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No Limit Drag Racing

Supplied By Battle Creek Games    On Aug. 20, 2016    Comments(212)

FREE No Limit Drag Racing version1.36 Download

UPDATE: Now the ONLY mobile drag racing game with a WORKING Dyno, and tuning options that allow you to optimize your car's power! Plus the only game with half mile airstrip racing!

No Limit Drag Racing - the most realistic and engaging drag racing experience ever created for mobile devices - is finally here! Build, Race, and Tune your car until it's at the absolute peak of it's performance. Get your experience in career mode, then take it online and go up against the best of the best in online multiplayer play! This is no over produced side-scrolling pseudo racer. This is raw drag racing - NO FLUFF! - just you, your car, and your competitors.


Note: The app is brand new, if you find a bug please give me a chance to fix it before leaving a negative review.


No Limit has a fully developed and integrated career mode with over 90 races for you to compete in and win. Work your way up the ladder from a small town hotshot to the world championship, and earn sponsorships and contract races a long the way. You'll have to be on your toes and your car will have to be tuned to the gills to make your way up to the World Championship and come out on top.

Play other racers from all over the world in online multiplayer play. There are three racing types in multiplayer - Bracket Racing, Heads Up Racing, and Grudge Racing. If you're not familiar with these please look them up before attempting a race! These races are TOUGH, and are wagered races. There is NO LIMIT to the amount you can win or lose on a multiplayer race. Are you all in?

In No Limit you get complete control over the gearing, rev limiter, suspension, and launch control of your car. Want to run a tall first gear with a short rear? You can! Want to launch on the limiter? You can! The tuning aspects are so in-depth that you can even adjust how high off the ground your wheelie bar is! Mess up your tune? No worries - just visit the mechanic and he will reset you to a base tune. No Limit also gives you an unlimited amount of Test-n-Tune races to make sure your car is the best it can be.

In No Limit you won't survive long running around in a stock car. So we've given you over 50 different modifications to keep up with the rest of the racers. Different engine blocks, intakes, valve trains, exhausts, tires, etc... As you modify your car you will have to keep up on your tune as each modification slightly changes your car's ability. To stay at peak performance, make sure you're constantly testing and tweaking your tune!

No Limit has fully implemented Google Play leaderboards and achievements. There are over 30 achievements for you to earn as you work your way up the ranks, and over 10 leaderboards to keep track of who the best is. Don't have all the mods installed? No problem, the leaderboards are segmented in a way that allows people with lower modifications to compete on even footing.

No Limit Drag Racing is ad supported, and completely free to download. If you want to disable ads, all you need to do is purchase gold within the game. Ads will be disabled with *ANY* purchase of gold in the game!

Battle Creek Games part of our Racing and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Aug. 20, 2016. Google play rating is 83.9398. Current verison is 1.36. Actual size 44.0 MB.

What's new

    - Can now purchase the same model car twice
    - Lots of RT/Lag fixes (including staging first)
    - You will need this update to race in online tournaments!
    - Two new cars!
    - CHAT!!
    - Friends list!
    - Sent XP to other races!
    - Send friends Race Requests without using PINs!
    - Beadlocks!
    - Wheel colors!
    - 7 new wheel styles!
    - Bug fixes!
Download no-limit-drag-racing.apk 44.0 MB


I give it 3 stars right now. Would be 5 stars for sure but it doesnt save anything after the first championship race for me. Please fix and it will be 5 stars for sure. It also force closes out of nowhere. That needs to be fixed as well.. great game other then those issues.

It is a great game but there are ads every race that's gay spread them out. Second of all it will play fine then starts freezing up that it ends up making my car blow up please fix I'll give it 10***

Addicted! It's so realistic and challenging. Absolutely the best racing game out there. Just needs more visual upgrades !

So close :( Awesome game. Unfortunately it force closes every other race on the ZTE Whirl 2. UPDATE I bought some gold to remove ads to see if it would help the force close problem. BIG NOOOO instead of closing every 3 races or so it closes before every race. Then i played and started me over after update and lost purchase and ads are back. Feel cheAted so beware spending money.

Awesome drag racing game Best I have ever played of all time except for the burnout wish there was a rome around mode. Just to blow my tires off

Gary Need an extra gear status the race car goes wacko and red line on 6th gear comes close to blowing the motor with just six gears. But I still love it. It gets the heart pumping and the car jumping boo yah!!! ( ~0""''''''0) )ZOOM ZOOM+!!!!!!!, keep up the great work guys

3 stars because I can't resume my progress on my galaxy s5 but I have played this game on my tablet and I have beat the game but I just play on multilayer will give 5 stars if you make it so I can but my save on my phone

Best Drag racing game ever. Still one of the best drag racing games ever. Would love some more cars...

Don't like that when I broke my phone and got a replacement there is no way to get my cars back! Just want my car back help me

No limit drag racing Love the game but wish we could upgrade axles, and choose a different grill on the car

Disappointed I have been a member scince last september. I get a new phone download the game again . and wants me to pay in gold for the rims paint yet im a member. If i cancel and reactivate it will cost me $2.99 instead of $.99 i would raise the stars up all the way if this problem could be resolved... Other than that the game is great my favorite drag racing game out of all of the other the only gripe i have is the car could sound more authentic V8s should sound like V8s turbo cars sound and act different then blown

Love it. Addictive Thought this was a cheap O game but its very awsome. Just seeing your progress from bone stock to a fully built up race car is awsome. Detailed tuning also. Very cool.

Awesome App This game is insanely addictive and fun to play. It's a great way to kill time and have fun doing it. The option to spend real money is there but you Do Not have to do it to advance. You make all the money you need in game through racing. The multiplayer is also fun to play. 2 big thumbs up to this Game

Getting better Just wish it had a way to save your last cash and gold amounts if you have to reinstall or upgrade devices. And remove those ads as well.

Very Very Good..like being at the dragstrip ! *Previous Update ruined progress, lost 2 cars & both were fast, since i've rebuilt two new Cars and enjoying the game. Its one of a kind !

Got a new phone went from galaxy s4 to the galaxy s6 and wont uploaded my profile to get the car's money and gold i have mmmm anyhelp

Like no other I've never seen a game crash like this one, I haven't even got to race yet, I've uninstalled and installed this game 5 times and it crashes right before burn out every time, it's too bad looks like a really good game

Drag Racing F'Good Drag Car Racing Game 1Of The Best To Play

Cars All the cars seem to have same stats. Need better sound from engines. I updated and now my car runs slower. Would like to see roll out burn out instead sitting still. Digital measurements a plus.

Love it!!! Let's get some new stuff guys. New cars maybe a couple new ways to tune. You should make the weather have a role into tuning. Still love the game.

Good game Updates dont work for black wheels or matte paint while in garage.

Best drag racing game All I have to say is it's the most fun mobile drag racing game I've ever played

Lost car Loved the game until I broke my phone lost all my cars and money! Smh. Really wish I could get my money back!

Love it........ best drag game ever This is the best drag game so far.. cool cars and great graphics . Top notch game ...

Can no longer open game since last update. Have 300 billion and i don't wanna start again

Multiplayer Will not let me Play online or create room or join a private lobby

Fun game just needs more realistic damage to make it seem real

It says I lost when I was clearly winning. And it's way to complicated.

Great game Got hooked on the first pass

Best drag racing game ever Can u please have a chevy vega in the game that would be cool. I would buy it right away. Also in the next update can u please have a chevy vega?

Please take the time off grudge racing.

True 5 Stars The game has been working fine for me so far. Maybe have an upgrade be the exhaust exiting through the side of the front fender. I'm with Joshua Mills about adding some different cars. I think something like a Nova, Duster, GTO, Cutlass, etc.

Cool game and Even faster service when u send then mail

Nice cars but it keeps on stopping the game thads real s****

Jamarvion My career is always good in the game I'm in the three second class

PLEASE FIX Game Crashes Everytime Time I Get An Ad Ands Its Extremely Annoying Other Than That Games Amazing

Filled with hackers and ads stay away To many hackers in multiplayer and the ads are just stupid also heats up my samsung tab so hot it just crashes and restarts

I get to the 3rd race and it crashes takes me back to my home screen plz fix

Sucks You have to buy the cool thing

Good but need more updates Its hard to get money and all the stuff is to expensive.

Rather mad Game is great hands down. If I'm not at track I'm playing this game! But.... I spend real money an every thing was added but i bought black rims an it will not install even though it says installed WTF!!!!!!

Good but bad Love this game but if you have to reset your phone and pay for a monthly like I do you don't get ad free or your discounts in upgrade first time it happened it was fixed fast I have been waiting a week for them to respond to my email so one star till fixed

Best Drag racing game ever. The best drag racing game ever. Would love some more cars...

New update needs work Bought black rims for two separate cars, both stay stock even though the rims say installed, but took my money, great game otherwise

I love No Limit Drag Racing!!!! I love, love this game. I have beaten it multiple times, and am downloading it again to do the same. I have tried every combination of every part, and have found the best possible tune. One of my least favorite things is the selection of cars. In the next update if possible could you add a 70-72 Pontiac GTO? This is by far one of my favorite cars, and would be very happy to see this car on there!!!

Pay outs I build LS1's Small blocks and big blocks. Chevy's and Fords well any engine. The cost for parts are close to realistic, but the payout for races are not. The payout should be at least 1k.. That's more realistic. The sponsorship payment is realistic. Hope y'all fix the payouts. It would be great.

Need to have each car be different weight and HP n grip when they start out and when fully tuned

Great game but.... Awesome game just only 2 problems 1. Tried to do a hired gun raced and I still raced in my car and 2. I won a few races by milli - seconds and the opponent won but I had faster times I don't get it

Nice game but Like it but had a lot of money and cars and switched phones and used same account and lost it all.....

Like the game I got to a point where its not letting me go to the next race I have the after party unlocked I guess I beat everybody is this it? Can someone help

Great game you can really work on your reaction times! Only thing is during a grudge race the opponent is jumping around all crazy and it Flys by and goes fast and slow.. I'm running 5.40s and i can't beat them

Sucks Give my cars back had to get new phone I'm a member lost my cars have to start over if not for that I rate it a 10 game very addicting I have down loaded and tried all of them this is the best by far

Great game 260 or higher If someone is going higher than 260 email the tune I need it my car goes 250

Can you add faster car as in like the bike edition has faster bikes that arw stock

Fun Man why are yal hating on this game? It's fun. Add a few more upgrades please. What happened to the 9,000 RPM cars, I choose the same car as the one I have on my tablet, please fix this. Please tell me why that cars 9,000 yellow line RPM is gone, on my cell phone. Please reply at traebramlett@yahoo.

Loved it I play it like every day its like the best game ever

Great game needs more cars and easier access to visual mods tho

Nothing but lag with the last update.

Love it but In the game the cars should have different tunes,grip,strength,weight,and power.And in the next update if possible add a few new cars like 2000-2002 Pontiac trans am. 1969 nova 1969 chevelle 1966 nova.etc... Just some newer/older cars for more racing to be done with.

Great game but the engine sound should be fixed. You guys should add more cars.

Awsome It's totally cool and unique and it's a Awsome game to play, wish to see more updates

Shawn w. Love the game but need more cars.

Some flaws For the most part I loved this game but I would win sometimes in a online bracket race and it would say I lost and still take my money. Quite frustrating when you bet every dollar you have and actually win.

Will rate⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Needs a bug fix. When I get an add the game crashes. Its normally every 2-3 races.

Very good game satisfied with it two thumbs up

I fuccs with it wish I had my old account

Really fun The game is awesom the only thing I don't like is the graffics they're to plain but seems pretty reallistic with money

Love it Only a few things more cars in game chat and a better way to set up lobbies with friends

Yep. It's a good time.

No limit Would b five but half the time it freezes up on multiplayer races. Other than that its a 5 star game

Good game When you get a new phone or delete the game you lose everything. You need to let people sign in on there account like on CSR Racing. People want lose everything they have.

This game Is boss

Best ever I love how you can feel the cars you get a adrenaline rush

I absolutely love it

Great Very good but could be better if y'all had 2003 mustang

Good Hard to get used to compared to other drag games

Good game It's a good game but the ads are like every race

Glitch I have a Samsung galaxy note 4 and in the world championship there's one glitch where your racing on the street and it never fails that when I get under the bridge my car goes flying and it says engine blown but yet I can race in ANY other race and it's fine. Would be greatly appreciated it was fixed. Thanks

not supported this game not support my asus zenfone go anymore it running on lolipop

Awesome game best drag racing game I have ever played. I wish there were more upgrades thoe because I can't go faster that 5.6 on the 1/4

Great game Woow it's coming so far with this new update the cars sound awesome and the chutes are sick this update is sick but there needs to be sounds for turbos and different turbo sizes and please fix the cowl induction hood it sucks it's way to big

Dope. Can't wait for Pro Series to drop so I can get my Pro Nitrous car.

Good drag racing Best app I have found for drag racing

Most realistic drag racing This game is now the best game on Google play, they added the dyno and they keep adding more and more features that make the game even better

It's a good game but when are the promods gonna be added I've seen it say coming soon for a long time now yet still no promods:/

Awesome game, but since i payed with gold for the parachute, does that mean i get my gold back now? Lol

Only missing "sell car" function, otherwise great. Could use a "sell car" feature to allow selling of cars not wanted anymore.

The next update need to be is to let us buy the nitrous purge for 10000 instead of gold

It's a great racing app, but glitchy It's a very realistic simulator, but multi-player mode is super glitchy. The opponents car jumps all around and every now and then gets a 0 ET and you lose, or according to the time slip you won and the system says you lost

2 stars Been playing this game for over a year and no progress .you give gold away and I buy wheels and matte paint and it does nothing ...multilayer race's are way to high to participate in ..thought it would be fixed but it's not ...thus is why I downloaded "door slammer 2"..blows your game out the water ...this is my 4rd comment on this game

Great Game Awesome game. You need to download this if you didn't already.

LoVe It !!!!! Thanx Guys, the most extreme drag racing game, I have looked for... Better then all the rest :)

Having an issue where I try to start a race in my career but it crashes. Can't continue my career until it's fixed.

Yourmom Would like to see more trucks to select. But great game

How can I bee a member in no limit drag raceing insted of watching adds to get a small Porsche of gold instead I want to pay money

Making Good Progress. Purging I Like It. More Upgrades , This Game Be Perfect. Keep Up With The Good Upgrades , But Best Drag Racing Game.

When is the game with the dragsters coming out because the preview car got me excited

Love it BUT... Love the new nitrous purge but I think if we have the purge we should have extra tunability, nitrous bottle pressure, turbo boost (plus bump box), and pulley size on supercharger. Keep up the good work guys

Fun Would be great if my car would not wreck its like i hit a invisible wall in the after party race against Alberto

Great game. I want a Hemi powered Willy's gasser !!!

Good game but It's a good game but only playing door slammers until they put a way for me to transfer saves from one phone to another.

Need a more horse power for weeklies Needs more horse power for wheelies

Great game, but how about some more Mopars?

Can't find the airport strip

Love the different engine noises but needs to be a little more perfected and needs more cars and more tracks

Best game ever This game is a must play. I rate it 5 stars because it is realistic and fun.

Bad They need to put more cars and more upgrades

Its ok Its cool but it is very hard to take off

Very Very Good..like being at the dragstrip ! *Its one of a kind ! Love the real tree, burnout's and all !! Great Job ! Worthy game, try it out and you'll be hooked !

The best racing game on the market! No limit is the best drag racing on the market and is only getting better with every update.

Best drag racing Best racing game for free

Its cool Its a book game to pass time by

Fun It's a great game I just wish more cash can be earned to upgrade cars

It keeps glitching I had it game on my phone and it worked great but now I have it on my tablet it keeps freezing plez fix it because I love this game??

Just updated&the beadlocks do not appear on th car;even after I paid for them in gold!!-still love th game&new updates but plz fix th accessories section so that th things u buy actually show up on th car!!

Account disappears OK 2nd time now after doing update can't access account. Not gonna start over again or spend anymore sorry did enjoy game. But losing gold and $$$ everytime you update ain't worth it.

Love it I love this game. The burn out staging then launch is the best I have used. I with The other drag games were based on this layout. Only problem is it crashes constantly.

This game is a rip the restore doesn't work for any purchases but they sure do take your money don't waste your time or your money like I did

Most relistic drag racing game! You won't be disappointed!

Eh... It was my favorite racing game until I played door slammers 2. Way more realistic and more options. This app is just okay to me now.

It's pretty good but it cuts out when im in the middle of racing or when im going to get coins what is that kind of mess up but other wise it's good Cuts out and starts over on it's own

Wtf My car keeps flipping over near the finish of the world championship vs the red grand national

Great game, but the only thing is that it doesn't load up ur previous game

Best drag game on the market What can I say it's a fantastic game well done I have my car in the game looking like my real one it's awesome graphics perfect sounds parts even the scenery is great keep it up

For a better game I like the game but I think you should ad more cars and more upgrades and more styles I think if you want more people to become members you should add a lot more cars like maybe 15 more cars that way people would want to be members and stuff just make total upgrades on bike body parts like to style your car and make it look exotic looking and also more ways to earn gold coins and also add some classic cars and then Imports 2 need more

Final straw Very average game but the final straw for me being 30 second ads that you can't skip. Uninstalled and get lost......

HELP I used to play this game alot i have registered and everything and think i have spent some money on game but i cant access my old account. :/ Im 90% sure im putting in right name password. :/ please help

Add sell car function, fix Rev sound, idle good. Make brake lights work, fix spoiler make look smoother , add where we can paint spoiler to match car. Other wise very good and realistic game. VERY addicting

Awesome Be great if you had 1st person view or cab view and like in need for speed when you win a race you have people around you and you can achieve special decals sponsor logos for your car but great job bro!

Fun game.... and addicting Great game and I'd suggest it if you're a fan of racing games or racing in general

Paul made this game trash Paul dunlop glitches the game n scam people out of there money n he racist

Most realistic Most realistic drag game out there. Awesome that your able to set your own tune. Would be cool to be able to turn off the tree and race off the one at the tracks not the screen. Cant wait for the funny car update!!!

Realistic Love the ability to run against buddies. Need a tournament mode

When is there going to be a new update Love this game....it should have a couple of nhra cars

Awesome game except Can't watch videos to get free gold...just resets the game

!! FLAWLESS VICTORY !! Point blank enjoyable. Would love to see other versions such as maybe a SFWD CLASS HONDA'S IN THIS ALONE. You will attract a fame that no other drag racing Android had ever did or from what I know other consoles. ?

Fun but It's very real. You got to know or learn what goes with what to make a winner. I changed phones and had no luck moving my account over.

Fun game A little frustrating when your et is faster than the opponents and it shows a loss.

Great game... But ever time I try to log in after deleting app for space issues my login never works and im not gonna restart a 3rd time

No Limit Drag Racing It's amazing just need more cars

Trash download Shuts down in pre stage!! Takes me back to home screen before I even race.

It good game They need to give more money out in race.

Badass game Its really great just needs more cars and mods tho!!!

No limit Leader boards? I'll be on them one day then don't show up the next?

Good and Bad I love the game, but on quick race you allways lose. I lost 5,000 dollars by winning the race. Please have an update.

AWESOME game!!!!!! No Limit Drag Racing iz better than EVER now!!!! Just keeps getting better and better!!!!!!

ORSUME !!!' Great graphics, a bit confusing at first, when ya go to kustom set stuff, but otherwise, a great fp drag racing game, can't wait till they come out with the funny cars, thanks guy's

Change It's time for a two step an a boost gage for the turbo guy. That be nice Lil thing. An maybe some grudge motorcycle?

No limit drag racing Like it but I wish that the upgrades are cheaper and gold payout video to 20 gold to be fixed thx bye

Fun game It's a fun game but I wish there was a couple more tutorials on what some of the things. Like what does it mean when it wants your dial for a race and it'd be really cool to have a race review camera to watch your race so you can see what your car is doing and adjust the suspension or whatever you need to adjust

Races or ? The racing is first class the politics to give you to spend money ALSO first class. Five stars when it stops.

One of the best drag racing games I've ever play but now...... Had this game before on this same phone worked perfectly game was fun to play but now I downloaded this game again its slow, laggy, jumps out of the app for no reason at all please fix the bugs

Great game , one small issue Only thing I don't like or get is how it says i lose the race when the numbers say otherwise... quicker reaction time - lower elapsed time, but still I lose..? Wtf

No limit drag racing Awesome

The Best! This the absolute BEST drag racing game for Android! Could use twin turbos..prochargers..turbo+nitrous setups etc.. But with every update something cool is usually added. I play other games but always come back to this one just to see what new things have been added!

Great Best real drag racing game, and i emphasize real. Have found nothing like it. One thing I hate though is having to pay to use the dyno. Thats kind of weak. I noticed all the cars feel the same and go perfectly straight on the track with very little suspension movement. That makes it feel to smooth and generic. Burnouts could feel and look better. Maybe make the burnouts a bit more challenging. Whats the point otherwise. Turns burnouts into into a chore. Nice work overall.

Time killer Could we get twin turbos and pro chargers with maybe a few tuner type cars to balance things out a bit. Needs to get the crash issue worked out as well. Since the update I can only do the first two race series, as soon as I complete the last race of the second series it crashes and I have to start from the beginning. I also have a crash issue when choosing car's. As soon as the issues are fixed 5 stars for sure

Hitting invisible wall? I have spend a good amount of money on this game but even after more than one update in the career race after party. Very first race when i get to the bridge that goes overhead i hit a wall and my truck go's flying in the air and my motor blows up?! After each update i try the race again and still either lane im in i hit this wall?

More addicting than crack covered donuts Your wife will hate this game. You'll spend more time with it than her. Fun game. Easy controls and play. Only complaint is it needs more Mopars. A Charger, Viper and Ram? Where the Darts? 'Cudas and Challengers

Pin code? I like the game and all, I'm kinda stuck at about 5.6s on my turbo car I'd like it to run 5.2s or 5.3s or less, but what is the significance of the pin code thing I've found I don't understand what it does for me... all I get is "success thanks!"... what is it?

Best drag racing game I love how you can completely customize the vehicles, but I wish they would add a tri five chevy, 61 to 66 ford f100 pick up truck, dodge challenger, and they should let you make it like a gassed or a modern drag car.

LOVE IT Been with this game forever now. always the first thing i downlaod when i get a new phone but there is a couple things that would make it perfect. Adjustable ride hight (my chevy would look badass slammed) blower and turbo sounds and a 68-72 chevy truck would be killer. And the ability to go no hood would make it the best racing app period

Could be 5 stars... My major gripe is with the fact the screen doesnt flip. Its stuck with the right side oriented towards the base. This makes playing while charging inconvenient. Please fix this.

Great but one bug is holding me back. In the world championship series, the first race on the city center track, there's a spot almost all the way down the track that launches my vehicle in the air and blows the engine. 3rd time I've run into this bug. I Let the dev know about it the first time and got a thank you. That was 3 months ago. Once it's fixed it'll be a 5 star.

Need some improvements Only v8 engine sound. No 2jze,13b, and vq37vhr. No turbo sound and no whipping blower sound.When the car brake at the end of the race, the wheel locked. I also hope you guy can add internal cam. Overall, its a great game. Love it.

Good game, bad execution The game is glitchy. I have an issue where I clearly and repeatedly beat my opponent and it tells me I lost and doesn't let me advance and it doesn't give the winnings. I have to beat opponents by more than .5 second in order for it to tell me I won. Otherwise I still lost. In addition better audio would be nice. It is fun when it works though.

Uhhh after the new update my car fastest car 60 foots .30 secs slower,and overall is a lot slower in terms of e/t. My tune hasn't changed,my driving is basically the same too. This really frustrates me :/

Best drag racing game in year's. I've been playing drag racing games since the old nhra/ihra games on win98. If you're looking for an honest randition of a whole hearty racing game you need to check this out.

New update sucks Use to run 5.1x all the time. .7x 60ft times, ever since up date all cars won't get out of the. 9x 60ft range, the spin terrible and et times are way off. Fix and will be a 5 star again

Hopelessly Addictive! As a retiree and former drag racer I must say, this game is awesome!! I have many of the cars, and have modified them all, therein lies my problem. I have raced MANY online races, and just don't understand HOW the other online racers go like 500mph? A slight speed exaggeration, maybe, but I am getting the impression that the online racing only goes as far as the developers computer! To date I have spent approxamately $40 on gold for modifications, and having tried tune after tune after tune, I have only won like 170 gold online! I see the day coming when the "quick races" are going to get real boring!! I read a review before I installed the game that said "you can only win an online race if you are in the click" I am really starting to believe it! The day will probably come when I get bored racing the "quickies" and go searching for a drag racing game that isn't "rigged"!!

Good. Good game your able to tune your car and more. Just have one problem I cannot install this game on Samsung Galaxy tab 4 but I had a older version and this is a good game. ☺

Great game To all the people complaining about too many ads must not like free games or are to stupid to realize that that's how the games are kept free just saying quit bitching and exit from the ad simple and done

Fun game, bad ads! The game itself is pretty decent. The ads are terrible. One after EVERY race. They need to fix this and fast. I understand it's free but it's over the top.

No limit drag racin I just got my car just right and now its gone what is the problem I'm not up set this is the first time it as done this I just want to know what happened

This game is really good If you could sigh into google play so that it will save your progress that would make this an even better game. Keep up the good work and I will keep playing.

No limit dragracing It is a good drag racing game. It can be addictive. I am a racer & I have some upgrade ideas that i feel would make the game better. Like saving multiple settings(gear,fuel,etc).

Wicked game Best damn drag racing on the planet!! Kewl cars, great graphics and as realistic as they come. Online racing is a blast and Zack and Paul and the others make it even better. HIGHLY recommend this game !!!

Perfect Drag race Both online career or challenge, this is a 5star game.grafix, sound, user friendly and is just FUN!! TO PLAY, only suggestion is more sounds please, 2Jz,turbo,RX 7, etc. Just a suggestion... ?

Changed phones So after playing for over a year and paying the monthly payment I bought a new phone and nothing transferred over but the subscription?.....how do I fix this.....I will update my rating after I get some help thanks

Issues I got a new phone wouldn't load old cars and I lost everything. Now will not accept card to join or purchase would rate 5 stars if this was fixed

H Just installed the update bs laggy I've spent money and time and a member was runing 5.1 now 5.4 so disappointed

it sucks. If you're in the click of ppl who all know each other than it's ok I guess, but if your not than you can get kicked off just fot saying a word to one of the 'guys', they have hacks that gives the regulars no chance in multiplayer option, I've played this game for 5 months and the customer service is the worst, updates glitch, but what kills this game is the extension of a page called midnite madness, the administrator Paul Dunlop is unbelievable, calling kids names, very rude, he's why I stopped playin

Sponsors bonus I am at the end of career mode I have all the sponsors it says 450 for sponsor bounses should be more if you could look into it that would be cool plus I would like to be able to by three of the same car one for blown one for noz one for turbo other then that this is a good game if I come across any thing else I'll let you know

I love that you have to tune the car to even have a chance everything was pretty close to the real thing . My only nit picks are i would like to have nitrous with my blower or turbo and I don't much care for the hired gun races. Beat the game but I'm still trying to tune to get a 5.5 pass!

What a joke Next time, double the amount of starting $$ on this game. It is WAY too difficult to win on this POS

Complete waste of time and space , takes an hr to download , game is boring n lame as hell u can only go straight n I mean literally u can't even change lanes just straight the whole time STUPID

Great game it would be great if in the next update you make it were their is more options on motor upgrades like pistons shape and crank shafts and the size of the cylinders

Its good but... Don't understand how all my times are faster than who in racing,tho i still lose????..a few imports more with different engine sounds would be great

I don't understand So every time I get a decent amount of power, and run it on the dyno WITHOUT making any changes to my car I'll run it again and it loses 35-50 HP. It is super frustrating because I live this game, but when you're running against cars that are running 5.0 seconds, and can't keep the constant HP to beat them it gets old fast. I've spent the last month figuring the tuning out, and for what the same results no thank you.

No limit drag racing Its a great game but there is multiple times wear I have won the race by a long shot and it says I lost. Actually it happens all the time and it sucks when its a big money race other than that its a amazing game

Awesome game Easy to play....good way 2 pass time....and 1 of the most awesome drag racing games....wished it would let u win gold....

Freeze Game freezes in state championship hired gun race

Oke i think its quite nice enough

Drag in good time Fun and easy to use

Mr fine I love this game

Pretty cool game. It could use some polishing, but the game play is pretty good. The sound is pretty awesome. Aside from the car takes for ever to return to idle after the burnout.. And at the end of the race the game seems to cut off too soon. Graphics are decent, but better shading is needed to make it more realistic. I'm giving it 5 stars because of the potential this has to be a killer drag racing game. Please ad controller support for Android TV boxes!

The Best! This the absolute BEST drag racing game for Android! Could use twin turbos..prochargers..turbo+nitrous setups etc.. What happened to the dyno pulls per day increase when you become a member? But with every update something cool is usually added. I play other games but always come back to this one just to see what new things have been added! Can't wait for Pro Series to be released!!

The tuning really stands out. Graphics are pretty good. Everything sounds the same. Needs a sound upgrade. Sounds good at idle. Not so good under power. Tuning aspect is awesome. Aero tweaks would put it over the top along with tilt steering. IAPs are well done and worth tossing money at. It could use more tips and explain upgrades in more detail. Interactive dyno would be fun. More cars needed that handel differently. Well worth your time and money. If you like tweaking cars for 10ths this game is for you. Awesome work devs!

Best drag racing game in the play store. Set up like the real deal the way a drag game should be. Just wish we had more custom wheel options, and see through windows. Also in championship race wish I didn't have to race cars that are not mine. Other than that two thumbs up!

Loved the game. But i had to exchange my note 7 for another one. I paid the 2.99 for the add ons. So i reload it to the new phone. Enter all my info and nothing comes up, i have to start competely over. I have no money amd none of my gold i had saved up. Hope someone can help. I refuse to start over i will just delete the game and stop paying the 2.99 per month

Amazing.. but. This is one of the best drag racing ganes that ive played on a mobile device, but its hard to earn the money you need. (Edited) Can you also add a recovery for password or account in general because I've lost my account and I can't remember password to it!?!?!?

Great game!! But.....attn. developers Awesome game! Very in depth with tuning. But do not delete!! You will lose everything. I also had a one month subscription. I canceled after I bought, but should have been good for a month still. Any way the developers could help, that would be great.

Great Best real drag racing game, and i emphasize real. Have found nothing like it. One thing I hate though is having to pay to use the dyno. Thats kind of weak. I noticed all the cars feel the same and go perfectly straight on the track with very little suspension movement. That makes it feel to smooth and generic. Burnouts could feel and look better. Maybe make the burnouts a bit more challenging. Whats the point otherwise. Turns burnouts into into a repetitive chore otherwise. Nice work overall.

Good game. Love the graphics, but it would be great if you could make a little money even when you lose. I mean it takes money to repair and upgrade your car, or haven't the techs who made this game unaware that they left that part of the game incomplete. Hopefully they will read this review and fix that little detail, but of course that would mean giving up on income produced by aggravated players needing to fix or upgrade their vehicles. Oh well one can hope!

Needs work Good game, I enjoy the realness of the app. But, there is a major glitch. I beat a race 3 times and says I lost each time. My times are faster but still lost? Needs to be worked on. Would have given 5 stars if not for that

Please.!! You should make it to were you can build the car from lug nuts to sparkplug wires. In high detail. Looks as of now are fine. Just wish the..cars, tuning,and build where realistic and Time consuming. That would deserve 15 stars. Please make that happen.!? :) thanks.

Awesome game Love this game only crappy part is i had factory reset my phone and lost all my cars. I had an account but cant remember the info and there is no place that i can see that i can find it or reset my password

Some issues Ok here is the problem, more than once I've had problems of losing a race but I have faster launch, faster 0-60 & 0-100, faster speed, and faster 1/4 time but I still lose! I like the game but its annoying because of this issue. Please fix it!

Ughh Thought it looked like a good game until I lost a race when I clearly won by a fender. Game seems pretty laggy on the launch too, the other racer seems to be launching on yellow. Not to mention how your opponent seems to sandbag the race until the end. Definitely not a 5 star.

New update sucks Use to run 5.1x all the time. .7x 60ft times, ever since up date all cars won't get out of the. 9x 60ft range, the spin terrible and et times are way off. Fix and will be a 5 star again

Love the game but... Phone crashed forgot password I'm not a Facebook junkie so no Facebook account so which means apparently I can't get my account back oh well pretty much don't play as much as I use to but it's still amazing game

The best but small things need work. Few small problems I'm going to address. 1 you should at least be able to buy paints and mods for the cars without being a gold member even if the price is higher for the stuff and since you can only get so much gold at a time. 2 all cars sound the same and parts make no difference. 3. All cars start off with same horse power. 4. In real life you can combine turbos, n.o.s., and or superchargers or blowers. Finally how can some cars do less than five seconds when I can't with all mods installed.