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Learning Japanese

Supplied By sagetsang    On March 21, 2015    Comments(93)

FREE Learning Japanese version2.5 Download

A useful Japanese-learning tool helps you to learn KANA, the vocabulary of JLPT and the expressing methods of number, date and time.
『KANA test』 You can learn the spell of KANA by the audio tests.
『JLPT vocabulary and test』 You can learn the vocabulary anywhere and anytime by the off-line JLPT vocabulary list, test, stroke and example sentences.
『Daily Expression』 You can learn the usage and pronunciation of number, date and time.
『Wrong test collection』 You can consolidate the learning by the wrong test collection.
This is a free application that you can trust.
More functions is developing, any suggestion or comment is accepted by email.
*For your learning, please unload the old version of this app. You will enjoy better learning experience by this new version.
*Thanks for providing the JLPT vocabulary.
*Thanks for providing the stroke data.
*Thanks for providing the example sentence.
[Copyright Notice] All copyright of the translation of JLPT in this app belongs to the developer of this app. Any form of copying is refused. Any infringement of this app shall be investigated for legal responsibility.

sagetsang part of our Education and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update March 21, 2015. Google play rating is 84.5768. Current verison is 2.5. Actual size 2.2 MB.

What's new

    1. Add JLPT Vocab stroking function;
    2. Add JLPT Vocal Example sentence function;
    3. Update the interface;
    4. resize the app;
    4. Fixed some known bug
Download learning-japanese-2.apk 2.2 MB


Very well done! I enjoy the layout of this app! Very useful and handy. I will enjoy learning more Japanese with this app :)

FLAWLESS!! (So far) This app has an amazing diversity of studying methods so you can pace yourself at your leisure. Very user friendly and organized. I love exploring this app! I've studied Japanese solo before and it's been so difficult to get the stroke patterns right. This app shows you directly how to write the stroke patterns. I RECCOMEND TO ANYONE NEW: *Do NOT try to exactly copy the letters shown. The stroke patterns are correct but the characters are "sloppy" handwriting. Follow the hiragana and katakana bases. Love it

Few errors OK I like this app though I wished I could quiz myself on just a few things not everything all at once especially under daily expressions. With the numbers, time, dates and everything I cannot quiz myself appropriately. I like the app but the number 1 day displays hiragana for one thing and the audio is completely different. I can understand if it is kanji but hiragana? That is very confusing.

Loved it! This is a good app for learning Japanese :) it needs a pint of mb ^^. I just love it, reaallyyyyy!!! Thanks so much for making this app!! :l pretty useful!

Good App BUT Should be 5 stars. I want to change this app into Chinese but I can't find the option anywhere. Now I can only use Appsetting to change its region.

Very nice but mistakes Very helpful for memorization but quite often on the listening tests it'll say you got the wrong answer even though you're right. The end of the test will even confirm you picked the right answer but be listed as incorrect.

I like this app a lot!!! It helped me learn a lot about how to read Japanese. I would love if there was also Korean too.

Help me! I'm sorry! I didn't get the app at all! I really hope its not because im stupid, I just don't get the alphabet and how it doesn't describe a lot. Could someone please explain this to me if possible?

Bug? Love the app! Really really helpful! But when I go into any tests in the vocab category, the message will say "unfortunately, learn Japan has stopped."

I like this so much Amazing helps you learn jaanwse a lot. Thanks guys :)

Kanji Strokes I needed kanji practice and this is perfect for a guide.

nice app been using it for a while think I will buy it

Good apps Excellent. Hopw more topic later for practical life

Thank you. It's simple but extremely useful app. Real time saver. Add donation option to menu coz i want to say "thanks"

Love it! This app is great, I haven't spotted any errors yet but with the help of other apps I think I'll be speaking Japanese in no time

Its great but when I test food it stoped working

AMAZING Really helped me learn the language.

I can learn it in a flash The app is great and in about a year or two I'll know more than enough to talk to a person who is fully Japanese

Kana issues The kana stroke demonstration goes WAY too slow and there should be a test of just memory of the symbols

Awesome! This is...I can't express

THE BEST I used it daily to study... keep it up..

Nice app Great way to learn japanese beside watching anime

Bug Noticed when i select random questions on JLPT i'm on n4 and it's giving me questions from the n5

Error in the number learning When i go to the numbers and i hear that number 4 is go not shi plz fix the answer mistakes then I'll rate it 5 stars

Subhra pande Please pekup your phone

Force close When clicking my phone menu button

5 stars It's awesome!

It's good Great for learning Japanese

Good app Useful for learning the foundation of Japanese.

Its good app to learn vocabulary

Kanji? All this needs is kanji

Learning Very particular and useful. ...

I dont know why... this apps always error when i open this app..... plis fix it

HELP PLEASE I don't understand this app well. I'm trying to understand it but I can't rap my brain around it. So if someone could help me I would appreciate it.

Good notes! Can study offline very good. But not so interactive... still great!!

4/5 ads annoying dakara

Amazing I used it before

It's awsome I recommend you all, interesting app.

Kukuku Awesame. Thank's!

Good little app! This is a nice little app to practice quickly in little sessions just to keep you refreshed, however didn't give it a 5 as it has some issues, like saying you had the wrong answer when it was correct then when you go to the mistakes and select the same answer it is right! XD does keep you second guessing to make sure you know your stuff though!

Not for beginners This is more for level 2 learners. It has beginner aspects but is helpful introductory excersizes to ease you into the language and better understand the different parts of it. Japanese is a complicated and hard language and unless you already know a bit of it and want pratice this app may not be helpful.

Nice app but need some patch It is a nice app, but it still has some bug I think. When I moved forward to deeper menu, the app suddenly crashed and I got back to main screen. Need some improvement~

Great app! It helps me study harder with passion with Japanese culture and the language itself. The app will drill it in my head, especially with the strokes to help me practice. Kudos!

Totally good I like this app. Thank u. I wish kanji too is available

I like the app, it really is helping me learn hiragana and katakana. I can't give it 5 stars though because the tests are flawed. It will sometimes mark correct answers as incorrect. You can go back and try the ones you got incorrect again. If you put the same answer it originally marketing correct it will they market as correct. But this is a bug that should be fixed.

Its very helpfull I know its hard to study the language and the writing that I never study before.

Tremendous Help You have no idea how helpful this app has been to my Japanese language learning exp, i sincerely grateful for your work and appreciate that i can learn Japanese intuitively.

I really like it but... Really like this app but seems that there isn't katakana...

Yay I already know some Japanese, as I speak many languages.... This helps so much!

Really helps I can learn it after an whenever I want 2

Very useful Went I'm older I'm going to Japan

A lot of vocabulary! I didn't know until now that the app has SOOOOO many vocabularies! I'm stunned by the huge amount and looking forward to get more into learning Japanese! Well done with this app! And being able to having access onto the vocabulary even without an internet connection is even better!!

Amazing but... This app is really helping me giving the first steps in Japanese but it's kinda irritating when you answer something right and it tells you that is wrong, or vice-versa. If you could correct that bug it would be amazing. I really can't say much more because I haven't tried everything that the app has to offer, but up until now, this is my review. (Also, I'm giving 5 stars because I think this problem is just a detail, and you shouldn't get one less star because of it. Still, I had to point him out.)

Very good and free But not perfect. PROS: (1) Simple, functional interface, sorted by JLPT lvl. (2) Its testing is tricky, which is good to keep you paying attention. (3) Extensive vocabulary (4) Minimal ads. CONS: (1) All testing is expressed only in hiragana, even for phrases normally in katakana. (2) There appears to be no testing for kanji recognition. (3) Lack of kana readings for example sentences makes them very limited in their usefulness. Still, considering its competition, it's a keeper, especially for JLPT.

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Salvation Seriously, low memory space, less annoying adds and my personal favourite useful. So why 4? Well JLPT is fairly usable , but its limitations r very well marked and JLPT 1 is locked! Oh common that is the most important part. Well who can blame the creator. Anyways , overall its a great app!

Best Japanese vocabulary app ever. You can memorize Hiragana and words at the same time. You can also bookmark some words, which is very handy for katagana

Good but lacking some things This is a good app! However, if you know kana as of downloading, and are working on kanji, its hard to study words and learn kanji since the quizzes only display in kana. So, it isn't bad, but its not a good app for people trying hard to remember kanji.

Finally ! A great Japanese learning tool. It's very detailed and we'll laid out. The only thing is I wish there was a search function and the phonetically spelled words were immediately viewable. Great interface easy to use and full of useful tools!

Very usefull I just need differend quizzes for katakana and hiragana. If you make that, it'll be 5 stars from me! :)

Vocabulary This is the second day of using this app. Its really good and I halfway get the conten of Japanese but when i want to get the feel of using the "Random Vocabulary button" the app always stop and closes. I hope you can fix this?

Great, I love this app. For further develop, I think you should add more communicating sentences which could help in daily life. Thank you for creating this app.

Very good. I like it but I wish you could make the font bigger. I can't tell the difference between ば and ぱ.

Very helpful!! Just started a Japanese Language course and this app has been very helpful. Extremely well designed and easy to use!

it very good app ever seen before, but u should add symble in english that is ok.

Free app, very complete, rich vocabulary and super easy to use ! Thank you Sage Tsang

Learning Japanese I really like it. I enjoyed everything about it. But this app could do better on adding more vocabulary would be great . But over all I'm very excited soon I will be going to japan to put all that I have learned into practice with foreigners<3. If you want to learn Japanese do it!! don't let anything hold you back or whatever language it could be its good to know, meeting new people ,making new firends, food, culture love it!:D

Offline not work Its not work. When it instaled and finished, I want to download offline file. But its not work. Tell me why??

Nice! Love it. Just wish there was an alternative to unlocking N1 and maybe a longer time between stroke order loops - a config option for that would be nice. Would also not mind a toggle for each specific kana or kanji that we already know by heart. Very nicely done otherwise! Thank you!

Fast daily improvements I use this every day to bulk up of vocab and it works great. Th erandom tester seems a little botched though, seeming how the n3 and n2 level tests keep repeating n5 stuff... could just be because its lite version. Either way, very nice app ty

Perfect!!! ??? This is a very great app, i can learn from the very basic. It's also easy to use, & everything i need to learn is in here!

It doesn't help I'm trying to learn japanese bc a girl in my class only speaks it and I want to talk to her and this app doesn't help at all

Vocab categories crash I have tried for days on 2 different devices and even uninstalled, but every time, and I mean without exception, every time I try anything from the vocab categories the app crashes.

Awesome content Have japan alphabet and 6.000 words with their pronounciation and writing strokes

This is too god This is like the worlds easiest way of learning japanese!!!??

Vocab test needs to be in kanji Has an extensive vocabulary list and nice user interface, complete with sample sentences. However, the vocabulary test is in hiragana, and I couldn't find the option to use kanji instead.

Very Good App Adds Kinda Annoying But Overall Amazing App! To Learn

It's good but there's a minor bug with the navigation. i was looking through the vocubulary section. At first, i did not download the database for the vocabulary sentence function. whenever i press the back button from that screen (which displays stroke and sentence), i was navigated to the main menu instead of the previous screen. this was very annoying. However, as soon as i downloaded the sentence function database, this was resolved. please look into this.

Very good Easy to navigate, clean, and helpful. It has the MOTHER list of vocabulary, which was pleasant to see, albeit a bit daunting. I appreciated the listening skills test, which I haven't really seen on other apps I've downloaded. The JLPT N1 vocabulary is locked unless you buy pro, and I assume the ads would be removed too. Only problem I've been having is that my favorited vocabulary won't stay favorited. *Need basic understanding of how the Kana and grammar work as it's almost strictly a vocabulary-based app.

Nice but where is furigana?! I just downloaded the example sentences and found that will they use kanji which is very good, they do not give the furigana! Under such circumstances how is a learner supposed to use the example sentences? I am already past the basic level and want to use this for practice and keeping things fresh in my mind. However, the lack of furigana is a serious limitation.

Great refresher Is great for keeping your language skill at a level however learning from it would be harder (for me at least i recommend classes instead of apps or programs). Also some of the pronunciations dont match the charictars in the vocab but other than that it great i do recommend.

Learning Japanese Downloaded this 10mins ago and I already love it! I am so glad I got this as I can't learn this language in school! I am learning French and German and the websites I use aren't as good! Now that I am teaching myself Japanese I have found the perfect app so thank you!

one little bug in the kana test theres no "j" option so its impossible to answer "jyu" correctly please fix :) otherwise its a very grate app! good work

KNEE DIS SHIZ WILL HELP U LERN DEM HIRAGANA BRUH Though I was initially bereft of knowledge on the subject, I have become quite engaged in the language and feel this particular application will certainly facilitate your advancement in the lexicon of Japan. Have fun my brothers and sisters. Just don't become a weaboo. Peace.

Good but missing features I like it (apart from the annoying ads) but it would be even better if there (1) was a flashcard system for studying vocab rather than just a list; (2) if it weren't all in alphabetical order; (3) if you could see kanji and katakana during tests; (4) advanced levels didn't repeat easier vocabulary; (5) and if there was spaced repetition for vocabulary study.

Bad audio quality You can't understand and hear properly what is being said. There are a lot better apps that do a better job than this awful one.

Awesome. I already spoke Japanese. But there are always those words I never get. This app helpped me with that. Now I never watch ANIME with English subtitles or in English. I'm good with Japanese!

It sometimes closes a lot though but otherwise, it's okay :) but i have one problem. I couldn't read the Kanji s in the sentences that are in Japanese, most of them are unfamiliar so it is pretty hard for me to understand it but i think the main point of it is the vocabulary and it is very useful ;) but i think it needs some exercise more because it is hard to remember the words when they are unfamiliar to you then you forget it but that's just my opinion though :)

Easy to use Have been trying to use many apps to memorize vocab and found out that this app fit my need.

Some bugs Whenever I tap Random Test in Vocab Categories it crashes everytime. Good work regardless.

A little odd The pronunciation of many words is not correct. It's more a computer speaking letters than someone saying words. Also some of the word choices are ridiculous eg KFC, McDonald's, big Mac. All words that according to this are exactly the same as English and there is a whole category for it.

Better install Obenkyo and Tsukiji This app is OK but you have to pay for some features and I feel that it is for more basic levels.

It's Awesome !!! Its a great app !!! Only problem i have is with the sounds... Its really bad quality but at least you can still hear it !!!