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ICE : Emergency Contact

Supplied By Alexandre R.    On June 4, 2013    Comments(47)

FREE ICE : Emergency Contact version1.4 Download

"ICE: Emergency Contact" is an application that helps people who have problem or who are victim of accidents. It is based on the ICE program that consists in saving a contact who is named "ICE" in your contact list. This contact has medical informations about you.

In this application, you can save useful informations for rescue workers (allergy, medication, condition, identity, organ donor, blood type ...) and contact people "in case of emergency".

Thus, with only one click on your screen, send SMS alerts to all your saved contacts and call rescue workers immediately ! Your contacts will know where you are and will be able to help you !

Place a widget on your homescreen to alert your circle of contacts (compatible with alternative lockscreens like ScreenLocker).

This application was developped from the advice of an EMT.

List of permissions :
- Send SMS to contact your saved contacts when you need it
- Access your contact list to choose contacts
- Get GPS coordinates to help your saved contacts to find you in case of emergency

Private informations saved in your application belong exclusively to you and are only accessible by you on your Androphone.

If you have any notes (like spelling...), please contact me by mail. Thanks

This version is limited at 2 contacts. Please buy "ICE - Emergency Contacts +" to have an infinity of contacts.

Alexandre R. part of our Medical and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update June 4, 2013. Google play rating is 74.1548. Current verison is 1.4. Actual size 170.0 KB.

What's new

    Internal changes for future updates
    Inversion longitude/latitude in SMS
Download ice-emergency-contact.apk 170.0 KB


In Love I love this app. I have SEVERAL health problems ranging, some life threatening, and lots of medications that won't fit on 5 medic alert bracelets, couldn't imagine trying to put them on just 1. This eases my mind a little to know that all of my information is with me and at the touch of a "button" for family, friends, or emergency persons. The alert feature is great as well. Sends GPS coordinates. Could prove useful in other scenarios as well.

Major critical issue If you have a password on your phone, the paramedics can't access your emergency numbers deeming this app useless.

Improvements needed I've no idea what this GPS feature is, toggling the options seems to do nothing. 15 seconds needs to be editable. Why would you force that? Lock screen widget needs to trigger the alert without having to unlock, otherwise it's pointless.

Ice Excellent idea. Never heard of it until a women was hit by a car and they called her mum as listed on app. Congrats.

It's an excellent idea BUT.... Doesn't do what's advertised. I got around lock screen issue but both tries sending alert to the two contacts failed. Also would suggest a feature to turn on GPS with alert push. I don't leave GPS on to conserve battery. Only value.... gives first responders an easily recognized location for emergency info. I'm keeping it for now but seeking a better alternative

Works for me I was looking for this so I don't have to carry the darn papper one around... now if we could get the DNR tattoos to be legal I would be happy...

Need gps Needed tgis today. Have an official one but with now gps. The gps on this does not work. My brother had hypo on a bus. We knew he needed help but had no idea where he was. We need this app with gps. We need to know where he is when he has a hypp. Great try but please try again.

Past medical history No place for past history. As a paramedic this app is useless if there is a password on the phone. Will start looking for another app.

Limited Value I like the organization and layout of the app but the limited number of medications allowed ruins it for me. I take 14 critical medications that could have adverse reactions to additional meds an ER Doc. might want to give.

Access To access the ICE using this app you have to get past the lock screen. Makes it useless

Unable to edit. .. Looked promising, but I was unable to edit and add my information. Uninstalling and looking for another app.

Excellent App I am very grateful to the dev as this is the app I need. Like another user I have several medical problems but 1 is life threatening. And this is app I use

Ok Be much better if u cud add profile pic and also had an area my children where u can add details of ure children an their medical history an add their pics xx it'd also b good 2 actually view the GPS.

Wow! Please market this harder? I can't this work of genius has not garnered millions of fans already! You are my heroes!

Always what acess Iwant any one to have quick access, to any family member in case of emergency,

quality ICE App Everything needed for medical responders. Great app

Great Great idea in case of emergency just make sure phone doesn't have lock on it.

Useless Its like sending a normal text, it dose not work when u out of signal range...

Didn't work Couldn't add details

WOW!! I just downloaded this app & I'm already impressed with it! Definitely purchasing the plus version so I can add my 7 ICE contacts.

Didn't work with new phone

Uninstalled It needs to be accessible even when screen is locked.

Very much limits information you can put into the system. That information could save a life.

Doesn't even let me enter my information Screen shows what I need to fill out for contact info - but doesn't let me actually enter it into the system. Tried re-install and nothing. I have Samsung Galact S3. Fix - how is anyone supposed to know your info if you can't enter it!

Great for storing all health information in one place

Very helpful A cool and dope idea and can be a lifesaver!!!!

Emergency App Helps others to know that you need help. Includes GPS.

Doesn't let me enter any data. One star.

ICE contacts not included as emergency numbers.

Ecpic35 A must have app.

Limited Does not allow you to choose which number to use from a contact. Nor does it use the default. It just seems to choose one at random.

More usefull app. When we required. Emergency call.

Help Have not try it yet is it OK to press alert. Please reply ASAP thank s

Love it. Doesn't take much space. Very handy.

Phone locked? Paramedics can access information if you put the icon on the lock screen bar.

Useless Can only save two meds and two contacts. Entry fields are too small, and interface is not user friendly. Also the icon isn't one emergency providers would easily recognize.

Free version allows only 2 contacts! That's not very nice.

Kris Love this app.

Best emergency medical app Allows EMT to access all pertinent info immediately. A life saver!

Requires paid upgrade to add more than two contacts Cant find the upgrade either. Seemed to be a great app, but my emergency contacts and I are often physically close enough to be on site if needed immediately.

Good I would give this 5 star's if there was an option to save details file to SD card.

Great app. Wish I can add a photo though.

Please update the lock screen Greetings! I downloaded your emergency information application to my android, Samsung galaxy s5.  I believe this will be very helpful to me, except for one thing.  I keep my phone locked. Therefore, no emt, cop, firefighter, doctor, etc. will be able to access the information.  Would you please update the software, with an icon for the lock screen that someone can push, which will open the application and display the information?  Thanks for your time.

Could be great Lots of features and a widget but it doesn't come together nicely. Emergency officials are left scrambling through multiple screens to find the data they need. Information should tie together or at least have one area where data can be seen at once. Even the emergency alert is odd as it has to be set up to use custom contacts instead of having a default 911 available.

Fail On android...no where to upgrade no help explaining how to get app on locked screen .Waste of time.

A waste of time Can't enter any important information until purchase

Limited contacts I have multiple contacts that I want to add but am limited to 2 unless I buy the associated app. That fact alone is enough for me to uninstall and continue my search.