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Pixel Survive

Supplied By AruStudio    On Sept. 23, 2015    Comments(83)

FREE Pixel Survive version1.543 Download

This is survival game.
A simple game of retro design.
Just survive as long as possible.
Survive through the gathering and craft.

I'm develop alone, but I am trying to update as soon as possible.
I hope you have fun , please enjoy .

Please contact me if you have any question, or correction to submit.


AruStudio part of our Arcade and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update Sept. 23, 2015. Google play rating is 76.6263. Current verison is 1.543. Actual size 25.0 MB.

What's new

    The update will continue.
    2015/09/23 Update
    1. Wall_Trap Bug Fix.
    2. Upgrade New Character
    3. Upgrade (Enable x 86)
    2015/09/22 Update
    1. PoisonTrap Bug Fix.
    2015/09/21 Update
    1. Bug Fix.
    2. Turret,Cannon enable dragon attack.
    2015/09/18 Update
    1. Update New Trap
    2. Mine..etc price change
    3. Bug Fix.
    2015/09/17 Update
    1. Update New Sky Trap
    2. Update Furnace Object
    2015/09/16 Update
    1. Rain Bug Fix
    2. Balance Fix
    3. Update New Enemys
    4. Update New Characters
Download pixel-survive.apk 25.0 MB


Seriously? I couldn't even press PLAY!!! So basically, I couldn't even PLAY the game! Same for my brother who now uninstalled the game! I still have the game though, I will still keep it.. random reasons for that!

Only 3 stars It wont start whan i press new game and the other buttons!?! Please fix and i will put 5 stars.

Nearly Great game but all your hard work gets destroyed within seconds, half the time you're investing materials (alot aswell) into the wrong items which get countered by other means, I've even put money in to help but nothing.

great game this is a very fun game to play evan to im not that good at it.just asking if u could get a multiplayer mod were u play with some and u get your own itams and weponds and that

Almost Rogue-like Feel This game has a nice aesthetic to it, and game play is surprisingly good! Give it a couple of games to get to know it, though, it could use a tutorial. Excited for future updates, this is a potential gem! Also, if you're conflicted between arcade and campaign focuses, I might consider two modes. I also like the rogue-like route, though!

Love it but When I exit the game after 1-2 hours I open it but it won't let me tap anything on the screen plz fix and put on a multi player

WARNING THIS GAME IS ADDICTING(Even toh i suck even when i have a gun)SO IF U DONT WANT ADDICTING GAMES THIS IS NOT FOR U But if u do want fan and addictive games this one IS for u (And sorry for cap)

Its fine but You guys really me to make an online then I'll rate it 5 stars?

Add more Characters Add a prince, a princess, for two gold each. And a free gun with each character. I would like to see that happen next update.

First Time Playing Awesome Game By 1 Developer Only So awesome first time i play then when i exit the game i feel want to play more again i hope you(developer) make some kinda tutorial because i don't know so much but oh one thing can you make Co-op with friends and global it be great Keep Up Updating New Stuff Nice Work Thank You For Making This Game ?

Best Pixel Game I've played a lot of pixel games.. But I think this tops all of them..

Aliens Take all of my stuff and you should lessen how much things cost to upgrade and create and buy in the store and monstors destroy my defenses in a snap litterly but ever thing else is fine p.s sometimes the game takes me to my home button and I cant move and have to press my home button

Won't start Just downloaded it because it looked neat. Won't start, all buttons unresponsive. Please fix

needs multiplayer I honestly love this game! But it would be a blast with multiplayer so I could play with friends :)

Good, but U need to add a regeneration feature so u can play longer.

Hell yeah Solid retro survival game. 6☆'s. Can't wait to see a sequel ;]

I hate this game every time you die you restart well if you don't have 5 diamonds>:(

Amazing game Great game love every aspect of it ! Only one thing I wish you could add a multiplayer mode where you and a friend team up to battle monsters and collect resources. That would make this game one of the best !:)

Please make time slo The days are too fast for me and also could you guys please put toturail

Did not work This game only leads me in main menu I can't even press anything when I'm in main menu

addicting but I die too easily and get tired of starting over.i wish there was a tutorial and being able to keep your items.

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Wow! Truly fun and addicting! People, at least it's something to do if you're bored. I played this game on my brothers tablet and its awesome! But sometimes at the beginning of my game the game freezes. Please fix.

??? Can u fix it IM using a Toshiba and it's not working can u fix it pls I'll rate ***** so pls fix it so it can work.........

Entering problem When I try to go in the game, once I am in it it goes out. If you fix this common bug, it will give the game a higher raring

Great game but Can u pls put a multiplayer that have local and global options pls if u do that on the next update and put some instructions and character maker i will be glad to put five stars

Good but... Can you make it possible to get gems without purchasing them?

I can't play at all The new game button will not work

It kept crashing I hit open it opens then nothing happen I hit play nothing happend

Awesome?!?! Its nothing like Minecraft or Terraria its just its own game but you should really play it??

Nice game. Still can't figure out how to catch that flying diamond though ?

Awsome This game may be frustrating but still addictive FYI campfires heal you in this game?

Why Jeff the killer really like come on why did you have to add him.p.s i think multiplayer is better for this game.

Please can you make this game work because it won't let me go on the game so please fix it

Pls fix this It wont work when i press start button

WTF? Best app of 2018? M8 illuminati is very p***ed off

It always crashes The pictures make it look good but it wasn't it was boring, rubbish and poor

I abdulutely hated it because it won't start up the game I can't even play Stupidis game in the world

Pixel Survival It's a good game. I would give it a 5 star if there were achievements and option to buy characters with gold.

Its so good but......... I love the game but when I open it, it only plays after it crashes about 8 - 10 times. Fix this issue and I will give you 5 stars and let's play too ;)

Ummm... Guys if it no work for u get new device or check WiFi no on cares about ur fake lies and if there true like I said new device also this game is OK but needs but buttons things to craft

Seriously? I couldn't even press PLAY!!! So basically, I couldn't even PLAY the game! Same for my brother who now uninstalled the game! I still have the game though, I will still keep it.. random reasons for that! Ima delete it. I've gave wayyyh too much time for it to be fixed.

I like it But The game it's cool surviva from monsters in night. And build weapons to kill the monsters.But it will be much cooler if we can play online with friends.But it's stil cool.


I whant to play also, suck it Joshua jones Fist of all learn to spell joshua jones. Also if you are so mad buy me a new device this game does not work

Please fix Great game but I could only play it once and when it went into sleep mode and when I turned on the game it take me to the home screen but I couldn't play! Please fix this!

Not good. I couldn't even start a new game and I just downloaded it. Dont get it peeps until you can actually play the game.

Amazing game Great game love every aspect of it ! Only one thing I wish you could add a multiplayer mode where you and a friend team up to battle monsters and collect resources. That would make this game one of the best !:)

I love the idea for the game but it's a little too difficult. If the days were longer and some resources were easy to find and, some harder to find. It would be a great game if they put a little more work into it, and a lot more polish. keep up the good work, aru studios! Or make it good work. Oh, and fix the title screen glitch. It wont let you press play. I fixed it by getting rid of the banner stuff.

Help menu There should be a help menu because I really don't know how to get a gem it floats and don't know how get will put 5 star if you do that

Omfg I found it!!! Guys to all those who have trouble now and the future I am here to save you! This is for android users only! First when you download game just wait until the unity thing is gone. Then the home screen will pop up and you will also see the black top and bottom showing up. Press the back button on the bottom black thing and tadaaa! This should fix many problems for kids who were complaining and never asked why the two black bars appeared

Cant play it tries to sign into google play but doesnt pop up, just press the back button on the device to fix this

Thid diservers 0 stars I downloaded the game and it doesn't work when i clicked play it didn't respond please fix

Joshua jones (lies) It doesnt work lol the buttons are not working hes just a lier

To developers it is so awesome. it is like my favorite pixel surviving game! Plz respond to this comment.

Here's how you enjoy this fun game. Die fast to watch ads to get gems. Touch 1.5 arrow to speed up. Get blue girl, then her 50/20/20 sword. Then spaceman cause he has best defense, which is the only attribute you can't upgrade. Die and watch to collect a ton of gems. Now you can really play. Hint: put down several campfires to heal yourself fast. Upgrade your axe first because campfires keep you alive, then pickaxe, then HP, then your sword. Touch flying gems to watch an ad and collect gem. Small traps are cheap lightning rods & UFO bait.

Great Game! One little bug There is a unity bug that will activate your phone's window shade when the game first loads. Just hit the back button to deactivate, then you can start playing! Also, I was getting to level 14 by just upgrading my attack and life. You almost never need to place any traps, except the wall trap or turret. Tap blue gems, don't attack them.

4 star I would give a 5 star but the days go by in like 30 secs so you can't really get very far

Good but buggy I loveEthis game but recently i cant go into the game cuz when i touch new game it doesnt respond and i cant play

Awesome but... Can you make a multiplayer in this game cause my bro want mulltiplayer for I can rate 5 stars pls

A lot of aspects can be improved The game work as it should,but there's no mute buttons for the music and bgm.Also,why is the ghost enemy able to bypass every trap in game?You make the game play in such a way that traps need to be upgraded,leaving nearly no resources for other stuff.Then again no one is gonna bother doing anything.

Good but I really like it and its super addicting but i can see why some people can't figure out how to play. On the start up screen it's trying to load Google play sign in, but it can't and to make it stop trying to load it i have to press the back button on my phone. Has anyone been able to log in on their Google account or is it just me? Other than that I'm really addicted and can't stop playing.

Omg this game is awesome Its so sad that this game has so small rating...AND WHEN YOU ENTER THE GAME IF YOU CANT CLICK PLAY JUST TAP BACK ON YOUR PHONE/TABLET AND IT WILL WORK!And please add co-op!!

Fun, addicting game. My nephew told me about it, and I'm glad I downloaded it. For those of you who don't know what to do about the floating gem, it's not something you can just grab. That is the developer's attempt at a unique incorporation of the ads. You tap the diamond to get an ad which you get a gem for watching. I, for one, love that the ads are more-or-less optional.

Joshua f©k up idiot. I found a fix Ok I found that when the game opens, the notification bar at the top of my phone is still there and I can't press play. So press the back button on your phone once and you should be able to play. :)

Problem I downloaded it, but just like other people I too have problems with starting the game. More accurately said, I can't touch anything on the home screen. A fix would be nice because it looks like a fun game to play :P

It feels a little roughly put together. Trees and rocks popping up randomly doesn't feel like survival. Also, not being able to enter your house. The things to be crafted are also only weapons. Feels more like a tower defense than survival.

It's a really challenging game. I like it. Most games now are either too easy or too difficult! This game is just right for my kind of style. You see, every time you die, everything resets, except for coins/gems. You spend these items to get better, and better for the new game you play.

I love it But can you add multiplayer because it felt so alone to play solo so I can connect to people. So that people survive longer or battle each other I will rate that a five you add it :)

Really wanted to like it, but oh well.. Nice game at first... But it ended up being frustrating in an unpleasant way

Ummm... For some reason I can't start the game or even interact with the screen. I tried restarting my phone, but that didn't work. Really disapointed. It looked like a fun game.

Great Game Suggestions: Remove the diamonds per day limit, messes up the 1:10 ratio. Make things like lightning rods and turrets not be instantly torn up by monsters, gets annoying if your walls are breached. The boss shouldn't be able to insta-kill everything while hardly stopping. Add difficulties that you can buy, and maybe materials that monsters drop to make even more powerful weapons, or upgrade the others permanently? With some work, this could be a 5 * game.

awesome Loving it, it's so addicting! The only problem I've encountered so far, is the game not saving any of my scores. It's still listed as 0 ?

Best game I have ever played. But can you please do a update on having an extra 4 hours in the morning so you can get more resources other then that is a really good game

Fun It's very fun to play, would love multiplayer for it. Also, don't mind these other hooligans giving you bad ratings, they are silly and trying to get attention.

Won't even start.. ALL I SEE IS WHITE when I start it up.. I have deleted it multiple time and still doesn't work. Please fix asap! I was really look forward to this game

Eh Pros: You can earn crystals that unlock new characters and weapons just by watching an ad every death, and occasionally while playing if you tap the crystal flying across your screen. Cons: Doesn't let you start the game half the time. It turns day and night to fast, not giving you enough time to mine and find materials. By the time you get one upgrade, it's night time and you get raped by a mouse, snake, Jason, etc. This game has potential, I love 8 bit games. Just needs to stay daylight longer so you can build up, maybe hide at night or something, maybe have a pet system. Tame wild animals, I don't know, just thinking out loud. It also doesn't save your rank.

Great game but Can u pls put a multiplayer that have local and global options pls if u do that on the next update and put some instructions and character maker i will be glad to put five stars cause that would be cool like another player guards or find resources and also add 8 player limit

Fun for a little while The game is ok and playable , but it has so much more potential to be better. It lacks some basic features like the ability to turn off music and sound. There's also a few grammar errors and the scores don't save for me. There are a few bugs but nothing gamebreaking. The concept is fun and well executed here however after a few hours of my first time playing I was able to unlock some of the highest tier gear without paying and was left with the feeling of "what now?". The game lacks a good progression system. Long story short. It's easy to get what you want and there's no point in paying. The game gets boring after awhile and judging from the date of the last update the dev doesn't seem to pay attention anymore. Too bad. Could have been a great game

The game that bad I can't pees the button that say new game I gave 2 it freezes fix it pls then I get 5 ok now it goood now I love it now thanks for fixing it

cool! cool bit can you add a higher rate of you earning gems?kinda difficult to earn some...or maybe you can explain how to get gems!but what matters is time, time is too much fast for me..also you gather items slowly....I'll rate 5 stars if you do this changes!

It is ok When I try to play the game it freezes if it does that press back on your device then two signs will come up yes and no press no then the game will start working again

Freemium crap Impossible to do well unless you buy diamonds to upgrade weapons and people. As soon as you build a turret lightning destroys it every time. Hate this. DO NOT DOWNLOAD