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Offroad Legends 2

Supplied By DogByte Games    On March 24, 2016    Comments(177)

FREE Offroad Legends 2 version1.2.5 Download

This is your chance to experience the thrill of driving Monster Trucks, desert Trucks and 4x4 off-roaders over amazing jump filled hill climbing tracks.
Experience cutting edge graphics, ground breaking physics, amazing cars and adrenaline-filled excitement in Offroad Legends 2!

Offroad Legends 2 features:

• More detailed and complex graphics and physics than ever
• More than 64 amazing tracks to beat
• 16 ultra detailed vehicles to unlock and drive
• Turn based multiplayer via Google Game Services
• Controller support
• Playground for kids (No damage, easy tracks)
• Monster trucks, Desert trucks, 4x4 offroaders, Oldtimers!
• Real World car sounds
• Vehicle tuning
• ground breaking car dynamics with detailed part simulation (flapping/detachable doors etc.)
• Collect the parts of premium super cars to unlock them
• 4 game modes (Racing, Transporter, Destruction, Lava Jump)
• Weather Effects
• Customizable touch controls
• Game Services Leaderboards and Achievements
• Explosions and more Explosions!

Enjoy this petrol-laced fun!

Created By Dogbyte Games, creator of Offroad Legends, Blocky Roads, Redline Rush and Dead Venture.

DogByte Games part of our Racing and have average installs from 5000000 to 10000000. Last Update March 24, 2016. Google play rating is 85.5746. Current verison is 1.2.5. Actual size 68.0 MB.

What's new

    Fixed minor bugs.
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Download offroad-legends-2.apk 68.0 MB


Cant play anymore :( Game was amazing and then I updated my Note 4 to lollipop and the game no longer gets past the initial loading screen. Sad cuz the game was awesome.

I can't play on note 4 I just updated my note 4 and I can't play. I was looking forward to playing. Do an update and fix it so it can be played on the lollipop upgrade. I get to the title screen and it shuts down.

Increasing fuel. I love the game. But the fuel fades tooooooo fast and I get a very little amount of fuel in 15 minutes. Are you kidding! I can't afford infinite fuel so make it as a update.

Fun game - deceptive ad placement The game is fun, but the programmer PURPOSELY placed the ads where you click to restart the level so that you accidentally click it all the time. I hate when programmers think it is a good idea to try to "trick" their users into ad clicking. If it wasn't for this, the game would be enjoyable. Right now, I am thinking I will uninstall it because of this crap.

Bad This game is good but need to stop the fuel from going down so quickly I am not byeing jack so stop making you by fuel

Wont open anymore!! Game was alot of fun, that is until the last update! Now it wont go past the opening title screen. It shuts down completely now, no warning, no error messages, nothin! Did have 5 stars from me until now...fix it and ill edit accordingly but until then, 1 star all day long...(Galaxy Note 4 android lollipop 5.1)

Doesnt work. Bought it, was excited to play on new tracks but doesnt work once i updated my note4. Please fix

Could be great Could be great but the gas runs out to fast. The wait time is to long. Maybe you should make a point system like the old game and every time you level up you get full fuel.

Good game but a little annoying with the gas Gas gauge sucks, it crashed a lot on my older phone (razr m), but is doing well on my gal s6 so far.

I love the game.. The fuel is annoying. You cant enjoy the game long enough... Step it up guys. The first off-road legends was great I bought that one after I beat it. This one just gets annoying.

Love it but... I love this game but it randomly just crashes right when I'm about to beat a level and not to mention the fuel meter could reload a bit faster

For closing Always play off road legends 1 and it's 5 stars. Found this second edition put for closes on my note edge. When fixed will give 5 stars

Great game, but won't open now since update. (Galaxy Note 4). Please fix cause I upgraded to premium.

Bull turd you phucks Requires gas to play you run out pretty quickly pointless

Having the fuel is just a way to try to get the user to spend money. What if I just want to play? And not have to worry about watching an ad after every map.I feel it it pointless and I give it one star for this reason

Was a good app until recent update now it doesn't past the title screen so it goes from a 5 to a 1

This game is so awesome I have a note 4, I diddent down load the new lollipop update, so I can still play the game, besides I rooted my note 4 so I can control what gets updated on my phone. I'm also casting this game to my big screen, it friggen rocks

Fun to play but My phone just updated to 5.0 and it will not open anymore. Still not working with latest update.

Availability for Windows Phone This is a very nice game. Unfortunately its not available for windows phone. The platform is increasing its market daily. Must have on windows phone.

Better than off-road legends everything is good but I have to wait till the fuel refills

Love the game I have played both the 2 parts of the game.Loved them both but the second part is same as the first with some added cars and new layout and fuel(which sucks).But still 5 stars because new tracks.

thanks this game is awesome .....and i like how u listen to ur fans to make this game much better ....i paid for the premium unlimited fuel to support u and to thank u for the good work and i want more levels to play this game

Update ruined game The game updated. And now I can't play it. Main screen comes up and a minute later the game closes.

Best game I have ever played If I had to rate 10 out of 10, I would give it 100......... scrach that it sucks

Great game!! I like this game and its so addicting but its annoying to run out of fuel so fast please make the fuel consumption lesser

Awesome game best monster truck game better than the first part well done

What the hell. . Its not working on my note 4 it's cracking all the time I open the game ...please fix

I really enjoy the game but it could do with some new levels by now

Never ever I will never give this apps 5stars not even 2 stars.

Game is really fun, but fuel doesn't last long enough... 4 stars.

Fantastic! Proper V8 nitro methane engine sounds with excellent graphics and game play

Issues Cant get past the load screen on my note 4 very unhappy!! Please fix issue

Please fix I'm a huge fan of #1. Can't play #2 on my Note 4. Please fix this problem. I need this in my life, thanks.

Went back collecting parts to unlock vehicles took for ever too well it said I unlocked taurus an I got nothin why makes me want to unistall an say f this game

Ads and fuel? My friend play this on ios and he can play as long as he want because there is no fuel, but in android there's fuel. Really, I can only play 3 level and ran out of fuel.

Won't work with HTC one m9 Great game, won't work anymore.

Grate game Have a lot of fun with it once I got the full version.

Use to work now.... Recently got the upgrade and now it force closes on the loadup screen. Please help and i will give 5 stars.

One Flaw. If you would've removed the fuel bar, it would've got 10 million downloads

Great game but i wis i could play it more offten without worrying about the fuel

Great I liked the first game but this one is so much better. Thank you for the game.

Not working on Galaxy S5 I prefer to rate games on how they play, unfortunately wit this all I get is a loading screen then it puts me back in the play store. However I did find it strange that it said it was a large app but was ready to play within a matter of seconds. Are there files missing or something?

Refill I Should rate it 5 start but fuel rips me off. Can the develop put fuel station where we can refill the vehicle so that the game can flow.

Wow guys I had this game before the update, and It was great, now you have to have fuel that runs out after five tracks if you complete them the first time, then you can either watch a video and get 10% of your fuel back, or buy premium for three bucks, if you're going to charge that kind of money for unlimited play time then charge it up front, NOT HAPPY!

Vehicles not accurately displayed Would give 5 stars but vehicles are not accurately placed. The better vehicles dont seem to be any faster or better than the others. In some cases the faster vehicles are way slower than the slower ones on your list. Very frustrating. Thanks for game. Make vehicles accurate as to rating and would have great game.

Great game ...I love it... A blue truck is such a disgusting....nd other game is too good must download ......waiting for off-road 3

This game is better than the first one i enjoy everything about it and the best part it gives me a challenge which i love in games and it doesn't lag at all, sometimes it glitches but thats not a big problem my opinion is to get the game trust me it's worth it.

Waste of time! Some levels are really hard to play, i repeat them over 50 times and always crashed on same place.. it is anoying to play over and over same level, wait for fuel to recharge and then same thing... last game was better, i will uninstall this version!

Effing Sick I love this game. Great graphics and controls, fun levels but also very challenging. Worth a download

It works fine on my Galaxy S5 I think the game is great and I have no problem loading. But I do hate games that make you wait for things like gas and energy.

The game is fun. If you like trucks and explosions this game is the best

Totally dejected.. Refueling wait time is the most stupid and irritating aspect creating more negativity about the game. If money was the intention, then the developer could have asked for it in the first instance itself while downloading. There is no point for a user to download 80mb first and then get cornered for money.. third class mentality.. thumbs down..

Nice game one of the best!! This is better than the first offroads legends i really liked and it has very good graphics perfect for my LG F60.

I'm so glad you did a part 2 awesome guys best game ever I still rock part1 and have a shield tablet!!!lol

Not working Not working on lollipop Galaxy Note Edge. Was really looking forward to playing this. Love the first one.. hopefully we get a fix soon :(

Eh Yeah it's a game that bores quickly just payed them my 3$ to support regardless though it was good and challenging although i finished it all with perfect scoren with an hour. Not very good in that aspect. Great vehicles though and better graphics

Not working Great game but Not working on note 4 android 5 please fix it!! Already paid some stuff on this game :( fix it and will give the 5 stars back!

This game is extremely fun and is really good if ur bored unlike the last off road legends they give u more of a challenge probably one of the. Best games on the app store

On Yeah! If your device supports! It's a great game! You sometimes actually have to make a few adjustments. Not to often though. Once you figure out what does what it's very interesting!

Good game but I just have one question: why is there minecraft tnt in the 3rd stage?

Freakin annoying I LOVE this game, it's pretty cool but the gas limit is just beyond annoying. Ok seriously who would even put that in there? So if you see this.. PLEASE RECONSIDER, thank you

Best game ever This game is so much fun to play all it needs is some mud and some more pickup trucks and some school buses and more bigger trucks but other than that the game is fantastic keep up the good work

Best Off-road app ever! Everything about this app is great. Spend the $2.99 for the one time infinite fuel. You won't regret. I'd spent way more for other games that weren't near as much fun.

Even better than the first one! I can't stop playing this game. I don't know if I'll sleep again until I beat all the levels!

AWESOME Its so cool but you guys know the first game it has to many ads but its ok and it goes back to home screen some times bit I llllllllllllllllooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeddddddd! it! Keep up with it anyway bon voyage with creating the 3 rd game

Its fun and all but........ It makes no sense to add the fule part, i cant even play when i want to, you need fule for everything. They should of made like a free run

Just get earn to die This one is so cheap and gas goes down and needs to be refilled too quickly just like all the other freemium crap out there

Not much fun and you don't get to play for long and then you have to wait for couple of hours before you can play again

Beyond Comparison! Any negative review of this game is akin to saying Radiohead isn't one of THE most creative bands (late teens and earlier go Google Radiohead band, if you already know; Word!)! The responsiveness of the vehicles, the control over the vehicle diagnostics, it's a joy; the scenery, every bump, every backside landing (trying to make sure it's on the axle powering the thrust), every rocket fuel power-up! Well done! Keep it coming!

Lots of fun Lots of fun played the first one and really enjoyed it great to pass the time, fuel goes to quickly though.

Amazing game This is a much fun i hate running.out.of.fuel all around great game.

Great game Its so fun I just don't like the thing where you run out of rule it's just to fun

I play very few selective games. But, this game is awesome. I love both the versions. New version is improved very well from graphics to game physics and also motion sensor is available now. The main attraction of this game is variety of vehicles. So, i was expecting more vehicles in 2nd version. But there are not even some of the cool vehicles from previous version like Freezeco, Traz, Wheely, Rega and APC. ( P.S. i would love to see tank with caterpillar tracks. Plzzz) Still one of the best game.

Greedy dev Game fun but ruined by greed. Once you get a few maps in it basically turns in to having to watch a 20 second video every single time you die to earn some fuel to retry. Or pay £2.49 for a game worth £0.99p

Amazing! But needs more. This game is seriously really great looking. It has amazing graphics and affects. I just wish there was more levels! I put money into the game, I'd like to keep playing it. Maybe online multiplayer? That would sweet. But everyone should definitely get this game. It's really fun.

Off road legend 2 LAME GAME! How do you roll off mountains and sustain absolutely no damage to your truck? This game is very boring same thing over and over no different scenery just mountains and rocks...

Off road legends2 Its truely fun way better can tweek cars out n race like that b4 in 1st game could not only test em on test tracks type-a-deal so kudos y'all n LOOKS SUPER H.D. TOO!!! BUT GAS TAKES 2 LONG OR ID GIVE 5 HELL ID GIVE YA 6☆☆☆☆☆☆ ;) MAYBE IN 3RD GAME IT WILL BE BETTER???

GAS ISSUE So poor game unlike hill climb racing. The gas is unlimited but this game is too choosy, you have to wait 15mins to play again because the gas has ran out. Please make the gas unlimited not the nitro -,-

Pay n play! Love the game but hate that u have to pay for some key features such as unlimited fuel. My son has a blast playing the game but hates when he runs out of fuel. Rated it a 4 star because of the heartache it gives my 3 year old. Lol but gameplay is definitely 5 star!

Green means go and red means stop!!! The game is sooo addicting but when I press the brake it goes or if I hold the the button that pitches the vehicle b4 take off it applies the breake and worst of all its random and stupidly frusterating I'm going for all stars and I'm close to that but how can I with theses glitches!!! Seeing how I won't be able too accuire all the stars I guess I'm just gonna say I beat it and move on unless u fix it : l . Your move

Great looking packaging, bad package Game looks great, bravo. This proves that games can't just look good though. Game play is pretty bad. Unlike other games of this type you can't upgrade your vehicle, you can only change ride height and tire size with minor adjustment to suspension settings which isn't enough. The trucks often times do not have the power to climb hills, only a running start will get you up them and they know this, half the hills have nitrous on them. Blocky Roads is a much better playing game, and Hill Climb Racing.

Awesome The game has good graphics, controls feel good and the events are challenging but not impossible. A good time killer if you're in a doctors waiting room or just wanting to play it. But if you're in a waiting room, turn the volume down, it can get loud.

Spoiled fun! Great game ruined only by the continual running out of fuel and being subjected to continual advertising and periods of time out before being able to play again (unless of course you pay £2.42!!!! for unlimited fuel). Otherwise it a cracking game that myself and my children love to play .

Funnest off-road game I've found I love the fact that this game is very realistic in both graphics and damage. The best part for me is hearing the roar of the engine just before a ramp. Truly awesome!

Fun Fun and addictive. Fun physics. Gorgeous graphix for a mobile game. Haven't play3d in awhile. I've enjoyed this series for a few years now. Just now getting back into it. Hope you make a 3rd one. Or something new just like this.

Awesome game!! I give 4 stars because the gass full is so soo quick ... Please make it unlimitated or at the least make it longer.. It's really fun and cool this game ,but the gass full it's verry annoying ?

Fun . but the constant pressure to purchase is digusting . Despicable . ads ads and more adds . then u run out of gas .this game is designed for you to fail for youto purchase..... Sickening

Stars mean nothing I don't see how this has such a high rating. They turned an awesome free game into a money maker. The fuel is a cheap rip off of every other game that puts lives in and the game play is trial and error so you get a hand full of chances and then wait an hour to try again. Angry birds did the same thing. You make enough off of the ads. Frustration doesn't cause me to spend money, but this crap will be Uninstalled. (the original is awesome, no fuel)

Would download, not buy for reasons. Great game. Kind of annoying that it wants you to buy the game by makijg you wait for fuel, but i get it -it's a business. As of yet i haven't bought the app and don't plan to, as it prevents me from procrastinating.

Pretty good game... I love this game but it is rediculous u have to wait 10 minute's for a full tank of gas. I will give you 5 stars if you make the wait time 3 minutes or no wait time. Thank you. Ps. I am unistalling this game untill I dont have to wait for gas. The other offroad legend better be good or im uninstalling it to.

Great graphics n innovative levels I had given a 4 star initially but as i played more, i realized the innovative streak by the game developers. It is fun n challenging. I really liked the ones where it is not just about speed but about reading sign boards n driving smart. And the graphics is second to none. Controls are simple n cars are easily maneuverable. Keep up the good work guys!

Such a super fun game....but.... Have a love hate relationship with the whole gas gauge thing. Love it because it restricts how much time you can get lost in playing the game. However, given that the levels get more difficult as you progress and they often take multiple tries, feel that players should be rewarded with an increase as they earn more stars. Also as my youngest loves playing this game, feel that the kids playground "gas tank" should be separate from the others. Other than that, we really enjoy playing this game!

The gas depletion is a crock. Just a way to get you to pay for the game. But other than that is pretty great.

A solid game. I was initially skeptical, but after spending a few work breaks messing around with the game it's definitely a solid title. Much more challenging than it may appear at a glance and the game is very pleasing to the eye. A great mix of 2-d and 3-d with active back and foregrounds, cars and debris fall can fall off the course. If I had to leave any criticism it'd be the seemingly random tire damage when landing could afford to be looked into, but it's not game breaking by any means.

.... Played for 3 mins and ran out of fuel, i now have to wait 7 mins to play again for 3 mins or pay 2.50 for another 3 mins of fuel.

Too many adds Cool game but the adds and gas thing are way too much. Money grab? The highest add revenue games are endless play, just sayin. 10 out of 10 to the designers thou!!

Doesn't work screen is grey except for pedals. I have a Samsung galaxy j1. Is anyone Else having this problem. I'm getting sick of wasting my data on poorly organised,rip off apps that just want your money. I miss my windows phone except for the apps it provided. Ive sent feedback will keep you posted on there response and time to responde. LIFT YOUR GAME ANDROID!!!

Having to wait for time, advertising or paying the only way to top up fuel to keep playing the game is stupid and BS as far as I'm concerned. Game only gets a 3 because of this

Great game ruined by refuelling Version 2 of the game has been ruined by the greed to force you to spend money refuelling every few goes. Really destroyed a great game as you cant enjoy it. Added features like kids play area suck when children don't understand a sense of time and waiting for fuel to come and the once it comes you only get 1~2 races. Stick with the first version, less ads and no refuelling rubbish to ruin game play. Sorry, buy you guys got greedy!

@ @ Fun but gets hard real quick I don't mind hard games (No Mistake anyone?) but it gets hard a bit too early. Trying new things here and I like it. Nice graphics and music. Ease up the learning curve and it would be great.

I like it I just dont like the gas issues.. I hope its always unlimited. No need to buy itm

Awesomeness I got off road legends (the first one)it was awesome . Than I got off road legends 2 and it was even more than awesome . I love all of dog bytes games I suggest getting at least one of them there the best

Cant see anything I just downloaded it and i cant see the track or the car nothing why i wanna play it but are unable to cause of this fact please look in to this for me

Money grabbers Game is fun, but to play any longer than 10 minutes you need to pay real money to fill up your tank, or wait through a 45 second advert for another 2 mins of play. I'd rather ads every 2 games or something but this is so annoying

Yeah boy Fun, fairly easy and a great way to waste a few minutes of down time

Awesome game but........ Great game. Loved it on iOS. Can be very challenging, you can fine tune your truck's suspension, wheel size, ride height, etc. Comes with many different vehicles that you can easily unlock and progress through the game with. However with the android version, you now run out of gas and have a ton of adds to constantly deal with. You either watch an add for a small refill, wait x amout of time for a small refill, or pay (actual money) for infinite fuel and no adds. Didn't have that nonsense with iOS.

Fun, but... Could be better. You couldn't bring yourself to give extra gas for succeeding? Would be nice to get some sort of reward for completing a level with 3 stars, but instead I have to wait 15 minutes to play again unless I spend money. Gonna get bored with that real quick.

It's definitely fun This game is lots of fun but it almost seems impossible at times. I'm definitely on the edge of my seat at times. I wish there were instructions before all the races that require you to stop on a target. Other than that I love the game. Great sound too. 2nd update. I think the truck burn way too much fuel. I just picked it up and a few mins later no gas!! Kinda sucks.

Worst set up ever! You use all your gas up in about 10 minutes and it takes hours to replenish, this company throws ads at you and bombards you with premium offers... 1 star because i have to, and for graphics. good graphics terrible game. Aimed at 7 year olds with mommy to throw them cash, quite frankly the whole company, Dog Byte games is the exact same way. Pay 2 win, pay 2 play, and always sucks 2 suck :)

Offroad legends 2 Good an impressive improvement from 1.It does sucks you have to wait for gas.

Very good game! This game is very well made. Its greater than tbe first game. This game has a nature kind of look to it very peaceful when the volume is on mute

One of the best For a free game, it's a great effort. Top marks. It's very simple, but has a good challenge.

5star game. Uses less than 10mb of my phone memory. Highly recomended for all gamers to play this awsome game

The guy that says "too many ads" There were no ads so ignore the title. I think it's gr8 m8.

Lame lame lame Stupid game ever

Awesome !! It's really a very nice game. Better Graphics. Better Sounds and effects. I love this Game.

It won't let me see the car!!!!!!!???? I was playing fist level and I couldn't see the car so I got annoyed and uninstalled it and re installed it and then I still couldn't see the car fix this problem asap!!!!!?????

its good just have to wait two hours for full gas and is gone in five minutes

Great game Good job with this series. Thanks and keep up with the new add ons. Will there be an Off Road Legends 3 next?

WTF? It was a HORRIBLE idea to put the fule thing in but if it stays at least make it so it doesnt run out in 5 minuets of playing! Other than that it is truly an amazing game

Fuel The fuel gos down way to fast but the graphics are really good

Off road legends 2 us grate Even better if you get premium way worth the $4 love everything

Very addictive with very good graphics but wish that more tracks exist

Off road legends 2 If I could give a 0 rating. Not enough gas. Drains my battery like crazy. No rewards.

Almost perfect just a bit glitchy but its til fabulous

Just one more try... Awesome visuals, audio and physics. Controls are perfect and the 'once-more' factor is too strong. Personally, the price of premium version feels a little too steep. And implementing cloud saves would be very nice.

Very very very very beautiful game...pls play it Download install open and keep playing :D

AWESOME My 2. Yr old cousin comes over and enjoys this game make a 3

Problem of petrol The petrol over in 10 mins only so we can play 2 or 3 games only .like in offroad leagend 1 there is no petrol that offroad leagend 1 is better than offroad leagend 2. What a booooooaring game is it

Game is good but... Game sounds gud..but y is d fuel limited??? Its d factor that I hate to use dis can a person get d addiction to play d game, if dis is d case??? Looking forward from you..guýzz

Best of the best Its best monster truck game I have played. Great graphics, well designed trucks and addictive. Dog byte worked well in this game

Offroad Its an addicting game and fun. It would be a 5 star if you didn't have to watch so many commercials

Addicted.... too much fun. Can't stop playing. ... Other than a few glitches and hiccups its overall pretty good.

Needs more fuel My daughter waited 15 minutes to play a 30 second level till she had to wait another 15 minutes....

Cosmo I've never seen big trucks ever do anything like this :-)

When are you going to add more levels been waiting for a long time now

Just brilliant It's a great game. Better than the first one apart from when your fuel runs out you have to watch clip after clip after clip of advertising. Unless you want to pay money to receive unlimited fuel. Just download the original which is still an epic little game ;)

Awesome Could use more custization features, thats bout it :)

Fix it What pissws me off more than anything is when u get to the last stage and it start acting up. Old pro cup level 2. It does not respond like any level on the rest of the game. Forward and backward is all jacked up. Great game until the end, therefore not a good game. This was one I was gonna rate 5 stars until this bs

Great graphics Dear developers best game so for for me from graphics point of view. Can you please make one game with same graphics vut in 3d view it will surely be great. Hope u come up with something

Fun and adverse. Love driving the strange unlikely trucks.

Don't buy gas pass DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THE "ALL ACCESS" gas pass.... The Google add is in the bottom left corner, making the steering functions completely useless! COMPLETE WASTE OF $3! Love the game, just upset this happened after I spent the money.

Paid the 2.99 for premium, and supposed to be no adds, adds the whole time you play at the bottom of the screen, can't see damage to vehicle, need to fixs!!!!!!!?

It's certainly challenging and well made game, but There is a certain lv that definitely make you play it only 1% mistake 50% luck i don't know why, but probably pushing that infinite fuel that i certainly bought, but overall it's pretty much well made and challenging, but the worst part is the mp, if the opponent don't give up/or lose the match will be hanging up even for entire week/month

Fun game I would've given it 5 stars if there were no "Semi tractor trailer" vehicle's in some levels. Without the on demand speed and agility of the other trucks the game loses some of its charm. There is nothing fun about lumbering through a track with a slow and awkward vehicle. However, the monster trucks are really fun to hammer through a level at wide open throttle...great engine sounds too when blasting over huge gaps!!! Great clean fun!

Liars Says if you purchase the game it will remove ads, instead it puts ads rite where you steer, really frustrating. I WANT MY MONEY BACK. BIG WASTE OF MONEY. Go ahead and put my review at the bottom so no one can read it you buncha money steeling lying scammers.

Crazy off-road A little frustrated. Way too many ads ! At least give Money or gas for the interruption in game play . Watching more game videos for gas is stupid . They should have gas containers along the road .The game is better than the 1st one { faster trucks easier to not crash to name a couple) . Shouldn't have to pay for gas either . Just started, so I'll try it some more b4 I make a better assessment

Fun and has easter eggs. Found a TNT block from Minecraft in the third race in career mode, with the three stars. Also the ice blocks are from Angry Birds. Easter Eggs or a rip-off?

Loves it I have both games now there our ads but i payed for the premium so got endless petrol no ads an iv unlocked everything cars an levels cost less then five quid top job with this game

Good but add more trucks. I have play this on all my devices and like it on them

Best This is the game and reasons for this useful post subject lines of code is the only way to get a new one and the other day that you are interested and I will send you an email from your computer system into which it was the first

Great game but... Really enjoy this game but having to either watch long ads or pay every few minutes for "fuel" made me find another game

Great Easy 4x4 Game! Great graphics & physics in this game a 3d game played in a 2d side way game beautiful tracks and scenery and great vehicles, enjoyable music, best part is that you get to unlock them and even tune them. I would love to ask for just one thing is that we can change colors etc, all in all 5 Stars!

mint game very good game. love the stages, im a big gamer and was very impressed with how different it was compared to other games. cant wait for the next one. nice work thanks heaps

Used to be great Until Development got greedy, need fuel? Isn't the ads already eating up the screen and popping up after wrecks and restarts enough?

Nice game, addicted and easy to play without hardtime, love it also good graphic ?

Offroad legends 2 No' 1 is less fuss getting 'FEUL', having to watch ads too much.

Sooo fun! I really like this game it's a great time killer, addictive game for sure. Just wish it was easier to get gas....

Bought upgrade, still have ads Great game accept for the ads at the bottom blocking the buttons.

Favourite offroad trial game The only issues i have with the game is that there is a glitch where all of your button commands ( tilt, throttle and brake. ) Disappear on the screen but the game is still going. And sometimes the tilt is way too sensitive for no apparent reason in vs matches. Other than that it is a very well balanced, fun and challenging game for all ages.

The game Its sick!!! Its allgood....... But the rides could use a minor tweekin as far as more monster trucks/cars that's not so hard to get. There's alot of games that has Awesome up grades that cost a arm and a leg to get and to hard to get. Keep it real offroad legends

I really enjoy this game, although I get ads every time I finish a level or when I had low connection I was being forced to pay for a refuel so I had to exit the game completely. So it would be helpful if you added fuel pickups on the tracks similar to Blocky Road but apart from that great game. ☺ Do this and I'll give 5 stars! (in the next update)

Great graphics Right off the bat it asked for money and you can either watch ads for a little bit of fuel to play game or wait 20minutes or pay which it ask often.. Very greedy game and company, Morals are lost with theses people..

Good game Love the game,but the only thing I do not like is the loading part because it takes forever to load.I also hate having ads thrown at me even with the gas its ether an ad or real money. But otherwise it's a good game.

Not impressed! This game is no different than the other ones like it. Gets boring very quick. "Fuel" doesn't replenish after each race. You must wait 10 minutes or pay for fuel. I think there may have been an option to watch a video as well. Personally, I won't support a company financially that produces a less than mediocre game. Literally, I played it for a couple of minutes and became bored. This game lacks any ability to keep someone's attention for very long.

Off-road legends Awesome graphics, and an easy control layout, I love this game, however the gas tank having to be refilled, unless you purchase unlimited fuel add a slight downside. But I still recommend this game to all.

Off road legends 2 The game is awesome,very realistic.My 7yr old son and I have a great time playing together,now my 8yr old little girl has gotten into it.ORL's2 is our "1"family game!tyvm for bringing family fun together with your software. God Bless:)

Sucks Keep on getting kicked out of the game! Now there is fuel to worry about as well. Enjoyed 1 more than 2. Uninstalling

Really improved I like those controlled flips, but i think its a bit much 2 play 5 rounds then i wait or pay to play ,give us a break .

Fake screenshots... again Once again, no real time shadows and bloom effect when i get into the game. You guys are just like Ubisoft, they get paid for reducing graphics detail in their games. I'm so tired of getting tricked from fake screenshots in games, but anyways it's a pretty OK game. Hate the fuel system though.

Good game The game really sucks having to always wait for fuel. Cant we nust play a game without having to buy everything. Its really ridiculous. To much starting an stopping. Can be a top game except for that.

Great but too difficult After a thousand tries, I'm still stuck in one level and thus cannot move on.

Addictive game It has Gud graphics... but the irritating part is to wait for fuel to refill

I like the game alot "Its an addicting game, but what i don't like is that theres gasoline, and you have to wait for the gasoline to refill. In the first one you didn't.

garbage money trap this game would be fun if it werent for the constant add pop ups and the fact that they only let you play for 5 minutes at a time to try to get you to give them real money to play more, this game is a scam!

Having so much fun wish you would stop sending me the request to rate it cause you're wasting time that I could be playing the game thank you

It's fun but it's hard Like when you go in the air hits on the ground too hard bloody blah blah