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LiveATC for Android

Supplied By LiveATC    On April 19, 2016    Comments(135)

FREE LiveATC for Android version2.0.27 Download

LiveATC for Android is brought to you by - listen to live air traffic control!

New in LiveATC for Android v2 (12 Jan 2016)
- redesigned look and feel
- added Recent view
- improved search functionality
- better feed status indication
- improved background audio and player control support
- support for display rotation
- and more to come in subsequent releases this year

Stuck in the airport terminal with endless delays?
Live near an airport and want to find out what's going on?
Have you always wondered what pilots talk to air traffic controllers about?
Now you can stop wondering and tune in live!

LiveATC for Android provides a quick and easy way to listen in on live conversations between pilots and air traffic controllers near many airports around the world. LiveATC for Android lets you browse by U.S. state or by country to find an airport and listen in to live air traffic conversations at or near a given airport. You can also use the "Nearby" feature to find an airport near you. You can then add any channel to your Favorites list for quick and easy access.

The LiveATC Network ( is the world's largest network of streaming audio feeds focused solely on aviation, currently covering over 700 airports around the world with over 1,000 different audio feeds and growing daily!

Explanation of some of the needed device permissions:

• The "Location" permission is required so that the app can determine what airports are located in your area when you select "Nearby"

• The "Device ID & Call Information" permission is needed by the app so that it can detect when you're placing or receiving a phone call so that it can automatically stop the audio stream to prevent it from interfering with your phone call

Please check to see if your country, city and/or airports of interest are covered by LiveATC *BEFORE PURCHASING* - check at: . Note that we currently have no coverage in the U.K., Germany, Iceland, Italy, New Zealand, Spain and some other countries where streaming ATC communications is prohibited by local law. Available airports are subject to change at any time - LiveATC owns and operates many of the receivers used in the network but most are provided by volunteers working in cooperation with LiveATC. Available airports can change, sometimes due to reasons beyond LiveATC's control. Also, there is no guarantee that all feeds will be up 24/7, though we make our best effort to do so and have a great track record of uptime.

Follow LiveATC for feed updates and breaking aviation and ATC-related news:

LiveATC part of our Travel & Local and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update April 19, 2016. Google play rating is 85.8776. Current verison is 2.0.27. Actual size 2.5 MB.

What's new

    Fix pause timer
Download liveatc-for-android.apk 2.5 MB


Great but..... Dublin is always down, although you say you monitor the channels it doesn't seem to be done, would be 5 star if it were fixed.

Great Good app when it works to full potential. Sometimes the stream is a little bad but that's ok. Canberra, Australia needs some tweaking as its receiving very little of the radio transmissions.

Great! 4 quick taps and you're listening to any airport in your Favourites list. My volume level (Nexus S) is great; even OK in the car (with speaker facing away from me). Throw away that Bearcat scanner! One glitch; the airport diagram for my home port, YPPH, is out of date.

No updates App is outdated; I have lowered the rating because it has a relatively low quality for a paid app. I would like a button in the notification to close a stream quickly without opening this slow app. Some streams are shown as being up, but have no sound. Some are always down. If it works, its ok.

Steve P . Great android app for my Samsung Galaxy S3 . Now I can monitor my son as he works 700 miles away as an ATC . Would recommend it for anyone interested in listening to communications between pilots and controllers of an enormous number of airports around the world . For ones with problems exiting , on my S3 the same onscreen arrow button that starts the live streaming turns into a red square . It also stops and exits you from the program . Then just press your phone Home Key Button . Thanks Live ATC

polaris 4.1..diagrams...of aeroport drops out after 2sec come on guys..simple fix...plane overhead landing..nice to hear traffic..but fix it..obvious

Works well but took awhile to find Norcal Appr/Dep Great but, please add direct access to Norcal (Northern California, USA) Approach and Departure frequencies - I finally found them under frequencies for specific airports but would be nice to get to them directly from main menu. The ability to enter a specific frequency directly (like on your web page) along with the ability to specify which facility/airport/terminal area one intends to listen to would be great.

Well done. Only one issue. Galaxy S3. Smooth and well thought out app. Audio is clear. Location search (Airport within 100 Kms) hangs, and is buggy at best. Double checked settings. Aside from that, nice.

Fantastic This is a brilliant apply well worth the money. Fast and reliable I highly recomend it.

WORKING WELL AND INTERESTING A very good app for those who are intereseed in aviation.really a fantastic and best app.keep it up and try it for those who havent

When it works...its great. Everyday I will get an app crash or app has stopped error. Reporting does nothing. Support does not return e-mails. Connection stops or resets often, often without notification. Icon will set in the task bar, but stream will be off. I have sat at the airport for an hour, not realizing that the app stopped 30 mins earlier. I use a app called 'Scanner Radio' that has a task bar and LED notification while streaming, if the light or notification bar go out, time to check the stream. They should implement some ideas from 'Scanner Radio'. I will run both programs at the same time. The 'Scanner Radio' app will say streaming for 15 mins, the LiveATC will be at 3 mins or just stopped, though the feed is still online, just my app stopped.

Great app, needs tablet support I use this app all the time, usually in conjunction with Flightradar24 to get the full visual and audio picture. Amazing combo! Only thing this app needs is a better ui for tablets, and at least a landscape mode. Very annoying to try to change frequencies as I follow along with a flight only to have to momentarily switch to portrait mode. Otherwise, great app.

Great and useful Great app. Simple to use. Very useful for student pilots who are getting used to atc chatter. Or for pilots who want to listen on traffic conditions while on their way to work. I love the fearure to see airport maps. You can stream the sound to your car speakers If you have a bluetooth support or axillary input. I've purchased this for my android and iPad devices. My fight instructors love this app too.

Brilliant, made with love. I've owned this app since it came out on iPhone years back. Its gone through several iterations and gets better every time. Be advised, if it doesn't have your airport, its due to no volunteer streaming the feed online, not an app flaw. This app works perfectly! Lots of fun to planespot with this over car radio. -st

Freetime Practically perfect program with Airport maps, local weather, volume control. Has all the airports in my area. Only thing I would like to be added is a plane location tracker.

$2.99 scam Save your money for something else, because with app you're buying a $2.99 scam. First of all hall the channels don't work! And the only way to listen to anything is to go to top 50 and pick one of those stations! I want my $2.99 back now!!!!!!

Good app This is a good app for students. It is also a good for anyone who wants to listen to the magical world of air traffic control. It does need abc way to exit the app though. Really needs a button to stop the app when not in use.

Awesome! This is the coolest app! Great for plane spotting or anyone interested in aviation! Definitely worth the small fee.

Works as advertised, but... It sure could use a visual refreshing. It's just plain ugly.

Useless on HTC Sensation Stream shuts off when phone locks and there is no way around it unless you keep the screen alive or they update and repair.

Doesn't deserve 1 star either I downloaded this app but it hasn't worked at all. Using Samsung Galaxy note2. Not even a single channel has worked for me. Sort it out or I want a refund......... UPDATE: App only works when connected to wifi. Doesn't work on phone data

Revisited. Great program now that I was able to stabilize. Start LiveATC, pick airport, then load Flightradar24Pro. Listen and watch each plane at the same time.

5 stars! Great app. Very clear reception, easy to use and stable. Use this all the time. Better than talk radio!

Awsome App! Really, really like this app, works great, use it alot. Hear it very well, lots of city/airports to listen to. Great app. Awsome!!

Needs an exit button to shut down the app. Also, when listening on headphones on max volume, many of the radio calls aren't loud enough to be heard. Good app otherwise.

Live atc A great app but how do you switch it off i have to switch the phone off and on again to stop it. Samsung galaxy s3

This app is incredible, but the icons need to be updated. Please update the low resolution app icons, as they out of place on modern Android phones with high resolution screens. To be clear, I am referring to the app icons in the Android app drawer and in the notifications tab. Thank you and keep up the great work!

Freezes if data connection is lost Freezes if data connection is lost. I can still move around inside the program, but not stop or start a stream. Works great otherwise

Live atc for android The only airport I bought it to listen to is completely garbled and unintelligible ( KLUK)

SUPER!!! Edit... Sorry for the mix up I bought several aviation apps the same evening... You guys get 6 stars!!! Lots of airports, lots of freqs, lots of action... Many thanks!

Doesn't work on Southwest Wifi I have no problems listening at home, but when I want to listen while I'm on the plane, it doesn't work

Great app! Works as like a charm on my HTC Evo 4G LTE It would be so nice to have a good looking icon. The current icon is not very appealing. 5stars to the functionality. The UI needs improvement.

Yes!! Must have for pilots and aviation enthusiasts I recommend liveatc to all my new students who are just starting to familiarize themselves with radio work

Love it One of my all time faves. Wish the links weren't dead so least the ones I listen to.

Good app I will rate it 5 but my local airport KAPF have been down for a while.

Cant get past first screen! Says I have no data connection, and to either retry or exit... Needless to say my data is fine as I managed to install the app and write this! Samsung galaxy s2

Sounds great but I live in the uk and there seems to be no uk airports I live 1 minute away from birmingham airport would like to have heard from them

Force closes every time Force closes every single time on galaxy s2 touch. I work at an airport and it's nice to have this app but no longer will work on device.

Tab2 ☆★●◆◇•▪¤》Rad & Awesome!!★■□ Pretty cool if you have scanner radio (police) but this is Pretty cool app for the pennies ;) fun w/plane finder app, nice thanks. Just fun to have and don't have to buy expensive equipment anymore, sweet app Thx◆◆□☆●○ :)

Live ATC samsung galaxy note 2 Thank you so much for putting up a very good app I am definitely happy with the app that you have created I live in New Hampshire region and I am able to listen to the Manchester Airport the Nashua Airport and other airports in the region in all over the world keep up the good work don't change anything

Add USTR airport please! Please add Roschino airport USTR and Koltsovo airport USSS! Thank you for your fine app!

Update please Tnx for app. Update sleep timer (add more functions) and add more Russian stations

Awesome idea - awesome made! Favorite music for pilot's ears. Thanks, guys!

Ulli not working I bought app just for listing ULLI now it is not working.when it will be up again ?

Great App! I use it regularly to listen to local traffic at KVNY (Van Nuys, California).

No connection After this last update, when my screen closes, I lose the connection. Had the phone in power saving mode which automatically closed the connection. All better now!

Great app Been using the app for years great app. Maybe the app needs to work on the stream pause connect or reconnect to stream sometimes it seems to be playing after a pause but it's not

Can't hear anthing

Live ATC Awesome

UNAVAILABLE?!?! What happened to HNL?

I love this app But could you maybe add the Allegheny County Airport (KAGC) if you're able to.

Good Please add indian cities like Mumbai and Ahmedabad...

Love it I listen to it when I drive to my local airport for a flight. It gives me a brief overview what's going on, how many planes are in the pattern... The only drawback is that APA tower, ground and Denver departure are on the same feed. I would rather have them separately.

Awesome app It just needs Chromecast support

I use flightradar24 with this app and they're both very spot on

No uk airports Whats with their being no uk airports

Great app I was getting faster response from live atc, compared to a hand held radio when on the field with an instructor overseeing a student.

Latest Update disaster The voice sound to fast. Does not show all states.

It's ok I find it odd that you can't choose between frequencies and that ybbn is not available but ybaf is. (Brisbane airport / archerfield airport

Metric Only & Limited phones "Nearby Range" can only be selected as km. No miles for U.S.?? Not available for Samsung GT-B7510L

License checker I would love if you could extend the time of license checking. It seriously is a pain. Or at least put the license checker at the top like a live call and then if succeeded it disappears, failure should turn red and gray the app out. Developer is very quick with replies; minutes in fact. Thanks!

cant get any airports im right next to a airport, used to be able to get KSEA now nothing appears. ive updated the database

Just got the latest update, 2.0.21 and it's worse than anything previous. During my hour drive to work it now completely stops eight to ten times. I have to go back in and press the large play button to get it running again. Last night about half way home it quit and just sat there with the spinning emblem until I got home and cancelled it. Messing with this trying to get it running correctly while I'm driving is not safe, so I guess right now it's unusable.

Drops Licensing Twice now I've purchased this app and it shows as installed and works for awhile and then flags me as requiring yet another purchase. This worked great for years now this . I've paid for this and would like to use it.

Where'd the airport's go? The app used to have multiple airports per state. Now I can only see something like 10 states. What happened? Oops, I forgot to refresh database.

No Connection Keep getting check network no connection? Yet there is nothing wrong with my network until you updated this app

Keeps saying trail mode I've bought the app and it's still say trail mode, I just wasted 4$!!

Whenever I'm not on WiFi it doesn't work. Really frustrating.

Working again After the recent update there is no airports to show in US. I live in Miami and near me shows "nothing to show". Update: clearing data and refreshing database fixed my issue. Works great again!

Great when it works Connects about 20% of the time. This should not happen on a paid app when I have a good connection and am less than 5 miles from the airport.

Nice app You'd better thank Bill Burr. He just gave you guys a plug on his podcast.

Sheet Why it s douvle speed play. Tryied to reinstall.

Right after the update latest update, March 2016, all favorites are gone, can't listen to KORD.

Use it everyday. Works great in conjunction with any of the big three civilian flight simulation apps. Love the new material design upgrade.

AWESOME This is very cool!

Gotten worse The system was fine but a change several weeks ago makes it almost impossible to get streaming.

Fantastic Great app even if you are not a hard core aviation enthusiast.

Like many have already said, it just stops playing whenever I leave the screen. No "tower" icon in the top bar. Can't multi-task because as soon as I leave the page with the play/stop button, playback stops. Argh! Looking forward to the update! Thank you!

Good app. However... Many airports have combined frequencies so it makes mess while listening (for example Toronto Pearson have 3 separate ground channels combined in one by this app) . If creators could separate channels it will be worth paying for the app.

Old version was better The new one looks really nice but however, the old one allowed you to continue to play the steam in the background whilst playing other audio. Now whenever I start Spotify liveatc stops playing. The old version didn't have that issue

Update was not an improvement Less appealing visually since the update, player keeps stopping playback for no reason

Changing my rating from 4 to 2. Sorry terrible changes with confusing, difficult to maneuver changes. Previous layout was perfect. What a mistake.

Fantastic update and design! After a much needed redesign this app is great, much better design and maybe an android wear feature coming soon!?

Finally updated. The new version looks nice and is yet a bit buggy, but more updates are planned.

Live feed automatically times out and stops after some time

good stuff add to this the paid version of 'flight radar' for watch track correlate and listen. entertaining as well as a learning implement for those new pilots and air traffic controllers looking for added practice.

Awesome app Please add sydney melbourne and brisbane centre frequencies ..please and ysbk bankstown tower frequency is out and unavailable so please fix this asap.i am waiting for your reply. .thanks

Awesome! Please ADD India airports. Thanks.

It say all over the world!!!! Apart from uk asking for a refund...

Wish it had more western kansas airports Pretty nice. Well worth the money!!

No UK airports Please add uk airports as I bought it mainly to listen to them!

No UK? No UK airports at all? Perhaps works differently here... uninstalled.

You can't get UK airports on it

Jakarta frequencies Please add Jakarta frequencies because they will be heavy traffic in Jakarta

Great app Use it when traveling fun to know when cleared to taxi or take off also fun to listen at home or anytime

Aerospace Consultant USA Worldwide Marketing & Management of aerospace programs an FAR AIM & NASA Programs and rules & regulations for USAF. Sales of Aircraft & over haul & mro

Works great Awesome app.

Nanik Not what I expected. There is no continuous stream from ATC.It is all muddled. One cannot enjoy the full approach or departure of an aircraft to conclusion.

Terrible. 'upgrade' After using 1.0.7 for literally years with almost flawless performance. This ver is terrible, stops playing after a whiLE so I have to open and 'play' the channel again. It randomly tells me its in trial mode and the best one is icant even select airports near me cause it wants location services enabled, which they are...

New Update Where is LSZH?

AWESOME This is very cool!

Would have been a five star rating but... It is very difficult to turn the app off. I couldn't find an "off" button and found it impossible to turn the app off without going into settings, app manager and hitting "force stop". Aside from that it is a great app, with easy to use interface and a huge number of ATC stations available for listening.

Works great! Finally can do what I did as a kid, spending hours listening to my airband radio! Shame you can't listen to UK airports...very strange that it's not allowed, since I can even pick up my local airport on my regular radio! But great app!!

Great app but..... Is there any possible way you guys could include some cities in Africa especially Johannesburg because I didn't see it listed in your comments for one of the places that has laws prohibiting this and your response to my question would be greatly appreciated, thank you!!!

Good but stops without notice It's a great tool to monitor traffic, not always can I carry my radio. But it stops without any notice. Since I live in an area with low to medium traffic there are always moments of silence, so sometimes when those moments become too long I look to my phone and realize it stopped. How long did I miss? No clue. So the app becomes a bit "unreliable".

Love it!! This app is the perfect way to get a feeling for what's going on above us and it is very interesting. Unfortunately you can't listen to German ATC but that's related to the law. A shame. Wonderful app though!! :-)

Annoying updates forced on you Browser interface is better: app locks you out for 4 or 5 minutes once a week or so while it updates database of frequencies you never use

I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, with Marshmallow. The app randomly crashes. Even after I got it uninstalled, after a phone reboot, I still get the notification the app has crashed. Something's not right!!

Good but update listings Needs to be updated on Airport frequencies because at one point Chicago O'Hare was coming in and now I cannot get any of O'Hare's frequencies.

Needs improvement Widgets only start to play audio. To stop playing you have go into system tray and tap stop. Make widgets start AND stop audio and I'll give 5 stars.

Great app!!! Shame no UK atc, but it does state that. It's great to watch Flight Radar & listen this app at the same time.

Pathetic What's the point of paying for this app when I can't find my own airport atc? Please add WSSS atc thanks.

Great app but lacks a lot of airports As an up and coming pilot I find this app very usefull. I do wish I could listen to a close friend in Bahrain.

Need a License? I bought the full version and it says I need to buy a license since I used all my free previews..??

Great app!!! I really love this app. My favorite feed Washington Dulles Airport was down but the crew responded quickly and had it working again without delay. Thanks for such an awesome app.

Bullshit!!! Every time you want to listen to something it's unavailable

No UK? No UK airports at all? Perhaps works differently here... uninstalled. In fairness, it does say "no UK" (missed that) but still interesting listening in to some other countries. Good example of this type of app.

good It's a great app unfortunately some channels aren't available witch is strange but overall a very good atc app

Great app Now I can listen to ATC with very good quality also...wish i had Grenada ATC tho

Search by frequency and easier browsing of enroute frequencies would be nice.

Any update on UK / Belfast airports ? When will the app provide atc feeds from the Northern Ireland airports?

Amazing To listen to ATC is an amazing thing to have, thanks for making this.

Please add Please add ATC for the uk

Brilliant! I had no idea this was possible.

Nice. But? As at least one has noted, how do you turn it off??? I like the app, but, not convenient or kind to have it on always. Unless quick response I will ask for refund. My work does not compliment this problem.

Waste of money Doesn't include most of the countries and no virus at to key in desired frequency. Pure rubbish. I demand my money back.

Not dependable Got this for local feeds, how can one of the world's busiest airports not be online,,,,ohare has been offline since july 2016, so for me this is basically useless

Please improve the UI Great in funtionality. But the UI still looks dull. Dev, please improve the LIve ATC image and icon etc.

Nice app Sound is loud and clear but please include Soekarno Hatta Intl Airport (CGK)

(edit 10-22-16) Found KSYR, but volume is rather low. However, the app is working as needed, so I'm adding a couple stars as a result.

I paid for this app in order to listen to my local airport. That airport has been removed from the list. No one from this sight will answer me as to why.

Research Going to school for ATC tower found this app yesterday and listening to the towers helps me learn codes diagrams an frequencies

Exciting and Fresh It is a fresh experience to hear what's going on up ahead. Very interesting, love it.

Spain missing!!! Very dissapointed