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Monster Truck Destruction™

Supplied By ODD Games    On Sept. 20, 2016    Comments(238)

FREE Monster Truck Destruction™ version2.6.4.2 Download

*** Most popular and realistic Monster Truck game available – played over 225 million times ***

LOTS OF TRUCKS - Monster Truck Destruction™ features over 50 licensed Monster Trucks that span multiple generations from BIGFOOT, USA-1, Paul Shafer Racing, Outback Thunda, Rislone, Western Renegade, Monster Mayhem, Bad Habit, Black Widow, California Kid, Rockstar, Krazy Train, Wicked, Tornado, Convict, Tod Weston Motorsports, Aftershock, Tantrum and Virginia Beast.

LOTS OF LEVELS - Relive some of the original rivalries between BIGFOOT and USA-1 on the 24 different levels based on indoor and outdoor dirt stadiums.

GAME MODES - Compete in Freestyle, Drag or Practice modes in Single Events or go for glory in one of the three Championships.

GARAGE – See Engines, Intakes, Transmissions, Shocks, Exhausts parts swap out on your trucks in the Garage as you Upgrade to improve your trucks performance.

REALISM – Physics based truck movements and realistic truck damage.

LIVE THE GAME – See these trucks in real life at any of the Monster Truck Destruction Tour events http://www.monstertruckdestructiontour.com/

HOW TO PLAY – The game loads and you’re given 150,000 credit to buy your first truck. Scroll left and right to view all trucks. Once you’ve chosen your truck click ‘BUY’. You’re now able to compete in either Single Event or Championship.

CONTROLS – Choose from up to four different control types from the options menu.
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We require WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE and READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE to keep backwards compatibility with our game save data. It is only used to read write to your save file.

ODD Games part of our Racing and have average installs from 10000000 to 50000000. Last Update Sept. 20, 2016. Google play rating is 79.9873. Current verison is Actual size 135.0 MB.

What's new

    - Fixed in app purchased trucks being removed in some rare instances.
Download monster-truck-destruction-tm.apk 135.0 MB


Wont start-Huawei Acsend I downloaded the game, then went to my apps and pressed it then the screen went black then it just went to home screen please fix i heard its a great game and i want to play it

It's the device. ... Great game if ur device runs it. little glitchy even on note3 but never during play and always after dropping to home screen and Goin back in. Need to have access to west coast champ levels in single race/drag/practice mode. Need more top end trucks that don't cost real$. As is, one of the top free games out there imo. Never gets old.

Somehow this is still the best MonsterTruck game.... Controls and physics need work. How objects effect your truck vs. how the computer truck interacts with objects needs work. In drag race opponent truck can apparently go full throttle the whole time and never flip, while you run your version of the course you are faced with the decision to slow down (its a race btw) or just flip on your side and get turned around. The physics make me feel like I'm driving a plastic truck around instead of a monster truck with heavy wheels. Good start - still needs work.

Steering controls are ridiculously sensitive. Truck spins in a circle with the slightest touch of the key. Would rate higher if I could actually complete a level without flipping

can you add some new event can you add monster truck fight like smash trucks and ill love it and everybody will love it... plzzzz monster truck fight?.. thanks and everybody will rate this game 5 star.....

Awsome It be really cool if put better tracks and bigger freestyles and also there couple thing fix some tracks the post fall over on to track in it screw race up and when doing freestyle some reason u lose points for no reason but also bring monster jam truck in to the game and honestly people like it even better

Awesome This game was so awesome I couldn't believe my eyes when I first downloaded it and it was awesome it was so unbelievable and my brother won all that money for me in arms I was so proud of him and now I wanted 40 billion thousand dollars on the game yeah

Awesome, but 2 promblems 1. It connects to Google play for achievements, but it doesn't actually give me any achievements. 2. The game doesn't seem entirely finished. I've no ties a lot of glitches. Like the monster truck wheels flying off at random, and you can just skip past the entire course with out any check points. And another thing is that some tracks have empty spaces where cars should have loaded.

Best game ever Great game just wish i didn't have to use my wifi if i want to play it i have to wait till i get home also it would be awesome if you could have the body come off the truck when you wreck no matter how many times you flip it the body Will not come off other than that great game

Awesome time killer!!! I never write reviews, but this deserves one, other than the ads this game is perfect, takes a while to save for new trucks but with a measly 63p you can get a full power upgrade which is ideal! Ad removal is 50p, so for £1.13 this game is worth every single penny!!! Could do with an outdoor freemode track mind, just for buggering about on

Too much skipping during the game. I have to uninstall the game. It skips to much to enjoy and it just crashed and caused my phone to restart. If you can come up with a solution please email me and I'll keep checking for repairs because I truly loved the game until the skipping started.

Good game. The controls take a few days to get used to but once you do, its awesome. Sometimes it will stall due to the adds but just wait it out, and the sensitivity has to be set every single time the game is started. Will give five stars if fixed.

Add new truck and new stuff Can u plz add the old grave digger I love this app add grave digger for coins not money plz but this app is awsome Plz I do not want to buy grave digger I want to unlock Him for the monster truck coins whatever but u have the best monster truck game ever and add fires and smoke when the monster truck is getting busted like when pices fall apart pls do not remove it from the playstore it dazerves 1,000,000,000,000,000 stars people that do not like this game it may not work on u tablet or phone is should not be removed from the play store kiran arbind u are worng dick.THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVER YAY

The controls and put a graphic settings Hmmm its a great game but the controls are really annoying in different steering options -_- can u make it smooth? Like smooth steering of somewhat.. And plz add a graphic setting (like turn off the shadows) coz im running on samsung note and its old xD

More... Game is repetitive, tracks are really small, make a few big maps, add some water to the mix, we had water pits at the monster jam I went to...

Was ok until... It spams you with self advertising and starts reminding you to play with notifications. Un install.

AWESOME!!!!! Cool! Awesome! Great physics! Changeable view! Nice truck sound and music! One of the best game i ever played!!!!!

Good but Controls are too sensitive, and the AI can be cheaters. They can go full throttle and barely flip in a race! Are my wheels plastic? Also it seems too hard to lose a wheel. Also the trucks are all old-school ones, no new ones, no new tracks, etc.

Love Why I loved the game is the game is the best because it usually the worst but this game is the best for you I consider this game to you and there is not any lag in this game.

Awesome Its great but its better when you can have a monster truck fight where you can crush other trucks

Best MT Game Ever Made! Barely has any ads which is very good! I love when it is realistic and your tires just fly right off! Very good and realistic! Thanks!

Incredible!!! Real monster trucks...Big Foot, USA1, Snake Bite and many, many more! The physics are great! Watch as your truck gets torn to shreds in freestyle, which is my favorite! It's everything a Monster Truck game should be! Simply awesome!!!

Fun game. But I'm uninstalling. The adds are so annoying, and I don't wish to add my Google+ account. But of course there is no option to "Do not ask me again" so after every race I have to go through a sequence of declines. Its a great fun addicting game. But I have no patience for adds or the Google+ issue. I don't have a lot of time during the day to play games. When I do I don't like the frustration of adds and so on. Great game I suggest it to others.

Best truck monster truck driving game. I love it. There are a few glitches/bugs but none that inhibit play. Good job !

Fuck google ads Love the game and i dont mind looking advertisements but google is to much i dont want google to know anything about me google need to fuck off i hate google facebook twitter etc etc fuck off i have a private life and i dont want to share it with anybody so google FUCK OFF

Awsome graphics for android game This game is addicting def if u like monster trucks.love to play n a great way to kill time if nd be two thumbs up from me 5 stars love it

Good I luve monsters truck. Best game ever on play store. Tracks are beautiful. Drifting. Jumping. Destroying.. every thing is enjoyable

Cool App This is a really fun game, but has some slight issues. The steering is a little loose and sometimes sends me out of control, missing the checkpoint. Also glitchy if you don't have the right devise. Otherwise, great game!

Are you kidding me This game is a disaster it worked fine for a few weeks then it really started to screw up no touch what so ever couldn't exit out would freeze and mad me very mad was a good game till this bullshit I'm done with it I DID enjoy it

Its super addicting Its a fun game but I only see two things they need to fix.The worst one is the adds. O.k. all games need adds but theres way to many for such a little game.The second thing I dont like is the random difficulty like on level 8 I get my but wooped and on level 10 im amazing.I think it would be better to make an order like level 1 is easy and it gadualy gets harder.

Plays but won't continue Hey i have to say i had this game about a yr ago it was bloody amazing then today i downloaded it number of time if you play east or west coast i can play first lvl then it freezes where you get you win bonus coin and will not continue i have downloaded and deleted 3 times today to the same effect its a little glitchy not bad though needs more things in game and more trucks that are well known aka grave digger and max d things like that would be good thanks i have also downloaded again on s2 galaxy same fix

Great game except... Great game except I can't stand the controls. Fix the tilt steering and make the touch controls easier to use and make the joysticks have a larger touch area and I will give 5 stars.

Good game play, controls are bad The game is really good and deserves 5 stars. Only let down by the button controls locking up and ruining a good run. Joystick controls are too sensitive also.

It's is a great game. The only reason I don't give it a better score, is because it keeps shutting down at different times. U could be finally passing a stage that's been giving u trouble, and all of a sudden ur back at ur home screen. VERY FRUSTRATING! !!

Great game It's fun and an all around good game. The biggest problem I have is sometimes I'll be in the middle of a race and an ad will pop up and pause the race.

Great game but needs more levels. Off road level and tug of war.

really bad controls if that controls weren't so bad this would actually be a good game

One Small Problem The game is amazing despite the fact that when im doing drag races, the other truck gets to start a half second before me... and believe me, that half second actually matters a lot.

Please download this,is cool Dis is is fun games yeah cool

Good idea bad design Steering controls are retarded hard and overall game play is almost impossible

Monster truck destruction Still the best monster truck game out. Needs improvement , since update you have less driveability, Gets to glitcie. Need a build your own truck option. Trucks are to costly to buy. Gladly give 5 stars with a few fixes., also wheels seem to break off a little to easy. I can't exit game with update, keeps draining my battery. My freestyle scores keep getting taken away . you guys gotta fix this driveability really sucks, handled way better before update. Lost Steering and throttle control , FIX IT!

Can be improved Great game but the computer cheats a lot. As soon as it goes off track you can see it resetting itself about 8 times a race. The winnings were way better before the update. Once again an app making group making it impossible to get the money you need reasonably. 20,000 a race for 1.2m trucks come on! It also runs a lot more sluggish. The brackets freeze a lot and the green light may or may not be there. Plus, I paid for a truck with tracks and it gives no advantage. It is some how back heavy and flips every time you get air off a ramp.

Great game but... Great game but when are all of the bugs and glitches going to be fixed? It has been over a week and there are still no changes. I just want the physics and drivabillity of the old version back, you can't even go over an obstacle without being thrown around uncontrollably for awhile without being able to do anything about it. Other than these major bugs it is a really great game

GALAXY SCH R530U Since the last update the drivability of the trucks suck! They will not turn, even the ones that aren't upgraded do uncontrollable wheelies often. I know a monster truck is powerful but come on they are heavy too. And the water barriers and barrels outlining the coarse seem to be way to heavy now. They will not move. And I paid $9.99 for an upgrade for all the old trucks. It's not there now. Still ok but will give 5 stars with a few improvements.

Notifications Getting worse, I'd rather have the old back.

Monster truck destruction It is a really good games but it would be better if they had a mud bog or a sled pull or a tug a war or hill climb because then it would be the best game ever and could you please add a 1977 ford long bed on 39.5 inch bloggers and a 9 inch lift with a sparkling blue paint job please

OH YEAH! to MY GOD! Improving pyhsics was the Worst! It was so FAHN before. Bigfoot #5 is too sensitive to bouncing, n my truck keeps spinnin out during drag races. Fix #5 and decrease physics for 5 stars. And it starts to freeze and lag.

Excellent I love this game so much. With all the variety of monster trucks including the original monster trucks. This is one of the best games I have played. But can you please fix the physics on Bigfoot 5 because it seems to bounce around all over the place. Also try and go up to monster jam and see if you can get some of their trucks in this game.

New update The new update they added tracks and trucks. But they lowered the winnings from races to 20000 per race and put a 2 million dollar truck in the game. Virtually making it impossible to do with buying in game cash. The new tracks and running game play is laggy and is far worse to play since the new update. Fellas this update blows and caused me to remove the game. I've had it for over a year.

MTD I love it !!!! I cant put it down but it played way better before the update , im more addicted than before , its one of my most favorite games that gives me the thrill of being behind the wheel of a monster truck , but when you drive up on a car its like you hit a brick wall , this game needs what the old game had.

Horrible I don't know what you guys did with the update, but the game is absolutely terrible now. I like the idea of new trucks and tracks but you can't even drive them now. The game lags so bad, and the fundamentals are just terrible.

all the words all purple This game used to be amazing now its kinda stinks, also all the words are covered up by purple.

Cool Needs old school track like sled plus it would also be cool to see grave digger number 1 or 2

I love it I love this game the only complaint I have right now is that I bought bigfoot 5 the really tall truck and it goes absolutely crazy and bounces even when I am not touching a thing

Bigfoot 5 Very disappointed with this not only took forever to get the money for this truck cause everything is only worth 20 thousand now but was excited to get this truck only to watch it bounce all over the place crazily after hitting one jump and doesn't stop til it destroys the truck making this very unenjoyable

UPDATE KEEPS LAGING!!!!!! Pls. Fix this game

Loove it Awesome keep up good work

Detestable!!!! Level 18 is Insane, just because there are more trucks added to the bracket doesn't mean the game itself is worth the trouble to play and earn the other trucks!! And besides that, the trucks are Way too Over Priced, the Race tracks and freestyles have a Set Payload of 20 Grand, Not at All Plausible for the game, and on top of that, Just because the Graphics are Better doesn't mean you should Neglect to upgrade the Physics of the game as far as driving, driving control, speed and Stability. Uninstalling.

grate game but it is a litel bit styuped and rite dis game by score of /5 im givingit a 2/5

Why does Bigfoot v. Flip all around when it hits anything can't do anything with it. Please fix this. Other than that it's the best monster truck I have found..great game.

Black maps All the tracks are black now and some of the buses and ramps they all blend together cant tell where you are going

Update sucks After the update the steering is horrible and it freezes up after each race, I loved this game before the update but after I won't even play it.

No time to get first and it shouldn't for big foot 5 jumps a round to much give more time the restart button is a pain it takes the over time away needs more bonus time

Mtd Awesome

It's not free. I got this game for my son, but he never got to play. You can download this for free but all of the trucks are locked and must be purchased before you can play.

Love it but Hey guys I absolutley love this game I play it all the time I've had my parents tell me to get off, but the new update, the new levels have some bugs like the new levels have white bugs all over the map, and all the levels have the same amount if u place first so its harder to get the new trucks. Please fix and another thing is you should have some monster jam trucks... anyways keep up the good work have a good day :)

MTD The game is amazing and I love the update, the on problem is its very lagy and slow, if you can fix that that would make this a 5 star game

Great game few flaws. The bracket seems broke when racing, all the names of the trucks are jumbled together and the bracket doesn't fill out like it should when you advance to the next round. Wish there was some actual tuning but all and all a great monster truck racing game.

Way to ruin a good game During Racing, you can't even see the Christmas tree. Driving the trucks isnt what it used to be. There very sensitive when turing. The loading is glitchy, an takes forever. Love all the new trucks, but theres really no point because its so hard to control them. And you cant even break the wheels off anymore. Other then the new trucks, the update was absolutely horrible. Kinda second guess playing this game anymore. Hope yall can fix this in a short amount of time

Love Game Love tracks and trucks added on last update. But now game won't load on my S3, if fixed would be amazing!

Either that or they way to hi on themselves fee put'n such crap n wasting peoples time w/hopes they ever fix this EMBODIMENT of complete DISORGANIZED MESS of wut otherwise COULD BEa really good game if they FIXED AL/ANY major BUGS/FLAWS, sum/which r by design no doubt(ie. Too hi themselves) eg. Drags-sum IMPOSSIBLE levels to Gold ((4,5,9,+more), don't buy UNLOCK ALL TRUCKS-SCAM, INCONSISTENT Chk Pt Detect(Arrrg)(7-miss 1/2 the track) its like 4 guys designed 4 tracks ea., not once talked to 1 another or pla

Won't work after update I click on the icon to open it up and play it but it takes me right back to my home screen. Anyone else experiencing this?????????

Good game Bad upgrade the trucks are expensive and the money you earn from the freestyle went down there all 20,00 and the graphics keep breaking up other than that it's a fun game.

I love the game but since the new update I haven't been able to open the game it just takes me back to my home screen. They need to make a pacth for the game.

Nvm My screen keeps going back to home screen when i want to play

Game sucks wont even open after i downloaded it on my Samsung S4.

Great game but doesn't work since last update. I start the game. It goes to the black screen like its loading and stops and goes back to my phone. Please fix. Galaxy S3

I want the wheels to fall of again.

Great game had it for awhile It just upgraded again I have a HTC 1 after a race it will freeze please fix

Want to buy Would be 5 stars but I can't buy anything with my card. Can't even get to the purchase page. Would spend money on it if I could.

Need more money Since the Big update came out I have been wanting "Bigfoot #5" but it is out of my budget and I don't have enough time to earn the money for it please make the game where it gives you more money.

Done with this game. I reported several days ago that the game has become glitchy causing me to lose races and lose points in freestyle. Also the game started giving the indication I was missing obstacles in racing when I know I wasn't. I have gotten no response whatsoever from the developer either here or through email. Thanks for turning a once satisfied customer into very disappointed customer. I am uninstalling the game and will NEVER play another game from this developer again.

Apex of the Genre The game Android needed but didn't deserve... There have been innumerable monster truck games on a variety of consoles and platforms over many years but they are often just half-hearted cash grabs. MTD, is actually pretty addictive and fun. They have built a game with the best physics and graphics I've seen in this genre. It's as if they took pride in their work!

Awesome I like monster trucks i got the bigfoot witth big wheels and it glitches but now its fine so thats why i gave you guys five star thank you!!!!

Galaxy S5. The graphics are amazing. Best mobile app out there as far as the action and graphics. The only thing that I'd change is to make the competition harder. In the beginning it would be a little harder but after you've been playing a while and have full power, it's a little too "easy" and I wind up sitting at the finish line just waiting for the other trucks to finish.

Best and most realistic monster truck game I've ever played! Somebody finally got it! Can't wait to see what's next! Get some more truck names involved and detail upgrading more and this game is more than console worthy! New tracks are great but I think you guys should add tracks more similar to world finals tracks. Would be nice if monster jam had you guys make their game cause that one sucks! Hey at least you guys got Ford's! Also the addition of the panel truck is awesome response to not havingtheDiggers

I would give it five stars if the trucks i buy compete with the computer driving would give me their earnings... Still waiting for the above to happen

Excellent I love this game however there are some other monster x tour trucks that should be in this game. Crush station, river rat, mega merc, identity theft ,stinger,back draft as well as others. I get that Bigfoot started it all but there are enough of those trucks already.

just fine. fuk yeah !!!im still playin the free one but once i get full version im gonna be monster trucikn all Fukn day

Great fun with your favorite trucks Gameplay is good, I recommend leaving it set to tap controls. Joystick and tilt controls are pretty well worthless. I like the trucks that are available, and the game is a lot of fun! I don't like the fact that some of the trucks can only be purchased with real $$$. Other than that it's great.

No control The hardest racing game ive ever played the trucks have no controll, even when you adjust it over turns an crazy bouncing missed check points, so after 10 bucks an week of trying i throw in the towel

Good job Needs a little more tweaking done on the controls my accelerator indicated I was touching it and the light even says good job but my truck remains stationary. Also the engine idle sound effect is a bit off try filtering the sound effect down more by placing stretched nylon stockings in front of the mic and backing up a lil further. Also tug o war or pulling challenges would be good and custom truck builder while your at it. That being said graphics and physics are spot on game is fun as hell please keep adding content. This game did exceed my expectations but why stop there right? Oh and a few tricks from back in the day you may have forgotten Awesome Kong, Miss Bigfoot, Gator, Darrel Starbirds Monster Corvet, Rolling Thunder the Michigan Ice Monster, Taurus (the first truck to ever drive up and over two busses), and cylops

It constantly is not giving me my points in freestyle. I can plainly see i have points then the round ends and nothing. It does this to me almost every time i race freestyle. And it says i lost when i can plainly see i won a drag race. Fix please. Fix fix fix. Then i will give it a 5 star

Much improved. Gameplay performance glitches seem to have been corrected, although there are still some infrequent issues with starting lights disappearing at the start of races. It's a shame that multiplayer was cut from the latest version. Those things aside, this is my favorite app.

Monster Truck Destruction Monster truck racing and off-road this is absolutely the best in app game. This is superior compare to other games available. Hands down the best of any play store/apple store,etc.. This game will give you the power to play a bad a** game for free that should or could by right versus other in app games be a top paid game. And once your able to get the ad free game your opening up a huge world of awesome gaming entertainment and value and this games is good for any family.

Mtd Love the game good realistic graphics good controls nice sounds only thing I dislike is the truck selections it needs grave digger El Toro Loco max d monster mutt bounty hunter and more. I want to know the name of the songs that are on the game love them all heavy metal songs with the lyrics cut out please tell me the name of the songs

Best monster truck game in history It's hard to believe but this really is the best monster truck game ever. The physics are great. Damage on the trucks realistic. The number of real trucks from across the history of monster truck incredible. The number of tracks as well as size impressive. It's aw inspiring that this is on my phone and better then any monster truck game I've seen or played on any console or pc.

Best ever This is the best monster truck game I have ever played. Some tips for odd games are to make it more difficult than it is. Thank you ODD games

Ghostrider I loved this game had it on my droid turbo worked great I had to factory reset my phone so I downloaded it again now it won't even start up on my phone please fix

Game won't even start.. Game won't even start.. after installing I tried to open it.. its stuck at screen Australia..

Why I rely liked the game and woulda gave it a 5 but u guys made the wheels stop falling off with made it not so realistic plz fix

Hey silly creator Did you know wildfoot is Bigfoot 11? And how do you pop the tires off.

Good Be better if you dident have to race to unlock levels but to just have them all and play any one at any time you want to?it disappoints me that i cant play the next level like my friend?so pleas think about this

I love it I love it I used to have it on a iPhone and it was not that much fun. Now I have galaxy and it has big foot and more maps and trucks and it is pretty fun lol.

Love the game but..... I paid to unlock all the tracks and trucks however when the game upgraded the trucks stated unlocked but the tracks i had unlocked on my own as well as the new ones went back to being locked and also the full power upgrades i bought on some trucks dissappeared i dont think thats fair to upgrade the game and take away stuff i paid for and make me pay again

Great game Great sf, good control over truck, like it better than monster jam game. Be nice to build ur own truck,tires,left kit, color, design, make n model. More control over truck n parts and this game would be perfect!! Nice work guys, love it...

Best monster truck game so far! Please add more official trucks and possibly a weather mix like rain & snow for outdoor events.

Cool It was a very fun game and I think it was cool. :)

Eehhh I tried to get into this game I really did. The ads aren't horrible it's not that kind of stuff. If I liked it enough I'd just pay the 99 cent to get rid of them. The controls are "all or nothing", they need some kind of sensitivity. The upgrades are kind of expensive leaving you to do a bunch of races and in the end just pay money. Which is fine like I said about the ads, but I guess I just don't like monster trucks that much to pay for the stuff.

Doesn't Loads After a great attempt i downloaded this game but now when i tried opening it loads till only " Australian Government logo" screen and it stucks there. I'm uninstalling the game

Love this app. Had it for a couple of years very good action,great controls,realistic damage, now even more cool trucks to chose from. Addicting and fun.

Its much better very better close to perfect Just make the prize money amount more and itll be well the most staggering game on the play store the steering is fixed and the physics feel better so yeah good job guys!

This game is hard I liked the one on apple because this one is hard and they havent been given me points on freestyle like they give the computer points

Game couldt'n start Game couldt'n start in my Asus Zenfone 2 lollipop, why? It only show about australian sponsored screen. I love this game if you would to fix it. Thanks.

Legit awesomeness Just could be a five star but didn't know that half of trucks be BIGFOOT and other I have no clue bout.

This game destroys the competition!! This game is awesome! Better than any other monster truck game out there. Physics are amazing, graphics are awesome and the different game modes are great. Please keep the updates coming!!

Wont show up Loved this game on my phone but downloaded it on my computer and dont have any of the trucks i have on my phone not to happy as i bought some trucks with actual money

Very fun Can you guys make another game. But similar to monster jam please, if make another game with more tracks and more monster trucks

Need more money Since the Big update came out I have been wanting "Bigfoot #5" but it is out of my budget and I don't have enough time to earn the money for it please make the game where it gives you more money. And I also want "Bigfoot #1" but my mom won't buy it for me could you please make it where bigfoot 1 costs in game money instead of real money

I want my money Won't let me restore my purchases, officially the worst game in the world, doesn't deserve 10mil people playing. I've done the restore purchase button over 100 times and all I see is $0.00 everytime

Seriously I dont know what you guys did with the update an this GRIM truck. But the game is glitchy as hell. You have a good game just leave it the hell alone. Its the best of the best, an if it aint broke dont fix it! I like alot of people have real money in this game. Please fix this issue as soon as possible! Not that this review will do any good. But if your going to do something get it right the first time then update. Fed up with this whole thing!

Fun, but needs ability to transfer data to other devices Fun game, but when I got my new phone, ALL my saves of trucks earned in the game are gone. Now I have to start all over. Not liking that.

Update: latest update is glitchy as all hell. Cant race because of it. Would rate higher if my in game purchases (like no ads) would still apply to my new phone. But no apparently I need to re spend the money to have those purchases reinstalled

just fine. fuk yeah !!!im still playin the free one but once i get full version im gonna be monster trucikn all Fukn day

Love the game but update has issues After the recent update the game is unplayable on a Galaxy S5. Horrible lag and choppy. The game is great aside from this!!!

Lost all of my trucks Performed a simple phone wipe. Redownloaded the app and now all of the trucks I played countless hours to get are now gone except for the OG Bigfoot. What the heck?

Love this game I just wish more monster jam trucks like grave digger and Max d were available

Wth!!! Was great but now it won't even open!! I spent my money on this game now it doesn't work!!

Problem Every time I try to upgrade the vehicle it will just freeze until I pull my battery

Great game, but glitches after last update Im addicted to this game! But it's really glitchy after last update! Please fix!

All a round fun game. Who would pay .10 for a full motor. Why not make like a 1500 hp truck. Then let people update it.

Bad update, and super laggy. Great trucks. Awesome track levels. Just too much lag. Hard to play.

PLEASE FIX!? This is a fantastic game. However the latest update has rendered it barely playable in race mode (my favorite mode). If you can iron out the bugs and make the trucks handle the same as before than i pledge to rate 5 stars and buy some premium content?. Do we have a deal??

Bad update Since the last update, the game lags big time. Never had this issue before galaxy note 4. I have this on a samsung tab and it operates just fine

Ruined This game was amazing until the new update now it glitches non stop its like impossible to play

What happened ???? Played all the time. Was one of the best running games on my phone but since last update it is unplayable. The grim truck is awesome and all but now can't control while racing. Need to fix. Was a 5 star before last update. Game is too glitchy now.

Used to be great Game is unplayable with newest update. Gameplay is no longer smooth...

Glitch it was a good game until now. For some reason it glitches and I can't drive or nothing can u plz take out the glitch. And I would delete it and download it back but I'll lose all of my data.

Update broke the game Game won't load after update. Please fix

You broke it This by far is/was my favorite game. But what the heck have you done to it. The last update has killed this game. You can't even play it anymore. Way to glitchy.

Love it I only wish mtd would have breakable springs shocks axles like a real monster truck I mean I love all the new things but the new level and truck is all over the place plus the wheels just don't seem to come off anymore

Fix update 1 of my favorite games. Played yesterday and it worked fine. Played today after the update and the frame rate is terrible. Game is almost unplayable. Please fix

Broken after update Game updated with new levels, almost unplayable with massive lag that was not present before update. Also new levels are not obtainable. Finished first in racing and freestyle and new levels won't unlock. Very disappointed. Seems as though this update was not tested and just rushed out.

Since the new update game won't even start. I have droid turbo

DO NOT BE FOOLED! Not a free game, not even for trial. Once this is installed you need to purchase to play. Thanks, developers, for wasting my time.

Best This is a great game hard to control the pro motor but awesome thanks just need max D and grave digger

We aliens come in peace wich is good you humans We don't freeze people wich is bad fellow humans

Immersive mode and damage physics It's 2016 and this game has no immersive mode? Also, the physics are pretty good, except for one thing: you cannot loose wheels and that's completely unrealistic.

The game is lagy on the new update

The update made the game play is glitchy.

Laggy glitchy Newist update has been horrible I cant anything anymore it is so laggy

Very action game Very fun

New update broke game Laggy and unplayable

Good Graphics are totally good

Update sucks Game lags horribly since recent update, impossible to control truck, needs fixed, on a droid turbo

For some reason after the update it is now very choppy can you fix it if possible Frustrated

Bad controls Controlling truck is really difficult

It won't let me do back flips. After the update the trucks will flip upside down when hitting back flip ramps but won't flip all of the way. 4/5/16 I tried it again and I still can't do back flips. 4/5/16 I know but when I hit the ramps my truck shoots straight up and don't rotate like its supposed to resulting in my truck landing upside down like a turtle.

Great monster truck game Hello there I just wanted to say I love this monster truck game I will admit you're going to have to grind a little bit for money unless you paid like I did LOL but the physics and the overall handling of the truck is wonderful great interface handles like a charm. I do have a few ideas and requests though would be awesome if you could add some of the more up-to-date trucks or make a number 2 with all the new trucks out there

Good game but flawed This is better than the iOS version in the fact you can adjust the graphics however the scores are way higher to beat on Android then iOS like 80,00 points vs 300,000 points on the same level. Also it won't let you past level 8 after the update

Was 5* but 1* now Loved it then the whole game stopped working. Doesn't get passed the Australian beginningcredits . Uninstalled and reinstalled twice no change. I got pretty far and was enjoying this game but for no reason at all just stopped working all together for me. If I can get it fixed I will rerate a 5*

Love this app. Had it for a couple of years very good action,great controls,realistic damage, now even more cool trucks to chose from. Addicting and fun.this is by far the best monster truck game only wish one thing, that you could make the tires pop and drive it flat. Don't think no other app has ever done that. Thanks MTD !!

I do not like it kind of THE STUPID ARROW MESSES THINGS UP AND I LOST FROM THE STUPID ARROW but on the lighter side I love it

Better. This game is so addicting and very realistic. After the update it's gotten so much better and I love playing it. But could u please add more maps. The ones I got now are super boring. Add the world finals track!!! That would give me a 5 star

needs work This is the best monster truck simulator game you'll get on the iOS or Android system I wish they would make a legit simulator and spend some real money but this is the best will get for now but I am still really impressed. Where's the destruction of the equipment was more realistic track guards and foam pieces would not stop the monster truck

Needs some more trucks This is an amazing game but one thing is it needs more trucks, like Gas Monkey, Storm Damage, Rammunition, Rage, Wrecking Crew, Big Chief, Shaker, Airborne Ranger, Stinger, Lumber Jack, Thrasher, FDNY, Double Trouble, Hornet, River Rat, and Heavy Hitter.

Please fix I've played this game for a long time and upgraded a lot of trucks and bought them. please fix ASAP and I will rate 5 stars and give a wonderful comment. thank you in advance I have a brand new cell phone since then I haven't been able to get all my trucks and I hit restore and did what I was supposed to do the rest is up to you thanks

Needs more.... You guys should add broke axles,fires,tires falling off,brokenplanetaries,and broken shocks

Removed another star:Restore purchases SCAM! I have spent a lot of money with this game on my old phones and now it will not restore my purchases. How do you expect people to keep playing your game when they get a new phone?

Your ads just got waaaay longer ATTENTION I.T TEAM I love this game, but recently y'all have added long 15 sec ads between EVERY run. If this keeps up, I will be forced to uninstall. Thanx

This is a great man game I luv this game just wish more trucks where available free.

Bring full power upgrade back with my everything purchase Its a great game but when the game first came out i purchased everything for it but with this new update i cant have all my full power upgrades that came with every truck anymore can you please fix i didnt pay almost 40 for all of it to go to waiste

Love the game, is actually better than monster jam game Love this game, it's on all my devices, it better than the monster jam game. And customer services and overall are rockstars

Lost all of my trucks Performed a simple phone wipe. Redownloaded the app and now all of the trucks I played countless hours to get are now gone except for the OG Bigfoot. What the heck? And yes I've tried menu restore. Trucks are still gone. It sucks a lot.

Fun game Can you add a name tag to rename trucks, you can buy a name tag for ether $50,000 or $100,00

Stupid game It always shows a window on the gaming screen which is so irritating....hate this worthless game don't install it

No arrow That red arrow is so annoying good game but the red arrow needs to get rid of and also could you add like a demolition derby event using cars pls I realy love crashing games?

You guys should make a full on monster jam version Love this game but it would be better if you include in the next update broken tirods, sway bars and stuff like that also you guys make a full on monster jam version with trucks from this season and past seasons along with some classics

Best monster truck game ever. But can you add more trucks from the 2014 and 2015 season , like Gunslinger , Samson , Raminator , Destroyer , Ghost Ryder , River Rat , Heavy Hitter , Brute Force , Stinger , Dare Devil , Muscle American , and Titan ,the reason I ask is cause I have over 5 million game dollars and nothing to spend it on . yes I've ready done the latest update too , and it helped the problem .

Fun to play I've played this on iOS and on Android, it's always a hit

Add Multiplayer odd games Odd games It would be fun if you add Multiplayer that would be so much fun. Ps i have the bigfoot monster truck and grim

Best monster truck game I like it. Runs smoothly. The only thing is there should be more trucks and multiplayer.

Dumb as hell You can't even stay on the track you truck just goose any where but the track

ODD Games The new update crashes my game can you please fix it. Thank you

Love this game but the controls to turn are messing up. Get it fixed so I can play more!

Great Game! One of the more realistic racing games available fod android phone! Sound and gameplay are dope!!!??

My son loves this game. Love all trucks that are avaliable. He loves zombie truck....sounds graphics trucks are awesome.....jus add grave digger for me

I love it I love this game beacuse the trucks looks like monster Jam and their levels are 24 & The GRIM is best truck in the world and you must add levels up to 28... :)

Very great graphics and fun Please make a physics update and more upgrades...anyways very fun to play. Also add more things to do.

Please update and fix for Marsh mellow 6.0 Thank You! :)

Can barely control the truck I tried everything and the truck either flips or just spins or goes into the wall in drag it is stupid

Awesome but... I love the game but I would rate it five stars if it wasn't so hard to complete the levels. Before the update it was so easy to complete levels. P.s. you should add flat tires in the next update and ad a front flip ramp with new levels.

Awesome! Great physics, great trucks, great everything! Keep up the good work!

Why does Bigfoot v. Flip all around when it hits anything can't do anything with it. Please fix this. Other than that it's the best monster truck I have found..great game. That fixed the game. Thanks

Bring old school monster truck racing Put sleds in the game they'll make it more awesome like racing in the Louisiana super dome during the battle of the monster trucks and have both Virginia Beach beasts tanks free what is the point of paying 99 cents for a monster tank?

YEE HAAAAAW COME ON MTD ROCK AND ROLL This app shows us the amazing monster trucks. Oh there's one clue of MTD beacause there is MONSTER JAM TRUCK IN HERE THERE ARE BAD HABBIT,CAPTIN USA AND ONE AND ONLY KRAZY TRAIN and there more there, is a little monster trucks AHHHHHHH SO CUTE AND THERE ARE FOR KIDS

Fun until it isnt The first championship is fun with a Decent challenge but the final two championships are frustratingly hard and not fun to play at all. Would ve been a 5 star game if not for that. Would be a easy fix with difficulty levels we get to choose

Good game but flawed This is better than the iOS version in the fact you can adjust the graphics however the scores are way higher to beat on Android then iOS like 80,00 points vs 300,000 points on the same level. Also it won't let you past level 8 after the update

Good game, some glitches Great to play but it won't give me my achievements. Fix and will 5 star.

Awesome Im addicted. Works great. Fun to play. But now im bored! New tracks? New Championships? Different countries maybe? Its great though. I love it.

Awesome Definitely the best monster truck game for mobile devices. But can get a little frustrating when your truck pops a wheel in a drag race and it makes no attempt to turn. But, they do that in real life to. And the crash damage perfecto!! So get lost MMX racing!

Needs more.... You guys should add broke axles,fires,tires falling off,brokenplanetaries,and broken shocks also why does bigfoot 5 turn into wild foot when your far away from tv view camera

Super fun and cool This game is like monster jam. Very cool .

Thx for replying The game is amazing and for one's like this that I've played haven't compared to this one. I enjoy playing it in my spare time. Thx for replying btw, I know I probably confused u guys a bit but it was solved in the end. I hope y guys keep making it better. Thx for bringing this into my life.

Sucks still maps so confusing Hi, have you tried the latest update as it has many fixes? Wtf the maps so confusing i get lost every time it's a race a very hard to control to many bumpy edges but the freestyle is really fun maybe just incorporate points into freestyle too, and make the prices reasonable godang 50grand for a upgrade engine and like 30 grand for intake upgrade and 15 thousand I think for the first spring upgrade. And you only get like barely 200 to 300 a race would be really fun if someone made a game where it's just fun and the whole game is able to be played other wise you get bored and leave make the game funner easier to get a better car and be funny to play I hate games with restrictions.

Cool concept, terrible controls Love the trucks in the game . It is very cool to see some of the old trucks from when I was young. The controls, however, are just awful. I would play this game everyday day if it wasn't for them. They are not smooth at all and just jerk everywhere. It is nearly impossible to win races without cheating and taking short cuts. GET THE CONTROLS FIXED AND MORE PEOPLE WILL SPEND $ AND ENJOY THE GAME!!!!!!

Great Game This truly is the best monster truck games out there! But I do have a question? I bought Grim and the fully loaded performance package and I'm wondering why the truck is so hard to drive... I love the air, the wheelies, and the recovery but I break almost all the wheels in freestyle mode... and the over bounce ( rebound) is driving me a little crazy.... is there a fix for this? I have tantrum the same way and doesn't do this at all... this is why I'm asking.... great game and very fun. Hopefully more tracks

Best Monster Truck Game You can find I've downloaded multiple monster truck games to entertain me and my 1 year old who is obsessed with monster trucks.. I have to say that out of all the games I downloaded this one is the top of the line.. I really have no complaints but I do wonder why whenever I'm doing really well and I know that I clearly am going to have first place all of a sudden one of my wheels falls off... and then another wheel falls off. and all my trucks are at their top performance I can't add anything else to them..Strong 5

Awesome game. Works wonderful on galaxy s5. Could use updating like any app game...but suggestions multiplayer, different types of damages (tire bead blowing, shocks giving out or even blown engine, trans, axle) just more realistic! and even have some sort of maintenance schedule could be cool. Portray what it really takes to be a monster truck driver and the risks. This game could be one badass game "(if done right.!.)"

ODD GAMES Hey odd games the AI trucks or opponents are to hard to beat can't win races any more plz

Best game out there! Absolutely love this game. Great way to kill some time. Great graphics and sounds. Love all the trucks and tracks. If you don't have this game you need to download it right now!

Awesome Best game ever the most I like about it is the soft body physics.$$bill yaw.o and also can i get 2.000.000 in game $ i bout some before to buy bigfoot 5 win i downloaded it a gain it gave me my 2 monster trucks i bout i wile back but not my 2.000.000$ i bout

You are horrible. I saved up for the last trucks (costing around 4million total) and still was unable to beat the game, so I rated it 3 stars. U replied saying 'try our latest update its fixed'.... I reinstall.. All the trucks are gone, and I'm not redoing all that for a game that will have a dead end anyways. Shame. If I still had my trucks I might have started playing again.

Porn ads My six year old loves the game and was very upset when I uninstalled it. I uninstalled because there was an ad that popped up showing a porn scene.

On different arenas, please do different terrains. Like mud, sand, and dirt. It would be perfect if y'all did this.

Awesome I love this game. it has most of my favorite monster trucks on it. the only thing i do not like is having to win cash to get the trucks you like the most.

PLEASE READ This company is sueing a YouTube because he made a video about this game a year ago and talk about flaws that the game had. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!!

Great game for mobile Still the only monster truck game worth playing. I think it would be cool to add lane choice for racing, and it would be awesome to add multiplayer back and make it for racing too. Can't wait to get the new levels back!

CPU Advantage This game definently just wants you to spend money and upgrade your truck while the CPUs are super good and super hard to beat. BIG thumbs down.

Crap don't download Once I paid for three trucks and extra money I then played the game for a couple if days after it wiped everything and took my money very bad game don't download

Lost progress and glitches Well, updated again and lost all my progress again. Glitches when ur next to the wall then u get stuck. Happened multiple times on multiple maps. Ok game, but let me keep the stuff I buy...

Took my money and trucks I will never download a game like this again it took all my money and trucks from me and reset all my progress I will not play this game nor download it EVER again

Wow New update, wow just wow gliches all the time

Awesome Graphics are insane

Great but physics not quite right Great game and I'm enjoying playing it but the truck physics need a little tweaking, for example, lifting off the throttle or landing from a jump makes the truck stop almost immediately. These things weigh several tons, they should roll on and rely on braking to slow.

This is quite possibly the worst monster truck game ever The controls are horrible, the difficulty is WAY off balanced, and the only way to win is if the AI goes into the stands. The lanes are way too thin, and the game is filled with ads, every time you finish a race/freestyle. There's just so many things wrong with this trash game. Don't waste your time.

Didn't restore purchases I had a lot of trucks, ads removed, and like 2m in cash. Had to factory my phone came back, reinstalled the game went to restore purchases...NOTHING WAS RESTORED. That was a lot of money towards a game that is awesome. Yes #1 monster truck game on Android. Plus I wish my phone and tablet linked together. Please help me fix my issue!!!!

Purchased Trucks removed :-(....but the team has provided Excellent Customer Service to resolve! Update 8-4-16...I can't say enough about how the team has responded to help resolve the below issue and make the situation right. Best Customer Service I have seen in a long time. Thank you :-) :-) ......1st comment...I let my son load this game yesterday and paid $4.99, today he goes to play and his trucks and other purchases are gone! Ironically it showed that was what they fixed about the app. What a rip off....

Thanks odd games for making games like this I love the concept of it. Nice graphics and i loved the new update to make controls better. Can you plz add some famous Monster Jam stars like maximum destruction,grave digger and all of monster jam star. I will be so much happy if add them. Thank you and God bless=)

brill game brilliant game my only gripe is that i purchased the grim monster truck and the $2000000 money pack, ive just gone back on the game and the money has reset but ive still got the grim monster teuck unlocked, can somebody from admin look into this please

Awesome but 2 problems The trailers in this game aren't that good it's rare when it makes the truck do a complete flip and also since its monster X how come u don't have bounty hunter avenger barbarian etc

Fun until it gets boring Good game play, controls and sound. But after having completed all the levels there is nothing left to do. Add some new levels and I'll give it 5 star

Update screwed it up It was an awesome game. But then they updated it and even if I won the race or the freestyle the game wouldn't let me move on so they got $5 out of me to unlock all of it, so my cousins could play it. Good scam.

Absolutely amazing game . Only thing that drives me crazy is there's no driver in the trucks!!!!! Put a guy in there and I'll rate 10 stars. I'd absolutley rate 5 stars if there was a driver in the truck .. just something about no driver that bothers me.. I mean come on how can a truck drive without a driver?!

Shocking behaviour from developers Developers have taken it upon themselves to threaten honest reviews pointing out the games flaws with legal action, do the right thing and boycott this game, and anything else associated with them.

Fresneck5150 This is the baddest game the graphics are off the hook. The game itself is so freak'n fun. Thanks for finally giving us andriod user a game that we really enjoy.The whole game is crazy sick \m/

Kicks a$$ Been playing this game since it came out. Love it. Im a huge monster truck fan, and this game is the best there is currently anywhere. If you're a monster truck fan, and like realism, get this game!

This game seems okay, but I can't get past LVL 1! Even though I did win the drag race! Fix this plz! My device is a rare lenovo B8000-F, and it can't handle games with intense graphics like any other device can.