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PS Trophies Lite

Supplied By Nicolas Ortiz    On Aug. 4, 2016    Comments(117)

FREE PS Trophies Lite version5.2.2 Download

Best app for Playstation 3 (PS3) Playstation 4 (PS4) and Playstation VITA (PSVITA) users

- Your PSN Profile at your palm
- Change your profile picture, see your trophies, games, friends and messages
- Send and receive PSN Messages, now with picture message support
- Chat live with other users
- Access Playstation Official Blog
- Compare Games and Trophies with your friends
- List of all PS3 PS4 & PSVita Games

If you can't see any new games or trophies, make sure you select 'Anyone' under Privacy Settings - Share Your Experience - Trophies using your Playstation System

Nicolas Ortiz part of our Social and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Aug. 4, 2016. Google play rating is 86.4118. Current verison is 5.2.2. Actual size 8.2 MB.

What's new

    - 5.2.2
    Widgets with NIGHT MODE too!
    Add/Remove Friends, Accept and Reject Friend invites
    Improved UI
    Login Fixed
    Bugs Fixing
Download ps3-trophies-lite.apk 8.2 MB


Update clearly wanted to make it better but ultimately is garbage Features have been either removed entirely or are too difficult to find. Dashboard shows less recent trophies than before. No completion percentage anymore (or at least not where it used to be). And too many notifications. I don't need to be updated on when a friend enters a CoD lobby right after notifying me that he is playing CoD. Used to love this app but I'm not keeping this trash.

Was a Great App, but not anymore! WHERE ARE THE WIDGETS? Easier and faster than viewing trophies on my PS3! Was the best trophy app I've found on Android or iOS, but then they removed the widgets! Please bring them back and I will give 5 stars again, or please let me downgrade to the old version!

Love the new update u can see your friends now & it's easier to tell the trophies apart only thing wrong is u can't see the full trophy count

No Widget??. The app was jus fine, now no widget?..ya need to fix it..1 star jus for widget..tell me ya adding it to the app again..

Great app Helps me find out hidden trophies on games I'm playing and has links to help out in games

Should've been the Official PlayStation App! Will you be updating the app with a fix on the incompatibility issue? It was part of the reason I actually purchased the Pro Version. Please implement the widget again.

Awesome. Huge help getting 100% it would be even better if you could select a trophy and share hints and. walk throughs.

Was ok New UI is great and all but where's the widgets gone!

Brilliant! Better than official app Used to use this app back in 2010 and I must say the improvements are just fantastic! The whole app feels fresh and new and just let's me see/do what I need to. It does it all so much better than the official app I dunno why they don't just hire the devs or buy it from them! Only gripe is that setting up notification for specific friends coming online doesn't work but it's nothing major.

Does almost everything I wanted... Update: Widgets going away is a disapointment... Hopefully they will come back? Or a second add-on app to readd them? Origenal post: Could have actual guides on how to get the Trophy, minus that it's golden. I would not mind if it just gave a link to a guide. Just something convent would be nice. I use: > 2 x 2 widget > Looking up trophies I'm missing > The "Guide" feature that Google's the game for me.

Good Only wish the wall was inverted. And bring back favorite users.

Two steps forward, one step back. Half the functions time out. White backgrounds hurt my eyes, that's why I kept using old version.

Keep it up! Just need some bugs smoothing out and is otherwise a great app! I'm particularly a big fan of the average percent game completion :D

No widgets!! Works great, using this app for a long time now, just miss the widgets for my home page /: so 3/5

Way better I've had this app for a long time and it works and looks better than ever now

Update made it terrible I like the fact that it now allows me to see what my friends are up to. I don't like that it has to literally notify me every time someone basically changes their screen. Now, a once great app is bugging me every few minutes and absolutely killing my phones battery life.

Great app Been using this app for years. I like the new UI so far. Faster then the playstation app for trophy data

Best Features Now Missing. App is now useless for me without Favorites. The other features I use are all available in the official PS app.

Best app I liked the previous interface better than this new one. Bring back the old interface and I will rate 5 stars

PS3 app Updated 30/03/15 , Loving the new look, works great and worth 6 stars never mind 5. Works better than any other console app out there.

Love it 5 stars when they bring the widgets back

Super app!!! Excellent new version, all the new changes and also the simplicity for the things.

Miss the widget Any ideas when or if widgets are coming back?

That's what I talking about! :D

Pretty decent shortcut To my psn app that also lists trophies. So far, I dig this app. I haven't uninstalled it yet. Easy way to track trophies with a simple click rather than going to the psn app and navigating to the trophies section.

Miles better than the previous version.

Much improved over the old version.

Slightly Disappointed Where's the completion percentage? For me, that was the #1 reason I got the app before the update. Everything else about the app is good, but still with that said, w/o the completion percentage it's not much different from the official PlayStation app.

Great App This version is so much better than the previous ones. Everything works. Great job! Please bring back the widgets.

Looks great Wish the widgets and completion percentage thing were back though...

Perfect app Every thing is ok , except the widgets ?? Where are they ?

Perfect app The dev responds to quickly and the app does its job. A+

Awesome Great app, no flaws so far. Keep it up!

Great Use it all the time

Great Best trophy app on the market. A must have for trophy hunters.

Great app No complain, works just fine.

Great improvments The new improvments are really nice.

Russian language Please, add the Russian language.

Not working after last update After last update I needed to log in again I don't use the Sony sign in only the one where you type in your Id but it won't log in

I definitely love this app I will probably upgrade here soon I love this app

Brilliant! Better than official app Used to use this app back in 2010 and I must say the improvements are just fantastic! The whole app feels fresh and new and just let's me see/do what I need to. It does it all so much better than the official app I dunno why they don't just hire the devs or buy it from them! Thank you for fixing the specific friends online notification! Works perfectly!

fair enough

I love this app!

Shows hidden trophies! This app is easy to use, loads fast and is a lot more user friendlier than my PSN app. I like that it shows thr hidden trophies and clearly lists the completion dates and times. Never had an issue with the free version and I have recommended it to friends and family.

New update suks First u remove the widget, and now the new update made this app slower and slower, nothing loads, screen freezes..ima giv u afew days if not fixed im uninstalling and jus sticking to psn app..

Getting back on track Ahh cool widget back! Seems to sign in now I've reset the app, there is a grey bar at the bottom of the widget but thanks for bringing this back.

Guides need to be implemented into app

Get in New version is cool but not that I thought it might be

Great Like all the new features

Great I am really loving this app it's very handy to have

Very good app

Great App Better than the official one

Great app Great for quickly viewing trophies, seeing whos online and whos playing what. Would recommend.

Very Functional It gives me all the info and stats that I want in a very quick and comprehensive format.

Great app Great a little slow when it comes to syncing.

Great App This version is so much better than the previous ones. Everything works. Great job! Please bring back the widgets.

Needs fixed still. Trophys are not refreshing right.

Excellent Excellent PS3 app, much better than the official offering. Has the occassional glitch where the widget goes off and needs to be reset, but this is minor. Detailed and easy to use.

Yes im lovin it It does everything i need it to do. Better than official ps app they could learn more than a few things from this cracking app.

Great Playstation Trophy Guide It has guided me in my trophy collection adventure. I recommend it to anyone who has a hard time knowing how to get trophies.

Ah had to switch back to the lite version for my purchase upgrade to show that i bought years ago. Been a fan for years of the app. Great work.

Huge improvement! This is a huge improvement over the previous versions. It working very well quickly and it's got some very low overhead. The developer Android technician who was involved with this app got back to me very quickly when I started having issues. They even notified me when an update was released that fixed an issue I had previously. Very pleased with this

More Options To Be Available Im alrdy liking the app so far. Neat and good profile customization plus the ability to post, chat and viewing friends trophies. Would be better if coupled with the ability to bookmark games, trophy sort according to difficulty for achievement, upcoming game titles and ofc, a feedback option.

Ping! Love the trophie pings when people come online, though my trophie hunter boyfriend gets confused! I can email via psn and see all my friends info, amazing update and better then what Sony offers by far

Where's my pro version A few issues, the game images frquently overlap with an image of another game, no longer able to set the background as last game played, there seems to be no overall completion percentage, theres no landscape view for tablets like the beta version had, and where are my favorites?!?

Fan freaking tastic Unbelievably, this third party app actually runs rings around Sony's offering. Works perfectly, does exactly what you'd want and expect it to, plus the dev got back to me straight away over a minor tech question that I had. If you're a trophy guy like me do yourself a favor and check this out. Bravo.

Great app Love the fact that you can easily find trophy guides through this app. Nice and clean looking app also

Excellent app Great app, definitely better than the official playstation app. Constant notification alerts though, gets a bit annoying, ha.

Really good app Just pls fix the profile picture problem keeps saying error

Awesome I can look at my trohpies and plan my next moves when I'm out and about

Awesome A must have app for anyone keeping track of trophies.

Not bad But I wish it was able to add psn friends from

I love it but... I love this app but it will not sync all of your trophies I have over a thousand and 60 trophies and it still only says I have a thousand and 10 then it takes over 2 weeks just for your newly trophies to be added and every time you try to refresh at end of closing the app

Good app. + ideas I like this app but i t could do with a material design overhaul. There is also no real insensitive to upgrade to the full version.

My favorite app by now Sounds cool, works cool...and helps me a lot

Easy! Cool and easy to keep track of your trophies

Daily user Great app to track record for your trophies

Wow I love this thing! Its amazing.

Its okay so far but it can be better.

Perfect. Has everything I was looking for. Trophies, chat function for all your psn friends, and a clean interface that's easy to understand and use. Must have for any playstation user!

Good app also like that it shows hidden trophies

Psn trophies Totally worth my time love it

Difference What's the difference between psn trophies and psn trophies lite?

Great app Fast and better than before .

Better than the official app I don't buy many pro versions of apps, but this one was definitely worth it!

Super Does what it says and well. Great App.

Psn on the go Helps me keep track of my friends and trophies I earned

Great app loved it for years does everything I need. Smoother than PS app too

Quicker to navigate and load than the official app

Very sexy I love this app cause unlike the other PS app it's only work for ps4 player but this one work for both so I have to say this one is by the far better one ???????

Friends section not working A few small annoying problems recently

Great App! Does everything I would want it to do.

Great app Great app but had to rebuy for some reason and I thought the upgrade removed the annoying ads but apparently not

Great app Very good and usefull app to have to track progress and to help you on your way to collecting those missing trophies

Great App but.... Lately it's not remembering my credentials and I have to go through the entire first-time signin process every time. Will give it 5stars once this is fixed

Biffolati Great app! Besides updating my trophies, I use it as a trophy guide as well.

Not bad But I wish it was able to add psn friends from and now I have to log in every time I want to use the app can you fix this plz or I'm I having this problem alone

Quicker to navigate and load than the official app

Great It cool

Awesome Excellent app it's everything a trophy hunter needs

Convenient Easy to check my trophy list

Love it! All you trophy hunters can see those hidden trophies, and if you have troubles getting that tricky trophy to pop, the guides should prove invaluable.

A trophy hunter must. Great for completionists. It shows you hidden trophies to bring that next platinum within reach.

Works for me Needs some work but it is handy

awesome Awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome!!!

Very good.. Works flawlessly

5 stars! This app is amazing. Reviews on games links to trophy guides. This should be the official ps app.

Get this Alerts u when Ur friends are on u gotta be signed in thp

Better than the official app I don't buy many pro versions of apps, but this one was definitely worth it!

Update The app requires to sign in everytime I disconnect my phonefrom the internet

Great App Very good app!

Brilliant An app that's works perfectly

Love it ?

Ps trophy It's a good app this is what they should have done with the ps app put the messenger in the ps app all in one app not separately this app is good u know who and who isn't online and u can use the messenger to

Notifications Don't Turn Off Used to love this app, but after the Android 6 upgrade, notifications don't stop even though they are turned off in settings. Please fix, or I'll need to uninstall.

Great app I use it to check out all the trophies for the latest game I'm playing.

I cant even log in I cant log in whenever i try to log in it says service unavailable