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In Case of Emergency (ICE)

Supplied By Matrix Mobile Applications    On Dec. 16, 2013    Comments(54)

FREE In Case of Emergency (ICE) version2.1.1 Download

Emergency, Medical & Contact information for emergency services and first responders In Case of Emergency (ICE). Location based listing for Hospitals and Doctors, SOS message, and Advanced Silent Mode so you never miss an urgent Call or Message while your phone is on Silent Mode.

Recommended by medical personnel and supported in 20 languages:
中文(繁體), Čeština, Dansk, Deutsch, Español, Français, 日本語, 한국어, हिन्दी, עברית, Italiano, Magyar, Nederlands, Norsk, Polski, Português, Pусский, Suomi, Svenska.

* Custom screen lock – app can be accessed through password protected screen lock. In Case of an Emergency - emergency services & hospital staff will only have access to ICE Emergency app.
* Emergency Services – automatic number update for Ambulance, Fire & Police when you travel abroad; 230+ countries
* SOS – sends SOS message to your Emergency Contacts, automatically includes GPS location
* Advanced Silent Mode – never miss an urgent Call or Message while phone is on Silent Mode
* Healthcare Providers – location based listing for Hospitals, Doctors, Dentists and Pharmacies (using Google maps). Call any Healthcare Provider from App, view location map, directions and website. PLEASE NOTE: the app captures the data from Google maps and displays the results. App has no control of the results that are displayed since they are downloaded from Google maps.
* Emergency Contacts – Call or SMS from App
* Medical History – vital information for first responders and hospital staff:
+ Allergies
+ Blood group
+ Diabetic information
+ Doctors information – call directly from App
+ Medical condition
+ Medical Insurance – call directly from App
+ Medication
+ Vaccines

The number of situations which can give rise to an emergency are infinite . . .
Matrix Mobile Application’s In Case of Emergency app can help save your life in an unexpected emergency. App includes most useful features of any emergency app for Android.

Matrix Mobile Applications part of our Medical and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update Dec. 16, 2013. Google play rating is 73.7576. Current verison is 2.1.1. Actual size 2.5 MB.

What's new

    Fix for Google play errors
Download in-case-of-emergency-ice.apk 2.5 MB


Nice but buggy App does exactly what it says it does and does it well but the bug that causes it to cause the double lock screen is really annoying would be 5 stars if not for that

Doesn't really work Too glitchy. Won't load my picture (which in case I'm unconscious and away from my phone someone can match me with my info) and only sometimes appears on the lock screen. I paid for this crap...

Needs Finishing Medical history entry is a crude notepad type interface. No formatting, no line breaks and difficult to edit. Date formats and weight units should coincide with the selected country. Non conforming data format could be confusing for someone reading the entries. The calendar selector has the correct format for US but display is dd-mm-yyyy. A drug selector for medications would be appreciated.

User friendly and gets the job done I love the app! Would like to see a section for past surgeries and a section for adverse reactions and not just allergies but I made it work. The only problem I'm having now is I have two lock screens to get thru to access my phone. The galaxy 3 and the ice lock screens. How do I turn off the galaxy 3 defaulted one and Just use the ice lock screen. I've looked everywhere I know to look in my settings.

Can't wait to give it 5 stars! Love the app, does pretty much exactly what I want barring a few minor changes, and well worth the price. To improve the search results for doctors etc., set the search distance as low as possible. Cons: The app clashes with WetPalm's Profile Scheduler on my phone. Also, occasionally the lockscreen and the call filter on silent stop working intermittently, but these are HTC issues and affect other apps too. The dev is exceptionally helpful and generous with his time, and open to suggestions.

Got Assistance I highly recommend this app and the development team that designed it. Very friendly response. I chose this app over similar software due to advertised screenlock accessability feature. Needed better instructions on how to setup app with screen lock on and to upload my picture. The app development team contracted me quickly via email to schedule a prompt Skype session to discuss solutions to not only my problem but my ideas on how more desirable features could be added. Could not ask for better response.

Constantly lose info Every time I turn the app on, I find ALL of my data are missing. Thus I have to enter it all over and over. This is ridiculous; searching for a new app.

Note 2 works great Works perfect and cant access the home screen after utilizing app on pin locked phone :) peace of mind and security all in one!

Broken/abandonware This app is now totally broken by Lollipop. The Profile feature was previously broken by KitKat but now the Lock Screen widget has been broken by Lollipop. With no updates since December 2013 this looks like abandonware which is a real shame as it had worked so well under Ice Cream Sandwich.

Good app but... Lock screen defaults to English even after another language has been selected. The app is in the chosen language but lock screen is not.

The best I've found Because it posts the icon on the lock screen, has a sos function and meds plus more.

poor design do not buy this app. it has a number of significant flaws including poor design of categories such as allergies, medical conditions, medical insurance, etc. app assumes you only have one allergy or one medical condition. doctor section doesn't give any definition on doctor type, priority etc.

No picture It won't load my photo and the double lock screen is irritating, fix those and you get a five.

Make it childproof From the locked screen suggest adding a field to key in a displayed number to minimize risk of accidental sending of SOS messages.

Promising but two important shortcomings First, the database of medical providers is sketchy. On the hospital tab, a full service facility within two miles of my present location doesn't appear yet individual doctors do. That needs fixed. Second, purchasers should be able to add family member medical information. I have two young children, one with significant medical issues. If I'm unable to speak to first responders, my family's information should also be available with this app.

Only glitch I've found so far is that the swipe to open the phone locks up and takes several tries sometimes.

Must have App This has been a life saver for me! If you've ever been to the emergency room and asked about your medical information, just open the app and hand them your phone. Medical Staff love it! It saves everyone a lot precious time!

What I need Wish there was a few more items like to list doctors and specialists you are seeing. Hate the double locking screen buy happy it is right up front for someone to see.

Upgrading from free should import data. Had to re-enter all my data when I upgraded from the free version. Finding it rather annoying that now it always opens ICE when I swipe to unlock my screen. It wasn't doing that with the free version. Please fix.

In Case of Emergency (ICE) App is good except picture will not attach when added. Can this problem be fixed?

GPS usage The app constantly drains battery by looking at the gps non stop I understand it wants to respond fast but it can pull the gps when triggered or have a delayed timer setting it uses more battery then any app on my phone the information is nice but this is a stupid joke I have a 48 hour battery and I've tested that but with this thing it drains it to 12-16 if I'm lucky. Fix it or refund me.

Useful app This app may be my 2nd essential app after First Aid app. Whenever I travel overseas, it still helps me because it has location based service. I use to mute my phone at night and I am willing to get feature that can allow custom mute mode. This app helps me to get a call from very important persons even my phone is muted. I really like this hassle free app.

Annoying The free app is good, the idea is very good but no matter how many times I turn off the lock screen, it turns itself on & pops up at odd moments. Had to unistall. Another dollar wasted on an app that I can't use. Pity, that.

Good app Need to put option in to draw pattern or series of numbers in so not pocket dialing 911, other than that 5 star app.

Great apart from the double entry requirement. If this did not require the double entry to access your phone this would have five stars.

Needs work Needs to add more doctors within the radius I chosen for emergency and deter format to list medical condition and meds as I have over 30 different meds and the same to list allergies. Change the note pad to something with lines at the least and cost more hospital in my area I've chosen or maybe I can add a hospital or pharmacy would really be a nice option to add even if additional fee required to pay as if you improve it customers like me WILL pay more for it.

Very Disappointed There's no backup.

Only thing I don't like is putting medical conditions you can't lis t all goes into one paragraph. No place to list allergies or warnings of serious conditions.

Great! Been looking for ICE app that works from lock screen without compromising personal data on locked phone. Perfect!

Lock screen issues When this app is installed it makes my lock screen behave funny, need to unlock my screen twice before it opens, bit annoying please fix.

Surgery Needs a place to put surgeries

Just ok When sending an SOS it includes your GPS location as text, the recipient can't hyperlink to the map location but has to manually enter the coordinates.

Not everything works Not able to load photo

Does what I wanted I wanted the lock screen icon with a good setup and organization of medical information and I got exactly that. Well worth the small price. That being said, the local emergency number screen took several attempts to actually get my location even though other parts of the app were able to get my gps coordinates just fine. Also the doctor search is extremely limited. I live just a few miles from a hospital with tons of doctors offices in the buildings right next to it and not one showed up in the search.

Mostly great Lock screen still dosen't always work

Lacking in info. Update: Don't buy this app if you have a lock on your screen. It won't work. I have to uninstall. Glad it was cheap! Under Doctors it lists eye doctors in this area not physicians. And under Pharmacy it doesn't list lo ng standing pharmacies in this area

Good idea but needs work Stores a lot of info but screen lock isn't real functional. Screen lock hangs up or is slow to respond. Screen lock also doesn't password protect your phone. Some times after I manage to get the screen lock to let me access my phone it brings up my pw protect screen lock. Most of the time it just opens up my phone leaving all my personal info in my phone wide open to everyone. Will most likely be uninstalling this app.

Excellent Especially easy switch to different languages is a very nice feature.

Не работает Application does not send sos message when I make a request! Must be fixed!

I cannot adjust the settings. When I click on settings, I get a message that "Editing is not allowed when app is launched from lock screen". I was not on the lock screen, I was in the app, making adjustments to other information. Is this a bug? I have the paid version.

90%, but 1 big problem - PHOTO! I LOVE this app. I am 36 & This app can save my life, since I have epilepsy & brain tumor. BUT it can't take my photo, which is BIG problem for me!!! I love this app so much, I put it on my mom's phone (Samsung S3 mini - photo ON!), I put it on my friend's phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 1 - OLD phone - photo ON!!), I want to put my photo on my phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 4 - NO PHOTO!!! I installed, uninstalled, installed and NO PHOTO!!) Put on my husband's phone (LG - NO PHOTO !) 5 stars for PHOTO PLEASE!!

Very disappointed that the locator only gives coordinates. Looked in the info like it would put your location on a map or at least print an address to your contacts. I am diabetic and have life threatening low blood sugar. My contacts need to find me within seconds. No time to figure out map coordinates. If there is something I need to different to change this please let me know. I even upgraded to the paid version thinking that would give an address!

Great overall Very easy to set up. Does what it says except I also can't insert photo. As far as not being able to edit even after unlocking phone listed earlier; you need to close it first. It is still running in "run mode" even though you didn't open it from splash screen. It has to go into run mode when the phone goes to sleep or it wont be there when emergency crews find you. Once you unlock phone and close the run mode then reopen it edits just fine. I would have given 5 stars if I could insert photo. Galaxy S5

Incorrect address and I didn't input My address is incorrect even though I didn't input the data. Where do I go to correct this? I feel this is one of the most important pieces of information needed for EMS and hospital identification. Also the picture function still does not work. This will be a fabulous app once it works but shouldn't have been released in this state

Not worth paying for Very buggy, can't load photo, double locks my screen and after opened once you cannot edit without error message. Much better apps out there

Nice app, but can't upload a photo. This is one of the important features that should work, it's part of your identification process.

Grrrr Photo does not work.

Buggy It only shows on my lock screen once then doesn't do it again, it won't load my photo. Not happy!!! :(

Disappointing that i cannot manual enter where i am, it is only giving the approx location. I upgraded to the paid version hoping that i would be able to manually change the location, but it does not allow that at least not from where i have been looking. Other than that if a paramedic was to look they would get all other information about me and who to phone. I marked it 2 stars because of the lack of ability to enter manual location, because i feel that is important if you live rural like i do and difficult to find.

Love the app but the photo doesn't work :(

Not a bad app at all. Won't allow me to add a picture to my info though. Also no place for personal residence address and phone number! Add just that one thing to the app and it will be perfect.

Can't locate The app will not locate the hospital, doctor or dentist that I use. What is the deal with that? Also I can't upload a photo. I have a LG G3. At least the hospital and photo part. Need them to know who I am because of allergies. Would change to 5 stars if they fixed these 2 things! Please fix!

App works but no picture Need picture and multiple entry such as wife and kids

Very useful... ...but that glitchy lockscreen is irritating. Its been 2.5 since there was an update. That's a problem.