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Map My Friends

Supplied By Viz Apps    On Feb. 5, 2016    Comments(50)

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Welcome to Map My Friends.

Map My Friends helps track and follow your Facebook® friends and family at any time any where..

** Please note that if any user has not installed Map My Friends then it shows their current city location provided by Facebook®.

With 2 million+ people mapped across the world, Map My Friends is perfect way to track your Facebook® friends whether you are sitting on your couch watching TV at home, shopping in a mall or walking on a beach... best replacement for your "where are you?" texts.

Map My Friends also sends you notifications when your friends or loved ones have arrived close to you. So you are connected to them better. It's very helpful when you have arranged friends meet-up in crowded city centre and don’t know who is where.

It lets you see their location in map so you and your friends can walk in right directions. It uses best approach to find most accurate location within available providers, usually within few meters range if you have GPS signals.

It also let you follow your friends in Map so you can see where they are, as they move.

Ad-Free version is out if you would like to support developer
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Some of the Map My Friends features include:
* Follow your Facebook® friends & family and keep track of their location in live time.
* One step setup, all you have to do is install Map My Friends and login using your Facebook® account and it will do
the rest.
* Find where your friends are with help of Google Maps®.
* See who is around you any time anywhere.
* Say Hi to anyone within your set radius.

Best app if your questions are:
** Where all my friends are?
** Where can I find my friends?
** Is any of my friends around/near me?
** Who is around me?
** Where can I find my friends in map?
** How can I find my friends current location?
** How can I locate my friends or best friends locator?
** How can I locate my Facebook® friends or best Facebook® friends locator?
Find your friends with this perfect friends finder to locate your friends location on map.

Keep checking for updates as we are adding more exciting features every now and then which will help you keep connected with your family, friends and outside world.

Known issues:
We know the issue of app running bit slow, as we are getting hundreds of new users being active every day, the processing is bit slow. We are looking for sponsors for this app so we can upgrade our servers for better performance..

Some of our users say: "Very useful for me to see where my kids are always. Just what I was looking for.", "Excellent App..very good for parents if to keep track of children"..

Viz Apps part of our Social and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Feb. 5, 2016. Google play rating is 74.7492. Current verison is 2.2. Actual size 5.5 MB.

What's new

    New App Design,
    Bug fixes,
    Better support functionality.
    Faster display of users locations on Map. Some users may find issue while using on GPRS or low speed internet. We are working hard to find better ways to use Map on low speed internet.
Download map-my-friends.apk 5.5 MB


Very slow! Takes ages when your trying to move around the map! Also I was wondering if it tells you exactly where they are or just where thier Facebook says they live? Please reply and fix the speed problem!!

Map my friends... Barrister Akash.. This is a great application but my all friends between some friends doesn't use Facebook or Internet, so I request please this application when it will update then please, (it will keep to mind of that friends to tracking by their sim card as we'll find themselves) However, thanks for everybody who had made involving this application & I loved this application & I' ll tell my all friends please use this application & also enjoyable... Barrister a s m akash shameem........

Lies about location and here's why My friend has his hometown as San Jose on Facebook but he lives here in my city. This app shows he's in San Jose but he's not. The app takes Facebook data and goes off of that. I could put on Facebook that I live in Texas when I really live in California but this app still show that I'm in Texas if I put Texas as my current place.

Not all friends are on the map Expect that not all facebook friends are on the map, is the best tool to search for nearby friends. When you send an "hi" nothing has been sent from Facebook, the person does not get it. The app runs in background for no reason, it drains battery buy keeping gps on.

0 friends... Refreshing map... And then 0 friends visible. Doesn't work for me

mostly crashes Only sometimes work..majorly crashes or takes long time to open. If multiple friends are at one place it never give correct info. It will be better if it allow to select only specific friends instead of all FB friend list.

Not per expectation It is not real-time tracking. Very slow and inaccurate. Friends are track as there are at home. Which is hours behind.

Now I can locate my friends and family.

It wont even load up so i don't like it at all

Like it . ..good job guys!!!i want more haha

Map my friend Nice to use

Plz work on near me Facebook members on map

Good but why facebook?? People who don't like facebook can't use this app. Plz include other method's of login including simple login without using facebook. Rest the app is good and working find. Hope to See an update soon.

Nice app a bit slow on my s4 :/

It is useful

Loading map is so slow..please fix it

I tooo love Good one..

5 I like this

Waste of time! The app never ever worked. It just crashes all the time.

Very good excellent

Slow Slow , heavy on bandwidth , not user friendly interface

Wut the .... !! U just enter the accounts n see everything and don locate anything ,, u had put all ma contacts in one place even the public map 2005 people in one place n no one else in da city ! Plz do the job or don't enter the accounts

Terrible keeps crashing

Awesome Awesome app, you guys rock

Crashed on start

Nothing to show Only shows my own location on a map. And advertisement every minute.

Does not work Does not show any people on the map. In the past I used another program MapBook that showed my Facebook friends on the map. Now both programs do not show my friends. Maybe Facebook changed its API?

I love it!!! This is great but i wish that de could see the people that de want...

Doesn't work Nobody shows up on the map even though I can clearly see others locations in Facebook. Congratulations on being the only app to ever freeze up my phone!

Crashes all the time Not working anymore. 2015= Not all friends visible & apps drains battery Expect that not all facebook friends are on the map, is the best tool to search for nearby friends. When you send an "hi" nothing has been sent from Facebook, the person does not get it. The app runs in background for no reason, it drains battery buy keeping gps on.

Friends doesn't load on map I have used another app for the same purpose of finding Facebook friends' current location.. a year back. Recently it stopped showing up friends on the map. Which is why I have installed this application, but had exactly similar case with this too. I would like to learn of any issue that is not letting the app work properly.

Useful app when travelling to find friends in the area. There is a problem though if there is more than one person in a city, I can't see who they are! E.g Paris: "6 users at this location".

I want a true apps to track my family and friends but did find one yet. Help me

Don't waste your time Worst moment of my life it only show map it's unable to show friends location

Nope Just nope don't even waste your time 21 out of 10 IGN

Useless It doesn't work at all. It gets the all information of my Facebook but saying no one is on your map. I guess it search only within its database not in fb.... uninstalled

Doesn't work with inviting each friend at the time

Stupid App! Have hundreds of Facebook friends and it shows me none! Stupid app

Doesn't show any of my Facebook friends (I don't want to invite them just see their city).

Some times you can use the map for a few seconds before it crashes, but many times it just crashes while the app is still loading.

Worst app...time waste It's fake ..worst app.....within 5minits I installed....I think it's a virus App

Used to be useful Just crashes. Completely worthless now

no worky It says I'm in Ghana, Africa when I'm actually in Oklahoma, USA. Also it shows zero friends.

Dele Hate it nonsense

Crashes after a few seconds evert time Love the idea, want to use it. Only crashes.

Annoying crashes Doesn't work! Crashes after 10 seconds or so.

Crash Install it 5 min ago.been crashing non stop. Useless app

Crap. Crashes all time It doesn't work

Ohh I though i can track my friend if they using fb...but why it tells zero user...

Instant crash, every time