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Supplied By Zumobi    On June 11, 2015    Comments(106)

FREE MOTOR TREND News version3.1.2 Download

Get all the latest automotive news, car reviews, videos, photos, and much more direct from MOTOR TREND online to your Android device. The MOTOR TREND app includes coverage of the world’s largest auto shows, daily auto news updates and road tests straight from the track of the newest and flashiest cars.

Car fans will appreciate the MOTOR TREND Android app’s lush photo spreads of current cars, future models and even stealthy back roads in Europe & North America.

Download the MOTOR TREND app for Android today to access all the breaking news from the world of cars and exclusive updates from across the automotive globe.

Zumobi part of our News & Magazines and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update June 11, 2015. Google play rating is 85.9912. Current verison is 3.1.2. Actual size 6.3 MB.

What's new

    Complies with Google Play Personal Information Policy Guidelines & Practices
    Fixes an unrecoverable app launch problem if the content can't be download during app startup.
    Fixes a problem where the article image can be out of sync with the articles after refreshing the content.
    This update introduces a sleeker layout, better support for videos and photo galleries, and makes the content archive available through the use of "infinite scrolling".
Download motor-trend-news.apk 6.3 MB


New "Survey" ad, pops up every 15 seconds. Used to love reading from the app, now I get annoyed. The new ad pops up every 15 seconds. Guess it's time to switch magazines...

I use this app more than my hometown news station I am a automotive junkie and I love to be up to date even when I am on thr go. Thanks motor trend for this frikin amazing app!

Explain the permissions The application itself is pretty good and only occasionally crashes. The permissions required are insane and they must explain what they are doing with them.

Gets the job done, very well. The purpose of this application is to deliver automotive news to your phone, and that's what it does, and does it while looking great.

Won't Load, Please Fix Love the app, used to read everyday, but doesn't work anymore. When I attempt to open says not enough memory or network error, neither of which is the case. Note 4.

Ads ads ads Every three seconds an ad pops up. It makes reading any article almost impossible. I've cleared the cache and restarted phone but the problem persists. HTC M8.

Dave Used to LOVE this app. No longer. What's the deal with the pop ups? ?? Makes it impossible to read the articles

Cant open due to low memory or network connection I have plenty of space on my phone and tried it on wifi and full bars.... just crashes as soon as i open it. Telling me its 'unable to open. This could be due to low memory or network connection'. Was working fine yesterday, then just stopped. Tried restarting phone l, but nothing changed. What's going on?! Galaxy s5

Motortrend This app was good but would be better if you can include motorcycle news. Please include this and I will rate 5 stars.

Wrong notification Everytime when there is a notification from this app I click on it the app will came up but with totally different content from what was in the notification.

Occasionally issues This app is pretty good except it had issues on my Galaxy S5 for a while

What happened?! Used to work great. Now I can't find the topics that come through in my notifications in the new dashboard screen. The old format was much easier to navigate!

Gene The app is great i am just getting real annoyed that every other time i use an app i am asked to rate it. If it wasnt any good everyone would stop using it and then the company that would know that it is not useful and fix it.

Every time I try to open an article I get a force close. The app is useless for me at the moment.

Auto pop ups ads Annoying & restricts my right to swipe to the next page. Will delete this app.

MT The new improved app is fantastic. Although it occasionally malfunctions.

Great app This is my ATF car app, I use it everyday and have never been disappointed. Great regular updates in reviews.

Doesnt crash anymore and a lot more interactive than previous versions. Great app!

New ads distroyed the app Ads pop up every 2 sec and make the app unusable. Dont waste your time. I think the person that is responsible for these ads should get backhand slapped and fired

Great app. I've used this app for a long time. And I've used all layouts. This new layout is the simplest. Thank you to all who have a hand in the making this app.

Good but I like the app but can you search it for certain cars your are interested in?

Locks up EVERY time I attempt to view photos. NOT a new problem but getting worse.

Survey Survey pops up every 15 seconds even when app is running in background. This is the most annoying thing ever!!

Great App love the Mag Keep it up

What a mess Doesn't always want to load.

Car lovers delight Have had this app for a couple of years now and it works flawlessly.

No good Stupid survey keeps popping up, even though went through it and finished it.

I get the magazine as well. Some good information.

Fun to read Easy to navigate

Fantastic app for all us car guys

Like the app gives update on future cars

I like it, follow this everyday

Awesome but not better than carbuzz... ;)

Review It's ok.

Your stupid ad for extra gum keeps popping up asking me to do a survey even after I completed it preventing me from using your app

MT app It's great beautiful, fluid and informative

Use to be better An advertisement pops up every few seconds and I cannot read articles or see pictures.

Great I am subscribed to the magazine , but this app is just as good.

Good revision Much better than last iteration which frankly sucked.

Fantastic app! Easily one of my favorite apps. Contains all the auto news, updates, photos and videos I could ever wish for. Super easy to use as well!

Way TOO many Permissions ! This app wants way TOO many Permissions!! Also, what happened to the Automobile Mag app ??

Improved New version is a big improvement over the previous

Great way to stay on top of auto news. This is a great app. They really have gotten the advertising under control. It's a great way to stay on top of automotive news.

Ok but i liked how the old version worked You can not just go back to menu with back key it closes the app. Videos don't seem to update. Crashes a lot. To easy to go to next article without wanting to.

Review To a reader, putting words over the top of graphics is a headache to read.

Pretty Good! Has a decent mix of reviews, keeps you in the loop.

What's going on? Was a 5 but now a 3. Delayed updates, not much new video content, pictures don't load in articles (on either of my two Androids). Fix and it'll go back to 5 stars.

Everything great until update :/ I loved this app until the update. I can't see articles that are more than 24 hours old anymore (you used to be able to see all articles in the past week). It only half loads some articles and no pictures. And when I checked their website only a few of their articles are on the app; at least a third of the articles on their website but not on the app. VERY DISAPPOINTING

Motor trend review I like very good loads anywhere I go no matter service or no just need to keep uploading new stuff as it comes out I love this magazine adds are a little annoying not to bad though

Dislike the format which intersperses a lot of ads within the overview tiles. Too little content. Only big stories.

Rectify problem When I first installed this app a few years ago it was great. I could read the full article to see the pictures and the videos. Now the articles are only half or a quarter visible none of the pictures are visible and none of the videos. Please rectify this problem ASAP and I will put it back to 5 rating.

Love this App. Stories are Interesting. ..Love the Get to the point info..Don't like ads popups..Why never any Short Story 's !!!

Good app, but... The app is mostly good. Nice, easy layout. Launches quickly and is responsive. No irritating ads or nags to rate the app. The only catch is random crashes on a Galaxy S5.

Work out the bugs, it keeps turning notifications ON, everyday I disable it and everyday it turns it self back on. This has been an on going problem that is not being addressed.

Absolutely a great one stop auto shop! For Automotive information with easy to read and comprehensive data, to videos with all types of enjoyable, to funny, to comprehensive comparisons, to outlandish! Motor Trend has knocked it out of the park with this all I one , all to good to ever put down automotive app! Thank you Motor Trend!

Normally a great app but the news content hasn't updated in several days now and totally missed the Tokyo Motor Show. The most recent Road Test is now also 6 days old.

Great app You will have to deal with some advertising and the content doesn't come all at once, but for the price you really can't beat this app.

Content hard to find Often the app sends me notifications about a story MotorTrend is running. When I tap it the app goes to the homepage, not the actual article. Content is limited and doesn't show up quickly.

I teally like it The one issue i have with it is that it occasionally closes out on me. But otherwise, great app!

My favorite auto magazine. The articles and pictures are always on point! I love motor trend! Ever since I was nine.

I went from a 4 to a 2 Used to be my favorite app but now I only get part of an article (currently only can read up to #4 of a 15 cool features article) , pages won't refresh, and notifications of new articles don't take me to the article . In fact most times it is another 2 days before the article shows up after notifications and then I can't read the entire article. Fix it so I can give you a 4 or 5 again!

Update killed this app Loved this app until last update, pictures don't load in articles and the app closes on me all the time whenever it wants and most videos cant be watched in app. Very upset about this since I use app every day.

Last Update Fail The app fluctuates from being usable to useless for what appears to be on a whim.

Sharing option bug The app is great! Interesting articles. The weird thing is that, when I attempt to share an article on Facebook, the shared article is not the same one as the article I read in the app.

I still miss the old version. This new update no longer loads more then one days worth of content. The articles are not complete, only part of the stories are loading.

Went from 2 stars to 5 They finally fix the app. Both the content and so are great now.

Love the exclusive tour of the 2017 Acura NSX Plant Dope tour of the all new 2017 Acura NSX Supercar Plant in Marysville, Ohio!

Jose I subscribe to the paper magazine. Which I love. I visit your website regularly because I love cars. I have had your app installed on all my devices for as long as I can remember. But on every device (Android) that I have had, the app always sucks! Can't always click on videos. Click on an article that is only half way there. Click on an article and nothing shows up. Click on an article and only 1 picture pops up! Please work on your app. Droid turbo 2

App is hopelessly broken. I can remember how long it's been since I was last able to open this app and read a full article. Either the article is missing everything after the first paragraph, or it shows a single picture with no attached article to go with the picture. The scrolling function to browse past articles is broken, only allowing me to see things posted in the last 24-36 hours. I've tried this app on four different devices, each running different versions of Android and the results are the same. Please fix the app!!!!

Update issues Great information when it's updated. New cars and test drive don't update often and pictures will be updated after a week. And it's crashes a lot, no pun itended.

Motor Trend This is the best app out there for car enthusiasts everywhere.

Stop turning notifications on!! Every time I open this app after I have turned notifications off it automatically turns them back on. I used to love this app, but I have deleted it just because it won't leave the notifications off.

Sucks lately They use to put pics in the article, now u have to use the photo button each pic takes over a minute to load. Not worth it. And they havnt announced the october sales figures like they do each month of cars sold. I'm even cancelling my subscription cause of thr bad app. Second review. 10/28/15. Articles not updated in the last 4 days. And when they do article updates there are not many. Not showing monthly car sales at all anymore. Not updated anymore. Whats the problem?

Great App!! Everything you need to know about what's going on with the car industry!

Reduced rating One story update in the last four days. Suddenly dissapointed.

Perfect for car lovers It's like getting the magazine but without all the drawbacks.

This used to be a great app but now pics don't load, some stories don't even display so all you can see is one picture. You can't retrieve previous articles. Some of the articles aren't displaying fully so you can only read half the article. This used to be my go to app for reading about cars and now it's a disappointment.

In this era of automotive information, this app helps keep me informed.

Good stuff Really enjoy this great portable magazine! App is much easier to carry than paper!

Eh Convenient layout but pictures don't load in the articles

A I love this app cars are my thing now I have my monthly subscription with ease great

Best ever Keep it coming. I like reading and watching all the stuff.

Good source of car news! Good time killer when you just want a quick article to read.

Pretty good Here's an idea: when loading a story or review onto your mobile app, send the words with it. For too long I have opened articles and had no words. My app is up to date. The same happens with the Automobile app.

What happened? What happened? App was great, now it stops, doesn't display pics... Please fix it.

Why do updates make it worse? I don't have cell service every day, now it won't let me go back a couple of days and see what I missed. Also it doesn't like to load previously downloaded articles when ofline.

Absolutely loved the exclusive tour of the 2017 Acura NSX Plant Dope tour of the all new 2017 Acura NSX Supercar Plant in Marysville, Ohio!!!?

Works as advertised Takes a bit to load even over wifi, but content is great

Good info shielded by bad app This app use to work really well.... Have redownloaded twice and keeps closing or rebooting multiple times to open an article..very disappointed with the app now...may switch back to car and driver for now

Buggy Won't load content more than a few days old, pictures never load correctly in articles, sometimes clicking on a link in an article just takes me to the next one instead of following the link. Stops working regularly

Terrible "Unable to access content. This could be due to lack of memory or network connection." Or, it could be that this app doesn't work well...

DAMNED NEAR USELESS It's great if you want to flip thru a magazine. Useless if you want specific information.

Sucks ! Garbage! Only able to view articles from 1 day ago. Not able to scroll down to see or view older articles anymore !

What ever they have changed has rendered it almost usless! Freezes when you click on pictures, pictures won't load on most of the articles, and you can't go back more that a few days to check older articles!

Good content when it loads It has problems loading or refreshing so content is the same until you Uninstall and then re install. Some of the greatest automotive journalism however.

App freezes alot. Pictures wont open. Articles show only a few words. Half the time they are blank. Needs a overhall badly.

New update horrible The new update is not good you have to search around for the shows unlike before were you could just go to them individually and look at the episodes wish i had not paid for it now

Won't load Have tried several times to launch on my Dell tablet and it will not even open. Sent numerous reports ! Pretty sad!

Terrible Tons of bugs, most things don't load, WAY TOO MANY permissions required for a car news app. Delete this one.

Nice app to have. Sometimes has trouble loading. PLEASE FIX IT!!

The Constant Rodder Reader Been a reader since whenever, I think, in the 50's, MT was in pub'. There are mags, and, then there are MAGS' , MoTr. Is the best for real enjoyment and real coverage of great cars and excellent info

Downgraded You can no longer scan down to see older posts like you used to.

Motor Trend Though you get an occasional peek in to their internet subscription production, cute bits and all that, their journalism is right in the curve of relevance. Still, one cannot help but notice the biased praise of GM. See, I don't believe everything the government tells me. To ad lib The Rolling Stones classic, 'ya get what ya need'. Easy install, by the way, and there you have it.

Aweful "Unable to access content. This could be due to lack of memory or network connection." Or, it could be that this app doesn't work well...

Doesn't open Terrible app. Used to work now it won't open

Constant Crashing + more The app now refuses to open, saying "Unable to access content. This could be due to a lack of memory or network connection" I know both of those things are fine so I'm quite sad one of my favorite apps stopped working. Other than that, the app would often crash as I openned an article and/or midway through. I would give it a 5 but it has constant issues /: