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Stick Squad 4 - Sniper's Eye

Supplied By Brutal Studio    On June 21, 2016    Comments(160)

FREE Stick Squad 4 - Sniper's Eye version1.2.7 Download

Stick Squad is back in business, shooting enemies and tracking down a new menace! 4th episode in our awesome stick sniper series. This time, a young billionaire, with his own agenda, will send our two assassins, Damien Walker and Ron Hawkings, on a twisting lead.

A classic Stick Squad game that offers new sniper rifles, hand guns and assault weapons, which you can upgrade. New sniping missions as well as a new shooting range where you can practice your shooter skills. Brought to you by the original creators of Finger Vs Guns, Sift Heads and recently Dawn Of The Sniper.

Get ready for some new action!

We now bring you to Egypt and England.
Weapon upgrades and calibration to compensate for wind and distance! Your Sniper skills will be put to test!
Each mission offers 3 objectives and each objective has 3 levels of difficulty. Try to be the best stickman shooter and get 3 stars for each difficulty in each objective. Then boast your dominance on your favorite social network!
Stick Squad 4 introduces a new menace. A young billionaire hacker.
✔ Sift your targets in 20 new maps!
✔ Realistic calibration of your sniper gun to compensate for wind and distance!
✔ Upgrade key specs of your weapons!
✔ Be precise in stressful hostage situations!
✔ Intense assault missions!
✔ Share completed achievements!
✔ Rate our game!
✔ Follow us on social networks!
✔ Challenge yourself in a shooting range!
✔ Buy coin packs to upgrade or acquire weapons faster!
✔ Remove ads for a small fee. (Help us out so we can keep making great games!)
If you get stuck, check out our video walkthrough (Spoiler Alert)

Official Stick Squad page: http://sticksquad.brutalstudio.net
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brutalstudiogames
Google+: https://plus.google.com/108527184837199893581/posts
Twitter: twitter.com/brutalarcade

Brutal Studio part of our Action and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update June 21, 2016. Google play rating is 90.7753. Current verison is 1.2.7. Actual size 46.0 MB.

What's new

    Bug fixes and performance enhancements
Download stick-squad-4-snipers-eye.apk 46.0 MB


Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! What more can I say? ?

Deceitful. The game bribes you to give it 5 stars for a reward. Unfair advantage to other developers.

I love all four stick squads. 5 stars I do have a question though. I've got all the stars on all the games but on the 20th mission l can only get 1 star when bombing the servers. Can't figure out if it's a glitch or if it's me.

Nice game :) U should download if u like sniper games

Addicting Typical stick sniper game...pretty fun. Definitely addicting.

Good job And need more cash(for free)like daily spins and some more story videos

Nice shooting game...I really love the graphics an sounds

Love it Full HD and so exciting to play...I truly recommend this app to others

Great series The entire series is fun to play. Keep up the good work and keep releasing new stick squad games!

Good Good game sometimes a little slow

Good Moving of the scope could use some work

Good game But there is a bug in the fourth mission

Good franchise I love all these games they are so well made!

Stick man Game crashes developments r a joke like the developers

Very good Keeps me bussy for hours.

It's fun I did all the missons

About gold. B'coz I love this game

Nice Good game if you want to snipe all day ha

Wow wow wubbzy Wow wow wow, kickidy kick ball

Am not fond of some of the language.

What more you can expect ?

Stickman squad 4 Pretty cool and addicting

Love it I really like this game this game reminds me of clear vision 3

Please send fifth episode soon

Stick squad Very good game

Game Good game to bypass time

nice game Guys I love this game try this one and don't miss any episode of it

Joss It's a nice game

Like it Really adictive game.. i really like it

Stick squad 4 Fun but running slow on my phone...

Great game Such a simple idea yet it works perfectly

Stick Squad Awesome game

Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! What more can I say? Please make Stick Squad 5 , please! I want to know how Foster bought the database for 22 billion!Man,he was in the jail!

Stick squad 4 Wow just...... WOW graphic, funny, stupid and AWESOME all of my favorite things combined into one

Too many ads There are a lot of fun phone games out there. I cannot fathom playing one where I have to watch an ad ever 30 seconds. Uninstalled.

it's ok when i hit a target by headshot perfectly the bullet goes just like sniper elite 1 piercing through targets head.

I loved it ,not only that has a sense of humor riddles make one think before pulling the trigger.I give it a 5 stark. keep up the good work put out some more.. this is a game that I can relate with and have fun in you gotta try it we need more games like this .

Awesome I love it I love this game from it's first released game . It just takes into the world of snipers

Nice one Although I rated 5 star as a bribe in exchange for $1500. Anyway I would rate it as 4.

Awesome game It isn't the best game ever but is close I love this one it was my favorite one

Cool game Cool game if there was less ads I would give it 5 stars

Entertaining. What else do you need in a gaming app?

It was awesome Real situations great guns

Awesome!! Its very addicting game...the characters are so funny

Get game Its a good game but you have to kill secretly it kind of hard but good gg

More. Fun than master bating with a hand full of barbwire

Stickmen rule More of the same but a great game

Simple and fun Very simple to learn yet challenging enough to keep you thinking.

I love how u have to use your head and play smart✌??

yes!!!! atlast!!! the fourth game is here :D one of my most favorite game in google play

Awesome controls love the slow motion bullets

Love it Amazing work guys, all the action and killing is just awesome keep it up

Changing rating... Reason why is the game was doing great until I got have way through and level that I am on keeps freezing up on me. Phone is just fine. It's the level at the Cargo plane.

Good game but.... Running into a lot of glitches now. Everything was fine until level 11. I cant complete anything because either the screen want scroll over or my shots create white dots on the screen with no effect on target. Please fix, because i really enjoy playing!

Fun game except.. Playing the game on my s6 edge on mission 11 in England, the game freezes every time. Would give it a 5 star rating if it would let me keep playing. Over all a fun game, if it would just let me continue to play and advance in the game

So far so good Just got it,always love the little story snippits,they crack me up

Killer game! Needs some bugs fixed. Some seemed to benefit the player, however it takes away from gameplay in the end. Controls need some smoothing over. Overall, it was a game worth seeing through to the end. Story line is intriuging and has me awaiting the next installment.

Good game. Lots of time wasting mindless fun.

FUN! It's a fun game with a plot some games are just generic shooters that are boring

Fun but....... It's a fun game but it's all in slow motion.......kind of lags.

Good stuff Good time passer, simplistic and fun

Awesome Great time killer. Although too many ads. They keep coming out the menu not in playmode tho. Frustrating but its worth I guess.

Awesome I like these all bout stick game. Apiiik bget. Cing ping ping

So far so good When I finish the game(if I like it) I'll be giving it 5 stars. I am hoping for a good story

? Its pretty fun to play but it's kind of easy for a 65 yr old

Apparant bugs England: Mission 4, obj2: Only has 9 targets on screen (5 on left, 4 on right) vs 10 required = can't complete. Other thing found was 2 enemy beind opaque glass on right side of screen (random shot fired). Mission 7 & 8 lag badly. USA: L18 only has 9/10 targets discs for obj2

Stick squad 4 Same as the others good game too many ads and 5k for this

Great Its a good game as compared to its size but had a little problem with the description of targets

It's a really good game but some missions take way to long???

What other say bout it if lvl 11 works then I'll give 5 stars

Rushed I'm stuck at the silverstone mission, and I don't know who to shoot, Am I suppose to shoot the guy with a silver motorcycle?..Good game btw :)

Good but can be a little too hard sometimes especially at the start.

Very fun I do it when i am bored very enjoyable game!!

Awesome but... There's a little bug at the opening. And a movie about a mission should be able to replay

Stick squad 4 Awesome sniper game! But then again all 4 are!!

Decent game. Ads are too long to start the game. After brewing a level maybe that length.

Awesome Cool game hope there's a stick squad 5

Awsome Cooler then some of my sniping games 10/10 sniper game rated 're best

Great Love the brutal games studios games

Good I finished the other three but this one is a bit hard

Great Game Great Game plays well known my Samsung Galaxy S6 edge plus hate the adverts after every mission but great game none the less

Love this game Wlways been a fan of assassin sniper games ✌

One of the beat sniper games out there. Enjoy sniperin

Nice. ....but could've been included more guns and levels. .

Pretty good It a cool game. If you like sniping games

Awsome Fustrating but fun

Stick man snipers Always my favorite games. But the missions where you have to wait for five minutes for the target to go into random position are annoying and not fun at all. At least for me. I'd rather play the fast paced vs waiting to play. Just not my idea if fun.

When is STICK SQUAD 5 coming out because I can't wait.

Okay It's good but too many ads

Its fun I go through a lot of yes this ones worth the download

Great Game Game is addictive! Graphics are pretty good. Just all around fun. Would download if i were you!

Its cool It is cool because this is that kind of game I like sniper killing cool???

Awesome game This game is awesome. Graphics and game play smooth controls smooth overall one of my favs

Fun Really addictive, entertaining, & time consuming. :)

Fun, but... I really like the game - it has a fun story just like the other ones, but it also has way too many ads- just like all the stick squad games - would give all stars if ads were removed. I mean, my God! You can't enjoy the damn game for all the ads!! - like I said, it's fun, but I'll be uninstalling because of too many ads! (Just like I did with #1, 2, & 3)

See a video and get money feature.. It does not show any video but give u money every time you click it.so that's the feature you have to take care of.sorry to the ones, who were taking advantage of this..and those who need money can use it until developers correct it..

This Game I have played the other 3 sagas and they just keep getting better.

More adds than game DON'T bother with this game unless you like watching adds flat out!!!

Just downloaded Literally just downloaded it and opened it did even make it to main screen and hit with an ad that cannot be skipped. I'll update if the game is good, that is if there's not another ad before I get to main screen. Yeah I deleted it cause I'm not paying 99 cents to stop ads and it's good but not 99 cents good.

Good game Awesome shooter game but it just takes too much time waiting for the right timing to kill the target...overall the game is good

Good game This is a pretty fun game it jus i find it hard to fihure out who to shoot but i still i like it

Another Great Game! They have done it again! I thought the last episode was great. This is better. And a bit more challenging!! Good job!

Ads!!!! Great game I love it.. But come on a 30 second ad every time I end a game.. Outrageous

Fun Would be 5 stars but the adds are insanely long and there is a bunch of them.

Great It keeps my kids busy and I get some me time

This is awesome game I ever played can you make a next part

BOSS This is a BOSS game if u want a game like this one go to clear vision 3

Stick man It sucks can't get pass level 10...u get kill to fast...

Fun Really fun good game to kill time

Awesome campaign One of my favorite sniping games

It's ok I like the game but you always have to wait for the guy to hide something

Decent At least we get 5 k if we rate 5 stars

Full screen video every time u start the game, really annoying.

Hard thinking You really have to take your time and think out how to make a perfect kill each level gets harder and harder

Vood game Pretty decent for a phone game. Improve english maybe?

Good game series but they are all pretty much the same.

Crashes now and then Good game but it crashes from time to time

AMAZING That's all you need to know.

Good time killer. Only downside is video ads

Great game I love to shoot major shots?

Very cool Nice game! Not too heavy. Adictive

Addictive Great Game. Lots of good upgrades . And missions .payed to remove ads cause they get on my nerves

Intresting game Hope the guns will have a scope with zoom

The Best stick game ever The Aim and the way it closes in on the bullet nice and simple easy game

Good game One of the best android sniper game.

Fantastic Just a great game to pass the time and annoy the wife

Great game Fun and entertaining

Easy controls, minimal lag, all around fun game to play. So far, no need to spend real money on items or upgrades. Good job!!

Better briefing Well whenever ads pop up, the screen goes black then I have to close out then re-open the app. They don't really describe how to do some of the missions well enough, like there's certain patterns you have to shoot the guy but they don't tell you that so I've had to do some missions over and over until I finally get the right pattern. Other than that the game is pretty good and the quality isn't too bad at all

Really good game but... It keeps on starting up despite the fact that it has been force closed causing the phone to overheat. Same problem with the other 3 Stick Squad games. Please fix this because it drains my battery really fast when not even running and the cpu temp is 59°c. Not good unless you want to fry your phone and loose data on your sd card.

Really?! This games not even playable with all the ads. I understand alternative revenue sourcing, but I have to watch a 30 second ad just to switch menus? Avoid and don't waste your time like I did...

Too many ads I've had more ads that game play it seems like. I bet the first stage and got all 104 stars it said I only have 99. Second stage has glitches on the level for 5 stars. Also when the ads pop up and you exit out the screen blackout. Then you have exit all the way out. These need to be fixed for it to be a better game

Great game A lot of thought has been put into development of this game. Not only does it take split second timing for kill shots but also requires patience and analysis of each level to succeed.

Stick squad4 Five stars cause I love the first 3 hope 4is awesome also. Shooting someone's Brains out relives stress

A good way to kill time I downloaded the first game of this. I liked it and wanted to try this one out. I like that you don't have to tilt the screen to shoot. I haven't played the second or third game of this but I do recommend the game.

Just poor quality Missions lacked description, ended up guessing most of the missions, descriptions on missions themselves are not even literate, ads freezing the game after skipping.

Changing my stars I'm getting stuck on this one mission with the cargo plane....try every way I know to beat mission but nothing happens !

Awesome game Pretty kick ass game but yet still wish you could get paid more for head shots on all your enemies

It's vague on details of the target, and it's touchy with the scopes movement..... But other then pop ups it's not to bad and A cartoon like my brain IS 24/7......GOOD THO I'd recommend it.....

Great game But only problem is after exiting the ads the screen goes black n i have to restart restart the game

I love it This is one of the best Stickman games I have ever played keep up the good work :) Btw the keeps crashing pls fix

Great game! Had loads of fun playing this. Ads were abit much so I just disabled my data when playing , chrz ads

Pathetic game ever.. I'm giving 5 star because I want money..I'm pressurized by the game to give them star otherwise it is pathetic game..DO NOT DOWNLOAD

Good game but But it's impossible to get all the stars, expecially on the last mission! And it's to slow.

I love it I can't have enought of this games are so well done. I'm waiting for the sequel and I've alredy seen the teser for it...sound good.

FUN AND ADDICTIVE Really good story if followed from the beginning, very easy controls, and the graphics well, they are stick figures!

It's quite enjoyable So far so good, doesn't seem to be as annoying and limiting as similar games.

Good time waster If you have nothing to do for a while, kick back and chill while killing some stick figures

A Game With A Story Line So far, I don't know if this game has an ending story.

Great Its a fun little stick game and its very enjoyable but its just the ads and sometimes having to wait for so long that makes it lose a star, definitely try it.

Galaxy S5 Seems to work fine. Ads are a little annoying. It's fun to shoot people

Love it ♡ It's a great game! Some levels you have to watch on YouTube to know whom to kill.

Stuck.. Good game but i got stuck on the last stage... no more zombies to kill... what happened?..

Kill bad guys Straight forward sniper game with upgrades. Too many ads.

It's a cool game It's a cool game. I don't like all the constant ads and think it could be better but it's still a nice game.

Cool game kickass Harass game play it must

To much ads and my screen turns black after the ad and i have to restart the game

I love this game, but there is just too many adds. That's why I give it a 4\5.

A lot of ads A good game to waste time but the pestering ads and share on facebook links get old

Problem people To many ads for me. I'm Umbreon and I died because of a ads fart. To many for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.