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Scuba Diver Watch Face

Supplied By Zuhanden    On Nov. 17, 2015    Comments(115)

FREE Scuba Diver Watch Face version1.1.0 Download

This watch face is designed for ultimate readability in low light situations. Scuba diver watch face turns your Android Wear smartwatch into a sporty dive watch. It works perfectly on the LG G Watch R and other Android Wear devices.

Custom features

This dive watch face features:

★ Superior readability
★ Bold and exclusive sportwatch design
★ No frills, just focus on time
★ Powerful diver watch appearance

Notes to divers

- Before diving with Scuba, please make sure your Android device is waterproof
- Don’t go too deep yet and respect the waterproof indication of the smartwatch manufacturer

Supported devices

- This watchface works on all Android Wear devices
- Supports round (LG G Watch R and Moto 360) and rectangular smartwatches (Samsung Gear Live and LG G Watch).
- Does NOT work on Samsung Gear and smartwatches using other operating systems

More watch faces

- Visit our luxury watchmaker collection for Android Wear on the Play Store
- Also please let us know if you like to have any other watch faces to be added to our selection of watch faces.

★★★★★ Engineered for the element

Zuhanden part of our Personalization and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Nov. 17, 2015. Google play rating is 87.0113. Current verison is 1.1.0. Actual size 9.8 MB.

What's new

    Pro Version added:
    New functions (weather, battery, steps, etc.)
    Color customization (8 colors to choose from)
    Interactivity (change info field, open favorite app)
    We would be thrilled to get your feedback on
Download scuba-diver-watch-face.apk 9.8 MB


Perfection This watch is fantastic. I love how bold everything is. It makes everything easy to see. The only thing I'd like to see is the date/day resized a little. That's the only thing that's hard to see. Maybe an option to have the day of the month only? I'll be using this one a lot.

Beautiful Just amazing. So simple yet sophisticated. Works perfectly; no lag, doesn't kill the battery, looks great.

Nice and readable I really like this watch face. It is very clean and readable. Only complaint I have is that they date/day font is way too small. It is very hard to read. Bump that up and this watch face would be perfect.

Love the bold styling Waiting for android update so it show up again.

Spectacular. Clean, accurate, and sublimely luxurious. The only thing that could enhance it further is a color wheel.

Bold and clean Fantastic easy to read watch face. Love the bold big and clean design.

Nice watch watch I would have preferred if it didn't have a slogan saying 'smartwatch face company'.

Nice looking face My only issue is that in ambient mode I don't like that everything becomes an outline. Give us an option of leaving everything solid in ambient mode for watches with ips lcd displays where burn in isn't an issue

Great This is my favorite watch face it doesn't use the battery very much. The date could be a little bit bigger

Good but Please make a version for g watch r that does not include minute marks around outside. Watch already has this. I would buy that...

Works as advertised Nice, clean, basic watch face that's an upgrade from the stock ones supplied with my smartwatch 3. I'm not paying for a watchface for a watch that cost £180 and this one is more than good enough.

My daily watch face!! Love this face. I wanted a simple military - like face and this fits the bill perfectly. The fact that it's free is icing on the cake!

Minimal, beautiful, effective Minimal but attention to detail shows if you look for it. I try other faces from time to time but always come back to this. Very well done, thank you for making this!

Amazing!!! The best face for my Moto 350, I just love it, perfect design, no bugs or delays, just ... Perfect. Thank you!!

My default watch face Stylish and simple. Looks just like typical dive watch. Works great for Sony Smartwatch 3, because the time is perfectly visible without the screen illuminated. Only thing that could be better is some sort of night mode that is less bright, or a little customization.

Still my favorite face Love that it looks very clean and classic in both On and Dim.

Date/day are extremely small and hard to read. Otherwise it looks very nice on my Sony SW3. 5 flying stars when date/day are displayed with a bigger font.

Looks great Would like to see a watch battery indicator on the screen. Maybe the 12 indicator could show the battery level?

Simple, attractive and functional! This is a simple yet elegant appearing watch face that's one of my favorites! My only criticism is that the day and date are a bit too small and should be increased in size a bit.

Different dials. Great look bring to you a clean classic font.

Awesome design, but not optimal for LG G Watch R I love the design of this, but most watch faces out there it could be better on the G Watch R. The watch already has the lines/dots around the bezel. Including these in the design of the watch face is not necessary (for this watch). This applies to all watch face designers when making designs. Note to the designer: If you'd make a version for the G Watch R without these lines, and optimise the face for the space earned, I'd gladly pay for this look. Please make it happen =)

Not sure Not sure how to rate this because it hasn't shown up yet. I downloaded it over an hour ago.

Great face Nice, clear and bold. Only criticism is the "Smart Watch Face Company" text which cheapens the look.

Elegant and practical Doesn't try to be more than a traditional watch face. If you want your watch to look like it watch, this is a good choice.

Nice Like it. Day&date would be nice or battery indicator. Looks just like a dive watch face.

Simple & Efficient Clean design. Easy to read even in direct sunlight. Barely sips battery. Perfect for Moto 360.

Simple, bold, manly After lastest lollipop update this app seems to be disconnecting my lg gwatch r. Ive tested everything and narrowed it down to this app as the cause. Watch works fine until this app is installed

G watch Very cool but A little more customized options would be great.. Perhaps a color or 3 and ambient mode delay.

most practical only thing that, in my opinion, could be improve is to increase size of day & date.

Love!!! As a developer I also want to say this is an awesome watch face simple clean beautiful and flawless and it doesn't crash my phone or my watch. Bravo!

Nice and simple Very clean design. Love the continuous second hand. Great job.

Almost perfect Great watch face, clean and simple, love it. However I'd give it 5 stars (and pay $ for it) if it had a larger date text and was optimized for Lg GW R. The G Watch R already has the outer hour/min markings on the bezel so doesn't need them duplicating on the watch face.

Best skeuomorph watch face around... When active. The only downside (beside lack of customization) is that the always-on face feels hollow in comparison. +1 for being free.

Classy Makes my lg g watch r look like a proper mechanical scuba watch.

moto 360 - Nice watch face Very cool, feels like a real diving watch~

Scuba Face Clear, crisp good on battery - excellent job

Excellent Beautiful and simple doesn't waste much of the battery.

Great, but can ruin the watch screen Your watch faces are really wonderful but... Please add move inwards option to account for the burn in protection especially in LG G WATCH R. This option is a standard in Google specification why don't you use it?

Best Watchface For my LG G Watch R, this analog watch face is by far the best looking one I think, and I've gotten many compliments on it.

Love it Simple, clear and stylish!

Nice, but.. Please, add the date on this watch face, that would be reeeeaaalllyyy useful, and I'll give you 5 stars..

Great face Really like it, sometimes you have to click and hold to select the face again in order for notifications to show up again, but a minor complaint on my moto 360. Had to downgrade it due to the amount of battery it was consuming, love the face, but it was killing the battery almost twice as fast as the built in one's for the moto360

Great watch face! Wish date was bigger, and an option to change the color of the tip of the second hand.

Great looking I like how this looks on my g watch r.

Best diver style It's clean and neat and free. Date would be nice (switchable). Also switchable seconds. That and colour changes and they could have the basic free and change for the other. I'd pay.THEY HAVE DONE IT. BUY IT Now the best two zone watch you can buy!

Looks very good on my motorola 360 Wish it was more configurable like being able to show steps count, heart rate, watch battery etc. But its free so I am not complaining . Just a thought. Edit. Hi dev, I paid for the pro version of the app to see my steps count but it does not accurately display the step count by moto body. Can you fix it? Thanks in advanced. Moto 360 user

Nice watch faces I try my first smart watch and this is amazing and beautiful app for my moto watch..i love this scuba watch faces

Simple and easy to read Only had this a few days and so far I can't fault it.

Nice and simple Can you add a feature to change watch face color to safety orange and yellow? Also a switch to change the dial to black.

NOT A DIVEWATCH !!// It's a watchface it does not magically make your watch waterproof! Smart watches are water resistant. Big difference!! Bad description saying so. At least one person fried their watch thinks they could swim with it.

Great watchface, but pro overpriced I loved the look of this watchface and sprung the 2.99 for the upgrade. DON'T! Essentially all you get is a few customizable options, mainly color of the entire face. Most. 99 faces give you more options. Overpriced and no way to get a refund. At least add the ability to change the color of the dots independently, customize the hands, and remove the gaudy "watch face company."

Nice Simple Dive Face Best Dive style face so far. More color customization would be nice. Also PLEASE add ability to get rid of "watch face company" text at 12 o'clock, maybe make that area second field for customization (battery, weather, steps, etc.)

Perfectly simple yet bold. Perfectly simple yet bold. Better since date size increased. An option to clutter with weather or activity would be nice - and now both done and more but discreetly. Fantastic!

Just one 'but' I like it, it doesn't drain the battery. One star down for nagging for review.

Simple and Elegant If you value design over functionality this is the watchface to get. Simple design yet quite elegant, ambient mode looks excellent on amoled.

Excellent Now that the non-minimal ambient mode is available this is my go to watch face

great watch face this is my go to watch face, i try others but always come back to this one

Nice watch face I like it but it needs more customization.

Superb diver homage Really strong looking dive type dial, with a hi-beat style sweeping second hand.

Great face! This is a great face and the pro version is worth the buck. Only thing I wish is that there were 2 info fields so I could have battery and date up at the same time.

Good face, hate the nags Kept nagging me to rate it... Don't like that. Otherwise good face

I enjoyed this watchface before the update and found it one of my go-to favorites over the past year. Now with the update I love it even more. I think it's truly a classic that fits the styling of the LG-GR perfectly.

Nice and clear, on both lit and power save mode, LG urbane.

Great watch face This is my favorite watch face. It is easy to see.

Clean watch face Very clean design and only sips power.

Nice Good but not great I think there should be more options as far as customization goes

Neat, clean and clear Simple, clear appearance which complements Sony SmartWatch 3 very well and uses very little battery. I would welcome the chance to change font size of day and date. I believe this option exists in the premium version that can be purchased, but there are no settings available in the free version. I'd happily buy the premium version if it were 99p or less.

Amazing looking watch Love it, only bug/issue is that the step count is off compared to everything else on my watch

Scuba Love the clean exact lines of this watch face! There are no beeaks in the lines. Looks like the real thing!

My favorite watch face, luxury with the Huawei watch! Awesome

Looks great I like this watch face. The pedometer should correlate to the data in Google Fit though. It currently does not. I like that with the full version, you can customize the text on the watch face, thus allowing me to have my own monogrammed watch. I'd like the option to be and to select what set of data the watch cycles through for the interactive watch face.

G watch r Simplicity at its best. LOVE this watchface.

Great watch face! I really enjoy the watch face! Simple and elegant. Very sharp!

Scuba Love this face one I use regularly.

Almost perfect This is one of my favorites. Bought the pro version to support the dev. Is there any chance you'll update to allow removal of "Watch Face Company"? That would make it the perfect minimal diver!

Very good design Im looking forward to future updates

Free? Prefect! This is an awesome looking face, and it's free to boot! I love smooth second-hand sweeping and dates on my faces and this has both.

Love this face! I welcome the new additions with the pro version, but I would maybe consider only changing the color of the hands and not the whole watch. Otherwise, I love your watch faces!!

Nice face ! So happy with this face i love it i use it everyday best thing is free .

Great design Didn't get for diving just the best watch face on swr50 by a mile ;-)

Great simple watch face Looks best on a round watch...not sure if the Pro version is worth it but I might try it.

Awesome looking watchface but comes with annoying 'rate me' popups on the watch

Good watch face but here are some recommendations for the pro version: 1. Please, please, please, add an option for a small dedicated day/ date "window" at the 3 o'clock position, (and ability to change the color of the characters from white to red) regardless of the bottom changeable field. Plus, you can make the day/ date another activity field. This would keep the simplicity of the face, but also attract customers who want a little more interaction with the face. 2. Allow for the option to remove "smart watch face company" on the face 3. Make an option to just change the hand color only (and change the second hand tip to red for better contrast) 4. Add option for Roman or Arabic numerals 5. Add option for tastefully colored backgrounds (dark red, brown, Navy, and hunter green) 6. Add option to change the hands to a few different styles like the arrow style, thinner hands, one that has the tritium/ luminous marker on the hour, ànd colored hands I will gladly add a star for each recommendation you add. Great work so far! Signed, A fan of your design

Fav face Still my favorite face, easy to read info about battery levels etc.

Excellent quality watch face Reminds me of a Seiko or Citizen diving watch.

It would be nice if you could have the color change at sun up and sun down like on the ranger. Big fan of your work keep it up.

Solid watch face Great watch face doesn't consume a lot of battery and no problems with burn in. Like the option to change colours and personalise the face. My everyday driver. LG Urbane.

Go to watch face First one I install after wiping my watch. Could have one or two more features, but it's great for nowt...

Very Good not Awesome There are a number of configurable settings that would be nice - EG the information display gets obsecured by the hands like on a normal watch, but that's why we have smart watches right? It would be nice if you could have an option to use transparent arms over information or have the info switch locations. Actually for a paid watch face you really get very little in the way of any customization.

Excellent Can we have a color wheel instead of the 8 hard coded colors ? This would be a great feature as it would appeal to more people

My go to But I wish there was a way to remove the outermost ring of lines and dots. I have a g watch r and it already has them, printed on the bezel... It just looks odd... Make this an option in "pro" and you can have my money.

Reminds me of the dive watch my Asus Zenwatch replaced. Nice easy to read face.

Can't open it I can open it after installing in my LG g watch. Is not visible on my watch Is stupid

Simple and Elegant If you value design over functionality this is the watchface to get. Simple design yet quite elegant, ambient mode looks excellent on amoled.

Great face Easy to see at night, doesn't kill battery. Wish date was bigger A++

No show Downloaded for s2 classic but can't get it to work . Wasted 1 hour of my life on this

My goto watch face Looks great on my Sony SW3.

Very nice look. Just a teensy bit cluttered for my tastes, but I love the bold elements. Was thinking about the paid version, but reviews indicate minimal customization options for the money. When they let me turn off some of those background ticks or colorize discrete design elements, I'll reconsider.

Smart looking face Very classy and cool. Latest update increasing the date size has made it just about perfect! BUT, it keeps badgering me to give a review, even after I gave one, so 2 stars off.

Greatly enjoy it Simple and elegant / please quit asking me to re-rate every time I have to reset my watch...very annoying....once again developers, I get tired of being asked to rate it every time I switch devices or reset watch

Annoying pop-ups asking how you like I like this face the most of your collection but I wish there was a pay version with some and a bigger date window at 3 o'clock, modification of text under SCUBA.

The app force to evaluate prior to use it. Disguisting

Free version good.. I'm thinking about purchasing the PRO version but want more information about it.. Would be good to have a free trial (even 24hrs) in the 'free' version so you can try before you buy!

Battery Hog but looks great Sadly, removing Scuba. I think I paid for it. Don't remember. Looks great. Used it to show off my smart watch to my friends and strangers but it eats battery power over three times more than Android OS or the screen. It and Facebook Messenger don't know how to take a break. May come back and try it agaim if I see an update has been made. Til then, deep sixing it.

Nice, bug Pro not really worth it as-is Looks nice on my huawei watch. I wish that the Pro version had more options. Changing the color changes the color for the entire watchface, not just the colored parts. A really good Pro feature would be brightness setting for ambient mode

They call me Reeves, Darren Reeves 007 I really like this face as it reminds me of what 007 would wear. Am considering the Pro Version to support the developer but hesitant in case it becomes a energy sucker...

Scuba Great watch face and I have the pro version. Two irritants - can't remove the Watch Face Company text and periodically get notifications asking if I'm enjoying the watch face. Sort these things and then 5 star.

Dislike it Good, but can't set weather location manually, no option to vibrate hourly, and no option to hide peek card in ambient/dimmed mode.

Move the date!! Put the date near 3 o'clock, it constantly gets hidden by either pop up Now cards or the date/hour hands and the font is so small it completely disappears. Fix that and this face would be perfect

Easy to read - Pro needs more options As with other watchfaces from this developer, it is designed well and easy to read. After going pro, I would say the pro price is a bit high compared to others and I would expect more options. Suggestions: port the Ranger watchface's ability for night mode to it; add ability to change the background (Seamaster® blue would be great). Maybe reduce pro price from $2.99 to $.99.

Superb diver homage Really strong looking dive type dial, with a hi-beat style sweeping second hand. I just wish it would remember my choices for Celsius/Fahrenheit so I don't have to open settings on my phone every single time I switch watch faces.

Great Watchface! The design of the overall watchface is great, but I bought the Pro Version expecting more customizability. Unfortunately, there wasn't much difference. If I could, I would like my money refunded.

Needs to be more configurable Great watch. Would like to have at least one more field on the dial. Have tried many but keep coming back to this one. I use it in ambient mode on my Huawei and the battery life is fine.

Great Watch Face Looks great on G Watch R. Maybe introduce some single colour backgrounds with black digits as seen on some diver watches? Pro version looks great in colour, but still needs black hands on colour backgrounds!

Good Like the design and perfect face for always on mode. I like it when the face doesnt change much from the screen active to the ambient mode