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Sleepmeter Widget

Supplied By Squall Line Software, LLC    On March 29, 2015    Comments(39)

FREE Sleepmeter Widget version2.4.1 Download

This app provides widgets for use with either Sleepmeter or Sleepmeter Free. The widgets are completely useless without one of those two apps installed on your device. These widgets require a version greater than or equal to 2.0.0 of either of those apps.

The widget occupies 1x1, 2x1, or 3x1 launcher space on your home screen and provides the following goodness:
* manual tap to sleep and tap to wake to define sleep periods
* automated asleep/awake toggle based on device charging state (Android 2.0+ only)
* option to make device silent while you sleep and take it out of silent mode when you wake up
* option to send device into airplane mode while you sleep and take it out of airplane mode when you wake up
* displays some statistics
* can define holes in sleep periods (2x1 & 3x1 widget only)
* user defined background color with alpha blending
* can be configured to trigger events in Locale or Tasker (Look under States -> Plugins -> Sleepmeter in Tasker)
* can be configured to receive events from Locale or Tasker (Look under Action -> Plugins -> Sleepmeter in Tasker)
* can be used to launch the Sleepmeter/Sleepmeter Free app

To reconfigure an existing widget, tap the app title at the top twice.

The widgets are a separate app because widgets must be installed in device memory due to an Android limitation. This separate widget app takes up the minimum amount of space in your device's main memory and allows the Sleepmeter or Sleepmeter Free app with your sleep history database to be installed on the SD card if you choose to do so.

To those who have reported trouble with these widgets in the market comments:

The widget isn't a launchable app. It won't make an icon in your launcher list and it doesn't "open". Once this app is installed, the widgets can be added to your home screen by either long pressing your home screen and choosing "Widgets" or by pressing the menu button on your device while looking at the home screen and choosing "Add" and then "Widgets". The widgets appear in that list labeled "Sleepmeter (1x1)", "Sleepmeter (2x1)", and "Sleepmeter (3x1)". If you don't see them in that list after you install this app, that's not good at all and we'd like you to e-mail us and tell us about it so we can figure out exactly why that is and fix it. We've tried installing and uninstalling the widgets on all of our test setups, spanning android versions 1.5 to 2.3, many times and it always seems to work correctly. If this isn't operator error, please let us know by sending an e-mail with your device model name, your android version, and exactly what you do and what you expect to happen that isn't happening.

Explanation of required permissions:
* WRITE_SETTINGS is required to support the airplane mode toggle option. If you don't want to use the airplane mode toggle, this permission is still required but the widgets won't do anything with it.

Squall Line Software, LLC part of our Health & Fitness and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update March 29, 2015. Google play rating is 79.4937. Current verison is 2.4.1. Actual size 233.0 KB.

What's new

    - removed 3 extra permissions that were added in error (Thanks to Craig H. for complaining politely about this)
    - added ability to control awake/asleep state via tasker/locale
    - added ability to toggle awake/asleep state with wireless chargers
    - miscellaneous stability enhancements and bug fixes
Download sleepmeter-widget.apk 233.0 KB


Now with Tasker support: activate with NFC tag! I placed an NFC tag next to my bed, and created a task in Tasker to toggle a sleep profile (dim screen, etc) and start/stop Sleep Meter. Just made life a lot easier. No more swiping and looking for that small widget button. Touch the tag, and go to sleep. Wake up, touch the tag, check the sleep details. Thanks to the author for adding this integration!

Great widgets! Thanks for the widgets so I can install the app on my SD card!

Great app, widget struggling after update Love the app and stats. Unfortunately the widget/app doesn't take me to the right screen when I press the awake button. It takes me to a blank page on the app and I have to manually put the sleep and wake time in. Worked perfectly before the recent update. Moto 4g android 4.4.4

Widget Is Timer - Punch In/Out Sleepmeter is my all-time favorite app, but the widget is limited to being a sleep timer and hole recorder. In other words, you cannot edit your record either *prior* to "punching in" or while it's recording. You can't alter the "dream" button inside the app while recording. Nor the Aids and Hindrances list. Wish: when I set a sleep time for the current time, it should show up on the widget *after* I have added all my details. Not in the morning.Then all I have to do is punch in and out till awake.


Very smart widget Convenient and reliable. Appearance and actions are flexible. Easy to use. Love it. Grateful for Sleepmeter, very useful for insomniacs.

Widget has randomly stopped working. I have been using the widget for some time now, and loved it! However, it has randomly stopped working: just sits on the desktop but doesn't do a thing.

Works but unattractive widget And buttons are too tiny, especially in the morning

This thing is amazingly awesome

Too squished suddenly The 3 line 2x1 widget got reformatted to 2 lines of text, leaving the button on the right only a few pixels wide. Hopeless.

Fun Helpful for confirming a snorer, sleep talker, and tazmanian devil in bed.

Thanks For the fix. Anyway to fix sound problem? If my phone is on silent when i push widget for sleep but can't sleep and push stop, it puts sounds on my phone instead of the original silent mode.i have enabled mute sound on widget settings ofc.

Great, useful app. Very well made and useful app. Does exactly what it says it does, and the dev has a good sense of humor. Nice to see that.

I would give 5 stars if I've been having problems when I start the sleep timer and the end it, it doesn't save the correct time. It may just be me, but I haven't been able to figure why it's doing that. Other than that, I love it and the commentary.

brilliant great app. does what it says it does. easy to use. working different shifts daily, i can keep track of my sleeping habits with ease

Awesome The widget is awesome as the app, now with the tasker integration it is even better and the developer it is open to any question and request.

Andy This app is just what I needed,its got all the detail I end up putting in charts I do ,its great.And its so refreshing for a vendor to speak thier mind and not be all corporate , he's well ironic also , cheers dude .

Great Gave this 5 stars because it works well and the author has such a great sense of humour!

Really helps, but can you please make widget bigger so I can see whats on the widget.Thanks!

Very fantastic app,and i like the widget to operate it! I also like the developer beeing cinic,similar to hungarian humor. :-D

Cool! Very helpful edition to an already wonderful app! What can I say... awesome!

. Please make the widgets bigger, then I will give 5 stars

Buttons are too small, otherwise excellent addition.

Have to get this with sleepmeter You totally need this with sleep meter. Makes punch in and punch out a reality

Works with app to start and stop sleeping cycle. Working perfect on LG OP. Thank you for app.

Sometimes it doesn't store data. Pretty useless if it doesn't do what it says. Good idea though.

Thanks for the app and widget, but the widget really don't match the theme of my phone. Will be good if can customize the widget!

I just click it when I turn off the light, and again when I wake up. Then it's ready to register with correct timestamps. Could be larger.

Way too small impossible to hit buttons.

I love Sleepmeter but the widget is too small, maybe 2x2 is Ok

Works great! Highly recommended for anyone with narcolepsy, insomnia, or any other sleep issues. I love that I can add sleep aids/hindrances. I use it to see how my medication impacts my sleep cycle. Then I can export the data prior to each doctor appointment.

Jamie Its allright

Fun Helpful for confirming a snorer, sleep talker, and tazmanian devil in bed.

Makes the main log app easier to use.

Widget never showed up in the widget list.

Great sleep stats I love this app, but hate having to use another to assess my movements and tell me how long it took me to get to sleep. Not interested in graphing movement, just whether I tossed and turned for half an hour, or two...

Sheep Is wool valuable.

Love the widget Stable, reliable and does the job.