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Learn Spanish with MosaLingua

Supplied By MosaLingua Crea    On Oct. 20, 2016    Comments(101)

FREE Learn Spanish with MosaLingua version8.51 Download

★ Learn Spanish in no time! MosaLingua's effective and addictive teaching method will help you memorize loads of vocabulary, key phrases and conjugations in record time. ★
By using the dialogue exercises, you'll be able to improve both your Spanish comprehension and your speaking skills at the same time.

MosaLingua was designed by a Spanish professor and a team of polyglots who actually use MosaLingua on a daily basis.

Learn the essential 20% that will apply 80% of the time. Afterwards you can choose an area of focus that is relevant for you (travel, sports, business, technology...). Spending just 5 minutes per day for two months will allow you to memorize 600 words and key phrases!

Whether you are starting Spanish from scratch or you already know the basics, MosaLingua is adapted to suit your language needs. It's like having your own private tutor in your pocket!

Whether your motivation for learning Spanish is for school (diploma, class, course, SAT, GCSE), vacation, business purposes or simply for the joy of learning, MosaLingua will have you speaking Spanish in no time:

- 3000+ flash cards of vocabulary and phrases, including audio pronunciations by native speakers
- 14 diverse categories (e.g. Accommodation, transportation, shopping, tourism, social, emergencies...)
-more than 100 sub-categories (e.g. At the restaurant, at the hotel, buying and negotiating, sports, partying, flirting...)
- Up to 10 levels to complete, from the basics to more specialized vocabulary
- 17 dialogues presenting common situations that come up on vacation (or when traveling)
- Study lessons and language tips that will aid your progression
- More than 100 bonus materials to unlock as you progress
- Online dictionnary
- Possibility to create your own cards

- Learn the most useful/most used vocab (and the most simple) first
- Learn only the most useful phrases for your studies, for your travel, or for Spanish SAT or GCSE

MosaLingua uses the Spaced Repetition System (SRS), the product of several years of scientific research
- Calculates review dates for the flash cards according to how difficult you find each one, to encourage efficient and long term memorization
- Spend time learning what you find useful, not what you already know
- MosaLingua constantly adapts to your needs and pace (like a private teacher)
- Use both audio and visual memory
- Sustained learning (long-term memory)

- You get to decide how long each lesson will be (it doesn't matter whether you have only 2 minutes or more than 30 minutes to spend)
- Automatically adapts to your needs and pace
- You can stop a lesson and then pick up where you left off whenever you want
- You don't need an internet connection, all the lesson and content is available OFFLINE

- Unlock bonuses as you progress (dialogues, jokes, fun facts, sayings, tips)
- Learn from dialogues based on realistic situations that you may encounter on vacation
- You'll be amazed at how quickly you will learn new words and how addictive it becomes
- the App keeps track of your progress giving you the motivation you need to succeed

The app is constantly being improved. We take user feedback into account. Free and regular updates are in the works!

If you have a suggestion or need assistance, please click on the customer support link or at - you are guaranteed a reply!

Note: All the content listed in this description is already included in the application at no extra cost (in-app purchases are available should you wish to purchase optional content).

MosaLingua Crea part of our Education and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update Oct. 20, 2016. Google play rating is 93.75. Current verison is 8.51. Actual size 22.0 MB.

What's new

    Thanks to your suggestions, we added:
    - The hands-free mode: learn and review while running / driving / commuting...
    - The sleep mode (beta): try to learn a language before or while sleeping
    - A new design for the dashboard: updated icons
    - Corrections to minor issues and bugs flagged by users (thanks for your messages)
Download learn-spanish-with-mosalingua.apk 22.0 MB


Better than Rosetta When I started learning Spanish I got Rosetta Stone, and after a year I felt I wasn't learning much. I found this free app. and decided to give it a try. I learn much quicker now. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to learn a language.

Good app but kitkat killed it The app auto moves to sd which makes the horribly made kitkat OS not recognize it. I'm moving to apple since google can't compete with ios9. I think apple just drilled google's mobile coffin nails shut. But consider a fix for your google customers.

Very helpful I work in a business where I interact with people who speak Spanish. I wanted something I could learn from that was portable, and would remind me to study. This is a fun and interesting way to learn.

voice is incomplete In some word, the voice is wrong or incomplete. Fix please. Otherwise, your app is perfect

Hagop Excellent application for learning.

Very useful This is a very useful app. Simply put this is a well curated SRS deck. It's got high quality audio and is designed in such a way that you're motivation builds as you progress. My biggest criticism would be the UI looks and feels dated. I'd like to see a material design makeover. That would bump it up to five stars

Very useful. I've been learning (or trying to!) learn Spanish for a few years. I know enough to get by but am by no means fluent. This app is a great way to keep my knowledge topped up, and to add new stuff too. Only fault I can find is the lack of an exit button.

Great app it is addictive You really do learn from this app I have tried loads of stuff in the past and all been boring but this just keeps you coming back for more

Best app ever! Great customer service if anything does go wrong with your app. You will definitely learn Spanish if you stick with this app. The only way it could get better is if they made a Mexican Spanish app instead of a Spaniard version. My friends say my Spanish is to proper and it's like being super white in Spanish but they are helping me curb it to sound more Mexican. So if you plan on going to Spain this will be perfect for you just don't go to Mexico sounding like this or you will stand out big time.

Very good for remembering phases, you will need another app to learn Grammer, writing etc. This app will get you speaking from day 1.

Me gusta! This has been a great help to learn and stay current with Spanish. Tried several others y Mosa Lingual es mejor!

I like it but I have an issue Tried this app on a whim. It is different in that it allows you to learn at your own pace, and the language sounds current. My bug bear is that the app doesn't differentiate between simple past tense (e.g. I ate - yo comí) from present perfect -which uses haber to make the words he, ha, hemos, etc as well as the past participle of the verbs in that tense (I have eaten- he comido). Both are refered to as past tense, so when I am reviewing the concepts, I get confused, and frustrated. It's the little things, really.

It's really useful , but where could I find the flash cards that is in my long term memory

The best way to learn a language I needed to learn Spanish quickly for my job and with Mosalingua I did it in a few months. The app will remind you to have a short session every day and in no time you will know a lot of vocabulary. My customers and business partners were impressed on how quickly I spoke their language. Highly recommended! And far too cheap for the efficiency it gives you ;-)

Very helpful Helps me in conjunction with other apps to learn and study new languages.

This is the language app you want! Finally I feel like I might succeed at becoming proficient in Spanish! Thank you!!

Quality app. I am a novice Spanish student. I enjoy using this program. I work on my flashcards and when the lessons for the day are completed I listen to some conversations in Spanish to get used to the flow of conversations. My vocabulary is improving. I feel that I am receiving great value for the cost of this app. Thank you.

Extremely cheap. Truly Incredible(much fun and easier than in a classroom). But after I finish one flash card and go to the next it either won't show or flip over. ???. Mosalingua please fix this or advise and I'll give 5 stars

Amazing I bought this based on a recommendation but was still shocked at how much I enjoy using it and how much I have learned already! I would love to see some exercises on tenses.

I like this app Would be even better if you could record my voice and listen to it in the app

Great app Many useful features. I especially like that it even has voice support for the flash cards that I can easily generate in addition to the ones that come with the program.

By far the best and most useful Got real speakers and you can mark the sentences you care about so you only learn what you want to. Good amount of full sentences in interesting real life topics. Much better than all the other apps and I tried many.

Use up too many memoried

Great app. Uses the science of memory retention to help you learn. The most useful tools you can have are those that help you to have an expansive vocabulary.

Good Good but could use better UI

No support for their products I suspect that their support email shown below is not in use or is incorrect as I can't get any replies from them. The app is ok, the audio conversations (a delight to find) are extremely helpful but the ui seems complicated & difficult to navigate.

easy and effective! This is the only spanish langauge app that I have had success with. I am only using it a few minutes a day, which makes the routine easy to keep up with, and it is definitely effective. I enjoy that the words are always being repeated so that you dont forget them after you moved on to a new leason. It doesnt offer grammar lessons, but it is great just for refreshing or learning new vocabulary.

Great app Great, enjoyable way to learn. I love the quotes which bring diversity to the training and other bonuses, as well as the dialogues (please bring more!). Please keep adding new cards, great work! Including Google Play Games could be great (achievements when practicing for x days in a row, new level passed every 100 cards learned,... Would help to commit to the learning and compare to friends)

Pretty good. This is not too easy to navigate around but the concept is very good. I am sure I will find it very useful indeed in my quest to learn Spanish.

Great app! Great for beginners like me. Could just do with the Spanish spoken a little slower so you can get the pronunciation correct

Great Program I downloaded this app because I used too speak Spanish quite well but after years of lack of use I began to forget how to form complex sentences. This is perfect at unlocking dormant's states that by teaching you 20% you'll be able you comprehend 80%. I've been doing this consistently for a few weeks already. Learn the sentence structures then ab-lib with the vocab and you'll be speaking well in no time! I look forward to trying the French and Portuguese modules after completing this.

A very good Spanish app!

Great app Very practical app to pick up another language.

Very useful. I've been learning (or trying to!) Spanish for a few years. I know enough to get by but am by no means fluent. This app is a great way to keep my knowledge topped up, and to add new stuff too. Only fault I can find is the lack of an exit button.

Just what we needed For my son to review Spanish over the summer and for me to start learning.

Great app Many useful features. I especially like that it even has voice support for the flash cards that I can easily generate in addition to the ones that come with the program. After the update...even better..sound seems improved and the photos are a nice this app.

Excellent I finished using the duolingo app and was looking for something to expand my vocabulary. I have to say I am totally impressed by this one!

Pretty good Been using it for a while, no big problems with it. It's the best SRS implementation for Spanish I've found so far (not that I've tried that many)

Great app Great way to fill time productively.

Addon The program is fantastic. I used anki before but my problem was to compose correctly the deck. One suggestion is to show the list of long term words (maybe identifying them with a golden gear instead of a silver gear)

Very good! Helps all lot with my Spanish and the pro version is worth it!

Great My only problem is with the flash cards section where you have to spell the word. I have to press letters somtimes upto 8 times before it appeares. Very annoying.

Overall, good App I'm slow but it's teaching me! Your upgrades corrected all bugs. Tnx! Love this very effective app.

Very motivating! Well worth the money and a very helpful way to learn. I have been unsuccessfully learning Spanish for years. These concepts have helped me learn in less time what I was struggling with before.

Really loving it! My Wife is Colombian, and a lot of our friends are some form of Latin, but I am very Floridian. I've picked up a little Spanish over the years, but not much. After a month or two of this, I'm starting to understand a lot more, and I'm actually confident saying a few things, which was my biggest problem before. It's worth noting that Spanish is different in different countries, but Mosalingua has taught me multiple words for the same thing, and a quick question to my wife tells me which I should use.

Why you need to know so many private details about me? Turn off some permissions you'll have a great app. Thanks

Very good If you're looking for a flashcard approach, this one has it. In 3 months, I was able to learn enough Spanish to get around, ask directions, order in a restaurant, and make basic chats. The app works very well. You need to apply yourself and be consistent in order to get results. Great app.

The best For those with any interest in slowly building a solid foundation for learning a foreign language. Buy this app. Every day I spend 20 minutes and it has done wonders. Stick with it!

Very useful. I've been learning (or trying to!) Spanish for a few years. I know enough to get by but am by no means fluent. This app is a great way to keep my knowledge topped up, and to add new stuff too. The new recording feature is an excellent addition to the app.

Excellent counterpart to Duolingo This is the flash card deck that goes with duolingo. Like duolingo, you get to hear the words and practice them frequently. It will help you get a larger working vocabulary of words more quickly than using duolingo alone. Some of the pictures are quite funny and will help you memorize the words more easily. Sometimes I wish I could do a drill over again, but this app sets the pace refresh and review. You can learn new words at any time, but the review is set by the app itself. I recommend this app

Great App. You learn the most important words and phrases first. Good for learning pronunciation, because of self recording. Efficient repetition system.

Enjoying Mosalingua I like the varied exercises in small bites that fit my schedule. Wish I could put certain words or phrases on a specific practice schedule instead of waiting for the program to decide when to review them. Perhaps there's a way and I just haven't found it yet. But I feel like I'm making progress, and Mosalingua fits my lifestyle. So far easy to continue with.

It's good I paid for the full version was worth it .

For the price this is unbeatable. Very useful to have on your phone. Well designed program for learning.

Awesome work I love this app, the language is taught in such a way you remember what you've learned without struggling, thank you for this app

Looking good so far! Heading to Colombia at Christmas so just started using this app. Believe so far I'm learning quicker than other electronic means.

Very helpful I appreciate this app. It is structured in such a way to keep me motivated. I love the helpful suggestions. I have roped my Spanish speaking friend to converse with me via text so I can keep practicing

this aplication is fun. my spanish is improving of this

Great! The best app I've found to learn a language!!!

Really simple and effective app. No frills but it gets the job done.

Loved it Immediate reinforcement at all lessons. Fun and well planned though some of the pronunciations seem Cuban rather than Castilian

Great app Simple and easy to use

Solid app and learning device

Extremely cheap. Truly Incredible(much fun and easier than in a classroom). But after I finish one flash card and go to the next it either won't show or flip over. ???. Mosalingua please fix this or advise and I'll give 5 stars. Fixed 5 stars ??☺

Learn Spanish the fun and easy way MosaLingua makes learning Spanish fun and easy with quick results. Better than Rosetta Stone and far cheaper. You can also try Duolingo if you're really serious about learning Spanish.

Excellent I am changing my previous 5-star positive review just to say how much more I love this one! It is simply fantastic in its job of teaching you vocabulary. Please add more verb conjugation cards, especially future tense!

Excellent, easy to use and very effective.

Miss grammar lessons but the learning concept is effective

Best Spanish app I've tried so far. Just need to stay consistent and it all sinks in and stays in ?

Fantastic app for learning a language, everything you need with no books or cds. It's so easy to just learn something new when you have a spare few minutes.

Great app Great way to fill time productively.

Loving it still after one year! I have so enjoyed using Mosalingua in conjunction with Duolingo. Together they make a great team. Mosalingua has rapidly improved my understanding of grammar and my pronunciation. Duolingo accelerates my vocabulary, so together, they form wonderful learning experience. The pictures can be quite amusing and help the phrases stick in your mind. Love Mosa's charts!

Very helpful app! This app is great! Teaches you not just the words but the punctuation step by step, at your own pace. The phrases and words are priotitized very well! Fits in well with a busy schedule, reminding you to review so you always continue to learn. Great app thankyou very much!

Great help This app really makes it easy to improve my ability to speak this language. Been trying for years as my son lives in Spain, without much success. Feel like I'm getting somewhere now!

Unusable ! It asks you to login to be able to use all the app's features & to have your progress saved. There are 2 problems with that. 1) Since I paid for the app, why are some of the features being restricted to me? 2) I don't have an account with mosalingua, never have done. The app doesn't give an option to create an account, therefore I can't login, rendering the app useless. Fortunately, I've not updated the French & Italian one (cos of my distrust of updates), so can still use them without problems.

Excellent I am enjoying the exercises and who knows I may learn more than expected. Strongly recommend using it with Duolongo.

Easy to learn! Reminders help you not forget to learn and it's easier than you think!

Great app Great way to fill time productively.

Hi is there a male audio?

Why can't you review cards you know? I've been enjoying learning Spanish with this app, but I'm frustrated that you don't have the option of reviewing the cards you already know. The program notes that you rated yourself as "good" or "perfect", so it won't show you those words again for a while. But the reason I rated them this way was because they were fresh in my memory at the time! I'd like the option to go over the cards I already learned whenever I want, not only when three program tells me to.

Love it Got this a while ago when travelling south America. Now back in England hadn't learnt any new Spanish but now thanks to the app, am back on track with my learning!

I Love this app! This is s great Spanish learning app, at least to me as a beginner. The basic learning is very good and not like the other apps I use. Plus, I love the Discussions. They are a real help with learning to understand the spoken language. Great job!

Moving Targets The answers keep changing. The printed translation stays the same but the verbal part changes, no longer matching what is written on the card.

Amazing app. Especially great for people who only have short periods of time to learn a language. Also love the ability to learn more with the add-on learning packs.

Working out Glad I found this. Making tracks now.

Awesome app for learning spanish Having a great time learning Spanish. For me the hardest part about learning was finding the motivation, this app made is very easy to learn words (as long as you commit 5 minutes a day). Thanks for the updates.

Awsome This is the best Spanish learning platform I have tried. I have tried to study with a book, but this is far superior. This is fun and great. One last word, Awsome.:)

Simple, effective and love that you can record yourself saying words for pronunciation!

Well built This really works, and it's entertaining. Definitely worth the price

Great app I've found very useful

Keeps you motivated

Very effective. Good reminder system.

a very good app

Best language learning app ever!!! Mosalingua is amazing!!! It teaches loads of useful vocabulary and phrases that are spoken to help with pronounciation. The flashcards, graphics and dialogues are fantastic. I use it everyday, and the learning advice received on completion of the flashcards is wonderful. Mosalingua is fun, very cheap and worth every penny. I plan to work through all the languages available, and I strongly recommend Mosalingua to all language lovers. Thanks very much for this superb language-learning app! I love Mosalingua!

Smart and efficient App Mosalingua is a quick fashion to skyrocket your language skills. On the face, this app relies on a basic boon: you can travel overseas while you keep on resting on your sofa. Great job!

Appealing way to learn All sorts of nooks and crannies to explore so I don't lose interest.

Very helpful app I have used it for many months now.

Good value for money Motivating with the graph

Excellent and fun