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Walk Me Up! Alarm Clock

Supplied By Bazzinga Labs    On June 27, 2016    Comments(128)

FREE Walk Me Up! Alarm Clock version3.9.6 Download

Walk Me Up! is unlike any other alarm app you would have used. It stops ringing only when you have walked a certain number of steps. That’s right, it 'walks' you up from sleep!

And this app also has intelligent algorithms to detect shaking. So, if you try to cheat, the app wouldn't hesitate to gotta try it to believe it. This is the best alarm clock for all sleepy heads who find trouble getting out of bed early morning.

#1 Productivity app in the USA in August.
Featured in Time,LifeHacker, Digit, YourStory, NextBigWhat, GHacks and many more !

It has the following features:
★ Evil mode: Disable the snooze button
★ Set the number of steps to dismiss the alarm
★ Voice Assist
★ Change the sensitivity of the step counter
★ Change the snooze duration
★ Add quick alarms
★ Apply label to alarm
★ Change alarm volume and ringtone
★ Set alarms to repeat

Now, no more of missing early morning lectures & meetings or missing out on precious study time before exams!
The free version is ad supported.
If you like the app, please rate it. We would love to hear your feedback. Email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

iOS users can download the app from :

Bazzinga Labs part of our Productivity and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update June 27, 2016. Google play rating is 81.2126. Current verison is 3.9.6. Actual size 2.5 MB.

What's new

    - Android Marshmallow now supported!
    - Bug Fixes
    - New UI coming soon
Download walk-me-up-alarm-clock.apk 2.5 MB


Highly recommended! This is a great app and have been using it as my main alarm for a long time. Highly recommend it! Had a problem with the ads after I paid but worked it out with the walk me up team. App is back to 5 stars.

Finalllyyy Finally there is an app that manages to wake someone as lazy as me i can go to sleep tension free.....and I really appreciate that you personally reply to the queries of all the people..great work....Keep it up!!

Great - But I cheat it. I only set the number of steps to 10, but sometimes my steps aren't registered or are identified as fake, so I walk around the entire house and it still doesn't stop. Then, I usually just force shut down the app the shut off the alarm - I'm lazy. To sum it up, is the only alarm t hat I've found that can wake me up - good job - but the steps recognition still need a bit of work. Do you suggest I keep the phone in my hands while I walk? Or put the phone in my pockets (when I have some)?

I can't download this stupid app Like I said I can download this app Aunt being such a pain in my neck that I can do a single thing with it cuz i cant download it which is annoying please fix this so that it'll go on my actual one touch

ONE ADDITIONAL TWEAK Loving the app, and I think its really useful and works well. There's just one problem, I am super lazy. So I use it and it rings in the morning and I just can't bring myself to get up and do those steps that I just switch off the phone. Could you PLEASE add in a restriction to NOT be able to switch off your phone when the alarm is ringing or to make it ring and make you walk even if its turned off, so one has to absolutely get out of bed and do the steps ensuring you don't just go back to sleep?

Does the alarm work when phone is switched off?? It seems that the alarm app does not work when the phone is switched off. Is there any way for the alarm app to work even when the phone is switched off so as to save battery throughout the entire night when the phone is not in use? Thanks and good day.

This is the best alarm clock I've tried. Now that's way too cool. ? When it says take 10 steps it means get your butt out of bed and move around. Lol. ☺ Best alarm clock I've used and I have tried quite a few. ☺ ☺ ☺

Terrible, glitchy, obtrusive app Like full page ads that lock up your phone and force you to an advertiser's site no matter where on your screen you click and that are impossible to close sometimes? Want this convenience first thing in the morning tied to a gimmicky alarm clock that is just as buggy as the ad's? Well look no further, this tremendous TURD of an app is here! Literally the worst made app I've installed, free or not. Avoid.

Can't we get different numberbof steps for each alarm It would be better if there were different number of steps for each alarm rather than having it universal

Wakes up teenagers Great app, actually wakes up teens who need to get up! Had to adjust the step and shake sensitivity, and set it on evil mode, but it's now working great. Also, it's worth the 99 cents to disable ads.

Plz be mercy Nice app but y my girl friend find this app,she forceing me to install this app and this makes me to get up on time,I need time to zzzzzzsleep

Easy to fool Can be off by just waving your phone while you are still in the bed. Mechanism to track the steps are not good. It doesn't differentiate between waving and actuals steps of the walk...otherwise nice concept if they would to rectify the flaws...

Got to get up for it. Excellent company. Had a teething issue with my install and they were very helpful. Most definitely gets me out of bed.

Too many glitches Does not work well due to so many glitches. Even when taking the steps, the alarm does not simply go off. Now, there are many ads, that are very annoying, after each and every alarm. Also, sometimes does not turn off even when taking the steps and sometimes will tell you that you're shaking it just because you're walking. Too much for me!

Wanted something like this I tried a lot to get up early but this make me run every morning so great app!

Great This app is really good It does its job the only bad thing is i share a room so my sister gets mad when she wakes up at 6 in the morning to "all about thats bass" its not the apps fault at all though. I love It its just perfect nothing bad to say :)

Limited settings for individual alarms I like the idea of this app, but for a true sleepy head it doesn't work as your one and only alarm clock. The settings apply to all alarms you have set, so you can for example disable the snooze function, but only on every single alarm. Same for the amount of steps you have to take. So you cannot, for example, set multiple alarms, starting with 5 steps and working up to 30 (or however many it takes to reach the coffee machine), allowing for gradual increases. Deleted after 1 day.

Very good It helped me to wake up early and study .. Thank U for this good one .. Not five stars as it needs some updates

Good app but... This app is a great idea and will be of great use to me, but I've found something you may not be able to patch out.. If you open up all your open applications on your phone then close the alarm it won't continue to ring. Like I say love the app but if you can find a way to stop this being possible you're a genius!!

Crazy app! Love it. Though I wasn't expecting it to tell me to stop shaking hahaha :)

Test week I've changed the sensitivity from low to ultra high and the app still records the steps even though I haven't taken any. So what was the best thing to do in my urgent situation (missed 6 morning classes due to picking up a new night shift at work) you may ask? Set the steps really high. I've got it on 100 steps which hopefully will be long enough to wake me up. If I wake up and make it to my classes I'll give a higher rating, and buy the app!

Most obnoxious advertising ever!!!!! I'm uninstalling this app after a year because of the most obnoxious ads ever! Not against ads, but the way these are done is unbearable!

Great! but.. Guys, my phone tells me that this app is battery consuming. Please see if you can do something.

Need more ringtones Only a short list of my ringtones. I can't seem to get to the loud ones Reply to reply: It would be great if your program had access to the system ringtones. I have many that came with the phone and others that I bought or made. The regular alarm has access. Instead of you making more ringtones, just give us access to the system ringtones. If the program won't allow it, please make a big variety including loud or blaring alarms (bells or horns). Thank you

Love and hate it... This app succeeds where MANY other alarms have failed. Went from waking up at 7:30 am to 3:30 am.

A very stubborn Alarm! Never fails to throw me out of my bed.Wanna be doubly sure, reduce sensitivity and disable snooze on 'evil mode'. Loving it!!

My main problem... I go to sleep with my headphones on and they eventually fall out while I'm sleeping. The app does not recognize this and played through my headphones. My factory alarm clock still rings out loud, even with the headphones plugged in. Glad I set another alarm today or else I wouldn't have heard it.

Good alarm. Unfortunately when I updated the application, the rooster and mechanical bell alarms disappeared. While nature sounds are nice. They don't wake me up. Bring back the rooster!

Not Effective Close all apps stops the alarm. For this to be an effective alarm to combat a user that us half awake, this needs to stop. Have a look at Alarmy, it handles this problem correctly.

Has helped me get up on time Ive used this app a few weeks now and it has really helped me get up on time in the mornings. Of course I had to set the step count to a high number and enable the evil mode but it works. I have noticed that the step tracking is very sensitive, if its shaken too much while walking it resets my steps. While that is totally annoying in the morning I think it actually helps. So far I love it, hope you don't change it too much in the future.

Bs I set 3 alarms on this app not a single one rang at all, but even a little bit complete bull.!!!!

Walk me up. Brilliant, not good waking up but this app combined with annoying sounds does trick.

Great I would rate 5 stares but i do not like clicking over if you can put just likeone click that would be better can you plz let me know then i would rate it up to 5 stairs and let my friends know about this great app THANK YOU

Great but can improve. Main two things is being able to edit settings for alarms individually, and the fact that I can cheat the alarm by force closing it. If it had those two features it'd be much better.

Didn't wake me up! I could shake the phone to switch it off! Also if I decrease the volume of alarm it silents..

Nice app But there is a drawback in the app info page you can force Stop the app and the app will stop immediately so please solve this problem in your next update and disable force Stop button.

You can't get better than this...... Awesome me to attend my lecturs on of the best app ever.......making my smart phone more important to me.....

Nice app Even lazy fellow also wakeup now

Didn't work with GS6 at all. Just put a notification on my screen. Didn't recognize my stairs as steps, after I missed my appointment this morning.

Very Bad The option of taking steps do not work. It counts by itself and shut it down. Disappointing.

Doesn't work with android 5.0

It wont shut off no matter how far i walk!

Awesome!! This has been the only alarm yet that had woke me up and did not make me go back to bed. If you have troubles getting off your bed, you must try this one.

Ads Ads Ads Ads Ads Ads Ads Ads Ads Ads The concept is great but WHAT IS WITH THE ADS!!!!!!! I can't do anything apart from cancel ads, I cancel one and another appears cancel that and another ad is waiting.

Awesome I have started using it... as the step counting feature is really amazing.... but can't understand what's voice assistance..:(

It gets cheated very easily I just move the phone up and down with one hand and it starts counting for steps? but good work guys..but do work on it's memory usage cause my phone antivirus is saying to force stop this app cause it's using too much cpu

Love it This is the best app i have to wake me up and most apps I will sleap through the arlam but this one I don't I love this app so much and good job making it

Missing one important feature This is the first alarm that had ever enabled me to get to work on time consistently. I would happily give it 5 stars but the settings (number if snoozes, duration, etc) have to be the same for every alarm. That's ridiculous and a huge oversight.

Broadly useful I'd appreciate the ability to turn the alarm noise off while I'm walking. It takes a lot of steps to keep me awake and I'd rather not be carrying a siren as I go. Just start it back up if the phone goes motionless again.

Best alarm till date I really like this app but I could find a way to sleep through the alarm by decreasing the volume when the alarm rings. It would be good if you could disable the volume change during that time. Also, a feature that would speak out the time in intervals (which could be set in settings) when the alarm is ringing with evil mode on and otherwise, would be really helpful to ones who can still manage to sleep through the alarm. Thanks for this great app! :)

Cruelly effective! Works a treat especially in "evil mode" which has no snooze possibilities... I did have to play with the step sensitivity a bit as the lowest you can choose is 5 steps, which takes me to my front door ?

BEST APP This is the best alarm clock i have ever used. Best and easy to use. And more over it work on step sensitivity which is great feature in this app. I will recommend this app to everyone.

Crappy Sensors Doesn't work. In my pocket while walking it says "stop shaking". I have to move it back in forth in my hands to get it to shut off, which completely defeats the purpose. Deleting it today.

great!! great !! great!! I think it's my second review for apps on playstore.. An Alarm clock that put you on the ground from the bed and you can't stop it in doing this appreciable work.. Working perfectly for users like me who always i)either flip the phone to silent the alarm or ii)press the volume keys to snooze it..:-) And one more thing.. I watch the SUN rising..soothing my eyes my soul.. Try it! and Laugh at yourself bcos you are on the ground within seconds..:-)

Revolutionary This app isn't perfect, but it's very easy to make it work for you. Walk naturally with it in hand, and read the FAQs. I also love the quick alarms for taking naps. I don't use snooze, since I'd snooze too many times, so I instead set another alarm on another app. You guys should allow us to set other alarms within the app, and choose if we want the walk up feature. 5 stars for the concept. I'd much prefer a sleeker, more minimal, material design interface though.

Keeps crashing 4th install and it just keeps crashing when an alarm is activating. So good idea but the app is useless...

4 Promo didn't work As I promised to change my review, once I read your response (BTW it was super fast) read the promo again. And it's right there just to drop ADS 4 99¢ only not the premium app. I SINCERELY APOLOGIZE. Download from appgratis and the promo did not work. Rating is temporarily until I can get the full functionality then it will be changed. Thanks. Afterwards when you redeem your promocode you only get half of the paid features.

Exactly what I was lukin for Kind of... Imagine wake up n walk n turn off n sleep again... Eerrgghh I think I need shaking bed now after this...

Cool idea, not for me. It's a great idea, but just didn't work for me. But I'm the type to hate mornings and I work at 6 am so I wasn't expecting too much. Hopefully this works for others!

This alarm changed my life I love "evil mode". I am no longer late for work and I get more time with my dog and kids now that I get out of bed on time. Thanks to this app!

Doesn't operate when phone is turned off Once downloaded, the app automatically adjusted to my preferences according to the built in alarm app of my phone, so I just needed to calibrate the settings between step & shake sensitivity & number of steps! The evil mode is an essential & the only way I can't cheat. BUT the app won't work if the phone is turned off. This is such a bummer! I need the alarm to be able to operate even when my phone is not. Please, do something about that. It's the only drawback in an overall good app.

Hard On Me! Best Alarm Clock Gave me penalty of extra 5Steps when shook my phone , really convinced me out bed won'

Wouldn't turn off! I loved the idea of this but thank goodness I tested it before the wouldn't turn off! And after about 5 steps it would accuse me of shaking it. It took a good 10 minutes and several laps of the house to turn it off (just to complete 20 steps!)

Doesn't function That's great that it works so well for so many people. It doesn't do anything for me. The alarm goes off, and before I even touch my phone, it lays there on my bed, counting down "steps." It simply counts down from 10 without my ever touching it. Pressing snooze? No effect. Try to turn the volume down? No effect. The alarm goes off for roughly 10 seconds, then turns itself off, never to be heard from again (until the next day).

Superb app Very innovative. The idea to walk steps is mindblowing. Excellent feature. Thank you so much

Great job guy I do have one question really did u name yours that by watching big bang theory......!?

Amazing!!!! Wow! Finally! Something that i cannot be guilty for sleeping through an alarm!!!! It gets me up!! Plus using it for morning cause going to christchurch at 4:00am ??

Nice!! First time in ages I didn't oversleep. Love the evil 'no snooze' mode. Thanks

Doesnt work at all Hate this doesnt work at all..the alarm doesnt ring....althought initially it worked but now its disappoinitng

No alarm sounds built into the app I sleep right through it. The app uses sounds built into the phone, but none of my ringtones wake me up. There is another alarm clock app that lacks some of the features this one has, but has loud noises built into the app, and it works for me. This app is a fantastic concept, though, and the developers care about the users and reply to comments.

Needs work Wakes me up, but keeps on saying I'm shaking the phone when I'm not.

The best It works well but I wish it I could make it like custom

Dint work I have taken atleast 10 steps but it dint recognize even one step

Amazing app, i love that its so noisy and annoying and wont shut up unless i walk ? it helps me with my prayers.. may Allah bless you

Good but there are loo poles....!!! It is like the alarm clock is the best but the problem raised that when the alarm rings i reboot my phone and alls done and alarm over....... Happy ? so can this be done like it blocks us from doing this and we cant leave the alarm screen to do any thing else....!!!!! Overall every thing is okay and all satisfied....

Great concept, implementation could be better. Thank you for responding to my review. I decreased the shake sensitivity (to the lowest setting), but when I'm walking it still thinks I'm shaking. Ironically, if I shake it gently, it thinks I'm taking steps, and this seems to work best to turn it off without restarting. I also decreased the step count.

Not that much successful for a headstrong App is quite good to some extent but not so much successful that definitely wakes u up. However, the Developer has claimed that i wud stop ringing when u have walked some steps, but actually u can turn it off even lying on ur bed. On the contrary it has some sensor settings but if u set it on high sensitivity then u wudn't be able to stop it even after walking or running too (depends on ur sensor quality). Useless for me.

Doesn't always work I almost payed for this app and boy am I glad I didn't! Half of the time when the alarm "goes off" it plays no music. Thankfully I have backup alarms set!

Works great Finally, the one alarm that has saved me from late!

Easy ? I just shake it slowly so it count steps and stop ?

Switch off prevention Worked well for 2 days. After that I switched off my mobile. Is there any way to prevent switching off.

Doesn't work When the alarm rings, I just pick up the phone and wave it in the air and the alarm stops. Phone: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (exynos version).

Alarm does not work when phone in silent mode

I love the idea of the app and how it slots into the phone well (uses my usual alarm sound and makes the alarm icon appear so I know I've set it), however the second time I used it I accidentally (genuinely) learnt how to fake the steps by moving the phone left and right. Unfortunately in the morning if I can avoid getting out of bed I will! Need to try playing around with the settings to see if I can prevent the cheating.

Didn't get pro version Got this app with AppGratis. I was supposed to get the pro version as it was stated in the description. But I didn't get the pro version. Please how do I fix this? I would really love to have the gradual alarm.

Great app except... When I shake my phone it turns off my phone

Gets me doing things before work! Downloaded this because I was too lazy to download and print a QR code to stick in my living room. What canI say? I'm the kind of person who needs an guanteed wakeup alarm clock. I'm inherinently lazy. What this app does for me, is makes me walk twenty five steps before it SHUTS THE HELL UP..... which is exactly what I need to hawl myself out of bed. ;). Perfect!

This app is great I love this app. It has great features that do the job in waking me up. I haven't had any problems, but The step sensitivity is a little off. I have to walk a few extra steps for it to turn off.

Doesn't work This app is almost amazing. Unfortunately it keeps thinking I'm trying to shake it and so it resets back to zero steps. I've tried turning the shake sensitivity down and the step sensitivity up but it's still so bad it's completely unusable. It probably doesn't help that I have my step count set so high. I have it at 100 steps to make myself go outside and go for a walk. I've also tried holding it every different way: naturally by my side, holding it still in front of me, in my pocket, etc. Oh well.

Never-ending! I've relied on this app for about a year, and it was great for a while. Then there started to be several times when the alarm never went off. This morning the music played, but when I was walking it did not count any steps. There was no voice response for anything, and the music just played and played! I tried to turn off the alarm manually, and even though it said it was off, the music still continued! I Couldn't end it with the music apps on my phone, and I finally had to shut off the phone completely

Doesn't work anymore This was the only alarm app that worked for me and now it's completely ruined. The alarm doesn't go off unless I physically open the app (which I'm clearly not going to be doing in my sleep!), and when I do manage to get the alarm to go off, it doesn't track my steps, so it never ends! Why ruin such a good app?! I raved about this, and made purchases in the app, and now it's unusable. PLEASE restore it to its former usefulness!!

Updates have ruined a great app... Not sure what happened during recent update but alarm is no longer reliable. It doesn't pop up if it does sound (directly after the update I had no sound to any of my alarms and was late for work. I had to go into the settings and reset my sounds for each alarm) and I have to unlock my phone and open the app to snooze. If it isn't fixed soon I'm going to have to ditch the app, I really liked it before.

Really liked this app until last update. Now the alarm doesn't pop up when it goes off or it doesn't go off at all on my Note 5. App also locks up and force closes. Full screen ads frequently pop-up without anything being pressed.

Update Broke It Shortly after going Pro, an update broke everything! Alarms were silent, and when adjusting alarm sound from within app, the app would crash. Was able to adjust alarm sound only when alarm was going off, which of course defeats the purpose, since instead up walking I could simply silence it by lowering the volume.

Update is not good No more option for delete quick alarm now. Also, ads automatically open full screen. Plz restore the old version

I used to love this app.. since the update I've been inundated with adverts AND the alarm doesn't go off! Which is the whole point of the app.. it just appears in the notification centre but with no noise or anything!! Was lucky I woke up in time this morning or thanks to this app I'd have been late!

The app doesn't work. I set it to go off in the morning and the alarm went off, but when I walked twenty steps it didn't turn off. The alarm kept going. It didn't pop up with a notification telling me how many steps I had to go. I opened the app to see if there was a way to shut off the alarm noise but nothing. I ended up having to shut down my phone and power it on again to get the alarm sound to stop playing. This app is an interesting idea, but it's broken to the point of being unusable. Steer clear.

Works a treat especially in "evil mode" which has no snooze possibilities... I did have to play with the step sensitivity a bit as the lowest you can choose is 5 steps, which takes me to my front door ? since the update, i have noticed the alarms go off randomly, for example my 5 am one time alarm, even when deleted, goes off and to stop it i have to restart my phone - not practical.. or it doesn't go off at all.. furthermore, i purchased the pro version to get rid of the ads, but when the update started to mess things up so badly, i resorted to uninstalling the app and reinstalling, but now i have the ad version and it won't let me dl the pro any more! please, fix this buggy as hell update asap, or i will have to just ditch this app altogether. Have had to downgrade my rating as a result of the bug infested update, sorry....

Helps me wake up I can't remember if I paid for this app or not but if I did then I'm really annoyed with the new ads that pop up when you open the app up. Must be part of the new update. Please take that away so I don't have to delete app.

Bought the Pro Version and The alarm doesn't go off I recently bought the Pro version of the app, as I was satisfied with the free version, but since buying, The alarm doesn't go off, i.e, there is no sound off the device.. Very frustrating after paying for the app.. Fix the issue pls..

Missed alarm since new update..Change it back please! Since new update the alarm doesn't open when it's going off and I have to go into it. This has made it switch off and I have ended up sleeping through the alarm ?

Great, Then Not... I really love this app and everything it does, except for the bugs. I don't know what exactly happened, but for the last several days if I am in a call when the alarm is scheduled to go off, the alarm continues to play right over my call and cannot be turned off. Which is annoying. I've also purchased the remove ads option and while the ads have gone away I now can no longer access any of my settings to change them. I've contacted customer support and will update this review when I hear back.

Crashes alot Love the idea but every time I try change a setting it crashes. The alarm is so quiet it doesn't wake me up and I can't change the volume cause the app crashes.

A great app is ruined. I loved it initially it was great bt Now at 4 in the morning all it does is say take 20 steps and stay quite..neither the song plays nor I gt up????. Plz fix this bug I am unable to wake up and I really need ds app..or else i l hv to ditch d app..

App is broken I turn on this app and it won't let me do anything. Please fix asap I love this app when it works.

Alarm doesn't turn off Worked twice, now I need to restart the phone to turn it off

Recent update has broken the app. Keeps crashing. Otherwise a great app.

Buggy, money grabbing and unreliable Terrible app. Wants paying separately to use each individual feature, bombards you with ads (more so than any app I've ever had, but hey you can pay to make it stop), keeps crashing and (unforgivably) sometimes doesn't go off. Maybe I have to pay extra for it to go off every time? My advice uninstall and get the Alarmy app instead.

Full screen ads Starts full screen ads when I charge my phone. Very scummy.

Not working!!! Its not reliable after a couple of updates...

Does not work Does not sound!! Alarm not coming on. Deleting app. It sucks!

Paid the free ads version still got ads Paid the free ads version changed to a new device and i still got ads??

keeps crashing when i set a song it keeps crashing and where is the voice activate please fix

This app isn't that bad When I started to use this app I l started getting up early ♥♡♥♡

Works perfectly on my phone I love it works really good

Loved the previous version

Great Concept But... Why can't I get access to all of my phones alarm sounds? I feel like you only give access to the ones that are real soft and quiet. The reason I'm here is because I'm a deep sleeper. I need something loud! I had to uninstall but I'll come back when this is fixed.

Samsung gs5 I would really like this app but it stopped working. The alarm isn't going off like it's suppose to. I will just tell me to walk X amount of steps with no alarm. I have messed with the setting changed the alarm nothing

Good but there are loo poles....!!! It is like the alarm clock is the best but the problem raised that when the alarm rings i reboot my phone and alls done and alarm over....... Happy ? so can this be done like it blocks us from doing this and we cant leave the alarm screen to do any thing else....!!!!! Overall every thing is okay and all satisfied....

Good Concept but Not Working Rings for half a second (I woke up just before my alarm today) then stops. Has the step counter but only if you click on the notification. I backed out of the app to check on something else and the app completely closed. Luckily I have another alarm app on my tablet that helps me get up because I definitely cannot rely on this one at all.

Used to be a great App I downloaded this a while ago. It used to work really well, although I did always find a couple of ways to beat it. However, I would just set 2 or 3 alarms. Lately the alarms haven't been going off. I would wake up after the scheduled alarm time and pull them up in my notifications and they would only go off then. Today I wanted to be extra careful because I had to be at work early. I set SIX alarms. Not a single one went off. I am extremely disappointed. I don't know what they did with the new update.

This app turns off too easily, and it doesn't go into snooze mode. It just kinda stays there in the notification tray and doesn't alarm again. I need an annoying alarm. Something that won't let me sleep in, because I'll want to. 3/5 stars for a great concept (it doesn't let you tap or shake the phone to try and count steps), but it doesn't have the execution I would hope for.

A great app is ruined. I loved it initially it was great bt Now in the morning all it does is say take 20 steps and stay quite..neither the song plays nor I gt up????. Plz fix this bug I am unable to wake up and I really need ds app..or else i l hv to ditch d app..

Good but has a major flaw The app is great but it has one major flaw: you can turn the alarm off by switching off your phone, meaning you can cheat on the walking tasks whenever you feel like essentially makes the app useless as its easier just to turn the phone off than to bother with the walking task.

What's wrong? You just killed a great product u made. Alarms just don't work

I wanted it to tell be the basic things like setting alarm to wake me up.Not Rocket Science

Alarm never turns on!! Nice app but after the update the alarm never turns on and goes at the notification bar and when I tap the notification it turns on.Please help!

Magnificent Evil mode is very evil