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US Topo Maps Free

Supplied By ATLOGIS Geoinformatics GmbH & Co. KG    On Aug. 8, 2016    Comments(145)

FREE US Topo Maps Free version4.3.0 Download

Easy to use outdoor navigation app with free access to the best topographic maps and aerial images for the USA.

*** Please use USGS National Map or OSM if you need most recent maps ***

Choose between >20 map layers (topos, aerials, sea charts, flight charts, ...)

Turn your Andoid Phone/Tablet into an outdoor GPS for trips into the backcountry.
This app gives you similar mapping options as you might know from Garmin GPS handhelds.

Main features for outdoor-navigation:
• Download of map tiles for OFFLINE USAGE (PRO-VERSION ONLY !)
• Display Real-Time nowCoast Weather Information and NEXRAD Weather Radar
• Free access to more than 100.000 seamlessly stitched USGS topographic maps - easy to use as browsable map layer
• Create and edit Waypoints
• GoTo-Waypoint-Navigation
• Create and edit Routes (PRO only !)
• Route-Navigation (Point-to-Point Navigation)
• Track Recording (with speed, elevation and accuracy profile)
• Tripmaster with fields for odometer, average speed, bearing, elevation, etc.
• GPX/KML/KMZ Import/Export
• Search (placenames, POIs, streets)
• Customizable datafields in Map View and Tripmaster (e.g. Speed, Distance, Compass, ...)
• Share Waypoints, Tracks or Routes (via eMail, Dropbox, Facebook, ..)
• Use coordinates in WGS84, UTM or MGRS/USNG (Military Grid/ US National Grid)
• Get NWS Weather Forecast
• Track Replay
• and many more ...

Available map layers:

• USGS DRGs: Seamless coverage of topo maps of the USA at Scales 1:250.000, 1:100.000, 1:63.000 and 1:24.000/25.000
• USGS High Resolution aerial imagery
• USGS National Map
• Orthoimagery for conterminous US
• Google Maps (Satellite images, Road- and Terrain-Map)
• Bing Maps (Satellite images, Road-Map)
• Open Street Maps
• Earth At Night
• FSTopo Forest Maps
• NOAA Nautical RNC Charts
• Public Land Ownership (Padus)
• Flight Charts

Available map overlays:

• Hillshading overlay layer for OSM, Google or Bing maps (PRO-VERSION ONLY !)
• Ridge Weather Radar NWS
• Wind, Temperature, Pressure
• Wind Vectors
• Precipitation Estimate - 1-hr
• Precipitation Forecast 24h
• Surface Air Temperature
• Hazard Warnings
• Tropical Cyclone Track
• Wind Vector Forecast 24h
• Max. Air Forecast 24h
• Min. Air Forecast 24h

USGS DRG topographic maps:
The 7.5-minute maps (1:24.000/1:25.000) are the best maps for outdoor activities in the USA. Although some of the maps are quite old, they contain many small pathes and 4WD tracks that are missing in new USTopos, Google, Bing and OSM maps.

New US Topo Maps:
US Topo maps are a graphic synthesis of The National Map data files and are produced in the familiar 7.5-minute by 7.5- minute geographic format. Current US Topo map layers include an orthoimage base, transportation, geographic names, topographic contours, boundaries, hydrography and woodlands. Also included are the Public Land Survey System (PLSS) and the United States National Grid.

NAIP Orthoimagery:
Seamless coverage of contiguous US with 1m/pixel resolution

HRO aerial imagery:
High resolution arial photos covering US urban areas & borders (up to 10cm/pixel)

Use this navigation app for outdoor activities like hiking, biking, camping, climbing, riding, skiing, canoeing, hunting, snowmobile tours, offroad 4WD tours or search&rescue (SAR).
Add custom waypoints in longitude/latitude, UTM or MGRS/USNG format with WGS84 datum.
Import/Export/Share GPS-Waypoints/Tracks/Routes in GPX or Google Earth KML/KMZ format. (PRO-VERSION ONLY !)
View Real-time nowCoast weather information like temperature or windvectors and overlay to map.
See animated NEXRAD rain radar to make accurate predictions when raining will start/stop (PRO-VERSION ONLY !).

• Ads
• No Bulkdownload
• No new) US-Topos layer
• No Hillshading overlay
• Max. 3 Waypoints
• Max. 3 Tracks
• No Routes
• No import of waypoints and tracks
• No Local City DB (Offline Search)

Please send comments and feature requests to

ATLOGIS Geoinformatics GmbH & Co. KG part of our Transportation and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update Aug. 8, 2016. Google play rating is 83.4137. Current verison is 4.3.0. Actual size 9.1 MB.

What's new

    • New waypoint icons
    • Improvements & Fixes
Download us-topo-maps-free.apk 9.1 MB


Nice try... Does not zoom deep enough. Could not find any and-ons, like trails or govt property lines or gmu's. Interface works well enough. Just seriously lacking when compared to the other topo mapping app. This does have weather but, i have weather apps and when you dont have service what good does a weather app do anyway. That is the whole point to this without service as does the other popular topo app (Backcountry Navigator). I advise that you try both before making a purchase... samsung tab s

Love it! I have seriously been looking for a app like this!! The free version is amazing! I am definitely buying the full version, I dont know how it could get any better!

Ineffective Doesnt zoom in on the smaller levels. I could not see at the smaller pedestrian level. Waste of time! Not good for logging trails.

Great tool I will be using this as a Red Cross Volunteer. I used these type of maps in the Military.

This is really weird...I haven't found a problem with it yet. lol

Seems like a a lot special features Anxious to try it out in the big woods

Very good app The app is free people; what do you expect.

Zoom zoom zoom Need to be able to zoom in closer. I need to be able to see hiking trails, dirt roads, etc. Great setup but lacking the zoom. Will be sticking with Google maps in satellite mode for now, or Google earth.

Toss your GPS unit. This is better I am a professional forest researcher. I have used at least a half dozen different GPS units to orient in the woods and record and relocate points. I've used this app in conjunction with dedicated GPS units for the past year. On my cheap smartphone, I get better location than with a $300 or even $3000 unit. I'm still learning the interface, but it is easier than a garmin or most other forestry GPS units. I am upgrading to the pro version, and giving up the other GPS units. I love this app!

Owner of Golden Nugget Mine Fantastic program. A must have for any prospector or hikers.

If it only zoomed in more, great app either way.

Amazing app, a paradigm shift for hiking. Please let us zoom more for 5 stars.

Owner Looks good so far. I need to play with it more.

Brian Funk Great like the map options. I use it for locating farm fields for fertilizer application

Has potential Can't zoom in enough to make it a useful tool.

good very good app i like it. It is very very good work in my surveyors field. and msl , contour correct

Yuck! Apparently you need coordinates to find something. For some reason -- if reason is the word -- the legend in his own mind who programmed this app left out entering the name of a location to find it.

On point Find your way through made easy

Great app. I utilize it often. Thank you

Good but could be better I like it but could be better and user friendly

Does not save naps for off use as they say it does. Skip it

Great! Old-style topographic maps with modern features.

Suddenly one day it says my SD Card not writable and won't load maps

Has everything you want. I will most likely buy the pro app

awesome just what i was looking for, thx.

Just installed not fully tested yet

Better topo apps than this Slow to load. Doesn't zoom close enough.

Great app Nice detail, good options. It's all there.

Awesome Map App! Works flawlessly for land nav

Very good!

Awesome app

Us topo Can't zoom enough to be useful

Great app. Easy to use.

Maps never loaded Slightly disappointed.

Slow, poor coverage Very poor coverage of Alaska.


What the Loved the app so I got the pro version. Now I can't transfer any of my track information. This should be an automatic transfer when you upgrade

Us topo maps free God bless this app way awesome and noo scams adds . just way cool and create for miners .. Thanks guys

Us topo maps free I'm way into mineing .. And this is the god sent app .. Works buitiful .. Thanks guys you rock .. Joey

Good App Good App, trying to decide between two others, but still a decent app.

Not enough zoom Needs to zoom in more. Then it would be pretty nice

North Idaho Mushroom Hunter Great variety of terrain maps.

Great for camping Down load app for hiking in AZ. Wow what a great app. All we needed and fun and easy to use.

Had look for this app for a while. No need for another device anymore.

Almost Doesn't zoom in close enough.

Freezes whenever you zoom, pan Completely unusable on the NVIDIA shield tablet.

Magnifying glass required No joke. The app doesn't allow you to zoom in far enough to read things without straining your eyes and putting your device right next to your face. Also pinch to zoom is buggy. Uninstalling....

Life Saver Got my self turned around in woods and had been using the tracking feature and walked my butt out!

Not bad It's about as good as my really old computer version actually better in a few areas 1 being it's portable, 2 I now have a GPS in the palm of my hands without having to carry one, 3 this is a free version and I will upgrade at some point after the new year. Downside you need the pro version to download anything 2 not sure what it's compatible with for programs on your computer my guess is not much probably should list what programs it's able to communicate with so people will know.

Great app for bicycle touring I ride in South Western Ohio. I have done so for thirty years. I know the land by the roads I have ridden,the ups and downs the twists and turns. This app has given me a deeper understanding of the topography of the region I ride in. This is a great asset.

Out of date While the contours are still correct, it is very out of date on landmarks. In my area it is showing parks and ponds that haven't been there for over 40 years. It's also showing some "roads" that are nothing more than trails and not showing some major roads that have been there for several years.

Scary ads AVOID Ads try to trick me into thinking my phone has a virus. RUN AWAY FROM THIS APP!!!!!!

Like the app. Makes map studies easier. Can we get the hunting zones as a layer?

This showed roads for our camp that no other had. Very accurate.

Load more current maps. Just checking where I live. Map is over ten years old.!!

Great... Real useful for hunting. Could use more hunting items.

Great outdoor app Tons of features, even for the free version. Worth upgrading to Pro too

I've only had this for a day but the number of nautical and topographic maps available is the best I have seen. It's great.

Fantastic Hiking, kayaking, what have you. Great navigation tool

Thank you.The app is easy to use I like d it

Great app Loved this app until a few weeks ago when they updated the Google map aerial for KY. this app would work better if the tree cover on the aerial wasn't so dense. I used it everyday until then. If I wanted the current Google map, I would've gone to Google maps!

Solid map app I'm liking it so far. No real complaints.

Cache Maps has been disabled I asked for buddy beacon and they disabled map cache?? Completely worthless now. Dev must be an idiot. Uninstalling.

Flashing advertisements Annoying users with flashing advertisements so they will upgrade to the pro version

Works ! Sometimes you get more than you pay for!

Great app I needed a replacement for MyTracks and this app has so much more map data. Love it!

I think I need the full version.

Fist look and I'm impressed

Excellent coverage, easy to use, right on target.

Excellent app! Using MGRS for land nav, waypoints. Love it.

Great for backcountry quad adventures

Great app Love it, and its very accurate use it all the time, did away with every other map app that ive downloaded only like this one

Good grid The mgrs grid is as accurate as my garmin.

Works well Maps are great so far working fine

Awesome app

Works well even with no signal Used this app in Mt. Rainier National Park where my phone gets no signal and although it won't expand the map past what I had displayed, it did although me to track my route and save a few tracks. Definitely considering the Pro version although it is expensive for an Android app.

I find i need an internet connection to get maps to load. better off with a Garmin handheld.

Poor Resolution The resolution is not good enough for more than a general idea of what it is you really want to see.

this site opens up a whole new world access to the beautiful Pacific Northwest Auto Auto I've just opened up the site recently and have plans to explore many of these sites. The detail and the go to directional help is pretty amazing and looking forward to using it thank you

I am looking for a replacement for my Trimble Navigator maps account that is closing later this year. Tried this product even though it does not sync with a web site. I figured I could use it manually with my Garmin MapSource Topo program. I saved a track and a few waypoints, exported them as gpx and tried opening them in Mapsource. The track imported ok but I could not get the waypoints to open. Tried converting the gpx file this program created for the waypoints in GPS Babel and that program would not recognize the gpx file either. Other than my problem listed the program seems to function well. I guess my search goes on.

Wouldn't connect In usable on Lenovo Tablet, wouldn't connect to GPS. Uninstalled.

Topomap rocks Like the versitility and exploring areas via the maps.

Awesome map app! This is now my favorite map application. I really like the different map options.

I think I may fall in love with this when fishing time comes up

Nice app but could be better I'd buy the pro version if it added full geological maps

Gps off by over 9000 feet Yesterday it was off by less than 52 feet today I can't get it to find me with in 9000 feet

I have tried all the free ones and this is the best I have found, it does it all except share.

Everything less share Does it all

Good app Works well

Wow Fantastic app... Works great. Thanks

Works great. Just got it and started using it and love it.

Great app! Easy to use and follow.

Teetering on the fence; may love the app, may hate it. But you should definitely try it for yourself. Why i hate it: YOU CAN'T OFFLINE CACHE MAPS IN FREE VERSION. Almost ALL OTHER free apps i've tried (including google) allow offline caching. THIS MAKES THE APP WORTHLESS OFF-GRID & WITHOUT SIGNAL. Why i love it: FAR MORE THAN JUST TOPOGRAPHIC MAPS!! You really gotta check it out for yourself. Day/night satellite images, road maps, even several weather map layers can be chosen. Amazing potential as ultimate survival/emergency map - IF they make caching free!

Wonderful map I get all info l need for sailing and walking in the city.

Wyo guy Would rate higher if it had better tutorials.

Excellent, now I can easily plan my conquests.

Awesome app. Just what I was looking for.

Great Works as advertised

Pretty good This is Pretty good, I've used a few and this one so far is best.

U.S topo maps This is great and very accurate good functions good maps

Lbtwo48 Just downloaded and I'm a direction fanatic so give me a few weeks and then you'll get a more accurate account of my review.

Great. Walking big treks helped keep us from going in circles and map an efficient way to see all attractions.

Cool app!! I hike distances of 100 miles or more. These will be very very useful!!!

Permissions You don't need permissions to my photos

Handy Shows what I expect from top maps. Neat options.

Great! Really helps off roading!

Great app. Very easy to use, and understand.

Us topo maps Nice, easy to view

Loved it

Awesome maps. Easy to use.

Accessing your photos and files on your phone. I was going to use this app to navigate on the water but when it asked me that it needs to access my personal photos and files on my phone it sounded kind of fishy. Why does an app have to access my personal photos and files in order for it to work what kind of app is that. You guy need to get back on the drawing and fix that issue. Smh.

Love this app. This app is top notch except for 1 item. I am a new user and if I want to route to a certain location I can't figure out how to show a route on roads to go to the location. Am I missing something here? Do I need to use Google to get to the woods and then use this app?

I tried the free version and it has some significant limitations. You can't import GPX files and the ad banner at the bottom of the screen is very intrusive/distracting. Also, maybe it's just me but I found the map very difficult to see unless I held the phone straight up & down. When I hold the phone at a more natural 45 deg angle the map fades and is difficult to see. I haven't had this problem with any other app. On the positive side, the map selection is unparalleled. I'm also evaluating Backcountry Navigator which doesn't have the screen problem but also doesn't seem to have nearly the number of available maps.

Slow and laggy Wish Google maps would just add an integrated topographic map mode

Worked for me Did 4 day backpacking trip in the Smokies, no cell service, but this worked with no problems. Did what I needed for free, that's hard to beat.

Great for navigating in woods Great app to have when navigating in the woods or mountains. Planning your route without having to back track due to hight cliffs you couldn't see on a regular Street map.

Avid outdoors man This is the greatest android app I have ever downloaded. Awesome that I don't use data to track and view location. Very well done.

Maps are stale Maps in some areas are at least 20 years old - missing roads and in some cases entire developments

Detailed maps for orienteering This map is perfect for both on road and off road traveling. As long as you are capable of reading a topo map or atla this app will be helpful and useful.

Fun When I was a kid we paid big money for these maps in paper form. Having them free with gps capability is awesome! Thanks!

Out of date Maps used are prior to the 1980's

Wow Great App Accurate with service and wifi, options without, great map variety

Useful You can use any time when travel

Loading. Map not loading. Very slow/glitchy.

No Thanks. Downloading maps for offline use requires paid version. Pass... DELETED

Can't shut it off. Will have to delete.

Awsome.. Very easy to use and right on the money...matches my altimiter

It needs better sat nav. Cant get it in the field

Great GPS software ++++++A++++++++

Wow! Amazing app Numerous overlays give you everything you could ask for. Other reviews say the maps are old, but they do the job and topography doesn't change too much in ten years...the topo imagery maps could be a little bit higher resolution, but needless to say an amazing app!

Won't need to buy a new GPS device Does pretty much what a mid-range handheld GPS unit would do for the price of an app. Free version almost enough by itself.

App great, map photos are years old. A few of the map photos are several years ago. Not overly impressed and reading the reviews on the pro, those maps are old as well. App functions great, thanks but I'll most likely delete it as I can go to the website and get more current maps and the same information.

It's ok .... nice topo features Search SUCKS. Not too bad. Not as easy or responsive as Google tho. Fix the !#/&) search &will re-rate.

Most used app I have I'm always out kayaking on the river or hiking through the mountains and this app has never let me down no matter where I'm at. If the free version is this good I can't wait to see how much better the pro version is. Five stars

Wanted to know if there was a map overlay that showed the grid reference squares for actual navigation? I guess I'm looking to use it for plotting points and being able to use like a paper map with MGRS.

Always in notifications I'm not sure but I think this app is draining batt and brain pee of device. Can't seem to make it go all the way away. The app itself is useful and easy

US Topographical Maps The other sites have a great bar to hurdle in order to top this App.

I like it a lot The only reason I gave it four stars is because when I want it to quit I have to go to my settings in the phone and press the force stop button to completely stop it from running

Most features disabled and pointing to the 'Pro' version...

Very nice app. Very helpful and detailed...thank you.

Awesome Really great app love using it

Very easy to use and helpful for hiking !

23SgtAlf Easy to use

Good app Using it for hunting & fishing.