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Mahjong King

Supplied By mobirix    On Nov. 2, 2016    Comments(176)

FREE Mahjong King version1.1.4 Download

Comfortable game play mahjong tile game to remove the same picture with no time limit.

- Difficulty is classified as easy, normal, hard, you can choose according to your skills.
- Added into five another Mahjong tile picture type is available.
- You can match with another player in the world.
- Add map will be unlocked when you won multiplayer.
- Hints and shuffle items can be used indefinitely.
- Supports Achievements and Leaderboards.
- Supports tablet devices.



mobirix part of our Puzzle and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Nov. 2, 2016. Google play rating is 89.0348. Current verison is 1.1.4. Actual size 10.0 MB.

What's new

    Game system improvements
Download mahjong-king-1.apk 10.0 MB


The game is great! Unfortunately, I had to UNINSTALL BECAUSE OF THE ADS. They cover 5/8 inch at the top with a strip of CONSTANTLY FLASHING, high contrast, brightly lit AD the ENTIRE time you are trying to play the game. It is so irritating, it almost hurts to play. What a waste of a good game! **[To the makers of the ads: Don't you realize these kind of ads drive people AWAY from your product, as well as to whatever it is attached to.]

Good fun Easy if you like or difficult, few choices.

Great game shame about it preventing phone from switching off Game is great just keeps my phone from locking as screen constantly on will have to unistall

Mahjong King This is a great game because the tiles you can actually see!! And if you think your lost they are right there to help!! Thank you!!

Great way to see if I can do it with out getting blocked. Helps with keeping my mind on some thing other than the constant pain.

App prevents screen from switching off I really enjoyed the game but I've had to uninstall it as it prevents my screen from switching off, even when the app is not open.

Enjoyable! I'm a mahjong addict and this one really keeps me busy!

Mahjong King FTW! Playing 4 hours, rly good game!

Very fun to play. Like the different boards and tiles that you can choose from.

'Dis game is da bomb This game is easy, IT GET FOR THOSE WHO ARE LOOKING FOR A CHALLENGE

I like that the tiles are easy to see, making it a pleasant way to pass time. Being a Mahjong addict, this is one of the good ones.

Making king Great no adds and will not show next move

I. Haven't stopped playing for hours. A awesome way to pass spare time and relax too!

Went downhill. Too many ads. Began to FC. All tiles disappear leaving blank playing field. Prevents lock. And I simply don't like how they boost reading with obvious fake reviews.

Mahjong King Tiles are traditional Chinese icons n lovely,

Solo Much fun They don't take 3 days to solve

One of the best Personally i would like more options for music, instead off the same one every time.

Fun fun fun!! "I enjoy playing this game on a daily basis!"

I have a great time playing this game, you will too***

Too many ads ruin it This is a good app however too many ads hinder enjoyment. Sometimes the ads get in the way of making choices and redirect you to the advertiser's page when you don't want.

Mobirix games are fun Mahjong king is a fun simple game which can played when you have nothing to do. There are many options which can make the game more easier to play. Also another game called Brick breaker is good. Which is made by the same company Mobirix.

Jill d Good game to keep your mind alert

Samsung galaxy s4 Fun you can play with others

Love it! Can u have more music?

Very fast paced thank goodness no time to get bored you set the pace

Great! Lots of patterns, could play this for hours!

Itz fun. And can get a relax to the busy life.I Enjoy it very much

Excellent distraction Great game with different configurations.

Well done....lots of fun.

Having Fun Great game to pass time.

Favourite Game Have always loved Mahjong, great to have it on my phone!! ?

Good game. I like this game, very basic nothing special but thats fine by me!

Enjoyed playing every move n completing it.

I love mahjong and this Will be a favorite great game

Manjong Really like this game. It is fun and relaxing

Mahjong King Smashing game & very highly addictive really love it

It's awesome way to pass free time

Best game I have ever played.

Mahjong King Lots of fun, like the different tiles.

The Bum This game clum my nerve's

Mahjong King I give it 4 stars and would have gave it 5 if it would have been more challenging!!

I liked it because my sister like this game

Mahjong So far just doing the easy level. Fast paced fun. Would enjoy a more zen sounding music though.

Always loved match games even as a child.

I have a good time playing this game

Mprice62 This game is so much fun

Mahjong King So far this game is fun. However, whoever wrote the rating message prompt needs to learn help!!!

Lot of fun Have great time playing this.

Love it It's great way to pass time and keep your mind Sharp as well

It keeps your mind open

Awesome I have played this since I was a kid wood quality and loads fast and easy

Great! I find it very fun. Great!

All of.them

Thoroughly enjoy playing Mahjong. This Mahjong game is fun for beginners to advanced players. It has a huge variety of shapes, animals, items, etc. so you're not playing the same game over and over. My game did close once or twice while I was playing but I pressed start and it took me back to where I left off. I may have bumped something inadvertently because I'm not yet familiar with my tablet so it may have been me and not the game that closed in the middle of play. Highly recommend!

Good game Just started playing this game. So far,so OK!

Mahjong king Tile game is fun, it keeps you focus on the tiles .

Fun, Fun I love this puzzle. So many varieties and challenges.

Great relaxer Good graphics, easy to do. Harder levels if you want. Great fun.

Too addicting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so addicting it was hard to put down I enjoyed every game I played I would recommend this to everyone had no problems with it loved it loved it loved it♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ I will stay up all night and play it. I would hide it in my garage I'll everybody was sleeping and play it from midnight until 4 or 8 in the morning. I just couldn't put it down I kept saying one more game one more game and I'll go to bed and the next thing I know is 7-8 o'clock in the morning I just love mahjong so much

Fun I love this game so much. When i first played this game i did not know how to play. It is just like a matching game but better

Mahjong King Fast and fun game. Got rid of my other games and mainly play this one.

Mahjong King Love the challenging levels. Fun game for your brain or just have fun. Fun game to play.

Nice game Lots of different levels and possibilities. I like it!

It's an enjoyable games. it keeps your mind occupied.

Definitely one of my most favorite Mahjongg game!

Mahjong King Easiest to see the free tiles. When no more matching tiles, shuffles remaining tiles to give me a last chance to clear them all ?

Fun way to pass the time Lots of fun!

Helps me unwind after work. Love it.

Mahjong It is really fun.

Good way to pass the time.

Addicting This game is fun to play and difficult to put down! I like the tiles and the music as well as the variety of games.

I had forgotten how much fun this game was.

Mahong I had fun playing this game

Awesome game too play

Addicting Very fun I love games like this. Addicting good

Good as internet version

Good game,no complaints.nothing complicated.

Owner Bob Good game to play chalagene and fun to play

Love this game Brain teaser love it.

Simple and very entertaining game.

Lots of fun! Time to waste? Need to relax? This is a great puzzle game to keep you busy and not bored :)

No undo? Great game, and you made it look awesome! BUT, there is no option for losing it, you win each time and it's not proper game. Also, there should be undo button, just like the good ol' win 98 mahjong had :)

Relaxing This is something I can do when waiting at a doctor's office. I don't have to think about anything but the puzzle pieces.

Mahjong So far I like this game I'm just waiting for it to get more challenging because I just started and these boards are too easy

Love it This game comes in multi levels for the fun in everyone! I encourage mahjong lovers to enjoy the game for many hours. Maybe someone will developed one to play with others!

AWESOME ENTERTAINING Love this game so enjoyable, relaxing & entertaining.

Freezing Keeps freezing mid puzzle. Have to completely shut down the app by clearing out my open apps and start the board over again

One of My Favorite! I love to play and relax! The choices from Easy to Hard are Awesome

Rating Me Fun! I'm rating myself as 5 ⭐as per the pop up in game. wwww

This is alot of fun , relaxing, and yet challenging . it's also easy and you'll love it . Give it a try, you won't be sorry.

Loved it. I love this game. nice grsphics and all. 5/5. but it would be much better if there is a time progression. anyway, great work.

Just a plain battery sucking waste of space The screens are too small if you have less than perfect vision. It gets boring quickly. And I've just realized that this app runs constantly in the background, despite not having played it for over a year. At this point , it's just sucking up my cell battery and wasting memory space. Bye bye stupid app. Don't waste your time, battery or cell space. I can't uninstall this app fast enough.

Brilliant GREAT game, enjoyed majhong for years, graphics great, music, wish I could download it, very PEACEFUL

Sandy from Victoria, BC I have loved playing this game for yrs now and I still do... I do wish there was a timer so one could trace their progress.

Simple but fun Classic game. Simple but fun. 5 stars

Enjoyable Enjoyable, relaxing fun. Lots of variety. Not overly cluttered with ads that take over.

Oldie but a goodie Several levels of difficulty to play and many many puzzles to solve. Good game for keeping the mind busy and sharp! Go off network to avoid ads. It is a free game and they have to pay the bills right?!

Good one! 5 different styles of tiles to choose from, clean gaming, plenty of levels and layouts. The app developers!

Mahjong King Great tile sets. Like the automatic reshuffle when there are no more moves left.

Description of game it was a whole lot of fun I actually would give it a ten star it's very addictive than,k you Title The Chinese Tile game

Calming Influence. An ideal game to help you pass the time. Only thing is finished allthe Hard Versions but then have to wait for more 'Add Map Updates'.

Challenging Fun, challenging, cool to play. Good way to keep your brain active.

Lots of fun Not too hard but not so easy that it would be boring.

Loved it Cant stop putting down. This is awesome. Thank you

Liked it! Really enjoyed the game. Has quick tile selection, which for me is important to keep me interested

Awesome Game!! First time I played this. Though I played in the easy mode, I aced all the games. On to the next skill level.

Very addictive Can't stop playing it!

like the enlarger. cute tiles. very 'patient' when I try to select a match, doesn't 'throw up' on me. selection 'blinker' needs better contrast. nice though ?

Mahjong King It's okay but not very challenging.

LOVE Mahjong! And I LOVE this game, I can't stop playing. Would highly recommend to others.

Obviously love it. Wish that they gave you a hint. Some timed games

Can't go further Have completed all the levels and when I hit Add a Map it did some bur now there are a bunch that are locked and no help to unlock. Not good. Can't play further.

Mahjong king Great fun playing this. Completed all levels have to wait for the add map to unlock a new one each day. Would have given 5 if there had been an undo and a timer so i could see my progress on each layout. Will have to find another version to play

I am only playing easy stuff. I like the choices for the tiles.

Vickdaddy Awesome game very addictivewhen it works properly. Keeps going in and out on me

I had a great time with this app. Will tell my friends.

Very Excellent game and most of you can find right icon

Played it previously, lots of fun, also to kill time when waiting for bus, taxi or train or just to relax, that is what it do for me, relax

Margaret shelton I am very pleased with this addicting game

Very enjoyable! Can just keep on playing for hours!

Great game Love to play this game . many different lay outs .

Awsome Takes like 2 minutes to finish the hardest level!!

So far so good. It seems ok. Have just started.

Deedreamer Fun to play,keeps the mine active and sharp O:-).

love it Amazing simple game to play for free, no adds, no gems or diamons to collect or pay for with real money, only stars. Easy to play, easy to win. Not addictive so much like Cooking fever or Hey Day. Doesn't take much time to play. Helps to activate the brain and wake up. Is perfect for replacing toxic addiction to other time wasting games.

NOT So Nice game It has good puzzles and lots of them. But it falls short in a couple areas. First, it lacks any semblance of challenge. One puzzle leads to the next without any indication of how well you did or what the next level is going to be. And it appears to do so randomly, dropping u into any given puzzle on the current level be it easy normal or hard. Second , there doesn't appear to be any help. Finally, stays in memory after quitting and ate up battery life so I deleted it.

I love it I always loved this game. And this one is the best. Has many options, and designs to choose from. Plus very fun to pass the time or when bored. Even when they are no more moves left, they help you out to finish completely.

Great game & FUN The best part is that there are only 2 permissions needed! There is also no time limit; unlimited number of suggestions; different piece designs and scrolling to make the pieces larger. PERFECT GAME - THANKS!

Lately the sizing Guage is out of control. Tapping makes the screen jump big then small. No longer can control the sizing. Please make adjustments. It's a good game, but not if I can't play it.

Mahjong Game Lover! This is one of the best games I've played in a while. Haven't seen many ad's to make it annoying. Great game so far!!!

A great game Brilliant game but! Bloody adds. Take them off. My phone is not running out of memory, it doesn't need to be scanned. Knock it off.

Mahjong King Easiest to see the free tiles. When no more matching tiles, shuffles remaining tiles to give me a last chance to clear them all ?

I enjoy it, but the bar at the bottom won't stay on the smaller setting. At will it bounces back and forth. Frustrating!!!!!

Challenging This game will be challenging & fun for everyone regardless of skill level. It's graphics are well done with no advertising to interrupt your gaming enjoyment. Great game download on my Android.

Good time killer I like that you can change tile themes. It has helped me when I got stuck.

Fun to play I love Majong and this game is perfect. You have a choice of level of difficulty, lay out etc just a good brain training game that's fun to play.

Calming & Relaxing This game is calming & relaxing. It's also a big help removing unwanted stress. Just play the game and let it relax you. I play it everyday over and over.

Majong King Just match pair's until you deduct all tiles in diagram. Then you proceed to the next level. Majorly addicting & it's fun trying to break your own speed.

Favorite Great game to pass time....Thanks....this is STILL MY FAVORITE GAME.....after many years.....have played all levels several times reason for any other game❤

Works great No lag time. Ads only come up like every 5th or 6th completed game.

Mahjong king Best mahjong yet! Been playing other mahjong games for years! This has alot more shapes & challenges!!

Small footprint but big fun! Wanted a good mahjong but didn't have much room for a huge game and found this app and it is exactly what I wanted!

Jenny Love the game, nice graphics and lots of options to choose. Also no adverts which is great. Thank you!

Error Says "Could not resolve snapshot conflicts" and crashes. Could be five stars if it's fixed!

Mahjong King Terrific to pass away time. Games are all different with different levels of difficulty and lots of games.

Having major issues trying to play a single game. Having to deal with the constant pop up saying Can't resolve snapshot issue. First of all I never even tried to take a snapshot 2nd of all I have no desire to. So please fix this bug before I uninstall this game. Thanks

Good game You can tell that English is their second language, if they fixed their grammar it would be perfect. Good game and fun too.

Brill game to pass the time Very good 13/14 achievements done..only issue you can't save game data as a back up to move over to new device...plz can this be changed as don't wanna loose me stuff..cheers

Fave mahjong Favorite one, easiest to play, although I play only solitary & not multiplayer so that part is of no use to me. still the best one I've played.

Fast and Furious Game is designed to let you go as fast as you can through the Majong. Lots of excitement.

I have been looking for the perfect mahjong game, and this is it !!! This is a really great game, no glitches!

I found it fun to do and it made time go quickly. The more I have played it has made my mind react more quickly. That is saying somthing since I struggle with short term memory because I have MS.

Freezes way to much. Love game but almost have to poke hole in phone screen to play.

Im a huuuuggggeee fan I've been playing this tile game since a child with actual Thai community. This game app is absolutely to notch

Fun addicting Cool game and good way to decompress after a stressful day

Mahjong I started on normal level, need to try harder level.

Ana It saves me while I am on duty.

More options than others and larger tyles

Great Maps with lots of variety.. great way to keep mind sharp!

Fun App games make you think and I love playing.

Fun game Enjoy this challenging game.

Majong king Its more fun and very worth while.

So interesting Keep it up

I enjoy playing this game it keeps me stress free

Great game Very addictive game

Brilliant Really addictive for a person who needs a good puzzle

Relaxing & Fun!! Very enjoyable game! It is relaxing and pretty addicting!!

Mahjong king Great game. In the best category.

It's okay

Great game I love to relax playing this game

Great This is a great version of Mahjong.

Mahjong Easy, need a harder one

Mahjong I still like the game

Little bit to easy

Great Quick and responsive

Confusing Confusing at 1st. But I figured it out. ;^) Keeps my mind sharp. Think I'm going to like it.