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I Can Make You Thin McKenna

Supplied By Once Byten Ltd    On Aug. 4, 2016    Comments(39)

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Have you tried every kind of diet? Then let me help you lose weight and change your relationship with food forever.

All your decisions about what you eat and how much you eat, take place in your mind.

This app is designed to psychologically reboot your life by altering your thoughts, habits and patterns related to weight loss. Over seven life-changing days, I will serve as an interactive virtual hypnotherapist, guide and mentor, with customized coaching to serve your needs and help you stop overeating, control cravings and feel totally motivated to take exercise.

Everything that I would do in a personal session to help you lose weight is on this system and I will introduce you to cutting-edge psychological techniques that will help you to change your relationship with food for ever.

There are no diet plans and no calorie counting. My system has taken decades to develop and now it's your turn. This weight-loss system has already been used by millions people worldwide and you can use it again and again as I work with you to easily re-pattern your thoughts, attitudes and beliefs about food, your body and yourself.

Take control and lose weight.

Paul McKenna, PhD. is an international best-selling author whose books have sold more than seven million copies and been translated into 32 languages. He is the number one hypnotherapist in the world, and is renowned for helping people overcome problems that usually take months to work through, in a matter of hours. Recognized by The Times of London as one of “the world’s most important modern self-help gurus,”

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Do not use this app while driving or operating machinery, or if you suffer from epilepsy please consult you doctor first. Use the app when you can safely concentrate and in required situations relax completely.

Once Byten Ltd part of our Health & Fitness and have average installs from 1000 to 5000. Last Update Aug. 4, 2016. Google play rating is 61.9178. Current verison is 2.0. Actual size 232.0 MB.

What's new

    Keep up the great work with your plan. This update fixes minor bugs.
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Love it! 8.5lb down in one week! I'm combining this and the hypnotic gastric band. I listen to both night time hypnotic trances. I can't believe how my attitude to food has changed. Fingers crossed it continues. Amazing stuff. I'm so pleased :) UPDATE - Lost 2.5lb in week 2, 11lb down in 14 days! Good stuff!

The night-time hypnotic keeps stopping during play ....and the app support is RUBBISH.

2stone .7lb lost in a year Still listen to this after reaching my goal when i feel i am going off the rails . It helps rain me back in and get back on track.

Would love if it worked My app has frozen on day one! Feel a little bit cheated! Can you help?

App support? The programme is great (I lost several stone using it a few years ago and downloaded the app as a refresher). However, the app asks you to repeat a day if you skip too much, and whilst this is fine, you then get reminders for multiple days at a time. I looked at the website for app support and it said that you needed to be registered and you can't self-register. It told me to contact my company rep. I don't have one! I don't think this is a good system and it's not fair if you have paid for an app.

Was great until the update broke it!!!cant use it now.

Disappointed.... Paul talks soo fast in some of the sessions its hard to process what he's telling you to do before he's moved on to the next thing. I found this very frustrating, other than that its a good app

Makes me sad more than happy. Because it's so regimented, I can't use the sleep session to help with my necessary day napping. Most annoyingly, it allowed me to access the sessions at a similar time on a previous day! The sessions are good, but it's certainly not "tailored to you". *Edit: "Stop this plan" won't allow access to sessions, it just takes you back to the beginning. Might have to sleepwalk through this until the end then hopefully I can make it work for those of us whose disabilities interfere with a "normal" day.

did not down load this app did not load to my phone and i could not get my money back! i lost £5 but not in weight. NOT HAPPY!!

Would not download.

wont connect took my money but doesnt work on my android device. Save your money unless you like looking at a blank screen for months.

Ok so fa I sometimes feel the night session is too long. I start to get frustrated and can't wait for it to finish. Is there a way of going back over previous sessions? Thanks

Crashed when I tried to set times for sessions. Is now set with wrong times. No way of resetting this. Nothing happens on first day except welcome video. Asking for refund

Good, but only worked for 1 week Can no longer use. Still waiting for a reply from app help.

Like it I like this and am enjoying doing it. Eating less and don't feel hungry at all. Only problem is the app isn't registering that I am completing every check in, therefore it is a little disheartening when my progress isn't improving on the tracker!

Doesn't load to start next morning Listened to into and says ready to start in morning. It's now mid morning and can't go any further. Unimpressed

App must be broken! I can watch the induction and then it goes back to 'check in the morning to start the new you'... so far the new me is not able to start the journey. .. Anyone know how to get a refund? ?!

Wow fantastic program Loved it

Introduction Watched in the intro before bed last night so why am I still waiting to check in for the morning.'s now almost midday

How do I request a refund app keeps crashing

It's not downloading after 7 hours!!!

App doesn't open App doesn't open. Tried other variants. Mobile is oneplus two

Won't work!! Watched the induction last night it said we'll start the plan in the morning but it won't let me play the video. How do I get a refund???

Love Paul Mckenna I find it really easy to listen to, and often sleep through it, find it very helpful and very happy to give 5*

Good, but only worked for 1 week As I've still got no where with my email and wasting money, I have changed my rating to 1*. Waste if money if I can only use for 7 days and then it no longer works! REFUND!!!

Setting preferences I work nights, I'm trying to set my preferences for lunch, when I'm awake and when i relax but it wont allow me to set these to my schedule only for the day time

Paul mckenna I can make you thin This app is fantastic, if you follow the instructions it really works! I'v tried everything, slimming world, weight watchers, diet shakes even pills, nothing worked for me but this system is easy to follow and i'v lost 5lb in 10 days enjoying food that I like instead of awful 'diet' 'low fat' options! This app is for life!

Great I like this app. Its working for me so far, I have lost 2kgs already the hypnosis helps me sleep at night, I feel way more motivated to exercise too.

Did not work just kept saying Download files

wont connect After 4 months of ignoring me, still no resolution or refund. Took my money but doesnt work on my android device. Save your money unless you like looking at a blank screen for months.

Absolute rubbish. App does not work Only plays the intro video then nothing else! I want a refund. Very poor

No good Went through induction, can't set time my night shift times so set as late as possible. Now says my first session is tomorrow when it should be today??? How do I get a refund this is terrible

It's not working I really want to do this but it's the first morning now and it's not doing anything. What can I do?

Waste of money , did the intro in the morning , wouldn't work at bedtime just stuck on see you in the morning

Not Impressed For the last 2 nights the hypnotic trance has stopped half way through and I have had to replay it again from the beginning for it to just do it again. How am I suppose to get full benefits from this if it doesn't play right through.

How can I get this to work!! Tried for the last two days. Plays intro video, says come back in the morning only for nothing to happen. Underwhelmed at the moment. Can someone please get back to me on how to resolve this issue. Thanks.

Trina For the last couple of nights hypno trance stops halfway through.... Please advise.......I will try to be clearer as link doesn't work...every time I play hypno trance it stops halfway through at exactly the same spot. As the trance is the most integral part of the app this renders the app useless...please advise via email..... Uninstalled not fit for purpose....

So dissatisfied Will not let me play evening hypnotic session which is the main part of the programme good idea but just doesn't work it's like watching the first half hour of a film and not the rest it needs sorting

I was really looking forward to this app!!! I set up the Inducting process, but it is not starting in the morning. I'm pressing everything trying to get it to work but nothing is happening.