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Sms Email Backup

Supplied By 3x0du5    On Feb. 23, 2012    Comments(48)

FREE Sms Email Backup version1.1 Download

Convert your Sms to Email and send it to a choosen address.

Backup a conversation with a simple tool !

Cya !!! ;)

3x0du5 part of our Communication and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update Feb. 23, 2012. Google play rating is 64.4444. Current verison is 1.1. Actual size 89.0 KB.

What's new

    you can save an email address !
Download sms-email-backup.apk 89.0 KB


Needs automation Why not have this app automatically send all conversations? This is just not very useful without it.

Does NOT email "conversation" This app only emails the other persons texts not my texts. A conversation is 2 sided. You need to make your description of the app clarify this. Please reply.

Please fix This use to work perfectly but seems to force close every time I try to send.. even after restart. On galaxy s4

What the?? I can only see what they said to me. Not what I said to them also. Please fix!

Part of the convo? It only sends one persons' part of the convo. I can't see what I said to my friend :(

Perfect Just what I needed!!!!

Wtf happened!? What did you guys do? I agree with everyone, It used to save all sms incoming and outgoing to my gmail. Now you have to do it individually which is completely stupid. I'll uninstall and look for a better app.

What Happened??Bring Back The Working App!!Thank You!! I've used this app for years. It always automatically sent all my SMS,MMS & PICTURES to my Gmail.Now you have to do it manually and individual conversations?? It's complete garbage now. Please do an update.

What happened to the old version I had just last week? This was the best app I've ever downloaded. It literally saved EVERYTHING to my SMS folder and All Mail Folder in my gmail acct. Now I had have to select which phone numbers I want saved in email form? I just want them backed up to SMS as before. I'm beyond disappointed that the old version is gone.

WHY WOULD YOU CHANGE IT This app used to be perfect. I had to reboot my Samsung phone to its factory settings. And when I downloaded this app this time, IT IS NOT THE SAME. THIS IS AWFUL! It used to be automatic.

Changed app... very sad It was simple and sent all text to email. Now you have to choose each conversation. would be nice if there was an "ALL" selection for those of us who want it. Very inconvenient now.

WHAT HAPPENED TO THE OLD VERSION I LOVED the automatic saving. I HATE having to go in and save all conversations individually. VERY DISAPPOINTED

What happened?! This sucks!!! This app was wonderful. It would back up everything. Now you must select the conversation you would like to back up. On top of it, it only saves what the other person wrote. What you wrote nowhere to be found. Who has time to be selecting stuff to save! This is crazy! Horrible app!! Bring the other one back!!

Please Fix It!!!!! Used to automatically send messages to email and that was great. Now you manually have to do it. If I wanted to do that I'd take some screenshots and email them to myself!!!!!

One issue Contacts name doesn't match the text field ...uninstall

Was a 5, now a 1 Wtf did you do, now it's all manual instead of automatically backing up.

What did you do?!?!?! It was all good just a week ago. Now this app is useless. Ised to back up everything to my email. Now it's just trash. Update or nring back the older version

This software used to be very useful I'm you were able to back up the entire SMS transaction between you and several other people now you have to do one of the time this blows

Best app I needed a text message thread for court. Tried 5 or 6 app too bad I tried this one last! Did exactly what i needed it to and was fast.

OMG!!! I got this app because my wife was sick and I wanted to make sure I could saved all of her text messages to me and our conversations when I get a new phone. Got a new phone and now I can't save the whole conversation she just passed away and this is absolutely unbelievably horrible! Fix it now!

I dont think this is the original app Think this app is stole logo from original. It ised to be called sms backup not sms email backup.

It needs to be automated :-( When are you restoring the previous version?

Horrible This app only sent the incoming texts of the conversations. What good is that?

Change not always a good thing I have had this app for a couple years now and I don't know what happened to the version I had but I wish it would come back this new version is ridiculous and I am not a fan hope it gets back to the way it was soon

Selective Backup This is better. There is no point in a universal backup as one needs to backup only sms which needs reference later. Maybe the app could learn from frequently backed up sms

Ya no Ya what's the deal with no contact name just a number.

They broke it As per everyone else, also I it only saves one side of the conversation... It's useless now.

Sucks Use to be good but not anymore

Its Great Excellent One ... don't miss it ..

Fantastic application Thank you so much to create something like this,,... Great work, thank you...

Won't list conversations by contact name When given the option to select a conversation to email it only list phone numbers but does not list contact names. I don't want to have to go back and forth matching up numbers with names on my contact list. Such a waste of time

Only does half of the job

This app is garbage It did not copy the entire thread only the most recent messages. This app is beyond useless.

Why? Why would you take a perfectly good app and mess it up? It used to backup every text, now I'm not even sure what it does, but it's useless to me now.

you screwed up a completely perfect app and turned it into garbage. I had to do a factory reset on my phone and now no good SMS Backup app available. before, you can set it and forget it it did it automatically I am not even going to waste my time with this! uninstalling!

This is not the same app or creator This is nothing like the app we all thought it was and it's not the same creator either. The old app was great. I had to reset my phone a while back and the app was off the store for a while till this garbage popped up.

Ok It only did one sided conversations in the text messages.

Limited, but a good idea It sends only the incoming half of an sms conversation, very fast and neatly, as plain text to an email address. It would be a really good app if it sent the outgoing part of the conversation as well, and if it referred to your address book to allow you to select a conversation by name, rather than by phone number.

Not an efficient app This app has always been great. But the new version beats comprehension. You can no longer back up all you sms,mms individually. It needs to return the option to backup all sms and mms and photo together.

Too nice app I m using it frm long time it is really very helpful and nice app. Thanks for design such imp app.

When people are happy & it's working great for years...probably best not to take away everything people like & without warning. Now a pointless, garbage app!!

One Sided Very fast export, clear to read, but only exports one side of the conversation, so pointless as is.

Was great now isn't! Use to send incoming and outgoing texts now only saves incoming so you only get half the conversation. Shame. Loved it before.

Works I had an issue with the email not declaring the incoming phone number if the sender had was in my contact list. It would assignt the email address in the contact instead.

Useless Only gives you one side of the conversation.

Out of sequence Conversations were not In sequence

Was m favorit Not working anymore. It was easy and automatic. Now? Fill out forms...?

Cant open or use I cant open it let alone use it.