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Supplied By ddubtech.com    On Jan. 29, 2013    Comments(64)

FREE toggleheadset2 versionVaries with device Download

Update - based on multiple reports it appears there may be a problem with Android Jelly Bean. See http://code.google.com/p/toggleheadset2/issues/detail?id=14 for more details. You may want to try SoundAbout app instead.

This is an open source project originally intended for use with the now legacy Android 1.6 (donut) release and 3.5mm headphone jack HTC multi adapters on the G1 due to android issue 2534. It was originally based on an abandoned project at code.google.com called toggleheadset.

Since initial release, lots of people have downloaded and used this application to fix hardware problems with their phones - specifically cases where the headphones connector detection doesn't work and your audio doesn't automatically switch to the correct output automatically. This has been a surprisingly common occurrence.

To install you need to place on your homescreen to use it by holding your finger down on the homescreen, selecting widgets and selecting togglheadset2. See http://code.google.com/p/toggleheadset2/wiki/InstallAndUse

Thanks to Adam King for changes to support 2.1+

ddubtech.com part of our Tools and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Jan. 29, 2013. Google play rating is 83.9452. Current verison is Varies with device. Actual size 0 bytes.

What's new

    Fix crash in latest release
Download toggleheadset2.apk 0 bytes


Thanks a lot.... Thanks a lot... I was searching for. Something like this and i found it. When i connected my headphone jack it was not working now working fine thanks a lot again

Perfect My phone stopped detecting my headphones about 2 years ago due to software problems this app solved them either on my Xperia E that had said problem and on my Xperia PLAY whenever I needed a quick change between headphones and phone speakers 10/10

Fix for "accessory not supported" Read online about solutions to fix sony xperia e "accessory not supported" error, someone mentioned this app, installed easy BUT REMEMBER ITS A WIDGET, so place it on home screen and put headphones in, once done and "acceasory" message pops up, press ok then tap on the widget. PROBLEM SOLVED!!!

Salute Developer :) I have this Sony Xperia U st25i phone. I was not satisfied by the Android ICS so I rooted my phone and installed a custom ROM based on Android JB ported from Xperia P. Everthing was working quiet great except that phone was not detecting headphone. I did everything but no success. At last I found this app. In the description developer says that this might not work on JB. But I thought when everything else has failed, why not give this app a try? And I am so happy I did. It's a miracle. Salute Developer :)

Worked like a charm! I installed this app (widget) hoping to get audio back to my headphone jack which has been unable to detect headphones as of late. This really does brute force the headphone mode for me (audio now toggles between headphones and speakers with a click). Two noteworthy things: 1 this is an app accessed via a Widget, these in turn are found in your App Drawer on newer devices, not by doing as described above. And second, while it does force audio to the headphones it does not force "headphone mode", my tablet does not say that it is in headphone mode and this *might* have implications for some programs/users. Me? I'm really happy, thanks for the app!

Many tanx Really I didn't think it will work. But it is working. Just need a manual. But something is better than nothing... Also it saved my money from service centers:-)

Thank you This app fixed my phone being stuck in the headphone mode. This app made my day now i can use my phone. 10/10

Fantastic - really useful Thankyou so much for creating this app. I have a motorola defy mini running android 2.3 and could not get the sound to go to an external hifi via the 3.5 mm jack. I thought it was a problem with the jack sizes being slightly different but after trying various leads I eventually thought maybe this is a software problem, whereby android is trying to be too clever, and then found this app. So this has fixed it perfectly - thankyou, thankyou thankyou ! (BTW when installing I found I had to restart my phone for it to find the widget in the add-to list. )

Great app I can not thank enough for about a year my audio jack was not working I even took it to repair shop they opened it nd said sorry we could not and this app solved my problem in a click

Thank you but... Just what I wanted. Works like a charm on my Galaxy Y. ...except the FM radio :( it always shows the message that the earphone it's not plugged.

Headphone Icon Wouldn't Go Off So I download this app with in 5 sec it was off and I could use my phone like normal...this was awesome thanks to the people who made this app.

Worked for me. I never use my headphones and my headphone icon came on on my lg Optimus G. Odds of me ever going in to get it repaired are nil. Turn the headphones off just by activating it and it's working great.

Awsome and great app.... My cellphone showed headset icon without connecting but from this app i am able to listen music and calls.Great job....keep it up

Fixes sound always playing through speakers My Sony Xperia E phone was playing sound through its speakers even when headphones were connected. Toggleheadset2 fixed this real quick. Also, if whenever you plug in earphones/headphones your device keeps telling you "accessory not supported", give this app a shot.

Wow Was going to throw my old evo 3d in a lagoon! This app saved its life!

Good app Phn was stuck in head phn mode but this helped me be able to get my calls thru ear piece

Thanks Well.. My headphone port wasn't working n I thought it was done for..but now...after installing this app.. Like a charm. It started working again.. Thanks a billion.

Great Now I can use my headset on train to work. If you don't see toggleheadset widget, try restarting. Works on my phone.

Truely amazing.... my 3.5mm jack wrkd for few headsets only....bt this app fixed everythng.... now i cn the output of my favrt tracks anywhere..thanx

Thanks a lot Made my 4.1.2 tablet recognise the earphone, both to cut out the speaker, and to detect FM antenna.

The toggle works but sound seems to be playing only through the right side, tried earbuds and in my car. Not sure if its the app or my hardware on my phone(LG Nitro HD).

Accecory not supported Didnt known why headphones wasnt detected but after downloading this I can hear just fine- a little bit quiet but a great app for my problems

Brilliant Bloody Sony xperia phone wouldnt work with regular headphones or line-out. This app sorted it right out! Now I don't have to use the crappy one's that came with the phone! Super sweet banging solid app. Big up guys you rock!!!

Thanks. A . Lot It works perfect , but how can I get a permanent fix for it ?

Life saver! Being a musician and not owning an iPod, I thought I could transfer a heap of songs to my Xperia and then play them through my acoustic amp with a 3.5 to RCA. But lo and behold it would just not work. BUT THEN I FOUND THIS APP AND NOW IT FRICKEN WORKS!!! Best app ever, 6/5

Great app!!! Best for those who have audio jack problem!! Although still have some problem on adjustment of the position…but it really helps a lot!!!

New life to my old phone Now i can use my old phone as my mp3 player thanks to you!

AWESOME This app saved my life! I was crying the whole time because I thought the speaker on my phoone will never work again. But with this app, it did!!! Thank u! I wonder why that headset icon never disappears. Is my headset jack broken?

It works Thanks. When i was playing music, i had put the headphone in but the audio still come out from my speaker. Now, it fixed

cant work i installed the app but the app icon not even appear in my apps list.

Beautiful It does exactly what it is supposed to do. There isn't really very much more to say.

Wouldnt work for me Cant download the app after multiple attemps!

★★★★★★★★★★ I Give 10★'s ! I had used Soundabout, which also works amazing, but needed something a little more user friendly ...THIS IS IT FOR ME !!! My Android & I are extremely happy ;) "Thank-you "!!!!! X♥'s

Thanks for this app. It helps me very much!Now my problem was solved. Thank you!

Great, fixed speakers! Tablet was stuck on headphones even though they were removed. This application fixed speaker audio problem on Android 4.1.2. I can now hear sound through built in speakers.

Antenna Fail Yes, it does exactly what it says. Thank you for that. But the problem still exists, when you need to use it as an antenna for the radio. So far it is not a problem, but it's something to consider. Thanks for the "fix" tho :)

Great Let's me listen to music from my venture on aux :D

Amazing app Faced problem in downloading but works amazingly as my adion jack is broken

Excellent I was.searching fr dis app..it wrks grt:-) thank q

Saved my bacon on a noisy train journey Decided to bring my AKG K451 headphones on a 3 hour train journey only to realise that I'd only brought the mic/remote lead - as a result my phone refused to acknowledge there were any headphones connected. Faced with 3 hours of listening to loud convos and babies crying, I found this app to manually override the audio output. Works perfectly, THANKS!

Thank you Oh my God, thank you so much. Works perfect.

Thanks a lot for your app! Finally, I can connect my Dropad A9N to headphone amp or speakers.

Love it This app rescued me for a year now... I'm really thankful

100% working This is the second phone to say headphones connected for no reason and i have downloaded tons of apps that dont work but fyi even though it works the icon is still their for headphones but other wise perfect so 5 stars for being the only app of its kind to work :):):)

Does the job Solved my problem with the phone not recognizing speaker cables. Hardly any permissions needed, so no spy or ad bomber.

Great App! My phone stopped detecting headphones years ago. This app works great! It's simple but wonderful. Thanks!

Xperia E Fix 4 acc not supported; just download it, set as widget, next plug in your headset and when the popout appears turn on that widget. I LOVE IT :-D 11/9 MUST HAVE

Fixed Headphone Icon Problem My phone played music just like every one else's phone until randomly an icon appeared and no sound played this fixed that problem, thank you

Life Saver Android jellybean developers should learn from this app that no issue is difficult to overcome. Thanks to this app that I can use my headset once again without which use of Mobile was handicapped.

Awesome widget! I dropped my HTC G2 (Android 4.04) and the sound quit working. After downloading the "Headset Indicator" app, I discovered my phone now thinks there's a headset plugged in. So I tried this headset-disabling widget and now my sound works again! Saved my phone's life. Note: You may have to reboot your phone for this widget to appear and/or start working.

Does not work. Samsung s2. Shame. My phone is dying a death now with this, headphones on/off constantly. Cant take/make calls and battery drains. Alarm also not heard

Life saved This app gave me life again after 3 years of torture and suffering,thanks.

really a life saver app my a70 was not detecting headphone i thought maybe my headphone port got repaired but i just searched in case for clearfication and found there is a bug and searched for solution and i came across this app and it really worked im really very thankful to dev

Great Does what advertises (on my Nexus S with Android 4.1.2). Little detail: I had to reboot my device for the widget to show in the widgets menu.

thank you for this app I thought i needed to bring my phone to a repair shop coz the headset inlet (i dunno what its called) is not fiunctioning anymore. But then i dont really wanna spend for this yet.. and then i came across this great great app.. thank you creator of this app.. i love listening to music and this saved me from living a quiet boring life especially when travelling on a jammed traffic road.. ♥♥♥♥♥

HTC Wildfire S 2.2 Does it work for HTC Wildfire S? doesnt seem to work :(

Works perfect. My HTC one m7 was updated, port stopped working. This app fixed it to where u can toggle on and off the headphones. Thank u

This is GREAT I have a HTC one V, and now I can use my phone normally since it has hardware issues in the 3.5 jack

Thank you ! This fixed my line out issue. I would give it 10 stars if I could. :-)

Awesome but..... It fix my problem but I have to do it manually please update to automatic

YOU ARE AMAZING thank you so easy I had problems with headphones after from download but this fix it.

Please Fix this Upon Updating my Samsung Galaxy s3 to android 4.3 official one , this program stooped working , i tried reinstating it ,, but it always says its incompatible with your device even though it was when i used to be on the 4.1.2 android . its the Only solution for my headphone jack problem

Works Perfectly with Spice MI-425 I almost gaveup with my mobile because of headset issue.Tried couple visits to service centered nothing worked.This app worked like Charm..Thanks developer

Incredible app Sony Xperia E, fails a lot in its headphone jack but this app corrects it all