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Pushbullet - SMS on PC

Supplied By Pushbullet    On Aug. 28, 2016    Comments(205)

FREE Pushbullet - SMS on PC version17.6.11 Download

Pushbullet is "the app you never knew you needed", according to CNET. Here's why:

Stay Connected
• Conveniently send and receive SMS messages from your computer
• Reply to messages from many popular apps including WhatsApp, Kik, and Facebook Messenger
• Easily share links and files between your devices, or with friends

Never Miss A Notification
• See all of your phone's notifications on your computer, including phone calls
• Dismiss a notification on your computer and it goes away on your phone too
• Use Pushbullet Channels to subscribe to timely notifications about things you care about

Save Time
• Text from your computer using your keyboard instead of grabbing your phone
• The easiest way to get a link or file onto your phone to open or share
• Deal with notifications on your computer as they arrive

"Pushbullet Is a Fantastic App Every Phone Should Have" - Gizmodo

"TNW’s Apps of the Year: PushBullet for Android" - TNW

★ Secure: Protect your notifications and SMS with end-to-end encryption
★ Used by millions of people and counting
★ Translated into over a dozen languages by an awesome group of our own users

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Pushbullet part of our Productivity and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Aug. 28, 2016. Google play rating is 90.8187. Current verison is 17.6.11. Actual size 4.6 MB.

What's new

    - Some Notification Mirroring fixes for Android N
    - Facebook SMS + Notification Mirroring support
    - Fixed an issue that prevented some notifications from being mirrored
    - Bumped up message font size for easier readability
    - Added open source licenses
    - Other small bugfixes
    - Send picture text messages from your computer!
Download pushbullet.apk 4.6 MB


So useful! Amazing for sending files, notes & links between my own devices or to others. I can't fault it - highly recommended.

Magic This is what the internet needed, and so desperately deserved. I don't even have to be close to my phone to read, send, and respond to texts.

Still not Still not able to reply to sms or send sms from pc. Everything else works just that's been a month now. I'm pretty sure not a handset issue or user error cuz all the other notifications and everything else works except replying to sms via pc.

I can't imagine life without it. BTW any chance getting this for the Xbox One? It'd be great to see my notifications while gaming.

Brilliant idea This is an absolute must for any wood with Andy a droid phone in a PC. Sharing files, photos, and links have never been easier. The developers had a great idea and it works very nicely. Keep up the great work ill continue to support your applications.

It just works Until now, moving photos and files from my phone to my PC to my iPad and back was a pain, fiddling with Dropbox or old fashioned USB transfer. This little tool is a miracle, letting me instantly sync between my android phone, my iPad, and my windows PC. As a bonus, if I'm on my computer and I get a text, I can reply from a pop-up without having to pick up my phone. Can't wait to see how they continue to improve the connectivity options.

Solid Lack of way to push multiple files at once, and 25mb limit . Could use its own desktop client. No way to send all on list. Sending to just a device seems silly when sending to self. App doesn't really push anything, its just a middleman.

Love it! Its a useful application that I primarily use to receive notifications on my desktop PC. You can also act on those notifications. For example, deleting an email or replying to a text message. I also receive humble bundle notifications as well since I am subscribed to their push bullet channel. Only problem I have encountered is with SMS replies. Even though I type a reply through my PC sometimes it doesn't go through. It would be nice to see a conformation to let you know the message was actually sent.

incoming call notifications to my PC cause my smartphone to crash great app which worked on my work PC when I first added the chrome extn. but stopped after the next Windows update only to start working again after the most recent Windows update pushed to my PC by my IT dept. It is not fully working however as I had to disable notifications from the app that controls my Andriod phone functionality because every time I received a call it would cause my phone to crash. To make matters worse I couldn't restart the phone without removing the battery first.

Security Risk, uninstall it. I installed the app and got a notice this app would have access to my credit card information. I can't for any reason understand why this would be needed. Not worth the risk. Uninstalling.

Very Handy App This app is very useful, from transferring multiple types if file between my phone and computer, to having notifications pushed from your phone to your PC. I highly recommend this app!

This is great software. I never understood racecar owners: why would one buy an expensive, gas guzzling race monster if you can't go over the speed limit anyway... Well and then I got to drive in a Maserati one day. So much for rationalism. . I thought I was pretty well synced with my Chromebook and my Androids. All in the same cloud platform, right? Well not really. This app has the coachwork and the horsepower of an Italian classic, but it's free as well, and incredibly useful.

It works great I see all my messages on my computer... One thing I would like to see is the pictures I'm sent on my computer instead of the link or a message saying "you have received a image" but still fantastic! :D

awesome app I was used to using motorola Connect to push text messages from my Moto X to my PC. When I updated to a Nexus 6 i lost that functionality. This brings it back with more features. Great App!

The most awesome app I've seen in quite a while Literally a day before finding pushbulet I was complaining that my phone was in the other room charging and I could hear it vibrate but was too lazy to go and check the notification and then I found pushbullet :-)

Great apps Great functionality. You can use the laptop to inform you when you have a phone call, even though your smartphone is in silent mode.

You didn't know you needed it Great to be able to consolidate shares and notifications, and sort them to specific devices. Works really well as an IF (IFTTT) action.

New most helpful app Found it really helpful for connecting my nexus with my Mac among other things, as they're normally really incompatible. Now I can transfer files such as music with just a few clicks and respond to texts from my Mac. Thank you so much. You made my life easier.

Great Love the functionality, ability to see the notifications on your laptop or any other device capable of receiving notifications is really great. Copy every where is a life saver. Thank you for this great app.

Useful for text replies The main thing I use Pushbullet for is responding to text replies on my PC when I'm away from my phone. It's a very useful feature and for that, I appreciate this app.

I've never used an app more useful to file transfers between different platforms like this. Nothing better.

Great app but unreliable for SMS This is a great app for pushing content to and from your device. The weakness is with the SMS integration, when sending SMS from my desktop I have found that it is hit or miss when texts go through. I have quick typed a message from my PC assuming it went and it never did. Once you send a text through the PC app that text is gone if it doesn't appear on your phone there isn't a way to pull it up to resend it. I have had text conversations where only half the messages went out so great for everything else it does, needs work on the SMS.

Just Wished I Had Used It Sooner! Pushbullet allows me to deal with Android notifications from my PC. Not only that, I can push an article from my device to my computer or vice versa (great for pages that won't work with or look bad on Pocket). Even though I can use Motorola Connect for PC texting, Pushbullet's ability to do the same is not nearly as bulky. The app looks terrific, and pushing is very quick. Highly recommended!

Outstanding! This is a great app. The universal copy and paste is a great feature in addition to all the others.

Sent email to my contacts I started using Pushbullet today. I wanted to see how well it works. I added my contacts. What I did not know was that Pushbullet would send all my contacts an email that I was using Pushbullet and invite them to use it. I think that this is intrusive. It's like I'm recommending app, and I hadn't even used it for 30 minutes. I am really upset about this. I think that Pushbullet has an obligation to inform users that when they add a contact that they will be sending that contact an email.

Good app Great work, many thanks devs! Only one stupid q, how to enable notifications on my android? Now I don't see any when sending from PC (-1 star for ignoring my feedback)

Concept is brilliant, BUT... SEVERAL times, when trying to push files from the PC, it simply states that it failed to push the file. And yes, my files are within the 25MB limit of the app. Pretty much kills a major attraction of the app. Please try and resolve this issue! My device is a Nexus 4 and I'm using Windows 7.

No substitute This app does what is says, near perfectly. I only have one complaint for the developers, please put in a global mute/snooze for the popups. There is probably one in the settings but having a quick button on the popups would make turning them off for an hour a lot easier. Still gave 5 stars because that complaint is for the chrome extension.

It just works Great work the future ,is there any possibility you could use pushbullet to sync iTunes playlists with android?ciao!

Love the idea Just keeps getting better! Love how quickly they push new features!!

Great app except for hangouts This app is great for everything except for one thing. Hangouts. You have to download another app to use it with pushbullet. If it was integrated with Hangouts I'd give it a 5 star rating.

Superb, but....... not being able to target an individual PC running Chrome is a right pain. Having the same push pop up over and over on multiple systems, sometimes days later, is crap. Give us targeted Chrome please.

Should be built in functionality on every phone Recommend this to everyone. The copy+paste feature alone makes it 5 star but I also find the notifications to be incredibly useful, especially when I am deep at work writing. Either of these features makes it a 5star app on its own. Only complaint is that it only lets you 'respond' to native apps...wish I could also respond to whatsapp or have my exchange mail open outlook on click the way gmail opens when it pushes to my pc.

Would get 5 stars if I could choose a default app to use when opening a pushed image. Otherwise fantastic. Love the API.

Dang, son This app though. Seamless, beautiful, etc. Works exceptionally well. My only problem with it is that you can't see entire message threads or interact with intractable notifications like Spotify. Will bump to 6 stars when that's added.

It is extremely useful This app has definitely increased productivity. It is lacking with other mobile app integration working off whatever controls are in the notification area for an app. It is not smart where it has a database of apps and can then give more appropriate controls. Also smses come up as just another message which can be confusing

Highly useful, very simplistic Great for sending links to my phone when surfing the Web on my PC or Tablet. Also love sending things to chrome from my phone when I see a site, page, article etc. that I want read at home if I'm on the go, don't have time, or the site isn't very mobile friendly. Great cross platform utility.

too slow & buggy things shared from menu bar doesn't come to phone many times.. & if comes at all then it's too slow..

STILL ONLY ONE FILE AT A TIME??? I have bee waiting for the ability to send multiple files at once. why if I have 10 photos to send I have to do a different push for every item? It makes no sense. Also need to increase the total file size. ************************

Hardly works So I set everything up and it worked great for about 10 minutes and stopped. I was looking around to figure out why and notification forwarding turned off by itself so I turned it back on and it went off again I don't know why but it keeps happening

Cool but... If it were possible to distribute all the files by categories or folders.

Doesn't work reliably I like the concept but the problem is that it doesn't work reliably. Have had several texts that did not send when they should have. Also needs to have the ability to include pictures when texting

I'll not change this any higher until standard email sign up is reinstated. Having to use Facebook and Google is ridiculous. This app is also for iPhone, Mac, Firefox and Chrome so why are we limited to only two sign up options? I prefer using ProtonMail for all of my accounts, but I'm forced to use my Gmail account or (god forbid) create a Facebook account to use an app that pushes texts and images. Again, ridiculous.

It has a bug I'm using samsung galaxy S3 mini. When I activate push bullet in settings it activates some fitures of talk back. It starts telling me in which page I am at in the menu 'page 2 of 3' and its irritating. Please fix it

Near perfect This app is ridiculously useful. As I use I'll update me review overtime. As of now I've no critiques. Bloody useful app.

Why doesn't this deserve an Oscar? Wait.. I've been asked to do a review not a long time ago for the website which I write for, and just downloaded this for test purposes. Amazingly, I was blown away with the fluid-fast transfer rates, and also the Material Design. I can now simply transfer screenshots which I use in my posts with Pushbullet, rather than using the traditional old OEM cable. One thing, because of which I didn't quite rate it a full-5 stars is because there isn't any option for sending multiple images. That'd be great.

Good app but a bug This is very nice app which works everywhere like chrome iPhone and iPad except my android device (lollipop). On android I cannot download files when using mobile network (with wifi it works fine). It keep saying "downloading file" in notification area but never completes.

Maybe The app tells me to enable notification access for it and I do, however it fails to register this and will not forward my notifications...

Thank you Great app. A few minor inconsistencies here and there but nothing big. Provides functionality that is sorely needed in Android. This is the beauty of the platform; app makers can enhance and change different parts of the system.

Amazing One of the best apps I've downloaded in years. Constant updates and it just keeps getting better and better.

Should be native to Android. Because I had no idea how badly this was needed until I tried it. It isn't flawless (example: sometimes pushes on desktop timeout too quickly) but pushbullet is so easy and fast that you hardly notice.

Another essential I use this app almost daily, it really improved my qol by making link sharing simple and intuitive

Works Great Since Notify My Android quit working I needed something to notify me when shows have downloaded from Sickbeard. This works excellent and was a simple setup. Thanks

Very useful and easy to use I use pushbullet evey day . when i do my work in programming and my mobile in silent mode i got all notifications on the pc screen. Many features in this app like transferring any thing i want between my devices. Very Very recommended !!

Love it Best text from computer app I've tried. Even though you have to pay to send more than 100 msgs a month, it's worth it for me to not have to grab my phone every time. Works great and have had very few issues with it!

A bit pricy I've tried a lot of the alternatives to pushbullet. MightyText is pretty good, but I like the design of pushbullet much more. Not sure how long I'll be keeping pro as its a bit pricey for what you get.

Subscription fee is ridiculous Loved the app, but since they added the pro version for $40 a year (more for monthly) and capped SMS messages, it's just way too expensive. I'm willing to pay a one time fee like most pro version apps, but I think the developer completely misjudged the cost vs usefulness of this app. I am willing to pay even a one time fee of $19.99 if I'm using it every day like email apps, but a never ending subscription is absurd.

Incredible Functionality and No Complaints This was nice when it was free but it is totally worth the money. Being able to send things between devices, subscribe to Pushbullet channels for updates (APK Mirror for example) and of course, see notifications and read and reply to SMS on PC are all great! Material design makes it even better. Additionally, system resource usage and battery impact is absolutely minimal. I use it on desktops, laptops, Nexus 6P, Nexus 9, iPhone 5c, and Moto E!

Ok Don't know how anyone can give it 5 stars when they get rid of the most useful features that used to be free. Not that I mind paying for it but a monthly subscription just to text from a computer other than your phone is kind of ridiculous. Other apps have mirror notifications for free so there goes that advantage. Anyway best of luck to you.

Working between android ios and windows works well. I am not finding ways to push android viewed websites to windows and such... Hopefully it can be done. I can't push really anything from a device to my android phone but everything else works. It's just a big pain as all these various manufactures like LG, Samsung, HTC, AT&T etc etc want to push their propitiatory apps on their phones and you can't always uninstall them and it just makes it a big mess and stuff breaks and it's got to stop! Nobody wants junk, just stop forcing apps guys! Let us just use Android so we can use other apps that wont break because of the dang bloatware! Making me crazy!!!

They ruined the free service. Took away features the free users use and now charge 40 per year for a slightly improved free version. I'm all for the developers getting comped but this is unfair.

Love! LoVe! Love! Love this app! Easiest way ever to share anything & everything (easily)!

Useful. Simple. Magical One of my favorite apps ever, extremely useful.

This is one of the most useful apps that I have ever installed on my phone. Edit: I have tried to contact the developers several times in several ways to no avail, so this is the last resort. Pushbullet is awesome, but it is currently having issues with Knox on Samsung phones (or at least on mine). It keeps giving me an error: "Pushbullet was unable to register with Google for push notifications". This message is coming from the secure (Knox) side of my phone. Problem is, I never installed it un

Amazing app Use it all the time but I can't justify the high monthly cost. It's unfortunate. I'd love to continue using it if it was a onetime 9.99 fee or even 14.99

Was great. Now its useless. Couple weeks ago I started getting "cannot download file", so now it is impossible to download any files with this app.. Even after the latest update (Sprint LG G3, Stock rooted 4.4.2 + Xposed). 5 star again once this is fixed.

Love this app This is a total must-have for Android users. I use it all day from my PC and never have to switch over to the phone to respond to incoming notifications

Used to love this but as I cant add my phone & have written 5 times to you & no reply, you obv dont care about your customers so no stars bet dont reply to this either

Totally amazed!!! I am awestruck on all you can do with this and how well it works! It is the only product I can think of that I have used in years that has completely blown away my expectations of it. What I used to do jumping between 4 or 5 apps, Pushbullet has consolidated in one, powerful, easy to use, productive and time saving app!!! I am recommending it to EVERYONE!!

Best app Love this app - initially got it to send myself links to look at on my phone for testing purposes (which is nice) but now I use it to text from my computer and keep up with various feeds. Love it.

Awesomely useful Don't need my phone anymore. Just kidding! But this is what this app makes me feel, as it is simply awesome. There's no other way to put it. Great job developers!

Handy app Love being able to text from my computer and tablet instead of my dinky touch screen. Would be 5 stars if messages went through more reliably, and if the yearly pass wasn't so expensive. I'm not paying $40/year just to get 100+ messages a month. $25 and I'd consider it.

Love it! Love it! Works every time! Very consistent, very stable, I recommend this app to every single person...with a smartphone

Sync between PC and app stopped working. Support is unresponsive. Blog has not been updated in months. Now there is a cost for free features!

Loved it. Guys play King of Thieves an amazing game?made by Zeptolab?

This has made transferring files so much easier. I now use it every day for a bunch of other stuff.

3 bucks per month for copy and paste? Only feature I need from pro and I'm not paying a subscription for it. Way to go trying to suck money from loyal users that helped spread your app. This costs more than playstation plus after converting to Canadian. Add new features, don't remove what you've given me.

Not working on android 6.0 with default settings. Whenever trying to turn on permissions for the app it says, "Screen Overlay detected: To change this permission setting you first have to turn off the screen overlay from settings > apps". You can turn off your screen overlay for all your apps, but many other apps become useless without that feature. Hence Pushbullet is not possible to use for most users on android 6.0.

Was working before. This spp just worked fine for a long time but at a certain point it stopt sending notices to my desktops. A reboot of my phone wil help for a couple of hrs but after that it will stop working again. It is too bad because I really liked it.

Too much Great app but not great enough for the cost. Lower pricing please!

Unrealistic pricing, other apps $40/yr cheapest? That's $55 in my currency. Moving to 'Join' - more powerful and so much cheaper.

Was great Now way too expensive. And taking away features that were free is just bad business

Solid app Definitely makes life easier. Only complaint is that configuring end to end encryption in the Firefox extension in Linux is a little screwy, you have to put in the key 5 or 6 times before it sticks. After that it's smooth sailing.

Great Great came in handy when I buggered up my phone's screen. Also handy while at uni doing work, can quickly reply without getting distracted by apps on phone.

Doesn't work Used to work and was glorious. Now when u push images from desktop to phone, the images never download. Big let down, hope they fix it one day

Update...everything is working great. The only problem now is that when you go to New Message the contacts don't show up. If I type in the number it works but if I type in the name it doesn't. It would also be great if there was an indicator for new messages for when there are several different messages from more than one person. Will update again if those are kinked out.

Amazing but.... Having issues texting lately, constantly saying failed. Was working great a month or two ago, I'm even a pro user but lately it's not doing what it's supposed to, even uninstalled and reinstalled. Still giving issues. Need help in fixing the issue and 5 stars will be given.

Extremely useful An absolute must have for those frequently on their phones and pc's. If you're out and find something on your phone you want to look into later, just pushbullet that bad boy and the link will be waiting for you when you get homw.

Fabulous! Makes life way easier! just need a platform for MAC too now!

Lag makes texting useless Paid to have the restrictions lifted. Lag in sending the texts happen often enough to make it impossible to carry on a conversation. I just pick up the phone to text after a minute lag and the MIA text eventually shows up as a duplicate sometimes minute later.

Great app. A must have. Should be integrated into android. I think Microsoft is doing so on Windows 10.

Does what it says it does and alerts you of any notifications. Very impressive.

It use to be better but now sending SMS takes forever.

Essential First app I install on any new phone, tablet or computer. Makes things a breeze.

Piece of CRAP I used to love this app. Notifications no longer work when pushing links to other devices. My husband and I send links back and forth all the time between our devices, and now I am no longer receiving any notifications when he sends me something. Please fix, otherwise I will be telling friends to avoid this useless app. I would NEVER spend money to upgrade to Pro when the app is completely useless. NOW I CAN'T EVEN SIGN IN!!!!!

Use it every day! But... Lately I have to manually dismiss desktop notifications. Cannot figure out why... :( Email to support, still unanswered... and I pay for this service.

So useful! Amazing for sending files, notes & links between my own devices or to others. It's convenient, easy to use, & works across a range of services & operating systems. I simply can't fault it - highly recommended.

Had some glitches recently Text have not been sending for my PC as of late. Overall amazing app though that makes my phone so much more capable.

Best choice, great value of features for free, even better on Pro Synced to all my devices which allows me to send links, send texts via my laptop or iMac, all unlimited use w/o ads or surveys like the rest. One of best apps on Google Play Store. (User since 2013)

Since it no longer conflict with mms This ... is ... absolutely .. AWESOME! Since I work a lot on my computer, I find it very convenient to answer messages from any application with a single click on my browser. Sometimes it's not perfectly intuitive (a click on youtube video = youtube website only), but it is so close to perfection, I really can't complaint :).

Great app with one minor gripe I love using this app for notifying me about Steam and Humble deals. Not only that but replying to texts from my desktop is a big help. I'd prefer it if it stacked it's notifications as sometimes I have up to 25 separate bullets in the bar. Grouping by source and multi-select when deleting would be great too.

Works well, but you have to run it EVERY SINGLE TIME on your phone. Why doesn't it start automatically? This is ridiculous!

Not bad, but none of my friends uae this app. It is a pity.

Very buggy Inbound text messages aren't always received. Cannot delete messages if accessing them from your tablet. Cannot send texts from your tablet. Customer support is horrible; never reply.

Did know I needed it Until I tried it. Fantastic for when at computer, and don't have to pick up phone to see your notifications or even reply to them!

Was great at one time. At first I was excited about a Pro version, but then I realised I would just be paying for the same features I'd always used. Taking away features that were free so you can force users to pay for a subscription is very upsetting. The Pro version should have lots of new features that were never free. This feels like blackmail.

Perfect. Everything i need as a amateur computer scientist to transfer files between all my devices without needing to use mediafire. Honestly 5/5

Keeps Your Phone In Your Pocket Allows you to not check your phone at every notification. Works well, does what it says, desktop notifications through Chrome are the best part.

Great absolutely Still loved the app. It is a bit expensive, but worth it. Critical functionality - - Love the app and it works well. Provides a function missing from the Android platform. Use it daily

If it worked a little more reliably (some texts sit pending forever) I'd give it the last star.

Desktop Notifications Great for syncing notifications but you cannot do as much without the pro version.

works as advertised. love this app. I use it all the time to send links to download stuff to my phone or notes. and with its latest update to send it back to your Chrome, even better.

Essential Can't live with it, if you're on a desktop with Chrome plus Android phone, this app does wonders.

Removed, not worth the value. I have uninstalled, not worth the value for now paying for the privilege, not missing it either. Was good app until the greedy update, if was a reasonable amount I would have rated this differently and kept it.

Nice! But from where in Pushbullet's chrome extension can I get to see my phone's sms ?

Used to be great, then they crippled the app to lock previously free features behind a monthly payment. Now the free tier is only OK, and the paid tier is way too expensive for what it provides, especially if you're not from the US and don't particularly care for SMS.

Really nice cross-platform tool I like this app because it makes it effortless to share files and text/mms messaging between my phone and PC. There are occasional glitches but overall I'm happy with Pushbullet.

The most useful app on android Nothing even competes with this. Thanks dev!

Can't live without it I use it to read stuff later, transfer documents and share links. It's the best app I've used that incorporates this kind of functionality.

Can't live without Great for getting files between devices, SMS from PC and notifications

Notifications repeat I am tired of dismissing notification on my PC in chrome extension. The notifications keep on repeating themselves even after being dismissed. This app is supposed to reduce our time by handling our time in a smart synchronised environment, not kill our time in dismissing them.

I don't normally write app reviews unless I feel very strongly about the app. Pushbullet is an app I would strongly urge you to install. Being able to dismiss notification, check who's calling, and reply to text messages right from my desktop is incredible. I would much rather type text messages from my computer keyboard than from a touch screen. Keep in mind, however, that this app requires your phone to be connected to a data connection for notifications to appear on your computer. Overall, one of my

ℹ Bait and Switch Uninstalled due to the poor business practice of taking away once free features. I can understand making a pro version, but only if it has added new features. This seems like a classic bait and switch!

Decent free app but I am not paying *MONTHLY* to be able to use the clipboard. Get the hell out of here. I would buy this as a one time purchase but I am not paying half the cost of my gym membership for full functionality. What a waste.

Super handy No more reaching for the phone every time a text comes in when I'm at home.

Mute Develop an option to mute notifications for different periods or forever from specific channels without unsubscribing, from Android and desktop

Used to be good Can't do as much with the app as before.Will not use any subscription app as most not worth it, including this one. Gone back to Airdroid which seems to have improved.

No option to draw over other apps *fixed* I used to use this app, but there is no longer an option to allow it to draw over other apps, so I cannot use it for texts of anything over on my laptop. I need a fix for this. Edit: if you download this and have an app running with an overlay, such as Twilight, you need to pause Twilight to enable the notification settings on Push bullet. The problem was not, in fact, Pushbullet.

How did I manage without you! Just the notifications sync deserves 5 stars! The rest is perfect too. EDIT. 2 Days into this and notifications do not sync any more.. All stars away till fixed.

Does the job Easily allows me to share datum between my devices.

It's very useful app but But I can't sign in with Google on my Xperia z3. It get stuck on loading

Best App. This app is amazing. It does exactly what it promises. I can quickly and easily transfer files, links, and media between all my devices. I can also get app notifications on my computer when I'm not using my mobile devices. I use it in my Windows laptop using the Chrome plugging and in my Android Tablet and Smartphone. It has never failed me. I totally recommend it.

Love it! All my my devices are connected with each other like never before.

Like it very much Update 7/22. Support did get back to me. However I had already fixed the issue. I'm satisfied and given back a 5 Star rating. Old: I'm changing my rating from 5 stars to 3 stars. I recently had an issue that needed support. While the co-founder was prompt to initially reply with assistance there was no follow through and ultimately I fixed the issue myself. For $39 a year I expect better!!!

Generally a very nice app. Only give it 3 stars, not 5, because it isn't as widely supported as i'd like it to be. There is no way to use it on Android TV (that has no notifications, but i am sure a workaround can be found, for example, suggestions bar). Also, the PC app no longer supports XP machines, and as ancient as it is, i have one such machine that is not about to be upgraded.

Works, but no native Mac app. Pushbullet is one of the best apps to see notifications on your phone. The only problem is, the Mac app is not available for download from their website, only third party, worse versions. If your on Windows, then the new windows 10 update will give you more integrated functionality that pushbullet does for Android.

Great problem solver! Pushbullet generally comes handy when my phone is out of charge and is connected to a charging port while I am working on my computer which is a bit far away. Apart from the notifications, I'd also request you to show the battery status of the phone which will make it easier for users to know when to plug out the phone.

A few minor kinks but overall great Sending and receiving has a noticeable delay between when it displays on phone vs. On the desktop app but.. it does everything as promised and easily so, I enjoy it and would recommend to anyone that spends time at a computer while corresponding across devices or whatnot.

Text like a champ Being able to respond to text messages on the computer without picking up your phone is great! However, the Windows client fails to display your most recent messages after a couple hours or so. It'd be great if there was a refresh button or something similar. Other than that, great app.

Well, I made peace with the fact that 'Universal clipboard' feature is no more a part of the free version. Anyway, the app is still wonderful and saves a lot of time. I was wondering if the creators of the app could include a 'Download to phone' feature, which would allow me to push a download link to my phone and the file gets downloaded on my phone. I don't know if someone else felt the need for such features.

Still doesn't work Have installed this app 3 separate times over the past few years because on paper it's everything i need. But it's always so buggy that it makes me want to throw my phone out of the window. I want to use it to transfer files easily between phone & computer, but whenever i try the files just don't end up in the downloads folder (or on Windows the specified folder). Where are my files???? You have created a pretty PoS.

The best there is.... I've been using PB for years, before it went to a pay system and way before airdroid came out. There's really no need to pay unless the limited SMS and file size transfer is a problem for you. Try it. You won't regret it ?

Awesome, but not perfect I love how great and useful the app is. Its nice to be able to text from my PC, however it seems to be missing more texts lately. It also gets stuck trying to send messages just to end up not sending them. Fix this and u get 5stars

Great in tbeory but needs work. Love texting from my PC but the messages don't stay in sync. I have to rely on looking at my phone or I'll miss responses...a lot, which sort of defeats its purpose. I've tried the turn off optimization fix and researched but nothing works.

Best app ever - almost Productivity is a key factor for anyone. Although initially the app was great, after I purchased a subscription, I've noticed that my messages are constantly stuck pending. It's really annoying to type a 2paragraph message and then have it just stuck there or when you need to urgently send a message and it won't go through so you must waste time retyping it on your phone. Without the stuck pending issue, this app would easily be 5stars. Until than, 2 stars is rather generous.

Good for file sharing, not SMS Still good for file sharing, but SMS limits are a little extreme. I'm not against paying developers for their hard work, but the monthly cost is higher than my carrier's SMS plan back in 2002 (remember, before we had the Internet on our phones and carriers could charge ludicrous prices for anything they wanted? Good times... good times...).

I loved it and used it everyday when it was free. When it went "Pro", I paid for the extra features, and now the SMS feature is useless. If I send an SMS via the chrome extension, I have to open the Pushbulet app before it is sent on the phone! What good is that??!! After update it sea to be working, but I still have to reinstall the app once a week or so.

The go too productivity app Anyone looking for a simple to use, feature rich, and quick performing app to link your devices together, look no further than push bullet. I rely on it everyday and it has changed how my phone and PC interact with each other

A stellar five-star app reduced to one star for greed. Think about what you can get for $40-$50/year: A Microsoft Office 365 subscription that includes half a dozen super-sophisticated computer, phone, and tablet apps. Or, pretty much every other app on your phone...combined. Pushbullet should ADD features and charge for them -- it's not cool to take features away.

No longer "Does what it says" My below review has been severely updated. A year ago it worked fine. A year later l and my phone only shows up in one browser suddenly. Links don't go to the phone unless I click attach link. The connection has somehow been reset. Just when you thought another software creator wouldn't STB! Poor**************It works. In all of my browsers, across all of my devices. I send links and files no prob, from Mac to android, PC, etc. It just works. Thanks goodness!

Why its awesome: • I'm working on a university computer and Chrome notifies me who is calling while my phone is on silent mode in my pocket. •Reading and replying to an SMS or WhatsApp message from my laptop as it comes in. •{Gone now: Swiping off my tablet notifications from my phone} •Instantly opening a link on my laptop in Chrome just by sharing it from my tablet.

Unresponsive Support Used the app and it was GREAT! quickly ran out of messages (free version only allows you to send 100 messages a month?!? That's like a days worth). Never had an issue. Then I paid for the pro version and instantly couldn't get anything to work, texts not syncing, unable to send texts, notifications not syncing, etc. Have contacted support 6 times in the last week all with no response. BUY AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Unbelievably versatile! Outstanding app! I use it multiple times a day, every single day and I have zero complaints! I never write reviews but I felt it was necessary because of how well made this one is. Defiantly my favorite app, and I will be getting pro soon.

Great utility This app & corresponding browser extensions are awesome. It really helps me be platform- / browser+agnostic, and allows me to monitor phone notifications and keep up w texts even if my phone is in another room, or otherwise busy. I'd like a little more flexibility with their settings, but that's nitpicking.

Used to be fantastic. The change to a costly subscription model bothered me. What bothers me much more, however, is that PushBullet sends SMS messages from my phone to their servers even after I disabled syncing SMS in the app on my phone.

Perfect It is awesome. Helps so I don't have to keep looking at my phone for all my notifications while at work. Sharing to someone or self is simple and easy. Then I can look it up or read it later. Makes life much easier! Keep up the good work, guys!!! Awesome app! Thanks.

Update to what was 5 star Don't know what's going on. Safari pushbullet no longer supported. Chrome is broken no notifications coming through no matter what I try. Was planning on going premium but not anymore. Moved to airdroid. No issues and native app

*Used* to be wonderful 5/23/16 Not allowing me to send texts via computer even after reinstalling, etc. 9/25/15 saving my bacon/sanity, one push at a time. Send info back and forth from your mobile and other devices? I can even type my responses to texts from my computer! What's not to love?

Support is lacking Last three requests for help went unanswered. Their API just stopped working for me two days ago. No hints in any blogs/changelogs that the API changed. Now I have dozens of apps and services that no longer send me updates. Thanks for your efforts, but you guys need to hone your customer service skills.

When I first installed it, it was the answer to my prayers. I could retrieve text messages while working on my laptop, even if my Samsung mobile was in another room. But for the past few weeks, it has not been able to download attachments, nor can I send attachments from my phone. I looked online and see a number of people are complaining about the same problem. I will have to uninstall it if I can't find a fix.

Great app. I like it more than Mighty Text (though their free version is better)... to the rest who are frustrated with too many notifications, you can mute those you know. :p

Push notification I've given three stars as I've only used the app for push notification for one thing so can't comment on other functions it has as of yet. Once I use these other functions the review will change but till now its worked as expected no problems yet.

Great and pretty useful! I use it to get notifications to my computer and send links quickly between chrome and my phone. My only complaint is that sometimes the notifications get annoying but then I just use the snooze for 1 hr function.

Pro subscription is very expensive! Specially for countries like India, you should have locale pricing. It's a pity, that only a few can afford to pay $39.99/year i.e. ₹2600(approx), the price at which Indians can buy a 4G enabled smartphone. Other than that the app is excellent. Kudos!

Hasn't worked on my computer in months It won't keep up with my text messages on my phone. It is always a few hours behind and it keeps telling me to update the app on my phone but it is up to date. This app has been troublesome in my time of use. It was good for a while till I reached 100 messages and I couldn't use it for a month, now it won't keep up. Kind of disappointed.

Can't live without it I do software programming for a living but I'm also a father, so I have to have my phone nearby incase anything goes awry back home. Having the ability to see notifications and respond to text messages in real-time using my full-size computer keyboard is the single greatest invention of mankind. I shave probably an hour off texting just using a keyboard, which is an hour I can spend making more money. Ca-ching!

Best way to push texts to Windows pc I've found Cortana might be better, but I can't get that in Canada (thanks Microsoft.) so for this time this is the beat solution I have found for this task. I do wish I could just buy it out right though (even if it still has adds since I'm not using the subscription option) rather then "subscribe" because I would buy this. But have no interest in any kind of subscription model.

Love this app! Comes in handy so often! Minor issue though, but group SMS acts funny when you receive the mirrored SMS. When you click the notification it usually takes you to the sender's conversation rather than the group conversation. It also doesn't display the preview text on them more often than not. Here's hoping you can fix this behavior!

Made my life easy I often fetch things on office system, then later when i need them on my personal pc or phone...this is the app and features i look for. Awesome idea and features guys...thanks for the apps...n best part, we can share any kind of file...n it downloads automatically...n when watching movie in lappy with headset on me...its tough to hear phones ringtone...and again this app saves me by notification of call...totally i am love with this app...

From 5 to 2 stars. Cool idea, but you took a previously free service and now charge for it. So now I just use the notification sync that's built into Windows 10. It's free and still allows me to send things between PC and an Android phone, as well as text from my computer. Goodbye Pushbullet :(

Perfect This app is exactly what I was looking for. I have the Note 7 (that phone is the bomb!) and needed to exchange it for obvious reasons. I had a temporary prepaid phone with another number while I waited for my new phone to arrive which was going to take two weeks. However I didn't want to start texting my contacts from a temporary number, it would be confusing and a big hassle. This app allows me send texts as if they were send from my Note 7 with that number tied to that phone. Amazing app thanks PushBullet

Needs to be Standard on All Androids For me they fixed the SMS feature to where it is INCREDIBLY reliable. Had used mighty text for a while and never really satisfied. Push bullet works with group texts and mms. Their file sharing feature has been clutch in more ways than I realized. Have an android, old surface pro and a mac book. Sharing files across these 3 devices is flawless with pushbullet. SMS txt from computer and push pics from phone to my computers. Really, really solid app. Writing this bc im becoming a pro user

Works pretty well. Only downsides: 1) reading a message in the desktop app does not mark as read on my phone. Please add this feature! 2) Syncing messages is a bit slow (not as zippy as fb messenger or hangouts) I have the pro version

Lifesaver As a young adult I would always be picking my phone up to check notifications even during hectic work hours. It got to the point of my final warning before I found Pushbullet. Since setting it up, I've been able to keep up to date without taking my eyes off of my work and I can identify which notifications I need to respond to. In the process I've found myself less attached to my phone and more productive as a result.

Great App This works quite well, and makes it much easier to send messages and files between my phone and laptop. My only complaint is the limit cap for messages, which is 100 measly messages on the free version, and that there is no way to track how many you already used.

Almost Perfect! I'm using this app to text from my tablet. One thing is missing. I cannot compose a brand new text message from my tablet. I do not see an option to create a new text message or option to select a person from my contacts. I hope this feature and making phone calls will be implemented soon. Willing to pay for it! Great app.

The app you never knew you needed This is one of those apps you might not ever think to get, but once you have it you wonder how you ever got along with it. It is very nice to be able read and even send SMS from my laptop and it makes for a very convenient way to copy and paste from my laptop to my phone.

Disappointing Disappointing to sees them follow the same old model of getting users used to features only to ultimately block them behind so called 'pro' features. This will be the slow demise of pushbullet. A one off price would be acceptable but a subscription??

Used to to work, but they messed up something and am not able to send text messages from my computer anymore without having Pushbullet open on my phone. Not happy. Look for something else. *************************** Recently this app has started to work OK with my Note 3. So, I upgraded my review from 1 star to 4. Still a bit sluggish, but may be my phone and not Pushbullet. Useful app!

messaging history bug never solved so far please fix the messaging history on a Computer. It's just not possible to scroll the full history back and find some old messages. The messages are missing and /or are mixed up with other messages. Scrolling back works only on a phone correctly. History search is a MUST but still missing!

cool if you pay for it, but pretty damn annoying if you don't. instead of just making the paid features unavailable, they make it look like it's available until you try to use them, then they open up a separate window to tell you how great it is. I absolutely understand the need for them to make money, but it's just too damn annoying. 5 star product, with 2 stars off for how in your face annoying it is. it's bad enough that I'm considering just uninstalling it instead of putting up with it any more, in spite of how useful it can be. mighty text is good enough on its own, don't really need this one.

Duuuuuuude. It's pretty dope, yo The app works very well. Though I have a phone with a large screen, I find it cumbersome to type out long messages and emails. Push Bullet helps with that problem, allowing me to easily type messages and push them to my phone. Sure, there are other ways to do this but this app makes it simple.

Seems inconsistent At times, push bullet pushes notifications to my laptop flawlessly. At other times I get none at all and don't know why. The interface seems needlessly cluttered with too many tabs and settings. It's a good service but could be streamlined and made easier to use consistently.

Share between browser to phone, vice versa, and MUCH more I started using it as a replacement for Google's chrome add-on Chrome to Phone and Firefox's FoxToPhone, both obsolete. Pushbullet works both ways. And that's only the beginning. I managed to send an SMS via the phone from my pc cmd line using it's API. Pretty cool.

Fantastic but Expensive The app works as advertised and functions well. However, Pushbullet appears to have paywalled even more features, after they famously paywalled about half of its features last year (I guess not enough people signed up for Pushbullet Pro this time around). Just about everything in this app used to be free.

Awesome It is the best app for the category. The paid version is just way too expensive though. If i used if more often, I would run out of pc messages real quick.

Almost awesome An excellent app let down by the price of the pro version. No one is going to £45 a year for a monthly subscription when WhatsApp cost £0.89 per year! It is useful and works flawlessly, when the price is more reasonable I will happily upgrade.

Pro subscription is overpriced! Specially for countries like India, you should have locale pricing. It's a pity, that only a few can spend $39.99/year i.e. ₹2600(approx) on an app, the price at which Indians can buy a 4G enabled smartphone. Other than that the app is excellent. Kudos!

Amazing must-have app! This is the service that you are missing. Love the features. Seems to be very well coded. The best part? No annoying ads! The API is very nice and useful too. Keep up the good work!

Perfect for old-school chat nerds like me I suck at phone typing. I just do. I can type 80+wpm on a keyboard but a phone makes me feel like someone learning to use his hands again after an accident. Pushbullet saves the day!

Worked great until recently. It seems like some update has made it so that when I send an sms, file, link, etc from the windows client, I have to unlock my phone and click on the pushbullet icon to open the app for it to send. This makes it close to useless. Please fix the app. Nothing else has changed.

The main purpose fail It doesn't download any pictures or songs from my pc to my android phone or even upload photos from phone to pc ! Kindly fix this and I will put 5 stars.

So useful! Amazing for sending files, notes & links between my own devices or to others. It's convenient, easy to use, & works across a range of services & operating systems. I simply can't fault it - highly recommended.

Used to be one of my top used apps. After the reduction in features and the change to pro pricing, which is way over priced, I have started using other apps for some of those features.

Unreliable I so very much want this app to simply work. I've used it for months and paid for it. Too many times messages aren't synced at all. Typed messages on the computer will say they are delivered but won't show up on the phone, then later disappear from the app on the computer. PLEASE make this product work!

I have always hated texting since I don't get those messages on my other devices but some of my family and friends don't use the same chat app that I do, now I can get all my texts on all my devices and can even reply. Plus notification mirroring and it works great.

Really love it I use the SMS feature more than anything else, but also to toss links between devices once in a while. I do love it, but sorry, guys. I'd pay a flat fee for it, but it's not worth $5 a month.

Most Useful App - Can't Live Without I LOVE this app so much. I initially downloaded so I could text discreetly in class on my PC, but it has proven to be useful for so many things. Notification mirroring helps me keep tabs on my notifications while I'm working without getting distracted on my phone. It's also so easy to push content to different devices, saving me the hassle of using email to send photos to my PC or dealing with my phones buggy USB connection. I highly recommend this app, now that I've started using it I can't live without it

I pretty much agree with others Once a great functional app became quickly expensive. Now Windows 10 anviersery offers same service thanks to Cortna. Goodbye pushbullet, wish you better luck!

Used to be reliable! About 1/3 of my texts just get stuck pending for no reason. One will send while the next won't. Sadly it's time to find another app.

Shake down I can understand putting data caps on free users, but taking away functionality that costs you no money? Universal copy/paste? Action buttons on push messages? These should not be paid features. I'll update my review if the developer decides that these should not cost $40/year

Amazing This app is so useful. You'll find it does so much without you ever realizing how much you use it. My favorite thing is I can still text from my old phone!

Great app, don't know how I did without it I can't remember how many emails I sent myself with reminders, links or messages until I discovered PushBullet. Works perfectly, saves a lot of time, is very easy to use. Highly recommended.

Used to be fantastic... This app used to be great when it didn't charge for the main feature it advertises, cross platform messaging. Now it does. I wouldn't mind paying for additional features, but paying for the primary one that it advertises? No thanks.

This App Is Awesome! You Can Send Msgs From A Diffeent Phone Even If You Leave Your Other Device At Home, Its Hard To Explain......JUST DOWNLOAD IT!