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Partia 2

Supplied By Imago Software    On May 24, 2016    Comments(41)

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Partia 2 is a SRPG (Strategy RPG) video game inspired by Fire Emblem and Tear Ring Saga series. In a high fantasy setting, the game will take players through an adventure where magic and sword collide and friendship and betrayal intertwine.

Partia 2 : The Pretenders War is a sequel to Partia: The Broken Lineage. The game packs 22 stages that could present challenges to any SRPG fan.

Partia 2 introduces many new features, including the choice of "Common turn" rule where all factions make moves alternatively (like Chess) instead of taking turns to move all his/her units. I believe this will bring a new nuance to gameplay if a player choose to do so. It can be toggled in intermission, and you can always play the game in the traditional FE way. (Common turn idea is from Berwick Saga) AI had improved a lot, and horse units now can move after attacking, if they have remaining move distances.

Regrettably, the game could not deliver large animation battle. If you felt the game looked bad in Partia 1, then you'll find this game look much the same, except we have much bigger and nicer character portraits. It is because original Partia was never profitable, making Partia 2 production running on fume. (It sold around 6000 copies in two years) The stress of not getting paid almost broke our team of two, but somehow sheer will allowed this game to be out here for you. So whether this game series is success or not, I am immensely proud of the results. How many five year projects can a person do in a life time? ;-) Many times I was tempted to include some IAP stuff into the game and get cheap dollar or two, but I decided against it. More than anything, I rather have this game to be remembered as good, than have that IAP distaste.

So you may refrain from purchasing this game if you didn't like Partia 1. But I promise you it will be a much better experience (and much more challenging) if you did enjoy the original Partia.

Thank you all, and please let us know what you think!

Imago Software part of our Role Playing and have average installs from 1000 to 5000. Last Update May 24, 2016. Google play rating is 90.4348. Current verison is 1.1.2. Actual size 48.0 MB.

What's new

    Updated Android SDK to 6.0
Download partia-2.apk 48.0 MB


Sub par. I really wanted to like this game. It made me nostalgic for games like it that i used to play so I bought both of them. That was a mistake. I wish there was a f2p version so i could have tried it before buying. Battles are tediously long and overcomplicated. Hard to keep track of "preferred" party members. I didnt even KNOW i would be taking 6 members into battle, and had to pick from 15 or so! Item shops are unbalanced. No explanation of who can/should use what. Clunky controls. Confusing. Frustrating.

Ray How about 3 vs 3 in arena, or choose diffeclty in arena easy, normal, hard so on would help allot.

Great game! Thanks for the help , now to level up all my units and continue the story in this great game

I love it When are you guys going to make a 3? The game series is so good that once I beat a game I usually uninstall it. I descided to keep the 1st and the secound game on my phone.

Great game This game takes you back to warding on the Sega genesis. The one thing I would like to see is healing when resting on a outpost or town. Besides that this is everything you need to play an amazing game.

Partia 3? Please please please make another one! I absolutely love this game! ((Reply)) I would greatly appreciate it. And do you know if there are any other apps like this?

Awesome game If you are a fire emblem fan and have been looking for a similar experience on android. GET THIS NOW! I have been looking for a game like this for a while, and I wish I found it sooner. I am very impressed that a small indie team delivered a great game like this. Thank you for the hard work put into it! I sincerely hope it does well, not enough games like this.

A great sequel to a great game A good old srpg similar to fire emblems (permadeath etc..)

Not a bad game. Overall its a good game strategy plus some rpg elements. Its quite a difficult game where most times u r outnumber even during the 1st stage 3 to 1. Troops selection u cant control its given for each mission. After each mission u have momey use 2 upgrade your heroes. Money its hard tp earn u cant do side quests. No saving during battles only after u finish. Archers n mages should be at least 3 or 4 squares range instead of 2. Its 1 square more than landed troops after level 50% u will miss.

this game really does reminded me of fire emblem I have high hopes so far

To be honest, its a simpler version of Fire Emblem. And there's nothing wrong with that! I'm in love with this game!

Hooray Finally a game like fire emblem! I am currently playing Fire Emblem awakening and this reminds me of it. Thx I hope that u or anyone else makes more games like this

Definitely worth it At first i doubted in playing n paying this. I decided to give it a go as u seem to b passionate on this game even u didn't make good money in the first series. after playing it for awhile, yes it does not disappoint me as a fans of fire emblem. story n system are all good. Hope i will c the 3rd one soon.

Wow!! This is an awesome game and brings back so many memories. Challenging and not having IAP makes this a number 1!!

Amazing I love strategy games like this please continue to make more.

Awesome Thanks for fixing the problem so fast guys.

Amazing I'm a huge fan of fire emblem and to have a game on my mobile device...I couldn't ask for anything more. Absolutely love it. The first partia was a bit short. And not really many recruit able characters on the battle field. But not a major issue. Partia 2 is just as good. My only concern is that it's hard to come by any stones/emblems to upgrade your characters class. Pretty much just grueling battle arena to make enough gold to purchase. Would be nice if item shop always in Stock potions

Best srpg for android Loved the first, improvement on the second, hope to see a third!

Fantastic A real hidden gem. I always loved the fire emblem games and this game reminds me a lot of those games.

Need support... The idea behind this game is really attractive, but I can't get beyond the screen with the studio name and year. Please help!

Great Huge FE fan and I just wanna say you did great. I play fan FE hacks often, so seeing both your games was instant must buys on both. Id love to see a third, any plans?

Great game. Great game, fun, love it. Suggestions- add a way to see how many uses of your equipped weapons you have so you don't have to unequip just to see.

Poor translating and interface Too many typos. The interface doesn't support landscape so I'm stuck with the virtual Dpad and buttons. $6 is too much for something without polish. I'd request a refund if it were possible. Already uninstalled.

Ray Choose what difficult in the arena, when part 3 coming out

This Game.. Is simply fun, Fire Emblem all the way

Good Memories Thank you for creating this game. Brought back the tactics and strategies I love in similar games. Any news on a release date for your part 3?

Very fun game. I enjoyed both titles quite a lot. My only quirk would be that there are stats you don't see like "luck" and that the numbers for 100% whether it is the enemy that has it or you can be inaccurate. Other than that I've been enjoying the only FE sister game that the play store has. Thank you for making it, you are doing a good job.

Loved the game but... I have played most of the FE series (all the English most of the only Japanese) and both of your games. Both yours and the FE have great game play mechanics, however one of the main reasons why the FE series became one of my all time favorites was the support conversations. I know I'm probably asking a lot but I would happily pay more money for your future games to have supports between the characters. The children mechanic although fun isn't necessary as long as the units can talk to each other. ♡♡♡Z.Z

Last level Why can't I hurt Malak?

It's the difficulty that makes it fun. I really, REALLY love the Fire Emblem games. This game is very similar in sooooo many ways. It's just great. The Difficulty in the game is what makes it so good. Starting at chapter two (the defense mission at the keep), I think I had to restart 8 times because one of my characters would always die (cough cough Charlotte). It is so reminiscent of the FE series it makes me cry. Literally. Cause no one must die. I just wish the game had two things - 1) Showing what units can use what in the shop screen when buying items and 2) Fitting the screen to the actual screen size of any device. Of course, the game is still excellent in many ways and I am waiting patiently for the next game :D

Great & can't wait for number 3 Great fire emblem-like game. Very fun. Obviously not as polished as the actual game (e.g. battle animations and some character backgrounds), but that's a necessary thing for indie games. I think they hit all the major things that I love about FE. One annoying thing: characters should auto equip a new weapon from inventory when one breaks. One cool thing: the maidens in the hidden jail cell. One balance thing: an archmage with pre-emptive is utterly broken and can easily solo a map. Overall, 5/5! Recommended

Great game lots of potential I review this again as i started playing since there are some changes. Its a strategy + some rpg elements. Story is quite nice. U can buy sell equipments to equip your team. U can but items n sell. As well as take part in arenas tp earn side income n gain experiences. As story unfolds u gain extras. Only thing i cant save in battle!

Thank you In the words of another review "a flavorless fire emblem clone". And that is why I love it, Numbskull!

Great. Tough to figure out. Perhapse abilities to allow you to examine enemies? Or a enemy types list. Maybe pay the barkeep to reveal a single enemy weekness/strong vs. Type. Somthin.

It has a few things in the Game that the other fire emblem games did not have.

Partia 3? I'm beginning to think partia 3 isn't coming...</3

Great game Love it haha make it longer & more interesting then it is & give me free download plz :)

Still doing great! These games never get old and i really recommend this game to any fire emblem fan, and don't forget to get the first one!

Great game The game is great, though I would like it if we could get something like sub missions, or character missions (which can grant a character a new skill/ability or something like that). It would also be nice if shop inventory would restock after arena fights, even if it only restocked with low tier equipment. Some healing spots (like the forts/castles in Fire Emblem: Awakening) would be great.

I enjoyed the story and design. There is fighting, commands, kings and queen, basically everything you want to see by a game inspired by fire emblem. I can't help to wonder, when will part 3 be out, will there be promotion option for us to chose (like assassin or roged), will there be legendary weapon? will there be a guy and a gurl fighting to figured out if that they need each other. (Just liked when relationship are developed during war)

Crashes minutes after opening Bought the first one, crashes a minute in, bought the second one, crashes a minute after opening. What is up with this software?