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Monki Chinese Class: For Kids

Supplied By Monkimun - Language Learning For Kids Ages 2-6    On Sept. 10, 2015    Comments(118)

FREE Monki Chinese Class: For Kids version1.81 Download

Monki Chinese Class is one the the Best Android Apps of 2014 by Google.

Monki Chinese Class is a fun app for children that teaches them to write basic Chinese.

With its carefully crafted design and colourful illustrations, Monki Chinese Class is conceived to help every child learn how to trace basic Chinese through a fun system that sustains motivation.

Each word is represented by an illustration and accompanied by animations and sound effects that help kids absorb the meaning. At the end of every level there is an interactive animation where they can play and have fun!

• Kid friendly (8+ years).
• Tracing features with error correction and sound effects.
• 20 colourful illustrations to memorize the words.
• 20 interactive animations to play and have fun.
• Audio tracks to learn the pronunciation.
• 3 levels of difficulty.
• 3 tracing speeds.
• No third-party advertising.

Monkimun is an award-winning studio that designs fun language educational games for children. Our goal is to bridge language learning and entertainment in a unique experience. We do so in a safe environment and without third-party advertising.

Monkimun - Language Learning For Kids Ages 2-6 part of our Education and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Sept. 10, 2015. Google play rating is 84.3312. Current verison is 1.81. Actual size 33.0 MB.

What's new

    - Bug fixes
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Download monki-chinese-class.apk 33.0 MB


Kids love it I just found this app to help my daughter with her Chinese writing. She is 7 years old and she got hooked fairly quickly. She loved the animation and it looked like she could trace the character fairly easily. Her brother, 5 years old, had a little trouble tracing the characters though. So far I'm quite happy with the app.

Excellent app I would recommend this not only children but also adults

Fun for learning characters I like that it teaches the stroke order, and has recordings of the sound and animations of the characters. Cute!

Excellent :) I use this for myself not any kids, I don't really know much Chinese in the first place but I figured it would be nice to learn some. It hasn't really taught much besides some random words, how to write them, what they mean, and what happends when you combine some of them. It's stuck pretty well in my head. Definately love it :)

Not working in vivo xplay 3s... (Chinese version os)

Nice tool, too few characters for the price

Good app but there are only 2 levels. Would not recommended until they add more

Thank you so much I really really really really really this app.

Learn chinese Fun n progressive way to learn Chinese.

Great app!! Easy to handle and quite entertaining. It goes beyond that just teaching vocab since it explains the root of certain words. What this app needs though is to keep adding vocabulary in order to keep learning. If they were divided by learning stages, even better

Turns boring homework to fun! And teaches root word meanings. Needs more characters for paid version, are added regularly?

Bait & switch. Not free Whenever an app asks you to rate it before even using it, you should already know what to expect.

A geat way to learn Chinese. I am lately interested in languages. One of them it Chinese so I find this way of learning a revolutionary kind of way easily write and read it.

Wonderful graphics It really helps if you have a Facebook account. :) hoped this helped, Monkimun!

Great learning app for really beginners.

Really good I had been finding chinese characters difficult to remember but with this app its so easy :D

Very useful Great animations, and makes learning fun c:

Monki Chinese Great stroke order practice for kids but on both my phone and tablet the app crashes on the parental permission page:( I had to reboot my phone

I like it It's really educational.

Yes, I am loving it.

Great, but useless This app has amazong animations and a tracking technique that has really helped me learn characters and pronounciation easily. HOWEVER, the demo version does not have many characters and the full version is only about 10 extra characters. It isn't worth it. :(

Monkey Chinese This game is so awesome you all should try it this shouldn't be free it's so good.

Monki Chinese Class Helps my 5yr old to associate characters with words. Occasionally it is is difficult to trace the characters on screen. You need to be very precise. Great looking game.

I love this application so much ! It helps me a lot. The graphics makes me understand this Chinese writing easily. I can remember more than 20 letters per day ! It just great ! Thanks a lot.

Good beginners tool Seems good so far. Helps me revise my characters. But it is very limited. Only teaches maybe 8 characters, which won't get you very far! An extended version, with hundreds of characters would be very useful.

Awesome app Cool educational app with great animations :) :)

This app really helped me to learn chinese writting and a few words!great job!

Nice Great app with nice illustrations. I would happily pay if there were more characters included in the package.

Wow. I couldn't wait to see each new picture associated with each new character! Great app!

Educates me This app teaches me basic chinese. I have always wanted to learn chinese in the easiest way

Best app Relly cool app which helps a lot to study and have fun at the same time :) ;)

Such an awesome way to introduce children to hanzi Saw a clip talking about this a few weeks ago and am so excited to see the app is up and going! Looking forward to watching it grow

Fun and cute Good way to learn the characters and stroke order

Got bug I'm using Samsung Galaxy Note 4. I just able to play 1 word, which is Da. Others all cannot open. Pls fix the bugs. Thank you.

Lovely app, very little content High quality and well done, but very shallow in depth. I recommend passing on any in-app purchases. A payment gets you only one more screen of characters. Lots of fake positive reviews too, it seems.

Great Design, No Content Fantastic graphics and implementation, but just too few words to warrant a proper recommendation. There are 10 words currently available, with another 10 that can be unlocked by paying money or liking their Facebook page. I like the unlock flexibility offered, along with requiring a math problem to be completed before a purchase screen comes up - thus blocking the kids from running up charges. There is definitely a strong lacking of words right now, but from what I've seen so far there is great potential.

Amazing! Teaches writing and language - my 4 y/o is loving it!

Great can't wait for more I can read all of the symbols and write most of them. Took me about three hours to remember the lessons... I want more!

Chinese app Please ADD more characters!!!

My niece and daughter can do it together Family affair

Love this program

Should to have words

Great learning app! My 5 year old loves this app and enjoys learning from it. First on the app, then she started writing the Chinese characters on paper on her own. The animation sets it apart from other similar apps. Looking forward to more!

It's very fun and memorizable learning with this app.

Monki Chinese Class Character learning application,very colorful,lots of fun, just like the book chineasy.

Great! We love it so far!

Impressive!! I've watched this on Tv when the creator *don't remember her name' introduce this learning technique n when I learned about The Civilization of Hwang Ho, I'm realized these idea came from history. Getting excited to learn chinese. Thank you

Cute, nicely done Child friendly for sure but I think I learned something too. Haven't purchased additional material at this time, still in the evaluation phase. May be too limited and it might be more effective with an unguided character writing test at some optimal intervals. Update: needs lots more vocabulary!!

Overall pretty good It seems the app is meant for kids but I quite enjoyed it. Within one day I learned 10 words, their characters, pin yin and tones - which is a miracle! One downside is that pinyin is so small, most of the time I am simply guessing the tones. Also, after the first 10 words I was asked to rate, advertise on FB or write a review. So does it mean that eventually I will have to buy it or not be able to continue using it? We will see.

Delightful It is very well done. This app is geared towards kids... but for those who are visual learners... it provides a very relatable image to an already wonderful language. Chineasy and Monki... great job and keep expanding.

Amazing interactive My 4yr old likes the characters coming to life being able too tap the picture and see effects happen good so far its been only two days waiting to see if he picks up any words eventually

Easy and fun for younger kids 2-7years. Just not for me. ? i prefer games.

Awesome! I am trying to learn to read chinese and this is the best app I came across. You hit the ground running and the best part is the practise and the effects which help you remember things.I am aged 20+ bte and find this app awesome!

Brilliant! There are not enough language courses like this, let alone apps! It's easy, colourful, fun and interactive. I'm 22 and loving this as a method to learn a little Chinese. The app is very well made as well; so clean and smooth.

to be honest, i'm a university student learning Mandarin and this helped me so much with remembering the material! i think its because it makes the information simple and moves slowly. plus its adorable! (:

Chineasy made everything easy It is an wonder for those who want to learn Chinese without any hassles. Earlier learning Chinese character seemed nemesis. Whenever I tried to attempt Chinese characters I was petrified to remember them. Also, Team thank you for making available the hard copy of the same. This will be a revolution in learning chinese. Only a long way to go. All the best.

Answer to your question: I could see very few Chinese characters in the app instead of entire language. You designed this app with beautiful graphics/animations and sounds to practice and memorize the characters in an entertaining way. But, it wouldn't be helpful to learn the language, if you teach only 10-20 characters out of 50,000 characters! At least, you should have covered more basic lessons.

Great app Simple for everyone getting used to basic speaking and writing skills

Amazing app Its fun and easy to use. Easy to remember the words. Very good app

Easy chinese It's soooo fantastic. I love it. It make chinese very easy to learn

Works I love to learn other languages so this app is perfect. It teaches me the letters and makes funny videos to help you remember.

Practical learning for beginning to moderate Teaches individual characters so they stick and builds on to them for more complex yet related words and ideas.

Freshening up I lived in Taiwan for a year as an exchange student and this helped me so much to keep up with my Chinese characters. It's a great easy pace that really helps you remember!

Great start Characters simplified as mnemonic pictures . Reminds me of chineasy but in interactive app form. Could use more characters and content.

Great app, tons of fun, addictive! My daughter and I are really enjoying this program so far. She is encouraged by the game like setting that makes learning fun and challenging. I'm having as much fun as she is! I particularly like the pronunciation part that helps you say the tones correctly. Great for adults as well who are just beginning to learn Mandarin.

Awesome I think its easy for kids and even adult to begin in learning mandarin.Its a cute and attractive for kids to learn.Useful and memorize for adult.keep it up

Great App! I love it, very entertaining and fun!

Must-have for learning mandarin It teaches you basic chinese words (mouth,eyes,etc) for beginners

This is one of the easiest and most fun way to teach your own children how to write Chinese. I also found it very easy to use and learn as much as my children did.

So far so good It prompts you to write a review or pay by a few lessons in. Also it seems that the lessons are primarily based on learning nouns at the beginning

Amazing This is visually appealing and attractive!! Great application to aid rememberance of Chinese characters

Amazing app My kid literally dug into it with such an interactive app and he learnt couple of words straight away

My 3 year old is reading the characters! I wish there are more words. Otherwise my son learnt a few words just by using it for 5min! Beautiful graphics.

Great app I am actually a young adult and i am using this app to help with my studies and it works great! It is definitely designed for children but still very useful for someone older as well :)

Only 10 words! This app is just a demo. I would give it a 5 star rating if it were free :)

Great for adults too. Yeah, I'm a college graduate. Yeah, picture-word association still helps me learn.

Perfect for any age This app teaches the mainland Mandarin (simplified Chinese) and is perfect for what I need to prepare myself for when I travel abroad again. It's really great for beginners old or young!

Ok app. Helps with some understanding of words. Don't like that you need to buy or review to get 2nd lesson.

Very good Nice..good app, easy learning and attractive for children to it.

You should try it I don't have much time, but I wanna study Chinese. Then I install this app, and it's really good for those who are busy. You should try it and you'll find it interesting ;)

Love it Very easy breakdown and the animation makes it simple for the little ones

Addictive! It doesn't matter if your a grown up or child the app is very well designed for you to learn, showing you new words in a fun away while you're learning phonetics, what it means and as well how to write it. After showing you some simple "words" they present new words by combining the simple ones. It's great!

My 7 year old enjoys learning new words and being able to go back and redraw the character

So far so good I'm using it as a grad student to prepare for a study abroad. It helps! I would like to hear the word before AND after you write the symbol, though

I couldn't get pass the registration page. Keep prom3pting me to key in child name. Fix it with proper UI. Note 5.

Very good app Fun to learn, game based interface, such an helping app for non chinese speakers and its free!

Really good Very good and entertaining for kids! Fully recommended.

Poor value for money You get eight characters free, the next set is $4 so after 10 minutes it's fork up or ... It's claimed to be a children's app but it is clearly aimed at adult wallets. People who think they are learning Chinese by using this app are deluding themselves. And while the graphics and animation look OK, the user interface is inflexible and tedious after just a short while. Just as well that there is so little content in it.

Has anyone bought the full version? I don't mean just the second level. Is there more if you pay the money? Everyone who poorly rates the product I am thinking hasn't made the purchase...

Super fun, no kidding May sound biased here, but I always look forward for a Chineasy apps. Now that it's here, I never thought it would be this interactive! - speaking as a 19 years old, that is. Great apps for beginners, nonetheless. Kinda hope for more inputs though!

2.99$ for ONLY 8 characters! Rip-off This is my first time ever commenting on an app, how sad it has to be because the paid part of the app is a total rip-off. You will get 8 more new words only... a total shame for sutch beautiful design.

Fun, but I can't tell how many characters are available. I enjoy this app and I think it teaches a lot. But I'm worried that there are might not be many words available. Maybe after I update and review I can find more. By the way, the speech should be louder and sound effects quieter.

Need proof checker before launch the apps Firstly I don't really understand about Chinese and I learnt Chinese with this app. When i talk to my friend and use google translate to check it, the meaning is different. Not all characters are false but I think dev must learn proof check with dictionary. At basic lesson, mu is Tree but the real meaning is wood, not tree. Tree is not same with wood.

Very nice program I love this program for my kids who have benefited from the first level programme. However, the one and only shortcoming is that when there is a need to progress to the next level while i am willing to pay to progress, i am not quite sure how many level there is. Is it a one time payment or i have to pay for every level is unclear.

Paid $2.99 for 8 more characters?! The 1st free page is great. And then it asks you to pay for more materials so I did. What I got is 2nd page with 12 more characters of which 4 are already in the 1st page. Is this some kind of ripoff?

Cool I'm using this to learn Chinese, and it's pretty cool. I bought the Chineasy book and then just stumbled onto this app. I like how it shows you the character, has you trace it, and then has you write it. And I like how it builds up the vocabulary piece by piece.

I am not a kid; I am an adult learning mandarin, but I love this app!! The visuals and functionality of the app are practically flawless. I feel that it would be worth putting my money in! UPDATE: I didn't expect to finish it so soon; there's only about 20 words. I wish there were more! But, I feel like the words that I learned really stuck!

More of a writing practice or preschool app. Good for very young kids who know the language or beginners. Neither of my older children would benefit from this, but my 4 year old loves learning to write both English and Chinese with these types of apps.

Nice illustrations Works well to learn (simplified) Chinese symbols. It would be nice if the sound effects volume could be adjusted separately to the speech volume. The speech is rather quiet and the sound effects annoyingly loud!

+ & - The app is great, so i bought the full version. Still great but i was disappointed that there's only a few characters - so to me, the app is expensive for these few characters. I would have been satisfied if given more radicals :/

Only 20 words total The only complain is the app have too few words. Even in purchased version there is only 20 words. It would be very nice the developers add more words :) It will be much more worth the money.

My 5yo loves it! Wanted to purchase the full version but error. Will try again! But I notice the word 'ren' pronounciation is wrong. Kindly check. Thanks!

Easiest method ever! Chinese script is particularly difficult to remember given the number of strokes and their order. I've never been able to learn this much in a day! Thanks, developers!!

Works amazingly Even for me and I'm 14 :) My only problem is the non free stuff. I can't afford it D:

Very useful for adults too! I started using apps to lead Chinese earlier this year and felt like this would be helpful with some of the basic characters I couldn't remember. It does exactly that, and wonderfully I might add! I highly recommend it, regardless of your age.

Touch screen issue Just using my lenovo smartphone, but some issue is there while dragging words. Overall, good one score 6.5/10

Good for kids and adults Even for me as an adult its helpfull ti brush up my mandarin. Only annoying thibg is the registration.

Genius concept, needs more content I was delighted for about 9 minutes. Everything you see in the app store demo image is all the free content. Ten words. You can pay for one more page of content. This is the most child-friendly, appealing format I've found in the app store, but the developers haven't "developed" it. Please make content before you put something in the app store.

"Tons of words" - A lie! There are just 10 words in free version and 20 in full. What you see in screenshots are all the words there are. This app is just extremely small/short even for a free app let alone to warrant the money asked for the full version. The concept is great and execution is cute but it's unfortunate that it's like a simple demo and not even meaningful for little children. For age "8+" - I have a 4 and 5 year old niece and the 5 year old can already play full console titles like Rayman on Xbox (and beat me at it).

Money's worth? The app looks amazing and I'd love to purchase more content, but I'm afraid that there will only be a few extra characters (the description says, "20" symbols)... Does anyone know how much content is unlocked by purchasing?

It's very useful and easy to learn the chinese characters! Not just for children but for anyone. Just a shame that it doesn't have more words!

Great way for kids to learn Chinese! Fun, visually pleasing app that's not quite a game but really entertaining. I've always preferred this way of learning Chinese characters. When you see the picture of what the character was based on (like mountain), it's much easier to remember. Also this app combines reading, writing and hearing the spoken word.

Fun! I'm actually using this app to learn Chinese myself and it's really great! I find that it's a lot easier learning how to write Chinese through this app than other methods I've tried. And the animations!! I personally think they're the best feature, and led me to love this app more. Great job!

Childish but, Good! Its clearly meant for children but never the less is a fun way to learn basic Chinese characters would recommend for all Chinese learners.

Terrible There are so many better apps than this. Even for free, it's a waste of time!

Free version not really worth installing The idea is nice and the animations/sound are attractive. The interface is suboptimal (drawing strokes doesn't work sometimes, hard to skip giving email, sound keeps playing when closed, lot of waiting) but usable. The free version is very limited, hardly worth installing. About the method in general, it's useful where it works but for the majority of characters it won't. Still a useful program but don't expect to learn all of Chinese this way.

Loved it, but NOT GOOD VALUE for my money? I love the app. It is excellent made, really funny, creative and you can learn a lot. But after only 12 characters you already want to have nearly 3€ for further 8 or ten characters. Is this a good deal or did I misunderstand something?

Few words and exercises I'm disappointed that this app only adds 8 exercises after you pay 2.99. This is an otherwise beautiful app, but unfortunately there's currently very little content.