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Palringo Group Messenger

Supplied By Palringo    On Sept. 27, 2016    Comments(183)

FREE Palringo Group Messenger versionVaries with device Download

Palringo is the world’s largest network of mobile gaming communities. Chat and play games with people from all over the world. Chat one-on-one, play a range of games directly in a group chat, create your own group or join one of the 350,000+ user-created communities!


- One-on-one and group chat: create and join groups of up to 2000 members
- Chat Games: play games together directly in your chat group!
- Games Discovery: find new mobile games to play
- Achievements: unlock Achievements and level up for more Palringo benefits
- Multimedia: easily send pictures and audio recordings
- No ads!

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Palringo part of our Communication and have average installs from 5000000 to 10000000. Last Update Sept. 27, 2016. Google play rating is 82.22. Current verison is Varies with device. Actual size 18.0 MB.

What's new

    A jam-packed update of goodies:
    Chat Switcher: a new tab feature makes it easier to switch between all your active chats, groups and contacts!
    Chat Starter: A handy search tool that filters through all your contacts, groups and group members so you can quickly and easily start a chat!
    Pin your fav contacts and groups
    ‘Away’ and ‘Busy’ statuses are back!
    New customisation options for different features!
    Look out for the Palringo hamster who’ll help you out if you get lost!
Download palringo-group-messenger.apk 18.0 MB


100% Chance of Addiction. I've used this app for nearly 7 years. All I can say is it's like heroin; you love it and you hate it but you never stop using it no matter how much it tears you and your life apart...

It's better But I still can't read my status if it's to long. And I think it'd be cool in private message if we could see that the message we sent was read or not, Itd be a nice feature.

RACISM! BIAS! The in app support staff is very lazy and racist. Mainly Agent Spammy and VIP Dez. Stay away from staff for a fun app they will be no help and ban you if you question them! Paying customers banned for speaking out against racism!

Nice Update! Awesome, cool, fun, & neat place to meet people and have a great time. ( One small complaint, when using App. icon is not appearing on my status bar. This happened after Android L update. )

another worthless crappy update can't get rms in alphabetical order... not having pm's above rms sucks the big one...quit posting ur own reviews on how great update is... ya suck n don't pay attention to comments still sucks and pal still ignores ppls requests to fix da problems...pal is trying to copy kik ...

Your photo editor sucks. I've updated, expecting for what I've complained about weeks ago (about not letting my avi change, etc). It didn't. Seems like the little photo editor is the problem here, because I tested something—I've normally sent a picture in a group, and it worked. But when I try to send it with the edit, it won't.

Normally I would have no words The experience I've had on this app was amazing I've used it for about 6 years. Yeah sure I've been barred a 'few' times but Meh life goes on! The people(some) on this app are absolutely delightful and amazing! The app is addicting be warned you may put it down but you'll be back soon enough!

Palringo Service is ok can be better the text screen is too small to read at time

Great messenger app The only reason I have friends.

Great app I have nothing bad to say about palringo at all...

Horrible I hate the layout.

Great app but But since the update I'm unable to block unwanted people pls fix

not working works perfectly fine with java phone I m having Micromax canvas doodle but whenever I try to open it it always shows error 35 or circular redirection

Great App Its a great app , lets me know about new notifications , and is very inviting.

Good App Should have function of match of interests and chat

God app. Works as described. The reputation stuff is stupid though.

Poor It wont open on my phone now

Didnt show last sms...

what is captcha during sign up??? pls help

Nice Service is great. Very interactive. Awesome app. The new update helps a lot. Tho it can be pretty laggy at times

Was better The rules and tos are taking away to much ans making a lot of people leave which is the fun of pal

7 years running Loving it

Good app Works well

Fun and easy to use

I can get bitches on dis app Always need bitches

Love the app

Best app Eva Have always loved it

Its good keep up the good work

LG-L38C (LG Optimus) I love this app, I've been using it for 2 years and haven't had a complaint yet, but since the most recent update, I haven't been able to edit pictures before posting. A minor inconvenience, but still problematic, If you can fix that, I'd greatly appreciate it. (Love the new themes by the way, Cherished is by far my favorite.)

Great themes but... After the last updated the app get force stop and it crashes a lot has lots of bugs hope u fix 'em soon btw amazing themes socially the eclipse one :)

Online status? I've used Palringo for three years now, and it's always been my favorite IM app. The newest update finally gave Android users themes, and although the options are pretty limited, they're decent at least. However, they did away with the "Busy" and "Away" status options, which I and my friends used quite frequently, and I can't seem to find the contact requests anymore. Also, since the last update the app has crashed on me a few times.

Can't delete chat history... I hate when companies "fix" something that wasn't really broken. It always causes issues. Among other issues, now when I attempt to delete a magic it reappears on its own.Doesn't matter how many times I appears before my very eyes again. Just another aggravation. Just seems to me "if it aint broke...dont fix it." Nexus 6. Example: Delete conversation. Log out. Log in. Choose contacts. Open contact. Conversation back. Simple as that.

It's OK Personally, since I've been on pal for 4 years, I like the app. Though this new update will at times will decide to brick palringo by not letting me review history, send messages or even joining/leaving groups.

Don't download First of all 90% of the people who voted 5 stars are Staff and friends of staff (jk staff are a bunch of hentai watching fts that have no friends) the other 10% are people who just rated in a hurry when the app asked them too. Second of all this app asks for a shit load of credits for shitty features that most apps already have while agents -not gonna say who- (walter) give away credits to underage hoes in exchange for nudes. Third of all the themes are gayer than a dicķ sandwich. Just download kik ma ninja

Palringo is love, palringo is life If I'm EVER offline, it means one or more of the following: 1. I have no Internet connection 2. My batteries are dead 3. I'm dead.

Logging off too much Last couple updates i have been getting logged off way too much, its not my reception as i am on constant 4G or wifi, bring back the glory of what used to be never logged out palringo!

GREAT!! I tried Line couldn't understand it no instructions. This is soooooo much more& easier, no ads or spam!

As a messaging app, it works great. Design issues have all been addressed and it is bug free. Great for multi player game chat.

What's with the new look? In this new update everything is different, not just the color (which is horrendous) so it takes longer to get to: settings, chats, your pro... ect. At least allow us to choose which design liked more, old or new.

Love Pal Been using pal for the last 4 years and its really been getting better and better! Just do wish that the chat histories would last longer, I do enjoy looking back at funny or important conversations with friends :)

9.3155846/10 Much app. Very conversation. Such themes. Wow. More themes needed, otherwise fine.

Since the latest update it constantly keeps crashing. Galaxy s5, constant crashes and half the time it doesn't tell you when it does.

Good But I don't love that easily

So... Why did you remove away and busy? There was no point and all it did was remove functionality.

Annoying adding to recent update The log out confirmation that pops up every time I log out is becoming annoying quickly please remove or make a way to toggle it on or offf

Love it! But, I have a few suggestions. Such as, allowing a group to have two owners. I see lots of co owner groups, but the best the co owner gets is admin. So, in light of this, that would be a nice idea.

Change is good I think you have small issues like - display mode (light). -change my statues (online/away....), no need to close app.

Fix the quality of the voice message for Android Fix the quality for android ..everytime i record should be there noise ..hope u fix the quality as IOS quality

Yup I like it so far, not bad

Love it Rlly cool

Ausim A must have app

Amazing They really do watch out for the users and have amazing updates. Keep up good work!

I keep crashing I am crashing everytime I try sending a photo

Having a lot of trouble last couple days with pal constantly logging itself out. Please fix! I love pal

Great app good for keeping in touch with friends and it's also a lot of fun

Seems to be a great app for conversation

Amazing To make this app better you should in close a read and not seen next to the messages when sent....I think this would be very useful to everyone

Very addictive place to hang

Themes Red and black theme please or all black

Fun It's fun!

Bad staff agents vip so racist specially the English team

The groups not sorting properly

Long time user Long time user can't connect my WiFi is perfect plays YouTube and all the rest but can't log in not happy

Palringo I joined a few years back... Loved it... Then need that pal break.... I'm back now after a year and love it.... New bots, new pals, new look... Love it... :-) OK soooo pal has died..... But I have stuff to do in rl... So gonna do that... But.... Fix it cause I miss my pal peeps :-) please and thank you ?

Minor bug and utility fixes still wanted. As useful and relatively user friendly the app may be, a way of searching or finding out how someone knows you would be nice, for example for finding out what common group you have with a person who is trying to add you to their contacts. Hopefully these minor things can be added. EDIT: Camera app no longer crashes it, but trying to use Pal and take pictures in the app itself can sometimes cause it to randomly log me out completely.

Is this for real I went to bed and i wake up and i can't even get onto pal. I'm trying everything and still it doesn't work? Fix it please.

Lol connections This app has more connection problems than a lost orphan nailed to the surface of the moon.

Meh Crashes alot and can't login. Same issues as 10 yrs ago, added new games and bots to take your money but HAVEN'T made the app more robust

Log in problems Won't let me log in with face book

Server failure? Are you guys going through some maintenance? I can't connect at all...

Once again this app is glitching. Have been having issues with things loading and being kicked off the app randomly. Now I can't sign in on Facebook or through my email login once again.

Pal crash I can't log in on any of my devices. It's been almost 4 hours.

Better with premium-account Still enjoying palringo even with a standard account. Thank you guys!

Vms quality Still vms quality so bad in Android !!! Shall i buy iphone to enjoy the vms ? Never gonna do that .. hope u fix the vms coz it's sux

Nawal Alothman University Proffesour

Honestly my most used app

i can't long in other then that its good addicting

Easy to use Great way to chat with gamers

Use it daily.

Ridiculous Not happy. I have used pal for over nine years. But lately with the updates things are screwing up. Logging in issues, admin, ownership and mod issues. Can't un-silence people etc. It's just getting where the app isn't worth it anymore

Connecting problem When I login my account in palringo, message shown only connecting but not connect. So pls help me how to connect palringo

Well , frankly telling u ☺ the games , the friendly environment , and the features of this app is absolutely worth every time of your life . I mean it .?

Smh. Legit stole £16 out of my hands. That's the last time I buy anything on this app.

CANNOT LOGIN First, all the bots were unexpectedly stop working. I got logged out and still cannot relogin. Second, even after the latest update, I still have the 'jumping' problem every time I click the emojis in crowded group. This is very annoying. Please fix it. Thank you

Here it goes again. I can't log on at all. I don't know if it was the update or what happened, but I haven't been able to get on for two days.

Great app Good for killing time and learning

Good app bad policy Money sucking machine. Just fooling rich Arab ppl & kids with lvls bots & achivements. It remineds me of the movie terminator with all those bots! I joined Pal aboaut 6 yrs ago that time i was abale 2 login many 3rd party accounts like FB google talk jabber msn yahoo.... I could edit my contacts names i could use pal in desktop without paying bt nowadays i pay & i can't edit contact can't log in any 3rd party account and desktop version of pal has not been update for ages! We just pay 2 c avatars i guess

Needs work Great app problem is logging on if im lucky to get on. Also the lag on pal its not my Wi-Fi or 4g everyone on palringo has to deal with unknown lag. I never lag on games and YouTube.

Spoke to soon Unable to connect to pal, despite full WiFi signal .. reloaded repeatedly. Stays as 0% connecting

Great app Lately... Not All the time, but lately, CRASHING CONSTANTLY

Moto-E Pal has done nothing but go downhill since the stupid teal update, Problem after problem after problem and now I can't even login, So screw it I'm unstalling gg Pal.

Buggy Ever since the last update, I can't change my name, avi, or view photos that my friends post. It's annoying.

Everything I want Five stars , good game ,not a wetsky!

Loved it. You get exactly what you expect.

Terrible! Most of the groups you can join are either dead, as in no one talks, or don't speak English.

Palringo User Reflection This app is good, it may have its ups and downs just like any other app, but this one shows you how good and bad the people in our world really is and become friends with across the world. Even lovers or acquaintances (ノ^o^)ノ

Awesome update. Loving the new ui and design. Been waiting a lot for the material design. Everything is just perfect and outstanding. Keep up the amazing work. Could you change the app icon to more material one and make it without the square mask.

SIMPLY LOVE THIS AWESOME APP Fast login - user friendly setting - tons of things are available to explore - unique users (oh btw, you don't have to be a gamer to enjoy this app) -- are among many cool things about this app. Furthermore, I really enjoy being a Palringoers and couldn't get enough of it ?

Poor will not work Can't even put a name for myself just says trying again later, waste of time if I can't even use the app

much, wait for it... ...MUCH better, they gave this app a lot to work with without making it complicated, I can finally be proud of using this service

The spammers get annoying If you're in a group with no level restriction there will be low level scammer bots that join and span ex, even though barely anyone knows what it means. I would like to see something done about them, as I believe what they are doing is not legal anyway.

Worst App If I could give 0 stars I would. There are way too many assholes and cyber bullies on here.

Great Hangout Place Very fun hang out! If you like talking to groups of people instead of one-to-one all the time, it's pretty much the only app to bother using

But If you could reinstall the "Busy" status that'd be amazing I miss that red circle

Good! Very good app, very stable, works great even sideloaded on amazon devices. Just wish it was more active as a whole.

Temujin Great Looking App but this is what's wrong: 1. A bug or hiccups and it do not allow refresh in program at times. 2. Runs slow sometimes too. 3. Too many maintenance issues. 4. I did not have this much issues with the older version but I guess the swap is for the newer design. I am hesitating to upgrade for another premium year because of all the issues you are having.

Needs major work asap New stuff come out is great. But ur loosing members because the app is unstable and lags. Think u should focus on the issues instead of just releasing new things i have other chat apps that are way more stable and never lag. To behonest i prefer pal execpt for the lag and unstablilty really needs fixing u are loosing ppl because of it. Do you care?

Power app Bluetooth compatability is in question. Bluetooth mono is needed for many and I find my phone using its own mic instead of bluetooth mic to talk if I don't install bluetooth mono which is troublesome. Please make bluetooth both mono and stereo compatible and your app is next to perfect I would say for android phones. I am using s6 with Bluetooth while driving is a disaster. Need to use normal headphones with mic at the moment to have a good experience which is troublesome

a side from getting accustomed to the new updates, this is a wonderful communication app

It's a very good app for meeting new people Several rooms already open. New ones always being made.

Cool chat app I use it for gaming groups mainly. Wish they left the classic look alone but everything must change.

Awesome new update The new update that just released is awesome feels like a whole new pal can't wait to see what pad games u bring out. The gold theme is my fav. Feels so fresh and New keep up the great work!!!!!

Palringo A good way to meet and keep in touch with friends.

Easy and usefull It is awesome app I love this app always

Idea Please let us hide from groups member list

No chat history when I log back in What's that all about?

Where is black background??? This green is stupid color

When were they lean People hate circles we hate circle we hate circles!!! Get it?

Pal on palringo Don't come on this app if your not ready to be salted by salty people.

Nice Business app Luv it so much :-*

Cool There should be feature of credits transfer frm 1 id to another..want to see credit transfer..

Group chat I cannot join any of the groups. It says there is no such groups.

Best chattin apl

Very easy for social interaction Easy and fun way to chat, need an upgrade as some days it kicks you off app or doesn't send messages but u think u r still on and your really not can be frustrating good administration for group chats

Same as use to be. I don't recomend Same as it was years ago. I tried it again because someone suggested they left an went back and had a better experience.The rooms are the same, folks ignore new peoole. Set rules but the mods and regulars don't follow, some groups state * be ya self,we care we'll be ya friend.. Blah blah,, they just say that to draw you in then you get treated bad. Some groups have folks with two diff accounts so they can spy an and hide from people. Im shy in large groups but I'd rather go to a live socical gathering4real

Sucks New version crashes constantly. Messages repeat constantly from pm's. This is awful! New interface sucks. Teal sucks. Round avatars suck. Did I mention it sucks? UPDATE: Crashes are few and far between now. Interface should have more customizable options. Won't go back to premium until it gets better...

Enjoyable n entertaining Been using this app for more than 5 years, So far everything's just the best. I've made many many many friends. U won't get bored in no way cuz there are many many other things to do beside chatting like playing with numinous bots... keep up the good work guys n your efforts are appreciated ???

Eh Very addictive. Make friends. Meet Perverts. No place for kids but perfect for those with no social live

It's just not good It's stilted and fake. The app keeps pushing out more features that have nothing to do with chatting. No one cares how much "rep" they have. It's suffocating and to be avoided

Not happy at all I'm a regular user i haven't been able to log in for a hour now. It's not my wifi that's for sure it's the app I'm not happy at all. There will be no compensation for this i guarantee.

Useless app I can't find friends doing a search and they can't find me either. I'd give it zero stars if i could!!!

After nought 7.0 I can't play with padgames no more it keep crashing down and force close hopefully u fix that,, and it drains lots of the battery life which is ain't good ...

It's good Good for talking to people all over the world. Although I wish there were more games like baloony land, icy tower retro and dark nebula

@-@ Difficulties on playing gamepad - sometimes it works, other times it just keeps loading forever

Wtf is going on Can't even log in for 3 hours now. My connection is good and I have no problem with anything else online

One star Achievements in app, but no achievements for my Google Play Games account? Unacceptable and very insulting – almost intolerable, but I don't know how I use this app nowadays; I guess I just get by.

Dear Palringo. Ever since downloading and using your app my life has spiraled downhill.At first the decent was slow.I started spending less time with my wife and children,and more time on your app As things progressed I started to stay up late and sacrifice sleep,in which transitioned over into my job where production on my part began to decline.I then began to buy things like bots,premiums,message packs,and the ad ons for your game bots in which slowly drained my budget and I started to miss payments on my bills.As if that wasn't enough I met a girl online who I became friends with Stress at home with my family was weighing me down emotionally,so I confided into this woman.We struck something that evolved from just an online friendship and became more serious.Now of course I had to hide this from my wife,as she would bot understand.One day,nearly a year later, it all unraveled.I lost my job,my wife found out about my E-girl(who was a man it seems)She left me and took the kids,I lost my house and now I live in my parents basement. I've gained weight and lost everything.However I just reached level 12 on Pal,and think I have all the characteristics to become an agent. Yours truly.

I can't login help I haven't been able to login, why? My connections good and it says connection error and I have no problems with anything else what's going on?

ITS VERY BAD APP nothing is there and they don't exept my fb id

I love the app the only thing I hate is that children under 17 are on here as it says 17+.

I have to keep logging out and logging back in to see new messages. Very annoying.

Servers are down Down for hours now. This needs to be fixed soon. Hating this app more and more.

One of the better group chat apps. Currently using Palringo for Pokémon GO!, and I personally find it very easy to use and aesthetically pleasing.

Thanks for awesome app, but want to send videos and multiple pics at a time. Can you plz fix it. Overall it is nice app thanks again

It's good Easy to use and some nice people are on it I'm always having fun on it

5 Stars From me I loved That App it Makes me chatt with New Friends from all over the world ^^ Thank u devlopper

Continuous error It's show a continuous server error

Great social app I've met tons of people on here, some I'll always keep in contact with. Could have some improvements.

Nevermind Power saving mode was killing all background apps

Mah battery!! Amazing battery drain, uses 60% and twice as much as the android display itself

consumes too much batteries

Great Great way to keep in touch and organize a game clan

Love it The app is totally great it's fun and simple .keep going team

So bad Very bad

Only chat with it. Good chat app, don't EVER play the games.

Easy and fun and has interesting groups and chat community

It do sent do more than 200 frinds

Very easy to use Very easy to access my friends in detail

Not bad Way better than kik

Lag The new update makes me unable to chat and message other users. It lags whenever I switch to a different tab such as swiping over to my contacts or settings. I was just getting used to other version and now I have to get used to a whole new and extremely laggy client. I enjoyed using Palringo for 3 years and I would the next update would make the lag go away. For this reason I will be giving this application a 3 star.

Great update The new update has made palringo feel refreshed and the competitions are great. One thing i would like to see is a release of limited edition items for heist and fish please let the new comers and ones that didn't get to complete the sets another chance.other then that great app.

About vn. I use this almost 6 years and use in Java at the first time. Tbh this upgrade is very good version but I just wondering why the vn not clear. The vn bad than last version. I hope palringo team can fix this maybe. Now I use in android version.

Fix the vm quality 5 millions downloads and we still suffering from the vm quality ..other users in the chat can't hear our vms coz it's not clear !!! Fix the vms in Android version

@-@ Missed some history when offline. Difficult when playing spellbot due to missing history. So you end up failing to add the correct letter.

Need more to be perfect The app seems to be ok but the issue is you can't see the history of conversation more them months and this is important for many people. That's why I give 3 stars.

After update, i cant crop pics anymore. It will just jam there

Palringo Group Messenger Don't like it not what I expected it to be. BORING BORING BORING

Where is black background??? This green is stupid color

The new update is so cool and very good thanks admin

Palringooo Awesome n stuff, but not many people anymore.

Joyful chating app this app used for chating,bussiness and gaming purpose

Wreckurass Can't video message and get videos like Kik has

Gets worse with every update

Its a grate app Its a grate app but I can't long in plz fixs

I love it It's easy to talk securely and privacy is a top priority. I would recommend it to anybody

Just why Just why did you give us this beautiful beautiful update. I down voted cus I want to. Kek

Best social Best social for exchange blogs and YouTube you can fast exchange.

Best chat app The idea of groups chat amazing

Yo dawg We herd you like teal so we gave you some teal for your teal so you can teal while you teal.

Hell Pretty sure palringo is ACTUALLY hell. This is where the shittiest people on the planet gather to make everything suck. If you hate life and everyone in it, if you shoot kittens with needle guns and roofie strangers at the bar, you probably already have a palringo account. Seriously, everybody in there sucks.

Awesome It's truly an amazing app, it's an addiction. The game bots are really fun to play! Same with the outside games too! I really love this app! Completely worth the updates, even when I'm out of storage!!

Good update Now that I notice it the white boarders around the Avis were very ugly. It looks much better now and the lag is much better. Good update

Waste of memory Line is easier, more effective and more in the users control. Dropping out and not recommended. Takes days to reconnect?