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Kmart Pharmacy

Supplied By Sears Holdings Corp    On Aug. 8, 2016    Comments(74)

FREE Kmart Pharmacy version6.5.8 Download

The Kmart pharmacy mobile app provides our patients with a simple and easy way to manage their families’ prescriptions on the go!

Our mobile app features include:

•My Prescriptions: View prescription details such as date of last fill, expiration date, dosage instructions and refill date.

•Alerts: Get a text alert, push notification or email when your prescription is ready or a refill is due. Select in preferences.

•Personalized Reminders: Remembering to take your medications can be hard. Stay on track by setting up reminders to take and refill your mediations as directed.

•Refill Now: Quick and easy refills – just type in your prescription number!

•My Doctors: Keep your doctor(s) information in one convenient location – appointments, contact information, directions and even space for personal notes.

•Pharmacy Locator: Get driving directions and store hours for your nearest Kmart pharmacy.

•Family Accounts: Are you a caregiver for your family or friends? Manage everyone’s prescription from a single account.

If you need help registering our using the app, please call customer support at (866) 231-7123, text HELP to 66926 or email

Sears Holdings Corp part of our Health & Fitness and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update Aug. 8, 2016. Google play rating is 53.5385. Current verison is 6.5.8. Actual size 3.9 MB.

What's new

    New look and feel
    -bug fixes
Download kmart-pharmacy.apk 3.9 MB


Strike Three I have tried on three occasions to order a refill, and have been successful exactly zero times. The app reports that the refill order has been placed, but the pharmacy folks look at me like I have three eyes.... Yes, the correct pharmacy has been selected. What is it they say about doing something over and over, and expecting different results? I sure hope they can get the issue resolved because the concept could be very convenient. One more thing; after signing in and after entering the access code emailed to me, why does it ask for my password again?

So difficult to use! Man, it's so hard to use this with a Droid device. It's like they hired some guy who wanted to try his hand at a mobile app for the first time. I have to constantly resize, position, or change from landscape to portrait to landscape again. Then the resize and positioning start all over again... This is just not what you expect from a mobile app. Creating the account and entering the required data was just plain painful. C'mon Kmart, this is not how you want to present yourself to your customer base.

Useless application Downloaded this application six months ago. At first it would never find the prescriptions that I have on file. After a month its on the prescriptions but kept insisting I didn't have a credit card payment on file. It would give me no option to add a credit card payment. 2 months ago it actually let me order my prescriptions online to pay in the store. Today it let me order the rx's online can pay with cc. The store informed payment feature doesnt work.

Great app...except While taking picture of prescription, camera doesn't focus so pharmacist can't read.

Kmart Pharmacy is the BEST!! Finally, the recent update fixed the app so now I can automatically fill my prescriptions. Thank you Kmart!!

Can't get anywhere Loaded the app, signed up, and couldn't get any further. I have enough challenges in my life, I don't need this one too. Uninstalling right now.

Still doesn't work... I dint get it. Why even keep advertising this app when it won't let you create an account, log on, our find a store? I give up...

Doesn't work I can't even log on. This app is horrible. Fix the droid issues.

Lots of bugs Can't add refills to my cart, among other bugs. Bad grammar.

Won't even send my temporary identification pin! It requires a temporary identification pin sent to your email that you then type in. Well, I signed up, checked my email over and over and over, NOT in spam folder, not in any part of my email! I hit resend passcode over and over, nothing! I rechecked the spelling, fine. It wouldn't give me the option to have them send a TEXT instead, wouldn't let me choose my phone number. So I can't even get in the app! Come on Kmart, fix this thing please.

Does not work at all horrible Does not work at all

Useless Sorry excuse for a app

Too many hoops... The app is a good idea. But it stops there. The app is difficult to navigate, and rather than making it easier to refill my scripts, it just gave me a headache. I finally gave up and just called in my refills, just as I've done for years.

Hate it The dashboard and all the other stuff seems to be nice and pretty but not problem is is when I put in a kmart prescription number the mobile program cannot find them or tells me that they're not the correct number it will not transfer a prescription so it's really no value at all

Poorly written Cant exit the app. Database service is slooow. Provides little info that is usable. Trash.

Completely terrible Every time you login it acts as though you are a new user. .just terrible. Look at Walgreens for how an app should work.

Slow Takes too long to add to cart then locked me out of my account.

I like this app, just wish it would not use so much of my battery!

Basic info The app won't input the proper birthday when you sign up. Basically if your birthday is past August your out of luck. Also, isn't the birthday needed for the account?

Kmart Pharm Sucks Nothing but problems. Need to take lessons from Walgreen's. Still lousy after 6 months. Won't allow entering of zip code. Slowest thing ever.

Freezes up on me. I have not gotten past the select your store question because It won't bring up the keyboard. Took me forever to just get to that point. I think Kmart needs to go back to the drawing board on this app.

Not bad... Still has a few bugs, it's hung on me a few times and I can't seem to save my credit card info. The navigation is cramped on my S4 phone and for some reason the app isn't available for a tablet. (Notes 2014) With all the information they try to display this application would be much better suited for a tablet. That being said, it is nice to have access to all my family's prescriptions.

Doesn't work First of all when i tried to refill stated that store or rx no was wrong ended ip just calling in refill tried to add second refill stated if i wanted to add insurance on profile tried to but never allowed me to and endex up create multiple profiles for same person becuz of it . Will uninstall .good idea in theory poorly executed. ?

Can't get past add to cart... Won't let me add any prescriptions to my cart, just hangs and then times out. Disappointed that this won't work. Walgreens has a fabulous application for refills however they are just too expensive.

Waste of time and effort App will not close, although the K-Mart I shop at has signs all over the store telling me to get this app... That store is not even in the app! I really looked forward to setting up refills this way, but this app is junk and until it's fixed it doesn't deserve storage space on my phone. Uninstalling

If you were born after the month of July there is no field for your birthday. August - December appear to be missing.

Does Not Work! Resets every time I use it. Annoying to have to make a new profile and add prescriptions over and over. Needs a lot of work. Will uninstall.

Needs improvement Feels like a very early beta release. Needs lots of improvement.

Can't exit after I'm done. Have to turn phone off to get out

I already exist? First time executing App...and it tells me user already exists...?

Not working! I try to register and get the code from my email. I click on sending code to email and I never receive it so can't use app

Frustrating Resets several times per session. After adding an Rx to the cart you can't see what is actually in the cart even after ordering. Please fix?

Awful This app is horrible. Doesn't let you create an account, can't log in.

Useless Asks for store location over and over. Can't use it for anything because I can't get past the location part no matter how many times I save the location. Uninstalling now.

Is not ready for prime time This app does not function

Not good App will not close without forcing shutdown, does not clear orders that have been picked up. Poorly designed interface.

Won't even let me sign in. Just stays on sign in page repeatedly.....

Miss the old app New updates make refill easier bur cannot access prescription history. Says the info I've entered doesn't match their records so won't let me log in. My prescription bottle doesn't list my birthdate. Which is required. Disappointing.

Does Sears/Kmart ever fail halfway? NO WAY! Again, the Sears Holdings Corp (Sears Failings Corp) chicken has laid yet another rotten egg w/this 'supposedly new/improved & updated app'. It has never fully worked for me or my parents. I love how Sears won't actually test (aka beta testing) any of their software before making it available in the market, which IS UNACCEPTABLE! ALSO, WAY TOO MANY PERMISSIONS ARE ASKED FOR BY THIS APP! This unpaid beta tester is uninstalling this data mining POS app ASAP! No more frustration!

Terrible app, but the only way I can manage family prescriptions. Give back this capability on the desktop so I can abandon this unwieldy inconvenience!

I've been waiting for this app for my Android phone for a long time. I'm on a Samsung S4. The app installs and opens. I created an account. Never got an email confirmation. Sign in asks for "username" which I was never asked to choose. Not my real name, email address or phone number will allow me to log in. Tried creating a new account w/ different email address, was told user (me) already exists. Fix this issue and update and I'll change my star rating...

Prescription access Prescription access log in will not work. Can't log in with valid script #, b day, store #. Keeps asking to verify info and resubmit.

Can't even sign up Just says error, retry. Can't even get an account. Fix and I will re rate.

Cant create account Finally got to create an account after a week. Got it up and working but now it wont connect to the server. It doea not allow me to refill my scripts. Whst good doea this app do me. Its a space waster!

The page keeps saying error

Worst App Ever Nothing simple about this one. I'll switch my pharmacy. FAIL

Horrible Cant stay signed in when i want to refill my scription is says could not conect to server then i magicaly am signed out....i really like this app....whatever!!!...

Not working It only gives me pharmacies in Minnesota. It doesn't matter if I put city, state, or zip code in.

Kmart app review It would crash at first called tech support had me uninstall and reinstall and now I have no problems with this app

Cannot connect to server. Please try again later That's all it does. Sure it can see my RXs but don't ever try to refill them out you get the server error and are immediately logged out. Most worthless app I've ever used.

Worst to Bad Updated old version on 9-12-15. Old version looked like some teenager's work, with enough spelling/grammar errors to make an English teacher jump off the bridge. New version looked better... on the surface. Logging in with my EXISTING account, forces me to sign up as if I never had an account, BUT never completes anything... hangs. Does anyone at Sears know what the crap they're doing? NEWER VERSION as of 9/18: still SUCKS - can't login- everyone COMPLAIN!

Can't even log into my account keeps saying wrong email or password

It's FIXED!!!!!# Bugs seem to be gone. I posted an absolutely horrible review yesterday. I couldn't get it to work, it seemed to always loop to the screen to verify your identity. Over and over and over. Today, however, it seems to be working fine - as far as actually installing and signing in/out. I've not explored all elements yet, but hey, I'm so far ahead of where I was that I'm plumb tickled. Thanks for listening, KMart.

It's okay I would like to see a feature where you can set the prescription to automatically refill instead of a reminder to refill.

Fair Just last month I could manage my family prescriptions from just one login on the website. Now it's gone. Was hoping this app would let me do it but looks like I'm back to using the phone to call in refills for my wife. Very inconvenient!

Nice app. i love all the features. Thanks for fixing the login issue.

Doesn't work Old version worked fine. New version won't even let me log on. This stinks.

It doesn't work. Period.

Exceptional service My pharmacist are great and so knowledgeable. They know my routines and will call just to remind me. I can't ask for anyone better. I drive quite a distance just because of them with those warm and friendly smile. Great app. I have no issues.

Terrible application I love kmart and the pharmacy with the rewards but this is my 2nd time trying to download and use this app and I created my acct and it doesn't say it was successful... so I try to log on and I'm not able to the app doesn't load it does nothing. This is the last time I'm trying to use the pharmacy app. Walgreens has an app that works amazingly and I don't need 2 apps 1 for the store/coupons and 1 for the pharmacy. Walgreens has one app that does it all and 1 app takes less space on phone then 2 would.

I used to use this app every time to submit refills and check when refills are due. Now it won't even show up that something has been filled. Example , my doctor called in a new med for me and it isn't even on the app at all. I have tried reinstalling and downloading again twice. No longer able to use this app.

I am having trouble with this app cannot log in or it won!t let me log in with new password. I don't KNOW WHY THEY CANNOT FIX THE PROBLEM. WORK FOR A FEW DAYS AND STOPED. VERY DISAPPOINTED.

?Sears: creating another poopy-filled app! YAY!? 11-16-2013: Yet again, Sears has failed miserably ? w/this supposed 'improved/updated app'. Its NEVER worked for me (or family/friends). Sears won't (evidently) test ANY of their apps before making them available in the Play Store. Who runs a business this way?! ?ALSO, TOO MANY PERMISSIONS ARE ASKED FOR BY THIS APP! *** 7-27-2016 update: from the looks of the latest reviews, the same inept software developers are still employed at Sears! THEIR NEW SLOGAN: "Sears - We Make Your Life Miserable!" ?: "?"

Not working Will not send refill requests. Once you submit, it says the connection failed and logs me out automatically. The normal website works fine, but is slow as molases.

Great app! Wouldn't change anything!

If it worked correctly Can't even log in says error or wrong email/password. Now I remember why I stopped using it the first time. Needs some updates.

First time I bothered with a bad review. Rather than being the useful app it should be, it is a clunky non-intuitive was of time. Kmart seems to want to discourage app use givin how poorly this was made. For a "corporate app", it's trash.

Won't work It won't allow me to enter my prescriptions which is so frustrating since I thought that was the main purpose of this app :(. Please fix!

The update messed it up It's much more difficult now. You can no longer refill your prescription from the main menu. The lists are no longer up to date

It won't let you sign in, won't let you change your password. The link for password reset takes you someplace else. This app needs a lot of work.

Would be a zero but can't give it that I try to find a store and it says that the app is not responding

Doesn't allow me to log in anymore Pointless app. Just avoid it.

Kmart RX app I love it I'm able to manage mine and my family's prescriptions works out great for us

Doesn't show all my prescriptions