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Supplied By Eyes-Free Project    On Sept. 27, 2013    Comments(78)

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Shades allows you to lower your screen brightness beyond the system minimum. For devices with OLED displays, this can result in significant battery savings.

Be careful! If you set the brightness too low, don't tap OK. Simply use the back button to discard your changes.

If you do set the brightness too low, press your device's power button rapidly until the default brightness is restored.

Eyes-Free Project part of our Tools and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Sept. 27, 2013. Google play rating is 89.324. Current verison is 1.3.1. Actual size 129.0 KB.

What's new

    - Added hybrid overlay / screen dimming
    - Improved user interface
Download shades-1.apk 129.0 KB


Fantastic App, one dangerous drawback This app does exactly what I need it to. I can lower my screen brightness at night, as it always seems brighter than it needs to be, and hopefully this will help me extend my battery life. The "It's too dark!" panic feature is a very smart addition. The one issue I see is that it overrides safety protocols in the phone. Shades can also make the screen brighter. If using the internal brightness settings, the screen will automatically dim if the phone gets too hot as a safety precaution. I can override that behaviour using shades. That is my one sole complaint, and something that could possibly be addressed in a future release.

Encounters Problems Love the app and highly recommend it. Works great on my Galaxy S5. I have installed it on my new tablet, Dell Venue 8 7000, and started seeing problems. Every so often Shades will crash causing screen to flicker between shaded and full brightness, then go back to full brightness. This is a problem in low light situations. My eyes are dilated and relaxed when hit by a bright light. Ouch! Hope issue gets resolved. Still love the app and use it constantly.

Cool app Best tool from all what seen before. It's really good solution for my Fly IQ4403! My phone has high level of brightness by default. It's beats by my eyes when i receive calls in the night. It's my problem solution. I recommend use it if you have same problems.

Very good It performs its task perfectly. The only thing that could be done to make it better would be to add a widget to toggle it on/off.

Really excellent I love using cell phone at night... Love dis app as it provides with a very low brightness.... Eyes gets stressed often before... But now eyes r quite relaxed

Love this app :* Using it I can run my phone at night without any fear of getting anyone annoyed on me

Nice update I love the new interface, but the OK button seems redundant. Several times already I have hit the on button, then hit back to exit instead of OK and then the shade turns off.

Nice Very good app It can reduce brightness very low level. Well done developers.

Works great Works perfectly when zero brightness is still too bright for reading nighttime. Easiest interface of all similar tools and very fine tuning. Would be great if they added white balance adjustment.

Luv it Great app, light, easy , clean and simple, and does an awsome job! Thx :D btw, would like to see a widget in the next version :)

Buggy When switching to horizontal position. Also it autostart with system and with minimum brightness? Like wth

Umm When this app is running, all my videos can not be viewed correctly due to half of the video being white

Wow This is what I want....woooww this is most usefull app.when we use phone at night

Not working I install on nexus 5 android 4.4.4 first time worked but when power off and on, notwork

Nice app Nice app but it messes with my right eye it might be my fault but well done makers still deserves 5 star rating now when my parents tell me to go to bed I can still play!!!!hahaha

problem fixed thanks for fixing the touch light issue... love how fast you solved it, thank you

I have had this app for a long time and i even recomended it to my boyfriend because it does its job perfectly

Very cool app, does the job well... BUT there is one rather large issue with it which took me months to narrow down: this app keeps the screen lit indefinitely when the phone is locked. If I receive a notification or press the power button to turn the screen on, it will not time-out and just stays on indefinitely. Extremely annoying and not good for battery life. Fix this and Shades gets a 5-star review from me. Thanks.

Saving my eyes. It saving my eyes with high brightness of phones.

Great app Still i wonder how come only ten thousand download

Loved it ! A great app to save both your Eyesight and Phone's Battery life . Good job !

This is excellent, I have extreme light sensitivity which makes accessing my tablet difficult. This app has solved my probs in a clickety click. Brilliant!

best one best brightness controlling app , easy and fully functional

Wow I like it great app... Safe for eye so heavy brightness in phone after using glass.... so am searching time this app helping... thanks for the app....

Perfect tool This simple tool has no unnecessary features, just does what it is supposed to do.

For ur eyes.. ? Protection for your eyes.. Also for ur battery

Works as advertised And not memory hog

Excellent! Really useful when is really dark and you don't want to hurt your eyes (even though that was not the purpose of this app)

Directly Brightness panel should be given in the notification bar

Shade cool very useful aplication for battery life booster

Anjelica This app is totaly awesome

Jose curiel Its a good App

Very good to my eyes ????

Good / mucho bueno I highly recommend guys

Extremely nice THE App is one of d best dimmere ever.....Really love it...recommended by me to anyone

Nice Musth app ever seen

Awesome app but when you do it full and the button on it so bright like it can do something to your eyes

Why does it enable on its own? There is an issue with this app. It will enable on its own during the day. The screen simply goes black and it's too dark to see the screen to disable it. Why does it auto-enable if there are no settings to automatically turn it on based on lighting conditions?

Great Since I started using this app, I've become very stealthy and was able to stealthily break into Fort Knox to get some ice cream. This app also has changed me to the highest level ninja.

Good app!! I've always used shades it is very great. It's exactly how it's described. Except that lately it just keeps on crashing. Which bothers needs to be fixed ASAP...

Works great! This app does exactly what I want it to do, every time I need it to. What else do you need to know?! Perfect for nighttime usage - adjust your screen, not your eyes ?

Good one, less straIn on eyes. Will use this with reading app at night

It just stops itself quite often, rly kinda hard on the eyes. Shades rocked a few months ago, took a lil beck. Reloaded & now it just sux. I'm deleting.

Whats wrong here? Sometimes the app closes or my screen just randomly goes bright when browsing a web page. I need something that will over ride my system and not keep making me adjust the screen. I constantly have to re adjust because the screen keeps going back to nogrmal brightness when links or images load? Idk what causes this to happen

Works Great Always has. Across 10 different devices I have used over the years. Really saves power to keep your screen output lower, particularly with these cheap phones with the larger screens. Try it out.

Big thumbs up!! nice lowest screen dimming ratio compared to other apps in market so 5/5 from me ?

Perfect for movies I use this every time we go to a movie. Let's you sneak a peek at your screen without blinding half the theater. Thank god for the ability to disable it by rapidly turn the phone on and off because I always forget until I'm outside in the bright sun where the screen is impossible to see.

To dev The app is perfect but! When opening and closing apps it restore the brightness to higher for just a second and then it goes low as it was set before.

Best App I love this app. It's great for me because can't sleep at night, now not in fear of waking my husband. the brightness is gone. (Hooray). Also no one can look over my shoulder to see what I'm texting or surfing. My eyes love this app. Thank you creator.

Integrate toggle into notification bar Please let us toggle brightness directly from the notification bar instead of a pop up.

I recommend Way better than the built-in "stock" version. One of my must-have apps .

Must have Perfect when your phone is to bright. Just can't be any happier.

This was amazing app.. A bigger mobile brand can't do this...this app do it

Excited Love this app. Its a solution to my problem. . Highly recommended for players who want to use their phone at night.

VERRY NICE this app is verry true!! try it see it and you make believe . thanks to this app love it.

A very useful eye-saver My secondhand Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-i9505 had a problem with screen flickering at low brightness, which I need at night to avoid straining my eyes. With this app, I can set the display at full brightness and activate the Shades at night, no more flickering.

Excellent Great for night, superb on an oled screen and saves lots of power and reduces burn in

Its easy to use, fast, and its able to go really dark which is what I was looking for. HOWEVER it crashes often.

Love it I love this app it works perfectly fine for me

Better than Dimmer and all other apps This app not accessing your photos,sms,contacts or other info. Works like a charm.

"The Best" A good app but sometimes it acts up but so far it's the best app

Great app that I use at least 3 times a day This app is perfect for making an OLED screen just the right dimness for night time reading or checking your phone while in the movie theater. I have used it on many galaxy phones and always love it. For non OLED screens dimming it too much will make everything green so be aware of that

Turn off by it self Sometimes app crash while I'm on vine, snapchat and youtube, even when I'm using my browser. Crash crash crash. Anyway your app is cool, minimal interface, I like it.

Ummm... Well it worked but, now my tablet screen is black... Can anyone plus tell me how to undo that by the way I can't see squat on the tablet. It will be helpful if someone answer me and I guess fix the problem, plus replie fast!!!!!!!!!!

Good and bad Dims toasts on Galaxy S5, unlike most other dimmers. Forgets brightness setting when started, making this not very useful.

very nice After having dark screen at night. One thing would be nice to chose icon very light, to see controls found on dim screen in daylight. Also move to sdcard

The Best of All It's the best brightness reducer. But now it is stopped project? Why? why don't it updated a long time.

Is this a joke It does the same thing that I can do in my brightness setting....

Yes! This app is the only one that works correctly at dimming the soft buttons at the bottom. I only wish it had a schedule feature (time on/time off) so I didn't have to turn it on/off manually every evening and Morning.

Works great! This app does exactly what I want it to do, every time I need it to. What else do you need to know?! Perfect for nighttime usage - adjust your screen, not your eyes ?

No Ads, No issues, No data consumption Some people complaints that it stops working automatically, Its not the because of the app, but some programs like Cleaner Master,King Purify Engine etc. These programs archives the 'Not So Necessary Apps' and make them Force Stop. You can unarchive 'Shades' from their list by messing uo with their settings. Try your self.. it won't take even ½mbs, And Comsymes no background Data. Thank you :)

Big thumbs up!! nice lowest screen dimming ratio compared to other apps in market so 5/5 from me ?

Excellent It is a tiny sized app just right for me.. Keep up the good work. ?? By the way, I really love the way how I adjust brightness in a pop-up window.

It hurts my eyes D: I hate when stuff like this hurt my eyes D:

I've been using it for a week And it crashes and the brightness back to full. Please fix it

Excellent It is a tiny sized app just right for me.. Keep up the good work. ?? By the way, I really love the way how I adjust brightness in a pop-up window.

Made my fone crash sorry but that's the truth of it

Great app Who makes it simple for those wakeing up early in the morning, and not wanting to wake up to the Sun.