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The Battle Cats

Supplied By PONOS    On Sept. 26, 2016    Comments(229)

FREE The Battle Cats version5.4.3 Download

★★★Weirdly Cute Cats (?) rampage across the world! ★★★
Assist the Cats with extremely simple controls and a straight-forward system!
No need to register to raise your own Battle Cat army! BATTLE WITH ALL THE CATS !!

☆ Super Simple Battle System
Just tap on the Cat you want to fight for you! Oh, and maybe fire the Cat Cannon once or twice.
Take down the enemy base!

☆Super Simple Levelling System
Use the XP you get from clearing stages to level up the Cats! Once they hit level 10, it's evolution time!!

☆Super Simple Fun! The Battle Cats
Collect the treasures while you take over the world!
Draw new rare and exotic Cats(?) !!
Fight really weird and interesting enemies!
... BUT WAIT the Special Cats are even weirder.

Perfect for Casual Play! Fun for all ages, anyone (and their cat too!) can play with the "Battle Cats"!
What type of Cats will you battle with today? Bring on the weirdly cute Battle Cat army!

* "The Battle Cats" requires a network connection for reliable access to gameplay features.
* Downloading or updating "The Battle Cats" requires a stable network connection to prevent errors.
A notification of a large download will appear before installation.
If you are not in a location with strong Wi-Fi, please remove the checkbox "Update over Wi-Fi only (Android)" or turn “Use Cellular Data" on before you begin downloading.
An unstable connection environment during download and/or updates may result in installation issues.
* There will be regular updates for "The Battle Cats" with new and improved features. However, some devices may not be able to support these changes.
Please be aware of this before you update, if you are unsure please feel free to contact our tech support at .

Before you start playing, please read the "Terms of Use" carefully.
By downloading and playing "The Battle Cats", you agree to these Terms.

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Presented by PONOS

PONOS part of our Casual and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Sept. 26, 2016. Google play rating is 86.514. Current verison is 5.4.3. Actual size 64.0 MB.

What's new

    ・Bug Fixes
    ・Added True Forms for select Rare/Uber Rare Cat Units
    ・Added Everyplay video recording features
    ※After Ch. 1: Philippines
    ・Added Favorites option
    Place Cat units in your Favorites in the Cat Guide, then choose to see only those Cats on Upgrade/Equip menus with the Star button.
    ・Limited Units now shown by default in Cat Guide
    ・Stories of Legend added
    - Kombu Cape
    - Weak and Mildly Acidic 3-Stars
    - Shadow Cosmopolis 2-Stars
    ・Event Stages, CatCombos, Rank Rewards added
Download the-battle-cats.apk 64.0 MB


Good games Plz kindly enter my invite code : 1z3ft after u defeat japan, u'll get an awesome rewards.. thank you..

Fix for lollipop The game was addicting, but now I wont play it because its loading times are far too long and it crashes quite alot... I'm running lollipop

Rare cat, use Invite code! 1kkti Please input invite code. 1kkti for uber rare cat!!! This game is great, games come and go but the battle cats has a permanent place on my phone, and their support is pretty good.

This would help You guys should make it to where you can battle friends in multiplayer servers and get experience and special rewards!! You should have us make accounts and or use our inquiry codes.

Love it but plz help Just got a uber super rare and it took me a hour to beat 3/47 any way plz lower difficulty on 3 48 PUT IN CODE:byfyw and I'll put your. Code in plz

Love it!! But one thing My phone resently frose so i lost my progress, i dont want it to happen to anyone else so can we get gamesave through google plus, thanks. :-D

More cats! This game is so fun and addicting!

Battle Cats is the best! This game is amazing, great gameplay, tons of levels, and so much more! Please help me get the friend cats enter: 098mz on the add friends section! This game is great!

This game is awesome..... but The treasure is very hard to earn. So if you can make it a bit easier to collect treasures, that would be nice. I'm rating 5 stars because the game is very good.

Addictive After just a few games i got sucked into it. A great time-passer. Put in this code after beating Japan for free 10k XP! (In the invite section on the home page) "edghq"

Really fun and addicting! This game is super fun to play and silly which keeps it interesting, heres my code for some extra XP and other stuff : Wh1jh

Its ok but I cant seem to do events or draw cats because of time. I dont know what to do

Great game It's a fantastic game, and I wish I could play it more but after downloading my saved date from my iPad into my new phone, it turned basically unplayable. It doesn't load and often at times it crashes, sometimes it doesn't even let me open the app. I love this game and recommend it to anybody, but that whole fiasco with my saved data just killed it for me.

In app not working When i click the button to add more cat food a notification comes up the says "in app purchases disabled" why does it say that?

epic when obtaaned new cat, it was like" ohhh, god, did i just....see yhat"-3-noooooooo CATS!!!!~~~~?

Great game but many issues. Since the newest update I had lost all of my data and had to restart. Very displeased. This app needs a way to save your data such as Gmail or Facebook.

It would be good Honestly this is a good game. I had it on NY iPad. I transfered it to NY phone BUT it crashes EVERY time I battle. (Well not always) This has been going on for SEVERAL MONTHS. It HAS TO STOP!!!!!!!

The game is awesome but for some reason my energy just stopped filling and I can't play any more

Funion rings This game is meant to be played with out spending any money, giving you tickets to get rare cats quite often. It isn't unfair if you don't get anything good, too. Good game

Best game, add code hq6ya A game you'll never delete from your phone. Best thing to pass time on the toilet or when on a break.

Can't play Crashes every time i try to start the game gets to the menu i tap on start and the game crashes on my Kyocera Hydro Android os 4.0.4

Help Does this require internet? My game says I have a problem with my time

Cats! Fun fill time progressive fun easy game.

Fun, simple, entertaining Invite code aaxdl. This game is a must have for those that love casual gaming.

Error with HGT00 when their shouldn't be Gonna have to take away my five star rating for now. My battle cats game has stopped working with my time. I've had to set the day back one day for it to work properly and give me my cat ticket and do the daily stages. I can't do that, I'm not leaving my phone a day before the actual date because the game is not working properly. I would also like this issue resolved soon because a recovery process has been entered and I cannot do any special stages (like the crazed fish cat I don't want to wait a month)

Can't even play, needs to be fixed. Will rate 5 stars when fixed, still takes a minute to open up and crashes often, making me restart the app. The problem was caused thanks to android lollipop, needs to be fixed for me to play

More chapters I completed the games and all I can do is get the crazed versions and do story's of legends plzzzzzz add new chapters

Stopped working ever since update So I've been playing this game for almost a year now, everything been working great until I updated to lollipop 5.0.2 on my One Plus. The game stopped working and wouldn't even upon uninstalling and installing again. I put my game up on data transfer...So I guess they have 3 months to fix update...

Great Game!!! Heres my code : bj57z enter that and get cat poots

I love this game! Great game, very addicting

Awesome! Add versus mode for android n ios!

Amazing. PUT IN MY.CODE AFTER JAPAN; 6lmzn Just all around great. Maybe let us bring in 15 or 20 cats? Cause I have a lot of rare and super rare and Huber super rare cats

Addicting to exponential levels This is by far the best game ive ever played on my phone. Cool and regular updates, bonuses, challenging, what more can you ask for? Download now!

Best game ever This is the best game ever and you should keep doing what you're doing. But I tried the rare cat capsule 4 time and I got no uber rares. And you guys should really do a multiplayer!!!

Missing Sometimes I miss a day and its hard to get on track

3rvxm and efneg pls. Codes;-) help gettin Moneko pls

Great game! Wery good game: funny cats, interesting music. Developers, u're in right way! And here some codes: jhtj0 and rtazw

Why does my game only allows me to input only one code? The game will only let me put one code in then i cant put any more. Can you fix it. Also i am currently playing castle clash on the same device but the game will not give me cat food. Can you fix this as well?

Crashes This is my favorite app of all time. Sadly, every time I tap battle on Battle cats rising, the app crashes. Strangely though, event stages work fine. As you can imagine these event stages are difficult without the normal campaign for steady XP. PLEASE FIX.

Everyday I get a silver cat ticket and I am tired of it so, it would be better if gold tickets were given out every once in a while.

Great game It's a pretty much good game and I love it. Hey don't forget invite my code : nibet to get very awesome prize!

Fun The game is fun overall I really like this game but the only problem is you can't see Health of the enemies and I think that they should give out cat food more often than they usually do.

BEST GAME I'VE EVER DOWNLOADED I absolutely love this game and it's silliness. It's a perfect twist of gameplay and humor which makes for a great game! Super addicting and keeps me interested. A MUST play!

Awesome game should download This is a good game and it is fun too I recommend people to download the game in case u want to kill time. If u kindly enter my codes : 3j7mf and h91zr

TOO COOL!!! I loved this game and haven't had any problems but i think it would be so much fun if you implemented a p.v.p. combat mode so you could play with friends and also utilize the invite codes for other purposes

Wow but there's a problem Its a really fun game I swear I Luke how you added a bunch of fun cats and enemies and I Like how they upgrade to a stronger form, but I can't enter anymore codes theres always something's that pops up and says "this code has already been entered" and I can't enter anymore codes

Awesome game. A way to make it even better than it already is you should be able to at least some way be able to see an enemy's weakness. Like maybe with xp or something.

Cute! This such a fun game! The only problem I have is that the money points go down to zero even though I choose a cat that's only fifty money points. Here's my invite code i56x2 I have a lot of xp. Also I really want moneko so please choose my code. share share share yours if you want a one too! Have fun.

Online Great game really addicting. One great feature to add into the game would be online. If you had your friends code, you could go against his/her cats. Both persons would have the cats they unlocked, and have in their lineup and you use your cats. It would be a great way to use the friends code. Also my friends code only let me enter in one code, and it won't let me enter any other code in

Frustrated! Not a fair battle if you ask me! Enemies are generated faster than the energy it takes for me to put cats into battle. How is that fair? It takes too long even when I am at max. And how can a red rabbit defeat that thing with the fiery head. Maybe you should show the weaknesses of the enemies? Don't all enemies have weaknesses?!

Whiskers please My codes are ylmig and pjp96 please and thanks to anyone who adds me. Also I think that only one person added as a friend code should be changed, just adding to the list of people that have said that. You might already be working on it who knows. Anyways, their should be a whiskers cat, if you don't already have one (I haven't unlocked everything yet). But I think that because they are cats, at least some of them should have whiskers.

THIS IS AMAZING This game is so fun you can unlock hundreds of cats and enemies you can unlock. Another amazing thing is that you can evolve your cats into different and stronger cats I hope that you like this game too.

This game is never boring! At least it isn't boring for me. Usually, I'll play a game for a period of time, then uninstall, due to boredom. However, I've actually had this game for much longer then most of my games, and I'm not even considering getting rid of it. There are times you can get rare cats free with promotions. All of the cats I'm playing with now, are rare, and I didn't pay for any of them. Please enter my code for a free gift: 7asm5

Purffffffect Amazing Game Great fun Levels One Thing though PONOS could add a PvP system because I wanted to Battle my Friend but couldn't Still great game 5 stars

Love this game This game is even better with new content. Cat food used to be so rare to get in game. Now you can watch videos for cat food.

Codes ztpxq + tcpx4... Please fix bug where the game doesn't allow codes to be entered then I'll gladly give 5 stars :'3

Gotta love this game The only thing is you need alot of the xp to get a few upgrades. Enter this code to get ten thousand xp: w2bm1 Have fun!

Slow to open Fun. But it takes like 5 minutes to open on a HTC one M8. I've seen others complain about this. A fix would be appreciated. But it's fun otherwise

One of the best Very fun, one of the best games I have ever played. Try it out. As the game progresses it gets harder therefore making you do more, which induces lag. It's usually minor. Again, you won't regret getting this game.

Oddly fun Very basic in concept but strangely fun. Spawn different cats, each having different abilities, to take over the world. Doesn't have a harsh pay wall, yet.

Amazing What game can you actually have hours of gameplay for free? I almost feel like I'm robbing the developers for making such a great and lengthy game. For many, this game well run pretty slow because it needs a device with a beefy processor and storage speed, but it's definitely worth getting.

Really fun, but DON'T spend money The game is really unique and a super fun defense game. The art and writing are pretty funny too. However, the pricing model is AWFUL. If you wanted to buy a new cat, $6. But wait, you're not paying for a guaranteed new cat, you're paying for the possibility that you'll get either a new cat, a useless cat, or a cat you've already gotten. $6 for disappointment. If the price of a draw was $0.50 you can bet I'd drop so much money on this game a month.

My invitation code a4bun Game is so awesome and addicting. I loved it, just try this game and you will have the fun of it to make your day. :) Kept playing the first time I tried this game. Its very fun and really magnificent. This game is unique unlike any other games and the idea of adding in cats to a defense game is really creative and more and more interesting and awesome content gets released into this game. This is the reason why I love this game and other games just like Battle Cats are awesome except this is way better.

Good game but needs improvements... Unfortunately having to wait for random chances to win free summon tickets during an in-game event for example & pitiful odds for winning said tickets needs to be greatly improved. So does the gold ticket summons, odds for summoning a super/uber rare, etc. There should be an extra daily/weekly login bonus or daily challenges for tickets, cat food, etc. 2nd complaint's the difficulty. I've been stuck on same Stories of Legend lvl for like 4 mnths because of unreasonably powerful enemies. Bullcrap.

Amazing! I love this app it's my favorite game! The only problems are that you should be able to enter more codes, PVP would be great, and you should be able to make videos on non IPS devices. Keep updating it to make it better, if that's possible!

Fun until you realize it's just like all the others Was fun for a while but like nearly all mobile games it becomes pointless unless you want to give into their greed and spend money just to play. I've spent nearly 1000 energy trying to get a superior treasure on one level. Clearly purposely done to try and get me to spend spend spend.

BEST GAME EVER!!! いいね! One problem: chapter 3 has cats that are too expensive also special cats are expensive to get... cat food is too rare to get

Amazing addicting game, a little too visual There should at least be an option to reduce anti aliasing to save ram and battery life. In not sure if its unlockable in the future, but an LAN/bluetooth/NFC feature would make the game a lot bigger. When I have a large number of buffer cats (cat, boogie cat) my game starts lagging hard, and when the opponent does the same, it lags harder.

Would have given a higher score but... I cant get my cent count to link up with my max out ammount.

Its a great game but... Every time I go to the cat capsule machine to get some rare cats I get this error message saying my time is messed up when I havent changed my time at all. I havent hacked the game ether. Pls help

Love it But I stopped getting rare tickets I don't know if this is a glitch or something but I still enjoy the game and congrats on 19 million downloads :-)

Best Game Ever This I'd the BEST game ever. It's addicting but had energy so you don't play constantly. There are so many cats so you can always get new troops for battle, all being extremely unique.I have one complaint.I went to go get a rare cat capsule and I can't connect to the server and still cant.

Lovable nice game Cute character and simple. Keep it up. My code is udtm1 . Thanks for the help ^^

Switched phones No way to get three years of accomplishments back...sad, but cant start over again after putting that much in. Needs to sync with play services instead of haveing a manual transfer. Devices break and manual wont work...

Illegal activity detected??? I don't jailbreak, I never hack, I never even download stuff from sources other than playstore, played this game for one whole year, and now it says illegal activity detected???I could still bear with ponos when I didn't get one single uber after 60 continuous draws but now srsly?????maybe I'm not ever playing any games from ponos again-.-

Orgasms are real I was lost, depressed, then I found this game.I'm still depressed, but I now know what my life is ment for


Guys i got a little problems that when i want to use mu capsule it tell me u need to update my game and i try to update but nothing happen i don't receive any patch to update my game so plese fix this P.s. 72462753e and my version is 3.2.1

Quality of the game Dear Developers, I've been playing this game for a year now. My biggest problem here is, the graphics quality of the game. Why don't you add something like "Low-High" graphic quality option in the game settings? The game slows down because of my crappy phone. Its so ironic to see a game that spams a lot of cats then it lags, compatible on my phone. I know many users had this issue too. Its a wonderful game to be honest. What we want is, a smooth gameplay. I hope you read this.

Best game for Android Battle cats is one the best game that I ever played on Android. This game ha lots of stages and correctors. Every corrector shows different power and skills. U can play this game as a mission against enemies by increasing your power and skills day by day and at a point u must win.

GREAT game For me, it's a great game its extremely fun and addicting also,the cats can be really funny or really weird also my invite code is r70kf so please help me get bean cat! (Yes BEAN cat)

Enjoyable but with opaque game mechanics. The game is an incredibly satisfying strategy game with sufficiently deep mechanics and unit balance. Despite this, you'll likely find yourself button mashing for the most part because outside of a single line description, there is little to no information on unit behaviour and strengths/weaknesses in game. The necessity of a wiki or FAQ for this info is inappropriate for a mobile title. If you are averse to using such sources, you may be frustrated. Also, the monetisation features are rather in your face.

Freaking Pissed 1st round play cleared up to world 1. After switch phone to s7 edge log in it states i have illegal activity detected. Emailed the creator no reply at all. FINE. Restarted the whole game, got uber super rare on 1st draw and again it states i have illegal activity detected. WTF PONOS?! give me back my uber rare!!!!!

More cat food High levels are impossible without uber rare cats but they impossible to get

Great game, randomly started crashing The game is great, entertaining, but its randomly started crashing on start-up after I stopped playing for a few days. I'd reinstall it but I don't feel like losing my progress. Devs, can you help? EDIT : New update still hasn't fixed my issue. Ponos, fix this, seriously. I'm removing one star from my rating.

Amazing Game. Amazing game it is so fun and creative. The funny thing is that I downloaded this game because it looked super weird and I thought it would be terrible but it turns out it is my favourite game by far!

Sooo hard and coooooool im now in eperor of darkness in moon theres a guy sitting in a chair all of my cats is now fully upgraded exep for thunder god zeauz i got him when i first downloaded this cooool game in the rare cat capsule woooooow and i have mrs moneko

Crazed cats impossible When I see people play the crazed cats event they play on hard++ but for me its insane and all my cats at lvl20 die in one hit and the bosses take zero damage I have all the treasures for all three of the main story but I still die before my cats can even attack its not do able at all please turn down the difficulty so people can actualy kill a doge at least

Love the game but... Battle cats is great. Very fun and addictive. There is only 2nd problems..they use tap joy for rewards. Tap joy does not like to pay out the big rewards and absolutely no customer support! They owe me about 4000 or 5000 cat food over the past 6 months. Update: 4-2-16. The game is a scam. all they want as more and more money. the game never ends the levels become so hard that you have to buy your way through them. Get a hacked version

The battle cats I like it alot but I think it would be better if you added more cats please. Thanks alot :)

Save Data I absolutely love this game, but 2 things that could use a tweaking. You should be able to use more than one invite code because most people in this world have more then one friend. Also you should be able to save your data to a google play account or email account for future use just in case the app decided to fail for some users. This would be greatly appreciated if you could take this into consideration :) besides that game is very enjoyable, addicting, and silly in its own unique way. Keep it up!

11/10 rating, much respect for PONOS I love this game, to begin with. It does not require an internet connection for those who have little to no mobile data, it's very addicting, has a large amount of energy so you can play quite a few times before you run out, unlike most mobile games. But I have gained very much respect for PONOS. If there is a bug, or an error in advertisement for a certain event, or any kind of fun event or holiday, they give out some of the paid currency for free; enough to buy cats. Very much respect gained from me!

A fantastic app It is such a well made game, and you will not cease being interested in the game. It has so many cute, and sometimes horrifying cats that will never make you bored. On top of that, there is so much fantastic music. I have never had an app better than this.

An Issue that got worse All my user data is gone, basically I fixed the updating problem but afterwards all my progress was erased. And at this point I can't seem to continue my 3 years of enjoyment at this game anymore, fix your bugs please :'(

Not pay to win, good comedy, cute, well made and extremely simple but addictive I got a cool idea called Cat fights - You to against a random player and you summon cats against each other . Period

Doesn't work The app won't even try to load up. Tried reinstalling several times. Doesn't help. So can't really give it more than one star when I can't even play the game.

Denies me access :( I haven't played in a while but recently I updated to the latest version and now the game accuses me of having illegal data when I've never done any mods or other workarounds for this game or my phone. I think its pretty unfair for the game to just randomly tell me I can't play when I did nothing wrong. Found out this is not just my problem as well. Is there any solution to this yet or should I just give up on getting my game back?

Slow progression rate Energy glitch removal ruins the fun. Hoping that is a April fools joke. Without energy glitching available anymore, progression rate in late game gets knocked down to a matter of a few minutes of gameplay every 10 hours, unless you spend $3 to recharge your energy every time.

A Long trip I've been on this game for awhile.. For to much.. And what REALLY bugs me out is that I have to get the treasures for the relics over and over and over and over again and getting them is a pain in grinding and replaying the same stage again and again until you get the best one, it's an unnecessary time wall, should at least create a relic to increase the 'luck' factor to be more enjoyable and less repeatable! Thank you and sorry for the HUGE text wall.

A suggestion I think there should be a feature where you can trade Cats over Wifi. But then all the sent cats would go back to level 1. That would be a good feature, I think.

Uber super rare! Love it and more.but i think there should be a free uber super rare event.that you can choose any ubersuperare. do you guys agree?

I love this game to death This game is amazing and I had it for a very long time, but, I lost my code when my phone broke and now I have too stay all over.

Excellent, little tweaks could help. Love this game to bits. Menu animations could be a bit faster. XP rewards could be more consistent (the first chapter has the highest xp/energy rate, unfair right?) While into the future gives less XP even while being far more difficult. Slows gameplay quite a lot later on when players have to spend more. I've used over 100+ Rare tickets in my two years playing this game and have never got an Uber rare. Then I watch my little cousin get an uber (Catman) on his very first attempt ever. KMS

Amazing. I truly have no words to describe this game. The only reason I downloaded this game was becuse it had cats on it and it looked interesting. What I discovered though, was a gem. This game has so much to offer and I loved it all. Such a great game to play wherever and whenever. The only small problem I has was the cat food. There are ways to get a good bit of cat food through downloading apps and watching videos and whatnot, you can even get cat food through logging in daily. It isn't a huge problem though.

Best Mobile Game! This is the best mobile game I have ever played. It has lots of longevity, and I've been playing it for over a year now. The game is constantly evolving, which helps me stay interested. Its unique mechanics and art style are something to love. Although the game takes patience sometimes, I think the features more than make up for it. You can get very far in this game without spending a dime, but the option to spend is there if you want it. I rate 8/8, m8.

Great game Its so fun and addictive but i only give 3 stars because i never get any super rares or ubers even though i opened like 20 times already and because of this, i can never get to beat the tough chapters. Please fix this.

I'd rate it five stars but it won't let me update please fix this and I'll give your u five stars you should of read the title ponos

Ĭ Suggest Just a suggestion , the game would probably more interesting if it has online multiplayer battle in which i could battle my collection of cats to other gamers who played this .

This is my favorite app, but I haven't received my daily cat capsules, and I'm unable to watch videos for cat food. Please fix the bug.

Purre addiction I dint think i would love it but in the end i spend at least everyday to gather all the treasures

Used to be favorite, doesn't work anymore. This used to be my favorite game on the phone, played whenever I had time to spare. One set of legend stages away from Ururun Wolf, my phone updated to the next version. Now it won't open, instead sitting at an opening screen.

It can be played without wifi too! I played this game for one year and still counting, This happens to be the game I've been waiting for! I hope they'll add more cats and interesting stages ^_^

Won't work When I try to launch the game, it closes and brings up Chrome with the message "Unauthorized activity dectected". My phone is not, not has it ever been, rooted.

WAS great This game was really addictive and fun. I had almost completed chapter 3 and then it started saying that I was using illegal data. I don't know whether my phone had a virus but now I have to start again, is there anything I can do to fix this?

Amazing Its fun and all-around fast and addictive. I also have an idea for cat. A lil bub cat. Like a giant lil bub cat. If you use this idea please say it was a fan. (Don't mention me specifically please) ANYWAY, the game was fun and i'm glad i checked it out.

Terrible The dialogue is the worst I've ever seen in a game, and the same itself is repetitive to say the least. Takes way too long to progress, and it's not worth the effort in the least. I wish u could give less than 1 star.

Can't play on BlueStacks Seems like it would be a really fun game to waste some time, but it errors out every time I try to open the app on Bluestacks.... T__T

Game is so awesome and addicting. I loved it, just try this game and you will have the fun of it to make your day. :) Kept playing the first time I tried this game. Its very fun and really magnificent. This game is unique unlike any other games and the idea of adding in cats to a defense game is really creative and more and more interesting and awesome content gets released into this game. This is the reason why I love this game and other games just like Battle Cats are awesome except this is way better. So much awesomeness in this game!!! :) I really can't believe you can upgrade cats now to their true form and with this new update, there's more awesome content. So much Kawaii and cuteness in this game! (^.^) I luv it!!! <3 ♡♡ ★★★★

Pretty OK Fun time waster but it takes WAY too much time to grind for all the gold treasures. Also energy doesn't regenerate as fast as it should and takes upwards of 6 hours to be able to play again. The games kind of forces you to spend a large chunk of money on it if you want to get anything done and don't want to waste your life grinding for hours on end.

Thank you! I have been playing this game for ever a year. With breaks. I must say that this is one of the best games I have played on my phone ever. The makers are really good and nice. If they fail, they reward you, if you are good, you are rewarded. Game is amazing and funny. Really great job. For me this is the end and I just want to thank the makers for this fantastic game. My phone got broken and all files deleted, never got to have a ultra rare cat and never will I think. Nevertheless thank you!

Not going to play much longer Yeah, I am about fed up. I have been playin this game in my spare time now for about 2 years and have got hardly anything out of any of the capsules I have worked for or purchased. After awhile, the disapointment of constant crap cat capsules is enough to make anyone eventually say wtf and move on. You should be able to sell the crappy cats you ignorantly waste cat food and xp on just to find out they are worthless, back for additional xp. I have an arsenal of loser cats now, thanks.

Great Game - over zealous developer This is a great game! Some of the later levels definitely seem to require you spend money to try and get some of their stronger cats only available that way, but they have enough events where, if you are patient, spending money is not absolutely nessecary. As for the developer, they try so hard to root out cheaters/hackers that they accidently penalize people who play the game legitimately (i.e. the newest update as of 5/10/16)

My first mobile love Gameplay is reminiscent to Age Of War, but the difference here is that you can't "progress" per see, and there is a campaign. You obtain cats with cat food, (the in-game currency), and level up those cars with XP. Cute graphics, and can run on a potato. Warning: This game WILL make you want to spend money on Cat Food. One thing I must mention is that once you beat all 3 moons, the game loses its touch a bit. It gets kinda boring.

Still Fun! It is cute simple fun, free, and kinda silly. I'd recommend it if you want sonething simple to play now and then while bored, such as waiting at a doctor's or for the bus. Getting cats to level 30 (especially rare ticket cats) gets tough, but the Gamatoto addition helps with getting catfood over time, great addition! (Now plz don't nerf the cat food finding haha)

Please add a reverse or refund button or something like that Okay. Its mainly because of the cat cannon. I later found out that the recharge speed of cat cannon level 1 was so op. And my cannon was level 10 and its recharge time is slow. Thankfully It wasn't lvl 30 when i found an article about it. But i was still disappointed for that. I am already on chapter 3 with all gold treasures in chapter 1 and 2. And really, IT'S A PAIN TO START OVER... So please with the next update(a lil' long time i think coz it just updated), i hope that you can do something about it...

CatCombos? I can't unlock any new CatCombos for some reason, could be a glitch or maybe another bug in the update. Please fix it PONOS. Game is still amazing btw, and I have only one recommendation for the game. Can you guys add lingering hurtboxes to attacks? Because it really annoys me when one of my powerful cats uses an attack and then an enemy runs right into the animation for the attack and doesn't die like the attack wasn't there at all I.e. Bahamut Cat's attack

Please fix The cat energy dosent work when my phone is powerd down it don't generate and the game only works when the phone is on intierly so love the game just fix the car energy this problem please.

Amazing! I just wish the dev team could let us have one free cat.

Please please please add a good backup system in your next update I've been playing this game for month. This game is absolutely cute, fun and addicting. I love it and played it everyday. HOWEVER, yesterday I uninstalled this app by mistake(and I freaked out) I reinstalled it and tried to get my old data back. Guess what, it's all gone. Back to level zero -_-...I JUST CRIED LITERALLY -_- this game doss have a data transfer funtion but I don't think it is efficient enough. Once your phone is crushed/water damaged/stolen/lost. YOUR DATA IS GONE FOREVER!!!

There should be multiplayer cat vs cat Omg what if there was multiplay that will be sooo fun I like the game sooooo much I just completed chapter 3!!! The game will be even better if there was multiplayer please think about this idea

Update bugs 2.0 Updated to version 5.0.2. Super avid player but the max lvl limit of my cats is at a weird level. My eraser cat can only be upgraded to +32 though my dark cat was +34 before the new update and my cousin can only upgrade his crazed cat to level 26 instead of 30. Please fix too!!! Love the game so flipping much!!!!!!!! Don't let me leave it at 4 stars.

ENERGY I love this game but I just got it again recently and my energy does not regenerate unless I am on the stage screen FIX PLS

If you log in with a good network connection, you will get the time in for gamatoto and cat energy.youdon't have to have it on all the time.

Energy doesn't increase after closing app I don't know when it hapen but I wait for a day and the energy doesn't get full and doesn't increase at all after I close the app. Pls fix this, I love this game

Good Was pretty great, can't play it as much anymore since they fixed the energy glitch. Honestly if energy wasn't a problem or it was like it was before the game would do so much better especially with the new fun catfruit stages!!!!

make the energy unlimited!! its hard to play this game,some of stage required lots of energy.Hope you make energy unlimited we dont want to wait until energy recovered.Just like other game make it continues to play this game is worthless and worth it for cheater of this game.

Many updates later and still a solid, fun game Even around the Insane difficulty maps needing peak builds to complete, the game has been pleasant. The new evolution method also gives me a reason to play daily instead of Wednesday & weekends to milk exp so I'm happy with that addition. And our little adventuring cat helps me never mis-time my energy which is a great boost to my playtime and is a small but long term reward system.

Problem with cat energy charge The game is fine... 2 stars for now. Until the energy charge is returned to normal let's settle for this. Not all of us can be 24/7 in connecting to the net. I play to passtime and relieve stress not to get stressed about failing updates... >.<

Cat Energy Bug Still There Been waiting for weeks for an update to fix Cat Energy and Gamatoto Issue. However, after the latest update the bugs are still there. Energy only recovers when app or wifi is on. Same with Gamatoto. Clearing the cache also did not help. Now I can't play it while I travel. Will definitely stop playing if you guys don't fix this soon.

Amazing Great.It is amazing how you play.Great mechanics.

The Battle Cats Whats new in The Battle Cats? What happened to the free Cat Ticket every day? AND WHY DO MINUTES TAKE HOURS, HOURS TAKE DAYS. IT TAKES FOR EVER FOR THE GAME TO RECOVER. Previous emails from Ponos told me that Watching videos in game is not for free cat food but that it is for the fun of watching commercials.

Stupid update After the update, it says my save file is in violation of the terms. But my phone has never been rooted nor have i hacked this game. This is just plain stupid I've gotten so far into the game and have spent money on it. This is unreasonable.

I LOVE IT It is super addicting and extremely entertaining. But there is challenge to it, *COUGH COUGH* empire of darkness *COUGH COUGH*.

Loved it! I have been playing this game for a few months now. Most of my free time goes in here. The game is really difficult sometimes even if you have all the treasures and the cats are upgtaded to max. This is my favorite mobile game.

I told all the people I know about this game And now my entire school plays it and i am the best great game

Addicted I love this game, but I would love a multi-player aspect added to it, something similar to Pokemon where we can trade cats and battle with friends over Wi-Fi

I love this game but...... How do you upgrade your money

Great! Good game, adorable and cute cats

Time Killer I had this game for almost 2 years and it's got me through many classes. It's a fun game and when you've put as much time as I have you'll enjoy it.

Need internet??? Why suddenly need internet connection so the energy with recharge? That's just stupid!

Best Mobile Game! This is the best mobile game I have ever played. It has lots of longevity, and I've been playing it for over a year now. The game is constantly evolving, which helps me stay interested. Its unique mechanics and art style are something to love. Although the game takes patience sometimes, I think the features more than make up for it. You can get very far in this game without spending a dime, but the option to spend is there if you want it. I rate 8/8, m8.

Thank you PONOS for listening. Game got much more playable with the full energy recharge after each clear and half off energy games (please make it more frequent). Still, getting cat food could be made a little easier especially for those nearing completion of the game. And yes, please make a way to refill energy without wifi.

Fix the energy charging bug's & save data My phone is always connected to the Internet. But, the energy won't recharging. And it's said f*cking error. Make it can charging even it is offline. About saving data, make it connected to the email or something so in terms on bad condition like we change the phone because of accident or something, we can play as the old save.

Total decay The game itself can be moved to SDcard, but it hogs about 300MB of internal memory, which cannot be moved out. It used to work off-line, but now it requires Internet connection with its server just to check time to restore energy and to update quests. It has lots of items to collect and many stages to go, with some level of strategy required, but not being able to play outdoors anymore killed it for me. Another game spoiled because of dumb cheaters and bad development strategy.

A android user must-have except for 1 point I must be honest, this is the best android game ever! I am a android user for the past 6 years now, and there's only 1 game that can make me play it several times a day: The Battle Cats. 1 little comment: Ponos, could you please work on a some kind of cloud service to store our game data on? Because I got so far in the game I am kinda getting worried about losing my phone so I would need to start over. A way to save games on a cloud or store them yourself in the game data. Thank you.

Best game ever! (but) This is an amazing game. I have no life outside of Battle Cats. Please, please, please PONOS add some type of cloud storage for game data, I'm terrified of losing my phone and losing all my progress in the game.

Gamatoto Problems The timing for Gamatoto is not working well. Example, three hours ago, I sent Gamatoto on a three hour expedition. Three hours later, it's still stuck at three hours left, even though I have a strong internet connection onto my phone. Ponos, please fix this soon.

Love it! Love it! Love it! Very interesting that ever played. But I hope that the Uber Super Rare cats ticket price can be drop lower, since the cat that I'm getting is random and I cannot really choose the character I really want. Thus lowering the Uber Super Rare cat ticket will more attractive.

Please bring back watching ads for catfood Battle cats is tons of fun but impossible to progress past a certain point unless you have uber cats. It wouldn't be a problem getting ubers but in order to spin the capsule you need tons of cat food which now, since you can't binge ads, you have to pay or either spend forever (probably would take a few months at least) in order to have just a chance at getting an uber. Drains all the fun out of the game. It's impossible to play. Super sad. Gotta find something else I guess.

What everyone would like In my opinion, I think that players should have a choice to play against each other. Cats vs Cats. If ponos agrees , I'll give 5★★★★★

Amazing Love the game battle cats their so adorable and cute. Can you add a update where their is cat nip. You can only use it once a day and you get all your cat energy back. But it is super rare. Just an Idea hope you make it happen.

5 star if watch ad is added back Great game more rare ticket gifts pls. What the heck game add back in the watch ad for cat food it my only way to earn cat food and it really helps the beginners to this game

The Bomb The best game I have seen and played I told my friends about it and the played it they just loved it to bites and I did too and thank so much for making the game.

Love the game, but I can't believe they took away watch advertisements to get cat food!!!!!! This game used to be so fun, but now there's no way to get cat food. I'll update this if they bring back the advertisements for cat food. Untill then, I HATE it!!!!!!

I have no life anymore, this game is my life. A very nice game, easy to progress without using IAP's. Multiple chapters to each campaign gives you endless fun. Along with all the quirky characters it's a five star game. Two years later I'm still playing.

Great game! I have been playing this for a while now and it's so fun! But what I don't understand is how to get new cats using tickets. Help?

Just wish there was an online backup option :( but great otherwise definitely recommend

Cutest game ever. I love the game it's fun and cute, but why do people want to hack cat food. It is not fun and ruins the game. I will finish the game with no hacks. That was off topic.

Been playing for years I love that this game has enough going on that i can play for several years without getting bored, but it's not needy and if I don't play or log in for a few days I don't feel like I've missed out. The events are fun and the pay to play aspect isn't in your face. Would recommend giving it a try.

The best tower defense Still the best mobile game ever,yet,it's still improving itself! I'm waiting for more challenges,PONOS! Keep up the great work!

Energy Please fix it back to where energy can be restored offline . I dont get access to internet most of the time so it is quite a burden not being able to play

Not sure why... but I like it! Actually having the energy indicator is good in this game - that's as many battles as I want to do in a session. And much less microgrubbing for payments. Ads less intrusive than most.

I'm a little pissed. I got screwed over when there was a 100% chance for an uber cat on a 11 cat ticket buy. I saved for a month and got no ubers. The dam game takes too much storage, but I keep it cuz its addicting.

Good but Where r the sound effects? I used to play this but now there are no sound effects and it doesn't feel the same. Please fix this

It is nearly impossible to get cat food since you got rid of the watching adds feature.Add it back or I'm uninstalling.

Great fun I'd like to see random levels and custom levels to give us something extra to do. I've played the Japanese version for years and there are some issues with balance - most levels are too easy but some higher levels require studying tactics to have a chance to pass. Ideally they'd all be challenging but not impossible.

I did enjoy your game but... There's a glitch that gave me 4 rare cats sushi physic and 2 others

LOVE IT ;3 Everything is PURR-FECT! cat hoarders meets tower defense! Love the gamatoto feature! So much easier to get cat food now!

Ruined it. So no more watching videos for free cat food? Bring that feature back!

Kinda good,but... This game should have more similarities to "Battle Cats POP",like Catfood or Rare Cat Ticket rewards when clearing a stage,the "Will Gauge"(Cause it is super annoying that you have an army of cats,then you send a Cat,and the message "Can't deploy any more" appears,a enemy defeats lots of your cats,and the can't deploy any more message doesn't fades away),also in Battle Cats POP,in the store,you can select how many powerups you want to buy(Example:You can select if you want to buy 1 speed up or 10),cause in the cellphone version,you have to buy 9 speed ups if you want to have them,also,the rare gachas are way too expensive (1 Try = 150 Catfood,and i say it is way too expensive because catfood is REALLY HARD to get,its like if PONOS was forcing us to buy Catfood to get the goods you need),so i consider it would be better if 1 try costed like 50 catfood and 11 tries costed like 500 catfood.And it would be better if we could get free catfood every day,and adding the option of watching ads to get catfood back.It would be better if the Mobile version would have Multiplayer such as Battle Cats POP has it.

No comparison I have been playing this game for over two and a half years I thought it was necessary to finally give it a review. There really is no comparison to Battle Cats, it is a one-of-a-kind game that continues to grow and reinvent itself.I remember when I first found this game, I was instantly engrossed, I thought that there was no way in which this game could possibly be improved, and yet every few months PONOS continues to amaze with steady improvements and updates. I have one emotion about this game: Overjoyed

Bring back advert fot catfood Great game but it is almost impossible to gather enough catfood using GAMATOTO. Also competitive multiplayer would be nice.

Fun and addictive With humor coming from its randomness and some challenging yet not impossible to finish stages, and specially for the glory of the cats!!! I highly recommend this game.

So addictive This is a great game my friend showed me and it is so good some levels are hard but once u get into it they are a piece of cake

Cat food problem I've waited to recieve my now 933 cat food for 3 days now and and nothing when I get my cat food I will change it thank you

POrNOS IS LOVE POrNOS IS LIFE THANKS POrNOS JUST GOT A MID SUMMER RABBIT and your "new" POrNOS logo looks you guys did a collaboration with pik pok.

The Best It's the best tower defence game, it's so great. Just needed to know how to increase energy and I really need bahamut cat. Not that I hate it, but I love this like :o just wanted time to still count while Offline. Thanks!

Newest update is miserly No more watching adverts for cat food and Gamatoto also seems nerfed

Please read this On the second chapter of battle cats rising the moon stage please nerf it its nearly impossible to deal with the boss (make it attack a lot slower and make it to not so many one horns spawn)

Awesome, cute, and very addicting I watched my favorite youtuber (thinknoodles) played this game it's so much fun and it's everything I could ever want in a game.cheers to catfood! :-) (i also LOVE the cat capsual animation, so exiting VERY addictive.☺❤❤❤

Best Mobile Game! This is the best mobile game I have ever played. It has lots of longevity, and I've been playing it for over a year now. The game is constantly evolving, which helps me stay interested. Its unique mechanics and art style are something to love. Although the game takes patience sometimes, I think the features more than make up for it. You can get very far in this game without spending a dime, but the option to spend is there if you want it. I rate 8/8, m8.

Can't put it down The paid currency is so easy to get without real money, the soundtrack is amazing, and sexy legs cat. This game gives you the addicting feel of.. cat. GAMATOTO will get you catfood and experience, and you can read all about his adventure! Combat is mildly challeging, just hard enough to where it's fun and not stressful. (Until you fight an elephant). I rarely give 5 stars but, this won me over. Keep up the great work!

Addicting, I love this game and I live cats too :3 It's so addicting, fun to play, great music. Cute Cats! Btw, me and my friends got Banned recently from Transferring hacked data(old version) to our Updated BCEN. I just got Ban (3 minutes ago), and YEAH! I'll just Play the Original one (Japanese Version).

Awesomeness to failure OLDREVIEW; This game never failed to get me hooked and addicted to the highest level.. JAP or EN VERSION? Bring it on! NEWREVIEW: SINCE THE UPDATE? Cat Energy regeneration sucks. Coz you need to go online to regenerate it properly. I've been playing this game since version one. I need my awesomeness gaming experience back!

Loved it The cats are so cute and creepy at the same time and I love the gameplay style! Really challenging at some points though like chapter 3 moon is extremely hard for me. And the enemy book is hilarious I rate this game 10/10

Need better cats I would give it 5 stars but, when you get further along if you don't buy XP you can't get your guys strong enough to keep going. Also, need more rare tickets and without paying for them to be garanteed, you don't get strong enough cats for the aliens you come across.

It's too hard I love this game, but it's really hard. Especially since it's nearly impossible to get an uber rare cat unless you spend a ton of money on catfood. Please make uber rare cats more accessible. If you can make the uber rare cats more accessible, I will give you 5 stars. Besides the fact that this game is so hard and that uber rares are nearly impossible to get, this game is really fun and addicting.

Love, but a suggestion Love the game so much. Silly and fun and strategic. I only have 1 issues. is it would be nice to see in game stats of the cats, like I have no clue if one cat is better than the other without looking in the wiki, be a nice feature to have in game. Like the hp,dmg,attack speed, move speed, ect.

Really fun to play! can you put something like a info tab on the level select screen that says stuff like the times attempted, times sucsessful, ect.? I just feel bad when i see like 20 tries in one perticular level and only 1 or 2 on the next. But, that is probably just me

Battle cats x neo mushroom garden collab PROBLEM Whenever I go get my free daily log in bonus it goes to the part where I get the free cat but then says sorry battle cats has stopped working, and when I got back on it I don't have the free cat. Can you somehow fix this please? If not it would be really unfair on me (and probably some other people who waited 3 days for the cats) fix please, thanks in advance.

HEAR ME OUT PONOS These are suggestions to make the game perfect. You should make another daily reward. More suggestion is that the rare ticket is too rare and not worth it. You rarely get an event to get a ticket, and you usually get a really weak cat unless its super or uber. EDIT: forget I rated 5 stars. My old phone broke but I had the game on my sd card. I put the sd card in my new phone and bam. Now it wants an access code and i cant even get in my phone its so broken. Was my favorite. Bye chapter3

Gets boring quickly No more watching adverts for cat food but the regular events help a lot. Still ends up a dull grind fest too often with weeks of boredom.

Creepy Sexualized Cats I love everything about this game except... What's with all the girly sex stuff? A creepy little preadolescent girl swinging her hips, sexy cats, s&m cats, etc... a Creepy perv must have programmed this game. Clearly thinks everyone on the net is an adolescent boy with a porn addiction. Keeps getting more sexualized the more i play. Loved it but dumping it now.

Fun addicting game This game is very addicting! The only problem is it's hard to get cat food and gold cat tickets. And using the rare tickets ALWAYS gives me the same cats. This is the only problem, but otherwise it's a great game!

Wow The best of the best of games. My favorite is Angry D. Cat! She is sexy!(when I saw this my mind was blown away). Also the only downside is that I want plush toys for more fun.

Nice Game! This is a great game. Fun to play, so much events and such, and the silly graphics just make the game have a certain charm. But the game crashes every so often on Android 6.0.1. Please fix! Thanks.

Backup save? Srsly, I think giving us a way to backup out save data would be really good in case our save datas are accidentally deleted. A lot has already happen among the players. Just imagine years of gameplay just lost like that.

It's an excellent game but... I love battle cats, but i just love it more if you let us backup data from the game, because one day it could be accidentally deleted and all my progress will be lost. Please include it.

Love the game but wish their were true forms for all the cats especially the Ubers Some of the Ubers are good but bad compared to other Ubers, expecially the ubers that have a true form. Other than that, the game is great!

Sugestions Ponos I love your game but just make it easier to get cat food and good cats also another really great idea is pvp battles AKA player vs player so battle your friends with Facebook or bluetooth

The Battle Cats Do you like tower defense games?or strategy,but the last question is,? do you like cats.If you say yes!WELL THIS IS THE GAME FOR YOU!:-)there are battles like crazy, get new awesome cat units and explore the world to conquer!and do some special stages to get amazing rewards.So are you gonna stand there being a couch potato or are you gonna play the greatest game ever? YOU DISCIDE!

Great game But I've done at least 30 surveys and things to earn catfood, but only got "paid" for like 5

This is the best app I have EVER played It took away all I my free time I love It it is addictive and adorable I love all the characters and enemies it makes me happy just to look at their smiling faces all day. Undoubtly the producers put a lot of work into it and it simply puts I'm a point into life,even if you are a narrcicist it will make you see the world in a whole new light!

I have a complaint I opened an uber rare cat called Tecoluga and my game crashed and now its not in my inventory. Please fix that because i respect you guys and i got a tun off people playing this game

Good Game The new rare and uber rare TF are impressive and I found them to be of high usefulness a lot. When is Coppermine's TF coming out?

Wont let me play it I tried other games don't have a problem but the game keeps on saying it can't read my sd card the Japanese version works fine but I can't read Japanese and Its different from what I'm used to

Time killer A creative little game with very interesting cats and having so much fun. Extremely time-killing game. Love it so much!

Battle cats You are there leader,no cat is too small they can be anything.Like a wall or a dragon ,it doesn't matter,you are you,to rule the world in the battle.cats!

Great game but.... I hate the energy system

Superb game Only one thing is missing .... give an multiple players option so we can fight tougher also its make game interesting

Ise da bes Eva I like da simplistic concept of the game and it really draws you in to the battle and I actually cry when my cats die

bad just bad -60 fps (frames per seconds) legenadry wars is WAY better

GG. I defeated the game and are now doing challenges. This was/is a good game. I rate 5 stars because this is well challenging and addictive.

Fun Its a fun app I was wondering if you could add a new mode that makes it so there is a survival mode and the other base has unlimited health and make the difficulty for it :D and difficultys are easy medium and hard and very hard please and I will love it more

Amazing Game I love the game but can u make it so u can get energy faster I want to keep playing but energy runs out :(

Addictive been playing for a long time now... slow progress but still addictive.

Download has failed Please fix it. I can download from Google play store, but stuck at downloading 1/4 screen and keep says Download has failed.. Please help me.

Best game Is an amazing game! I just wish there was an only-ubers uberfest and pvp. Otherwise, it's the best game I have come across!

Where's my cat? I spent 5$ on cat food to get the rare capsle and I can't find it! Fix this because I wasted money for nothing!