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LINE Get Rich

Supplied By LINE Corporation    On Sept. 5, 2016    Comments(133)

FREE LINE Get Rich version1.6.0 Download

Call friends and family over for some Get Rich time!
Roll the dice! Game on, people!
Avoid bankruptcy and become the master of your own empire! Ka-ching!

- Travel the World, discover Space, and have tea with the gods! -
Construct Landmarks around the World!

- Feel the thrill of taking over your rival's properties! -
Roll the dice, and spread your empire to infinity and beyond!
Choose your cards carefully, and roll the dice to become a real Get Rich mogul!

- Tons of unique, and awesome characters! -
Meet Alice, the hot-headed warrior, Wolf Beauty Chihiro, the tough zombie hunter Fran, or Genie from the Lamp!
Team up with these lovely characters to reach the top!

- Fortune Cards! -
With the help of Lady Luck, you may turn things around with just one Fortune Card!
You can spread viruses on your rival's properties, decrease the value of their properties, or even force them to exchange their priced properties! Time to plot, you sneaky genius!

- Travel virtually, and share exciting adventures with your friends! -
Team up with your friends, and become financial masters!
Are you ready for an exciting adventure?
C'mon! Call your friends and family, and become the master of the board!

LINE Corporation part of our Casual and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Sept. 5, 2016. Google play rating is 73.9342. Current verison is 1.6.0. Actual size 34.0 MB.

What's new

    Ver. 1.6.0 Update Info
    Thank you very much for playing LINE Get Rich.
    Here's what's new in this update:
    - Adding a new map
    - UI improvements
    Look out for other new features and events via the in-game Notices!
    Build your empire with LINE Get Rich!
Download line-get-rich.apk 34.0 MB


Thank You for fixing. MI I asked once for a fix on my problem and they fixed it immediately thank you very much. they seem to be diligent on keeping customer happy once again you are a five star game

Really cool slant on monopoly wish they explain things a little bit better but it's so super cute game and really fun much quicker than monopoly to for the most part

Great game a lot like monopoly!? Epilepsy education and awareness? Check out the Epilepsy Foundation fo more info. Thank you for making a seizure friendly game!?

why is that I cannot get the kimono Cony? i reached the level 13 already and I still can't get the kimono Cony. The bonus message is always there, but I just can't get the bonus.

This game sucks The system forced me to lose and i cannot even choose to donate which land.OMG this game's developer is crazy!!!i mean really crazy!you know what i am not gonna update this game anymore because it will only get worse.I hope they can take this comment seriously and call me maybe.

new update doesn't let me get into rooms After new update, when selecting team, the room will not open. Keeps occurring. Not allowed to play.

Greatest monopoly game I feel so addicted to this game, even better than modoo

Cheats Hate to accuse a game of cheating but it cheats worst then a B****. Your so called "random" opponent, always seems to roll just the right number or pick up just the right card to thwart any momentum you gain. Its like its trying to force you to spend money to increase you player ability.

Fun game Fun game almost like monopoly. I like how they use a travel theme.

It's okay. This game is a LOT of fun if you like monopoly.

So amazing Omg this game is awesome i wish others were as awesome as this game. Go get rich ??????

LINE get rich I am trying to play but is costly loading MORE than !!!!!

Fun game very challenging and a good competitive game. Cute graphics

Could allow Thailand to play England players too would love that to happen

It's ok. The music gets on my nerves tho

Fun game, but... Too many rules~

Update is hang my game New updates hang alot do something :-(

Why I can't play this game but before can play?

Monopoly fun Kinda like monopoly lots of fun

Its like moodoo marble.... As far as i can see ...

Seems like monopoly Like monopoly? Try this.

Rate only coz I want that 1000

#bestgameever Dear diary, today i lost at dota and shakira asked me to play this game.

Crashes Everytime it loads, a message pops up in japanese and i don't understand japanese. Then it reloads and does it again and again. I cant play at all! Please fix it

My get rich I love playing this cause somany places and this is the best game ever

Language Why is mine in Japanese?

Is truly a fun game I will recommend it to everyone

Good fun to relax playing

Perfection like monoply A fun and not having to spend money game

Not the first time to download this game.. But is getting better and better..

Great game Awesome

Lame Great game like monopoly but the more you play you will find it's a completed fixed pre game winner and when you are yo lose you will notice whatever u do will not be favouring you, LINE is such lame.

Loved it but some how it feels like Auto game you have nothing to control plus it's too slow to get rewarded

FUN!! Its addict me to play play again and again. Not like get rich indonesia, bored with that. More cards more dice please thankyou

Nice This is nice game, i like but big size plus need internet very excellent. When internet goes slow, it hard to used. And computer auto playing is not unexpected.

This game is great I really enjoy playing monopoly but this is monopoly with a kew twist. I enjoy it and play it any time I have a spare moment or two. Definitely give it a try.

Decent game I like the game. Gets very addicting. Just frustrating when it says my Internet isn't enough at times and pushes me out even though the speed of my Internet is just fine

Fun!! I wasn't bored while playing this game... even though i'm a fan of RPG games... sugoii

No sense of luck whatsoever The jackpot seems like a place where you can earn a lot if good rewards but you can pick up to a 100 times and you will always get the most shitty reward, same with cubes and card packs, not to mention upgrading.

I want to a be a millionaire its addictive!!

Yes Even im new this is the most fun game ever

Bug found for logon reward pendant Mailbox has a logon pendant reward. I am not able to accept it. Each time I accept it states inventory full but I still have 4 pendant spots available in inventory. Please fix it or I lose pendant in 4 days. Thanks.

Diamonds I won 500 diamonds and I never received them not happy ???

Cute Still got to play more to see how much i like---ok ok love love love

I got every rank of card I have a question what does it mean when it says league rank

best app in google play store! Polished graphics, exciting gameplay, frequent events and updates, lots of gifts, very fair game mechanics, nice interface, very enjoyable for both adults and children, wish the developers could make all the games on google play!!

Waaaooowww I like this app ! :) ;)

Abit complicated Overall is good

It is fun It pretty fun Nothing more to say

Crashed!!! In past 2 weeks.The game just stopped and forced close while I was playing. Happened everyday. At least 2 times. Also asks me to login Line when I returned to the game. Please look for issues.

Sad.. I really enjoy playing this game..however when there's an event seems like it goes by Asia time? Dateline for event seems to be shorten by a day compare to U.S. time. For example, dateline for event is 3/17/16.. for some reason it reset 3/16/16 for U.S. players..that makes me kinda upset after all the hard work trying to get event item..then I couldn't finish on time, wish you guys would make it longer. Seems impossible without spending so much $$$

To many Options! this is a fun game but there's to many options, not enough people and there's no random matching. most people sit in beginners and farm noobs which I think is stupid and takes all the fun out of the game. there should be a limit to who can play in beginners since theres so many class divisions but so far all ive seen is pros farm me, it's just ridiculous how yall set this up... beginner's cant win and ultimately putting us at an unfair disadvantage.

Seriously i have like 98 santinos shadow i win them every time in the game result box its getting frustrating can u image everytime i open the box i find santinos shadow nothing else.. besides the popular cards are hard to get and most of the time the pendents dont work and to collect the event card to get rewards really hard u keep playing and u get the normal cards if u combine cards during event u dont get the popular card plz fix this or at least reply

Monopoly Rip-off one of the best game here. keep up the good work guys. thank you. ???

Time fly fast when played's so addictive?luv it?

Can't log in Announcement of delivery stop.... Don't even know what it means

Can't play the game Can't access to game after update. Is it because of different area? I tried download the Taiwan version, it can open, but all my cards and pendant are gone? I don't want to collect all things again

after latest "hand of god" update, application keeps crashing or become unresponsive shortly after login. bug fixes required

Forced closed After some game it just freeze and closed. Also in champions league often said fail to enter.

Help me please I supposed to get the A+ or A class wing as a reward for getting a Sclass card but i dont get it. And my other concern is why i dont get the revelation of michaela please help me i need jean d arc badly.

Changing Card Ability You changed the powers of the Alice card without any warning! The team power is now completely useless!

Cheated!!!! How you feel when you wanna play game for fun and you keep losing. Unless you spend huge of money to get all S+ card and max level of new item. After that you may feel good when you keep winning like a real cheated.

The frist time i didnt get my gods hand card i need it to get my 7th card

troble force close after update ? please fix this

Not good anymore. Questionable timezone for USA player??? What the heck? I completed the defense games, and i received the sealed stone. However my sealed stone never increase. It stays the same. Happened more than 5 times already. What the heck? THANK GOD I HAVE NOT SPENT MONEY ON IT. I WAS PLANNING ON SPENDING A LOT, BUT WITH THIS BUGS I HOLD IT FIRST. UNTIL YOU FIXED IT.

Hunter and Defend After the Hand of God update, the hard mode in Hunter and Defend started to match me up with all 3 S+ cards which is almost impossible to win at all. I am pretty sure this is a bug because it wasn't like that before the patch. Need to fix!!

Awesome game

Now crashes casually like they just don't care... Wave yo hands in the air if yo tab just there- Let we see them error screens, like they fab all day. Never get to resolved, but charged yo coins like Hulk. Never know when it works, is this all about. I just want something, to make me feel the fairness. But the more I play, I kept thinking they are so careless. So if the Dev still alive, and want to keep it's tight. Give these crashes the fix, and you shall have my plight. Remove this rate & give you more stars, I can't promise miracle but it can certainly be a par.

Just roll the dice and prepare to get fked The game used to be fun until they introduce other maps that make no sense to me whatsoever. Back then it was like I steal yo city I'm rich now it's just some mindfck map that gives me epilepsy. Overpowered dices and op characters that are pay to win. I was in this map playing against two guys with the same op cards. They took all the beaches because of their godly dice roll and won the game under 10 seconds. Yea, it's that bad now I can't even find a decent match that let me play with players my level.

This game can and will annoy you does not seem random at all and it seems weekend I lose you keep losing. You can tell right from the start the game has chosen a winner . Frustrating as Hell uninstalling. Don't waste ur time unless you have money played 6 straight games lost then all to higher ranked cards

Monopoly A different version of monopoly, if you feel like playing monopoly, but having computer generated dice rolling, then this is the game for u

Rules I can't play with my friends more than 3 turns and if I wanna to play more than 3 truns so I must have to pay 10 diamonds. what's this? I kindly request to line corporation and N2 corporation that please change this rule or close the game cause if we can't play with friends so there's no fun n enjoyment so please fix it n it's take too much mb I can't use another apps before it was good 200 mb but now 510 mb it's too much please make it short or I'll delete this game n my friends will delete also thanks.

02/04: Red Monkey card distribution stopped on the 6th day. I've logged in every day and then I don't even get the final card?? This is a good way to lose loyal players.

I've been playing this game since it was known as dice venture! I searched alot all over internet then I finally found this game...I played it on my PC when it was called dice venture. Now I found it and very much overwhelmed by playing zombie,military,adventure this game!

Worst game ever! It always takes you to the game where people's level is higher than yours

Cheats Use to be fun. Now you lose the same way every game.

Red monkey cards not consistent The game is fun, but the problem I have recently is the red monkey cards do not distribute consistently. The first week they didn't give me a card on the 7th day so I exchanged them for diamonds but they gave me a card the next day. On the second week I logged on every day and it didn't give me more than 6 monkey cards... Now I have 6 red monkey cards with nothing to exchange them for.

Best game ever. Wish there was more of these games

No complain at all Good game, Fantastic event, overall i rate it 5☆

Line: get rich I love this game

Sucks Either you spend your money to get lucky or you need to have more than 1 month of patience to win ONCE this game havent given me a single luck to win a match at least 3 times in a row. I loose like 20 matches in a row in order to win 1 whats the point thus game is so good yet the rng is always against.

good game need fix bug

Latest update problem. I recently update the game to latest version, but when i launch the game it always crashes. Please fix the problem so i can roll some dice again. Thank you.

NO REPLY from customer service Send email from contact us but up until now I got no reply.

Its fun! Easy to play

Recent Update The recnt update added a lot of new features, content and UI changes that truly makes this game enjoyable again! I've been playing this game for 3 or so years on iPhone and Android and finally can I play the game like how its meant to be played!

Notice is not being updated The event notice is not being updated on time. There is a delay. Notices are updated when the event is ending.

Lilithmoonlily and 2nd ashleycampbellday is my line id for get rich Really cool slant on monopoly wish they explain things a little bit better in English but it's so super cute game and was super fun it's ok when you first start but now that I'm getting into the higher levels and they have changed everything I don't know if I will keep the game very disappointed that line got greedy they did have wonderful prices prices that I actually could play the game for 2. 99 for a pretty good package I would purchase every time I got in a tight spot now it's 7.99 for even less ='(

Fun Needs more ppl to play with

Awosome and time killing game?

What A Joke I am an avid lover of Netmarble games but this one is just ridiculous. Half the time you can't see the board because of the characters or chat emoticons and at the homepage I constantly have things blocking my view of everything that I can't get rid of. Not only that but there is a "beginner" map you can use until you reach level 15 and I just had to verse a level 20 in it who had a character that was completely maxed out and had a skill that allowed them to NEVER have to pay when they landed on my squares.

Mixed events is a bad idea! I really like this game but i dislike how it's really hard to get the new card. People have to buy diamonds and still couldn't get the cards! I'm trying to get rusalka by wings cards but it never show up after pendants event! I even bought the premium cards few times and still didn't get anything! I regret spending my money on this game! Do not buy diamonds or whatsoever from this application!

Not bad.. Game of Dice has a much faster pace, but overall this is good and fun

I'm enjoying the game more then I expected

A little bit confusing but good all round so far, as with all line games would be better if there was an offline function, but oh well

I love this game best game for me please we need arbic language

How to complete the daily rewards missions? Seriously how am i going to complete it if i keep losing!!?? Little bit a advice on your game, pair up people with their same ability; just because one have S+ cards doesn't mean they have S+ pendant. Also, not everyone have maxed out both pendant and card. "Play the economy one you said" look i played both, i still lose. You know why?? Cause the opponent have their S+ pendant maxed out and the latest edition at that! How am i going to win?? I have spends money on this app before FYI

Get Rich or Die Trying I like the game, the only frustrating part is its too hard to get any of the new cards that come out. At least without spending your actual money.

Ever since the new update i have lost every game to bankrupt it sucks im level 44 i just want to delete the game please fix it

Language settings? I had this game in English but the language was set to Japanese after the recent update. There's nowhere I can find to change the setting. Can anyone help?

Lilithmoonlily and 2nd ashleycampbellday is my line id for get rich Really cool slant on monopoly wish they explain things a little bit better in English but it's so super cute game. ok when you first start but now that I'm getting into the higher levels and they have changed everything. disappointed that line got greedy they did have wonderful prices prices that I actually could play the game for 2. 99 for a pretty good package I would purchase every time I got in a tight spot now it's 7.99 for even less ='( the game is being a little more fair now. Prices are still bad

Not so much Was fun but since update "more stable environment" not true.... played as team today...they won by 30k, I lost by 219k!?! Never happened before... Have enjoyed playing for a year, but this is too much :/ 3rd glitch in as many days.... At least one would hope it is a glitch. Was once a well-balanced game, now I'm not so sure

Made for cheaters and those who spend money It was a fun game to begin with but not ita going down hill. Most people in this game spend a lot of money or cheat. People will have the brand new card within 20 mins of it coming out and full maxed. Cards will have effects that it shouldn't and they happen 100% of the time. People with pendants that have a 15% chance will happen 100% of the time. Plus they will have random effects that happen. You search their card and pendants and there is nothing that has that effect. They won't stop the cheaters.

Not a fair play. Too hard to win.. too many people cheat with specials effects and buy things with cash to get a higher character card. This game is kind of a waste of time if you keep losing. I always get paired with a higher winning streak person that also has a high percentage on pendants..

difficult to play against those who bought items by cash

Love the game but i keep getting kick out of the app or it says connect problem alot please fix i love playing it

Not in English The game is in Japanese, where is the English instructions

Super fun app I love this game!!

Best game every It is so awsom

Cool app Neat and cool too

Fun Great way to connect with friends

Excellent for someone who plays with luck!

I really like this game

VERY EXPENSIVE GAME!! Is there a monthly gem card package for us to purchase? Because not all players are rich to buy diamonds over and over again. And mind you a small amount of diamonds in exchange for a lot of real money? That's absurd!! I hope the developers of this game would listen to our suggestions and claims as I have seen not even once did they answered the players here. Maybe they dont understand english eh? Hahahaha Yohooo! Line developers? Are you even there?

Titana is not a fair card Please change her ability to double the toll. How on earth would anyone win over her? Toll x80 ? Seriously what were you thinking? It's not fun anymore since this character arrived. I literally have to bankrupt after play for like 5 turns. It really is wtf. You took all the fun out. It's 5 yrs old kid playing football with Beckham and trying to win. My 5 S+pendants and my S+ I worked hard for the year became pointless. No matter how good you are you wont be able to pay the toll of 500,000,000

Another bug Today's new updates made my game crash multiple times

Really challenge This server is a lot better than thai's. You have to play more to build your character... love it

Awesome Its awesome because you get to have splus and enchant your cards

Uninstalled Keeps on telling me that I don't have a network connection then crashes the game.

Wish you didn't have to have a line just to play

Character restarted I've been playing get rich from 3 years ago until reach 70+ level with my line account. I had never changed my line account. Why my character was restarted? I'll give you 5 stars if you fixed it

BALANCE EVERYTHING Skuld card is way too overpowered. Most of S and S+ pendants activate way more than they should. A 2% activates more than a 80%. Also way to many botters

Great game Can be challenging at times and frustrating but it's fun to build your characters up from nothing. I think I spend more of my time doing that than actually playing. It's really frustrating when you totally get your ass kicked. My boyfriend says he gets scared of me when I play sometimes because I'm screaming at my phone so much. Great game when you win though love it

Customer support service ONLY IN JAPANESE TO ENGLISH PLAYERS: The customer support is NOT available in English. I would not recommend spending money on the game because there is no support outside of Japanese staffs. Even though I inquired about a bug with my limited Japanese, stating that I am an international player, the customer service just gave generic answer like update app etc, and asked to resubmit my bug in more detail in Japanese??

Made playing more harder 2x the enhancing cost, jackpot draws is equal to normal draw.. Big prizes on jackpot draw is set to false...if It isn't a client side handler where did you set it to false, I'm losing interest in line games. This is simply unprofessional.

It was really hard to win After getting new characters and pandents it became more fun. One of things that needs to be fixed is game notification comes up in Japanese instead of English.

No English customer service Complain about wrong item received when buy package , then bunch of Japanese text reply come. Translate using google it's said "sorry we only support Japanese language" Wtf ? Got no refund and no support . I thought this was English version app ????

70% chance to upgrade pendant? try 4 time and all lost! 30 normal card, all c! Why the chance is get more and more bad?

Addicting Having trouble finding games lately and lineQ is not availible for america

I keep on losing game:(( no chance to get a s+class sally or hellokitty card:((((

Fun Easy to play addictive and exciting