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Supplied By pizzaexpress    On Jan. 2, 2013    Comments(76)

FREE PizzaExpress version1.08 Download

Our new PizzaExpress Android app gives you everything you need to make your PizzaExpress experience even easier and faster, all in the palm of your hand. You can even pay your restaurant bill on your phone with PayPal. Our app will enable you to:

- Download offer codes directly to your phone. No need to print, just show to your waiter. You’ll be the first to know every time we have a new offer available.

- Order a takeaway on the go with our Click & Collect service. Order your favourites on the app, then swing by your local restaurant to pick them up. Easy.

- Book a table at any restaurant. On your way home from work and fancy a meal? Stuck in traffic? Avoid the queues, book a table from anywhere and it’ll be ready and waiting when you arrive.

- Browse our menu at the touch of a button. Looking for prices or calorie information? Vegetarian and nut free options? It’s all there.

- In a rush? Pay your restaurant bill through the App without the stresses of waiting. You can pay with PayPal, credit card or debit card. Whatever you prefer.

- Create a MyPizzaExpress account. Let us know your favourite restaurants and you can do all the above without needing to search for the one you want every time. And no need to fill in your personal details, we’ll do that for you. You can use your account on too. How about that for service?

pizzaexpress part of our Lifestyle and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update Jan. 2, 2013. Google play rating is 40.6838. Current verison is 1.08. Actual size 287.0 KB.

What's new

    Update includes up to date information on the availability of offers. Find out exactly where and when each offer is available.
    Previous versions
    Version 1.07: Fix for multiple PayPal payment issue on some devices using Android version 4.0 and above (including Samsung GalaxyS3).
    Version 1.05: Fixes for a number of bugs, including screen size formatting problems on the Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC OneX and HTC OneS.
    Version 1.04: Corrects an issue causing the app to crash on some older phone models.
Download pizzaexpress.apk 287.0 KB


Absolutely rubbish. I downloaded this app, and once it decided to load (it was very slow), every time I tried to scroll across to the next screen it closed down. I tried this 5 times, and every time it was the same. I shall be uninstalling this now, and am only giving it 1 star because I cannot give it no stars. It really is a shame, because it is a great idea, and they are such a good restaurant.

Shocking bad app, doesn't support landscape or even fill the screen on a old phone. Seems to just be rendering webpages but I could barely use it to sign up to My Pizzaexpress and had to use the main site in a browser, absolutely useless.

rubbish App doesn't give you anything - there was a single button "pay restaurant bill with credit card" but I can do that already thanks. A few more things you can do anyway (but wouldn't bother) such as look at menus in advance. It wants your name address date of birth and grandmother's shoe size, plus they sneak in horrendous small print terms and conditions you don't see until AFTER you install. I like Pizza Express but uninstalled immediately.

Does not do what it says on the tin! Cannot link bookings to it, downloads vouchers but then you cannot retrieve them in the reataurant! Luckily the restaurants are much better than their app. WASTE OF TIME DO NOT DOWNLOAD.

Terrible Used to work but after the latest update it's decided I live on the remote Pacific island of Tuvalu! When I eventually found England on the map it will not list a single restaurant...

Because it's about as much use as a chocolate fireguard Whoever, I mean whoever, contacts me in my job as a marketing manager and tells me they created this app I would put the phone down. I have an Xperia Z1 compact and I have had enough of this app telling me I have no Internet! Is easier to use Chrome and visit the PE website. Shame because the concept is awesome, it's just poor execution.

Some hope Works ok on a HTC, does what it says so can be too harsh. It is sometimes unresponsive to inputs so one star gone. Why not just have a button to press, selection from the main screen is not intuitive, when you select the menu you don't know if it is going to respond or just do nothing.

Doesn't work! Order anything you like for collection on your HTC - doesn't store the order! Still needs serious work...

Still doesn't work I previously registered online and thought I only needed to sign in. This did not work. I tired to reset my password, that too didn't work. Do not download as all it allows you to do is register. Poor app, uninstalling right now.

Functional but needs work Functionality seems to be there, I like being able to download voucher codes, however the app falls down on stability and speed

Good functionality, poorly designed Good app with lots of potential. Payments work well, and good offer availability and ease of use. The offers themselves are pretty good too. Unfortunately suffers from a lack of good design, for example each successive screen adds to the stack of screens, so selecting your favourite restaurant from a list then pressing back takes you back to the list, instead of the logical previous screen.

Can't sign up Sign up page for offers won't display what I'm typing, unsure if I can sign up. Can't be bothered.

Unusable Opens to a completely white screen. The menu "..." button at the bottom right opens a menu, from which I can choose "My PizzaExpress". I then get a big menu that I can swipe left or right, BUT NONE OF THE OPTIONS CAN BE SELECTED!! It doesn't matter if I try choose My Offer Codes, or My Receipts, or whatever - I can tap the screen as much as I like but it never selects the function. This makes the application completely pointless. Pizza Express is a big company - get it fixed people!

Never works when you actually need it Useless app. When I can actually down load offer codes, it stops working so I can't use them. I used to love Pizza Express but it really isn't what it used to be and I probably won't ever go again.

Used a lot of data App is okay, but pretty basic. However I found it had downloaded 11mb of data over last couple of weeks when I had barely used the app, so uninstalled as not sure if sending lots of tracking data

Great idea, but still VERY buggy Great app in theory, but trying to use it was a failure, every time i selected an option it took me right back to the start menu. Have installed this app, and will HOPE that the bugs are sorted out and this starts working, because this app would be a huge help when it works

I've never seen a sloppier app I can't tell which picture means which as it has cut off that part of it. It takes an age to load and saps your battery. I'd give it 0 if I could. I suggest going on google to find a restaurant rather than use this shoddy, sloppy, horrendous app

Does what it says. First off - after installing, reboot your phone. This, like many apps, only works properly after doing so. You swipe the screen side to aide to move between the options. On the find a restaurant page, let it populace the map with red pins, then tap the one you want. Then the green arrow . On the next screen tap on the star to make it a favourite. The app can a be a little slow in downloading data - just give it a few seconds. For me everything works fine.

Gone backwards Worked fine on my old phone, unusable on new one. A good thing the kids love pizza express & my wife's got it working on her iPhone or it'd put us right off.

Very Poor Show A multi national chain should only release a good app at least. This one is shockingly poor.

Gluten free Kudos to pizza express for goin Gluten-free fully. The app menu needs to be updated to top off the excellent efforts with gluten free

Doesn't work Ordered for takeaway and paid online, order was not showing in restaurant so had to place another order. Better not be charged twice

Just doesn't work Every time I have opened this app it closes before I can scroll through the content. After numerous attempts I have given up and removed the app from my phone.

You need to register to use the voucher codes part but you can't register as it reckons I haven't put in a correct postcode, I think I know what my postcode is

Total crap It crashes does not add ur selected items ...DONT BOTHER!! rated 1 star cos there is not a minus 5.

Doesn't work Can't get past the home menu. Worked on my Galaxy S3, won't work on Sony Xperia Z3 compact. Pathetic!

Brand damaging Pizza Express need to update or pull this app urgently. In its current state it's not helping anyone.

DISAPPOINTED!! Doesn't work Worked fine on older phone. Now got new phone on android 4.4.4 and after logging in it just doesn't work. Can't get into anything via touch screen.

Fun way to order Pizza online Simple to use and convenient. Would like to see android keep up with the iphone version. GS2-JellyBean

Noooah Rubbish app, display doesnt Zoom in or out, added items are lost when u come to pay, etc. Unfortunately pizza express doesn't accept phonecalls either for ordering takeaways. I guess I ll order elsewhere!

Rubbish Simply doesn't work. Let's me sign up, set favourite restaurants, but then the app itself does nothing. I can swipe through a range of options but clicking on them does nothing at all. Useless.

Terrible App. Frustratingly rubbish. Spent 30min trying to order a pizza. Invalid order, no menu, call order - that's all I got. Rubbish..

Terrible app, simply doesn't work Don't waste your time as the app doesn't do anything so wouldn't trust it to pay my bill with. It's a let down on a great brand, they obviously went for the cheap option so they got what they paid for.

Like the idea, but... The premise of this app is good, but the execution/content is somewhat lacking! Great, there are links to the menu and you can see the calories for that particular menu item, however, other than just the 'V' & 'N', which I presume imply 'Vegetarian' & 'contains nuts' respectively (though I couldn't see an explanation!), there is nothing else, especially with respect to allergies! As someone with SEVERE allergies, allergen info would be very useful, or this app is useless to myself and others with allergies!

Crap App!! One Star This app just cost me money!!! The last couple of times I have downloaded the code in the restaurant with no problem. Tonight it kept saying not internet connection!! This is rubbish as I was connected to the Pizza Express cloud and could access Mail, Facebook, and and use Google Chrome. I also tried connecting to other wifi such as BT Wifi and also tried 3g as there was a good signal. I also restarted the phone. I am now back home with about £7 less than if the app had worked. Pizza Express staff did not want to know!! It still says no internet connection even though I'm connected to BT broadband which is working properly in all other respects.

Excellent Booked a table, obtained a discount code, no issues at all so far using htc desire s

Keyboard doesn't work Installed this on my Sony Ericsson Xperia Play and the keyboard does not accept any of the characters I write. Therefore I can't log in or do anything with this app!! Will change to 5* if this is changed soon.

Waste of time Tried using app to pay the bill. Seemed to work OK, until the waitress insisted it hadn't come through to her till. I was told I wasn't allowed to leave the restaurant, even though I'd paid for my meal!! Eventually came through around 10 minutes later. A poor first-time experience which has discouraged me from using it ever again.

No use App doesn't work on my Xperia phone - doesn't link into 'my account ' so no offers delivered and neither does it show favourites -

No Longer Works Used to use frequently for offer codes, for whatever reason no longer does anything so will uninstal. Poor show pizza express!

Can select the options The app doesn't allow me to select the options from those available. I can get to certain places using the bottom menu button but for example once logged into my pizza express, I can go no further as the large selections do nothing no matter where I tap.

Buggy Sadly doesn't load at all/crashes. No debugging or testing clearly when it came to the development of this app.

Too slow - no response Thought I'd download this app to make ordering my favourite pizza quicker. How wrong I was. App is too slow and unresponsive. Resorted to using the website again :(

Waste of time Unresponsive with 0 functionality. Pizza Express used to be half decent but this app is indicative of a company that have let standards slide.

Doesn't work Just allows you to scroll through what it is supposed to be able to do but doesnt go any further

Useless Absolute waste of time, one star is overrated.....had an M8 for over 18 months and still not compatable. Tried to use on work phone HTC 820, crashes and flicks back to previous screens all the time so cannot actually order takeaway etc. Better off using website, making sure you don't use mobile version or exactly the same as useless!

Pathetic Downloaded it and all that happens is it tells you what you can do in app eg pay bill book table etc but you can't do the stuff it says, get a grip pizza express.

On three devices - Galaxy S5 (Lollipop), LG G4 (Marshmallow) and Galaxy Tab S2 (Lollipop) - I am told that this app is not compatible with this version. I have used a prior version of the app on an earlier Galaxy S model and the couple of time I used it, it worked. Now I cannot install it and can give only the minimum allowed rating.

Doesn't work Download app. Open. Nothing but pretty pictures. Useless. Shame on you pizza express for having such shoddy app

Too slow The whole point is so you can pay quickly and walk out, being detained by staff as the payment hasn't appeared on their their system their system despite me even having already received an email from PayPal to confirm is frustrating. Uninstalled.

works (slowly) on 4.1.1 I liked the idea of having the Pizza Express offer codes on my phone so I installed and went through the registration process to the "select favourite restaurant" page. Can find no way to do it. I can select "other restaurants" but not "favourite restaurant". Can't go forward without selecting a favourite restaurant. Am I being dim? One star. I was being dim. The app isn't particularly intuitive and it is slow. But I have the offer codes on my phone. Three stars.

Essentially useless I had the iOS version on my old iPhone 4S which worked perfectly. I could book tables, redeem offers and pay my bill. None of those functions work on this Android version at all. I tried to switch to the mobile web site to redeem an offer but this didn't work either as there's no way to log in to your account, so I was forced to use the desktop site on my mobile which was a poor experience Pizza Express - you really need to get this app fixed, and also make the mobile web site a viable alternative.

Useless and lousy support and politics. Does not work on the Samsung S5 and 9 months ago I was told the app would be updated to allow it to work. Still waiting!!! Now they have openly supported the Tory party, so I will give PE a miss from now on until they withdraw support for any party.

Shocker Doesn't progress to the next screen. Use just eat app instead much much better. Or if your like me and love pizza express just pick up the phone like the old days lol. Only giving 1 star as I can't give 0.

Great. Functional and well presented. Haven't tried paying a bill yet. But wanted to leave a quick review to counter all the poor reviews from Samsung owners. The problem is with your phones. Contact devs here or via Facebook. Then leave a 1 star review if they don't come up with a fix.

Great Worked well for me on Samsung Galaxy S3.. Went into my local pizza express, took a 3 course meal deal and paid easily via PayPal with no extra charge. Can't really fault it so 5 stars.

Frustrated user Communication error handling is rubbish. I cannot even sign on and it won't even tell me why. Suggest you get some IT help in designing your sign on routines. Cannot tell you about the rest of the app as I cannot get past signon.

Very poor Doesn't do anything at all now. When I've managed to get in in the past it always wanted a conection to view codes even though I had downloaded them. Probably the worst app I've ever used.

Fails to work properly This app is a complete waste of time. It looks nice, but it takes forever to load screens, also there does not appear to be a back button to get out of a screen back to main menu. To add insult to injury, a discount code that the app said was downloaded could not be seen. Overall a complete waste of space.

Unusable Just absolutely useless. All I could do was scroll horizontal through 5 pages telling me what the app should offer. But could not actually click on those things. Waste of time, don't bother with it.

Utterly awful Doesnt add pizzas half of the time and never allows gluten free ones to be added. Uninstalled and unlikely to eat there as a result. This is worse than having no app at all.

Not compatible with my Galaxy Note 3 running Lollypop!!!???? What? How does anyone make an app that doesn't run on *current* devices? Strangely it is compatible with my antique Samsung Galaxy S2! Pizza Express - fire your developers - they are idiots.

Random Some days it works. Some days it doesn't. Today, when I want to book a table for an important event its having none of it. Buttons are totally unresponsive. Fails to remember me and my favourites despite me signing in.

Worst app I've ever used Absolutely no doubt about it. This is the worst app I've ever seen. It's completely counter intuitive, not very functional and when you've figured out how to do anything, the app fails to do it. Seriously bad.

Dire Probably the worst app I have ever used. It used to load and then not work, now it doesn't even load. Avoid at all costs - life is too short.

Waste of space Used to have the iPhone version, which was quite good. Dunno what they've done, but this one doesn't actually seem to do anything useful!

Sooooo slow! Still waiting for it to work! Maybe 1 star is a little harsh as it has occasionally.... and I mean very occasionally worked on my old phone but doesn't open any of the sections once downloaded on to my new phone. Thought having the app would be better than having to log on to the website... unfortunately I was wrong :(

Very disappointed Why so many popular handsets that this does not work on? No App is better than a poor app - PizzaExpress - are you loosing the plot?

Doesn't work! App loads and shows me a slideshow of options, but literally none of them work for me. The app is 100% useless. Really expected better of Pizza Express.

Location/branch search doesn't work You can't search for a location or set a favourite. Very poor app. Have uninstalled. Have used bookatable app instead. Fortunately they are better at making pizza's than apps.

too hard work I thought I'd try it having been to the local restaurant. Tried the "Take Away" section and it was almost impossible to find WALLINGFORD. Abingdon, Henley all OK but my nearest was grouped under OXFORDSHIRE for some reason. Then the delivery slots changed from "We're closed" to a full list. Selecting items did not go into the basket. .... that was enough. I use Android on HTC but this type of frustration means I have now uninstalled. AWM

Really poor app! possibly one of the worst for a restaurant that I have used. Really difficult to know what bits of any of the screens are a clickable button... it's a real hit or miss, pot luck to actually get to "My offer codes". A chain of this size really should do SO much better.. If the food was the same standard as the app, PizzaExpress would have gone out of business years ago. Fortunately, the food is normally great though.

Hopeless! It sadly just doesn't work. Wherever I tap absolutely nothing happens. Pizza Express has fantastic food and service and the app needs to be fixed to match. Please fix it!!

Doesn't work! Awful app. You can't click on anything. Nothing works, such a waste of time. Sack the developers or put them up against a wall!!

What a pain This, like many people have said, worked fine on ios but not on android. It's taken me 3 attempts at reinstalling it to work. But taken 45 mins to log in and for anything to work!! Please fix it !!!

Doesn't do anything If you are unlucky you just get a white background screen and nothing else. If you are lucky you are presented with a slideshow style menu which you can slide to the left and right but doesn't seem to have any functionality whatsoever. If you are really lucky you can tap on the screen in the same place you've tapped hundreds of times and it will show signs of life, and then present you with a blank white screen.