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Supplied By WidgApp Mobile Solutions    On July 1, 2016    Comments(80)

FREE NFC ReTag FREE version2.17.1 Download

Re-use/recycle write protected NFC Tags such as hotel key-cards, access badges, price tags, lift cards, key fobs etc...
You can use this app to associate multiple functions (e.g. Wlan OFF, Bluetooth ON, Mobile Data TOGGLE, start navigation,run Tasker task, start any installed app, use media buttons, call a phone number, add a timestamp, calendar entry, add Text-to-Speech and much more!) to a NFC (near field communication) tag via an app internal database. You can even add tag cycles and let your tag run different activities per scan. So ReTag is the perfect NFC automation tool for you ;-).

(Works with ANY android supported tag = re-writable AND write protected!)

With NFC ReTag you don´t have to write anything on the tag (-> uses the tag ID, great for small tagsizes and write-protected tags!) and NO data is send to the internet. Additional write options (for better dispatching, device independent tags etc.) are also available. Import of activity tags and beaming is also supportet.

*!* NFC enabled device required / NO root required *!*

Support forum: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1477138

If you have any issues, please do not hesitate to write us an e-mail.

You could combine any activities/ actions and add as many activities and cycles as you want per tag. (obviously except for writing activity tags -> depends on tagsize). For best performance and dispatching, write a special NFC ReTag tag (this is NOT an activity tag!).

Available activities:

Device Settings
* Set Ringer (silent/ vibrate/ normal)
* Set Ringer Volume
* Set Music Volume
* Set ALarm Volume
* Set Brightness (auto/ value)
* Set Auto Sync (on/off/toggle)
* Set Auto Rotate (on/off/toggle)
* Set Display timeout
* Set Stay On while Loading (AC/USB/AC+USB/Never)

Wireless & Networks
* Set Wlan (on/off/toggle)
* Set Bluetooth (on/off/toggle)
* Set Airplane mode (on/off/toggle)
* Connect Wifi Hotspot (on/off/toggle)
* Connect Wifi SSID (SSID)
* Set Mobile Data (on/off/toggle)

Start & Launch
* App/ Activity Launcher (any app on your device)
* Music (Toogle Play, Stop, Next etc.)
* Navigation (adress)
* Website (URL)
* Tasker task
* Carmode (on/off/toggle)

Phone/ Message
* Dial(number)
* Call (number)

Calendar & Alarm
* Set Alarm (07:32)
* Set Alarmtimer (in 12 min)
* Add Calendar entry
* Make Timestamp

Misc & Labs
* Say something (TextoSpeech)
* Start Secret code
* Go to Homescreen
* Show Pop-up (Text)
* WAIT (milliseconds)
* Add new SSID (great for sharing/ beaming WiFi SSID and password)
* Say current time
* Launch App Activities
* Bluetooth discoverability
* Set default ringtone, notification tone, alarm tone
* Tasker Task advanced
* ReTag Broadcast (for 3rd party apps)

Addition Features:
* Unique tag cycles (activities for scan 1, scan 2, scan 3 etc.)
* Write/import NFC ReTag activity tags
* Beam your activity cycles
* Write special NFC ReTag tag (better dispatching)
* Write Smarttags (Green, Blue etc.)
* Backup/ import database
* Disable NFC ReTag background dispatching
* Save tag as template
* Support for placeholders (e.g. [%UID], [%DAT])
* BT and WiFi trigger
* and many many more ...

Full description and changelog: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1477138

An ad supported free version (with limited number of tags) and an unlimited ad-free (PRO) version is available. Please check if this app works on your phone via the FREE version before downloading the PRO version.

Supports any standard android NFC tags (NFC Forum Type 1, Type 2, Type 3, Type 4 etc.).

Issues with TASKER: Install Tasker BEFORE NFC ReTAG, enable Misc / Allow External Access in Tasker UI, enable Tasker (on/off button), try the Tasker fallback option within NFC ReTag settings!

Some security related NFC Tags (e.g. in passports) change their ID on every read attempt. This app will not work with such tags.

WidgApp Mobile Solutions part of our Tools and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update July 1, 2016. Google play rating is 84.5526. Current verison is 2.17.1. Actual size 2.0 MB.

What's new

    Update 2.17 (2.17.x =fixes)
    * First Android 7.0 Nougat adaptations
    * Bugfixes
    Update 2.16 (2.16.x = fixes)
    * New Reboot activity
    * First Android 6.0 adaptations
    * Tweaks and bug fixes
    Update 2.12 (2.12.x = fixes)
    * Mobile Data toggle for Android 5.x Lollipop
    * New Boot trigger
    * Compatibility setting for non-standard TTS engines
    * First Android L adaptations
    * Tweaks and bug fixes
    Changelog: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1477138
Download nfc-retag-free.apk 2.0 MB


Perfect Wanted decent App to play with and I've got it. Have been able to configure my Bank Card to be the NFC trigger with it's contactless RFID chip, then put my phone on my wallet and it detected ANOTHER, my printer/security card is now another :-P can play with the functionality of the App with these before buying dedicated programmable tags. Not many Apps do this, kewl.

What does the simulate button do? I have a shortcut to a key card on my wallpaper. Does this mean when I tap it my phone acts as the nfc card?

Great app works perfect! Might not be as elegant as the others but it gets the job done!

Retag free Best tag utility I have used yet, the end.

Short on documentation. Could use more support for beginner NFCers and more complete descriptions of activity options.

Nothing to ask money for Poor design. Very few features. Bugs: check "say current time" with am/pm option on/off - it's buggy. E. g. 01 = hundred, 07 = two seven... Google TTS. It's the only interesting feature "Trigger" app doesn't have. But "Tasker" can do it. So I have to use them.

Works great I have a tag in my car on the door armrest. I touch the phone to it to toggle bluetooth and wifi when I get in and out. Another app kicks off Pandora when BT connects. Super convenient!

Excellent Nice app, very handy when you want to save battery life and close notifications when not in use.

Really good app. Especially love the httpGet instruction which I use to turn on wireless sockets in my house. Would LOVE the ability to connect to a particular Bluetooth device as opposed to just turning Bluetooth on.

Perfect! Works perfect! Thank you, and for anyone that has the issue where the Google nfc reader app launches just disable it from settings

just started on this noob learner i need pointer how to set Ultrapowersavemode if possible please Samsung s5 Cj

This app fails This app fails to meet expectations, in fact it fails completely at what it if designed to do. Apparently the developer doesn't take criticism very well either so I expect future updates not to fix the issues that raters are pointing out.

Works well Has many options to program your NFC tag. Pretty easy to use. Only problem was I couldn't get the cycles to work. I programmed 2 cycles but it would it stay stuck on the first cycle. Maybe I was doing something wrong.

Cool Don't have to write to tags vor triggering

Great App Tried it on Nexus 4 Lollipop. It works great with NFC stickers.

Great app I am using my buss card as nfc tag and a buss card work perfectly

Awesome Does exactly as it says and so convenient.

Works Works as intended

This little app did what others couldn`t. 5 stars for that. Now I just need to find a way to root my device so it can do things like On/Off for the GPS etc.

Small app with great functionalities It's a small app but it's based on a very nice idea of reading the tag id and have the actions stored on your phone. So two people at home can use the same tags but the actions will be different based on what each of them wants. I also like the Wifi / other triggers, it saved me one tag that I used for entering home because I used the Wifi trigger instead. I use a tag to set a daily alarm, would be great if we can have an actions that deletes and alarm with specific name so that I don't have do delete them manually , lazy huh ?

Great app Instead of programming little sticker tags, this app reads the tag id and stores the actions on your phone. This implementation of NFC functions is genius! I use it by carrying a couple of old hotel key cards around and "reprogramming" them to fit my current situation. The app is simple to use, unobtrusive, and helpful

Not Free. It will lock & ask for money Trial: Limit of 4 tags. Trial, Not free. It is an introductory version. I am endlessly frustrated with companies refusing the truthful term "trial". The developer wrote me to tell me that I am wrong to rate this so low. Developer claims this is totally free with no restrictions and then explained that it is restricted to only 4 tags. Claims it is ad free but it Is An Ad for the unrestricted version. Claims that it is not a trial version then said that it is "good enough to Test" before Purchasing.

So far... ...works better than Trigger? However it lacks the one thing I wanna use NFC for which is turning my off my lockscreen and decrypting files once I'm at home!

Works great It works great most of the time, I'm using it to recycle some disposable MRT tickets I have. But it could use a makeover, cause it doesn't look as good as it works. I mean the app icon makes it look like it's some adware, and the UI could use some holo or material. Until then, I'll be sticking with the free version.

Epic Works a treat with some NS Dutch once-off NFC train tickets. Set them next to my bed in 2-touch cycles for my tab and phone; settings are brilliant! NOTE: if keeping NFC on advise keep it on with Android Beam OFF to conserve battery EDIT: Thanks for the quick and helpful reply dev! .

Easy to use Did what I wanted it to do. I use it to toggle my phone between the car setup and my home setup.

No Spyware! This does a great job without needing access to my contacts like other NFC apps.

Breaks android beam Cannot use android beam with this installed, treats other phones as NFC tags

Great Annoyingly I must of formatted the tag so a popup appeared to 'complete task using' both 'Retag' and 'New tag discovered' despite selecting 'always use' retag. I just used 'write smartag for sony devices' to fix thst issue. Only app to fix it.

Just what I need I am starting collage and my I'd bags has NFC in it and this alouse me to cycle to deferent phone settings modes one for home and one for collage that puts vibrate on exetera

Very good app A couple more options would be awesome but either way works exactly as it's supposed to. Except the fact that after te instalation of lollipop it does not switch off mobile data.

Worked / Didn't Work It worked good on my T mobile Note 3 but not on my Sprint Note 3. Would say tag not supported using a bus card and a work rfid card. Tomb n3 read them ok. T-Mobile Kernel is 3.4.0-660648 dpi@SWDD5008 #1 . Sprint kernel is 3.4.0-553717 dpi@SWDD5703 #1 . Sprint n3 will read the Tmob n3. Do you need any other info? Update: updated the Sprint n3 to NH7 (4.4.4 ) and now it reads the card. Still says tag not supported but reads it anyway

Where is the volume adjustment for tts? [Edit] ah, how did I miss that? Thanks. On further experimentation I'm disappointed with nfc in general, it's weak and unreliable. Oh well.

Awesome Can use any nfc card like delhi metro card as an nfc tag ... Works well... Hooray!

Works great And the developer is very helpful! Definitely buying the pro version.

Did not appear in Tasker as plugin Did not appear in Tasker. Followed the following step still did not work. "Issues with TASKER: Install Tasker BEFORE NFC ReTAG, enable Misc / Allow External Access in Tasker UI, enable Tasker (on/off button), try the Tasker fallback option within NFC ReTag settings!"

With this app there's no limit to what you can do! Every day I find new ways to use this thing, don't know how I lived without it before!

It's awesome. I'm using this app to send POST request to my pi server for home automation. It's also works in background. Its awesome.

Quite surprised Small app packs a large punch

Feature Request? Add an option to change network mode (2G to 3G to 4G) please

Nope Not working on Xperia NFC tags that are protected by default.

Dos not read anything what does this even do? I don't think the developer knows what NFC stands for.. they just included it in the title to get downloads.

Ok so far. Test driving and as compared to more dedicated scanners this one reads a few more. Check back later on a Galaxy 6 edge.

Works Very Well I have an RFID ring. Sensing the ring, unlocks my smartphone automatically.

Works well, I used it to add tag to Nokia dt-910 charger

subject to change. I'll adjust my rating when I've gotten the chance to actually use the app.


Awesome Recently switched from a Sony phone to a Samsung but still had a bunch of Sony NFC tags and this app let me get some use out of them.

For sale? Hello, i am interested to this apps to use in my product application. May i know is this for sale?

Working Can support quick setring and cuatom action.

Works with the NFC in my bank card.

Works well!

Great app Very good, five stars!!! When writing tag always make sure your tag behind the phone, after confirmation dialog. Very good, five stars!!! When writing tag always make sure your tag behind the phone, after confirmation dialog. Please allow multiple cycle written into tag, at least 3 cycles (maybe in compressed format)

SOOOO GOOOD! Works with the NFC tags you get from chuck e cheeses. Best use for those cards!

Doesn't know how to use it Any tutorial how to use nfc retag to replace my apartment access card?

Love it I love app easy to setup I use when I get in car to start my Bluetooth and player on my phone and when I get out to turn off. Only one thing I would like you to add when I switch car Bluetooth won't connect automatically unless I choose manuely in settings device to connect. Is there any options to target device directly for Bluetooth. Thanks

This is a awsm app I am very thanked

Only problem I need to unlock screen to scan

Simple yet powerful Does what it says, simple and powerful and free!

A must app Very easy to use. A must app for all owners of phone with NFC.

Great App! Love the app, and I'm interested in the pro version, though $4 is a bit steep :/ Also, the looks of the app aren't particularly pretty, otherwise a 5 star app.

Great app. Any plans to add the ability to modify notifications / system volumes? Currently no option. Running on Samsung S6 Edge.

Yeah, didn't work at all. I tried to get a rfid tag to read from an HTC one m9 and got no response from the app or my phone. I was trying to duplicate the abilities of a key fob for my apartment complex and literally got no response from this app. Not for normal fobs. Maybe if you have an NFC chip, this would be useful, but for normal rfid functionality, this will be pretty disappointing. Phones just aren't fob keys. ?

Works for amiibo I use it to mess about with amiibo, everything works well and it doesn't affect the amiibo data itself

Cool! Now my Gloria Jeans card plays Eagles songs on my Note 4!

Good apps Sometime its doesn't work.

Excellent app Is it possible to launch an activity even when the app is close..?

Mr Very good working

Half way there I just need a Hotspot toggle... This got half way there as it would turn off my regular wifi, but that is as far as it got.

nfc i love it. it is excellent!

Create uid Can you create tags that are clones of others. We want to see about using this for inventory control but we need the same uid if a card is removed/lost/stolen

Nfc tags This app is cool........

App rules. Just the developer's ideas are brilliant Read the first two sentences. The app works and the concept will be a billion dollar industry in a couple years.

Works well, but needs a UI refresh The app functionality is great but the user interface could do with being updated.

Works great Would give it 5 stars if it wasn't for needing root for some features

Phone hangs It's writing the tags but as soon as it trigger the commands my phone hangs

Gives something for nothing Great for quckly selecting in car settings eg Bluetoorh and then cycling back to what is was before eg Wifi by simply using my Oyster Card.

Great idea and app, but the Mobile Data toggle/on/off does not work with my moto x pure - Android 6.

Love Very good