planned. Not one, but two video ads popped up. I lost my orders and respect for the game

Great Great game. The only issue or complaint that I have is the amount of advertisements, but they're unavoidable since its free. Overall works really well and is very enjoyable.

2 problems 1) where is axis powers in the game?(u cannot become axis) And plz can u make entire map instead of just world war 2

ADS ADS ADS! Awesome game but the ads are many and long. I refuse to ever download any of these games because of the irritating ads.