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Nob's World - Jungle Adventure

Supplied By 69 Studio    On Sept. 7, 2016    Comments(133)

FREE Nob's World - Jungle Adventure version5.2 Download

Nob's World is the best classic adventure game for your Android and it has gone prehistoric.
Nob’s World is a jungle adventure game that your Hero can jump, run and shoot enemy.
If you enjoy these games, you may like Nob’s World.

+ Beautiful high-resolution graphics
+ Awesome gameplay similar to retro classic game
+ Easy and intuitive controls with on-screen retro controller
+ Hidden bonus bricks and blocks with strawberry, flower and shield
+ Destroyable bricks, blocks and moving platform
+ Hidden bonus levels with lots of classic and modern coins
+ Additional collectibles, coins, shields and more
+ 4 beautiful worlds with 80 well designed levels
+ Underground and water worlds, swim, jump and run
+ Over 20 enemies and obstacles
+ 8 boss fights: angry scorpio, spider, big bee and golem
+ Store with additional items and rewards: unlock worlds before finish other worlds
+ Unlock free coins, buy items to make mike and max stronger
+ Rankings for you and your friends to compete with player from other country
+ Achievements and leaderboards to gain, get best score over the world
+ Achievements and leaderboards through Google Play Game Services
+ Classic retro platform game style

How to play:
+ Eat strawberry and flower to become stronger and defeat all monsters.
+ Tap Left / Right to move.
+ Jump to crash the enemy.
+ Eat flower to shoot enemy.
+ Collect all coins and bonus items to get more points and buy additional items in store.

Download Nob's World now! It is a fun game for every one!
Try it out and enjoy!

69 Studio part of our Adventure and have average installs from 5000000 to 10000000. Last Update Sept. 7, 2016. Google play rating is 78.2943. Current verison is 5.2. Actual size 7.3 MB.

What's new

    Update map of levels: 5, 8, 12, 15, 19, 26, 31, 32, 34, 39, 46, 52, 55, 58, 65, 68, 75, 78.
Download nobs-world.apk 7.3 MB


Nob's World its very good game to play......

It's good The game is a good one but it freezes and I need to restart my phone. It is so hard to control

It's ok.. Graphics should be better

It's not working offline Very poor. It not working offline and when you get online it have too many ads.

Gud I loved it oxm game

Only played a short time but game seems OK good fun a bit like Alfred chicken used to be

It's very good game but level 25 is not opening please do something

From my galaxy s hoppin... Nice game but .... I think killing anemies should be made more easy.....

Good I don't like the ducks they are mean ???

Nob world awesome

It's ok but it is not for little kids because I am 9 and I have had it a while and I'm on the 3 level

Pop ups Everything I try to go in the game there's a add

On nobs world twenty five and up wold dose not work what should we do to get it to work a gain

Fun Very entertaining!

Bad Bad game and hard

Good Those fires really suck. More accurate controls would be better but its a great game!

Reminds me of the original Mario Bros A better grade of game and still free. Give it a try.

Good Need to jump higher so you can jump over the fires, that or have something that will put the fires out. The fires are the worst part of this game.

Fantastic Game I really adore this game. Its such fun. The first level learning to swim was great lol. Top ratings from me. I highly recommend this game to everyone.

Cool Very Nice Nob's World game, good concept, i like it.

good game bt can u plzz tell me how to swim

Nice game! But i don't know how to swim,,

Nob's World A great game,so cute game for kids,i like it

I don't know how to swim -_-

Great game but a meen name to call a cute thing like that nob

Wonderful Game a wonderful game to enjoy leisure time ..............

Such Fun Love this app..good download..very pleased

Great fun loving, joyful, very nice graphics, well designed.

I love this T his game is super king

What a Game I'm sure kids will also love it. Its amazing

Nob's World The game itself is fine but there is to many ad pop ups

NoB's World Yes love it now can play a fun game at the doctors or wherever

great game like this game very fun to play

Enjoy to play Nob's world

Levels are bit random

Cheater! Having no 25th level ....... It's just for name!

Not working It's not working after 25th round

NOB'S WORLD have fun have fun It needs to let you jump higher but other wise it is fine. But there is a lot of aids sometimes.

I love it Awesome game

Very slow game

The games not working after level 25 how are you supposed to give good reviews and we can't even play the game all the way through

Rajinder Singh Maan Nice to play mario on the phone

Good game But is the most shameless ripoff of mario that i have ever seen

Nice game Loved alot

How to start 5 level not understand

Good game I like this game but one problem with the game is that when you get near to the mushrooms they make you die but it is okay. I put 4 stars because they don't give you a chance.i hope you liked it????

Most of the levels of nob s world is the same as jungle adventure run. Exactly the same copy.who copied,whom,dont know. But it s really very sad.

OMG! WHY DID YOU GUYS CHANGE IT!? Please change Non back to a bird,and I will give this review 5 stars! ???Please do it!

It doesn't work right.

I like this its like making me feel like a kid

Mario Junkie Its close as can get.

Not cool there is no weapons to use

I like it It's fun to many adds

Angry I hate this game

Can't keep my eyes off of this game! Love it totally!! :D

Frustrating Great game.....just like Mario. ...love it so addictive.....HELP I'M STRUGGLING ON LEVEL 55

Mario Bros What a like in this game its si kwl and just like maroi brothers

**great ** Great game for android mobile..

Nys one. For mario lovers

Neat Graphics are fun and very similar to Mario Bros.

Addictive This game is very addictive ive had it for over 2 months and i love it???

Wow what

Me i like Great game, no reason for low rating has mario feeling to it , but better that leps world .

How What happen to the level 5? Please help me out... There is no blocks on level 5

It's a rip off from mario nothing different but they way it looks

loved it

Nice game Awesome

Love it but Im ln to level 30 and there is no more fix this

Nice game Fun to play i would recommend this game to all

My suggestion would give it 5 stars Hi there. Love the game. Lots of entertainment. My only suggestion would be to lower, or better yet, decrease the size of the directional arrows. They block the screen with your thumb on it and it gets in the way. Or better yet, maybe consider making the arrows touch sensitive, depending on where your thumb is?? These changes would DEFINITELY move my rating to a 5!! Anyway... great game!!

Soo bad Is has only 80 levels when i completed them I'll have to play them from the starting

It is good for this type of game. Why would anyone give this one star? I see that some people do not know how to pass level 5. Go down the tunnel. Press the down button. The game gets harder beginning with level 12. Levels that I believe are difficult to pass: 17, 22, 32, 33,

Absolutely fantastic Love it bring back memories of alnighters getting through the worlds


Nice Loved it

I am not able to cross 10th level. No weapons to kill spider. There's nothing to kill it.

From 5th or 6th level,the exact copy of jungle castle run x . I really deleted that game.bcoz,i won this level.this i really ridiculous. Find new level to b honest,almost all levels r the same in most run. But the exact copy of another game is imply foolish..

NYC game Its a very nice game but m stacked on level 50 plz help

Relived the classics! I read the reviews which were more like help me pass this level, but fortunately i didnt faced any problems in passing the levels....enjoyed the game!!!

How do I advance from level 10

Nice but how to cross 5th level

Best That game is my children life now I am 29 years old I enjoy that game I give you six stars

Very nice Nice game to play

Good to play I enjoy it

Help I cant pass level 29 because at the end when i should jump over the wall to get to the finishing line i cant cause the wall is too high so i jeep dieing please fix this

Closest thing to mario, its AWESOME

I've completed all the levels. Is there a part 2 of this game or not? P.S its a good time pass game. I liked it!

I'm calling the little guy at Marco I love the little noises you have to go through it makes me laugh when I'm sitting her alone at home

It's good It's fun to play but it's also frustrating ? I mean Come on. What's the ⬇ button ? 4 anyway

What I'm looking for I needed a mario game and finally i got nob s world

My kid likes it. It's like Super Mario

I love this game,but to much adds

Cool game I love this game but am waiting for knew levels for the last month any idea if there is new levels on the way or should I delete it

Finally got a good time pass I clear all levels too good quiz and I think nob's world is best mario game in super mario

Ausome It is good game bu

I love it In my childhood ,I used to play this game as a video game . Now I am enjoying it too much and remembering my childhood days

This game is too good

This game takes me back to my childhood.

It's Hard to play but nice game

I love this game I completed all

Awesome Awesome

Inappropriate ads for children I installed this for my 8 year old daughter BC it was similar to Mario. Problem is there are inappropriate ads with picture that keep popping up. Forced to uninstall due to this issue. Very sad that this is on a child's game

Some levels like 27 are almost impossible, the moving bar's are spaced to far to jump from one to the other and then to the landing point.

Bad game There are many ads come during playing this game .so I just u to don't try it

Wheres nobs world 2? I just finished nobs world.. where is nobs world 2 now? I badly need to play it now.

Its so bad game i hate it....many adds appear while it play....grrrrr

It's like a super Mario played in childhood very nice graphics good game

Excellent Its look like mario its a great game and plz download it for fun

So cool So good but the thing is when you complete all the levels it becomes a bit boring but if they eventually add more levels then it will be better but so far Amazing

Great idea Exactly like super mario but one up not available. Like mario please place some one up at secret hidden place. Then my rate will be 5.

I have no idea bcoz now im waiting for my game downloading..n i dont think so..

Hard and Long The Level is hard and long,make boring

Good Please update my game I hav completed all levels

Idk It is not that bad i just got mad 2nd chances are good.

No More Levels I crossed 80 levels but no more levels please update my game...

Fun game Very enjoyable and addictive game. Similar to the Super Mario games.

My fave I love this game so much OMG

Beautiful I can never forget this game.

Super It's an amazing game and it is like an adventure game .....

It's an interesting game...love it

Just learning game it's fun

Game Really great game

It will stop at lvl 10

I did it... I got the end level

Its soperb

Love the game

Starting is good

Great I love to play like an old super Mario.I already finish all levels its so addicted.. From level 1 to level 80 I hope to have more levels..

love this game it reminds me of my childhood when i play super mario an its same haaa but in super mario theres no time i guess but here the time init wish if u dont put time it was good

Loads of ads and they interrupt your game...sometimes the game jams up a lot tòo so it's frustrating...addictive tho!

Ugh I love this game but the description said no ads and ads pop up every time I lose fix this please